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Devotod to the Bust Interests of Lincoln County and the Development of Its Reiovreti.
This PRPE3 K:X7ür2r
ii bra r - w
MtM . at ObU !!
ill OcaaS. l H
ay LU'IU U Memaswe
J'hysicútn, Surgnm it ylecowMer.
Offers his services to the public.
0fick is Dbuu Store. Lincqix.
White Oaks N.
Will practice In 11 the Court, nf the Tcr
ritorv and in the Ü. 8. Land Ofllcn.
Surgeon and Physician,
YniTr Oaks Nkw Mexico
Latest and moat improved method of
trtaliDK disease.
Prompt Relief and Speedy Cure
Tot those who submit to the undeniable
touchstone of trial. Dealer ia New and
Ture Drugs. Fine Prescriptions, Genuine
Specific Medicines, used in all schools.
- -
IloalSEetato exrxcX
juinirxar Agonoy
Fire Insurance and Kitarj Public
xLiinooln Hotel,
(Opposite Court House,)
This iHotel. under new and efficient
manacement, havin5 beon thoroughly re
novated nnd re furnished, offers to Tlsl
tors superior accommodation
Goon Stablimo Attach kd.
VH I K 1 A N O -?I8P1L
H. L. Warren. 0. A.
U. B. FerruMon. Lineólo. K. m.
Albuquerque, H. M. ,
Warren, Ferguxson k Richardson.
Will practloeln al lithe Courts ot the Terrl
tary. aud ln.lbe U. S. Land Office.
Office oomer of J cerilla and Pine Street.
PitoMrr Rkhpokse to all Calls.
. e - w. T
(Late RetUter U. S. Land Office. Boise
CUT. Idaho.)
Office-White Oaks Atenué.
White Oaks. M
ArioKNEY at Law,
Lincoln N" M
Pi-actives before all Courts of the Ter-rl-.urr.
uud U. S. Land Offices.
rinh, New Mexico
L.. m i-i, nava A lbUdUerOB.
C. L. JiCiioR, Uooorro
Childers, k Jack-on,
3T Will uractlce ia Lincoln coaotv
JohnY. Hewitt.
New Mexio.
Assayer and- Chemist.
1 asay for Gold and Silver, $J.50
3 " 4. GO
3 " " fl.Ou
1 singlo ussay tor Gold, 1.50
1 " " " Silver, l.f)U
Lead, singla assay, 2.50
Copper, " 4 00
All olbor metals in proportion.
Special contracts to Mining Com
punios mid Milln.
Cash must be remitted
with each sample.
Tki. ri I :M nn i,;. l B.r..i,.P,, a
lllin I luivi in m un i. piiui i.iiu unu
i fumiilied throulioul with nrw fiuni-
luro. nircpini; ruoujs are wen siippncu
with clean ana comforlablu bccls.HUii pro
vided with HkIiI and vcnlilntion. Tabli'
upplieu vnh luc Desl tne iniirKcl HI
fords. Kvi-ry care taken of. and iitten
tion paid to wiutu of transient gucsis.
The uriKcrihor lina otiennd a
place ot holiness for the sale of
tli nhnrc crnniJs. in fli llllllilillrr
' --- n
on White Oaks Avenue, nearly
opposite Weed's store, and res
pectfully solicits a share of public
Aitaying taught in allit" branch
e on raonaole term.
Carizo Hotel.
- m - '
White Oaks Nkw Mkxico
Unco!' jountjf Leader.
Salcrdav. iitomhcr 1, ISSS.
Wra. Caffxoy, Elltot tic Xzcpxltcz
Kiitvriid at the Post Ofllre at Whito
Oííke. N II., H8 second claBsmattcr.
The Chicago AVkkkly News. and
Lincoln Vo. Lkaukk, 1 year $2.75
To the Wage Earneft of the Unit
ed States What is Yoar
InUrént in the Com
ing Presidential
John MoMurohv,
Mines and Real Estate.
Real Estate and Mining Agent,
White Oaks, M,Ml
wTc. Mcdonald,
u.s.mxmL DErtTY sliveyol
TVotrvrr Xnllic
rn rr t n ? i
!z c g l
ZD i j
V S () ?
bH a O C t: I
r w r , s
. CD 5
rV q O N es V-
H I O t Z
-rT "2 -v "
O 5 ?
Ü 'a.
IIarkison Sr., Nkau the Mill.
Ronrd $5 per week.
1'urmnlied rooms, i per month
Tniimients, 50 jut 1iv.
San Antonio N. M
MRS. Wm. DCFfEY, Prop.
Good Table Clean Reds Moder
ate Charges.
Wo spent a portion of two days
in Lincoln the torepart of the week.
The roads loading t our County
Seat are yillianously bad. The word
" villiaii'ius," is the only appropri.
ate one we can think ot, und a ride
over them causes the rider to tetd
that, at the coming election all oth
er olik-ers to bu elected sink into
insigiiilicaiice compared with that
of County Commissioners and as he
contemplates his chances of getting
his neck broken he feels as thuugit
the operation ought to be antici
pated by the breaking of the necks
ot the Commissioners. During
court season all roads lead to Lin
colu and the perils there ought to
besurlicient without aggravating
them enroute.
The political cauldron wo found
bubbling and seething hot. Demo
crats were all by the ears. Sligh
was there seeking a combination
through which in payment for votes
cast lor his son Georgo he was to
deliver the Alliance voto over to
the Democracy. The Alliance men
heard of the proposed deal and were
wroth in declaring that Sligh was
buying short and would tind it im
possible to deliver the goods in
November. We anticipate lots of
fun, commencing to day, when all
parties will bo stripped for tho
Rut little court business was done
before we left on Wednesday and
that little is reported in to day's
Leaukk. There were so many or
ders on the book ahead ot tho one
(or the suit contracted tor on our
account, that Judgt? Long was un
able to take our measure this week.
The condemned stallion who sought
to breed trminlo and serious loss
tor us will tind his cilorts abortiva
and that the pit he dug for us he
will himselt fall into.
Next week our paper will Coii
ttiin a full account ot eouit proceed
ings and the week after its concluí
ion, tor there can be no doubt that
court will lat the greater portion
of three weeks.
There are a number ot criminal
ea-m on the docket. One exciting
much interest is that of Tom
Fiuiiessy.who two year1 ago killed
a man in si lt defence at Seven Riv
l is. and alter an absence ot a year
voluntai aily returned and gave him
silt up. Neither ho nor his friends
anticipate anything but swift ac
Our local columns were this week
conducted by talented friendt, which
will account for thuir unusual ox
II. K. Thi kiikk, owing to his
uc.ilili. and his Drominentu as a
Contibutor to the Clo veland election
fund four years ago, has a national
reputation, and being identihed
with Lincoln county consequent up
on his large investment hero in the
cattle interest, we take pleasure in
presenting in type his circular to
the public giving Ids reasons for
changing political front. We com
mend his reasons to tho caretu
Btudv ot wage-earnciH who read the
Subscribe for the Lkahüu.
l'resident Cleveland tias precipi
tated the conflict between the wage
earners of this country aud the
wage-earners of Europe In all
fairness and candor, 1 ask you, Can
there be but one result, if the theory
of free trade is carried out; and
that is reduction of wages? Our
markets in the present age of 6team
arc only ten days' distance in time
irom tho European markets.
Freights are so low that in all man
ufactured goods this item can hard
ly be taken into account in the
cost of the merchandise. A differ
enco ot 5 per. cent in tho cost of
manufacturing in this conntry over
the cost in Europe, sends tho or
dersby cable to any European
market that is lower in prico than
our own; consequently tno onlv
protection labor has in this country
over the labor in any European
country is the action of a protective
tariff. Then cotr.es the question,
Does the ave-age wage-earner in
this country receive higher wages
and better net results than the
wage earner doeB in Europe? that
is, can you live better, can you
gain a home easier, can you edu
cate your children better, oan you
ay up a surplus in case of sicknoss
or old age, easier in this country
than they can in the most crowded
portions ot Europe?
There can be but one answer to
this question, that is yes. Wo see
it everywhere; wesoe in the health
ier condition of our wage-earners;
we soo it in the way their wives and
children are dresssed; we see it in
their homes, (cf which they very
otton own the title deeds); we see
it in the deposits in the saving
banks (which are wholly the net
results to waeo earners). In the
United States there is duo to 3,418,
013 depositors $1, 235.247,371, an
average of $361.30 to each deposi
tor. We see it in the fact that
thoso who are able to getaway from
labor-oppressed Europe are emi
grating to this country. All these
are hard facts that the free trader
cannot get away from. Free trade
is a very pretty theory, but it is
mainly professional men who ad
vócate it, and it is gratifying to
some to preach "that all ths world
are brother" and that consequent
ly wo should not protect the labor
of our neighbors, our own citizens,
who build our towns into villages,
our villages into cities, who con-
sumo our own raw products. Free
trade may be charity to foreign op
eratives, but I for one believe that
charity begins at home first; that
my own country is entitled to my
firet regard; that tho interest ot the
wage-earner of this country is my
interest; that his success is my suc
cess. I also bel evo that what Euro
pean manufacturers want us to do
is not for our interest todo. When
every European paper hailed Presi
dent Cleveland's massage with de
light as tending toward freo trade,
it convinced me that it was not the
best interest of this country that be
should1 bo ro-elucted.
When the London Times thinks
tho best use thev can make of Ir
ishtnen is to help them to cmmi
errata to this country and join the
Democratic party, and thus help
break down our protective tariff,
that mnlii.a mn think that olir tar-
I .. írmwty lor rhmniallun, ilviiprpi'i,
ill is a irreal uencui mis country, i con.uiMuion, nvt-r cmpiaiui, u
m.tf Ir'tiiltl.... AMfl All ill.. llUUI
and of course, I range tuytolf on rn uf tUawtkm u eiiUmW
the nido of a protective tariff. The
''Mills tariff bul" that 1 indorsed
by the St. Louis Democratic Con
vention and President Cleveland,
keeps about 80 per cent, duty on
sugar (about 150,000,000 to collect
annually), about 100 per cent, on
rice, the very articles that you pay
a large percentage oi, and reduces
the duty on articles where your
waeos enter largely in the cost ot
production. I cannot think that
the Mills bill is tor the best inter
est of our wage-earners, and con
sequuntlyl opposoit, and thePresi
dont who favors it. although I vot
ed tor him in 1834.
The United States ia tho largest
consuming naiion per capita of any
on the globe, and the roason ot it
is that our wage earners are better
paid than any other, and it is clear
to my mind that tho operation of a
protective tariff is the reason ot it.
It we should reduce the tariff on
articles into which labor enters
largely in tho cost; tho forces of
steam and electricity which have
so reduced the time and cost of im
porting goods into this country,
would without any doubt bring tho
cheap labor ot Europe in direct aud
immediate competition with our
own labor. Europe has tho carry
ing trade on the ocean in hef own
hands; I do not want to have them
convey our raw products to Enfopo
in their vessels at the expense of our
producers, und there convert them
into a manufactured product with
her chonp labor, and return them to
us, when it will surely have the ef
fect of reducing the prico of labor
that produces tho same articles in
tho United States. All these are
potent reasons to my mind why wo
ehonld opposo tho re-eloction ot
Presidont Cleveland in 1888. I
append a letter written bv a Demo
cratic merchant ot this city that is
very snggestivo on this subject.
To my friends and readers I will
say I have "no axes to grind," am
no politician, want no oflice; am
an American, selfish enough to
wish for my own country's best in
terests "first, last,and all the timo"
in preference to that ot any other,
and therefore am in favor of a pro
tective tariff. 11. K. Tiiukukk.
The Englishman's account as to
how freo trade works in England,
to which Mr. Thurber alludes, and
which lie makes a part ot his cir
cular letter, is in type, but crowd
ed over until next week. Ed.
Wc went to tho circli. we did, momma,
We went to ftp circus, but don't MÍ fh.
Certain' young ladies of the elite
of our town fooling dulj constrain
ed to practica the virtue ofjecono
my, and being person í of írcrtíiii
dacity Anif boldness, resolved thrtf
the vanities of this world nhould not
draw from them their shekels of
silver, which should con'inue to go
to redeem the heathen ot tar coun
tries who know not the distinc
tions of f merrtn et luum. In pur
suance of this laudable resolution
they climbed with labor nc tribu
lation to the rofrf of a house over
looking a Mexican peregrinating'
circus and proceeded to take in tito
8ÍiOtt. The fair vision ot témalo
beauty was greeted with npplriuflff
by the assembled multitude as the
brazen idols of tho aforesaid heath
en are wont fo be received-. The
coy maidens unaccustomed to such
tribute, withdrew to the eves, but
remembering in time tho" Scriptur
al injunction "Let rjthat is on
the house-top not come'downi"they
dosisted, and. regaining their'
vantage point, beheld the.cireuft in
a peace broken only by the idle"
hooting of the multitude. "Nov
Rarabbas was a robber'
Thisiinnocwn't amusemont being'
commented upon the com in on f was
received with much gnashing of
teeth, through which were hoard
from time to time mntterings of
"some cuss biblo word? not intenif
od as prayer" freely intertainglorf
with aspersions upon the ancestor?
ot the commentator.
The Tribune's announcement
yesterday that the Whito Oaks road
has been reduced to a certainty,
created a degree of pleasure in El
l'aso that wo have never knownex
ceeded. Hopes were deferred long
and weary months. The street
talk had well igh become exhaust
ed. Rumors and counter-rumors
excited, and in turn, demoralized
manv of our people to an extent
that approached positive alarm.
The old reliable Tribune,howev
er, never faltered in tho strorg
faith it has in the success ot the en
terprise, and now hopes that when
the Texas Press Association meets
ho in May next every momber may
go to White Oaks!- El Paso Trib
Parity Your Blood. '
Beau and mnul health depend np '
healthy eemdltlon of too blood. Tho '
OtoOd parUoularlr la lb. oprlnr and
nsmir momtoa, become, otorgad with
Impurttiee; wfcleh poUcm It and genera t.1
Aleeaae. A narmloas blood purifier 1
aeeeesary to restore healthy toaa.
tho hoet purifier and tomie known h
Bwirv ftaeetfloja B. &). Of IM won'
terfnl mrlfylaá ond tonka powers WO
(ire e few teetimonlols:
Mr. Wbv A. Bleboltt, with Georgo T.
Re well ct Oe., 10 Homo Street, New
York, WriWei I feel it my utr, for1
the beneSt of other who aaar be at
fllotod m I waa, to wrtta roa this letter(
which yen ean n ta any way jrod
ehooaa, 1 anSerod great pala from
beUs, all over ny Beck; I oonld net
tura my head without aoute pain. After'
trying all the asnal remedie, and fincV
Ing no relief, I rased ene bottle B. B. Ü.
nd very soon I was entirely rellered of
my 'Job's Comforter.' flow not 0
eljrn of my affliction can be aeon."
Mr. M. a Hamlin, Winston, It. C,
writes i "I ase It arorr spring. It al
ways builds ma hp, firing me appetlta
and digestion, and enabling me to stand
tho hot summer days. On nslng It I
aeon become atrong of body and easy of
Mr. C. B MttchelL Wast 3d St.
Ferry, Kew York, writes í "I weighed
116 pounds when I began taking your
medicine, and now 153 pounds. I would
not be without fdS.b. for aereral time
Its weight In gold."
Treatise oo Blood and Bkla Dlseaa4 ;
Bailed frao. Tan Bwirr Hrsnrio Co.,
Drawer , Atlanta, ton,
That the tUtii mnJ Urgu4 tobacco laetery in W
mtrU (e hi Jmey City, N. J.
that this hwtery makes the popelar aW wwldV
Lv. haW Chraax Mug, the ackiiOTrtodgU turntát
' ard tor tiel rhei héwing I ib....
Thai able faclery was sMsbhsh.a1 as bag ago a
That ht year (i8M) k wads 4 sale the m
( aoafKtty W r.eta.rfe Iba, ar faaMuai Saan
mai tons W lobw.
(Martllng- Dtaeovery.
The dUeovcry by the Inhabitants of a lo
eality blUierto unTl.lted by the pfitilcht
scourg of fever ind ague, that It extata in
their very midst, is decidedly starring.
Such diaeoTcrlca ar made at erery season,
In eery part of tbe Union,, Bubseononlly,
Whro it Is ascertained, it Invariably I. at
such time, through Hie valuable experience
of sorae one who has been bearfliled and
eure.1, that llnslrtter's Slomsch Bitters Is a
thorouxtily mcaojuus era licamr of th ma
larial poison, anda means of fortlfjing the
yxirm against it, a fi-eling of muresixurliy
ami intouiiilllty rrl(ns thmuirhoitt Uie whole
osiKhborliOml. lic.idr the febrile liirm. of
malarial dls-ase, dumb ague and atfue esk
are removed by the polrnt a-lion of the Hit
ters, 10 which sciroce alo Kivrs tut sanction
.3 a rcmwty for rhsiimailsin, iiysprpiiia,
llv..i cmtil.lbt. debility, kid
ney trouhlrn, and all ill inulriug the
ith ef si the tea
la tbs Hails Sum aotwkt
t then were 6e factories at warn.
as) aMs l.iiin a.isnfailaai toaelaass as t
Politics are getting pretty hot in
the States Imitation or galvaniz
ed politics mil soon be hot in Lin
coln county. We lovo the old R
publican party and will support it
wo bve society, and recognize
the lino of demarcation between
politics nnd community, hence will
not ootrildo politics into social ru

Albuqwrque and Socorro. N. M.
Tna ta lh last I ysars this laefcwy has hahtsel
appert Ik Uaito4 Skuas GovamaMnt ta Ike
k eneml ef evar Fany-fasr mllhoa asm kea
PÍ. eV.4 thousaad doitar (t44,r,l paM
p asta Ik V. a. Tisesy ia lawraal Xnaa
' Tea,
tna Sk payafl af fkk) fkatsry la abeo im
. . par year as tsama par wsak.
The Ski (aetsry saiplay ahawl ), spsrawiaa.
Ykal ski fartasy Basks sk a waasarfolly g4
haw ia Climas Flag that auuiyalhsr laelonta
Ibav wiaa Is kaJtat I la vsia, aad la apear
aaw try is anrast testos, by egering laraws
pisa, af laisriar gaed for tk mom prica.
an east latry baloan tad fa ipialig by
Tsiafa, Vwy Irak,
- - - . u&ruAKo a oa

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