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The Lincoln County leader. [volume] (White Oaks, Lincoln County, N.M.) 1882-189?, May 11, 1889, Image 4

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luciln Ciaalj Leader.
Urwiiy. lis) 11, ill).
i.f r.-tiut !.ovt .s. i. (iikir
Fytala . . iauritky.nita'.klTlt
. fi l'.U tiltil aa aoralally
Util I tial.
T. W. lt KAN, C 0.
tiaic. a. ei . a.
t. O.T. Wklt Oat 7 .ltt. aaatt
avary lattay utgkt. I I Flail, at I
ealaak. VUluag kraika. tarea.. ly 'Til
J. A. WOOtLkt, S. T,
Jaaaa , Mitll, lit.
A. I Krny Pt,i.l. allk
Utt afy Blktf '! at T.w.
aii. j.o. a lb'ismsr. r. c.
b. w. rtiiki, aj.
TTBrraOkt CaetiTiOBkt.CavKCit
Lord's Day Barrivai -Ma-aiag. 11 '.
Rfinr -7 U e'rlork.
8in 8rVonl-5 a. m.
Weklv Rthl ra liag. Wtilf ('.y It.
at 7 J').o'Uek lull fre 111 art wtl
eeeae R. X Lean. Four.
Ira.fctag aaeh Sunt In th ment ne.pt
a tal., kl II a m. ul lili . g,ir.4af
avk1 ararj nundaf t I . m .. and Prr
Mealing rjrr burfiajcaalarattam.
W. T4nH A, Paitor la ebkrr.
A. J. rortna, P
local roundups;
Will rlra k mi am!lar fane.
Watlntl. wHarliiw
I )wwMrmiw '-i.iiiin.miin
Parlor wall paper'at Ben Small'
II Paso, Taxas. Sm pies frc.
Preserves $1 per pail. W are
overstocked. Bond it Stewurt.
Fin lino of silk umbrella and
fancy parasols at Gaarimau.Zieglci
& Cea.
lin Small, fit Kl Past), Texnk, will
ntnd vnuta'TipIi'a of wall paper ti t'
on application.
W have- got n new f crnt cíjiin
Ti v il. I'ond t Stewart.
Jiudv inixuil pamt U HnSniair
Kl iieo, Texi. 8cnd for card
d . f!. rant color.
To OCR eve. N aiiouis' ;:y build
ihg on fke AvtiuiD, ok like
cvut.y ipiilt struct ui'w.
Joai-.i'H F. liliNNKTT, f La
(3ruces, has been appuinted Indian
Agen; lor tha Mtscralero-Apacítcs.
It ia proposed by aevcral of our
leading citizens to have a grand
celebration in White Oak, on tiie
eomiiiH: Fourth of Juljr.
Dkcbuaiion Day will bo obaerv
ed in White Oaks ai nevor bolore.
The ladies have taken the chie:
managenicnt. May 30 ih will bt
the day.
Rev. Dr. Lank started f'er the
1. R. fin Monday evening, thor
te meet his family and convey them
hither. He expected to go as tar
us Dtining on ids errand of lovo.
Whitbma.v is moving a stock of
goods this week to Roswell, wliert
he is about to establish a at-re
Joe will attend to hiicu'ucgs here
while the oldlioman will hold down
the Ros well end.
Mk. Chas. Ilsa-aii, .f California.
n expert miner and old friend t.f
Uev. Dr. Lane, is in tovn and pro
poHes lernairiin? with us. He a
gsntlemaii of culture and w0 bid
him welcome :u.iont us
LAfrilonday was a snorter. Oh
Boreas was on a fridicand painted
tlie town a very dirty color, fire
down many email building and
threatened to raze larga o,a
Ho's a ripper uin N. M. wi-.ee
be starts out.
Th Albiujuerque papers record
the rafe arrival in ibe'r citv of Al
Cnittard, Fatty Miller and K.I
MePherson. We fear the enter
prising citizen of AllHifjnorquo
will aeduce Al to locate with them
There are naan y citizens hero wlmm
we could easier spare.
The wind blew mo Ung an.l hard
thi waek that ere it quit there was
no dirt for it to tos. Put W ar,
east wind ehoiihl ,tt jn jin . it
would return, h is said that "ItV
n ill wind that blows nobody any
g",d," ht wc would like t.,knvT
who the last wind blew good to
Babsenbe lor t Lii
Wk took ii (troll the oilier day
to the. new corral of O.ai.no t C .
which front th strtct in the rear
I ih ii ene. It is convenictitN
situated, lung bcd mar the
roya into which II offal ran l)i
tit-posited and swept away I'V tlir'
wafer. n ono corner ii a ''
blacksmith iliy well aupplieo
with tools Mid implmvnis lor th
USB filth; iC p'S of Vu CAB M
tan be touml any where in the Im-
ritory. On huid ar kept extra
spring, whet l, ax!e. etc., to
meet anv exigmey. The rtn-ral i
pardon, well provided with stn'la,
jriain depositories, etc. Ozs nnu A'
Co.are ba ttr erjiii pjurrl than any oí
their pieilt-oenois ever were aad
the'r tto;:k, toac!e, luck. :c .
I 1 favorably compare with those
of any siimitr Mage lino coin i anv
in the country. Then the every
Jclm is suave in manner, answer
ing kII qiu-8.ioB a x gentlemioih
iii:imicr, n.-ver iiHarlirin thr-ir
coiiviM iutiMi with prof nitjr.to thn
t gcntlutnsn dor not lure to take
a lndv piett with him to prs rre
Ids eardrums .'rom rude nflinult by
vile vocabulary.
ADTxezs to oTnr.ni,
KM, Wikuxr't Bootbikb Srxcr, forchll
ftran trctb:ug, Utha prcaoriptlonofor. of lb
kail fomkla nurara an phjaiclana In tha
t'al'.ad Slataa, and baa bran otert for fort
jraara wltli narr fiillnr 'ticceot bj milliona of
nathtia for their cliilJrii. Durinzheprotw
of laalhlnt Ita T1ua la luonlculkble. It rl irrit
tb eblld from pain, ouroa djkcnlrry anil iUr
rhaa, irl;ilnj lit tlia bowilt, 4 wlail-tollr.
tj gliine Ucalth to th child it rakla tb
BoUiar. Trie Ba. a boltl.
A. M. Swa. of tho Gitl'iiplJeq;
iater. was the first mi! irinatiU' v
point fl in i la is teiritorv. and
tcpBHitiiient wa n jeod a:.-'!,
hakp, old cluim.
Kit'd.wti wall paper at HeiiS:!!
I'rb, fox. Eeuá for samp'-
H. F. Bkown took chhrd of ti
I'. O. at Kf.jf d thin woik T
I'onfratuIatP th little L'sntleni i
For signing his petition wo lost
au'oscriber which renders ui'ewro
much tha moro urdett u the V.
Vs. friend.
Capt. J. C. Lkv hns''doro g 'tie
and done it." lie wa married th
other tiny to a bewitching Texa
widow. Wo are unadvued as to
what he got, but we d know tha
his witu made an enviable 'catch."
Besides being one of the talle.!
men in tlie territory he U one f f
the bienal licartod ami noble. t
couled men in New Mexico. Lonj
may they liy and their stock in
reaae until it covers the Peen
V.illey we mean their stock of
líed-rooin wall pf.per at Bon
Amali a, Ei Paso, Tcr.a. Send for
liKAoMra. Rudiaille'a report i f
rhe W. 11. C. lestirnl. Tnuv U
llover vet been a failure, here r : ny
) the (J. A. R. efforts, but th? W.
d. C. overtopped tlie best ol tiiem.
CtaiaiBPtitn Surtly Ctrai.
To tb a Edjtbb Pieaio in rorrfc
tourraad.ra that I Lt t p.ii
tu remedy tor tb ahov, caanae
liataat. By it ;iwely cat tlteaa
Anda r hopaleia cftkaa havabaan
,orsnant!v carad. I shall be
glad te aaüd tw boitlt ei toy
reruadv fit to ij et rosr raaJr
who aare ooimnriptiuB it ti:v
frill sand rea their ex iraaa aad
poat office addrtat. Raaptciiiilly.
T. A. 81.0CUM, if. C
lílPaarl St., íí.w TrV.
Ti'icire promiaed i: article I'ioit'
the ;.i ef Rev. Dr. Lane for next
wtjeka Lkuikr.
Do not faixt ta examino the
stock ot boots and aWt. t (iod
ina:i,Zia;ler t Co. tel.. purchas
ing oUe.vhrre, a they carry the
largest, best selected asortnunt
in the town and at prices to suit
White goods we always earned
in large sf.ek, bul this sansón we
have a better and larger aor!
iiieiit in v(!iiiria lawns, India linrnt
hamaoak, plain and alatta-1 mill
' etc. than Bi-er before.
i (l.iOliMAN, ZllOi.tn it f'.i.'g
$30,000 Sine
T 1 !'. "lit
roLniiy &'Tcito!s, Ft. Stanton, K. LI.
11 iV;nr biiB r-imtcfi ritctivrr ait i',.a (iMirfi ivoro.'.rit'lr 1miíiipí
f t,',l Si ''"IT.;. l ' t. SlHt"i. .N. í , br t''t . I lldj:'.' f t'.lr
j .'v.iiv i''!iit-t ot JJi,m, in
f!tti1 I w II a-T
i i
Cciit for
from this tUtr, r.iid will that cil
if -ioij lt. L' i
Hwtt S nil i accfllllt (i.l.l Holll 11.
J. S.
Port Srar-t.-n, N. H., Ajarü
!,- riix mulé bolngiiig to
D. Me tea H', com i ucior.
On u st)u One bucakin maro
,i.i. j and , ii o bl.iu mare nr.K, u; h '
l)in nis-.ü 1L oti t klniuidcr and
One apan of dark buy or brawn
iiiiUr. (-4iic horsw. ono mare) V I'.
One span One black mura mule j
branded AÍ fn left ahouULr inidj
.hifli and liirht bav mule, old !
ra t
bl and S P on leit ahauldcl', nl6o M
ta above.
Acidreas T. W. lUman. White
mr. a, ii i . t. iuru, u"'i".
. M.
Liberal reward will be
Expand the Kind
By seeing; as much aa yon can ol the world,
Bnt era von act oat either aa a tourist, com
,11 Uit a.oulder and U an loif j 1 a "J"1
thou'dur and thigh. . I "J
mercial traveler or emigrant whether you ffo j
by rail, fteami hip or steamboat, provide your- i 7-r o
self with Hostetter'a Stomach Bitten., which I -lhA
trvAlina nnlilln KtcnirMiKOfl &a tha finest
meiiicai eateRiiard and preventive of sea Bick
neaa with which anyone Journey inn by land
r water can be provided. It 1 urniBhea to tba
western pioneer adequate protection ae-ainst
malaria, rheumatism and llioae disordera ot
the bowels wbicb miasma tainted water beret.
Ita sedative effect upon a stomach pertuibed
by the rocking ot a nbip is truly magical, and
It Is a capital appetizer and nerve inviirorator.
Excellent is it for biliousness and kidney in
action, and it counteracts, in a remarkable
degree, the effects of fatigue, physical or
mental. After wetting and exposure in in
clement weather, It should be usad a a pre
Wic had the plo;ui reon Sabbat 1
last to trka dinner t the tabla t
il. C. Reil wi'li his intartslini:
family, wife and two daughter..
Mrs. Roil and daughter mrvMi
hru an Friday nierning of la-t
week and thev are now miat re .
atablo meals a
pleas-" re rather than
ivork of htbor. Tie bespeak f'-r
rhc Southweatorn a liber.vl patron
Fine fancy flannel and percale
shirts jm-t the tbiwir for summer
wear at Goodmvi. Zialcr tfe Co'".
1. 51b Pad Preserves $1.
-Vv are overeto -ked. Must sell
Rend t& Stewart
,. 4, '
Samples hi wail p.iper cent !
licatian to Ben Siuall, -1
oí api"
Paso, Texas
The irea Oienfuegos
B-ats all others t-r 5 cents.
Bond tfc Stewart.
" ... i
.1 . r .1... :á -y.v-:
SkUtl.weHtcm lUtel. They nr $
,icl. and all cook., H'ld what is gfgS f
mo -M'-'bjui tlu gjttinjr '"' 't !'' - A 'Vs V ''y-'W-l N
Floor t.aiuta reNUy mixe-.. ir''ei.,.t.-!i, .iiIinrtll. Ujv. . Tucma ad
i) VI P. an Texas
at Ben Small s, LI I , 1(NaR- '
fan! id color sent on application,
v 1 1
T '
1,4 n
It will pav you to write to Rt n
Small of Kl Pa. Texas, for aain- j
pies of wall paper
aoTicit roa rcnr.icATt'w.
V. 8. ' an.l fic.
Lai Crurri. . ii
Voiiv ' linit-ij riVtl t!!t t foil lag
. i mtrt.arlt. n i i oi:ct . ' .'
iot' fnl prui.f lil iip: ori ni '.' a cUI
aid Jhat !.! priof will Ij üiaii lnfrilw
H. tintar i.i.i! !ralr at l l.'rii'-'t. S. M ,
vu June t'h . Ui. vix
Jam fH B. I ii.i.ika. on Jolaricrv ill
ni.i.i No. art 1. ar Ilia i'ii '-. u W a
i i.. , 'r e k- n w um. lot;, s-c. 11, tw-p. '.
nVi th following witiir lo prrta
hi. ooial'io'iu rllncc u,iwi!, r cu l:r
I n ( said ikiid. ri! : J'tkitn . i'. I u
r.d U. I fni-. .ll, .liim. W. i M y, (.l.r..a
li.l.. 11 of l.lrcolii t'niiiit ', N, M.
i ...,,nl,.,!,.ir..inrl.Vit llít
:"' ,ri.. ..." :; ..i.i '.t.. v..
U'iy auk-jiAfi'ini raa.aa uucr niu '
rtguliiiion af the latarlor llcpiirlnicni vVf I
i h proof iliou il rat l:f all-wt'1. will l" a-v.
l tin oi..ortuu:ty ni tin abovo mrilor,rd
t me nr. p ao to itosh aiani'n lhi witn.'H a
ut fm,1 clttimaol an I to ouer av,d.iuai:i r-
biitiul of tka Kiil.Loltu-4 hy rluu.i in'.
:UlU fiituiiKp Q. Shiblu. Ruultttr,
' k w- v wHaa, j . .. -.. ,
i I !. Co ,. Vaa.4, T.a. t. -
I I I'M, FakJl kia . r
Jll Hy ,. . y iat,.'i
arAkr r-v-V a- :.akj
M Wap,f af. ita-4i
Baga A
i ava a tuce i m '-d
waia4i ' aawaat am
at (in MaMMCI
V ataaa AJVall
- u- u a
of Goods
in CO wars, at
Mrci nii.UB w.lii i uitit-r of
CO 70c3m
t'.u r.mt ndrr of i!ie t.vit ia .me
mi. f dl bu taken t Col I II
r.u;i ia debt ahal
Very KcaiuCtiul ,
LEA, Receiver.
Caiuxa j iiin( aad f-eiiii v. i
d:tor. biiuJt, Ac., al low dawn
, prieta, al l a a lumbar rard of
).! Fi. FoK3ILL.
Cli.Nsand re vo. vara repaired by
Jol.u Ciemrlu 1 1 tha Oid ol.fr
i?laud, White (;', jN. 1. 5ivi
i : ti i. . ! . .. i I.
j... "xjou
otALti in
A full aupply ut
j! !'' X T
UHUAU -iuaiijiuc
A lays aa Wa-aJ ' d (as
Sax Axroüio i'
wm. DVFtr.Y r,-
"Jod Tabla C'fn i'eds 5J.'it:
SVÍtJirV y. tí- i y
a7íy-í to ixcjris.fi:. i.c
rrttwrlwí Lar! ("iiiutt, Fil 9
I'WI. tw4 fir :fJj'-
IT. CC?r, á'íí:
T Y.t'Or taa:4 knva t.'l..'-. i
lt ijHl I1. WUh ,.i -.;..
y3oPiWKoau;i.iTia svitmbs ai
, roao HTATion. Hf alquariera 6a
primral of Anr n, CtD 'e of the ( hirl
, Qvirlairoiii-.L Aruic.( al . Atril2Y
. 1 6U SealiJ prupa'i, U du( lie ite.wi 1
I tc raeeivd ai ihn o.llca. until 11 a clock.
a ni., atli IMjAY, MayvS, a art
unrr.ti hnnitdin'.el.v Ihrrra.tr In iba
. .-,f ,,id..Ur ih fiiroiahipjr of
ati, hoia auiT aier al Road Ciauaii
p . 'in iu i, 'ira-is b;i,u oi treopa.
fli rins tha litcsl y.r ctnici.cin July I,
!." n Uii if June ;-U, l' tO. Blank
! forms of pripo-l, eoniaiulnjr prt;r.lir
I of tua I ie;cilri-il sud i' iVu'tion
i to bb'Uer. will b (uiii..rd o anp'iea-
Mi n l It'w of!U.r lo lh Quar'.rrbis'.:
at r.H.kAiMi ur. cox:., :i ll-u I.nci,
V-r.'r. ami 5.inCarl.Wl.ii.l U- racKo
d Tlir... A. T , ad Ftn. Il.vard
fia Urn S:nu . L'nian uil Wiu;i,.id
a , - I. it ti. .
na :) t -. . ai. inr wovaramenk r
vrve ll.a ritiit to ijf t a:iv all bid
A K. KiMRAI.L üuv..raaur. U. S
Pa ita Ff. N. J!
a .;ny. Chvf (juarttnau'er,
afala, tlnaaiaia,
3 !.? -! SfSi
Sa. ia aa M)ia
i...la.aa mkA
i'tii-y : v: Jt Ik-
rta.. in
1't -KCÍ9 TONIC vlUvui.lir.
Si ..nil lH. .1 . ... !
t .-r:.. 4Uv. kUia.
i ibi-i!ou... i.'.m ..ui. u ill puu .á d
im ' " - lt u Uiaiiaa.
J yv j- r- r.j g-v r - e gj
lit U U i:. v K, Jtj,
.nl.ilf4 l..irl.Vi.kn.a
. e--. : '.. 'vs .
.X 1.
Tha BtmrES' OTTISil ta
leaned ataren and BapV,
, aaob yar. It U aa tnay.
oiopadia af oaefal lniox.
'aaatua for all who pnr.
ahaaa th laxarla or ta
avauitia of Ufa. We
aa olatha fa aad fornlaB yon wlvai
U th aaetaaary and oanaaax7
MBlianoa ta rida, walk, daaa, alttp,
at, fl, hast, work, go to aharoa,
or a lay koaaa, and la varlona alaaa,
etylM aad quantUita. JomX Agura oat
hat la roqairad to da all ths thing
CCnriRTatU. d yoa a mak Utt
oatlanak ( tha vat a of the iUIlir
OUIDa. whiah will ba Mat oa
rtastpt af 10 aank to pay aoataga,
IU-U4 Klataataai AvecrM, OWaaaya, XX
-- ta
C )
.1. o . maiixo.
Fine Imported iiuj Salive
VVines Liquors! Cigars
The Carrizozo
Olti'i. Xialljmi"'!',
. 1 a ' 1 v a 1 . 0 , J. Li
1 Aiuitan ccr.a:M.y c '-"
Ce - :. -
Best Goods !
0 0 0 Ü CI A 0
I'.itse fjrua a qv.ar.elta af df
j afflv r.iici tiulv liv c!aim to all of
cot ttii'.ilr y.en in JJot s Appar 1 es. rrt at pr:r vbia asB
mand ?1 ' n- ! r to il j jeiirir.i ii: oro ; u-; ! Ittif, afs
irrlhi-'g which ta ivake op a "all 0ro- 1 I atty, !-ata lia.aary
a4 Slu r, to Ua; r.rtl Fat'hra
I titan ij a oniial iov tat;en ta tba jsrrw?reb!.'.a l t say mr
orMim. wl,r: they will find wl at i r.uirri;U b. at alia. Qr,
tria in' prr fv'.t.r, ard war bp a! T a w ar. at; a evtryiwitf; Mir m
iViteT in On Aral Ftcr.
" :i J
D- 'l íii ta viait ita
W. H.
Goodman, Ziler
nTaere we ara bow ?r j a I'. l.aa a4
In fact every tbinVtp: in a Srit laa Cit:JCrj dt!a Iter,
a; prices to defy comcetit '.n.
Southwestern Hotel.
HENRY C. HEEL, Proprietor,
Comfortable rooms, 'good beds, krt tk tabla teapiiae1 ik i
Seat the market afi'crds
Miners, Ranch: Family Supplieo
Thot oent-n.pla'.ur etiliiinsCOMRACTOK it SUII.Di'R.
.Iiatild p?lt to I tie luotri r3C, ... .
bfiwil! s'u.rintaa S:r.d. j.rrr,i to taka cta-
GooDsed ,r,c'1 fcr Bractiaj -t b'oiib. reck,
? C sit btt i L Wart nirhlB aflfibB.Br any etaar k4
Contracts taken tar K?n. Brickot Pa"d"T y.ncrai. cartatBad
r rrama bnildinca. fren taseda ÍH. T. G-YXJS.ri'Tf.
an ta deliyarv af kart.
BJ! . J1IJJ I LI' -gBBarjaajai
Se'aarnbe fr t6 I.bavhb.
in General
Meat Market
J .
tiui'. t.j,
Latent St
' 0 c 0 0 0 c
9 i
rsb1 : in.1oa !. I at
i'ho-i k" arv iraní wh'ek ta it
Supplies 1
U. U. Wu
áfSV fki pagv
'Ta'lét Sj and Ctwi'f
kt BitftV.
v j

u:e ui toicu Aii J e cota.

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