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The Lincoln County leader. [volume] (White Oaks, Lincoln County, N.M.) 1882-189?, December 21, 1889, Image 4

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luualst otmtQ grathr.
S.iirj.j. in. 21, ISM. .
f . Heitet Loaae Ne,
Xt. I. Itfkit.f!i.
irhiae.aeet r, . u ifid.t. ai-al.t; i
irit4i u.d. '.khuUv oiiermg r tin iwn inst
itl, KAIII. V.. I .
aw CaMica.K. . A .
I. U. w.T.-Walte Oak. LeOfoNe. ...meet.
rrt Sat.irtfaf atchl. it t'aail Kali, at I
e'eluea. VialUag bMtiaer.earni-.ilf lo.lt
J. A. Wuum.Mli, l.T,
JB H, Ull. See.
.H.-Hrmj PoM, Mo. 10, m-L0Q?the
! Mona alatit of eerh month. I Town
lln. Joan A, Hltwi. Y. C.
B. ft. Borssm.. Aljt
WoitbOah Coohbutios,w. C;t c"
l-.Toninif 7:Í0 rlm-k.
Surnlnj School 0 4.'i a. ui.
nceitiylli'.lor.-aiJini. rUinl hTf.
t7:l.. clock--Kct.frrf All ff
X. W. f,A!i(í. l'a.tor. t
ut 7 or i f ! k M"n it'ifiiüT Cnrn-n
"l.l-ii 1 1 ir..l i y In tí-" iTiorttlt frriil
II'.' 'Ji I , it l ii t n . ii ii 1 nt V )i in. utjiv
ii i i.ii ' ii '!.. r -it H ii in., ii p.l rrtiyr
l -ft t . : V l'vCTV ' hlir-.ljir f r.rilriv III 7 p. 111.
. w. T I .M A I'liator In clinrr.
A . I'ottcii, I. i:.
Lurk i3Rtliaim.kiii a nam.
lilt pr!ntsrlnk o black o1 oulrnn.
Will rlTa man partillar fume.
Whoo piitla Hila pucullAr uuluinn.
" I'm ifi'lnc to hanf my Mnrklnfr up."
Said Ma; " linr me uw."
" I'll like to rr," Tom slyly !.
" That you've gt in ii now.'
" The tariS a hlKh." the muid rlii'd.
' Only the parson an
Make free wool of my .larking., air.
For any lirinr man."
Heady mixed imint tlJi-nSBiftir !
IA 1'ivfin, Texas.
W'k would like to start out on
tho race trnek of lHiiO r.-ek ami
neck w ith our subscribers and nd
vertisiii": patrons. De.ir delin
tpient r a 'or, make a note of it.
Mks. Sally McPherson did not
tarry as lomr in Albuquerque as
she contemplated when he went
thither from here. Last week alio
boarded a train for her old home,
Wilmington, Del.
Hai no equal it delWered free evary-
nhrre. Plea aend full Pott Office ad-
dresa, im lndint; County, and alao your
hippinB ldie... iiielwliBR rauW ate-
tion moat convenient to you. One cent
potiil expenaewill briiiR to you aome-
ttiimr naw fturl lmnoit&nfc fnp atan fam.
ilv. For full partieulara plea.e aend to
X'n JF.T e. Will. M t r.al X'w VoW
No. V,l West mh Street, New Trk
.Fi DoK Nkwt).mh, of lías Cru
ces, II. 11. Fergiisson and several
other and lesser .legal luininnries,
passed Monday night in tow n, and
left ou Tuesday morning for Lin
coln, there to take testimony in
the Dcl!iy--Teriell copartnership
Airi u to moth (na.
Mat. Wisau'a aoomiaa ruci-, (or ebll.
drun ti'ctliiBS, ialUo prraorlpUniioroue ol tho
aat fnuiula limar anal plij alelan. In the
Caltol atatea, anil baa been ue1 for forty
Yi'íira rlthncT r f.illliiaraiicceaaby mlllinuaof
iiioIIii'ih rurllii trch.lilrrn. Purlnctlieproeea.
ol ti'i'thln IN v.iluu ll:n'lt'Ulalilo. IlU'llrvi-a
lh" clill.l iniiii pain. unr.'S ilj Hniti'ry ami illar
I'h i'ti, Ki l ini, in lliu IiiiwcN, ai i. I wliiil diilii'.
l:y ulvin In all h to llin chll.l It le.M tlir
liiiillii-i . I'i u u i, a oottie.
Tub ga people of Nogal have
selected tin following ticket to be
v-iti'd for next month :
School Directors- - Jose M.
-n, Kufii Uussel, and 1. (
.Ins 10
the I We. C.
Ay res.
-Tho. (lallatin.
$25.00 KFAVAHD.
The umlcrsigurHl will give twen
ty five dollars rewanl for positive
information of the whereabout of
Antum.t Valdez, who disappeared
from Lim-oln during the last Oo
toler tt-rtn of court.
Xr.XT WlH'k the I.KADflK will be
served up to it's reader ou a half
si tell, lieing In UJ.iy week we feel
siitlstícd that Mween eating and
ilrinking of luxuries our jmtron
will hav no apietitefor the solkls
we are wont to sene them w ith.
We have in lore something for(
the tir-t wv,k in Januar)' which
u-y will appreciate.
Wi desire to press our grati
tud tí Mcp (ieo. U ririck.M.
Si. Murphy, .1. I'. C. Lnngston,
A. Khinlng, Ah Nue, W. V. M-
ii i t v: . -i .1. .!;"""" !'. i.'M4 tiw w ... nnm ol
'onniu, ami logit-r, ir unir i
Sircly our bread it butter side up
N. V. Lank and Ftniily. jT,,
liHt Ouki, IW. 1Í, !
"" "
Coammotlon fcnrtlt Curt
Tt Tut KniTuK I'ltMe ftitortn ,
vwur reaUcr t1t I liur a pui-.
ill at mac Uv it tuiK-lr ue tliout
DHi-iiinrimllv curttl. I iliall bt
, . i . Ultlii nf mr
Wl-'K1" tC ,WO ""K, OI m'
i rrincdjr free to nt ot your rumltr
riio lmra cniumitim tt tliey
will enl inr their tx rcss tixl
jist oftice midreii. Rfpctfullv.
lil Prl St.. Nw Vork.
Kjhtor Uuria. of ILi Pi-niinir:
Hcailli-Lt, i ícettinj: itv pnwn
iil in liia rvnmrk roiu-iTiiiii Maj.
t'aiTivy.ofjlu- White Onks lit'iuler.
lirotlur Kokh Itlund ami miiivi
t:i s aulf. Iut lio liis lule isMirr
l hu writi.' Mm vi'ty nitU-r
tilings. Optii'.
V- do not lo.k upon rx-(nv.
Ross's nlluston to us ns offi-nsivoly
jwrsdiiHl. Iiv Miuply Icnrinin!it-il !
' mi
htiot. Worst epithet
nhim tliKt huve Iwen thrown Ht U
.. , ,
without ruflliiijr a fo.it her in our
I lieMllllIIU IIIIU VaiiaK.llOU llllllll.lC.
. . : ..l.
If, atter an a. qu.mtnnee ..f twentv
ven ra.
he cm think of no hard :
wonts more nuing inau "nui, 1
. ...... .1 . . . : 1: , '
we will keep up our lick and con
tinue to spi ll his name with a big
At a iiKcting of vet earns and
(í. A. K. nienilH-rs. held at Kick
er's Hall, corner North Market
str-i't ami N't wstead Av.. a sulh
her signed application
eienl iiiimMer
for u chai ter for a new Kst )f the
(S. A. H.. to he called Llwooit
I Miller I'ost. A etunmittee was
... . ...1 .11 .-v nr.
i . i, , i.
r iiKri.nii'iits mil luake date lor
1 - - -
muster n.
, . 1 .
e clip the above from n late
. . Sl ,.,:,. í Jl..le-1 ;e-
K.,at. The patriot whose name
it is thus proi txed 1o pt n etuate
was L.oi. tinier, uroiuer 1 1 i
universally respected townswoman
Mrs. Theo. W. I Ionian. Shortly
licforo his death he spent some
Welshes 'm hopes of eluding tho
irrim dustrover," but in vain.
Fee'ing-tliat opposition was puny,
he returned to St. Louis, there to
die amongst and lie buried by his
kindred. Tho disease which con
sinned ldni having leen contracted
in the service of his country it is
meet that his memory should le
thin enshrined by hi surviving
Having made arrangement with
Dzanne & Co., for the use of their
Ulacksiuith Shop, I am prepared
to do all kinds of hluckainith and
repair work. Horseshoeing a spe
cialty. 1 will guarantee satisfac
tion for all the work entrusted to
me. llave- lieen engaged by Ozanc
A Co, to do all their stage lint
work tli. past year and 1 refer to
them as to ability to do jrootl;jand
substantial work. Call nt : stage
coral blacksmith shop.
J. 11. M1LLKH.
I'nrlor wall paper at Hen Small'
El I'asn. Texas. Sample tree.
Wd not Willi paper at l?en
Small's, F.I Texa. Send for
Sample at wall paper sent free
on application t Hen Small, Ki
Pttao, Texas.
500 or more head of good A No. 1
stock cattle at Í10 each. Knauire
of Uko. 11. Miles. Whito Oak.
Kitehvii wUpfratBenBinair
K' Pit", I'oxaa, Send t..r Saiuplee
i jib r " . 7' , '
r fwr Mid Count, r jrm.m.i i ill-' i. '
quireiue. ta if Seriiu:, 5, Ciiiplr- Mil
Lawg of 14. do . r ty niiifythat I l,:.
I. .!..!.. ..... .....-! . . a i . .
.u r.,11Mlv ,,. ,.
emitter. A. I. M. rii muuui.i u!ij-t tl:
...,..., ' i
!iortfJ . Ihr tTr IWnU of Sdiool
. w . . uva nir. ir' i '
, inrtviori, cul.llrtl i.jr lnw tit Die Ik-iii-Qh
'..r ui.i r...., M Tk i
r 1 4.MÍTN7 dollar., which fs pn.,r
tiuunl in the errl n.lu.., dUtrUii n
Nw. Nu. J bul Amount.
r.-i i wo tta
vi na
4 Si HI 3D
i n 40 74
11)9 M0 M
Not or(ftilrr,l
1..U 70.1 7
l:M 02f 1.'
Not vtfrnnirt'il
117 5'H 4
9H i;h 7:1
Not organized
'.'I ux 41
i2 '. (I Ii4
a.l itix ;n
5-J 24:t ".n
l.VJ 712 l
: 7ft4 07
ol 2S9 ;
Not nraulzrd
5H 371 HU
74 ' m htl
43 107 57
40 is; :,:
43 UHi S
Not oraran ir.'d
m 2. t .-.1
No; organized
S 2! 7
Not orirauÍ7.fd
U 32:1 45
-0 : 7"
;:l 54 4.-I
32 l- 01
118 4.111 19
SO 140 (1.1
42 CM J
4H - 22.ri 0I
1. 'i
2. -1
wu.nMi. i...... i .t
........... .1..1- ur.ru u.u iiun
(he vmUV n t ,
joiiN k. nvrK.
County Snppriiilrudciil.
Now thnt everybody in looking!
about them to see what Magazine
they will take for the coming
year, we would advise them to in
quire into the merits of Demoren'!
Family Magazine. We have just
i received the .January number oí
! this wonderful puli'M-ation, an.!
cannot eak too highly in its
ptaise It u certainly what it-
name implies. A i i:iiiiU .d.iga.i.ii
' r
1 - . ... , . ,,
fir in it w ill In? found isi:n t'.iitíT
In -iMi-.w ; imT; e v ry ni in
lier of tin-í;.üi.i . The Lr i :.:
'. telling how Lrnc!o Sam's pa
per mony is made, is beaut if til!
illustrated, and furnishes the most
interesting information upon the
subject that we have over seen.
The Infi.nt Mon.-rth of Ku
rope'' i not only illustrated with
their rtraits, but with those of
t'ieir pairnts u well; "The l'n
Ling Voice" is finely illustrated
article about Edison's wonderful
Phonograph, and includes a por
trait of tho groat inventor him
self. Th" children will le delight
ed with "Snow Sculpture," which
give them models enough tt:
keep them busy all winter. Re
side these, there are "I'ntil One
O'clock" (A Comcdctta). "Scarlol
Fever ami other Contagious Di--.
eases. Their Cause and Treatment.
Wedding Hivakf.ists" "All
sort of Teas," "Ilome-Mado
0 indios," "Anecdotal Ilistorv ol
the Table," and numerous other
articles and stories, also a tine
Fashion iK-parlment: ami nil lieau
I if ully embellished with over two
hundred tine illustration, the
crowning one of w hich is "At a
Perisjan r'lorist's." a handsome oil
picture, well worthy of a frame.
The mystery i how- such a publi -
cation can be furnished for only
sti'.oo per year. It i done, how
ever, by W. .Iknxjmis Dkmoukst.
i: Ke.t 14th St., New York.
A Valaakt Xedleal Treat ba.
Tl. adlUM lor la of the iterUn ICedleal
Aaaaal. aaeara a Uoaietier'a Aimaaao, U
aawraadT.aad but keabtaUad. trae oinaai.
'rani.M a4 rvntrml eoaatrr dealer. u all ,
eerie of the UaiioJ lutea. MeaMo.aWl laiteod j
la .Tor eiTlUaad uorbea ot Ihe Waahara Ueea
Mera. . TU. Alneaha. liaaed?eE.
Urlf attiMeoauaeaoeaieBl ol oeaey tear tor .
oecroao-leaiUiof aeoDtary. Tt na ainaa.ailli
Ihe aeo odeat aracUoal adviee fee im BfoOMra
lam a a re.loraUua M healih, Ta í!íJtZSmm
a iaMrarUna aad amaMna turWldlu. U
Ba. ealeaaUr, aatroaoailcal ejakao7eap.
aoleafeal Iteau, Ma , are ereaarad with great
fare, aad will bo Iea4 eaureiy xaU. Tho
taaaa ol Hottotter. A I manae it MTwiU peob
Wr bo Ihe lareeat adulos f a aaodaul work
eTerpaMUhed la aa Ofawy -The proarla
or. Vea.r. HoaleMer T?.; haUhoaT IPa,
o rooaM al a two entj 'V wdl torwaaj
Si'omi:i;:k t' r Lf tm c.
Wimir of Cortiin..
rcr, at Clutrlott
' rVvíí't W.'i' sound
fcense o í.inl;"'' ifwsimtii'M. Hear
I it: t'.r.tge voiit home
., . -
pa per Kivl IiHii lituM tlicm tin. for
eu.ttire, intelligence and jml.
svutimeui of a cilv n often
gatiired by Un-oharacter of the? i mi
JW' I Ulllilirts. KwTY
- - -
tilacc ot
,a,t ' Ii'"f. Hjonrnal thnt Mill
pullNh t the worM itM ndvnnto-
s. it if- I wurt.'. i'S pHKis, its!
iiiniiiif.u'toneM ; rolloet like 11 mirror
i'H aet.ileciN. intentions ainl prtv
j rros of it piope. I innUe the
jstatineeut thit mi nMe. lrntcl.
j conservativo ami progressive news
! p:iper iof nion renl ln-netit toward
I tdvertiniinjr, atimiihitin ami lniM
I injr a eity thui anv olhor tute a
! p'lioy 01 enterprise th;it nhe t un
j N'riOSS,
A limn in liiisiness without :m
t advert iseutrnt in the newajHT,
! i like a ;iMve without tonih -stfHie,
j lunik iieiit without a tontrue. Neith
jer tine is known, neither one
i does uiueh, all are parsed 1y.
I Advertisinir is preaching the' gospel
of business to who huv or ought to
Imiv. Kverv hutiiness man mav
little trade, hut unless he advertix
the gii't ImhIv of traders will pas
I ty the till ler side" ami the fate of
llie bankrupt may eonie upon him.
i . ...4.i.itf,. ft.i 'Ftiiiiiiuiv
U a,HMlt foP a.,MIU Mn Anion-
an and 5U Hritish. (lerinan,
j French and Russian periodical,
i which she will enter on mtbscrii-
l(,n hH ai H.wni w,V-Iow-iU.wn
Call at the I. (). and see
Sk H li A UB ICR i HO I'.
W. L. Ill (í MES,
tand p'repiired at all hour.i to nprral" on
lilt lirad orfaoi- of all pa'roii mol ill
cuiir.-inli-e aati-fuetioii. Sli-p !i White
t'ik Avrniit-. ju.t vA of the Posiofll'e
t'litthfs clcaiiitiii and repaiilre nfiu'y.
w-ll and rlu nply done li Mrs. Iluli.-s.
lrin:;nti rottr rmrnla.
The W. P.. Cual will be do
livt ied nnvwheie in Wliite Oa'-
at the usual price, ou i.kss. All I
(ui'ioti'it'ii will bo met and lis-i
counted promptly.
.1. P. 0. I.ANc.srox. Art
A. laiv. i'. K. Oakrktt.
StirTeMir A Notary Pub. Dea'erin H nllv
Í'1M)N Á 15 A II RETT,
Land AjieDtK ?;d Cuiitcjauceis.
R-. swKii., . M.
Complete Mat. and Ali.trai l of all lands
Miihrsaid in the l'ei-o Valh-y. No
-htti;re for inapt rtian Land
bought, sold mil lot mod
fur aeitlrr.
Office-Oiiretl'. Ilaiu-h. head of North
ern Cnnnl of lai-o Irviiratii'Ui nuil Invest
ment Co. F'ost office aildrr.a "I'pson
tlarrett. Ito.well. N. M."
j js
Carizo Hotel.
A'iiitk Oaks Nkw Mkxi.-
Tula Iloii l i a neA bririi Onirture and
U fiirni.liid throughout with nrw fuilii
itre ftl.'i'l'itiff ruerna are w;l uppllad
v ii -li .iii .i-nl romf'.tl' tilr bed. am. pro-
. 1-1 . -. I -eiil. 'i;t it : ml v.'ttnitatioli -Table
. -.i-lijó :1 - . i;'. ihr nsikel af
Me I.
. loll p.liil I
. I
it. o 1 1 1 1 ai' h.i m jnofi..-
John A. Brown & Br o
oinpie a Miney Grocers. White Oaks,
Imported and
Wines, Liquors I Cieara
(.ra. sciiixziNti, n:u
The (Jarrizozo
Treat, ('line k
Time strictly limited till) day -.1. l C. Lan:ton, CwHcetor.
tt Native líeef and Mutton constantly on hand. Sausaire of every
Best Goods !
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
I hese form a quartette ot
sntely aim truly lay elaim to all ot Hum. fcrvry iui wjieu ti'
'.onstiiiite Men and Hoy's Apparel I have, and at price wliieh- cb?
uttjiid theinselvc t tho judicious nnf eeoiiomieal bivr. Also, ev
erything which gcR to in nke up n well dreascd . I.ady, Imm Iloi.ery
and Shoeb, to Hats and l-Vather.
I extend a cordial invitation to the general public-to visit my era
p"-ium, wlicrctliey will find whut is enumerated nbve. a al-. Are
curies in irolusion. Hard ware and Tinware, and everything eer ex
hibitcU in a (ieuurul Sim-e.
a Specialty
.Don't fail to visit the
J. I
Miner's, Ranch and Family Supplies.
Southwestern Hotel.
Juo. A. Brothers, Proprietor.
Comfortable rooms, good b-al, and t'e 'thle euDplied with ihe
best the maiket aflurd
Another Splendid Gift !
An Elegant Work of Art
T every new subscribir or renewal for the
Weekly Globe Democrat
flu Pages),
A grnnn of cattle and lieeji (br Ria Honheur). A eoutpanion piece
of "THE HORSE rAIR." which whs. until recently, il.e uriminnp
rpr- The, nrlreM WEEKLY OLOUH DEMOCRAT, rne to
and the i ngrovinR. " TIIK SCOTCH RAID, it onlr r
S hserit'Or dt ring both pictures can have "The 1Lrw Fair" for
2.1c. extra.
Pon masters and new dealer w
to tho
'-T'" St ft fi r summit? ejiy of paper:
N. Ivi
Meat Mprket
TI r Wi7 T rtft
Latest Styles !
o o o 0 0 I) 0 0 0
dearnhlu store intliifi tut nt. 1 ea
Supplies !
Old li diable.."
ill take subscription, r reinit aircc

M4J,. M.!s.'; u-fot the

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