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The Mesilla Valley independent. [volume] (Mesilla, N.M.) 1877-1879, November 17, 1877, Image 1

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IT IS, TJ, ITA 1T 1FA "v T-l
Vol. 1.
Mesilla, Xetír Mexico, SatimlavXovember 17, 1877.
í 1
ffrofcsswmil (nrdú.
Oilteeaad rnkViKv Main Street. Ual ram, Ji. M.
A Well-Know it Pri.4tr Examine the
Colorado Petrified Han and Pronounces
it a Jluuihng.
jR. UK(. 11. UVER,
Ofnee and residence Mesilla, New Mexico.'
"y w. black, m. u.
Ofltee m Main tlaxa. Mnilla. New Mrx'u-n,
Attorarr I -aw. La Cum, Jf. IWipt
attention given Co all business entrusted lu liu care.
I'raclirei. lu all the Courts uf Law and Equity iu
; Sew Mexico.
Attorney and- Oonelor mt Law, Ij Crnees,
N. M. (Mire on Maiu Sijwt.
"IHAS. H. HOW Alii).
Attornrjr at Uw, M(iUi. M ici.
Will prartir in all the t.'mut i( 1 1- I -rn f-v
ami in Kl l" t. rretidiu, ?xm a.i I r m Uj-' i
'Milhi m fpiv. - - -
AUwmtf at aw Mnllla, '. M. Prarthr In
all tbe Court of Law and Equity lu Ihe Ti rritory.
- i - - A l tora y at Law, MrM. New. Mrvim.
fOHS M. t'.lNX.
m. J
.. y Attorajr at Ijiw.Silrrrrity. firnt(4onty. Xpw
' kl StBih-a. Will ira-tU in all th oon I Law ami
. jXe Mevhti. l'ruiu(t altcution jtvn. t
all buinc - ' " ' '
Pnf. J. E. TkKI, uf TaKir Cllg". w riii-s
in the ConncH Bhiffs Xvijirfil:
It was the pririlef of the writer to we
i ami rsainÍDe jifite-. car.-futlr tlii famiVus
" Pitritiiil Man" fnjiii i,ii!rsi' while he
M on exhibition iu your city.
As sour' of your nail-r may have sooif
curiosity to know huw it ieínaL to mc
Mmicwhat faiuiliur with - -trifai7tiins the
following is iTiriMl: Th- " n-tiitoric man"
may have Ix-en cornt-tly rf)rs'nt(l. Imt he
waHioaprtaifiy; jBTL4etóSi5JLlTIiÍ4'a
(iiite evident. aUiiiwt at a glance, from i
full form.-- X Krts were shrunki-o. there
! waí ñ(Vco1IajTn of the alomen nor sink
ing )f the eyes. These iuts emtiJ not, Ik'
eslinetl ly any thick incrustation siirt
injj the surface. The ajijian-nt incru ation
covering it was only an apjiearance, else it
"Would have cleared nff at sntue :nt. or
would have shown itself when parts wer
broken off. I5ut many other Hints may U
mentioned, any one of Which is sufficient to
prove the statement a!nve. The Jirdy i
cinnscd .of a -dnrk-eohMVtl fosi!iiVrHi
líüietone. Tliis ts sliown Vy frijiiiienU lrm
the interior, kimiiy s'limn by the exhibitor,
w well a by traces upon the surface. One
ot tlie fragment slnwcl a jiortion of apjmr
entiy a conchiter siieil. eontnijini crys4kn4"
calcile. Such a ciust.'r of cryta!?. iríabiy
due to the presence of anotlier shi li. produ
ce? in the right forearm a flaw in the stone.
The imin of flic left l weois t. have
leen chosen to more ca-iy xiiir tii t-.n-dai
a.ietnlajre. The r-neral from U cU-arty
inteadnl to feprrseut that of au Indian. The
feet, however, have tli" simian character of a
slwrti-niii and latterly fiaced great t',
whk!. in ctmnertioa with the long neck and
short chin, are simply monstrous.
Huxley, or any other intelligent comjiara
tive anatomist woulii at once pronounce the
combination if suchchar:-ter altsunt and
wholly incvnsit-Dt with the" liarmouii-s of
nature. It could not, therefore, liave leen
m.i'h to represent any fono that ever had
life. And it etiilMsHes hleas wholly foreign
to any licit have lieen found in American
anti,:i:ti(-s: it is ditiirujt : JoJclieve it i!i
work of any ancient hand, while on the con
trary the simian teet and tail very strongly
pdat in tin? ale remaining coariusioirrrhst
it is th wrk of a recent workman who has
leanieil jil-t enough of evolutionary views to
misK-interpreLor caraca'ure them. TIjí- lue
llo "iietrifaj'tion cap ouly merit. the title,
tliercfure. liecause it Is wade out, ef stime
not male intrsToiig. It is a whorthy suc
cessor of the Cardiff giant. May its glory lie
Imefandthe planners ot the fraud meet
their deserts.
AW A I' till!
Terrifif Little Duet Aui mg thji Law jers.
,Tliere was a little cnuUatyejter3ay morn-,
ing in tw. otíh-e of Justice Alh n, wlih li lie
ing Mildic. may la? meuiixie.l briefly. Messrs.
peso an.l t wo well know n lu.-cLanic,
brijujlit suit on jr'iiiw'ianic" lien a-raiust a
i Words are little things, but they utñke
: h.u-d. Wc utter them so easily, that we are
fapt to forget Cmir hidden power. Fitly
six-ken. thev a't like the sunshine, the dew
and the fertiiiziug raiu, but when untitly,
j like the frost, the hail, and devastating
i tempests..
' Tliere are some people whe h'iorment
: íM" tus to ndicate that they are possessor of
I one -half of the universe, while the other .
half Ic1'Mih to their nearest relation, and
: who evidently regard all the restf utaukind .
I a? prisoner nn their bounty, and beggars on
the hihw av of life. " - -
I . .
j II j that never changed any of his opinions,
neyeriX!mialny f bi-lirafafces C and télZI
j who was never wise enough to fiud out any
i mistakes in himself, will not be charitable
1 enough to excuse what h-reckn tuista kes
I in others. ... , ,
- - "
j A milkman was lately seeking the aid of
j the I ice to trace the w liereaIoiit of a faru
fily who had left tile neigbliorhood owing
him e"litj3n Joiiar. W'eJl, I ippo-r-1
there. Was nine dollars worth of water in that
í miili accunt, remarked the policeman.
That's where, it gall tue that's where it
hurts," replied the dealer. They were new
customers, and I hadn't couimeuced to water
the utile rt7 ' "' :
The Committee on Expenditures in the 1
Navy Ipamiient notified Secretary Thorn p- v
son Saturday that they intended to make a
desjtcrate attempt to discover, soiue irregu- . .
laritiea and cornijitioo ik-r the a-lministra-tion
of es-íiecretarí liiIiesfn. "ThaZA-ere- -tary
suiiiinly infonnedlhc gentlemen that
Altorae.T. at Ijiw, Mesilla. New Meii.-O,
Tuoa. n. Cutbos. W. T. Thokxto.V.
(C. 8. Attorney.)
"lATStrX TitOttSTO. "
Attarawya at Law, gasta Té, Sew M'xlro. '
Wilt praeiiv iu all the Courts of Law and Kqulty
t the TeitUwy. Bw4es promptly attemli'd to.
One member ot lue ilnu to le found at offlee
tSanUFé. .
w til It triHH ttsshape suts tlie dirci-tion j coi ore. I man jtamed Levi Buckner, for the
of stratification.-Looking further, with such I building tf a house. The merits of tliecae
an idea in mind, five warns are fiml ncarlv j are trnkcrtmn, Imt tliehtwvers t into a lit-
parallel with one another, one -through the. j tie wjf. which, if it was not dangerous, was
neck and slmulder, two ai niss the Uatr and aiuosing. Mr. Mrlton Caiutilieíl amiearedfitr
left arm uUive the elliow, another aertxss the Lóíie oftrwjwie;and Jlfsrt James Gü-
hips, aml the fifth across the legs Mow tbj son. the City Atiwney, ami Ed, tiunoíte,Tiís
Attornrr at Uw. IJarnln. Ñ. M.
knee. . These -ams are demonstration if
the stratified character of the sion.-A K'
trifactioft might break, but ntt tlinjrfn piares
jutraUcl to tme anothi-r and patting rigtit
throngh disiimilar parts, whether connccU.J
or not.7 ' 1 --- ------ -
partner, on the other siie. A question as to
the ailmisbabiiity of sihuc evidence arose,
and tr the Kptit let words Were exchani-d.
Tlten thej picked up chairs ami tnlj at
t jtJ otWThe tttitliation ot C olonel
TwiJchcli,' Major B. '"LTH'ihMlsog and other
Inwyers in the court was Vorcfulty rejftetL
The- eombatantK, each annul with a cl.air.
3itarTl!iibIliV-Lanl Afmnt ami CwMveranerr,
Eow L, Lim oL.h Cot'srrv, Xtw Mum, o.
ferial lJJotirc.
Another very conclusive jsiint the fait
that whatever .separate memliers lie tme un
anirtherthanglalw n
acute in a inglé'instance, Imt invariably-the ipje'-l of arrying and thru.-ting in ft'ere and
arms aré lnd to the lIy wh re I!h-v r t '"". Tlié chain suff-reI terribly: Ed.
. R. 8. Maon haviug leased the pfaec beretofir
known as ;
situate 25 rolles westnf Mesilla on the rt-ail to Sil.
ver City and the west. Inf.irm the rti'ilie iren
erallv that he I nrenared to receive and aceoin-
nerfti ot miunri' nn
upon it.iind t;e kg aw Imund together
wherethey touch by a -tuas of stone. In
fact, there are no acnte angle Tn tin surface,
tío furrows, except such as might have lieen
maile by a blunt instrument alauít Jialf án
UH-h w ide tt the imiat.- The pits upohxthe
stirftiee were clearlv formed bv a similar in-J -
strument, the ilirection of the blow in many
cases being clearly shown. But enough to
prove that it is not a jietriftction.
QiiKtte tk off his man without sriouii
',y,irJ.Xmiir!y,lr were badly damaged.
Jtidue Allen Bniil Imt It the t-otu'edauts $i
each; Tlie trial of the cae will be reumiil
next weck. Lawyers iM-.jrht to I like re
portors never right. K im, Ci( Tin:
This is the otilv waterinir filui-e Iwtween the V.m
Grande and Kort ( iininiiiitpi. I always have an
abundance of water on hand, which I ÍII furnish
at reasonable ralea.
Mr table will be kept supp 'ed with the best the
market atfonls-
1 have pleasant and comfortable rooms fur
nished with clean beds for the use of traveller.
Also coinbirtahie anil secure slabliiii; for animal.
I always keep a jfood supply of -hay and graiu on
' hand.
Traveller will find at my place everythhie re.
uuiaile to supply their wants and add to their com.
tort, my charges will not be found unreasonable,
' B. 8. Uaaon.
I have on hand a large stkk of NATIVE
WINES and BRAXDY of my own manufacture,
whleli 1 otTur for ale in quantities to suit pur
- (bailers. My (RAPE BRANDY Is the'tiest lbu.n-,
whether native or imported. In the Territoty.
- Mesilla. N. M.
Ourtuialile neiyhlsir of tlie, fíf,uMi'-a,
I w v ior rue jEist w i-ck liasJ si-n pram-mg
The next peotion is whether ii ts very an- j fnind with a sjjip on his hat invitiu' shik
cient. Can it le the work of some prehist. j y t knock itNff. tries to torture an ar
rie artist? It is clear that it is cut to repre- tide of ours compdmeotary tn Senator
sent a reclining figure. It could not have : Blaine into an alt k ujioii that gentleman.
ben suMrteI in a tiprigl t (awition. Tlie tnr neigh! T naturaliyi pttie sensitive
general symmetry of parts seems to have ; on the subtt of iiivestigationsXjkm't gi-t
lieen ea-efuUy studied and pretty puticntly nervous good brother. Continue toproclaim
w orked out. The left forearm, however, is ; to all the people your di vision to tour cn
alsmf an inch longer than the right. The : tjy and to the liepubiiran party, atMi you
f!ngi-rs are appan-ntly disprokirtionate in , are safe. :
length to one another. In' forming the j It is true, said the eulost of Col. Yell, of
second finger of the right luiud the artist ap- j Arkansas, " that our d.wascd friend, a .re
parentiy act identally bke it off evptal in j sident of the Yellville Inrnk, did not "satis
length to the tUinl, then tried to imitate a ! factrily aeeouut for all the fund of thai
lnt joint and got too near the' end. The : institution; but his remarks on the bur-tinir
rough surfai-e was nxeil apparently to excuse . of the same showe.1 that ;.is hear lieat warm
sbt attempt at nicety of detail. ' ly for hi native VXati1 Union.
he would afford Uicm in their search every
facility in his jiower.
Sjuash ts. tsijuash is the title of a divorce
suit bled in Kit lnmmd. I'lainiilf got beet
Cim. Sttir. .Why don't he carrot up higher?
IndrXt'i1' XppTeltie"casey6tt iuéán.i--A".
L. J-Minud. Some one art-i-choke you fel
lows off. .SiVrer HVrW.
, This affair is assuming a mcloncholyas-T
pect. ,'.
-Not all tlie gldf Pint could purchase
one rmtneit "s peace of cimscicnce, Btr all
the combined wea'th of tlie world, both Nat
ural aud artificial, buy eternal rest; yet their
prkw-fe witniti " refi"óf ' the jaiorest and
meanest, for a simple a;t of Jfaith will pur--ehase
Worrk-s eat the life away. They bring
wrinkles to the face and gray hairs to the
heaiL and half the time they- are -not only
alisotately needles, but alwurd. Why, in
the name of alt that is sensible, can we not
wait until the draught of sorrow U forced to
lips, and not sup needlessly at the cup of gall
aud wormwood ? -
He was a tramp. As he watched the
merchant pace his store "with cast -down eves, "
he shook his head. . Po.r fellow:" sakl the
tramp. "I feril for hiiit. Note 1 1 pay, prob
ably, and t u cents to ih it w til'. Ah, gen
tlemen, fortune cannot smile Usjn us al!;
bul I tell you. it is a pneious thing to know
how you stand every Matunlay night. Ah,
yes' he added whh sigh, " that oor tel
low is d..ine,J to Ik-st burdens which we
know nothing of." Taraer' Full Iíep.rUr.
An old time regular army rec ruiting pos
ter rils; MVantl50 able U-dh-d un
m;trriiiTmn, fir the United State arm v.
An excellent opportunity for travel recreation ,
and study." Thetpatuuityir travel given
to the soldiers of the seventh cavalry has
Is-co very grtat of late years, b.it rucn atii a
ami study have two limitl.V
ami study have two limitl.V I '
'i - " -' ' ' --" .'"'" .- '-' - : ' ' - " . .- - . : ' - .. ' ÍÍ '
"" - v - " "--. ' '- : ' " -' XN -
; i;: , . , - ,. :v.. .'
i i
i ,

LEX. A. m.tw:kx.
Alterar? nt Law. 1 Jnroln. Unn.ln Co.. V. M.

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