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T \\0¥ ESSIO .V Mi.
PERMANENTLY located in Monti
cello, offers his professional servi
ces to'thc citizens of this village and its
May 22*1815 — 4it—)v.
BEING permanently located in Monti
cello, offers his professional services
to the citizens ot the to\fn and surround
ing country. lie can be found at the
Eagle Hotel or at Dr. Bush’s old office
when nQiUtepfessionally engaged.
April sfl845-39-ly
Moticello, Miss.
PRACTISES in the Circuit Court of,
Copiah, Pike, Lawrence, Marion, j
Simpson, Covington, Smith, Hancock and j
IVanklin counties; the Superior Court of
Chancery for the 2d Chancery District
holden at Monticc'io, and the Superior j
Courts of the State holden in the Capital j
at the city of Jackson. He also attends
on special calls elsewhere in his profession, j
particularly in Criminal cases.
April 29, 18-15—4245w.
L< a w Notice.
SWIFT & WALS1I attornies at law,1
will practice in the Circuit Courts of
the 4th Judicial District of this State, also
in the Superior Court of Chancery, and
High Court of Errors and Appeals. Busi
ness intrusted to them will receive prompt
Thos. W. Walsh, j Theodore S. Swift, j
Gallatin, > Monticello,
Lopiari County. ) Lawrence County.
March 17, 1845-36-ly
Buckner Harris and john d
BOWEN will practice law in part
nership in the Circuit Court of Lawrence
county. Business entrusted to either will
receive their joint attention.
The office of Buckner Harris, is at
Gallatin; that of John D Bowen is at
June 4,1844—47-ly.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
' Monticello,
April 23, 1813. 41 iy.
BW, HOLLOWAY, Surgeon Den
a tist, returns his thanks to a gene' ]
rous public for their liberal patronage, arid
hopes to merit a continuation of their con
fidence—has located himself at Colum*
bia, Marion County, where he may ah 1
ways he found unless professionally air
sent. Orders promptly attended to.
Dec 10, 1844 22-1 y
Cotton Factors,
And General Commission Agents,
New Orleans.
Reper to
Dr. J . \V. Pendleton, Monticello, Miss.
Nathaniel Collins, Marion county, Miss.
Chas. A. Folsom, Gainsvtlle, Miss.
Leonard Kimball, Hobolochitto, Miss.
Hon. J. II. Horne, Clatke county, Miss. ;
Rev. li. J. Hundley, u “ <«
non. c. it. Adams, Jasper county, Miss.
Rev. John Watts, “ “ " «
Dec- 3, 1844 21-tf
Fashionable Tailoring.
nril°MAS HARLEY, recently from
Gallatin, having located at Monti
cello, will attend to all orders in the
“Tailoring Business,” and flatters him
self that he is able to give genera! satis
faction in cutting and making of all kinds
of garments, having had much experience,
and at such places as required particular
attention to cutting, and neatness in
Orders from the country particularly
attended to. Ilis prices are moderate, in
accordance with the times.
April 1 1845-38-5m
The State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County.
The Honorable Probate Court, March
term, 1845.
P11HE undersinged having been appoi
ted Administrator at the above sta
ted term of the Honorable Probate
Court, in and for said county and State,
on the estate of David B. Cooper, late of
Lawrence county, deceased, notice is here
by given to all persons indebted to the es
tate of the said deceased, to come forward ;
and make immediate payment. Also, to
all persons who may have claims against
the said estate to present them duly au
thenticated, within the time prescribed bv 1
law, as this notice will be placed in bar to
a recovery of all claims agaist the said es
tate presented after that time.
April 1, 1545-38-6w.
THE subscribers, aware of ihe im
portnnce to Planters and Physicians
of .having .Medicines which can .ho reliec
J on ns Fi;i:-n and r.FxrnvE, have taken par
ticuiar care in ihe selection of ihlir stock
and fr ci the arrangements they hive
made in London, Paris arid New York,
fir deceiving constant fresh supplies, thev
will-always fie prepared, (o furnish Plan
ters and Pliysjjfi-in with Medicines, which
they will guSaptne of srhierior quality.
SICKLES Druggists,
24 Magazine strediPRctv Oilcans,
Jan. 7. l845-2H-6;rt
Kr SICKLES &. CO., 24 51:,; zinc
street, Now Orleans, Importers and Deal
ers in Drugs and Medicines, Paints, (.tils
and Dye Stuffs, ha ve just Opened their new
now roc -iving an extensive assortment of
l-RE'di and GENUINE DRUGS ayd
MEDICINES, which they offer ibr sale at
[irices according to qualiix.
Jan. 7, 1846—26-Cni
_ __•
Dr. Champion's Vegatable Ague
M E D 1 C 1N E.
safe and certain.cure for chills and
fever, in all its compljpeted term?;
also, an effectual remedy for fever of every
.1 he increased demand for this medicine
is an evidence to the propritor, that it must
and w ill be the prevailing practice in fe
vers. It is now in general use through
out all the Western and Southern States
and Texas, and the demand fir the medi
cine has so greatly increased, that the pro
prietor has not been able to fully supplv
many parts of the country during the last
season. It may be relied on in all cases
to cure the chills and fever the first day—
Bilious fever, Typhus fever, Nervous fe
ver, Congt-’ivc fever. Winter and Scarlet
fevers all yield to the use of this medicine,
and are cured by this system of practice in
a shorter lime,and v. itii much more cer
tainty liian by any other system that has
been recommended. Each box contains
twenty-four pills—twelve of which will
cure any ordinary case of chills and fever.
I he large ft mount ol sales having redu
ced the price to One Dollar per Box.
Vegetable, Anti-Bilious, Anti-Dyspep
tic, Purifying and cathartic Pills.
Possessing four important combined prop
erties for the cure of diseases, carefully
and coirectly combined one article to assist
the cflect o! theother, for the benefit ofthe
health of mankind.
I his medicine is recommended to the
attention ol those afflicted with Liver cont
plaint. Dyspepsia, Dropsies, Bilious hab
its, Costivencss, Cholera Morbus, Rheu
matism, Scroffulu, foul stomach, depraved
appetite, Worms, Jaundice, Head-ache
and sick stomach, palpitation of the heart,
Dialtbeen, Nervous affections, obstructed
menstrutions, Dysentary or Flux, Heart,
burn. While-swelling, and all those diseas
es arising from impure blood
Price twenty-five cents per box, with
full directions and ample testimonials of
the efficacy ol these medicines.
Belleville, Feb. 17, 1815.
We the undersigned,citizens of Belle
ville, Illinois, hereby certify, that we are
personally acquainted with Dr. Champion,
of this place, and have been for several
years, and have the utmost confidence in
him as a Physician;—that he is, in this
community, and deservedly so, a popular
Wc further certify (hat wc have used
his pills in our families for several years,
and find them to he a valuable, efficient
and safe medicine for the cure of diseases
lor which they are recommended. That
they are in high repute in this community,
and ofthe celebrity and good effects of the
pills we have heard much from this and
the various other s'atcs in which thev arc
so extensively used. We think thernwor
thy of high recommendation.
".x . uuviittui, i dsior oi me capiist
church; I lion.as Harrison, minister cf
the Methodist E. church; John Reynolds,
Ex-Governor of Illinois; Wm. McClintic.
Clerk of county commissioner’s Court;
John D. Hughes, Probate Justice; Rich
ard Hay,Recorder St. Clair county; W.
C. Kinney, Clerk of St. Clair Circuit
Court; James Mitchell,Post Master; L.
D. Morrison, Representative in the Legis
lature; Seth Cat I in, Representative in the
State Senate; L. 1). Cabantie, proprietor
of the Steam Mill.
O^rFor sale by
Monticello, June 10, 1845. 48-6m
For the cure of
White swellings, Scrofulous and
other Tumors, Ulcers, Sore
Legs, old and fresh Wounds,
Sprains, and Bruises, Swet
tings,a/id Inflammations, Scald
Head, Womens Sore Breasts,
ltheumatic Pains, Tetters-, E
ruptions, Chilblains, Whitlows
Biles, Piles, Corns, Snake
Bite, Spider Bite, Bite of .Mad
l)ags, and cases of the rising
of the Hip Joint, or external
diseases generally.
O^rPrice 50 cents per box.
For sale by
D. F. N. TURNER, Agent.
May 13, 1845-44-6m.
; |||jBj § J JNB 5 jf | w |n
^HBByn| flli ■
i.^BAHE public are hereby cautioned a
gainst being, imposed upon Uv opy
| *ng in these hard times one dol!g> mid
twenty-five or one dollar and fifty tents
lor a bof of pill&or a bottle of any kind of
, medicine to cure chills and fcvois, when
i box of Hull’s Fever and Ague arid Anti
; Fever pills can be had fir only One Dot
lar that have never tailed in a single in
stance of curing the chills and fevers—
: when used according to the directions ac
companying them. Remember thi--, and
the next time get Hull’s Pills, and thereby
! save your half a dollar.
For sale by
1). F'. N. TURNER, Agent.
June 10 1S55— 18-tim
n^R hulls cough lozenges
are now rapidly superseding every
j other preparation in the relief of coughs,
j colds, asthma, w hooping cough, tightness
of the ch GS t, and all pulmonary complaints |
leading to Consumption and death.
Marion Co. Miss. Feb. 25, 1843.
Du. IIcll—Dear Sir—Having been
appointed agent for the sale of your medi-!
cine?, J have the pleasure of informing*1
you that they arc in great demand, esprw
cially your Worm and Cough Lozenges, j
which are considered by those w ho have j
used them.as the best uiedicin^in the world j
lor the cure of these complaints for which j
they are recommended. Permit me brief-1
ly to relate a single instance of the etl'ect j
of your Cough Lozenges. The w ife of
Mr. .Mathew Bryant, had been very un- [
well for about ten months with asthma.—
She had become so weak as to he unable 1
to attend to any kind of domestic employ*
went, and was obliged to keep her bed for
several days in succession. 1 During all
! ,h'f! lirao she had the regular attendance
| of a Physician; yet under his treatment,
j continued to decline, so that Mr. Bryant
; was much alarmed, fearing site might not
i recover. Finally she thought best to j
1 make trial of your Cough Lozenges, and
j by the use of only two boxes was restored I
| to health, and is now as well as she ever I
| was. Yours, respectfully,
OirPrice 25 cents per box.
i For sale bv
D.'F.N. TURNER, Agent.
May 13, i845.-44-6m.
1 niwimwi
MULL’S Worm Lozenges have now
been in use, in the Southern and Wes
tern States upwards of 12 months, during
which time thay have gained for theui^
selves a populaiity unprecedented in the
! annals of medicines. In over 50,000 ca-1
ses they have proved an infallible remedy j
i for the destruction of those reptiles within
which are the means of sweeping offhttn
; dreds and thousands of the most blooming j
j children and youth, severing the chords of
affection, and forever blasting the fondest!
I hope of the parent. So great has their
| efficacy invariably proven, that they may
well be called the only certain worm des
troying medicine in use, and toe greatest
discovery ever made for expelling the va
t ious kinds of worms that so frequently
and disrcssingly annoy both children and
adults. Many diseases arise from worms
and occasion long and intense suffering
and even deatii, without their ever being I
suspected. Grown persons are very often
afflicted with them,and are doctored fori
various complains without anv benefit,
when one or two doses of these ’Lozen.rrs
I would speedily cure them. They are a
certain remedy, and so pleasant to the
taste, that children cry for them, and cat
them,as readily as a common peppermint
Lozenge. \\ herever they have been us
ed they have received the most flattering
commendations from Physicians, heads o1‘
families, and the public generally. Much
more might be said in their favor, of the
safety with which they may lie administer
ed to persons of all ages and sexes; of the
vast extent and magnitude tho suffering
and dealli occasioned by worms; of the iin>
polericy of most of tlie preparations which
heretofore have been presented to the
community us a remedy
Fayette, Jefferson County,
Miss., Dec. 20, 1842.
Dr. Hill,—Dear Sir—1 deem it duel
to you and the public generally, to com
municate the great benefit my family has
derived from the use of your Worm Lozen
j 8ep- A child of mine was attacked one day
with w hat we call worm fits, she had seven
in succession, we administered the pre
scribed dose of your Worm Lozenges j
j which relieved her immediately, and 'af
fected a complete cure; previous to this I
we had several of our children taken with !
j the same fits and died.
Yours truly,
Fayette, Jefferson County,
Miss. Dec. 20, 1842, I
Calvin E Hull, M. D.—Dear Sir,— ;
We take the liberty of addressing you, to !
express our gratitude for the great benefit i
our families have derived from the use of i
your Worn\ Lozenges; we do most sin- j
[ ccrely believe them to be by far Ihe mo?
! excellent and successful vermifuge with
which we were ever acquainted.
SIMON gujlmanotv
Price 25 cents ]>er box »
For sale by
D. I'. N. TURNER Agent.
Mot 13, 1845-44-6m. *
___4’ •** _
' , x'j 7 \7"
fi GJESE Pills, wherever thev have been
fairly tried,have established an en
viable celebrity, and are daily supcrccditfj*
■ill other preparations of medicine, in cur
ing those vdi.-eases for which they are re
commended. They tire recommended by
the faculty as the best cathartic and ape
rient medicine in use. In tine the gener
al voice of the Community give them the
decided preference, and from their deci
sion ihere is no appeal.
'Ihe following is from Mr. Isaac M.
Thomas, merchant, at Talladega Soring*
Ala bnrna.
Talladega Springs, Talladpgif'co , )
Alabama, Aug. 17, 1842. (
This is to certify that! have been afflict
ed with sick headache, dyspepsia, and liv
er complaint and costiveness for the last
eight or nine years, during which lime I
had taken, as well as 1 recollect, about
sixly boxes of Beckwith’s Pills, twelve
boxes of Champion’s and Brandreih’s pills,
all of which afforded me but little or no
At last, 1 was recommended to try Dr.
Spencer’s Vegetable Pills, and well 1 <fid,
for [ never had but one attack of tin? Melt
headache alter 1 commenced taking the
Pills, (now about six monies,) and I can
didly'Confess that I have derived more real
benefit irom the use of Spencer’s Pills
that 1 have ever taken, andl would earn
estly recommend them to all, a* being
in mt; nnini.ot lkn l, — l _1 _ ■_ _ /'
I .. muuioiiiu in uoi; iui
all lingering complaints. The Pills have
done me so much good, that 1 would not
feel willing to be without tlism for five
dollars a box; and I cannot but feel very
grate!u 1 lo l)r. Spencer for having prepar
ed such a valuable medicine, and the dis
tribution o! it is conferring a very great
favor oh the public, as it is a thing of the
utmost importance that every family should
have a supply ot Dr. Spencer’s truly val
uable Pills constantly on hand.
Marion, Perry co.. Ala. )
June3, 1843. (
A Spencer, AT. D .
Dear Sir—It is nine months since your
agent left with me a quantity of your Anti
Bilious Pills; I did not believe that much
could be done with them, for they were a
new medicine to us and we were largely
supplied with Peter’s, Moffat’s and other
similar pills, which were well known here;
but from the testimonials of the efficacy
of your Pills in Bilious diseases, sick
headache, dyspepsia, bowel complaints,
&c. &c., it was not long before some were
induced to make trial of them. They
"'ere at once found to be just what they
professed to be; and from that day to this,
their popularity has been rapidly increase
ing. 1 have sold during the last few
months three hundred and twenty boxes.
You may calculate upon a large sale of
them during the coining season. I wish
you to send me six or seven hundred box
es as soon as convenient. Send them
to the care of I. C. Dubose & co.. Mobile,
Yours truly,
Thompkins’ Bluff, Sumpter co., I
Alabama, Jan. 4, 1843. j
Dr. A. Spencer:
Dear Sit—I wish you to forward me
a largo supply of your pills; I don’t think
three hundred boxes too. large a quantity
to send. I sold one hundred and sixt7
boxes the last six months; they are the
most popular pill in this place. For bil
ious complaints, sick headache. dvsDensia.
aiid such like diseases, they are consider
ed almost an infallible remedy, I have
been agent lor Dr. Peter’s pills and for
merly sold a large amount .yearly. But
I now sell three dozen of your pills to one
of bis. My customers think them seper
ior to Peter’s or any other piJIs.
Respectfully yours,
0^7“ Price 25 cents per box, with all di
For sale bv
D. F. N. TURNER, Agent.
June 10 1845-48-6m
I he State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County.
HIE undersigned, commissioners, ap, j
pointed at the December term, 1844
of the Pr obate Court of said county, to re*
ceive, examine, and report for allowance,
the several claims of the creditors of the
estate of William Orrin, deceased, reported
insolvent, will meet at tlu> court house of
raid county, on the fourth Monday of each
nonih, for six successive months, begming
he fourth Monday in January next, for the
lurpose of receiving, examining, auditing
ind reporting lor allowance, all claims
igainst said estate. ,
E. L. BOWEN, % ,
Dec 24,1844-24-"Uw Commissioners.
j -4 PURIFY tITb LOO '
j £ MOFFAT’S . «•
^ •- AND >■
if* h
* *• •—1
03 - _
; The high and envied eelebritj which these pre-eminent Medicines have acquired for their S*
; invariable efficacy in all the diseases which they profess to cure, has rendered the usual -T*
„ practice of pnflinq not only unnecessary, but unworthy of them. They are known by
i their-fruits; their good works testify for them, and they thrive not by the faith of the
1 ’ credulous, *i, _
j Asthma.
Acute arul Chronic Rheumatism.
j Affections of the Bladder and
O Kidneys.
, ^ Iu the south and vest, where
! these dise^fcs pretail, they will t
jvq be found invaluable. Platers.
. Farmers, adtl others, who once
use these Medicines will never
»-h afterwards be without them.
•v Bilious Cholic and Serous loose
Colds and Couchs,
on cholic.
with the greatest success in this
w> disease,
j «h amors*
j DYSPEPSIA. No person
^ with this distressing disease
£3 should delay using these medi
ciues immediately,
r. Eruptions of the Skin. *
r-^ Erysipelas.
* For thi. sconr^e of the western
• country these medicines will be
found a safe, speedy, and certain
remedy. Other medicines leave
the system subject to a return of
the disease—a cure by these medi
< «iues is permanent. Try them be
satisfied, and be cur At.
I Foulness of the Complexion.
Headaches, of every kind.
Inward Fever.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Impure Blood.
Jaundice. %
Loss of Appetite ■
ES. Neverfails to eradicate en
tirely all the effects of Mercury
infinitely sooner than the most
powerful preparation of Sarsa
Fight Sweats.
Nervous Debility.
Nervous Compla tnit, qf all kinds, jjl
Organic Affections. ^
Palpitation of the Heart.
Painter’s Cholic.
PILES.—The original proprie ^5
tor of these medicines was cured
of piles of 35 years standing by
the use of the Life Medicines <5^
i Pains in the head, side, back, ^
limbs, joints, and organs.
Aided with this terrible disease
will be sure of relief by the Life t-rt
Rush qf Blood to the head. H?
Scurvy. ^
Salt Rheum.
Swellings. O
EVIL, in its worst forms.
Ulcers of every description.
WOR M S , ofallkinds,areeffec
tually expelled by these medi*
cines. Parents will do well to ^
administer them whenever their
existence is suspected.—Relief
will be certain. ^
cj wssm sunmiats *»
EE*'HLJl£«.»;aEr'-W rMT,*3BlJE3 SI E»
® And thus remove all disease from the sys^m. ^
A single trial will place the LIFE PILLS and PHCENIXBITTERS beycunlthc reach of corn- *4
petition, m the estimation of every patient. ***
b Rl1Pr'P,rp<l a"d *old- wholesale and retail, by QB, WILLIAM B. 2(1 O S’ F A T , 335 ©
QQ Broadway, corner of Anthony street, New York. f
py The Genuine of these medicines are now put up in white wrappers and labels, together with a pamphlet, called A
“ Moffat’s Good Samaritan,” containing the directions, &c., on which is a drawing of Broadway from Wall C2
^ street to our Office, by which strangers visiting the city can very easily find us. The wrappers and Samaritans h.
are copyrighted, thereforfe those who procure them with the white wrappers can be assured that they are “
genuine. Be careful, and do not buy those with yellow wrappers ; but if you do, be satisfied that the? come
MM direct fro n us, or don’t touch them. ^
For sale by 1). F N. Turner, Agen\ M< nticello, Oct. 8 1841 ]g_|v
TooVVvacYvtiW Toottvae\\cAU
WHO would be troubled with this tor
menting pain when it can be cured
without extracting the teeth?
Vegetable Toothache Elixir,
A Certain nncl Immediate Cure.
Dr. Lacount having appointed several a- j
gents for the sale of his valuable Drops
Jor the cure of the Toothache, can with |
confidence recommend it ns an infallible
cure in all cases, however severe, giving
relief in a very few minutes! and that too
without any injury to the Teeth or Gums.
It possesses the property of enlivening the
the Gums, when in a morbid state, and of
restoring a healthy and vigorous action,
i I his medicine ads in such a manner as
! to deaden the nerve of the tooth which is
the only way that it can be effectually
cured without extracting. The proprietor
1 has known this remedy tried in more than
twenty successive cases, and did not fail
to cure in either case. One phial of the
Drops, which cost hut 50 cents, is suffi
j eient to cure from 15 to 20 cases of Tooth
■ ;whe. Hundreds of persons have declar
ed that they would not be without a phial!
j of these Drops for 20 dollars
I OirPrice; 50 cents per phial.
For sale bv
ii.F.N. TURNER, Agent
May 13, 1845-44-6m.
A List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Monti-!
cello, Miss., on the 1st day ofj
April, 1845, which if not taken out by the
1st day of July next, will be sent to the
General Post Office, as dead letters.
A Lenoir Roht
Andrews Mrs C Langston David
! B Lowe Mis Susanah ;
j Blister Benj M
Bass Ephraim M’Carty O F
j Beard John Mikell M T
j Bryant Mstliew 3 Moss Calvin
; Bulton Howell 2 Martin Roht
| Blanchard Absalom Martin J I,
I Bullock Joel M’Cullar P
Boyd Robt \V Maxwell II
C MustonMrsAl
Caldwell J B Maxell A K
Colabrith Jno Moore Jno 2
Carlisle Allen ft ;
Cox James Norman Jno
D Nusotn Isaac 2
Durkee II J 2 p
D~1 * T"\ r.
The State of Mississippi,
Marion Count*.
The Honorable Probate Court, March
term, 1S45.
HI’, undersigned having been appoin
ted Administrator at (lie above sta
ted term of the Honorable Probate Court,
in ard for said countv and state, on the!
estate of PEARCE TYNER, late of
Marion county deceased—notice is here
by given to all persons indebted to
the estate of said deceased to come for
ward and make immediate payment. Al
so, to all persons who nmy have claims
against the said estate, to present them,
duly authenticated within the time prescri
bed by law,as this notice will be placed in
bar to a recovery of all claims against the
said estate presented after that time
March 25, 1815-37-6n.
A ^ 1 A I EMLN r of the arrival and
departure of the mails at B.ook Ha
ven, Lawrence County, Mississippi.
The Northern mail via Jackson, New
town, Line Store and Gallatin, arrives
every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
hy i o’clock, P. M., and departs lor Jack- 1
son every Sunday, Wednesday and Fii
dny, by 4 o’clock, A. M.
1 lie New Orleans Ana'll, via Covington,
Oak Grove and Holmesville, arrives every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, by 7
o’clock, P. M., and departs for New Oi
leans every Tuesday.Thursday and Sun
day, by 1 o’clock, A. M.
I Iiu monnreno mail departs every
Wednesday and Sunday, by f! o’clock, A.
*M., and arrives the same day bv V o’clock
P. M.
The. Natchez mail via Hamburg,Mead
vide and McCall’s Creek, arrives every
Saturday, by 5 o’clock P. M.,and departs
Bvery J bursday by U o’clock A. Rl.
1 iiis mail is generally facilitated by the
tri-weekly via Gallatin.
sam’l Jayne, p. m."
Urookhaven, Mi., Jan. J, 1845.
1 his establishment will execute
in the neatest manner, and
upon the most reasonable
terms every kind of
Hall Tickets aud Circulars, 1
'to pains will be spared to please
all who may see fit to patronize
the establishment, both in
3LANKS, of all kinds, on hand and
sale at this office' j
A. -i
... X ivn Oilim
Douglas John Pierce Randall
E Philip VV
Errington J M R
F Roe* David
Eox C H Rice C W
^ Rogers J E
Gilbert Miss Nancy Robertson M ft
H ‘ S
Hamilton Sampson Stone VV A 6 ^
Harvey Mrs Laura Smith D VV
Hargroves J L Serman Jithro
Howell Mrs Steen Miss Cy nthia i
Hughes Robt Stranger Jas
Harris TB X
Harris VV Thomas VV
Hooker H W
J Willis TVV ' 1
Jelks Robt 2 White Mr
Jones W WatsonJas
Jones W H William J II
K Whitworth Addison
King Martin 2 Wilson T W
King John Walpool Francis
Knight J E Weathersby Duncan
L Williams Bird 2
Lacroze John Walker Wni
Lenoir A S Ward Newall
Lenoir VV T Zanone Jno Baptistn
N* B.—Persons calling for any of the
ibove letters will please say they are ad
D.F. N. TURNER, P. M. ]
Monticello Miss ., April 1, 1845. J

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