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PERMANENTLY Jocated in Monti
cello, offers his professional servi
ces to the citizens of this villuge and its
May 27,1846—4fi-ly.
BEING permanently located in Monti
cello, offers his professional services
to the citizens of the town and surround
ing country. He can be found at the
Eagle Hotel or at Dr. Bush’s old office
when not professionally engaged.
April 8, 1845-39-ly
Moticello, Miss.
PRACTISES in the Circuit Court of
Copiah, Pike, Lawrence, Marion,
Simpson, Covington, Smith, Hancock and
Franklin counties; the Superior Court ot
Chancery for the 2d Chancery District
holden at Monticello, and the Superior
Courts of the State holden in the Capital
at the city of Jackson* He also attends
on special calls elsewhere in his profession,
particularly in Criminal cases.
April 29, 1845—42-ly.
Law Notice.
SWIFT &. WALSH attornies at law,
will practice in the Circuit Courts of
the 4 th Judicial District of this State, also
in the Superior Court of Chancery, and
High Court of Errors and Appeals. Busi
ness intrusted to them will receive prompt
Thos. W. Walsh, i Theodore S. Swift,
Gallatin, > Monticello,
Copiah County. ) Lawrence County.
March 17, 1845-3G-Iy
Buckner Harris and John d
BOWEN will practice law in part
nership in the Circuit Court of Lawrence
county. Business entrusted to either will
receive their joint attention.
The office of Buckner Harris, is at
Gallatin; that of John D Bowen is at’
f June 4,1844—47-ly.
toruey and Counsellor at;-, Lair,
i Office,
April 23, 1843. 41 ly.
BW. HOLLOWAY, Surgeon Den
ar list, returns his than^ to a gene
rous public for their liberal patronage, and
hopes to merit a Continuation of their con
fidence—has located hiinralf at Colum
bia, Marion County, wh^ he may al
ways be found unless professionally ab
sent. Orders promptly attended to.
Dec 10, 1844 22-1 y
Cotton Factors,
And General Commission Agents,
New Orleans.
Refer to
Dr. J. W. Pendleton, Monticello, Miss.
Nathaniel Collins, Marion county, Miss.
Chas. A. Folsom, Gainsville, Miss.
Leonard Kimball, Hobolochitto, Miss.
Hon. J. H. Horne, Claike county, Miss.
Rev. H. J. Hundley, “ “ «<
Hon. S. R. Adams, Jasper county, Miss.
Rev. John Watts, “ “ «
Dec- 3, 1844 21—tf
Fashionable Tailoring.
THOMAS HARLEY, recently from
Gallatin, having located at Monti
cel'c, will attend to all orders in the
“Tailoring Business,” and flatters him
splf that he is able to give general satis
faction in cutting and making of all kinds
of garments, having had much experience,
and at such places as required particular
attention to cutting, and neatness in
Orders from the country particularly
attended to. His prices are moderate, in
accordance with the times.
April 1 1845-38-5m
Dr. Champion's Vegatable Ague
A safe and certain cure for chills and
fever,in all its complicated terms;
also an effectual remedy for fever of every
The increased demand for this medicine
is an evidence to the propritor, that it must
and will be the prevailing practice in fe
vers. It is now in general use through
out all the Western and Southern States
and Texas, and the demand for the medi
cine has so greatly increased, that the pro
prietor has not been able to fully supply
many parts of the country during the last
season. It may be relied on in all cases
. to euro the chills and fever the first drfy—
Bilious fever, Typhus fever, Nervous fe
ver, Congestive fever, Winter and Scarlet
fevers all yield to the use of this medicine,
and are cured by this system of practice in
a shorter time, and with much more cer
tainty than by any other system that has
been recommended. Each box contains
twentv-four pills—twelve of which will
cure any ordinary case of chills and fever.
The large amount'oi sales having redu
eed the price to One Dollar per Box.
Vegetable, Anti-Bilious, Anti-Dyspep
tic, Purifying and cathartic Pills.
Possessing four important combined prop
erties for th« cure of diseases, carefully
and correctly combined one article to assist
the effect of the other, for the benefit of the
health of mankind.
This medicine is recommended to the
attention of those afflicted with Liver com
plaint, Dyspepsia, Dropsies, Bilious hab
its, Costiveness, Cholera Morbus, Rheu
matism, Scroffula, foul stomach, depraved
appetite, Worms, Jaundice, Head-ache
and sick stomach, palpitation of the heart,
Diarrh&a, Nervous affections, obstructed
menstrutions, Dysentary or Flux, Heart
burn, White-swelling, and all those diseas
es arising from impure blood
Price twenty-five cents per box, with
full directions and ample testimonials of
the efficacy of these medicines.
Belleville, Feb. 17^ 1845.
We the undersigned, citizens of Belle
ville, Illinois, hereby certify, that we are
personally acquainted with Dr. Ciiampion,
of this place, and have been for several
years, and have the utmost confidence in
him as a Physician;—that he is, in this
community, and deservedly so, a popular
We further certify that we have used
his pills in our families for several years,
and find them to be a valuable, efficient
and safe medicine for the cure of diseases
lor which they are recommended. That
they are in high repute in this community,
and of the celebrity and good effects of the
pilluve have heard much from this and
the Various other states in which they are
so extensively used. We think them wor
thy of high recommendation.
W. F. Boyakin, Pastor of the Baptist
church; Thon.ns Harrison, minister of
the Methodist E. church; John Reynolds,
Ex-Governor of Illinois; Win. McClintic.
Clerk of county commissioner’s Court;
John D. Hughes, Probate Justice; Rich
ard Hay, Recorder St. Clair county; W.
C. Kinney, Clerk of St. Clair Circuit
Court; James Mitchell, Post Master; L.
D. Morrison, Representative in the Legis
lature; Seth Catlin, Representative in the
f T\ n i
mj. v/auumiuj |Ji ujji iuiui
of the Steam Mill. v
O^-For sale by
Monticello, June 10, 1845. 48-6m
^TllJESE Pills, wherever they have been
fairly tried, have established an en
viable celebrity, and are daily superceding
all o'her preparations of medicine, in cur*
ing those diseases for which they are re
commended. They' are recommended by
the faculty as the best cathartic and ape
rient medicine in use. In fine the gener*
al voice of the community give them the
decided preference, and from their desi
sion there is no appeal.
The following is from Mr. Isaac M
Thomas, merchant, at Talladega Springs,
Talladega Springs, Talladega co , l
Alabama, Aug. 17, 1842. ^
This is to certify that 1 have been afflict
ed with sick headache, dyspepsia, and liv
er complaint and costiveness for the last
eight or nine years, during which time I
had taken, as well as I recollect, about
sixty boxes of Beckwith’s Pills, twelve
boxes of Champion’s and Brandreth’s pills,
all of which afforded me but little or no
At last, I was recommended to try Dr.
Spencer’|,Vegetable Pills, and well 1 did,
for I neveVhad but one attack of the sick
headache alter I commenced taking the
Pills, (now about six montes,) and 1 can
didly confess that I have derived more real
benefit from the use of Spencer’s Pills
that I have ever taken, and I would earn*
estly recommend them to all, as being
in my opinion the best medicine in use for
all lingering complaints. The Pills have
done me so much good, that 1 would not
feel willing to be without them for five
dollars a box; and I cannot but feel very
grateful to Dr. Spencer for having prepar
cd such a valuable medicine, and the dis
tribution of it is conferring a very great
favor on the public, as it is a thing of the
utmost importance that every family should
have a supply of Dr. Spencer’s truly val*
Liable Pills constantly on hand.
Marion, Perry co., Ala. I
June 3, 1843. $
A Spencer, M. D.
Dear Sir—It is nine months since your
agent left with me a quantity of your Anti
Bilious Pills; I did not believe that much
could be done with them, for they were a
new medicine to us and we were largely
supplied with Peter’s, Moffat’s and other
similar pills, which were well known here;
but from the testimonials of the efficacy
of your Pills in Bilious diseases, sick
headache, dyspepsia, bowel complaints,
fee. fee., it was not long before some were
induced to make trial of them. They
were at once found to be just what they
orofessed to be; and from that day to this,
heir popularity has been rapidly increas«
ng. I have sold during the last few
months three hundred and twenty boxes.
STou may calculate upon a largo sale of
hem during the coming season. I wish
</ou to send me six or seven hundred box
2S as soon as convenient. Send them
:o the care of I. C. Dubose &. co., Mobile,
Yours truly,
Thompkins' Bluff, Sumpter co., )
Alabama, Jan. 4, 1843. )
Dr. A. Spencer:
Dear Sir—I wish you to forward me
a large supply of your pills; 1 don’t think
three hundred boxes too large a quantity
to send. 1 sold one hundred and sixty
boxes the last six months; they are the
most popular pill in this place. For bil
ious complaints, sick headache, dyspepsia,
and such like diseases, they arc consider
ed almost an infallible remedy. I have
been agent lor Dr. Peter’s pills and for
merly sold a large amount yearly. Bill
I now sell three dozen of your pills to one
of his. My customers think them seper
ior to Peter’s or any other pills.
Respectfully yours,
O^r Price 25 cents per box, with all di
For sale by
D. F. N. TURNER, Agent.
June 10 1845-48-6m
| a it. hulls culuh luz-c^lls
1 9 are now rapidly superseding every
other preparation in the relief of coughs,
colds, asthma, whooping cough, tightness
of the chest, and all pulmonary complaints
leading to Consumption and death.
Marion Co. Miss. Feb. 25, 1843.
Dr. Hull—Dear Sir—Having been
appointed agent for the sale of your medi
cines, I have the pleasure of informing
you that they are in great demand, espe»
cially your Worm and Cough Lozenges,
which are considered by those who have
used them.as the best medicine in the world
for the cure of these complaints for which
they are recommended. Permit me brief
ly to relate a single instance of the effect
of your Cough Lozenges. The wife of
Mr. Mathew Bryant,had been very un
well for about ten months with asthma.—
Site had become so weak as to be unable
to attend to any kind of domestic employ
ment, and was obliged to keep her bed for
several days in succession. During all
ibis time she had the regular attendance
. r _ Dl_: _ _ ... i i •
... « » ■ »/->iviuu , j K/it uuuui ilia iic'.tuicm,
continued to decline, so that Mr. Bryant
was much alarmed, fearing she might not
recover. Finally she thought best to
make trial of your Cough Lozenges, and
by the use of only two boxes was restored
to health, and is now as well as she ever
was. Yours, respectfully,
- 0^7”Pt'tce 25 cents per box.
For sale by
D. F. N. TURNER, Agent.
May 13,1845.-44-6m.
rfVIE public are hereby cautioned a
JL gainst being imposed upon by pay
tng in these hard times one dollar anc
twenty-five or one dollar and fifty cents
for a box of pills or a bottle of any kind o
medicine to cure chills and fevers, wher
a box of Hull’s Fever and Ague and Anti
Fever pills can be had for only One Dol
lar that have never failed in a single in
stance of curing the chills and fevers—
when used according to the directions ac
companying them. Remember this, anc
the next time get Hull’s Pills, and thereby
save your half a dollar.
For sale by
D.F. N. TURNER, Agent.
I, June 10 1855-18-Gm
HULL’S Worm Lozenges have now
been in use, in the Southern and Wes
tern States upwards of 12 months, during
which time thay have gained for them
selves a popularity unprecedented in the
annals of medicines. In over 50,000 ca
ses they have proved an infallible remedy
for the destruction of those reptiles within
which are the means of sweeping off hun
dreds and thousands of the most blooming
- -j uv.. iwu vuuiua ui
affection, and forever blasting the fondest
hope of the parent. So great has their
eflicacy invariably proven, that they may
well be called the only certain worm des
troying medicine in use, and toe greatest
discovery ever made for expelling the va
rious kinds of worms that so frequently
and disressingly annoy both children and
adults. Many diseases arise from worms
and occasion long and intense suffering
and even death, without their ever being
suspected. Grown persons are very often
afflicted with them, and are doctored for
various complains without any benefit,
when oneor two doses of these Lozenges
would speedily cure them. They area
certain remedy, and so pleasant to the
taste, that children cry for them, and eat
them,as readily as a common peppermint
Lozenge. Wherever they have been us
ed they have received the most flattering
commendations from Physicians, heads of
families, and the public generally. Much
more might be said in their favor, of the
safety with which they may be administer
ed to persons of all ages and sexes; of the
vast extent and magnitude the suffering
and death occasioned by worms; of the im*
potency of most of the preparations which
heretofore have been presented to the
community as a remedy
Fayette, Jefferson County,
Miss,, Dec. 20, 1842.
Dr. Hull,—Dear Sir—I deem it due
to y«u and the public generally, to com
municate the great benefit my family haa
derived from the use of your Worm Lozcn
gee. A child of mine was attacked one day
with what we call worm fits, she had seven
in succession, wc administered the f pre
scribed dose of your Worm Lozenges
which relieved her immediately, and af
fected a complete cure; previous to kthis
we had several of our children taken wuh
the same fits and died.
Yours truly,
Fayette, Jefferson County,
Miss. Dec. 20, 1642.
Caeviiv E Huli„ M. D.—Dear Sir,—
We take the liberty of addressing you, to
express our gratitude for the great benefit
our families have derived from the use of
your Worm Lozenges; we do most sin
cerely believe them to be by far the most
excellent and successful vermifuge with
which we were ever acquainted.
Price 25 cents per box
For sale by
D. F. N. TURNER Agent.
May 13, 1845-44-6m.
For the cure of
White swellings, Scrofulous and
other Tumors, Ulcers, Sore
Legs, old and fresh Wounds,
Sprains, and Bruises, Swel
lings, and Inflammation?, Scald
Head, Womens Sore Breasts,
Rheumatic Pains, Tetters-, E
ruptions, Chilblains, Whitlows
Biles, Piles, Corns, Snah-e
Bite. Snider Kite Tiito
* ' -•/-I
Hogs, and cases of the rising
of the Hip Joint, or external
diseases generally.
OirPrice 50 cents per box.
For sale by
D. F. N. TURNER, Agent.
May 13, 1845-44-6m.
For publishing, in the City of Wash
ington, a new daily, semi weekly,
and weekly, democratic republican pa
per, to be entitled
The first number of our new paper will
be issued on the first day of May next, with
an entire new dress—new type, fine white
paper, with other important alterations and
improvements. The paper will be devoted
to a fearless exposition of democratic prin
ciples; it will zealously and unremittingly
oppose each and every effort to establish a
mammoth monarchy bank and other mis
• chievous corporations and consolidations of
wealth, which subvert the rights of the
people and undermine the pillars of the
republic; it will oppose an oppressive and
anti republican tariff system, the assump
tion of the State debts by the general gov
ernment, and all other federal principles
which have an inevitable tendency to des
troy public prosperity as well as individual
happiness. Against all such political delu
sion we shall wage unchanging, uncompro
raising war.
The Farmer and the Mechanic, who pro
duce all theyeal capital of the nation, will
find in our paper an unwavering champion
of their inalienable rights: the long cherish
ed principles of the editors are too well
known to the public to require any pled</e
upon inis point. 1 o the miscellaneous de
parttner.t, particular attention will bedevot
ed; the ladies will always find in our co
lons a choice selection from the current
literature of the day, as well as original
contributions from the most talented°wri
ters of which our country can boast. A
general summary of foreigu and domestic
news will be furnished.
1 he conductors have already secured the
aid and co-operation of a large number or
thejmost distinguished literary and political
writers of the day; arrangements will also
be made, at the earliest period possible, to
embellish our columns by the contributions
of correspondents from* abroad. With this
brief and imperfect outline of our plan, we
very respectfully submit our claims to an
extensive patronage to the consideration of
a generous public.
JESSE E. DOW, \ Editors.
Daily paper per year, in advance, $10 00
“ for less than a year, $ 1 per month.
Semi-weekly pgr year, in ndvance, 5 00
“ “ for less than a year, 50 cts.
per month.
Weekly paper per year, 2 00
“ “ for six months, 100
Subscriptions to the Daily for less than
two, to the Semi-Weekly for less than four,
or to the Weekly for less than six months,
will not be received.
If not within the year, the Daily paper
will he $12, the Semi-Weekly $5 and the
Weekly $2 50 a year.
Subscribers may discontinue their pa
pers at any time by paying for the time they
have received them; but not without.
Those who subscribe for a year, and do
not, at the time of subscribing, order a dis
continuance at the end of it, will be consi
dered subscribers until they order the paper
to be stopped, and pay arrearages.
£ MOFFAT’S ’ »
^ AND « >
Of) 03
gn The hi8'' an<* e[>v*ed celebrity which these pre-eminent Medicines have acquired for their 2
invariable efficacy in all the diseases which they profess to cure, has rendered the usual »
2 •’r'ctiM of Pnffi“S “ot only unnecessary, but unworthy of them. They are known by
- their fruits; their good works testify for them, and they thrive not by the faith of the *T>
IT i”hr ,rs .. FKVBR * AOUR. Ncrrou. Debility. M
S AaJe and Chronic Rheumatism. For Urn .courge of the western ticrvou, Complaints, of 41 kinds. rX
Affections qf the Bladder and country these medicine* will be Organic Affections. V
° II IT ir?TT si ppvrwc j found a safe, speedy, and certain Palpitation qf the Heart.
O B r rJvwl rF.Y E BS remedy. Other medicine* leave Painter's Cholic.
LIVER COMPLAINTS. the system subject to a re tarn of PILES._The oririnal nronnn ft
as In the south »Dd west, where the disease—a cure by these medi- tor of these medicines wss cu"ed rs
” *lie?e <li»u»*es prcratl, thry will Clues is permanent. Try them be of niles of 35 rears standic hr ®
65 he found inraluable. Planters, satisfied, and be cured. the^ use of the Life Medimne. 'St.
Farmer*, *hu others, who once Foulness qf the Complexion. alone
use these Medicine, will nerer GENERAL DEBILITY. Pain, in the head .id. keck °®
M afterwards be without them. Gout. 1 mb. inlet.. !»5 „ Ji. * "“* mm
. -s Bilious Cholic and Serous loose- Giddinete. ’J Cj
l“* ness. Grarel RHEUMATISM .—Those eP mu
Biles. Headaches, of every kind. Dieted with this terrible disease *
KJ Costiveness. Inward Fever. will besure of relief by the Life M
Colds and Coughs. Inflammatory Rheumatism. ,!? w;"' a, .. , , -j
50 Chohc. Impure Blood. „ if Blood to the heat.
Uj CONSUMPTION. Used Jaundice. ' *c“r«S- <-*
with the greatest success in this Loss of Appetite. . Balt Rheum.
W disease. LIVER COMPLAINTS Swellings. W
mm Corrupt Humors. Lcpron. SCROFULA on KING*! Jg
Brop’its Looseness. E V I L, in its worst films.
DYSPEPSIA. No person MERCURIAL DISEAS- Ulcers qf every description,
mm with this distressing disease ES. Nerer fails to eradicate en- WORMS, ofall kind* ere effee
aQ should delay using these medi- tirely all the effects of Mercury tnally expelled hr these medi- ^
cines lmmedidtely. infmitely_joouer than the most eiues. Parents will do well te —
Eruptions of the 8km. powerful preparation of Sana- administer them whenerer their ®
W Sweats. wi!ueCceeil.inTeUd"'K,“*f *
o asm Huwm jaasromms 5
^ And thus remove all disease from the system.
5 f •*'»! Will place the LIFE PILLS and PHOENIX BITTERS beyond the retch ofeem- M
petition, m the estimation of every patient.
JET Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by t>H. W XX. X.X A IK B. MOr F AT. 331 O
Ch Broadway, comer of Anthony street, New York. **
65 The Genoine ofthese medicines are now pet up in white wrappers and labels, together with a pamphlet, called “
> Moffat • Good Samaritan," containing the direction*, Ac., on which is a drawing of Broadway from Wall
•treet to our Office, by which itranger* visiting the city can very easily find u*. The wrapper* and Samaritans ZZ
gq are copyrighted, therefore those who procure them with the white wrappers can be assured that they era
genuine. Be careful, and do not buy those with yellow wrappers ; but if you do, ba satisfied that they com
direct from us, or don't touoh them. 9
For sale l>y 1). F N. Turner, Agent, Monticclio, Oct. 8 1341 ]3_ly
Tool\\ac\\eA\ Toot\vac\\aWV
WHO would be troubled with this tor
menting pain when it can he cured
without extracting the teeth?
Vegetable Toothache Elixir,
A Certain and Immediate Cure.
Dr. Lacount having appointed several a
gents for the sale of his valuable Drops
Jor the cure of the Toothache, can with
confidence recommend it as an infallible
cure in all cases, however severe, giving
relief in a very few minutes, and that too
without any injury to the Teeth or Gums.
It possesses the property of enlivening the
the Gums, when in a morbid state, and of
restoring a healthy and vigorous action.
I his medicine acts in such a manner as
to deaden the nerve of the tooth which is
the only way that it can be effectually
cured without extracting. The proprietor
has known this remedy tried in more than
twenty successive cases, and did not fail
to cure in cither case. One phial of the
Drops, which cost hut 50 cents, is suffi
cient to cure from 15 to 20 cases ot Tooth
ache. Hundreds of persons have declar
ed that they would not be without a phial
of these Drops for 20 dollars.
0^7”Price; 50 cents per phial.
For sale bv
D.F.N. TURNER, Agent
May 13, 1845-44-0m.
THE subscribers, aware of the im
portance to Planters and Physicians,
ot having Medicines which can be relied
on as fresh and genuine, have taken par
ticular care in the selection of their stock,
and from the arrangements they have
made in London, Paris and New York,
for receiving constant fresh supplies, they
will always be prepared to furnish Plan
ters and Physicians with Medicines, which
they will guarantee of superior duality.
SICKLES Co. Druggists,
24 Magazine street, New Orleans.
Jan.7, 1845—2G-6m
OirSICKLES &, CO., 24 Magazine!
street, New Orleans, Importers and Deal
ers in Drugs and Medicines, Paints, Oils
and Dye Stulls, have just opened their new
now receiving an extensive assortment of
MEDICINES, which they offer for sale at
prices according to quality-.
Jan. 7, I845-26-6m
I he State of Mississippi,
La whence County.
rTTlIE undersigned, commissioners, ap,
-*• pointed at the December term, 1844
of the Probate Court of said county, to re»
ceive, examine, and report for allowance,
the several claims of the creditors of the
estate of William Orrin, deceased, reported j
insolvent, will meet at the court house of'
said county, on the fourth Monday of each
month, for six successive months, begining
he fourth Monday in January next, for the
purpose of receiving, examining, auditing
and neporting lor allowance, all claims
against said estate.
Dec 24,1844-24-26w Commissioners.
Last Notiee.
ALL those indebted to the undersign
ed, either by Note or Account, for
the year 1844, are requested to come for
ward and make immediate payment,—
Those failing to comply with this request,
must expect to pay cost, as we are de
termined to bring suit against all such
A. &, L. BEER.
June 3 1845-47-4w
The State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County.
The Honorable Probate Court, April
term. 1845. *
ff^llIE undersigned having been appoint
“* ed Administrator at the above sta
ted term of the Honorable Probate Court,
in and for said county and State, on the
estate of THOMAS'FARR IS, late of
said county, deceased, notice is herebv
given to all persons indebted to the es
tate of stud deceased to come foward
and make immediate payment. Also,
to all persons who may" have claims
against the aforesaid estate, to present
them, duly authenticated, within the
time prescribed by law, or they will
he forever barred.
April 29, 1845 42-6w
Pay Up and Save Cost.
ALL persons indebted to the under
. signed must cal! and settle and have
no more if’sand and’s about it, if they
don’t do it, they will have to settle with
Pollard Mullins, Constable.
May 27, 1845—46-1f.
A STATEMENT of the arrival and
departure of the mails at Brook Ha
ven, Lawrence County, Mississippi.
The Northern mail via Jackson, New
town, Line Store and Gallatin, arrives
every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
by 7 o’clock, P. M., and departs for Jaek
son every Sunday, Wednesday and Fri
day, by 4 o’clock, A. ft].
The New Orleans mail, via Covington,
Oak Grove and llolmesville, arrives every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, by 7
o’clock, P. M., and departs for New Or
leans every Tuesday,Thursday and Sun
day, by 4 o’clock, A. M.
The Montieello mail departs every
Wednesday and Sunday, by 6 o’clock, A.
M., and arrives the same day bv 9 o’clock
P. M.
'I’l hT . 1 ■ .
• iMitiiw umii \ia namDurg,iYJcan
villo and McCall’s Creek, arrives every
Saturday, by 5 o’clock P. M.,and departs
every Thursday by 6 o’clock A. M.
This mail is generally facilitated by the
tri-weekly via Gallatin.
Brookhaven, Mi., Jan 1, 1S45.
I his establishment will execute,
in the neatest manner, and
upon the most reasonable
terms every kindof
„ J*an tickets and Circulars,
Mo pains will be spared to please
all who may see fit to patronize
the establishment, both in
BLANKS, of allkinds, on hand and
sale at this office*

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