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Pocketbook Lost.
ON Monday the 13th inst., was lost in
or within two miles of Monticello,a
small red morocco pocketbook, some worn,
containing sundry notes and other papers
—among the notes thsre was one against
Jesse Greer and Lariet Boyl for $124—
and one for $100 against Silas Tuitis, al
so one for $20 against the las- named per
son—together with several others not par.
Ocularly recollected. The name of Elijah
Steel was wrote in several places in the
pocketbook which will enable the finder at
•’in-e to know to whom it belengs. All
.persons are forbid from paying or trading
for any of the above notes, and should the
pockebook be returned it will be deemed
a great favor, and the finder generously
Oc . 28, 1845—16-3w.
State of Mississippi, ?
Simpson County, 8‘ s'
Probate Court, October term, 1845.
AGREEABLY loan order of the ..on
orable Probate Court of said county
«nd State made at the October term, 1845,
thereof, notice is hereby given to all per*
sons interested in the real estate of Henry
P. Williamson, late of said county,deceas
ed, to be and personally appear before this
Court at the December term, 1845, and
show cause if any they have cr can whv an
order should not be made for the sale of the
real estateot the said decedent, to wit:
the W 4 of N W 4 Sec No 15, Township
No 17, Rang* 10, &. S E i ol N E i Sec
No 19, i'oWnshin No 2. Ranir«!) aiftl. And
lh® N E 1 N E1 Sec No 19, Township No
2, Range 9 east, containing one hundred
and sixty acres more or less. And it is
furl Iter ordered by the Court that a copy ol
•his order be published in the “Southern
Jocrnal'’ for six successive weeks.
A. D. F. WILLIAMSON,! . , ,
Witness the honorable Ethel
dred Owens Judge of Probates
' in and for Simpson county,
the 2nd day of October 1345.
issued the 13th day of October 1845.
Mf. A. BANKS, Clerk.
Oct, 28, 1S45—16-tiw.
LETTERS of Administration having
been granted to the undersigned by
the honorable Probate Court of Lawrence
•county Mississippi, at the October term
•thereof, on the estate of William J. Jayne,
laleof said county, deceased, notice is
hereby given to all persons indebted to said
•estate make payment of (he same, and all
persons having claims against said estate
are notified to present the same duly au*
thenlicatcd within the time prescribed by
October 28, 1845—-16-6w.
The State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County.
The Honorable Probate Court, October
term, 1845,
HE undersigned having been appoint
-*• ted Administrator at the above staled
term ol the Hon. Probate court in and for
said county and Stale, on the estaleol
Isaac N. Brakefield, late of Lawrence
county deceased,—notice is hereby gi
ven to ail persons indebted lo ihe estate
of the said deceased to come forward and
make immediate payment. Also to all
persons who may have claims against the
said estate lo present them, duly authenti
cated wiihin (he time prescribed by law,
os this notice will be placed in bar to a re
covery of all claims against II,e said es
tate presented alter that time.
Oct 28. 18-45-16-6 w
m RUNAWAY from the sub
scriber, the Negro Man named
SWk ISAAC, aged 25 years,
I /flUL stout made, black and full
\ faced, has two marks, one
each wrist, cut by a hat
chet; about five feet nine or ten inches
in height. The above negro had on
when he left a pair of cottonade pants,
check shirt and an old straw hat; had a
pass for Iwodays—20th and 21st ult.— to
sell baskets. Any person taking up and
delivering the said negro lo the subscriber,
will receive the above reward, or $3J for
the confinement of said negro in any jail
in this or an adjoining State, and giving
immediate notice to Ihe undersigned at
this place.
Bayou Le Croix, Hancock county,!
Miss., Oct. 11, 1845. j
Monticello, Oct. 21, 1845-15-2w
Stray Horse.
n7 AS taken up by James Shannon as
f* a stray, a sorrel horse with a blaze
in his face, three white feet, shout fifteen
years old, fifteen hands high, appraised to
sixteen dollars. Sworn to and subscribed
before me on the 17lh day of October, 18
45—C. M J. Stringer/ J.P. Isaac Polk
tind A u.ew W. Polk, appraisers.
Oct. 21, 1845—15-ow.
Stray Horse.
WAS taken up by John Evins, as a
stray on the 9th September, a dark
bay horse with black main and tail about 8
years old—a mark on the right side of bis
head supposed to have been kicked .ap
praised at $50. Sworn to and subscribed
before me on the 4th day of Oct., 1845—
M. J. Whitwonh, J. P. Baml. Jayne and
Robert Linton, appraisers
Oct 141845-14-4 v
Congressional Intelligencer.
The Proprietors of the National In
telligences, in order lo meet the wishes
ofthosc whose circumstances or inclination
do not allow them to subscribe even to ,
a weekly sheet styled “ The Ccngbbssion i
al Intelligences, to be devoted exclu ,
sively to the publication, as fares its limits |
will permit, of the Proceedings of both
Houses of Congress, and Official Reports i
and Documents connected therewith, inclu- ,
ding a complete official coppy of all \he ,
Acte patsei by Congrets during the eesiion |
To bring the price within the means of |
every man who can read, the charge for
this paper will be for the first session of ,
each Congress One Dollar, and for the
second session of each Congress half a ,
The price of the Congressional '
Intelligencer, (o be issued on each Wed
nesday during the approaching Session of
Congress, will therefore be One Dollar,
paid m advance.
To enlarge upon the value, to those
who take no newspaper from Washington,
of this publication, containing an impartial
but necessarily abbreviated account of the
Proceedings in Congress, including an
authentic official copy of all the laws pass
A<I JitPiRM |Ua ananinn inn..U L.. _ _ » ...
—-—■M wvyuvvuiyoo
The man who lakes no such paper ought
to take one, if he does not prefer remaining
ignorant of what most nearly concerns
his own destiny, and that of his family and
of bis posterity for ever.
When six copies are ordeiel and paid
for by any one person, a deduction of one
sixth will be made from the price;that
that is to say, a remittance of Five Dollars
willcommand six copies of the Congres
sional Intelligencer, for the next Session.
A remittance of Ten Dollars will secure
thirteen copies ; and for Fifteen Dollars
remitted^ from any one person or place
twenty copies will be forwarded.
Payment in advance in all cases is in
Weekly National Intelligencer.
This paper, being made up of' such pov
lion of the contents of the National In
telligencer proper as can bo compressed
within the compass of a single newspaper
continues to be issued and mailed to sub
scribers every Saturday at Two Dollars
a year, payable iu advance in all cases—no
account being opened will subscribers to
the weekly paper.
To bring this paper yet more nearly
within thejcach of such as desire to lake by
the year a cheap paper from the seat of the
General Goverment, a reduction w ill be
made in the price of it where a number of
copies are ordered and paid for by any one
person or association at the b llo.i ing rates;
( len Dollars six copies wiil be sent.
For Twenty Dollars thirteen copies ;and
Tor each sum of Ten Dollars, above
Twenty, eight copies will be forwarded;
so that a remitianceof Fifty Dollars w ill
command thirty-seven copies.
Publishers of papers throughout the sev
eral Slates and Territories who will give a
single insertion totbis advertisement (with
this note annexed) and send oneoftbeir
nn noro tf Me _
ment marked therein, shall receive the
Weekly National Intelligencer for one year
free of charge. .
The State of Mississippi.
At rules held in the Clerk's office of ilie
Superior Court of Chancery of the se
cond District, of the State of Mississip
pi, for the second district at Monticello,
before the Clerk thereof, on the first Mon
djy in the month of October, A. I)
1845, it being the 6th day of said mon .h.
Manly II. Smith, )
vs. No. 30.}
Lazarus B. Ragan, el. al. >
absent defendants,}
Jesse R. Junes and Ins wife!
Rebecca &• John A. Ragan.}
UPON opening complainant's bill and
it appearing satisfactorily that the
defendants, Jesse R, Jones and his wife
Rebecca and John A. Ragan, are not re
sidents of this State, but reside beyond ihe
limits thoreof, and beyond the jurisdiction
of this court, so that process cannot be <
executed upon them—upon motion of com
plainant, by-counsel, it was ordered that ,
they enter their appearance herein, on or
before next term of this court, to be held <
at the court room in the town of Monticel- i
lo, on the first Monday in March next, i
and plead anwer ordemur to the complain- i
ant's bill, otherwise the same will be ta- I
ken for sonfessed against them, set for I
hearing ex parte, and Ihe matters thereof i
decreed accordingly. And it is further I
ordered that a copy of this order be pub
lished for two months, once a week suc
cessively, in the “Southern Journal" a
newspaper published in the town of Mon- '
ticello. J
By E. L. Bowen, D. C.
Swift &, Walsh, Sols. 7
Oct. 7, 1845. 13—91.
C OeVV & W AlUifcN
Mm. 55 N gw Levee &. 52 Commerce Streets,
That. M, Convene, tale of the firm tf Converts
ic O* Aeio Orleans.
J. J. Warren, of thelate firm of Culrer & War- •'
renfjCovinglon, La. S
The State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County. -
rhe Honorable Probate Court, September
term, 1845
AGREEABLY to an order of the Hon
orable Probate Court of said county
nade nt the September term, 1845. No
ice is hereby given to all persons interest
id in the Real Estate of Rebecca Cooper,
ate of Lawrence county, deceased, to be
md personally appear before this Court at
he December, 1845, term, thereof, to show
ibusc, if any they have or can, why an or
ler should not be made for the sale of the
ollowing described lands, to-wit: The
factional section no 15, township 6, range
11 east, containing 309 acres. JAMES
:OOPER, Adm’r.
It is further ordered, that this citation be
mblished for six successive weeks in the
Southern Journal, a newspaper published
it Monticello, Miss.
WITNESS, the Honorable
M. B. Cannon, Judge of
L. S. the Probate Court of said
county, the fourth Monday
of Sept., 1845.
Issued the 22d day of Sept., 1845.
Oct. 14 1845-14—6w
(Successors to Anderson, Carr Sc Co.,)
Commission and Forwarding
No. 7 Bank Place,
N. B.—Particular attention paid to sales
it Oolton, remittance ol proceeds, and to
the filling of Planters’ orders.
Sept. 29-ly
A List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Monti
cello, Miss., on the 1st day of
October 1845, which if not taken out by the
1st day of January next, will be sent to the
General Post Office, as dead letters.
Allmand C H 3 Norman John T
B Norman A W
Blanchard A 2 O
Bridges Mrs Widow Oglesby J
Brooks John P
Boyd Robert Pendleton Miss S R
C Pendleton Mrs F
Cliborn James Pendleton J W 5
Cargill Orlando W Page James
Daniels Robert Rutland John 2
F Ross Maria C
Fox Arthur Rials Jonathan
G Rogers Elisha <
Grant Francis Rogers James E
H Ratliff Walton
Hilliard J H 4 Richerson J A
Harold W Mrs S
Harrington A J Seaman Miss E 2
Harris W T Smith Stephen
I Stringer John S
fsbie William T
J Thames William
Jelks Robert Toler William
Johnson J D W
Johnson B F WailesEdmd 11 2
L Wead Fred A 5
Langston David Willis Thomas
Loyd Andrew J Ward Patent
M Wol f James W
Moss Calven Wallman Adam
Moore James Warner James
Mellurd James
N. B.—Persons calling for any of the
above letters will please say they are ad
Monticello Miss., Oct. 1, 1845J
The State of Mississippi,
Lawbence Countv.
rhe Honorable Probate Court, August
term, 1845,
LETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersinged, on the
ast will and testament of James Steen,
ale of Lawronce county, deceased, by the
Honorable Probate Court, in and for said
sounty and State, at ihc August lertn,
1845. thereof, udoii the estate of said
lames Steen,—notice is hereby given
0 all persons indebted to the estate
if the said deceased, to come forward
ind make immediate payment. Also, to
ill persons who may have claims against
he said estate to present ihem duly au
henticated, within the time prescribed by
aw, as this notice will be placed in bar to
1 recovery of all claims agaist the said es
ate presented after that lime.
August 26 1845-7-0w
2. Van Rensselaer. J. C. Van Rensselaer
Geo. Palmer.
{Successors to Toseph Lovell Sc. co.)
Wine and Liquor Merchants,
sr<&9 ft sr aw
and 10 Tchoupitoulas Street,
N. B.—Particular attention paid to
utting up Planters, Sleambout &, Family
Sept. 2, 1845-8-ly
New Volume, New Type,
Old Friendships
The publishers of the Saturday Even
ing Post feel constrained to make again
their acknowledgments to the reading pub
lie for the liberal support which their paper
receives. To show that they are not un«
mindful of the return which such patronage
requires, it would be entirely sufficient to
refer the reader to the established eharactej
which is pre-eminently the designation of
this paper. As a newspaper, dependant
upon public patronage, grows by wbat it
feeds on, the publishers flal ter themselves
that The Post has increased in interest and
value,with thesteady and gratifying support
which has been accorded toil, fora pe
riod of P
In this time which has served for the life and
death of whole generations of periodicals,
and the rise, meridian, and decline of many
a rival, The Post has kept the even tenor ol
ils way, by its own intrinsic health and
strength—now following, oftener leading
the public taste, but not depar’ing from its
independence to minister to the transient
newspaper follies, which, compared to
Ihe existence cf the Post, are indeed ephe
meral. We shall continue in this path, en
deavoring, in Ihe
Tit’D A nvm
“ ’ —■ — in* a iu Uli i
to present the latest and best authenticated
intelligence, divested of parly hue, and
interested bias, and resting solely on the
basis of truth, as far as it is ascertainable.
We endeavor to select and publish in
telligence of value and importance to citi
zens engaged in all the three great interests.
In political intelligence we recognise only
one parly— and that is
We know no sectional interests in our pat
riotism—no party lines in our politics—no
sectarianism in our religion, but print and
publish for
'The greatest Good of the greatest Number.'
To give the Saturday Post an import
ance beyond that temporary one which it
derives from being the record ofeurrent e«
vents and to make it accepiable to the
We give to its columns the character of a
Original Tales and Sketches; Original
Verse and Essays; History and Historiet
tes; Biography and Legends; Science anrt
Statistics; Revolution^ Annals; Moral
Tales and Trails of Lite; Origiual Com
ments, on Notables; Wit and Humor; in
>a word, such a variety of matter as, )our
own country first ri membered,) the
Whole Literature of the World
may offer. The origional translations Ironi
European Literature which have fiom
time to time appeared iu this journal, are
referred to as an earnest that we have
To make the Post truly Cosmopolitan in
Great Republic of Letters.
Volume Twenty Seventh, upon which «e
are about to enter, will appear in new type,
and with such other improvements and
advantages as experience may suggest.
To repeat the words of a former prospect
us, our motto is still Excelsor. Among
the oldest papers on the continent, and
possessed oi all the advantages which lpng
accumulated facilities afford, the conduct
ors blend with these peculiar advantages,
(not to be acquired in a day) all the im>
provement which each successive yearpres
enls to their notice; &, all the changes for
the better, which occur to men intent on
doing well by a reading public which has
always done well for The Saturday Eve
king Post.
In addition to the letters of * our much
admired contribute^ JAMES BAYARD
I'AYLOR, and the agreeable gossip of our
Bristol Corespondent, the publishers
of the Saturday Evening Post purchase of
the NewYork Mirror the right to transfer
to their columns the letters of N. P.
WILLIS. In this department, therefore,
the POST cannot be excelled,
1 Copy, #2.00 Per Annum.
3 Copies, $5,00 “ “
8 " $10,00 “ “
17 “ $20,00 “ “
The money must always be sent in ad
vance, free of postage.
Editors copying the above will be enti
tled to an exchange
O A 1.1V lx n a mmnnn/xxv
«‘»****J» nJ• mil V_/U.
No - 98 Cliesnut street, Philadelphia.
S. ODELL, Gunsmith,
THE subscriber most respectfully in j
forms his friends and the public
generally, that he has rented a shop uii the
North side ot Main streei, second door
rrotn Commerce, where he will continue
on his own account, the Gun Smith Huti
ness in its various branches. He respect
fully soliciis a continuance of the patron
ige so liberally bestowed on the firm of
Fitzpatrick &, Odell.
Persons tending work will please ac«
:ompany it with a note addressed to him.
April 29, 1846-42-1 y
BLANKS, of all kinds, on hand and
sale at this office'
The .State of Mississippi.
Lawrence Cocntv.
Probate Court, July Term, 1845.
THE undersigned, commissioners, op
-*■ pointed at tlie July term, 1845, ot
the Probate Court of said county, to re
ceive, examine, and report (or allowance,
the several claims of the creditors of the
estate of Thomas Fairis, deceived, reported
insolvent, will meet at the court house of
said county, on the fourth Monday of each
month, far six successive month*, begining
the fourth Monday in September next, for
the purpose of receiving, examining, aud
iting and reporting tor allowance, all claims
against said estate.
Aug. 20,184 /~26w.
The State of Mississippi,
In the Superior Court of Chancery, 2d
District, at Monticello, September Term,
The Heirs of J. Pounds,!
No 34. vs. > Bill of corrplait.
Z.E. Pendleton’s heirs )
AND now at this term, come the de
fendants by their Solicitor, and on
Ins motion, and it appearing to the satis
faction of the court that the defendants,
Charles Pendleton, Frederick Pendleton
and James Page are not resident citizens
of this State, but reside beyong the limits
thereof, so that the ordinary process of
this court cannot be served upon tHem—It
is ordered that unless the said defendants
appear before the Chancellor, on the first
Monday of March next, that being the
first day of the next regular Term of this
court, and plead answer or demur to the
said Bill of Complaint, that the same will
be then taken for confessed against them
and the matters thereof, decreed according,
ly—And it is furtner ordered, that a copy
or the foregoing order be published in the
Southern Journal, a newspaper printed in
the town of Moniicello, Miss., once a week
for two months successively.
By Edward L. Bowen,
Deputy Clerk.
Freeman &, Vannerson^iSuT.
Sept 9 1845-9-9w
Administrator’s Sale.
BY virtue of an order from the Honor
able, the Probate Court of Lawrence
county, Mississippi, at the June Term,
1845, the undersigned, administrator ol
the estate of Harmon Runnels, late of said
county deceased, will proceed to si ll at
public auction, to the highest bidder, on a
credit of one, two and three years, notes
to be made payable first of January 1847,
’48 and ’49, at the door of the court house
of Lawrence county in Monticelio,on the
fourth Monday in November 1845, the fol
lowing described real estate, belonging to
the estate of the said deceased, to wit;—
the east half of the south west quarter ol
section three, township six, range eleven
east, containing eighty-one and 68-100ths
acres. Fractional section twenty'eight,
township seven, range eleven east, contain
ing six hundred and thirty seven and 60
lOOtns acres. The south east quarter of
section three, in township six, range ele
ven east, containing one hundred and six
ty acres. The north east quarter of sec
tion three, township six, range eleven
east, containing one hundred and sixty
three and 40-lOOths acres. Fractional
section two, township, six range eleven
east containing one hundred and ninety
four acres.
Purchasers will be required to give
notes with sufficient and approved secu
Administrator de bonus non.
July 1st, 1845 51-tds.
The State of Mississippi,
Lawrence County,
The Honorable Probate Court, September
term, 1845.
AGREEABLY to all order of the Hon
orable Probate Court of said county
mudeat the September term, 1844. No
tice is hereby given to all persons interes
ted in the Real Estate of Willis Brvant.
late ot Lawrence county, deceased, to
be and personally appear before this
Court at the November, 1844, term,
thereof, to show cause, if any they have
or can, why an order should not be made
tor the sale of the following described
lands, to wit: The south east quarter of
south west quarter of section no. 4, town
ship no. 7 of range 19 west, containing
41 96-100 acres. Also, the north west
quarterol south east quarter of section no.
4, township no. 7 of range 19 west, con
taining %1 90-100 acres. JESSE BRY
ANT, Adm’r.
It is further ordered, that this citation
be published for six successive weeks in the
Southern Journal,' a newspaper published
at AJoniicello, Miss.
1 1 NhSS, the Honorable
M. B. Cannon, Judge ot
L. S. the Probate Court of said
county, the fourth Monday
of September, 1845
Issued the 22d dav of Sept., 18-15
Sept. 23, 1845-1 l-6w
Under the Free Trader Office,
HAS constantly on hand, a largenr
soriment of cheap goods, which he
will sell at very low prices lor cash As
{ his stock is selected ^expressly for Country
I customers, he solicits a call from all with
I whom economy these hard times is an ob
ject. His assortment consists in part
Blankets, while and colored,
Large and small Bed and Saddle do.
Cassimere?, Sattinets, Kentucky Jeans
and rweeds,
Kerseys and Linseys,
lied, yellow and white Flannels,
Bed Ticking and canton Flannels,
Blenched and unbleached Shirting of the
best brands,
Lowell Osnaburgs. 4-4, 7-8 and 3-4,
Irish Linen, brown, black and white Hol
Bombazine, Alpacas and Merinos,
Plain and twilled Mou-selin da Laines,
Crape and Cbarnelions do.
Blanket and worsted Shawls, all sixes,
Bandana, flag and fancy silk pocket hdkfs,
French and Italian black and fancy silk
Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons and Fancy
Goods, &c.
CLOTHING—consi?ting of dress and
frock coats; a good black dreas coat for
$12 00; Pilot, Pelto and Fluafaing Over
coats, all prices; Cassimere, Saltiaet,
Tweed and Jeans Pants, do; Fine linen
bosom Shirts; Lambs wool and Merino
Undershirts and Drawers; with a general
assortment of every article in the line,
BOOTS and SHOES—a very complete
assortment. Super calf sewed Boots;
waterproof do. and pegged do;’ russetts,
kip and calf Brogths; boys and misses
calf and kip sewed and pegged do.
SADDLERY-Men’s Spanish and
English Saddles; ladies’Side Saddles for
$10; gents. English do. for $6; boys do.
sisting of all varieties and shapes. Russia,
Cassimere, Nutria and Wool Hats; Cloth
Velvet and Hair Seal Caps.
Florence Braid and Fancy Bonnets; a
icw jjuiuuazme uo. tor uiuurning, j^oeacn;
with numerous other articles impossible to
pul into an advertisement.
7“ Don’t forget the store, the first
round the corner from Cotton Square, on
Main street.
• April 29,1845-42-ly
Commander-in-Chief of the Mis
sissippi Militia.
To the Commanders of the several Regi
ments 2d Pivis. Mi. MU. GREETING:
WHEREAS a vacancy will occur in
the office of Major General of the
Second Division of the Mississippi Mili
ti i, on the fifih day of November next, bv
'he expiration of ilie term of service of
Major General John A Quitman:
Now, Therefore, I, ALBERTG. BROWN
Commander-in-Chief of the Mississippi
Militia, do hereby issue this, my Procla
mation, requiring you to hold nu election
at the several election precints in your
county, oil the first Monday and day ful
lowng (being the third and fourth days) in
November 1845, lora Major General of
the Second Division of the Mississppi Mi
litia, to serve the term prescribed by law.
And I do moreover enjoin it upon you to
conduct said eleciion in all respects con
formably to law, and to make due return
ihereof to the office of the Adjutant Gen
G1V EN under my hand and the great
seal of the State, at Jackson,Sept. 16,1845.
Sept. 23, 1845— ll-3w.
1 he State of Mississippi,
Lawrence Countv.
The Honorable Probate Court, August
term, 1845.
■■1HE undersigned having been appoint
ed Administrator at the above stat
ed term of the Honorable Probate Courtpn
and for said county and state on the es
tate o( James Oglesby, sen’r.,late of said
county, deceased, notice is hereby given
to nil persons indebted to the estate of the
said deceased to come forward and make
immediate payment.—Also, to all persons
who may have claims against said estate
to present them,duly authenticated with
in the time prescribed by law, as this no
tice will be placed in bar to a recovery of
all claims against the said estate present
led alter that time
August 26, 1845-7-6w
job printmar
I his establishment will execute
in the neatest manner, and
upon the most reasonable
terms every kind of
No pains will be spared to ,>,W
all who may set tit to patronise
the establishment, both in
OUH TERM* cask

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