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ExrccnT Cham,
. Jacsok, Mi , March 25th. 1848 )
la obediunce to an act of the Lcgtala.
tn of the State of Mississippi, approved
March 3rd, A. D- 184-; I. Josara W.
Matthews, Governor, &c, do bereby
publish and make known the following
act to take the ene of the people of the
State of Mississippi, on the propriety of
calling a convention to amend the consti
tution of the State "
AN ACT to take the sense of the people
of the State of MissUs ppi on the propri.
ety of calling a convention to amend the
. Constitution of the State.
' Sec. I. Be it enacted Ky the Legislature
f the State of MisritivU That on the
1st Monday and day' following in Nor.,
1849, the sheriffs or other proper officers
for conducting elect! ns in this etate, shall
hold, at the several precincts of their re.
aoective counties ana cities, polls for the
purpose of acertaining the sovereign will of
the people of this state, as to tne propriety
L ..i.i : MAHw.M,:AM r tlrr i wh n
shall be authorized to amend, or remoaei,
the constitution of this state, which con
.. . i
atitutiou, or amended constitution,
ititution, shall be
submitted to a direct rote of the sovereign
people of this ate, for ratification or re
action. Sec. 2. Be U Jwiher enacted. That the
Governor shall, upon the passage of this
tvcC cause the same lobe immediately ad.
rertUed in so many newspaper as he shall
deem sufficient, not lest than three; anil
that he furthei direct the proer officers to
bold polls, fur the purpose herein set forth.
Sec 8. Be it junker enacted. That the
; sheriff, or other projH'r ollicer, shall, at the
time hereinbefore specified, open and hold
polls for the purpose ot ascertaining the
sovereign will upon the rail of a convention
which said election shall be conducted up
on the same principles, and under the
same pains and penalties, as are now pre
acribea in conducting elections for the
election of Governor, and the result of the
Vote for each county, town or city, shall
be forwarded to the Secretary of State
as is now required in the election of Gov.
Sec ' 4. Be it further enacted, 1 hat the
Auditor of Public Accounts the .-Hate
Treasurer, and the Secretary of State shall
in the presence of the Governor, on the
frst Monday of January, open and
count all the votes thus polled and forwar
ddi and if it shall appear tht a majority
f all the votes so polled for members of
the legislature, and forwarded, shall ie in
favor of a convention, the Gove nor shall
thereupon issue wrlU of election by gener.
k) proclamation, and by the usual require,
ments, to call upon the sheriff, and require
him, or the proper officer, to hold an
election on the Is' Monday and day afler in
March 1850, in the several counties, cities
and towns, entitled to representation, to
elect the same number of delegates to the
convention thai the several counties, towns
or cities, may be entitled to elect repre
tentative to the house of representatives
efthe state legislature; which said election
shall be conducted in the same manner,
and under the same pains and penalties
that are now required in the election of
representatives to the legislaturei and the
sheriff, or other officer conductiug said
election, shall cive to the person, or per
eons, as the case may be, certilicate, or
certificates, of elect ion, and in like manner
make returns to the Secretary of State; and
Should any delegate so elected, lose his
certificate, or fail to procure one, the !ec.
retary of State shall furnish such certifi
cate: Provuled, the returns of his office
shall show it to be just.
- Fee 6. Be it farther enacted. That the
delegates so elected thall assemble at the
state bouse, on the first Monday of April,
18i0, and shall proceed to the duly assign
std them, by such organ i rat ion as to lb. m
hall seem meet, and sbab have power to
adopt such rules and regulations for the
transaction of business as will secure to
themselves order, and security from moles
tation or hindrance, in any matu-r pertain
ing to the g-eat objects of the convention;
and the, belter to secure said convention
fronr any molestation, they shall have
power to select a segeant-al-arms, who
hall be authorised to suppress all disorder
by the c i recti oa of the convention; and the
civil authority of this state is hereby re.
paired to sustain all orders, and to conft in
to all mandates from said convention,
whilst ia session, tq be certified by the pre.
aiding officer thereof so far as the pres
,muon of order therein, and the security
Vf th ;njbers thereof, whilst attending to
t v t .aes of said convention. And the
iuemlers of said convention shali be enti.
led to all the immunities At privileges tha
are at this time extended lathe members
&! the legislature, and shall likewise be ea-
tided to the same pay and emoluments.
EaU coaveaUoo shall have power to em
' ploy a reporter, to repoit such proceedings
as by them may be had, and a printer who
slaliiaaU respects be guiJed l.y law.
Lil coarentio caU have all lb necetsa
rj power to carry out the great objecU of its
.r -Biritio-and pay all aecessary costs at
-lie lha anie,aad ail drafts for the ne
cessary expenses haU be signed by the
president there vC and audited ia the same
-maaaef that similar drafts are bow certifi
'mdwi audited by tha authoritj of either
incS tftb- I'jjuJature.
, T, 0. siirJkNscl4, That said
.CV-shall publish, la paxpphUt f-rm,
t ,. jtVo) a eonstitutioa maybe
t jlytHkhpWT1111
Lir-l t Cr iha
which vote shall be taken by the she rid
or other proper officer, under , such rules
and regulations u said convention shall
prescribe; and the proper officer so con.
ducting the election for the adoption of said
proposed constitution, shall make a fair
and full return of the votes polled for and
atrainst such proposed constitution, to the
Secretary of itale, as is now required by
law in relation to the election of the Gov
Sec. 7. lie it Jurther enacted. That the
Secretary of State shall, on the first Mon.
dav ofOctuler. 1850. make returns o: alt
the votes that mar . j in his office, to the
Governor of the state, who, t le re upon
shall immediately submit the si me to the
Auditor of Public Accounts, the State
Treasurer and Secretary fState, and shall
proceed to open and count t e same; and if
it shall appear that a majority of the votes
so taken and returned, shall ho in favor of
the rroposed constitution, the Governor
shall issue his proclamation, requiring the
sheriff, or other proper officer, to hold
elections fof members of the legislature,
who shall be e ected in acc rdance with
the p esentappoitionment, with authority
to five the proposed and newly adopted
constitution validity and i fleet: l'roridtd,
that informality in the returns of the votes
shall not vitiate such pol s, it they shall
! fairly set forth the proceedings hao in con
ducting such election: and provided Jur
ther, that if any leturns from any of the
counties shall not be made to the f'ecreta.
urSUIa in an iifllm DlKrllnnt hold lin
, y - . . . 7.
pravin, of thi. acN wit lim--
j ln noiuing oi sucn eieciiun, w-
Governor shall, by secial me senger, call
on the properofficer for a transcript ot the
polls, which may be by him retained;
which transcript, or a certified co, y there
of, shall be considered valid.
Sec. H. Be il Jurthir enacted. That at
the general election held on the first Mon
day and day following, in November, 149,
it shall be the duty I' managers of the i lec
tion, at each precinct in every county in
this state, to ask of each and every voter
whether he is infuvor of, or agninst tho
said convention, and the votes for and a
gainst the same shall be taken and return
ed, as is provided for in this act.
Speaker of the House of Representatives
President of the Senate.
Approved, March !1, 184.
Tho Southern, Jackson; Democrat, Co.
Itimbus; Organizer, Oxford; Free Trader,
Natchez; t.nd Eastern Clarion, Paulding;
will i-ublit h the above once a mouth, until
forbid, foi a Inch they will be paid the same
rates allowed the Mate Printer by law.
It. S. DILL,
Coinniltaion Merchant.
Rer. E. A. ileaderi',")
Maj. Jesst Lowe, Uf g c Mi
Hon. J. Thompson, f '
Benj. F. Dill. J
October 30ih, 1847. O ly.
To nil persons interested in the
lands, tenements and heredit-
nments of !S. King deceased.
ruU are berebv i i ed ! l- an.l Hp
J- pe..r i efo e 'l Pro'iMie ('ou tt l-n-fayetie
Vo my. at H e Court H n e ihneo!
on the tl. i d MonJ .y sis February n- xt,
then and ihere t aifer the petition ot
Sm iel T. King, ad i.i-i tr.itop oi ih E
'e of i i d c dent ! r a o! ad I mds
ten mi nts ' n I heieil t imi-n'c, iir cnie i
in s iJ petiti n, ns l in?, u te a d tring
.n the c-Tuntr of TlU'i ih ami M te
al it Slid, atui ki onp lot nuuilM-r
tiirty-o.e, in ihe '0n of Greiad, mi
partVf the E st h.b' f H e Nni E si
qu r er f Sicihhi riyh-eeii (lf)t wn-l.i,i
(22 ) twenty-two. of Kange (." ) 6w I'-;
coi la tiing 4 0-100 acre-, ami lo ilms
au-e, if anv tie cm. l'y the ai I ImiiI,
tent mrai ni lieredi anieu s sltould not
cold, nd firther, t di .nd un.-r such
hiniS. i s fhtlll eon-i iered an.l or lend
ilhepretni e. bj ihe C urt al'ore-a d.
Wime-s t'ie lion. JU1I M. I .
MOCK ARD, Ju 4 fai l
a WW I Cuirt ihi 3.I.. W'tCay oi
IX-cemrr, Hi.a.mosesj
there, f aunci d.
Iued December IH4.
ASA NIX. Clerk.
Per. 23, 143. n 356'.
$ r.irsnnAN. ano John r. stockaid.
Oi'-OkO. MtM
Will attend li e Circuit t o iris ia il is
ami ihe neij hborjug cte.utitt. fie U 8. I e
inct Court t Poi-toe, nnd ihe Chaneiy
Court el llo ly fcpni g. A'l leme-s en
trusted lo their e-r tail. eoie prmp
In th s oriat'on il.e p'f'i e in lh
Piormie C-'H in LafA e te ce.m'y ill
exup'ed, o vhth pir.cuce Mr. C-i-huwn
will I a s o e.
July 15, 184Q-lR-tf.
TAKEN UPly Huvd Cai
btb g 3 mi es fow Oifd. t n
ibe CiMee i'le r-d, ih I r th
b-y Citre Mule,b ei 1 1 hand
k ch. 11 ers old la-t nav.
Ni irarks of brsods perivajej appraltl
THIS Cmpa- y, incorporated by an act
of ihe L-gi-Utiire at i s l V sewiou
hts I teen orgsmxed under smrf aef, and is
n iv ready to effect injuranc s m livst,
up hi like terms with ihe aiiopu d by ihi
heM and ounrfcr Northern coiopani- in
insuring' hern perM. Whin ith.
ern r. mpaiiies inmie ihe,Lve of SKiil'er
cmzrM it e i a arialily 'd one hail r one
w.li"..r .difl ueriei.t t ihe rEiiuir TlS
tlur iHbleof ran s is hs lol o. Th- pre
nmimdlit usiil k the iiifiirri iiihv be
paid q iarierl,hlf-eail...pr annwil y
lliitrm nt nremiutn Inr insuring (he I tun
dred Dollars on a Single life
a r
' s
c Pi
j 3fl t.4 1,7(1
1 39 ,57 1,70
40 ,K l,H3
41 ,7H I.H8
1 42 1.H5 l,H9
43 l, Hi 1,9-2
44 I 90 1,91
45 t.9t
4(j 1.9-2
47 1,93 1.99
4H 1,91 2,0-2
49 1,95 2.04
50 ,!Mi 2,09
51 1,97 2, J0
5-2 2,0-2 2,37
5, tW
6, b8
53 2,10 2,59
54 2,l 2,H9
55 2,3-2 3,21
511 2,17 3,5f
57 2.70 4.01
5H 3, U 4 2-2
5; 3,7 4,41
W 4,14 4,07
To I i.li stha-i e . A man aeil 35. o
pound h.-H ili hi d c lo-it'Ution. tren Horn
Ik red tnrj or fiinilv li-e f, hi d tl'ietii e.
n'e h iloin, ran inu e hi- lite ) r 'he fU.
o One Thr uaiid lMhils, fr paying six
ilo!l r and t ighty-seven Hid i fi4'c nin
ijuarierly, ir Iwentv .8-vm (hdlitrs fi ty
cents hnuuallv tor tb whole life. At hin
tea'h bi tsmilv will receive He aim of
One Thousand Do. Inrs, mid the iict-umu'a-
td tlividenfi, earned b the r'!iiil ini.., in
(TchmI c mp niff gi nera ly finy per cent,
l'.ich jiiMirt r 'tr the whole liie i- a stxk.
iiolder, and paiiicip.ite ia the profit.
I.ivrs mi'V lie iiifiirid for one )' or n
terniof OrtM. When one iuuren bs life,
for 'he holt life, lie pa . s, oh ihe premium
or price of i sumnce. Hie s ime sum everv
veor, n'i inn t"' Iiom lig lie li is. A in
f t' iny-five could m u'e hi life fr ihe
ahn'tlife, for $1000 dotlnrn,' ut teu'y.
eve., dollnrs and fi tv cen 8. pi'V b'e eni h
vear. nti'l he wiuM p no m or ill n ilia'
inn at l0 ers i f asje it he mt ue tta
Mft r etr, tbn premium 's increitu'd eery
yer, ttiid at ih age el liU, tin would pay
lor'v.oue dollarx and to ly cents.
1 lie udvuntniffs oll.il- linoirane nrc
ro t'Mi well uiuiuii'tiN'd to ner d u long ex
fx s hoo. In all colllllrle, the prmli-ni nnt
fxr-s'gh'e t, whi se nie.irs a e liouied. and
m Iim Imve deeinleiit families, rfT.n t ineu r-
hiich fr their binrht Asurt-d ihal when
they die, the widowed and fatherless will
not witni.but will receive, iroiu tne ins n
sure otlires a ertain il.otiuh modcr to com-
netenc", husl ands Ac fa In ri inny toil Iihim
Iv during the li , m.d ile p, nnirool le'l by
dixire8iiii dreiitiif, at u,ght. An m"f
iedt nee tor ihe family i suuured, let the
jtisnred die when he ma), in debt or o t
oft'e t.
Tin company ia nmr redy lo rece-rc
apn K-atioirs, m.a wneii MppucNiioiis iih
nnicifni Hiii Miiit tn iiiNiire a snie c-'in-y
nfiK-emftiit shxll lt-t-uac eptetl lr ih
Trui'ft 8, ibe m lined Will istieif. Pdr.
te m kmg iipilu-iiii-4i m-st lioliilieiN
nivis thei-t nf er in riiun s tipty be
firri iiifini'iin, at all tinva. A tmlureiH
p i y 'hu preiiiiu.n whuii t ue 'rteiin ihe
0 C! fNi uioiirHiiC' I i no graiitt-n lot
mo e tl a'i fi e thousand d lars n bfe
I ui n t s'-ni. ivi p r on need i nlvho
is iii'o mil in be.tbh a d t oil litijtton, i f
b .b e in imy fiM y, t-r hereiin-iy ibsis-,
or in eiuperHie in tn h..bit. If one, wli- se
bio is inmireil beeiicne in entix-rne, in the
ii j iry of his health, thensf er, 1'ie lic
n-i aia lite win tie (orci-M. a uie ina
bi liie will t lor'e'tnl. A lile
be ineiire.l in the inn s ofin rii i, r I
it ;: To i,4i
15 T2 Ti !,4!l
'6 7t H-J 1.54
17 Ml HG l,r!
H M !H1 l,M
19 Wl !! !,!
20 90 !: 1,75
i Oi !7 l,SI
8-2 J4 99 l,H7
23 97 1,03 1,93
24 99 1,07 1,98
25 1,011 1,12 '2,(4
20 1,07 1,17 2,11
27 1,12 1,23 2,17
2H 1,20 1.2H 2,24
89 1,2H 1,35 2 31
30 1,31 2,3i
31 1,32 1,4-2 243
3-2 1,33 1,41", 2,M
33 1.34 l,4H 2,57
34 1,35 1,511 2,ii
35 l,3ti 1,53 8,75
3A 1,39 1.57 2.H1
37 1,43 1,03 8,!0
by wile lo enure io her,. her'hiidien if j niodious, divided into various departments,
he die behtre her I u tsnd, 'I h s is a srri d as to furnish private rooms with fires,
mil. nitl sulijeci, by an txyf t ro imi Jt a my intention to make all who may fa.
of the cl-arter, in an iJeb or la i -. tor me with their patronage, as comforta
The profits tf the c mp ny t an be hmaed : ble as North Mississippi will admit of. I
only upon laincumtH r if, in. proved real
eetate, wi r" al a sworn cas.i VsIujii-mi.
t i.-e ihe am en,t I n d.
The invrs ment is, as aa invetmei.
men Iv, a g td ne. Ten dolUr ill in
s ire for a year the life of a man rge.1 '.i
years for lOtMl dollars; it wotild rrq-nre
nxite than 30 yesr t c4iipHin.l inteis
li r Irn lio'inr reach 'hi sum.
Failhf il agent. h-i can assure Mie bmtd
'fl'n s'-t a .if ihir reM i sib' i'v, are
-n'e. in t vry '0n rn the sutp. At
li'irnii. s, nos Bge-pl'l, t b." Iiudd lo the
P.e-ulf ui.
I'p n jete'-jmid apil c ion, the for" a
nt cci-saiy ft- an applicant lor inuraiire.
ill le furnished.
Board of Trustees.
3. M. D imeld,
Thr e 8c tt,
W. P A ..e .
C M. Pii e.
IL lfiUb..
J. C. Cri,Mtter,
F S. 11 int..
1). W. A lam.,
R M. Iloheon,
II. K'lH "I,
T. K.elrhf. '
W. P Anmii, Aec'jr.
Ja. k 't. Mie.., Ag 4, 1MS.-2" t-t
fTtKEN UP by Samuel Simj-t n itrg
8 mi tea n-yrth of Otf.iH. bay fitt;
p(i--d te be 4 jear e'J; s wiu-e
oloeber f-et headjslsmt Hbsadsbich
a twler mails or brand?; appraised io
AMOSOihe many d.Were. which
e H,taing in the bbs-ing. of ihe pro-
,e..t geiiem. ion. th und ignedeonfidei.t-
1V '-ir-ibe Dib.i' that be has d.cr-
erida rcnedy fo that dreadful d e se
ebbed ' : V' - " '
Ilithertn dt-emed uici abl-. The origin
ihe lemety w. s m his own t-ae, hth
aim-st acaiii-t hope, he eu c-itdad in cur
a .a. .aJ-.
hf drMi-iiui a..e.tia
ing, kfh-r many trrili id t ther remedies
Mili-u success. IK h been ui.g the
s -me rrinedy mw tor sen n ears, and in
a. I rai-es a. cress iii wheie i. p,'U a'i'-n
wis nvole in time. lie ci nsidi is ii i ji
d cous, prlm s. iiiiprotr. i Im at ot Ins ;
trHiitiiif in, oi to make promises bey ndanyj
no-i-iiile performiince, for there are t-a-ies j
ofrgon s to he incuialile; tut be in- j
viti 8 'he affli. ted t c nult him. nd if he
nlitt.1 eatisi ihem of h a l i ity lo make
currs, ilit-y Cin then try hi remedy.
All nftifcOii tthn HiiuK l.i narvon or bv
ivniMi d-scip ton if heirrstt givingva
size, hcari- n, age, general henlih and hah.
its. together nh ihe remedies th .t hive
.e n us d, iiihv expect cmid d auners as
io .he iisu't of Heir ia e.
Itoun.Mbeuo -nr iidv iuipieiwed on
tho i ffli leil wnli CVmer, loiiiiike ear y
an dicuon us d. Ly i dangerous and pro-
' 1
1110 C,T6e
have an i c .n I e mic -e.-?i Ily iremed nh
... ' . ...
l.U rum.Hir. tin will lit in IJoliim'Mis
Mi-H'ss p(ii, until 'he trct f Jun h. re
t'nf wh i Kre till c eii m iv fe tne nu-
unroot s'imoiiiHia n4 rertifit tes I" l
i si ihe tlfi mo and effkoa -y ' f li n o hi.
of iieitn.g eery v.tnety anJ d scripi on
f CAN'.'EK. .
A.i l lifts t st paid, will receive im-nc
ii tt- tttieiiiioD
( iftlct) i t ii t 1'imliiis llo e .
Dt-c ao. 184 .'10-3 . .
mm: l. Mis.
T I IT AH C. Mis.
Fifteen miles Eut of Holly Springs, and
10 miVe South of Salem.
TitT.ol'NM8hi:le. the ce'i bmted
I C ol. n-i of Twmesee. I, a
ni....;.. I C ol. n-i of 'IVnnese. I, a
fnrriinheil the Pr-pi ifo- wi'h the to'l wmg
nnnnl8in ! thee Hinn.'S. II'B known
eh'ir trier is asufpsiei.t .guma itce for its
coirtitnes. . . - s ''
Ntsii'iLLr, Felt. 23J., 1817.
Mr. O. tfrri; It appear. I'n.m mv s-iiM:y-i
, hre um eved, thti themilv mgr
it. ui in ih.it att r is aiariit'KKTTr.n nv-
lK'OKN, (t fluid O'lnCt", Sillihuri tti d II)
dr. ge-: 7 i tun- m h! Jf.eo hr, tr gt n u
in iitt-r. uiiri i c uiiiiins are so minuir
H at Ihcv oin-r almotr impel ceptible ir -te j
w. tli the M'o-t tie icie tt. N-w, it
mi y ..,.n.i. n, ili.ii Hie m s' e-sential med-
ral ii,gredieniinthf8iliMire nd mwl
WMien. is the Sulphuretted Hydrogen. S t j
I helipve th ti joint will fooini ii bt-ri.'
. fi i:.l i. liiv oi the iiM.rec ptnn e-ted Sub i
bur W4teis.
ReHpet-Hiillv v'hirs.
(i. YlUXWT.
THE eubi-criber viou'd rrsjiee'fullv in.
f.rm ilia public gi-utri'lv, that be is
uiiiirovin the Mtvo si.e' iln d prings vry
exti siv ly, nnd further announce thai be
will pen I r the reception tf vi-ilt ra by
ho lUili, ofjirne,
B ard mid Ix'gii.g per month $0 0(t
" wi.h'iut ? ' 15 00
lyvipimf by ihen ek 6 W)
IU the il ) for Mun &. horse I 75
" Single nn al : : tl"
Kee ing ti- r e per week 3 f0
hay t .
Chi'dren and Ben ant- il' be inv uhbU
cli.trid ha I price, Vd r'le.
9 x..s),akaasr,jr
IIUIll. IW.l IV,
May 19, 118 -12-Ow Pnrictor
Mouse of Entertainment.
THE undersigned, having open
ed a House of Entertainment at
1 1 '
Cockrtim's x Roads, Desoto
county. .Miss., which
is calculated to rci-
der treat accommodation to tne iravcuna
. . . . . .
community. This house is large and cmn
have large stables and eiHrienced ostlers.
( barges as low or lower than usual in the
Ju'y 17, 1847.-20-tf.
FWlilE Trti'teta nt Fretik ui Aca-temv
tMvinir teiire-l the services f Mr
J.A.KIMIULL, an ei enanred teach
er, b te ii -vent-d their Scbool fr Ihe re
rtillon of pn pi la
I il1e the Hetirn ofih s in'tnn'ioti
io i fT rd btciblies for ihe pmsuil f ant
lirnn. h til tc eare periainmK t prat-lira.'
ir, The ereatdi dfmtutn ained al in
i i lnicteKi and d Cijilin, u to ubtvair
imtiiia id pun 'IhmIiiv, end evact rri'iol in
. s'ii'SIhh; -o that the pn il w be pre
pnred enter upon thettoiis tf liie iih
a ol i trained for adaptation tn its varu
his tleuiands. T secure ibis, sa-h awtans
i'l le ad ted aa to lead the pupils b.
think lor ihemaeivs.
Tsa-for a session off re monthr.
A rit Unw-t ic, G ra mma r, Pb i 'oo hy , thenv
unr At.-. : : : js. Ot)
A't-w, Geomenv &c. : li.bO
Lim Grrtk, French Ac. : 16X1
D ding ta lie tJuained ia good famf
ies tt 93 per moaih.
. -. : . , WM. J. JONES,
CEN" "m-ihnnta
COmmlOftCOH V'
, li'fvJ'vc T A
N. B. Forwarding promptly stiended ip. .
Commij&oCoii iiltrttianto,
r , - , 57 Ghavikr .t:kt,
Glaoi Gokin, New Orlca
Joe. D. Maso.n, Tennt't eo,
Jo. Ganvthku.-, MissMi ipif
Maoazie Sthkkt,
IMPORT tit and Denier in all kinds of
Foreign and Doiiirslic
is n w receiving frmn the European
and Ainerii an Manu:act rie8 a largo and
Extensive as rtmeni in the (1 ird ware line,
which he offers ai I .w pr ces as cn I
pun h sed n a y prt ol the United States.
Coutry Men-hants are n quested t . c-all and
eimiinemy cock, aa I shall be prepiired
t 'St ll low. being cat sh d with small profit-,
. .1 ..I.k !... r..l.t. unit. u 1. lrt.
Hl'U l I'VI aVttV- littS Jifttlil'JT mill! WIIIUI
-uutry Merchants can ol ta.,, s..pp its fr- m
, . . . . ' '
m.l hmmr riinirwIlMl In wmiI Inr ihfir an, it .
" 1 . . . t I
Hierehv saving ih 1 ss, of in ere
ht avy s oi kit l g tn'8( my flick is il sel c
ted fn iii he nmi.nim t .rie f ihe late t
t e. in iking my eix k on hand of the
lurgutit iu the I'm toil cutes.
Every Saturday t'rtnin;,
At .Vo. 05 St. Ch tries street Aew (Means.
1 ' UY lllt't, M'CLt'RR Si Co.'
j The uVilifhers f the Duilv Cn scent
i hare just s c I a; Weekly Paper' of the
I r -hi sie, ii -nied in bMut I'ul s'vle, f r
eirc iluinui in the rountiy. Tn Wet-k y
Crertnt will i-inlan the New of the Diy.
Wricloniii Articles up null eutje t of g.n-
eral inierrst mid re partici.lai ly up. n
eral inierrst mid re partici.la
,Me in whuh the pe. lo.flhe A, utn and
Wts. r mote iiiimi-iii.nelv i- nci in d
OrL'i tiHl and Seleced Skeit hes. 'IVes.
Aiierd'i't s, etc, and n I'nro Current
carelully tornct il up to the Ii ti ol
i u ic t on. It will be a p pur useful to
n I c a-st s, and 18,'eci .Iy ad ipled to tner1
chains. tne hi'n'f h. n u ers and fnmiliea :
In i's rK'i'icalchira ifrnWinthe targi ttiship for 12 1-2 CCntS per bale.
8 f "f w ,r ' ,a'1"- " "S o He has nlso, a sale nnd commo-
isi us. i.iiii muj aj ii in iimni '
mtorni and m.truct the people i p n all the
greal qu. s i ms wh oil arise ilfwnnj lie
i't'tnm welfare or loraign-rtlationa if lha
j1"- u iy. ..
The rarf w II lw ruraihhed io Sit.g'e
A'iilscni.ei- ai 'I hee I) tl ir per year; to
Clubs of Four m re, dirtct d t ihf
SHtne Potollice, nl T Dl ars and V.fiy
Cents a t e ir. P tinisiers and oihurs who
may a' t Agent, sn I send on ers, paid,
foi ten ropie,, ij' recive ouec A in ad
I'ition fbV ideir - m x-iiimon. Payable
i.i all casks in advancm
tJinglo ptptr.
O' p CKMi-e. in rap ie r, c n be bid ai
i, A ii. i .. . . ..
t.XCClltur 3 AollCe. ,
NNTIfJE i h. rebv- givt n ih. the un
dermirntttl Exe 'u ur l the Esta e t f
Samu.-t Pit-on. rttct-aeil, hie fi ed in ihe'
IV i le C urt of lifae't- Co miy, t-'tue j
ol Mi-iaoppi, h s petti n to snrreiiiler U
let e s, nnd i I, ht t ie nrii l-'e' rmrv !
'JVunoi'sjid C M.rt, p-eem: a i a c un of
h Lef utoish-p, fir as ihe same lasi
ei-end-l, tor I usnce with com nissinna. i
Jand apply ior a final hea ins' of siid ptti-
Dec 19. 41. -no. 3 5 -St.
Administrators Notice.
lllKundHi-igneJ ailima s'raior t.f ihe
e-titio. fs..m'.. M, Carthers.diceis-
et, h t pr-si'iited n tin ! i C" unt 4 h s
- -
, , , . . : i , , , i
I'dm n s'r itioi on t 1 1 Crtiite.io the Prubmit I
Court tf L-y't:e tu-iiy, Miis ipp,
and wi I -t t in n Min b term theico .
applv f r rt H4.dii i n n I l'aD'e
fbc. '8 f 8 1 - ' .....
KXK:tritH'ri Mimr, r ...
11 i:ul" Letters I estamenjsj-y
of the lael w li and tesUiueut of;
Michael Wat on, deceased, were framed
n the undersigned at the last Septpmber,
term ol the Probate Court of La ayette
ctMinty, Mississippi. Now all ern'
having claims s gainst the estate of said
testator, are hereby reqnred to present the
same witein Ibe time p oecr bed by law, or
laey will le liarred. All persons indebted
lo said estate are requested lo make itnme.
diate payment-
l. A. WAfON,
Dee.no 1848 3il-fiw.
Cot(oa Shed.
T.IK nade.a.ned bsv. ilea for 4 lrra
.4 ...,a,.h- Cu Shed kno-n 'j
the BU's B tflTCxtmi 8hid. one rm'e
b' ow tha M.mtli oi Tipi ch. ia Lfay te
euny, M-eM and will promp'Lr attend .
rrc iving aid forwarding a I Co 'on am)
Go d i.i other art cV-a that ay been
trurcl to ibeir rare. Tney wiil aln, fe
efigifed during the rwatlin re aio. tn ImiL
d ng 1'lal Btaf. the pnrjee of s!iij.p.r)
(J-utiHi t i ?tew Urleana. l urj b-r-e St
stritt at'entwn t bonnet, lu aserl ' lie
jsiroosga of the pi!.Ke.
-t Jlvsri TlNERfii 80N-5, "
And Stationer, EstabliskmUi, "
ICIIARD ELWARD takes this pet.
-4-1' sion to notify his frienHs, old eusto.
mers and ihe public generally, that having
disposed of his interest in the branch of his
estithlifliment held at Jsckson, of the firtno
R. Elward &. he is prepared at his es-
lablishment in Natchez, to ma ke to order'
and in superior style, Blank, Booka foj ,
courts, public ojlices, mercantile bosses, .
&C.&C A I so, to render entire satisfa yum ,
in all and every branch of Book Bindety.
An excellent lot of Stationery also on bind
Old books carefully rebeuqd.,'., ;
Q-yAII order from any aection of -hib
try promptly attended to.j ; ',
N. B. Establishment at the old alioA,
Main street, Natchez, Mias,
April II It if. ' !
Jarkaoii Dook Rindr-ry,
BLANK Bonks ior courts.ptiblic ofHces,
&c, made to order, in lha best and
most durable atyle.
Bonk binding in all its branches, also.
done and warran'cd in style and work ma a
bin Also on hand and f-r sale a aumber
of articles consintmg of Stalionerv. The
paironuge of the' public is respectfully so.
I.cited. M. L JULIENNE,
Successor of RichM Elward & Co. - j
Bindery at the old stand, two doer j
from the post office.
April II 18 tf. j "j
drSs.isom & wendkl;
I TLW AVE become associated in the prac
j "tice of Mbdrixk, and respectfully
i tend' r theii services to the citizens of Ox
ford and vicinity, in the various branches
of their "
All rases entrusted lo their car will
meet with promt attention.
Office tne one formerly occupied ly
1). Ikom,
OicoKr, March 6 1849.
Poddy's BIulT.
rrnNE Proprietor of this eliga.
blc point on the Tallahatchie
River, takes pleasure in inform
inG his patrons and the public
jjcnerally, that lie is now prepar.
rd to shed Fifteen Hundred
Dales Cotton, and will store and
dious Ware House for receiving
and storing troccric?, &c. -PAt.
Dec. 7,18 18.-33-tf.
11 NAL SETTLEMENT. Notice it
berel-y gi.ven that the undersigned
Ad I'iu sTittor of i lie istjie '4 Jtsuph
Dukf. det-'i', has tiled bi petition in tht
Pit-bite Court of l.nfijctte ctmty, Ms
s snojii, fur Final St tikment i f his Ad
; . .
I On the Third Monday in Mta next. '
. pn set.t an
AciHint of hit admiuiatratioa
f r al owance stiih comnursoiia, and sp.
P'y ff a final brarmg f tid ccaini.
. JAMES (i!DLON, Adn'r. ,
February 2Cth, 18 IU. 45
New Store,
rilllK undersigned hiving purchased tb
interest of J. O Oibhs, will c ntiau
do business at tie old stand, and el pects
m ad I tubis present stock of Ooods in
! short time, be promises to sell goods at
i low as any other house in town. 'I her.
; f re, he eipects a continuance of the liber
jeral patronage extended the firm of fi. &
(. Punctual and Cash purchasers art
' particularly iovitcd to call.
Oxford. Jan. I. 184y.-37t
- . . r .
I M LL N t JUT Kill f:AsT
'ffff WINO determ n'd to quii bumeH
in O a font, 1 i I II out my locks'
Otd al vt-ry low pri.-e fir Cab, Th
sto k on hnd it vtry des'rable, comiret
Mig a Itrgs orin.enl of Dts, Fboet
ai:d heat d ineil-g c's,' j liTchaed sn
in But'actured lo unLir. c'uxinjr the pit!
s mmt r. .In t.rdt r ti rhe op 'he conreta
w th rfispatt'ti, re goods' vtrnl be told oa
eiihtra eil" ortmiemiy credit " '
Cu"met t wioj; tne bouse will confer
a ti nal favor bv calling and arranging ta ;
unmet! t and linhl settlement, at M coa
cerus m tt be closed.
N. R. Very r'ecidrd bargains U U
riven in a li I cmrpriMPg a list of
fom$10tf4a. rtF,
Otf.d. Ihe. SO,' If 48. . . -
Two dollars aod iily cents ia adripcs-
i Three dotlan if paid w tlin tij pmb'1
,T. J Tl 3 JV.
ent tt del.yd until U. exp.oa tV P
jyear. is ttuK'ip ioe luramr itn
ia months, and orper fiiseowiaoea r--til
all arrearages are paid, surest at
optioa of the Proprietors.
For very lea lines or less, one ia'''
11 00; fr each crtBtinuaaee eer .
'. Foryea ly adrerlisemeets a "7 I ' -
deJiK-tioa in be -mJ. Ar s a
persfMiat psnire aevsr im-
frT For armour 1 ng ctnie f r f
or UiHrict oCioet tsa ; ff cvi y I
t i:Hra' . -
,ti rift
t .

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