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VOL. V;'r
OXFORD, XIWQ:; : 32AY ' IS,- :.EG40;
The World is Tail of Bcanty, ,
There Is a voice Hvithia roe, : ' , ,
Ail 'its so sweet a voiae,
Thai lis soft Uspings win ,ine ; ''
"" 'Till tears start to mine eyes; "
f Deep from my soul it springcth,
I Like hidden melody,
And eter more it singeth
(This ong of songs to trie
t " This world Is full of beauty,
I As other worlds above;
I And if we did out duty,'
I '.It might be full of Jove!"
When 'plenty's round ns wnilinfr,
Why wakes this cry for bread!
I Wh.y are erush'd millions toiling,'
I Gaunt clothed in rags unfed I ,
I The sunfly hills and valleys
I Blush ripe with fruiifind grain,
I Cat the lordling in the palace
! ' Still robs his. fellow-men.
O God! what hosts are trampled
Aml4 this press for gold;
f What noble hearts are sapp'd of lift,
i What spirits lose their hold!
' And yet upon this God-llesI earth
There's room for every one j
; Uuguarded food mill ripens, !
I To waste, rot in Hie sun.
V If gold were not an idol, .
I' Were mind and merit worth,
I Oh, there would be a bridal
I Betwixt high heaven and earth !
f Were truth our utter'd language
I Angels might talk with men,' .
And God lilumin'd earth should see .
The golJcn age again.
For the leaf-tongues of the for. st '
The flower-lips of the od
The birds that hymn their raptures .
Into the car of God
And the sweet wind that bringeth "
I The music off the ea , ,
I liars each a voice that singeth
This song of songs to me: ,
" This world is full of beauty,
As other worlds above ; j j s
And if we did our duty,
It might be full of love!" . ,
I slightest notice of him, as ho iwearijyj that 1 But may I bo so bold as to in-
smiflita chairin the corner out of the Quirei your name!" , '
dirirt observation, but where he could ' After a moment's hesitation, the J
cCosvE!fTioNs.rA6PiEA!TS.&c; It has I After some", two .year'aTabsenee the fed in' IheufJead Sea, might have ac-
lonar been file custom of the Derww I shin was on ihn'cokgt of California. I ouired in some decree, a similar pro-
cratic partv. and indeed of all other and here our vdunjr adventurer, who petty; or in other words that I might
f nil that was irmni on.-. An I Ids stranger replied.-', . , ..... r s i t I parties in Wis- coo.nl nr. when in-the was a friend of the cantata', cat lava have received a coating of bitumen
anxious eve showed that ho was no ?'George.' . . . 1 :e ascendant, to hold conventions for the of absence for a short time, to pro- salt and what not. that would have re-
careless observer of what wastransJ- -"'"George! George! Not the Bishop purpose of ascertain in 'g as rtear '"a? coed inland, and scud down some 'of I aisled or disgusted the musquitoea an t
piring around him . , ' . -' ueorgei 1 t v ef 1 possible, the cuoice ol its voters rcla tne natives ro traue."Aa unexpected ueas, : ;
The young minister played his part r"They call me Bishop George," I live tosome particular office that is casualty, detained 1 him longer than Bat I made I great mistake, for, 01
rlli nil th lYivnlitv nd fanlktinM metklv rcnlied the old man. . I to be filled. The reason whv this vs he- anticinated. and the canfain. mm- the contrary, the V seemed t look UP-
...V I - f - " J I " f - 1 . I I I . . ' . f, . .
of a citv beau, and nothin? Aiko reli- "Why; whV! 'Bless me, Bishop tem has been adopted is obvious to posing he had been treacherouslv otut onlyia jae jignt of an grecablo
gion escaped his lips. Now he was Georgel" exclaimed the now abashed jail. It iskrfbwn to lc thconli means murdered, set sail without him; He I pickle: togivc a piquancy to their re
chattering and bandying senseless preacher," springing from , the bed; I by which harmony and united action remained among the natives for 6dme I pastj and with one outside and tho
compliments with a young lady, and Vou have had no supper. I win Im-1 can be secured in the ranks of a nu- two years, beore an opportunity oc- j other inside, i leit all alive on tne
a strong wind a
hia eves. , "Stop, stop, my friend!" said the ejtsts for the holding of conventions, lived a hunter s life, midon ouo occa-1 rose? and tugged at the pins of my
The stranger after on hour, during Bishop gravely. . I want no supper it is not (infrequently the case that I sipn, .was, surprised, while huating in J tent till it began to show symptoms
which ho. rel'reshinejit had been -pre- here, and should not eat any f it. were disappointed asjarants and j would-be the valley of the bacremeuto, by the ol being turned inside out; and being
nared for h m. asked to bo showed in got lor me. ill n oiu man, toil worn irrcai men, wuo tiau aivvavs Deiore au- appearance 01 cuiMmz particles oy iina.Mme rcnueieu laorouDiy nn-
hls room, to which he retired unno- and weary, fainting with travelling yocafed the sj-stcm, tjuito suddenly, which he discovered in a stream, and (Comfortable. I got up hd walked to
tiinrl trrinirnrl nn1 'tlinclrml at thn I thrOnfh all the loD?guinmer dav. was I UDon finding that thev have not hm-n I ill the sand on its border, lift rrathcr.l the lake-. JOW Che scene was trulv
'VK -si(v'ta-".'t fc'uvt..w M VWW I O O J ' I J O I r -- " - . i
conductof the family and the minister, ,ot considered worthy of a meal by chosen, raise a cry against conventions; cdahandfulor so of tho grains, dirtlo'emn and fublime. I he lake, which
Taking from his saddle basrs a well hbis family, who profess to have set because, forsoolh,they have not been and all, and put them ih his pack, tol in daylight I have seen still and silent
worn bible, he seated himself in tho UP the altar 01 oou in their house,! nominated, it is mvanaby by them, tai;a.avay as a curlosiiy. . jas ine grave, was now neavmg ana
chair. and was soon bnried in thouffhts. Bishop George is -surely hot. Ho is then asserted, that the?c meetings aro He returned home to Boston at last.l swelling as If the grave gave up its.
holy and clevatiner, and had food to at be.- but a man, and has no claim in the hands of, andjnanagcd by a and one day discovering the little! dead. And as. by the faint light of
cat which those who passed by him in beyond common humanity. , " fewj that the mass oi the party has package of earth in his chest, he took J the stars, the sea writhed and howled
nitv and eeorn drramed not of. Hour A nicht of severer mortification the bad no voice in theiu, The preiudi- it to a gentleman of Inch rcsi)ecta- within "its rocky priso'n, and snat its
afinr hour nasrd nwav. linil no nna young minister never experienced. I ccs of voters are appealed to. Thev bility, and who was a personal friend I bitter loam of its nnquish in my f iice
. 1 . . I 7i I . . 1 I f . i .. . . Il ....11 l
came to invite the , old worn down iho.Uisnop kindly aumonibhed him,jaro toiu mat meir rights nave neen 01 ine aiscoverer, telling bun that he I couia weu lancy, uow a icrvia im
traveller to partake of the luxurious a"d warned him of the great neces- j trampled upon their wishes regard- was welcome to the ttuff, and sugges-l agination like Chateaubriand's might
supper which was served below. - I sity there was of adorning the doc---a not, and a candidate thus lorced tcu that he should analyze it. ' This I nava couceivea that the spirits ol the
Towards eleven o'clock tho minister innes 01 nr,sl Dy Joiiowing linsin- "Pon iavm; logemer wuu many other was uouc,anu 10 me surprise of both, I men unuu uamneu tines were sirug-
Mm nn h!r. iml wit hon n no n cereiy ana nummy. uicniiy ovi earn-1 anu tuoicu savings wnicn are meuusiwas wuauto De the purest I iu uum iuai vtvi-
always quite flippantly used : such as of gold ! Let it bo remembered that I whelmed them.
caucus dictation, ' sacrifice of lite rigit this was thirty years since
An ex-
oraycr. hastily threw off hii clothes cstly he endeavored to win him hack f
and got into th6 very middle of a srm.ll from '!a. wan(1tCrinSs of hr rtA nnd dl;
bed, which was the resting place of reeled hun to trust more in. God, and -g
(i... m . ..,,.11 . i,5wir k less in hft own strength. &
wfdl-i!ip-fn,..liranrrr,K lin nnd In 1,10 ing mo tiialjop prai'CU vie w oi me luct, luai iiierc is blioi't-1 anu materials, ine wi
... 19 . . . . . mm' i him lAnrv bn.l f, 1 1 ir V 11 llf tn fan n fl nnvnnlnn 1 1 I . in Lt PrtH I i ItO TT 11 1 a wV iVtn ' rm A M
of stiff rage, privileges vf freemen Sic. pedltion was at once planned by, the
oucu inings, sometimes occur, and j citizen reierrcu lo
with ample means
whole to be under
., fl,,. r..,.,! .it., -i;c,.t.:..7. i.:.MCBii' wiui nimiongaim lur
un, ...iiiuHj Muiuuiui, 11111111,11111.11 i ., . . , , - . . , . I : i i, , F ,i I...U. l .i..t. . .
down nn. I n nitinod ft. mnnv mm ti me ciiumocr, anu was giau lo see I K' i&iuiitti uisu ici, iinu one ior meivuu uecinreu tuai. ne couia conuuet
ntPi in forvrnt nrnver Thn . -rnnQt ',is nc:!rt melted In contrition. Soon I Nlate at largo, wo have deemed it uot the compaay to a valley where they
k,.., i, t . r i ;i ...,, after'the Bishop descended nod was I altogether unnecessary to rcler to the could get btalicls of the dust, lie
in "jr VMy ui tua i ini;i w.iu a I .wuiu viuvv ovoniiig uuu- v.. unyw iuc rj'ui, u as loldfntli lif winter ttf ' I ' K
tho attention of the joung preacher. cl a1 "eau' 01 1101 imi 7. Wil V.a Tl ,a ' .cc-.cem.
who bciran to feci soma renroofs of "'"sanu wuccre apoiog.es. ue mua- guS ucnuy emorace.
" A Touch Stobv Talk not of tough
stories in, Yankee newspapers afier
reading the following from a St. Pe
tereburg journal : -A return traveler
from the florth' tells mc of curious
m6dl they have- in Siberia, of procur
ing the skin of the Sable. Their fur
is in the greatest perfection in tho
rnd.i. ,., k utTl" wimer, at .wnicn time the
" v. . m ui www fvar J vl UC I B CtlPV. I I . 1 . . t m
yuw "crtM.w r.vl rcjuuow 01 . ., . - . . , , , .,. hnt nnld" UA .k -,1BBl' V.roce&aa lo uio lortst armed
ouscience fur his neelott oi dntv l , "v . MVV ' ""' xi ion particular crisis oi our po-i . "" uo duuic w ,h n ntr,nr r. r w u t , r .,,,1,.., ..
ouscicncc ior uis negieti oi uuty. ,.1,1 out. Tl.n l,nr. I ihu.i ..ir.;' i.t. i.L way from the coast tn th U ..n xVtn a P1""" ?' water, and some ca-
eol into bed. or rather unonthe ede ",1U lue 4,iSU0l' lit.K,n ui,.u,B aci .with great circumspection and ""4wyrrniiBerani were LIf)t trM. na lh.BMS ,. :r
of tho bed, for the young preacher had ba5 " .wns TOT" , v.
taken possession of Mho centre, and . burC.y,m.oP ur CU1 o
would not voluntarily move an inch. rcsSed maon ou w,llf nof lh"s
.... . J. . . . .1 Inrtl'n li T Vnll n low mimitpa lirrI.'.
uncomlorlablo position the
j Bishop Ccorgc tad the Yonag frcaclicr.
As soon as the animal, at-
arnves, the man
some water on his tajl, and it in-
In this
stranger lay Bomo time in silence. At
length the young preacher inado a
remark, to which the old man replied
in a slyla and manner that, arrested
An aged traveller, worn and wca5
v. was pcntlv urging his tired beast.
ust ns tho eun drooping behind the J bis attention. On tbhj he moved over
unge of kills that was bounded by I an i oca or two anu maaa more room.
ho horizon of tho rich and tho pic- j "How far have you come to day,
uresnue country, in mo vicinity oi old gentleman r
Springfield, Ohio. - It. aa sultry "Thirty-five miles." ' - i
August evening,and he had journeyed .' From where?" ' ;
distance of thirty-live miles since From Springfield." ' ' '
iQjping. his pulse throbbing', under J "Ah, indeed ! You must bo tired
he influence of a burning sun. At jafler so Jong a journey for one of your
airfield lie a ueen uospuauiy eaiiige." , .... , .
fertained by one who had ministered ,' "Ves, this poor body is much
leave us T Wail a lew minutes, break
fast is on tho tabic.'
No, sister L. I cannot breakfast
here. - You did not consider a poor,! as it now stands.
toiNworn traveller, worthy ol a meal, Nth-
grcss. mo Laeculivc ilcpartmcnt of 'uy young uiscoverer K(anfrnpnllclw w r.Z" . " Vt "
our national government is now in the was c.zcd at this limo with violent prRani -"ni ZuJrLliCrZ-
unanimily in bringing forward and m.a(Jo for (he e,,r,3r departure of a mi-ttPA htiJ ".,..
(V.: i-i... . r r... I iilnsr Comnanv. i .- J
lutir cauuiuaiva lur vun- ,7? J . I drop
uiiiortanateiy ine young discoverer I ctLi
v ill l v V w
I.a.!. i r, i ., .1,.. I ltfver. nnd de rluni came n! hV.fcr. IV . ' ..v.,mv?c,5,ii,
Semite is democratic, whilst the House any deUnite directions could be taken Ma . miZ.li uJtrl ' i!
i f i . .. t i .m . ixiffMacMwa tv nu u ii ai ii k miih. nn
ItislaourDonerJifthoDeiTMc- closed bu career, the design of the iJ.:"
and vour Bihhon has no claim but tmch rni-v fi!, tl .,f a.,,., comnanv was soon after rdinnm:Iid I "Vl" iiia oi pain, taking
as humanity urgea.1!, ., ' f Uq gain the ascendancy in the popular j bcy had no locality fcpectfjcd, cx-
And Jthus he departed, leaving the! branch of Congress, and thus certain- CriH ,hfit of a'coun'trjr vvild.unex-
familv in confusion and sorrow. lie I Iv rut Itofttoftho rower ofmir !. inn. I piored and cxteulIveTlhat itwas deem
did not act thus from resentment, for J bucsinir'advcrsarh-s to lav violnt i d hardihood to attempt to prosecute
t . ,-. .. . i.l. " : . I .rf I.I . r- .
sucn an emotion uiu not riso in nisi hands upon the cherished measures j Ui0 PU'P0!" i iirss enienained. lhe
an extraordinary spring forward, runs
oT, and (his 'tail being fast to the
ground) out of his skin of course, lea
ving it a- prey to the hunter I Upon
expressing-a slight doubt as lo the
probability of this mode of skinning
friendj assured me
Tint ii.Mjiroii in iMf n iimm n i ,.p r,. i t.i. i t i ii.ttlii s in iiua n n, i, ...... i
. ..v. v.,.. . .v.. ,uv... . ut uui I'uni, iur nuivuwuuuvo lung ' ' ' "'" I tli nn mn mv-
..,.1. (I,.., ...mII ...I ,n;lll ,.l it. . s nmvt, r.. Ib.iII,... I.. l. ...II'. amnlalSl ""J
forircf '-. I ;,. .,:.., I i. r.v.. I mention of it far fonr- nf ViKnl,. ...r.l. .. .
Six rnbnlhs after this time' tho Ohio 1 1 rv-. W,.' l.nvn 'hm nin n,!.r;iinn,l haps, until Iho subicct of the call dls.l ,
tr". ve have util nine additional l "!' " ue oia uis-i ir
.....-I - r . r I . .... ... I ............ : . I . ii . "i-".
Aiinimi uoihctciicc met ai viuctnnun, i memuerslogaiti in toe elections which j t-ulc' 'a "u lungt r uprouiero. ji was
could have believed it.
nently bthcld it him-
worn I i .i . . . - . .
r a m i i r , r i , . ... U'H1 lI1R Joung mm sicrwas to pre i will c
to h.m fori.s Master sake , of tfca down by ong and constant travelling, Scnt Welf for ordination as a ic.u Uou,
TfH S ifc' Lf ol :t0 con. nd Bishop Ceorgtf Was to , be 0
sunk within him a ho ciu tlio vener
able Bishop take his eat, S. grtat
was his grief and agitation, that he
was, osiiKcd, to. leave the , room, .. la
the evening, ns the Bishop wns scaled
nlonc in bis cliamU;r, tbo Kct. Ii,
which fe'edetli young lions when they J ha exhausted mo much.
lack: and be had travelled on rc- Tho ycung minister moved over a
Irfshed in fpint. .!ii many n weary little. . ..- i
nilehad he joarncj-'td over Uncc then, "Then you do not belong lo Spring-
Ind now as the evening shades dark- fielJ." -
Ined around, ho left the burden -of "Kol have no abiding place,"
Ige end toil heavy upon him, and. bn MIow?';..: , .
'..sired the pleasant retreat he had "I havo' no" continuing .city.' . My
ictured lo" himself when the ly'g homo is bcyupd this vale of tears."
.tgrimage .uouiu .u, wc b, m anoiucr move o. juo mu.ittcr. .. was announced, and h requested kirn
lishrd V Frorn 1'hiladclphiaL (In evtJcut to bb shown up.' He gra"J the
I It was not long before the old man surprise.) The Methodist .General youngman Uha cordiality uUd, ho
iiCCKCU U19 lirtU ttUHliai Ol mv, nil- WU It IX II CO M (t IH (.TSMVll f HlVfe ,li
I'U&ly looked for haven pf . r-kt. A short time ince. Had it broken up
iiiddlo aged woman was at hand, to when you leflt , i,-....
vhom be mildly applied foraccommo- -It - adjourned; tLe Jay beforo I
lation for himself and horse. started." ' x :
( "I don't know," eaid fehei coldly, Ah, indeed moving !ill further
iftcr scrutioizing for forac tinso lh over tovvardi the front ejde of the bed,
ippearance Jof the traveller which and nllowirg tho ptrnnsrr hotter ae-
vas not .tho me t promiiing, 'that c comroodation. - f fcIIadf Bihop George
:an tako you old man. You ccm left nhen voO came cull? " "
" ftt.irf d nt Inn snmo hmf!
I did we left in company,',' s . j
-"Indeed!"- , ,
Hero the circuit rrt-achor relics
w i i i i i r m
will come off this year to Ftcuro tho
ae. itliconfdenll expected that
p Oconto Was to.bclbvo of them Mil bo obtained in Yirs
the presiding Bishop. " li'inia. havinir lis bat T,nir morn to
Ou the first day of the 'assembling! train in other tstatct. provided We lam
f , 1. f . 1- I , ,
vi iub vuiiici cute, our uhiiimit Uvari 1 noiiling tl-CIiCTC. -
ired, howcvcrt tsnd l'ilfco if thotnin
strf of the circuit, who ii Lire tsr.
,ipht. will let yo'i I ;'-;c wish l i n.1
The young .'rci:it r .L- r n-.-n
aJo L.saf' nr.r.c , t.r. '.,:; i ;ci.t-
lit:; : 1
hi:- i. ... i;t
Under these circumstance?, how im
portant U it, that tho Democracy cf
Missi sippi should bland firm, and at
all events, rKuni lo'lhc'ncxt Congress
its many as wo tent lo the last. ' Il is
for , this purpose,, that we 'call Upoa
U.e Ucmocraty of this District, and of
th State, to promptly frown doa n cv
frr i I torn nf r, inliAntiAn.rr an -.fT...-,
7it.i ... . r... i,. ' ,i I .7 ."r' v
"'V ,1 " V . , V.: to divide the nurly rathe coroigelrc-
iui iiHpHnes, ana luuna hico i:y had ,iou. U do not know that we Uiall
met before a great change had, been tay0 any difficulty in billing the
wronght in . lam. Ho was rnv as claims of cur nspSrarda it. this disfiict.
.... -r i we uusr, ana beneva itat we tLaii
have received a disobrdiont but re-
no!; but at tho eanrw time wc e arnest.
irri'icJ 1 . 1 : n
.ii,live!v, i:
nt q'Jcs;io:.a ! i.
stinj L.3 Li'.r l.i.!f
Llr. lis nt-cth t'
attdlL-t f-' "ir is
L-cdforlle i
; lull' 'f i i:."- 1
TLa 'rave
I-.al t-.
-re L
!.rd a full half of ihe LeJ.aaJ pol-
y requested lae strar.rjcr 10 occupy
w i
1 t;
t tt.i
i. cn
a i iTzcr f) acts -
"How di l thr; T-'-rp lock he is
;-'V.rz r j.a c!.l DOWaaJ f-cUc, U
tarries hi erj tcl-mllj wc'I.
1 1
Bit I.f labor is a !
l.o lr-:
i lilir g
, 1
r t-
! W.i w.tv
in a
lo t3
Iv bonr. if anr wie -Kot.IJ rrcicrnnin
pr-ntant chtl J, so dd the good man ou..iy thiut I'imscir forward lii opnn-
rccuve thu crnns but contnte brot;., tli l0 lLi x. co of Uo .... ax.
t r. T hey n;;i;lcd their tcs togeih- rrti, cj tLrou-b their H-nr. s r.tativts
t r, Ml..o tiic young - rcachcr y f l in convci.tion asmhLd,t!,at brmay
V'f , t'tn l'9 rn cciro airr.u3 reward! Ii u true
Fp.i-.f ::.iij.'...2r. . iiiatwca!ltecurrrcfcrt"-(s;npj
At t? - tf t-B-;.-; crluncd, ncd it is t u lr..f,( lha tL t t .
lift l nnw nrn nl Inn n-i. tvf rn.-n nnil .
usrful, niniiers j'a th Ohio Confer
r ?
t r;'
YAtsrn Ts'i K. During te cx
: i "of aii 4 j i i '' inaccu.lry
t i f ; ft YarAr xvai cn t!.c
tic r
jfiy v
i". r
! r
i ia '
A l' - r
1 f
t t;
t .(
Li .
f. :i
tic craw.ii j. in common vva i oi.
u Lavo w.-r rf-i:. and ; Livi J
o cxprcf'i'l tl.e Lchcf, tl.at car
the will ofdivine providence that the I'nrrisa a Pater The majority of
tuumuiiuiuu uiyieil'J .11 ll.ai I reaucrsset tn 10 lliUlK fiat no hinr run
time, or i aat.it ahould not be diss-im-. lo more ca?y or pleasant than lo ed
inatcd in the land, for some good -and it a paper; cut of ail the different cm
wise, . rcasuii; but 'chance 'has utain plovments bv which ni..ii mal- tl,i.
brought lhe tic.tures of thii Uldoras j tr ad ami butter, tbre is none, we be
do to light, and it riches are '' pouring Jlieve, lh at to taxes the mind, temper
iuiuuui ia mi.u j.uris, oy eac.i arrival I ana mm, as u;u ol editmir a Danrr.
i uiu nju ouiiunicii iM.ini3 ana t;if.' pa
cific coals', in juanii!ic3 lliat will en
rich thousands upon thousnJs..'
A N'iLut Ne vn rns Dcr - Kca
On ilJi ful ji ct, Mr.Ttrgusop. Hi fcfs
I'i'ope of Bcpojo, sayr.."Dett.rmin
ing to pa53 ihe night on tl.-v tborc, I
pUched my tent, liphicd my pipe,
anu Bin wanning ma Hiudes ol even
ing draw round lh'; mount of Moab.
and cast a doom ciioirtfce lri"Ltncs.,
of daylight!. ., .
ILo Bcd uini of myrcort ha
tobacr t at i. v cxrensu. cn td deter
mined to tuale tLe n i f it, and six
up s.t i - u;i n ...t
ia-. " I .rd !!.; i , of il.r ,r r.-ilc
l.i;rlLj.i.i 11. r kL. .,..!- i.l i!. i
hx I.cd Out the d.r cf mvlt r
. . 1 1 v
1 c
.i I
'. . i C '
5 c:
r r c r;c
i i n t!
.!..-, I:
ty tf tl
f !
. t c r i j ;
'. ! i r
c v . r I r .
;a t;i it.
rr. .
. c ;
jc: nr.
1 an c
I. -a cf t!.
At r.,
1 1 ,
i c:
' red
!i. r.
r f.
r r.
I l
r rv i I
."'it! t,
: f c
i liere ia none rcqu. res a nicer tract,
a toundcr judgment, a more certain
application, a quicker wit, orn kinder
heart. A churlish temper could nev
cr succeed as an editor; nor a narrow
miiidfd man, nor an ignorant one, nor
a hasty one, cor an unforgiving one.
'An editor must of ncceisity turn
l.in.iilf out to the' public ;1io cannot
ie a l.jpocnte to his wife. IIo raost
expose himself in all thai he does; as
much in f electing the thought of oth
ers, as if publishing his own, and tho
belter way for htm in the cutset is. to
btg'H frankly, to save himself from af.
t r u tralicUn nnd morti.'-catioEi.
V"I,o, v r eiiccteJi tolcrally well fill
lior, i. fccrnetLing more tl.-i an
1. .-il: "try n.i!!, ht bia eon!cm .ries
fcnyrr t Lir.k cf Lira as thev will.
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Ai Wc cpytic Alow
i'wo Cad it iltll and
Icn in it:
;io il.vrry existcj in
n-Jn-. 1 j-rrcthed
I'v ... ro..' tn the
i.i ; . : : . cf I. .: na.
;.i ! r I :. ,-y e 1 ' rr an,
: '-!y rtl--i-"g ia
. v -.1 in tl,? I ,.it
-y . i,.fart cf Ler
' . . f,: v.- Jii 3 f..,:r t" -
. 1 ! .:t cf .:: .
1 - J r : ,-.
: cf c -.
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