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1 SJjp orjrmn?.
r. Printer and fw&irfn;.
oztoiid, r,2i., ',
Saturday, Mny IS, IN 10.
w higs for support. Yet, the "Monro Ucm
ncfai" would have the worlJ believe that
nil creation is itgkatea at lite mere men
tion of its -candidate's name. . Wj know
that Gen. Davis is a man of eome parts,
but ha will find it an uphill business to get
to Cungrce s as a" democrat, while ho e
chews and repudiates nil the lime-honored
usages oT tha party. We regret 6) see nirii
in (his position, particularly," when, with
ordinary prudence and a little patience he
might have become the' honored loader of
la the Teu&uai'h Asi.KKrf Wheke
ark TiiK W mo . Accounts fTho Tele
graph gave an account of Gen. Taylor's
election almost as soon ns that lament
able event t x k place!, and the Whig pa
per from Maine to Texas were, full of
election returns. ' Is it not passing strange
that with such great fucilities for intel
ligence, we cannot bear anything of the
Virginia election from the .Telegraph or
the, Whig pupersf It has been strongly
suspected that the telegraph is a Whig
QCrW na( intended to publish this week
the defence of Jamfs E. Matthew?, late
Auditor' of Publjp Accounts. It will ap
pear in our next. , ' .
Tpvnrn a vv fTi'ft nrrn A wr , vn JLWa
jl aJi m.mm . ..-.' al
Mffr.t I r iarn itint It ia thi intention tif
the Grand Division of this State to'aanul
and recall the Charter granter to Universi
ty Division of the Sons of Temperance.
The ground upon which the Charter is, to
be annulled is that all oflicers are required
to be twenty one years of age, and it is im
possible to officer the Division in compli
ance with this, requirement. It is under
stood that all, oratjeasta large majority
of the members of University Division, in
tend to connect themselves with their Tem
perance fiiends of Oxford.
Weekly Mail to Mntrurs. We are
pleased to lea in that Mr. Jons Fbahlux,
of this vicinity, 1ms received the contract,
at tho recent letting?, for carrying the mail
weekly, from ths place to Memphis. The
service is to be performed on horseback,
nritl will commence on the 1st ofJ uly next.
This will give us one more mail, by a
shorter route to Memphis, and wo trust (he
schedule of arrivals and departures will be
soarrangod that our town will rcccivo four
mails a week, on different days, instead cf!
three, as under tho present arrangement.
Our friend Franklin once thought of run
ning a hack to Memphis, for the purpose of
carrying tho mail and passengers and we
are not aware that he has changed his de-
terhinalion. Such an arrangement would
doubtless, be profitable to him, and highly
convenient and desirable to tho citizens of
the democracy ofjhe 2d Congressional Dis J "ktj, and vo begin to believe there
tnct. " v ' tw some cretind for the' euicin. Out
DrcuNED.JudgeSnAKKEV, in the last jw'ln i', and let the world know how
"Southron, declines to run for Governor, proudly Old Virginia maintains her polit-
;jreferring as he says, to remain on the Sn- ica' integrity ! ' '
preme bench, w e wonder ifthestroDg popu- Tmcn Distinct. The whigs of the 3d
lor current lor Ocn. IJcitman had any Jhinir Congressional District seem to be uniiini
todojinbringrngthe Judge to his wise con- upon Mr, Ghav, of Attala, as their candi-
elusion f Tho whigs are now without the date for Congress. This is the District of
hope of a candidate for Chief Magistrate of the rcno.vncd.Pat Tompkins. It is yet un
certain who will be the choico of tho dem
ocrats. Col. Mc Willie, of Madison, an able
"An Abny with Many Banners."
Ft seems that the enthusiasm fur General imnn d eloquent speaker, is extensively
Quitman has taken hold of tho masses in FPoke,ot- "ccan
every part of the State, North, South, Cast (rYallabusha, Tisliomingo and ChicJ
and Wjjst. . At the present writing, he haslasaw counties have brought out .democrat
received a nomination for Governor bv ic candidates for all the countv officers. It
primary assemblies of the democracy in a
bout twenty counties. Among the num
ber are the following:
' Tishomingo, Pontotoc, Lafayette, Yalla-
will be far our county convention to as
semble on the Mi Monday of this month, to
determine whether they will follow suit.
We havo always advised this policy, and
Remarkable Tcmjf ranee law, v'
Astringent bill relating to iatox
ieating drinks has teen passed by the
Wisconsin Legislature, consisting of
ten sections.. It requires all persons
busha, Tallahathie, Monroe, Chickasaw, see no necessity for urging tho recommeir
Lowndes, Choctaw, Octibbeha, Clark, Jas-1 dation nt this time. We are perfectly wil-
per, Yazoo, Wilkinson, Lawrence, Noxu- "ng to be governed by tho decision of our
bee, Itawamba, and Attala. And yet there party friends, whatever it may be.
is a man in Monroo county calling himself
Lady Editor. Tho Yazoo Whirr has
Cah Manias? who sees proper to as- bcon conductcj by M. Pbkwbtt, "since
sail the. General's democracy! Out unon .,..,. l. r.,-. r -. .
such presumption!
Out upon thedeath of the Editor. We certainly wish
her great success.
The Memphis Appeal of the 10th brings
us tho following highly 'gratifying intel
ligence, derived from he Louisville Dem
ocrat of the 5th inst. Thj Washington
Union f the 1st, (on our table,) con
fims the -Rcwa of this great Democratic
. mi Virgin., nov.r tiro. Stia t.n
elected 14 democrats toConres8 out of jMtJy Vribu table to, fcuoli traflic.
15, and defeated the lone Star in the
only whi; district in the State. Pendle
ton has paid the penalty of. voting against
the bill to establish a government (or Call
fornia, and hid competitor, Morton,, has
taken the district from him. Morton i
now the. lone star, and he is elected by
democi.uic votes. So that, in fact, the
democracy have elected every congress
man from Virginia. This is an emphatic
rebuke to Taylorism, and all its ebiOiDg
and shuffling. The democratic parly
have only four more members to gain
and we shall havo a majority of the
Lower House in the 31st Congress. In
diana will give us two of these, u'nJ Mis
sissippi one: Kentucky, Man land, North
Carolina, and Tennessee have yet to vote.
and it will be Strang o it llioy cannot give
us one more. ,
The whigs had six representatives in
tho lust Congress from Virginia. .
It will be seen that Mississippi is hmk
cd to for one additional democratic Con
gressman. Will the 3d District permit
this call to be made in vain?
flame was extinguished soon at the
annibilator was brought to bear up
on it. ' " -.
There gfems t. 'be no reason to
dotbt the tull value claimed for the
CCrTho Kosciusko Sentinel cautions the
public against counterfoil dimes in circula
tion nt that place. There are doubtless
0Cr The Cholera has becomo an cpldetnic
at Yazoo City; yet, we learn from the Dom-
- . . J I when taken ia its first fitnnes. We omo
huh picicr iiicru o mo icnnesseo ronf, . - - Al . J .
because they at least wear the appearance
of money, which cannot be said of tho
"promiset to pug."" Withal, as Gov. Mc
Nutt used to uy, they have a "rillaiwut
deaths in Holmes County.
AccKiuNi t6 tuk Universit. We
learn from one of the Professors, that scv
cral new students, principally, wc believe
from South Mississippi, havo matriculated
at the University. It is gratifying to see
this Institution inspiring confiJcnce every
where In the coursrof tho Summer large
accessions aro expected, when provision
will be maJe for one, perhaps fic new
Chairs. Nothing but tho most narrow and
intolerant sectarianism cm prevent its sue
ce". Who Shall be the Ca.vpioatfs fob
the Llciflatpre? It will become the
duty of the Democratic county convention
to bo held on the 29h tnst , to present the
democracy of Lifayette with candidates for
tho Legislature. Who fhill they bet . Wc
hear several good and true democrats and
competent men spoken of as candidates.
Among the number, we mention Gen. Tal
iaferroand Col. James Brown, for tho Sen
nte, and U. II. Buford, Iq., M j. L. T,
Wynn, Col. C. M. Phipps, Foster Frccland,
Esq., anJ Jami-s R. Bowles, Eq. VV
have amplo materials from which to select
faithful and efficient representatives, anJ
should harmony prevail io the deliberations
of tho convention, no tno doubts our com
plete and triumphant success in November,
We have never permitted personal consid
crations to iciljencc our advocacy of par
ticular individuals for office, and we now
announce our determination to support the
nominees of the parly, whoever they may
be. This piril should, sol we Ic ievH
will unite and actuate the entire party,
rntAis Fbiends r TcMrmANCE.
We sec it stated that the Udics of Natchez,
have raited $2,000 by means of a Fair, to
id the Sons of Temperance of that place,
ia paying fo their new Half. Will ti't
ths ladies bf Oxford imitate this proud ex
ample, by adopting iLe fame or similar
means to construct a Hall f..r Oxford Di-;
t The pr jet it nit at all imprsc
ticaWe. Wuh a lu:!e we!kl(rccted tier
. tioo on the part of the fcmi'e fiicnJs to
Tcrrpcrancc, sceoo Ird and j)h1 by th
pub!ic spirited of the f sher vt, tl enter
Civ'J le brought li a parci " ! trr
t 'natioa. Wc throw t!.c L r,t ,. '.Cf
u t o'Uc r tsjy tK it -p, anJ tt . -,'
gie Ue thicja trial.
Delegatsj to the State and Dxs-
tbict Conventions. Last week the com
positor overlooked and omitted three of tho
delegates of thii county to the District Con
vention." The list as published below is be
lieved to bo complete and correct:
Drfegates tc the State Contention.
Jacob .ThoYnpson, J. F. Cushman, C. M
Phipps, B.F. Dill.
Delegates to tfre District Conrention.-
C. G. Butler, C. M. Phipps, Q, W. Paris,
Joshua Browning, W. S. Jones, David
Scrivener, Joseph Humphreys, Benjamin
c-haw, O. P. Bowles, Geri. Taliaferro, A.
Peterson, G. W. Strickland, James Pack
er, L. T. Wynn, Hulluin Redwinc, A. K.
Taylor, R: II. Euford, B. F.Jlogcrs, Cap
tain W. A. Smith, J. M." Howry,' W.. II.
Smiiher, James Brown, William Thomp-
son, J. R. Bowles, J. S. Buford, William
Fobcicn News. Tho orrival of the A-
mcrica is telegraphed from Nashville for
the Memphis Fugle. We condense the
news. The French goyemmcot hasconio
to the decision to use armed intervention
for tho restoration of the Pope. An ade
quale force had sailed for the purpose.-
ihe wars in tho different continental
State continue with unabated fury. Tho
decline ofl-8 in cotton quotations is appli
cable to all American qualities and others.
Some activity in the corn marker. Italy
in a state of indcscribablo confusion. The
Republicans have again been conquered.
General rising in Tuscany in favor of the
Grand Duke .
ftS-We learn by the "Lynx" that Gen.
Bradford intends to open the campaign for
Congress at Panola, during the Circuit
Court. i -
Soi'Tnta.v Cuntkntion.-TIio Demo
crats at their meeting io Watorford, passed
resoultioo urging "the importance of
ho.dmg .Southern Convention, irrespec
tive of party, at Hun!svil!, Alabama", or
soinocentnl poiat, on tho f;rsl Monday in
CCrTho Panola Lynx, a clever Whig
paper, thus speaks of our friend, Col,
Ccshman, as. a candidate for Attorney
"John F. Cm-hman, Esq., is extensively
spoken of as the probablo nominee of the
Democratic Convention for Attorney Gen
eral of the State. Mr. Cuehmau has served
long and faithfully his pagny, and deserves
as innrn at tticir lianas as any man in llicir
Pcbmc Fxi'Rkssion. The Democratic
meeting held at Lamar, Marshall county,
on the 5th inst., passed tho following reso
lution : , . . .i
Itcsoleed. That the distinguished servi
ces f tho lion. Jacob Thompson in the
Congress of the United States for the last ten
years aa ihe Representajive of tho State
and iho District, entitle him to our highest
estimation, nnd wc hereby express our pre
ference for him as our candidate for Rep
resentative in the next Congress.
The meeting nt Watcrford, in the tame
county, thus announced its preference:
JlesolecJ, That we recognise in our fel-low-ciiizcn,
Roger Barton, L'sq., a tried
and valiant champion of the great Demo
cratic Republican cause, nnd recommend
him to the Democracy of this Congression
al District, as one whose claims are, as
we believe, -universally rccogn and
whose peculiar powers are particularly
needed at this time. We w ill, thcrrore,
bail bis nomination by the District Con
vcnlion for Congressional Representative
irom una Listnci, witn sinceie pleasure.
Both Secbtrcd for Quitman for Governor
Erst JJcrtinjt.
In pursuance of tho recommendation
of the Democratic County Convention of
the GQih ulU, tho Democrats of Beat
No. I, are requested to ntfH at Oxlnrd,
on the 3rd Saturday of this month (lDih
Octobrr next, composed of a Delegate from I ' ' ,
iTBii a in Aiin a inirii v l .nut i ri nun. i.i iio
held rn t!i 23;h inst .
May 12 Ji, IS 10, ,
A Martyr Alive and Kickino. Col.
Richard CI ward, of Natchez, (who,, it will
be remembered, was turned out of the
post odiee at Natchez, because he obtained
certificates to prove that Gen. Tay lor was
an owner of slaves,) has purchased the
"Free Trader" office. The Editorial de
partment will still be under tho control
of Mr. Tcbo. In his address on assum
ing his new duties, Major Dl ward re
nin rks: , .
'In conclusion I beg Icavo to state that
sinco my connection with the Pont OHico
in this city, and from which, I havo just
been rudely thrust . by Gen." Taylor, I
have been much abused' ami misrepre
sented by men from whom I expected
more honorable treatment. It is not true
that I forwarded to tho abolitionists'of
Ohio a copy of the title deods of Gen
Taylor, to hi plantation and negroes in
Jeti'rson county,, 'Tis true that 1 rodo
to Fuvclto, and when there obtained the
deed, but I did not go thero for that pur
pose, nor did I get it on my own account.
I obtuiocd it (or a citizen of Na'chez with
out kuowing what use he intcuded to make
of it. I procured the deed to oblige
friend, and oot to injure the South in any
way whatsoever, and . those who charge
that 1 did get it for that purpose, have
misrepresented, mc. Nor is it truo that
I was an office-holder at tho time. Gen.
Taylor and his frieuds have no ground
for offence, ns f.ir as I am concerned
nor hava they a right to persecute, slander
and victimize mo for what 1 dona as a
private citizen. - The Whig editors have
called it. "Treason to tho South," and
talked so much like true Southerners and
honest men that they succeeded in per
suading a great many well-meaning and
good natured men to tako their vile slan
ders at gospel prices. Whig editors are
at liberty lo abuso me as much as !hy
deem serviceable to the men they have
smuggled into power and who havo un
ceremoniously, and with a hnsto that does
them no honor and mc no injury, smuggled
mo out ol ci.ice. And I m ikq ths explica
tion for the nurposo of letting tho people
know tbo whole Oulh and what jelinnce
can be placed upon those unscrupulous
knaves who tuve found their way to a posi
tion in society which , they do not appre
ciate and where lack of hone'ty and g'd
brcec!" disgraces the party to which they
have in4 hittioi to belong. . I have done
my duty to tny adopted country, as a pri
vate citizen.' I done my duty as an ofiice
holJcr, and have been turned out without
a raue or the "shadow of one, the say-so of
Whig editors lo'tlie contrary notwith.
standing. 'If Gen. 'Taylor is satiMied, I
am I am now beyond, the' reach of Ids
guillotine, and while he keeps it in rnoiioii
it'will be revenge enough -for' rnc? t h',ld
up bis violated plcd- to r n.N moi
people. . RICHARD hl.WAUD.
discovery, which cannot fail to
liquors" to give bond to the town one or the most fnefictal applies, ,
authorities, with three sureties, in tions of eciontiGc knowledge that thiT-
orfe thousand dollars, "conditioned to prolific age bas brought forth. - ,
pay all damages flie community or . , . ... ti ..'"t
individual, mly sustain By reason of . A Btoft t0,d the Ce!
suSh tjaOic: to support all paupers, Journal of a tollego professor, as ful- j
widows, and orphans t pay the ex- !0?; r .
penses of all civil and criminal pro- was 0 "l 1 Prec,se "en,
Jecutiontmaac. growing out of.' or who measured off sentences as a clerk f
justly avributable to, such traflic." ?ocs c)0iC,h,on' . good pro. I
A-A tt i .-.t th. .1 r,v, (rT feasor took tt Info hm head to re iev
lolding the bond to deliver it to "any the monotony of his existence by att J
person who may claim to be injured P"ttl'Vf i . wasnn.
by saia trallic ' We qudte the re- , , J . "V PU0,
maining provisions entire: a.ndJ10, was ,n fflr 0 test
& a n Kbli i,. lnurf.,1 fnr ni- ,rl rirtucsof PnesHitz s theory. II-
,.-o,t , ,n s,iin s i,-. was averse fb making any unconth
1U VT VtllUU IV Hi9tilVUIV III UV( W"ll I 1 L J J i
namiT, n 8Uit on any such bond. for outcry, and. bad gone down twice.
all damages attained by herself or saying wpraj ouijustashis
children on account of such traflic; .ccuI,ul w"" disappearing a third
and the uioney, when collected, shall flme' le ro,lcd on hlil ba,clf, and blow,
be paid over to her, for the wse ol jngr'lktf a porpoise, exelaimed ratKer
hftrselfand children. ' loudef than Usual, ' ts anticipated.
6 5. No suits for liquor bills shall Uiat one mIt extaul tome roper
ba entertained by any of the courts v. ...... . . r
of this State ; and whenever it shall 'n , i i ? . A
, . . . meeting is soon to be held in Jackson
be mod to appear to any court, be- " -.'".t acK,on
fore which a suit may be pending, , V .' "V w"uen,wn
on a promissory note, tW euch note Z 't r IS" f
was Jivea InVhoto'o, in part for !5fc. .
B.Cu m uoip win pari lor : .fi;,rnsM1. ' ,,
.bills, such court fcball immed- I ',1""":,: " . , " 7 ia .
iately dismiss fuch suit at tho costs ,: iV e 7 , m
' wv s 1'irtlDUI n 1 I 111(1 ,
k r VV- .i. "i .r ...t 'he fact that we hav understood that
y u. vyn iud tuoi ui uiiv suit uiiuci l . , -
the provisions of this act, the cause Z ' . I " rV1"'". " ine P01IC f
or foundation of which shall be the Tu i . T t , , ' I
act of an individual -under the in- " JFjf 1 6 Jacks0n
fluence of liquor, it shall only be ne- L' a r" ! n6ft t
cessary, it. Jrder -to sustain the ac SJtIJ'-1 leCf " the
tion, to ptove that the principal in T' :,r"',c't'zrs '.'avc ProP0Se'
the bond old or gave liquor o the 7li'fi7 i , uas.vo,unlff
person (so intoxicated or in liquor) 'Z'r i" f 9 Pc1Vion?' '
whose acts are complained of, on the " f?" V10,0 l. ru.?;,f PmdI(?i
dy previoiii to the commission of Vh' 3
y 7. Whenever, a person ,hll be- nTf '00OU
. 1 v v va fj PUlllVir ILt
come a cojiyity, cil', or village charged Vha p nv , ,.
by .tcmooV intemperance, a sl J
may be instituted by the proper ftuth- trtil ixntnm A uf ,
orities on tho.bo.il of 'any person ," KfSfr f, COro'
who may have been in the habit ol f" ' 1Z .fo.m i'011 coun'
aelting or civing liquor to such reV- t. r ' . !' ' TXll "!.a ' '
charge machinery. licks. 11. . ,
6 S. Any person against whom a r. t . - r .
judgment may he obtained, under the tCrACut 8 Go, D V
provision of this act, shall be entitled '7l;i,J Wtr? P"?" d br U k
to maintain a suit to compel a contri- hll ' km 'der.m;'n Wth t, ;
bution towards paying the judgment !l7nJi0,rBp,,0,n,,m?nt ,f a sc,cft
against him, ag' inst all persons en- "m'"'.fr?.m ,'Lbrd !.
gaged in uch trallic in such county, "X,,v nf T in i i y I , i
oily, town, or village, who may have $ fJr hf ,- b-X ? '
oid or given liquor o such person pencrolJaekion in LU
committing an offence or becoming ; 7 7r V , '
a nnhlia rharn ' b gold box Gen. Jackson beo.pca.lhed Io
a puono charge. . h; ,h. .l,n. nr . .. ,
n . i ii i i --- - - -" - annum
9. Any person who shall vend or y, ihe pence succeeding be adjudged I
retail, or,,for the purposo of avoid, bv his ff-llow-citimi m kL- I
wig the provisions of this net, give niP,t valiant in defence ofbi country. I
away npintuoiw 1-quors without lirst The box was nresfntP,! bv rb
ghing the bond required by the firt Ltion of tin citvof !W vrir
section of this net, shall lo deemed General, Hnd tho award has r-ferrnce
guilty of a misdemeanor, npd, upon o New York alonf. 1
. . g in. i 1 " ' " I
conviction mereot, atiaii no tinea in
a sum ot not ess than nity nor more SrRvAST.We sometimes amuse
man live nunureu uoitars, a m oe im- 0rscirr s . ys the Pennsylvania En
pnsonea in mo county jau noi less ouirrr, by looking over tlie ndverl.
than ten days nor more than six mpnt in ib 1 nnAnn r,.
ril- ,rt.t.ti i. i:ku ,n T . " r"i 7
.....4 .u ... oi mem nre rnnons onimoh ' rr.
respects to the public nnd to indi- fojlowing, for example, i. from a I.
viduals the same as hn would have ,inmW of tbn r.mwl rt. t
been had ho. given the bond required wrier nt jeasti ha9 a vrr j in
m the first section of this act. ion of his own qualifications :
This rrmarkablc expression of pub
ic Opinion in Wisconsin on iho sub
ject. of "spirituous liquors,"' passed
tho JSenatc by a vote ol 10 to J, and
the Assembly 29 to It goes some
step beyund'any lrfifjation on the
subject in the country. Xut. Int.
- . , : t ,; .. - - -
each Congressional District in each South
ern Slate, to tyke into con fide rat ion the
rights of the South, and the lest course to
pursue In rc.ni Abolition fanaticism sod
WilmoUProviso-rrccsftilism. All the res-
The Wjatt Tolico, Dcit will hold a
preparatory meeting to the sending cf Re-
luiiuns cX this meeting are wr.tfrn w' S preventatives to me iwnty invention,
ui.iij.oiia u;ca;ue a spiru wpttny ti a;
iniitatHJin." . - r
CT'l be LjnchS.urg Vienna mjsJic
"Wk'g Jfs$ tf.MUtijfijfi is tcry sen
g hive rf tUnut a IPAjV Vorernor.n We
J c . ! l. . r v r v i ,', -( " 7 mrt ii f'
oa the haturJsy j ieM .f to tho 4;:i fcuii
jlav in this month, hioh w-l ! boon lle
day r.f the Ma j'-stet' Court.
May tbe ;hr 1613.
" "Ills Indfpru .Vn---,' C:.:. Rn tr
Dvi, caaJ.te C Cr;.-' ".a t'. i'..;'
Dutrict cau.be it oa a'.i i.:c. A' I t.V
dr oxraiic p3,T r -f t'it c .ft; J 8tc '
up-o Li;it, while lla!,. ?,;t. n," ( r A.-!
r!cca L-) J'c :le f.. ;..ra' r.o ';
f;-.'N.'-r,',r' t'1' ' v j "if. -r I
;:..( tj
. t K.rtic ti
r f' .".r!
t t.
: t
t i.
T " f n-oir; Mrport h irr-ni tl.
I.- s ol iLe T'1) i-j'.'iii :
I . cr ! . I "'i a r"" 1 ft jiiry, ! ..
i fr.J I Jfr? Cimt yrt c f
ft" I !1 CP!",1"""''i t' "
.' ! to . t 1!' .
i r '" . i C i
" ,'F''!nr ,
."If. r.s, f-'y r-
!. Wet r; ; J i 'rr : ;
I e - i ' . - I
vj ' i t - - z 0 o n
SrF.Ktso Olt iv Cifrncn. The N.
Y.,Tribune is rc'-iiiJillo fjr tL'c Al
lowing; A younlady of this city, who is
enpaced and wilt shortly b united to
a cailant son of Icptune, Tisited the
Mariner Church on " bun Jy lat.
D tiring the sermon; "Ibe p.tor dis
coursed clcKjacntly rhJ with rnnch
rarnr$tnc?s of rrr.ner on lb tri.ih,
Ur.gttf, anJ ten-.ptatlons r-f the rr
.-ion rf s-nlor; be concluded t
IiiroKtAsT SciEiinc Di-covrir.
The London correspondent of the llos
ton Atlas says that, at a recent meet
ing of the Koyal Institution, a paper
was read, announcing a discovery by
means of which carbonic acid gas" is
applied to the extin,T')isliment of fires
w ith, complete fuces. It is said to
be making consM-raUn talk nmon
scientific met?. Tbo fvllowinj is giv
en s an abstract of the paper: ,
.Inl ;re (Ires, flame is the crcat a
frent of tlcstruction; it occasions a"vi-i
ofor.t drtiosht, in!cno beat, nn 1 n;i-j
I i.y p'- nf r.-'is i-tti'-Tttnj rx.'j" s
as. I'ui" iit citecj' a con!a:t
supply cfpare air ii nrcfsary, n well . b's tongue,
as a ton?tant temperature. Io
T-t the i .. r, . "ifT is suCiCient
not so to prevent the other coaJltion
The "Are anniliilator" t uMucs fiamc ecl his master.
by prcvcr.Hr. cfTjctaIly the sepply
of its vital element, pure fiir.rn 1 sup
plyin instead, one destructive to its
c. i t itsiciiic -criroonic ki nna steam
t it . .J; .i r.i .
Do you want a servant? Neces
sity prompts the eurstiorf. Tlie ad
vertiser oilers his services lo any lady,
gentleman, company, or others in
want of a truly faUbful, confidential
servant in any capacity not menial,
where a practical knowledge of hu
man ualuro in various parts oT tie
world vr'.!i be available. Could un
dertake auy affair of small r great j
importance, where talent, mviolahle
secrecy, or pood -address , would be
necessarjv JIas moved in the het
and worst sot ietiei without btinrcon-
Jaminnfed by cither t has cever been
a K ivHiit; bc-s .to recommend him
self a ono who knows hit place; is
mcr ii, temperate, middle aged;
t' .-ction to any part of the world.
Could .nJviso oqj capitalist wishing
to increao kin Income; and have the
r I 'it ri. 1 r r I ! i tnnrtw . I I - . .
..v........ ... ...... in j.w uuiij Bcl M j
s crct vr,r valet to any lady or prnW
tlfrmn. Could cive ajvica or ho!, t
sine-, dance, clav. fence. !
pre- nix. prrac;i a scrnrn, or anything
, but from thocurlh? of a peruke to tl.
lorming oi a tiiaJcJ, but never to ex
1 '
-no v, ii.- r..i anjii.tt!
f nrs a tar, in!in .-',
1 '
r" t l 'a -;ji"r'.'JconcIudcJi:.eKrrircsbyre.:-' rrnt
.NoriL '.Isbir.a-aClScrnt. Lini in prat,?. -& Ufirr,
f j .ckrt, or a flit of Ire-use ts Kia'j
' ;ek in short, is there nny cn
cui Avzht for the poor sailor t
i i.ttli rirl, a i;cr cf tbi youn? I a,!
a was s.;: ,
- ' r, f a: 1, ia n t r nc I
i.'-ry or.o to b ; r: Y
, - s I" Tl.o rs . I r, r v.
-I, ! Hame impossible. . TLcsc areefnera-
ofl.imj'oJby tLis apparatus which i per
il Liuitectiy rortsL.e, lor one a:nr.s for a
private boose wci;'.. only about ten
! ty five poanis. It is'so contrived lUit
A I by f imply toucblr a spring thi-. aC-
. A Goon O.xn. A "corrponJent of
the N. Y. Spirit cf tLo Tuics 'elate
tho f-.!!ovn-r
.".Some y.. ,rs ' -Ii
Law" r, : I,
,' ran in'
a X-r!h Caro-
; -rtor-iii 3
rt v
t .
Z by hor, irnmia!(
Z r.rcllj at ber
uJ enoofrr
f r, J rV
r l i J
live arencf cn bo urouscd in lhro
'serr:; j? of ''c. T.-T the protoc';
of larger U.-dinri sucb asch--r'
H, i
c r t . -a w;:
nrc r.lioii v is
' re---.
' i s roc
, v'.c. were set
anl Th-a luly ig-nttri the
:.c w., I., t
Ui--t iO
. a t
: ro
.t r
a r '
on Lis bick ar.i Ls tfavc!a ,1-,
IJ the. article.
J ;
-r '

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