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TMNEssEeEDtTons. -The editors in
Tenressee are irt lack. F S. Lnthfim,
of the Eagle,' has been (appointed
Postmaster at Memphis, and Mr. Hall,
(if tho NaShville Whig, has received ai
valuable appointment at Washington
city., i This rewarding of editors .ia a
pood trait In, the character of General
Taylor. , Wo h&po he will continue
to be rrlndful of them in distributing
the loaves 'and fishes. Jacksonian.
,-r-. J. ' row Governor: . ;
C EI7. Z 0 ZZTJ & QU2TElAri.
Sulject to LW decision tf a Democratic
f Slat$ Contention.) -..
.A X N 6 IT N C C S K N t S.
' ; For Brigadier General. ,..,
' Wb are authorized to announce Maj.
VM. B. SPINKS, (favorably known as a
member of the 1st Mississippi Regiment in
I he lute . Mexican War) as a candidate for
Ori"niJier Geiieral,4 of the 2d Division Mis
'i,ippi' Militia', at the election tm tho 7lh
ttt May ncvt.v -sj .a r , , :
, For Circuit Judge.
We are authorized to announce7 the
lion. N. PRICE, 6f Tippnh county,
r a candidate forjudge of iho Seventh
Judicial District, at the next November
Election. ? i .
J. N. M'CAM P15ELL, of Marshall
county, is a ..candidate for Judge of the
Seventh Judicial District, .at the November
Election. ' . '
lieutenant , mayne ueius
s:eat, romance,
Founded on bit adrentorea In the lata Mexican
... . . '.. War,
Has been" procured at a great expenso br.ths
Kditor of the N. Y. Literary American, and wi:l
b published in that paper of May 5, and the
succeeding weeks. In the eoursa of the work,
the storming of Vera Cruz, aeveral flattie, and
the Triumphal Entry into the City of Mexico
are faithfully described. It ia the most remark
abfa and interesting work that his appeared in
the Wow York Pre,-and will b w-r
Copyriglticd fot the Literary American.
Cack number furnished at the office. '
- .
TEF MS. Served every week in New York,
Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and all the ne gh
boring places, for Six cent a Week.
Tq Mail Subscriber ' ' '
" One copy . . 't 83 00 '"
' " Two copiea . . 5 00 ' ,
i ft .- roa copiea ... . . . 4
Ten copiea ., f .,-. ."2U 00
per annum, "in advance.
: -- ' 1 . ' r 1 .
" Agent wanted in every town in the U. 8.
. (Uend Jn your" name and money at oncev
by mail or otherwise, io the I.iterarv American
OlGcr. U. P. aUACKUNllUS,
' ; ;. ; : . . ; Editor. '
Clerk -of Chancery' Court. ,
We are authorized to announce Capt.
rwiiity,B8 a candidate forClcik of the Vice
Chaucery Court for thollolly Springs Dis
trict. ; - -.'.'
. For District Attorney.
i:ounty, ia a candidate for District At
torney of the (Seventh Judicial District,
at iho November. Election. i
For Clerk of the Circuit Court.
JAMES O. HENDRICKS ia a, candi
rlate fur Clerk of the. XircuijCpurtt the
Cuptain W., DELAY ia a candidate for
Circuit Clerk ol lifayette County.
Administrator' IVolicc.
THE undersigned hnving obtained Let
ters -of Administration on. the Estate
of Jehu Smart, decfnted, at ihe.Dccember
Term, IS48, of the Probate Court of Lafay
ette county. Mississippi, hereby gives no
lice to all. poisons, having, claims against
aid Estate, to present them duly probated,
or the statute of limitations will be plead in
bir.of their recovery. And all persons in
debted to said Estate are required f mnko
immediate payment, or suits will be insti
tuted oguinst them.
May f, 1819. , , 2-0w. ,
, For Probate CJerk.
AVe aro authbrized to announce W, G
V At' (J HAN as a candidate tor Probate
Clerk of Lafayette county? at tlio next
November Election.
For Tax Atsettor.
MTenre auihorisol to announce JAMES
M, CHILDRESS as m Candidate fr As
tvmot of Taxes for Lafayette county.
siC, 'lira." WIS ITS Si,, ,'
,r Tib ief i It I a Servliei
, ; - to tar'
- . taa ' ' i
. Various Dranches f LI, rrsfbssloa."
' TTs hop, V strict aitentiiift tobusioeas, to merit
a ahat iif ubiic pairouayo. " '
; CHMc. f he one heretofore occupied ly
Dr. A. A. Taylor.. . .
.,Way I9 h, IWX ... . 4 4w
The subscriber has just received from
Europe a splendid collection of 1'fower
seeds, and (or the accommodation of pcr
soiih residing at n ditsnce,' lias put'lheih
up in assortments of V4 varieties, each dis-
tuiclly fabellcd,' 'tlio whole encloeed' In an
envelope, fofforiilirip" by mail at sinfflo let
ter' poslafo. Price or six for 5; Will
be ent by remitting the amount, postpaid
io ' II; A. DREER, '
. ' ' Fopdsman and Florist, No. 59
"' GVstnut st., Philadelphia
"April lOih, 1819. '
JTrolaH Court,
April Term,
? 1819. -v
f I
XFORD LODGE No. 33. will cele
brate Ihe Anniveranry of St. JotH
rna Kirrt'T, on the 25th (iho 2 Mi being
Sunday) of June next, by a public proces
sion and dinner.' A Masonic Sermon will
le delivered by tho Rev. S. G. 8taik, of
1 lolly kprins, Mits., and an Address may
also M ectcih
Neighboring Ixds,nd transient breth
ren of food siandntg, aro refpcrtfully ic
vited to jsricij'ie wiih ti on thai t
cin. WJI. DEMY, Sce'y.
May 1S1.
J. J. Meek,
Guardian of Rob't Walker,
. C. M. Phipps,
Adm'r of David W,lker.
deceased, &. guardian for
Stephen Walker, Marga
ret Walker, and Mary
Walker, Lucy Keel and
her husband E. Keel, and
Elizabeth Walker.
T appearing to the sjiticf.iction of the
Court (hat Lucy Keel and her husband
E Keel, respondents m the above stated
cause, are non residents of this Stain It
is therefore ordered by the Court, that the
Said Luc v 'and her hut-band, enter 4heir
Mpprnrnnee, at the next regular tcrnr-of
this Court, to wit: ...
On lite thtrd Monday in May ncjL i .
WITXFSS, the Honorable
V J- P. Stock Aunt Judge of taid
" Uourr, the y.l ai nMtaym April,
S A. D. 1S19, and the Seal
''i., thereof annexed. -
4w ASA NIX, Clerk. .
rTIARnN UP by John B. Davis, living
l"t TruJuNorih jf 0iinl, oneS"rrel
Mfe, sp;"!ed ip Ic bVhH 4, yraraotd,
!.c it 1 1 cr la hands L'az in hrr
i'urthexr?, all teet white, and n tma!l while
r t aik.- Ari'rmff J to $30 00.
r.r.o w Kite II )rf.'iu!f. tirnostd
spot cn c
alp a
so lo 3 j-,ar, tj!,.!, w i.h a n.i'l yeilosr rpit
-r his r i pic, riii other marVs or brands
ercivi- . A
April IT.!., 1 ii
rnAKKN UP ly j, s.r
V g 0 r.nfl ir- ;-i .
if Oirn, r,Si' J ..' a
THcf.ftlf'i Brl wl
f a r 1 I ''- t 'i '
fnrt f- cJ ' ;""".'d
ever., 1,-
bi i ty J in
House of Entertainment.,
V" THE undersigned, haling open
! ed a House of Entertainment at
la... .
is? Cockrum s Uoads, Dfaoto
county. Miss., w hich s calculated to ren
der great accommodation to the traveling
community.' This house is large and com.
modious, divided into various departments,
so as to furnuh private rooms w ith tiros.
It is my intention to make all who may fa
vor roe with their patronage, as comforta.
ble as North Mississippi will admit of. I
have large stables and experienced ostlers.
Charges as low or lower than usual in the
country. . . " '
j: p.cockiu'm.
ffnilE tinofrigne?, having cnfrel into
-s. cfpariiier,hip in the sltc l uni r
h0 just received a fine stock of fnatcrUls
Ur hushing t'f'
, -' r-'"'. .. IX the
.lJnivrrity or Mississippi. ;
In the Order of their. Matriculation and
(.r ?; V (- joining College. - "t ' '
. ' . - - f
1; Sugg, Thomas E.t Chickasaw county
niiss.-. . ., ' , ' ,
2. Gilliam, John T.?. Desoto co. ' ' '
3.lWare, W-Jliam .. Pontotoc do.' "
,4. Uolmet, Finley, Desoto "do." " ?
6. Alston, John D.f da p .'
0. Nash, M. G. Canton, Madisan co. '
1. Morion, C. S., Columbus, Lowndes
, county. .. ;. f v r V :
8. Harris, S. II., An.
, 0. Roxcen, William li., Oxford, Lafayette
10. Butler,' Willi, do. do. . !
11. Mackie, J. M., do. do.
12. KUpairick, E. P., Marshall co.'
13. Puryear, T. S., do.
14. Ellis, Thomas F., at the University
15, GrtTn, IK P., Oxford, Lafayette co,
10. Urinnis, Hugh, LeaksviHe,Greone co.
17. Gillispic, L., Wahalak, Kemper co
18., JIFRavcn, Holly. Springs. , ; '
19.., Pegues, William C, dot. tj'
'20. Pegues, Marlborough, da. ,
21' Welsh. Jos.. Wahalak. Kemner co."
22. Conkcv,' Jos. J., ' Oxford, 'Lalayetle
23.,onfj. LevHs II., do., do. .
24, Moscley, John.T., Wabalnk, Kemper
2S. Roers. Thomas J.. Oxford.
20, Lambreth. J. W.. Cantoni Madison co.
27. Owens, William, do. do. '
23. Phipps, J. M., Oxford. ... .
29. Phipps, B. L. do. (
30. Sheegog, John, do. ... -
31. Phipjis, W. 11.,
32. Jorden. JV. T.. Canton, Madison co,
aa..Ravburn. L. M. Oakland, Yalobusha
j , - w r - s,
. CO, ...
34. Uibler, M. T., Belmont, Panola co.
35. Alston, P. G.PIeasant Mount, do.
30. Smiiher, R-M-t Oxford.
37. .Bramlitt,. J. M., Pontotoc. ,
39. Bennett, J. M., Barton, Monroe co.'
39. jStrong, M. L.,. Barton, Lowpdea co.
40. 2 Wren, William, Oxlord. ,'
4 K Tavior. B. Si. do. " 1
42. Means, 4., Memphis, Tenn. . '
43. Coleman, A. J., Desoto co. '
41. Ewine A.. Carrollton, Carroll co.
4. i'nifer, ,i.narics ir., "oicr ancj,
Yalobusha co i ,. , .
40. Lester, S. P., Bclnmnt. Panola co.
47. Burton, A. 6'., Helly Springs.,
IS., Hurt, II. Hammet, Oxford.
49. JIalbert, J. L., Aberdeen, Ionroe co
50. Smiley, J. J , Rcid'a Store, Copiah co.
51. Meaders, J. P., Oxford.
52. Montgomery, C. Starkvillc, Miss.
53. L'ran, F. IU Aberdeen, Monroe co.
Cotlrell, II. M.t Hudeonville, " Mar
shall co.
55. Scales, J. do. do. "
5(1. Itoach, J Preston, Yalobusha ca
57. Hudson, J. L., Lamar, do.
5S. ilobson, W. J., Charleston, Talla-
. hatchie count v, ' '
59. Kagland, J. F Pontotoc.
60. Quarks, J. J , Montrose. . .
ill. h'arrar. T. U Jackson, BUSS.
f.'. h'irl-natrick. J. C Canton, Aladison
w -f W - ' -
CO. .
C3. Olirer, D. 3-, Rice's X roods, Ta
finl ro .
61. MGou-an, K, Wnterford, Blsrsnaj co.
65. Farle, B., Aberdeen, Monroe co.
CtJ. M'Bee, Silas, Tchula, Holmes co,
67.: M'Bee, Joshua, do. do. ,
63. Johnson, Wdluim, Monroe co. ? ,
69. Burnilt. IV., liaiton, Lowndes o.
70. Mayson, J. H., Jackson, Mins. ;
71. Andrews, II. C, Vernon, jvuoison co,
72, Wyatt, T. S, Tchula, Holmes COt
TO EMAINING . iii the Post OfRce at
Oiford, Miss., on the 1st day ofApril,
which, if not taken out before the first day
of July next, will be sent to the Gener
al Post Office as dead letters. Peraons
applying tor letters in this list wilt pleas
say they are adverstiscd, otherwise they
may not get them. 4 , .' .
Arnold Nancy T Jlintoq James, t ,
Alston J. D . Hayes John,, ;
Alexander W- W,., Hudgips Jesse,,. ,
Archer W II Harris Jonah
Bowles B.2 . -Harhall G P. ,
Bowen Hughj flendriok Obd Dr
Crown JoBbuaT 0 Jone, Thomas f
Barker Eldridgo . Johnson David , ,
Brnes J T , , . Jordan Thomas , ,
Bennett Mrs , . ; ..Jordan Virginia S
, Jones Virginia, ,
Kyser W M ,
Kennedy A G
Lewcrs C A -: ;
Luckett Mrs ,
.Iwrence Dr J T
Luckett J VY , .
Leak Sam v
.Lee II. M -Iovelady,John.;
Lawrence II , . ,
Linzy Hampton .
McDonalds A Miss
.. Mitchael Anderson
DcAnett J C
Burnett Willis 12
Bennett W G
Brewer D B Dr
Barker E . , ,
Bean John
Barnes J no T .2
Beaver Wm
B.nd Thomas ;
Beaver Elizibctb
Rjrr-Silas ,
Beaztey J TI
Buch .David
Caruthers Eliza F
Crawford David.,,. .Morris J ,2 .,
Carutbers Eliza. , Morris J Wk,
Cunningham. Wm .', Money, James,
GannetLE P . . McKie James..
Canaday Benj , McKay James
Camp B 11 L . Melaton Silas. E
Callwell A T Mrs MaV Lucy A E
Catlrell II W
Coffin W P
Carlton Alex
Cannon JJrvin C
Cane Rev W W
Coffee Harris
Dyer J S 2
Dowlen Step J
Duke B B
Daweson Y. .
Dunlan Jos
Davis R P
Kllitt W C
Eaton W
Eada J E
Furr' Daniel
rurson J M
Furguson J 11 2
r razier Mr
Matthews S P
Mayes Geo T
Mills Wm D
Nelons S II
Nichols Joseph
Oliver D M
- Oneal Isidab .
, Ozment John.
Peninglon John B2
, Ptewitt 1 nomas
Parish C Rev
. Perry Burrel
Purncll T M
' Perkins- A '
Philips J S
Philips John ' '
Parker Jaa F
Ray James
Skeen James l'.nq 2
Stoue Evans 2
Shaw A '
Stones Dudley C
Sincler Robt '
Sima W B
Smysson S N
Handers Thos '
Turrell Thomas M
Turnin A -
73. llrrrinP. John B Pontoloc
71. MXlure, Moses A", Coosa co., Ala-
. bania.. i . , .
Since pnblUhins the List tithe Students
who had matriculated in the University of
Missistiniii on Saturday last, the 10lh l
March, Ihe following young gentlemen
ha ve joined that institution :
75. Leak. W. J- I iPPah CO.
7G. Young, Beverley II., Waverley, Iown
i''S CO.
77. oung, Thomas E., do. ,
7H. Yaune, James II do. ., . , .,
79. Watkims, John, dov ..
60. Ilobson Robert, , Charleston, i ana-
batchio co. ; , . . ;- .
Cnrrias;c-, 'Ilttssir, c,
in ike most epirortl and cotrphle t'le.
From their lonw eipe.ir nre at .the bi
rt, and close attention to the same, they
rx Irniiv h r f merit a LLcral ihare of
L. r,
i rna
furoierly occwpielhy
t I R
i.. r.'Monnow, -
wm; si r.oa."
..f ja sr,ai-j.
t. i;
T t
I 1 C
. n a S
, I s f.
r,ft ' fr.irufc,
( .
TTI f I.N" T. " is
; ! 4 i k
'..;.-3 in 'Ut
l if f Ad-
i - T
tf I
nndcrsigoad having obtained Letters
AdminiMratkm on the estate ol Jesse
Tiner.dec'd .at the April Term, 184D,of
the Probate Court, Tor .nlajetie couoiy,
Miatissipni. herebr cives notice li all f cr-
sons having claims against said Estate to
present them duly, probated, withm tin
time prescribed by law tor the statute, in
sulh case nwde and provWcd, will be pks
dt 1 in bar r.f iheir recovery. - And all pr-
sunn indebted to ssd E-tato, are reqtjireu
to mnk, rmmix'iate pment1or auils will
be iustilutcd saiwst them. . - .-
t . i) t ? c. ii. rmrrs.,-
Apriih 1349. . . 1-Cw.
Fitsnatrick Martin 2 Rfld ine 8 B
Fleming Geo . Rods Ephraiin
Coodwin M A -Govneaux
Lt Chs
Gilmer' Wm
Govan EP
Goodman G J
Gullict Mra M . .
Harten Mrs N S
Herndon J W
Harding L G
Hanper Thorns
Hardinir C L Misa Turner Wm
HsdermannCJ Prof Telford W A
Hortoa Sarah Mra. Whealer Drunioa
Harris 3 U 2 Wiley Levi
llornon Mary Waldrip Wm
Higginbotbam John Yancy Dr A II
Hudson L Mua Van Winkle D L
Iligga John Van, Wm G
', April 9iht1819. , .
nnilE subscriber tenders bi hearly thank
' o the citizens of Memphis and vicini
ty, for their liberal patronage, during bia
eight jtara residence n Memphis; snd by
his extensive arrangements for tho fuhire
honps to inrit fin-- (lis. new house, a COO
' - - - - . ' i ..... i , ,i i. r
tinuance of the confidence and patronnge ,coupeirnif kiwij;c oi i.ugna.i( umm
Liiivcrisily f.t2iisis!Ipl.'.
fTTHJIS ins'iiutkn was. duly opened on
Monday the Gib of Novembrr, and is
nw iq fu!ljopetation; 47l stuJents . ale
already io attendance. m , ,
, The C0UIS3 of sfudies Rre arranged for a
four years' cuiriculum. The requisite, (or
admission in'o the l''e;h(or class, are
of the public FKED. II. CLARK.
Wa telici ! Watches 1!
EOR year! he strife ' "lJL' "
' lias been not who ' X
coulJ ' make the best f 'J 'try
watch.' but who could v fV . SlX
make the cheapestj Ort A J
rather ihe lowest priced - ,r , , M ,
anlde, which is not al
ways the cheapest, and consequently the
great fulling off in the quality of watches
We import oar watchei direct from Eng
land,' France, and Germany, and have
been 12 months in preparing our present
stock'. Our aim has been to have a splend
id assortment of Fine Watches as fine
&s Europe ran produce. Thi, in addition
to a full sfs irtmcnt of tho low and medium
Sualities, we" are now prepared to show
io public, all of which will be o'd at a
small advance i n the'importing cost.
F. II. CLARK & Co ,
Jan'iaty 13. No. 37 front Row.
Large Additions, and more extensive
"than ever. ' ' '
, Hatino" received our semi-annual sup
nly, we commence the New Year with an
as ortment that is not surpassed if equal
led in the United states.
We have "Twelve Thousand Dol'ars"i
in the article of Watches alone, and can
therefore supply our friends and the public
with any style, and at almost any price.
Wa have
G..1J Patent Levers frm $35 to 250;
8ilvcr do. do. " 18 1,5:
with a general assortment of Lepino and
Vertical Watches.
The other branches of our tock will
be found as extensive and complete at our
Watches such as Chains, Seals, Keys,
(Jewelry in all its variety,) including many
valuable Diamonds and seme full setts,
Spf.ctaci.ks, Silver-wake," Coi.v Fimk,
Silver re ated Gonnsi Clocks, LArs &
including the genuine Dirhixgeb's, Caes,
Tea Trays, with a general assortment of
ancy Cooi, in which will te found
many choice ait clcs lor the Lidies. -
NOTICE. We aim to furniih those
who deal in .Memphis, with a home mar
kct and a home guarantee for boon's
our hue, and invite the public to call an 1
examine dr themselves. Uur turn is
lid in with Cash; our European Good
we' import ourselves; we get our Domes
tic Articles direct from i'ia makers,' and
being satisfied niili a small profit, we offer
great inducements to our frieuds and the
public. We are also prepared to do nil
kinds of work in our lne, in the ben
manner and with dipatch,.our molt-) is,
Till US! F. II. CI. ARK &. Co.
87 Front'Row, Memphis, Tenn
IF. IL Clare,
A.C. Wi'BtBAcn, .
(J. S. WlLK.t.is,
. N. B. The trade cuppliod on liberal
terms; sni all orders from tho coiulry
will rtceive especial attet lion. -
Memphis, lenn January 13ih, 1319.
mar. Comm sltion.' Arithmetic. Geocrnphy,
the I Aim anj Greek Grammars, six look,
of the Eneid, of .Virgi l arid the Greek Ilea,
der, and some ; acquaintance , iili Latin
Prosody. The expenses fjr the ten rponths
are &17 for College dues, andij a iw nih
for board., The College. ! are wholly
p -id in adviince.and the buad i pakl quar
terly in advance. , ; , ( .
t Washing, fue', snd lights, are at the Tex
pense of the student? ; who will p ovi le his
on fm nit ira al.o. e This, jf desired can
be hired or bought frum ihe steward ot a
lair ate. .. .--, ' ; ,
-V.. jAMES-M. HOWRY, v'
-i , .,, Pi-or.ior Mi'-B.Uaiv'j.
1 Oxford. Feb. 3-1813. ,.f ., , , -
Uotton Plantatioii
f OFFER for Section 13 and H.
in Township 9 Range T West 120
scrts, situated 5 mt'es .South East of the
town of Panola; over 00 acres cleared
and in a fli.e state of cultivation, divided
by croa fehces into from CO to tK) acfe
fields. Some two to three hundred a-.re
woods enclosed for los, with g'iod water
all under a good fence, , and more than 20
gates well arranged, good gin houe aud
cotton prs(-s; a comfortable double log
house, a story and a half higtCgood negrr,
qaarteri with good pUnk fl ors, good sta
bles, cribs &c. ; ; '
This place has proved to ' he one of tho
healthiest and rhoaf productive plantation,
in the country. I will sell it for' $7,000.
holf cash, Lallance in 12 months. Same
10 to 20 first rate mules from 2 te 4 year.
old, would bo taken in pait payment at a .
lair cash price, orN'egroes would be taken
in part or whole, ai such "prices as mav
be agreed on. , , .
OOrTho overseer on the rtremises will
show the place to tuch as wih to exam-s
'no ,. , - -
' Cleir Creek, Lafayette counti, Miss.
Septcmbar 13, IS4S. ' ' 1 -
TnaSriTTTr fIIe"rrI,
Lafailtte Co i ntt. "
To o-' rcrt".s intercttf l in tl estate rf
Alrc i-n h s s U, dec d.
ToE'txalioi'oirr:!, ard J- ha R. IWlowe.t
T"7"OU stc herf Vy ci:' I t-i t and a.-pesr
Ufvfe tl.c PnUie LVirt of Laijette
county, -
On thttl.:rl ." .; J 1 JJnri,
tteaaod there t- s r-e, if s"?
fWlIIe next session of this school ' w il
commence on the 10th day of Fehru
art' next, under th supervision of Mr,
A. Id. IX. WIS, as rnncipal, an able and
experienced teacher, who will be aided by
competent assistants, all of whom, are well
qualified to discharge their respective du-
ties. W e can safely recommend them to
lbs confidence aod patronsgo ofibo public
The course ofatuly will be that usually
pursued In the best Academies. The class-
es are tiivi.frd ino primary and academi
cal departments, the latter into three di.
visions. .
Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic,
and Geography.
First Class. History of the Uoi ed
States, Arithmetic, Lng!ih Grammar, with
daily eierciaea "n read n? and writing.
h'xcojio Cls Naioial TLil.ia pfey.
Ancient, snd Motkrn litry. r.Letonc
! ! my, ' Watts' ou the jmrid, I'hyiiology,
Snd Chemistry.' r" "" - ;
,Thirp Class.- Af'ron'mv, Nt'iral
rLiloophv, Problems on t'ie Ghtes, Mor
al and Mental Philosophy. Hhet ric, Ctu-
ny. Vbeniistry, Ia in sni 1 renca Unn
4ge,and Malhen.atics. k ....
To those iWairwg it, will be taught flm
mental Nedwork, ani Music on I'i-n-v,
and strict aUrntion gien to relect rraJinf,
compoaittoft and iefiniiio tbroogk the
wto'a coarse. ' ' '- .
PiHsrj LVpartrifni. , . glOf O
AcxL-ff.jcal Depurtmen'., . .... ...
1 ,nt Cia-s. " ,- ... - .12 M
f..-nj rkw, t . , 4 ' t . , IS ('3
- .T? irJcU's,.. .. , T) t ".
M j (T r, Tisnx , , .. ' ()
t) ; --I". 1 : er , SC;L T) (
t 1
: . i
c .
r i''nti
V f r a !
ii' v.
? t4
Iff"! rf'
1 cw!
r fir H
I ..r.'Tf 1
9 '
. 1 r
at th
at f
t i'
A- !
r r
rFpiII3 lastitution re-opencd on the 15th
day of January, under charge of J. W.
R1SLN & A. U.CONKEY, .tU of wh.m
are well qualified and experienced teach
ers. The C asses and te dUferenl Lram h.
es of an Englis rducatioa will lo taught,
and young gentlemen well prepared for
entering ihe University.
. Baud can be hud ia private Families at
$S per month. ,
. Terns per Session of Tire 1'ontli.
1st Cliss Spelling, Reading, Writin?,
Elementary Geography & Arithmetic 10
2nd Class English Grammar, Geogra
phy, and Arithmetic, ' ' : $12 0
3d Class The Higher branches r.f i
Fnglith, including Natural Philosophy and
Ctemistry, ', t $13 00
4th Class -The Higher branch nf
AVool Carding'Machinc.
r-1 subscriber respectfully announces
11 . to tho public that he ha, just received
aireci irom vinciunaui, a new,- nuiu
CARDING MACHINE, built on the
moat improved plan. It is now in opera
tion at his Saw Afill, 10 mile, east of Ox.
ford, Lafayette county, on the road leading
from Hyatt to Pontotoc.
i Thoso having M'ool to card would do
well to send it in, as he Confidently assures
allthat, by strict attention himself", and
securing the service, of an experienced
person, they shall receive, nothing but
mI rolls ia return. . .
IPool should he cleared from all hard .
substances previous to carding, and one
pound of lard allowed to ten pounds o
wool. ,f . , 1 L. '1. WYNN.
P. S. TTnol roll, for sal i r,t 40 eta per
pound. ' ' i ' "J. T. W.-
Ertry Salardajr Evening,
At No. 05 St. Charles street New Orleans
BT HAVES, M'CXlRti fc-Co.
The publifhers rf ibe Dailv Crcsdenl
have lust is-ue J a Weekly Paper ofthe
largest aizo, printed in beautiful style, f r
circulation in the country. - The Weekly
Cresrent wiil contain tho News of ihe Day.
Origional Articles upon all sul jeeta of gen
eml Interest and iikto particularly upoi
those in w hich the peo; !e of the &'outh and
West are more immednicly ci.ncerned
Or gionol and Selected Sketches. Tales,
Anecdotes, etc, and a Piico Current
carefully corrected up lo tha hour of
publication. It will be a paper useful to
a:I cla'ses, and especially adapted to mer'
chants, nicehxnics, plasters and familiea.
In its polisieal chiratcr it is in the largest
8ine of the wonf, independent, taking no'
a, tin mere pity Hrv'jlMi but aiming to
inform and io.-trui t toe people up n all the
grra! q'us i mn wh ihai'sa Ml'eclicg the
and French, ,
' J . E. T A LI A IT. R BO, ? C-(l. BCTLIR
E.A. MtKS ) 2 D.RoRRTSO!
W. II. NuiTMtR. ( J ) C. M. Pbiits.
W.'H. D.V. LNNDEL, Sie'y.
Ja. 10, lSl'J.-iJ-tf. - '
Administrator rVolicc.
rjjlllE un!ers;gned having obtained Let
ters f A jiiniU ii.m on the estate
if Cimurl P. Calvert, !ec'd, at the Apnl
Term. of il". Probate Coort f.r
Iafafette cout.ty, MiMsippi Noike ii
bcrcliy givm t;.l prrstns baving claims
giut i 1 cut t.i prcent t tm i j
prr.Sated, r the F'atute ff LitnitflU
ii b pVaJeJ ia t r f their recovery!
and all feraooa inih.hted to 1 r -t,
are re",'jr td o- male imni',i.i f ay
rr-nt, or suit will t e ntiimJ r oii
them. - - j f. cu;uma:c.
April 55th, 3 S tJ, W-Gtv..
c '.'titry.
Tha paper will he rarniIicd I Single
.VAacrihirs al Three D.-Hars per year; to
Clubs of Four of ni re. direct.-d t thf
Miie IVt-ofoce, at Two Dollars and Fifty
Cents a jesr. Postmasters and o hers aha
may a t aa Agent, anl fend ori-ers, paid,
for kii copies, ;j receive one coj.y in ad
dition f.r their comcnsatioa. Patasls
li Att cash l" At vaxcic Sing'e pner,
or j in wr, pcrs, Cn be had at
tho t.f'ce r-f pij'-':cation.
T' r?I?TRY. Dr. C. D'Dbux, will
- In in Chf..rJ ly tie SOiH nt, pre
r i t at'f. 1 ti any operations in hi
;l rr"-Jiln a
f ' i t Cr
!- I-
I tirr" ( :.
P. TLra's !.
i. V..'
I i
r -t
r-v '
't t
c . .
i h
i "
l I .
t t j. ;
i t t t,
r- -
f -s
' r I
a , t rA .
- f i
... . . -. ,.,
a r
t ;'!; ,
i ,
t j c
" r-
; t I
a . a

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