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Tite World ii Before Tlice.
Bit O.: t BANKS.
" ,r 'l"hc wide woild is before ilicc ,
, . .J Go reel in iu blaze, , - ,
.xXiifei nunshine may itiUuic. Ihcoj
The smile of happy days. ' '
I would mA in ihy. baoii, , r ' ,
One billet thought ihoiild 5-piing, .
- Be like Uic trcamrcJ lissom, ; .
: ' Thai wears no secret feting.
. , "
- Uw& very strong emotion ' ?
Bhitll droop within thy bieasl, , ;
.- Tfca fterce iiuttm of ocean
. . "At Ia&i are lulled lo rest. ' "
- ' And o'er the changed scene stealing
: J A cheering beam appears; 't ' '
v So in" the wotk of feeling, ' ' ' .
' IIpe follows after ttarj. ' 4 v
From the" LiUeri (Mi.ouii) Tiibuuc
Late from California.
Ve, arc under obligations to , Col.
Doniphan for Ihc following -extract
! Irom a letter auiircsscu 10 mm uy i c
tcr II. Burnett, Esq. ;
r SutterV Fort, Upper California,
. ....- February 1849.
Col. A. V. Doniphan: J am here
At this point, haSing been attracted
hither by the unlimited gold region of
vniiiuiui"' . .. i
men arc ncre n riv inwv vrim mv i
riches forced Suddenly into Uit irpock-
cts. t Ihavc had 60tne opportunity, i" I
ihnrnurse of in v lilo. to HluilV human I
nature; but mc ucuooi ncre is upon a
grander scale than you or 1 ever eaw
before.- I'cihaps a few anecdotes may
illosS. U iho Ktato of things, and ai-
nature; but the uchool here is upon a
fnnl vu some amusement.. An hon-1
est closo listed snocMB.ikcr, by the
namooi cprc, came.irwn vri.gwH i
r r l . I
California about n year nco; After
the -cold was discovercJ. he went
into the mines ntwl was eoon making
bis hundred dollars nday. A qutzi-
c.il shrewd fellow from I'hiladelphia,
met him on u y:
Well, Mr.. Speo, how do you get
, "First rate, sir. . I woula not bo n
member of Congress with his eight j
dollars a day, nor the resident ot the
I J nit! States. I . can mako more
I money. than they.'! , . , Z
, "Well, Mr. kpee, 1 1 uppo?o you will
1 rnako no more ihoesv tUur thocma
I ker thought himself insulted, and in
dignantly replied, uiVo, not I. Let
Ibosc makeh()C who-will, maheno
Kwre.M Ha ia'now n merchant atid
deals in goods, warts, and ihcrthan -
..'.. -
I was Iscro during tho Christmas
bolidd)S, and taw great numbers of
young men wbo bad never , worn , a
cloth coat before, with at ra-t ono
thouiand dollars wr rth of Harry upon
ihctn. They were almost loaded down
with trinkets,! saw one fellow,drcfs.
el ia a plcndid fcuit of black, over
which be wore a supcib black cloth
cloak; and Instead of drawing bis
cloak around him to fbcltcr bim fiom
the cold wind then 'Mowing! he wai
Careful to let it bo unfuilcd, bke a'llag
to the passing breeze, that bo might
catch llc aJuiiriiig gaze'oflLc pa:r
lv. Another ray U How,'. drcscd
v"j. . i
equally ns well, f vc tho cloak, was j
atrutting up ana u-jwnTcior mc tioori
cf a I.rgc tavern. In.bU tight handfr,eufuUv retired I", . .
Ijo l.tll n large 1 1 siia at h' 1 1 in
tcrvah he would stop and tingle Lis
I.. II; as much ai to say. "Iook Lire !
this it mc."- Another d irsdy went ins
Ho a tfre, nnd took out a fiae sdk
kl, tiJLcr( La f, rir.Jc i.ccJ wiping
.n.-.ii - l
r.' 1-t '
1 ' u i v.::i f"rr,;i
rcl.icf, t'f." ' Oa tint's
. I ! I-.- ! - r. 1 wipe
! ( r r I r"7 r- o wu'i
I-- i t..-.o !jrmg last
urg r.,'i Rt work in
no cf. Ji f '
ry b?Q's w
4he -ctlr..'
autui-...i a y.
the miaes, who I.t.I L
r.rrnr?. V. ! ftl.T
!."rt f:t ej-osi
the fair one, anJ ! r 1. 1 re f
rnr, rr wLr:Vr Li had alwa
ftid-rrr Ibsntulf too pocr total
'f tU f.:i rn-tt rf a fur-'
J Lis
c 1-
" .
rot Lr, -i-.r. At all cvtnts Lc !. I .
-d-.y re".' -1 a-! !-,by mCan? cf Ictrr.
t-i ft-i", a l'rgc Jtfr.e, under which
there &i a t'T-.'t'cf several hun-
c' ll rs c
1 1
1 4rC.CS, the
.. IS""t 1 - ir,
r:': 1 iff. i;:
V, till
tLa rc-fc.
a I i.'X tcr
n II. a
k, ia t i i -,
t s : i - 1
- r
t !
1 1 :
i if I r.n ty r-hr' Col. j
lca tLiccgh lltxicp, aid cl
bat you ne ver saw any tling like the
state 6f. ailairs hero. . The Accounts
you have seen of the gold region are
not over colored. About $23 per day
is thcamount of the. produce of one
nana. i was in tho mines loriy uays
and was careful to make an accurate
csiirnatc. THE GOLD IS TOSI
it in deed millions, will be ta.ken out
annually in tho course of two years
Town lots at San Francisco are worth
$10,000, for the best, nd uo title at
that. , '' - Yours, &.c., .
Lawvcb AKo WiTMEas. -There is a
noted criminal lawyer ahd' by, this
term we mean a lawyer in a criminal
court wo remember, who in almost
every caso which comes under his
charge, puts the following question
to witness at tho closing ol his cross
examination.1, - .1 , .n
'IIem! ' Witness were you ever in
the Slule rnsonV ' . .
Of course tho almobt invariable re
pyt amidst the tistonishment of the
eiiibatrasstd witness, is "No Sir."
"You can step down, continues the
lawyef, williout a syllable in cxpiaruv
tiou, nnd! the jurymen stare at the
witness' as ho moves away, while the
counsel pauses, and utters an cxprcs
sivc("rtAfM"ns much as to'Fay,"grn
tleiiiiii ofthejury, you can juJgo of this
fellow's character for veracity; I say
noluin;r..i don't 1 couldn't, prove it
mail i v:. vou mav dciiuvo as mucu as
Vftll hf,"
.Oeciisionallv. however, tho learned
counsel nlluded to meets With his
v, i i, r.,,,1 ni
U,,, cust0mer," whom he sifted
a 'knotty customer,"
Hjoroujjy t0 il0 cn"(i
ary chapter," and to wl
fiHa slCn.0ypo quctj
I ol his custom-
whom ho put his
Ivnn nnrwlion. Ahem!
. v:t-.t lP;nnf
.vh,-n .to lha attorney's evident sur
. . t. . . .
priliC lic witness rcplit J in a subdued
"Yes, Mr I" . :
Ah I I thought so continued the
counsel, "1 thought so. (Jentlemen
you will plcaso give your altenliuu to
the witness You have been in the
Sfalfl PrjsoMhcnr -
"Yes, eir," "continued the other,
meekly. - "
' And how king slnccl" "
'Al)Out two yenrs ago, sir.
''Two years ago,' gentlemen you
will plcaso bear in mind this wit
ness, now by his vountary confession,
admits . ho was in the btatc rrison.V
''His memory, as I have already U
ken pains to impress upon your minds,
wnt cni(n. n most rxtronneiv: and
1 you can idace as much confidence as
If - .. ,i t ...
vou iiiinK iirf'iu'r in n m.iu n u nui
ny nbv) uas been uu jnm ttc ol the
Stale Prison."
low lon were yoa
there, wit
ncsg. . , ,
."About an bour, sir.",
VEh! A-Ari.MIow
"I was tbtrr.sir, about an hour,oi
a visit of curiosity to examine the
prison, and I very well remember see
ing iuit there- ut the time, nu&took you
to be a convict!
4 A-hem ijou con sl'p Jom. sir I"
said the discomMcd .''"''rncy, and
though tho' n!iVo uncoi. iCous rrply
might almost h vo been con.-trucd in
to a conlcmpf of Court, yet,' In th's
casc, a tmlle jvrvadcJ. tho fac'cT
juj :0 nnj iuiy, nnd the witecss "rc
There, is a di position to worry and
hiipprr uitnf -, altorrthcr too com
mon among tl.o legal fraternity, and
it it hiuh lime that thi3 evil -should
lc alolishcu. TLo causo of jasl.cc
and cq'iity requires this tut as tbr sn
arc "matters with which lawyers have
very !'u! to d find which they care
far I -1 riLc'-t .-vs a ; 'u ral tL:nr
V f wro
it fi.d (s iirp. corrective
n.' tho r: en ! crs
1 1 i
. r ' I
I ar, V1. .
; i
r 1 "
t ? c!
! r -
1 1
urn r i
1 t i
? i; r u
: i ft
C f - . , t I ;
fri -'.I ,ii('
lfnl,v it- :'
r- r.l. a '
t'.ry ).c .
rf lit C ' W
.' ' htT Ju'y
i'cu'-rt r 11.
t I
f t
We trA-c tL
- f.'r
ft V
I Coavcntioa wilt "see "reasons which
have Jed to this resolution, and will
cotneur in, the expodiencyi)! ihc.post
nonemcnt. 5 - -'' ; - 1 ' , .
In tho meanwhile, the efforts here
and chicwhero to carry ' forward the
projected movement, and to assemble
a convention of imposing character
and power in October, and to collect
and disseminate information, will bo
pushed on with unabated vigor.. Wo
beg our friends every where not to
ilagm their labors, but to continue,
by all proper means, to assist in tho
assembling and conducting of the Con
vention, vvboso action may be uoped
to lead to tho completion of tho most
magnithcont work which uas been at
lempted in the tide of time.'
, By order of the Committee or Ar
rangements. : . ' '
- J. T. TKliMVANl,
Memphis, June 5, 1819. '
Seiimoi Manufactuue in Enomnd.
In England there are persons gen
erally deposed clergymen or superan
nuated schoolmasters who make a
business of writing sermons for the
ministers of . the . various sects, who
thereby save themselves this labor,
and gain timb for. huntingattending
race courses, &c A good composer
can command about five English shil-
tngs per sermon, and tjie ltcctor can
well afford this, as his living comes
by tithes, out of the public. . Some ser
mon makers can cam twenty or lhir-
ty pounds per year by tho business.
INo matter what arc tueir private
doctrines or characters, be they infi
dels or knaves, if they can but writo
sermons conforming to the standard
doctrine of tho Church, and they are
tolerably well written, so as to be
mad without dilhculty, they are suro
to hnd clerical purchasers. Kcv. l)r.
Trusler made o,uito a fortune a good
many years ago by having a facsimile
ofn sermon composed by him, engra
ved on . coppcr-pJate from which ha
took a great many Impressions and
sold them all over the kingdom to clcr
gymcn, who preaencu inem to tueir
. a m.a -I
congregations a their own. , '
The eccentric but pious Kcv. Row.
land Hill tells, in his Village Dia
logues, (vol. ii. 1 37.) a pretty anecdote
illustrative oj" the danger of too many
clergymen ' purchasing copies of tho
eamc Bcrmon for deiitery. It is ns
follows:"' ; " t " ' '' ;
"An egregious blrrnlcr once hap
penod even In the famous University
of Cambridge at what' Is commonly
called tho Sound church; Dr. Trusler
has A notable sci moo on those word ,
'Sou that yo fall not otit by the way.'
And so it fell out that it was preached
by ditlcrcnt -ministers in tho tame
Sound church lltreo Sundays running.
Tho clerk on tho fourth Sur. Jay ad
monished tho preacher not to give
them a fourth edition of ''See that yc
fall net cut by the way," for tu at par
ish was all very peaceable. ,
' fuc "reply was that he had no other
in his pocket, so that the popJd must
hear that or nont.. Tho reader would
not dispute the probability of this an-
ccdoto if he knew after what sort of
a fashion the churches in and cbout
the neighborhood of tho English F"i"
vrrsHicsare unfortunately served.,'
Flviko Ma cut in. Tho New Yoi;
correspondent of the rew Orleans Uul
letin gives the - following ncccunt cf
tho last cxLili'j'oa cf the new flying
rmchinc; ' " .
'la company with'somb hundred
nnd f.fiy iautrd guf-J-;, 1 r.tlcnd. I
hv trv ningat tho C'ol-sk-ura a private
rilil-ition of Mesrs. IVrtcr & C-
john's a: riil fljing t" a model
of which, sixteen Ivet in k rtb, was
- far.r.s tli ralati3g
ft r" "s i
- : 1 f 't h"g is ccns
L . ? !-"ccJrJ l yood
ccrnt .'. i!n.i " !.
the ct.1 r f ll.
r-ic: ? i:rf t.cal ffta
;r yoi vi'.h a
A g a-. 1 r arrow
cf c'l 1 silk
' ' '? r' I c ?r,
-. Ii ;:. ! :vr
rcs"-it. I . t r..
! riffdrsrr'
! ! f- -
a '
i )
. r t'.o
centre cf t!.: 1
r--; a l-i' 3 v
IT tv
r - I -
:. rr" i.
f,i c
-! t
l t'
k r '
T .
i t
i :
- (' -
:l r -3
I capable'of a Ixansvcrso anil horizontal
motion. -j v u i - iti
The alcoholic lamp" in the hold of
tho boat whose heat ccncratcd the
Steam necessary for the propulsion pf
tho 'machine which hung in ; he air,
was duly lighted, and in a. few min
utcs tho etcam began to puff, the pis-
ton to work, tho wheels to revolve,
tho paddles to beat the air, and tbo
machine to scud along at a very pret
tv rate nmidthc heaitiesf cheers I ev
cr listened to ch6c is. from. many a
skeptic, one of which 1 am Iree to ad
mi t, was your humblo 'servant: A
tho machino' moved alonga pull of
tho rudder with a littlo string, turned
its head, like, that of "U' vessel, to tho
right or left: and when tho head oil
tho machine had an upward tendency
a motion of another rudder up or down,'!
denressed it. .Hie oailoon isuiviueu
into compartments,' to obviate the de -
feet of having the gas collect in one
portion of it moro than in another,
when either end should be a trifle the
highcsUt f, .wk . . ,.. .
It was. I assure vou, a very interest -
injr sight, lo see a. machine at evenlster, Corwin, 4 Hudson, .Palfrey, ant
height and in even; lines puffing thro
the air. The next thing is to try the
machine in an open space, when we
shall sec. what wo shall see. Who
knows but "Robjoin (the inventor,)
may not be a name to associato with
Iultnn And Watt in future nsrea? As
I i cmarlced, in former letter, it Is j of a" week," t wo. negroes were appoin
on thinrr to navicatc the iitmoynhcrc I tod 'messengers or laborers in "the
of a room with a roachine six feet j State Departmenttwo in tho Treasu
Jong nnd carrying a weight of four I ry Department, nnd tvoin tlo Home
pounds, and another thing to navigate
the atmosphere about us with a ma
chine that, liko John Gilpin's horse,
shall ''carry weight and rido a race."
OtAu-TELEoBArii. For many years
Morso, tho inventor of tho Magnetic
Telegraph, struggled in darkness and
obscurity, wbilo i hu endeavered, to
make tho world bolicvo in bim, and
tho idea ol his life. And for many
yenrs he struggled - in vaini - Thore
wero plenty of sagacious men, full of
of sagacious men, lull ol
so, who (old Mr. .Morse
common sense,
that he was a drcamcrf that lus idea
was good but Impracticable; that he
had belter givo it up at onc.c, nnd be-
take himself to something in tho way
of stock speculation, or try his hand
atDryCoods. Morsn, having no fear
of "common eensu" beforo his eyes,
steadily pursued bis way, nnd now
the wholo world rings with his name,
uttered with the same breath with tho
name of Fulton and Franklin. j We
were forcibly reminded last Saturday I
of tho struggles nnd success cf Morse, I
while conversing with n gentleman, J the shore. A diver may, with lmpu
who has discovered a means of conv I nity, plungo to a certain depth of ihe
mumcatingsound even tho sound of j
the human voice by efectrcity, in I
the same degree that iho Telegraph
now communicates written ami prin
ted-lancruap-c. ThiS; discovery will
enable a man in Uusto't, to hold an
nctual, spoken conversation, with his
friend in IN'cw Orleans. The sound,
the very tones and nccounli of the
voice, will bo transmitted from one f nd
of Iho globe to the other by means of
electricity. f Peoplo w ill talk by light-
nirir. ' Instead ol scnumgor receiving
a printed despatch, pcoplo will has-
fen ) their rcpectivo telegraph of
fices, and converse with othcrpeople',
at the distance cf hundreds and Leu
sands of miles. .
,Thc reader mfiy treat this state
ment with incre!u' ty aad &com, but
the renllcrmri wLo h.u made lhc dis
covery, i re i: .k i? k Tor L's original
mind, ana r.o less remarkable, for sci
entific cuamrricnts cf the most pro
founJcljaracter.'- Othcr&cientifte rrn-
tlemcn. nficr hearing on cx hm?,on
of tho d.-rovcry, have been, r. ad are
fcnvinctd 'cf its ; prr.rti'c-bil.ty hnd
cct-s. TLIi we-k, t'vj J. nrrer
O.lice .-it ..vii:J. a; next wu.i.r, it
w ill 1 e pr scntcd fur t' r cot.i kr'ii-
Ce,t!gr . "lie ccal cr tl;.
Icrrraph," tnriy ii r prf,ti I
n jiaoihcryr-ir. c nr-t r-
"V to giro lb" r. "rfl f t' cel. v-
( ' . ; ; ' i t r. e
t" M, I J bear
lliai .f-3 W.-.3
; we t Ts !y .. f ' e f r
in r.in J a year !. -c.ee,
tl.a f.r't r ia tl.o
At 1 .
I. r V
I'f v
4 I,
( under Mr."twig, s ;o messenger
i wjjcn hity poorwLitoriicn wouiu navo
been 'delighted to" receive it. lhid
darL'ey 'was 'with Maj'.rVVcbster in
Mexico, as a. servant, and it .was in
character for "black Dan to provide
for black Peter." Emboldened by the
success of. their, brother nigger, two
"colored ; gentlemen," as they were
called; camo to .'Washington, all the
- 1 way lrorn fllassachu-ictts.-HnO'spcci
- Jmcoa of ."charming boy,' so ek'gant
My spoken of by Mr, l'alfre of that
- 1 state. ,They entered .the ante room
of the Homo Department and inquirj
j f d for Mr. U vying They.wcirp'dress.
led in the best broad cloth, and word
Marge gold chains to their watches
A wag, assumed to be the ofiicial aU
I tendant, and in Iho course of convert
sation learned from thcn that they
i were sceKins acriisnws: - unas noi
1 been ascertained' that they met with
j success tho' only bar, to preference
being public opinion. As they voted
for Ueneral Taylor, and are his po-
jticalj'nendswby not. '.'help to snare
1 the.burdens of government!;: JfWpb
j such statesmen, think negroes good as
I whito men, .why not provide them
j withclerkships! - They ought, not to
bo ashamed of their allies. - Tho truth
us, these impudent riegroes 'arc em
boldened to look for "loaves and fish
es," from 'the . fact that in tho course
I department. jnu i nave myscit seen
I negroes writing in the passages of tho
Uepai tments, directing t packages-
while' white mn werejscrubbing the
floors! It is enough to make the blood
boil trj think of these things. : A whig
member of Congress from Tennessee
recommended ono of the negroes nam
cd Warner, as one pi the most perfect
gentlemen he met ..with in Washing
ton, and a. senator, lcoms tho same
State helped him into' otiicc. . These
ftrc.afcw 0f the' manf facts 'which
,... utki, ,TAri;,r,,t I
-. . . . i t ,i w -.
' Pkessubb of tub Sba, If a piece
of wood which floats oh tho water,
bo forced down to a great depth in the
scarthc'prf ssurcrof the'sUrrounding
liquid will force : it' fbfo the 'pores of
tho wood, and so increase its. weight
that it will, no longer bo capable of
floating or rising to the,, surface.
Henco tho timber of ships which have
foundered in the deep part of the
ocean never rises again to tho surf ice,
liko those which ha've sunk 'near' to
sea; but there is a limit beyond which
ha cannot Iivo under, the pressure to
which ho is cut joct. l or the same
re.'.eo!, it is prohabh; that there ii a
nth beyond eLich h .a scannotbva
They accoiJiii : to Jol ,hno been
caught in a depth at winch they nsu: :
have lustaioed n pr sure of.ciglity
tons to each riu.u'o L i cf the surface
of their' bodies. ", . . , .... .
' N ty Usb'op" lJu. DV. Whi'lo-" the
friends 6f '(emperanco condemn 'the
"of brandy, . an J prove that itisia-
juriou3 to Lcalfh tnd life, we discover
thai it. is ret ommendrd f-r Ihc pur
pose of keeping fish alive. Wo can
not answer for tho truth of tfiQ receipt,
tut publish it, in order that ti c curi
ous may try its bav in . prep t lies upoa
lh piscatory lnc.0; r- , - 1
, UVKi.tr 1 1 -a" Auvl. This rn.i)
.trT She
; t : e i
bread in brandy, an! inserting it ia-
tn the gill of If. I .i w'aM yr.t it
fchve, ..'iff war-.'.i prn.klicg
S it
ra w.
and, ail i e ij t ui:y pat I in j
tho H a w ill kn.p .'liu1 t, a or t
;y. .asrnny t proud I; putt
mia irc.u wr.ter at iLe.cri-c
lime; w Len, after a f. w 1 c;;:1' i;
lion.it wi-irrcovcriscrn m rrc-t:
v- L t h" A I
An f ' ! c r
fc..i'J ef i -
vrpu -'!.;
' -1 r '
g) u.aa pre-"it !.
Arr.rrKt'i Arr
'iugin a loud, shrill tone, it out
i with!:. :;jC. v..-.
. Shall I attempt, says tho narrator,
to portray tho eilotl? The audience
was convulsed. :' The holy man main
taincd himself with becoming gravity
and self possession for'a moment, and
made a feeble attempt to proceed, but
soon gave up in despair '
Greatest Investio "or the Acfc
Tho Rochester American, alluding to
Eradhh aw's Telegraphic Sewing Ma,
chide; on exhibition ia that city, says:
; "0 all amazing novel, curious yan
kecisra this u the greatest - It ia con
trived so in;;cnuioasly ns to do the
labor of eight persons in a style that
will compare with that done by tho
carefulcbt hands, and yet so simple as
to be worked by a child, without tho
slightest possible liability to get oat
of order. 'A pair-of pantaloons can
be made by it, ' the s button holes and
the sewing on f the buttons excep
ted, in thirty minutes. We havenev-
er seen any work so strongly put to
gether as the work of this macnine,
And this is also the opinion cf many
manufactures of "clothing who have
borne testimony thereto." r : .; -' -
"It is truly one of tho greatest labor
saving machines of the age, and wo
should think for good or iii, one that
must work an entire revolution in tho
seamstcr'a art. ' V ' " ' ' .
A TvrocRArnicAt Race ! Thcro
has beenconsiderablo excitement for
8omo.days past in tho typographical
circles, In consequence of a proposi
tion to run a race between the "fast
man of tho Delta," and Mr. Tace, of
tho Rullctin. They are regarded as
the swiftest compositors in tho United
States, Mr. Pace being equal to two
ordinary compositors, and Mr. Wat
Smith having set up two thousand an
hour on bourgeois type. To set op
ono. thousand an hour In bourgeon
type, is regarded as on extraordinary
feat. It is expected the proposed match
will coma of to morrow. - The bet Is
for- ono hundred dollars a side, the
compositors in the two oHIccs having
staked tho moijcy for their respecti vo
lnenus. - .iho match has created an
interest among our brethren of tho
type, which persons cf that profession
only can feel nnd understand. Asther
aro both of them favorites with . us.
we say "success to both sides!" and
the devil tako tho pi of the hindmost. ,
iY.,0. Courier, .... .
Hell's Life In London relates an an
ecdote of a pugilist named, Shelton,
who, after a day's pleasure at Ilamp-stcad,-England,
gambled away bis
money and clctLes at pitch and toss
upon which ho tossed with his com
panion to fee- which should bang him
self, tho survivor to have the money
and clothes, cf tho loser. Tho lot
n;;ain fell upon Shelton, who actually
I r? rowed sispenco to Purchase tho
h utcr, and "commenced; fuHUing Lis.
engagement A watchman came t?p
at the moment and cut Lira d Jr
which service Iho poor" fellow was
knocked down by Sl.clton, in tho ex
ce? cf Li indigualion for l! ciatcr
ferencc. ..Ho Vvas tried for tie assault
and , deservedly sentenced to tbreo
monlhi' luipriscnmcrt. . t v
Us. Fakiiam err ro CiurotTTi.
-TLisintrrprising lady, alter all her
droits, has L.kd to leave for Calif jrni
with a very small number of hul.i .5 nc,
companying her. The ladies of A Tier,
ica aro r.iuch Icjs deposed, to cn .::v"V
in a hazardous endertakin? than" t:."
t? rn, and t cm disposed to '!'t well
e no!.!i Blre." Fat tht vas r.-1 tha
spirit of their forefathers, to v. hosi
thr-y e i..i.v.h. The Allowing aro
Lo failed in lla Angel-
ica f.-.r (.'-:.,
Ka'.-r ! iy wc-.
frcra Hew Yerlcoa
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ti ii ..'rvn
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F- x.
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