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' ' " Editor. - ' Printer and PuMisktr.
t ozrono, r.nM
Saturday, June 10, 1849.
'' 'torn GoYSBiios:
(Stibjtal Hi the decision of a Democratic State
,..' convention.)
' Tor Congreist
. - For tg Slats Senate:
J. E. Taliaferro. ;
. j. jFer,iAa llouti:
: r. ii. bcfokd,
Jahks Bhowi.
Jbr Cr 0 Cir!" CWi:
James O. Hendricki.
For Probatt Judge:
. , . A. B. Lambert.
For Probatt Clerk:, -
- ' Asa Nix.
Fot Tom Aisttitr:
. II. E. Miller,
"or County Treasurer:
William S. Warren.
For Policemen:
, Brat No. 1. E. D. Sinclair,
2. Kob't G. Davis,
. 3. William C. Buford,
. , 4. D.F. Rogers,
6. James Davis.
Kev. Wm. M.'GBKErr, D. I)., wae.unani
m.Risly elec ted Bishop of the Diocese. Dr
fiHEKjf has for sorrio lime been connected
with the University of No th Carolina as
Chaplain and Professor of Rhetoric His
learning, piety and urbanity, will not fai
J to attach and win for himself the, respect
ana esteem or the members of his church
and all who know him. ...
CO"A report has bten in circulation here
for several days past, of the existence of
Cholera at Pontotoc. It wnsfttated that
forty cases had occurcd there, and six
deaths. We are pleased to learn from the
delegates from thi county who attended
the democratic convention, that the report
is without foundation. There had been ca
ses of severe dysentary and a few deaths
from it, but not a case of Cholera.
CCrThe Editor left here on Wednesday
last to be in attendance on the Democratic
State Convention at Jackson, r
(rFrom tome cause unknown to us, the
name of Mr, Asa Nix, candidate for Pro
bate Clerk of Lafayette county was omit-
ltd in the regular democratic ticket. A bet
ler democrat or a belter man was not nom
inatod by tho County Convention, than
Asa Nix. ,
(ftpTho Editor will send us the earliest
report of the proceedings of the Democrat
ic State Couvention.
(rWe are requested to say that a
meeting of the citizens of Lafayette Coun
ty will be held in Oxford on Monday the
8th ins!., for the purpose of appointing
Delegates to the Rail Road Convention at
Holly Springs nn the 20th inst.
Hurricane, A tremendous wind storm
passed this place last Sunday, which has
, kivn erv destructive on timber wherever it
has passed. We learn (rom Panola, that it
has been very destructive in the timber
where it passed in that county. At one
place where the people were.nfcfcmbled at
Church, five or six horses wtre killed by
the falling timber. A trr ft'ff upon a horse
with a man upon h'' killing tho horse
without materially i .ing tho rider.
Peatii or tit. Gaines This dis
tinguished soldier and patriot, died in rfsw
Orleans, of Cholera, on the Cih inst.
Diath or Ucl. jAcirilATXs. A let
ter from Galveston, Texas, dated the 3rd
inst., to the Memphis Eagle, brings the J
intelligence of the death of CoL Jack
Hats, tho Texan Ranger. lie died of
cholera at San Antonio, tew days pre-
Dailt Msvphis Current This is the
title of a neat little daily pspr publuhed
in Memphis, Tenn., by- Messrs. Chctb,
IlAMrrccr & Hits. The Clipper is rich
and racy. "
. Lhobmovs Snake. An exchange paper
says a large black snako was recently cap
tured alive,' near Burmingham, Pa., meas
uring 21 feet 8 inches in length, and 3 feet
in circumference. This is hard to beat for
a snake-story.
Natiiez as a Sumxek Kksokt. The
Free Trader remarking upon the reprehen
sible custom loo extensively prevailing in
the South of seeking places of summer
resort in the free-soil North, advises the
migratory citizens of New Orleans and of
the coast, to spend the hot season in Natch
ez, where they will be free from epidemics
and scorges of every kind. Nathez is pro.
verbially healthy, and the most beautiful
place on the Mississippi, and her citizens
a ro second to none in cleverness end hos
pitality. 1
whoae pulse- was ' gone,' his tongue
cold, and his muscles so rigid that
ho rested on his head and heels. In
five -minutes he was relieved, and the
cure was perfected by drinking a de
ooction of senna. In his own case,
Dr. Moore , took into his stomach a
spoonful of tobacco decoction wifh
perfect relief from cramp and diar
rhoea, v ., . " .
ttjJohn Ferris has been appointed
postmaster at Lfcwrenceburgh, Indi
ana, vice Wallace . C. Law, removed.
Mr. Law served his country bravely
in" the war with Mexico, and LOST
Jefferson Colt.kgk. 'Aoams Comity 13 U&IN A VIM A. UI course thtsdis-
We are glad to learn that Professor liar- qualifies bimtakes awaythe "es-j
Jeuerson Uollege, at Washington, jrro-
Abbott Lawrence of Masuachusetts, to
London. . . . '
-Wm. C. Rives, of Virginia, to Paris. 3
Ex-Senator Graham, of North Carolina
to Madrid. '-' .
Bailie Peyton, of Louisiana, to Chili.
George II. Marsh, Constantinople or
Berlin. " ' " - '.
Col. McClung, to New Crenada or Ven.
ezuela. '' " ' ' - v ' ' , .
lj L. Cri'ttenden, of Kentucky, Consul
to Liverpool. !
L. Draper, Consul to Ilavre,
Ex-Governor Kent, of Maine, Consul to
Rio Janeiro. ,
0"The enly pledge made by Gen. Tat-
lob was that he would not turn men out of
office for opinion's sake. The fact of an
officer being a democrat, is now made a
sufficient excuse to decapitate him; and yet,
to support such au administiation, the dem
ocrats ere called upon to give their votes,
If there bo such creatures now aa Taylor
democrats can they longer hold companion
ship with their new allies. To do so. would
be humiliating disgraceful, meanspirited
Will they, spaniel-like, lick the hand that
smiles them f
(&"Tbe Baptist Chronicle published at
Jackson in this Stale, and tho Baptist
Chronicle at New Orleans, are now under
suspension, owing it is stated, to a want of
patronngc. Theso are tho papers that un
willingly gave circulation to the attempts
to convert tho University into a tecta
rian establishment . We reiret the sus
pension of these papers, but cannot say
that we bnv any tears to shed over
their impotency to do mischief to our State
fessor II. is a graduate of one of the most
celebrated Universities of Europe, former
frofessoror Alnthemntics and Natural l'ln
loaophy of Jefferson College, Pa., of Oxford
College, Georgia, and more recently of tho
University ot Aiississippi. I be Oxford
(Lafayette) Organizer has frequently spo
ken of Professor II. as an eminently suc
cessful teacher and accomplished scholar
JXaiche tree trader.
Our friend Tebo is slightly at fault in
the above. Professor llardemnn was nev
er connected with the University of Missis
ppi. He was, however, a candidate for
one of the Chairs, and exhibited the highest
proofs of qualification. We are pleased to
learn that the Professor is so well locuted.
Cholera, -The Memphis papeTS in
form us that the Cholera is yet prevailing
in that city to a considerable extent, though
in most instances it readily yields to medi
cal treatment There has also been a few
cases of Cholera in Yazoo City the past
Whig Stat Cohvistioh n Mifis-
urn Save thi mark. After all that
has been said and dono by the whiga in this
Stole against conventions, they are actual
ly at work notc getting up a convention
to nominate a full-whig tieket for State of
ficers. The Aberdeen Independent thinks
tho delegates to that convention ought no1
to moke sny pledges; they are no dttubl all
getting very tired of pledge! But what
is mere strange the higs of Marshall
county, are moving towards getting up a
county convention, to nominate thoir coun
ty candidates.
To the Editor of the Organizer.
Sih: Permit me through" your paper
to suggest the name of Capt. Wm. Delav,
as a fit person to supply the vacancy in the
Democratic ticket occasioned by the decli
nation of Judge yw. II. Smitheb to become
a candidate for ShorifT of Lafayette county.
The selection of Capt. Delay as candi
date for Sheriff, would, I am satisfied from
frequent conversations with the democracy
from all parts of tho county, give satisfac
tion and secure the united support of the
party. It is high time Mr. Editor, that the
party should be aroused to the absolute ne
cessity of placing democrats in every min
isterial ofiico within their gift, particularly
when it can be done by men every way
qualified. From his cailiest settlement
amongst us, Capt. Delay has been a con
sistent democrat, nnd nno that for a series
of years have rendered valuable services to
the party, both at the husting nnd on the
tented fields. Ilia election would prove
highly grateful to a large circle of friends,
and be but a meed due.
A Democrat rot PniKcirLK.
Ex-President Polk. The. follow
ing in relation to the illness of this
gentleman, we clip from the Nash
ville Union of the 8th inst.:
In our paper yesterday, we staled
that Mr. Polk was thought to be out
of danger. This paragraph was writ
ten at two o clock and the informa
tion which we received was more
flattering' than his -situation would
justify: We are pained to be com-
petieu io announce tnat since. that
time he has been much worse, and he
still lies in a precarious' situation,
though his physioian, at four o'clock
yesterday evening-, thought his symp
toms slightly better. His complaint
is not cholera, but diarrheal, to which
he has been subject for many years.
N. S. Prick. This gentleman is now
the only Democratic candidate for
Judge of thU Judicial District. Th
Democratic party throughout the Dis
trict we hope will unite and elect
bim. He served a short time ns Judge
' Orrin Beck, Proprietors
rmiJi:SESprin2s tire I. sated In n beauti-
ful beach grove, a short distance from
the junction of Snow Creek and Tippah
river, in the county of Tippah, about 15
raik's east of Holly Springs, and 10 miles
south of Sa'em, Mississippi. There are
several springs wiihin a few yards of each
other, differing materially in their proper
ties, ScxrucB predominating in some, and
Ibopt in others. ,
The Medicinal Vibt'cbs of the Watr
are believed, from the statements of hun
dreds of invalids' who tried them, to be
equal to those of any other mineral waters.
A specimen, from one of the principal
Springs was, some two years since, submit
ted to rrolessor I roost, ol Aaslmife, whose
reputation is so well known, and he return
ed the following ,
Analysis.: .
20 Fluul Ounces
Sulphuretted Hydrogen 7 cubit inchet.
And then adds: "Vowjasit is' my. opinion
that the most essential medical ingredient
in the sulphuretted mineral waters, is the
buLFUUHETTED llvuEOGiv, so 1 believe that
yours will be found as beneficial as any of
the more complicated waters. .
There is also a pure free-stone spring on
the grounds. The adjacent streams afford
on abundant supply of Fish, and the broken
pine hilla which surround the premises,
abound with Game; whilst other sources
of amusement have been provided for those
who prefer them to the angle or the gun.
J ho Proprietor, grateful for past patron
age has, since I lie lust season, incurred
much trouble and expense in fitting up the
establishment, and will be prepared during
Hie seaso to
Accommodate 150 or
mve been fitted up, so that the applicant
can be furnished with any lind truVA may
some years since, and gate general ' " !'",rf',1 "n-I'im allet erected; a
satisfaction. : The union of the Dem
ocrats can be effected, if the proper
course is pursued. With uiuon, his
success U certain by a large majority.
Jaehsonian. ' - -
A Jltcn State. The assessed rash
value of real nnd personal property
in the State of Ohio, for tho year
ISIS, was $421,007,091. This valua
tion gives $200 to. each living soul;
or $i,uuu to each Jamily.
Fob toe Cubb op Inflammatory
Rheumatism. Half an ounce of alum,
half an ounce of pulverized salt petre,
put in half a pint of sweet oil. Bathe
the parts affected, when a cure will
bo speedily affected.
At Fanny Kem lie's last reading in
theMasonio Temple, nt Boston, the
daughter of a wealthy man asked
her husband who Shakespeare was.
He replied without hesitation, that
he was the man who wrote the New
One hundred thousand of the little
dollar pieces have already been coin
cd at the mint in 1'hiladclphii. .
, J. Por teh hat become joint owner
and publisher of the 4,CoIumbus Dem
well furnished Conectio5ary will be con
nected with the establishment; and Danc
ing provided for those whoAvish to .
Tip the light . f.ntaitic io " t
will be given nnre a week, the music to be
furnished by Professor Kendall.
(rThe Table will be supplied with the
best the country affords; and the moat am
ide arrangements hate been made for
The whole number of houses des
troyed in St. Louis by the late disas
trous fire is given as four hundred
and eighteen : the number of steam
boats, Iwenty-five. The entire loss
oi property is estimated now at two
millions of dollars.
a i n ounc r. si i: n t s.
MAsrrACTTiiJto i Mis-tmnrt. The
Cooiptny recently established ia Choctaw
rouniy w destined to do' a fine business.
Tive hundred spindles are in operation
wlrn completed, l!ie maoii factory will run
S,.V 0 spinuies. We have heard tbat some
t f l'. cpit!iti of Lafcjcue are seriouilv
lal'.ir of Mcn r!irg a similar enterprire.
IJ-SXe rr-rn to letrn the death of
C I. V.'ahrr Ilicley, formerly connected
i h li e Vk kburg Snliol. Ha was ki!l
d ia a ! u 1 j a !Jr. Mo, rn the 13;b
till , fff f.fi 0 Dai in rtoch mi tU Rio.
(.(:!, !e. lis a m4 It-brsnH tmn.
J. W. CAurartx, flsq. Wo leara that
this gentleman has wnbdrawn IromMhq
canvass for District Attorney. '
Hos. J. N. McCAnrBELi. Wo learn
from the Jacksonian, that this gentleman
hts authorized that paper to say that he is
do longer a candidate for Judge. We 'earn
also, from lb tame psper that Judge Tbot
rra, is not a candidate for Ju'go nor did
Dot intend to be, unless nominated by the
Pontotoc Convention, Judge rstrr, there
fore, is the ooly democratic candidate in the
field for JuJge of the 7ih judicial district.
R r ovau aso A rronrrMKJrrsIIow h
stem thix. We clip the fallowing from
a leg li.t of rcmora's nJ appointments,
tUl our readers may see who are Wmg te-
heas'rd in M'.'t'ppi. ,
W(',;sia MiQ-jiiUn, r Miil ppi, to be
.farf!.l of t' Unite. Sut fr tKe Nor
For Circuit Judge
are authorized to announce the
Henry Clay Request to Resign.
A late Cincinnati Enquirer says :
"at n rncetinzot the citizens of Trim
ble county, Kentucky, held on the
2tyh ult., nt the Court House, in the
town of Medford, uitiout any distinct
tion of party, the following resolu
tions offered by John Robert, Esq , a
tin "
vv nig, were adopted: - -
lie tt furtlirr Ilcsohvd, Tbat the doc
trincs aublished to tho world bv the
on. Henry Clay, in relation to eman
cipation, arc calculated, if carried out,
not only to violate tho constitutional
rights of this Commonwealth, but
greatly to injure the condition of the
slaves, by corrupting them.
De it further llcsolved, As the sense
of this meeting, that with tho opin
ions of tho said Ilenrv Clav. now
made manifest, upon the subject of ab
olition or emancipation, that ho is no
longerdccmed a fit instrument to car
ry out tbe wishes and dfend the
rights of tho good people of this Com-
monweaith in tho Senate of the UnN
ted Slates, and therefore, as the first
act of the nexfLcgMatucc of Ken
tucky, he, the said Henry Clay, should
be formally requested to resign his
feat in the Senate of the United
ILfSow mark the difference..
Whiht the sentiments of Mr. Clay
are thus bitterly denounced br all nar
lies, whig! as well as democrats, m lis
otrn Stale, we have seen but one whig
press in Tennessee find fault with hs
late emancipation letter. The Eagle
published in this place spoke in high
terms of the style of the letter, but
offered no objection, If we right' re
member, to its sentiments ; sentiments
which tbe good1 people of Trimble
County, Ky., say "not only violated
the constitutional rights of this Com
monwealth, but greatly injure the con
dition of the slaves, by corrupting
.i, m i i r . .. i u ,i . i
thoulj bc fitrmaUv rtovrttcd" bv tic ' . . . '
,..,' t- , "i " .w -n.y"f are a:;;noriea io annntjnea
Lrfri&.&trjre rf Kentucky 7o rfii'rAtimTiii w, i , . r
i;m-. , i- .1 , KCiiF.HT 1 lAr.V, asa car, Jm for
, . .1 ii ll-i l. U.b .-. -'H (WH.J, !.
the lactious sprite J wLigryasit ex-.
Stabling Horses
Arrangements have been made with
Messrs. Holland & Kppes, of Holly Springs,
by which visitors who reach that place
from any direction, can be conveyed to the
feprings in carnages or buggies in three
hours time; and as there will be a daily
communication between the two points.
letters and papers can at any time be
obtained from the post-office at Holly
In short, the Proprietor will spate no
cfTurt to make his establishment a pleasant
retreat to all who may visit it in search nl
either health or amusement, or as a refuge
from the approach of cholera.
Single Person. Hone.
Per month, $20 00--- -10 00
. week, 0 00- 3 50
day, 00 75
meal, l0 - - 23
fiscal affairs of jhe general 'j,uvttiniit.r.t
from all connexion with State institutions r ;
or corporations created by itself; a strict '
construction of the constitution, e filing;
iLe several branches of. tho general govO
erDment to i ieirpaVticulor spheres pf bc .
lion, and requiring of all & fnilhful per-"
formance of daly; and especially denmnd-2
ing Bnd insisting that the vrresilent 'of ;
the United Slates .shall not abdicate Lis ,
high powers and his responsibilities to an I
irresponsible cabal, under the name of a;J
cabin tt, who were not chosen I y thepeo.' T
pie, and are not accountable to them at.,
the ballot-box. 'M '" ' - '
Such are, io general," tbe""pr ?es
which the "Union" will advocaff ; i-.
performine -iho duties which tLev Lv
jointly assumed, theundersigncd are aware
that, in the present crisis, it will Jevolva
upon them to discuss the policy and t ..ens.""
ures of tho party in power with freedom,
and perhaps, on some occasion,-", with..
seventy., jiut, in ejiecuftng ther bgh .
functions as conductors of the public Press.
they will not 'forgo the dignity nor the
amenities due to their position, white they,
perform their duty to the people with I he
hrmness and fidelity which the occasion
may demand.
Aware that the 4,Unioa" is the sole or-,
gaa at Ihe seat of government, of the
great democratic party, which represents .
the people of the United States 'not only
in principles and sentiments,' but. also in
numbers, the undersigned. will. endeavor
to conduct it in that liberal, nnd catltolio
pisit which the true interests of their coun
tryandpnrty demand at their hands. They
are not blind to the fact (hat in a republic
so extensive as this, and embracing auch a.
wide range of Intitudd. and climate, differ
ent institutions must spring ub apparently
' nna ' conflic,in8 w'h eacji other, but, in reality,
.OOj each contributing to-the advancements
the. whole.. This apparent conflict of in
terests ond institutions, of course, gHes
rise to sentiments and opinions as apparent
ly diverse, but which, rightlymderstood, i
and under just restraint, can do no injury
to each other. With regard to these con- J
Aiding sentiments and (Opinions growing I
out of local causes and institutions, it '
will be the object of the undersigned not !
to interfere, except to inqtilcate concession "
and forbearance on all sides and to secure 1
to each tho just protection which tho con- f
stitiition i promiftooll. .-. . ... )
Our endeavors will be to unite all "the
clementaof Ihe democratic party in supnort
of its common principles," and-in en effort i
Hon. N. S. PRICE, of Tippah county,
as a. candidate lor Judge or the seventh
Judicial District, at the next November
Election. - . .s .. , t,
J." N. M'CAMPDELL, of-Marshall
county," is a candidate for Judge of the
Seventh Judicial District, at the November
Election. -.
- Citric cf Chancery Court. ,
We are authorized to announce Capt.
ANDREW J. ED.MO.VSON, of Pontotoc
county, as a candidate forClcik of the Vice
Chancery Court for the Ilotfy Springs Dis
Children under Ten years of age, and
servants, halt price. f
As the attention required by this estab-
lishment conflicts too much with other busi
ness, the proprietor will sell to any one
wishing this desirable property, on accom
modating terms. - ORU1N DECK.
June 7th, 1819. 8-3 w
C-The Caieltc, Ilolfy Springs Missis
siiiian, Jacka u Eagle, Memphis Or-
paniier, i)xfordJJucna Vista Hugle, Pon
totoc Lynx, runola, will copy weekly,
three times, and send their accounts and a
paper containing the advertisement, to Or-
rin Deck, Salem, Miss.
For Distru-t Attorney.
We ere authorized to anrronnco J." II
K1LPATRICK, of Marshall county, as a
candidate for District Attorney for the7tb
Judicial District.
county, is a candidate for , Dilrict At
torney of iho Seventh Judicial District,
at ihe November Dection. , . ,
... " . WMMMM. .
rVis learn f" .a the &ifirw
tI.U the trnl U Jaw fn,rB' rffn"T
for fi.Tl cf tht t'j'rri.." CnurL
itlt m ocr rr !-!: nnd 4.i-K ' ! i . . .
.t.t T'...-.V;..4. NU I..tnr.- ... .i o .. . . .i3 j. ill. Uitlirti3 is s tan. i- lor 'r n- -. "'t
a4(rinrr j . Mvri..ce ooi.n.ij tuie outn.Cat ILe )ditit U Crk .f the Orc-jil Gnirt, at ll.. Prr,gr.s, ar.d fy, octxamel ia the
. or
A Daily, Smi-WUy, and Weekly News
rrsLiMicD at wasuixotox, v. c,
And dcroted to Politics, Literature, and
General Intelligence.
On and after the 1st day of June next,
tbe "Umos" ivill 'be published under the
joint management and control of the sub
scribers". "
As both of the undersigned have been
before tbe public in different stations one
of us for nr!y half a century, and the
other - for several rears we believe it
will not be deemed arrogant in us I o sujv
pose that anything more than a general
declaration of our principles, and tht course
wbieh we intend to pursue, wiil be neces
Mrv at ibis time. '
Tbe political character of the "LVios
will remain unchanvd. As it hat hitherto
dane from the date of its pub'icatihn to tbe
present 1 1 mo, it wi'l continue to advocate
the great princip'cs i f tbe democrat c party
aa expound by its ilu.nnoua f.-ur-'c r,
Tlwmas Je f!.r n,anJ carrif ! in'o i"Kcet
fal practice in the adminii:r.ii n of tht
rivernment ty so'..e-q r nt dcnwrilic
Presidents; pripci; Its whic h have ir-fured
cor t !-'e cowDiry an o; action
to regain its ascendency, which has been
lost by tho mistaken trust and confidence
which sumo of its members have reposed in
a man, now occupy ing the presidency, who
had gained high military honors in a noble
and patriotic cause, and who, in order to
attain the highest civic honors, made prom
lit a - .
ises ana pieoges wnicn lie has, I rom fn.
capacity to fulfil hia high duties, or frorn
inftntional design, grossly violated, thus
oetraying td the enemy lhre wbocnnfidtd
in him, and bringing disgrace upon the
i resiuentiai cilice.
In carrying out these purposes encMrf-
tcnlions.ihe undersinned feel that thev
shall stand in need of Ihe active and en
ergetic co-operation and support of the un
divided democracy of the country. The
party in power has secured its ascendency
by a fraud upon the people, and has roost
sh.inulully violated all the pledges which
it made to attain pewer. It wiil endeavor
to maintain Us ascendency by the same
unscrupulous means. It is the party re
presenting the foreign sentiments and pna
ciples now too openly prevalent in this
country, end which are at war with tbe
principles of our government and with
popular liberty. .It is the party which al
ways allies itself with every foreign enemy
with which our country may happen to be
at variance. It is the parly that espoused
the cause of Great lirt'ain in the war of
IN 12, and leagued with Mexico in Ihe wsr
of 1813 Sound polilicah morality, fidelity
to republican principles, and that spirit of
true patriotism which ever P-wns upon
treachery to one's country, require tbat
this party shall be expelled from tne power
which it has gsincd by such reprehensible
means, and ia now exercising for such un
justifiable ends. And ia this great work
we invoke the energetic and untiring aid of
every patriot and every friend to popu.ir
liberty and free government, assuring ihera
that we shall endeavor not to be wanting
in lionect e(Tora to accomplish that part of
the work of reform which may derolvs
on us. . . '
But, while the "Union'' i!l be mainly
devoted to po'itics, it will not overlook "the
demands ot the domestic; circle.- It will
contain all tbe important ef 4 v,
and devote a reason Ee portion of its col
umns to matters of intereft relating tx
science, tbe art, snd reneral literature. .
Dai!y, per vear, . . . $10 03
Semi-Weekly, (published tri-wek-
ly during tbe scisioo, of Con
or-S ?ut,on nr 1 union to a fell and ! XoienAm Election.
Weekly, 4. 2 C9
Clubs vill he furniskfi as ,'.Vtri:
Five copies of the Dadv, for J 11 OJ -
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