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) nates of rostaze.
We following, euoiiH eYy of the ratee of port
Hr th. Uw of Maroh last, lit been re.
iel by tla Aaetsiaal Poalnuster of lbs city of
letters not over lialf aaounoe, not more then
0 iniM O cenu over uv u
... half en ounce end not more than en ouoce,
uble tbee relet. "Any fractioa over an ouoce
tlweye oounlea ee en ounce. (
ihip Letters, delivered where received, 5 cts.,
Jnrevcld by mail, 2 cent edded to.the ueual
staf e-roo latter deposited in poet office for
'pi eeni. . ,
landbille, Circulars', end advertiaemeote, one
?et only, unaeeM, any CMtaoce i cenu, pre
..nt rr.im the office of public
1 H..Ai I'm .. re incbce, under
j ',., aitinn h Bute.- one cent
er hundred mike, end out of the Mete, 1, cu.
..... i mi inii.M. tlio Mine rtte ee pam-
Jet poeteco. Transient neppe lh
'ee. prrpeid. . .
i.LLki..i. f .11 deecriotione, not over one
... vc. mdt -i for each additional
":! . A frietion le.e than a half
mce is not euumed, if a half ounce or wore, it
I counted ee en vunce.
tw i..tun. two cenle. Lettere advertu
re charged the tost of adverting, not over
our cent. LetUr carriers in citiee receive on
Iters not oeer twoceole, on newspapers ana
pamphlet half a cent. Wey Lettue one cent
extra. . .
i Ferelfftt Sea Fostare.
I Letiere for the United Stale Teiritoriee on
the Pacific, for a ingle half ounce or lent, forty
'-naete. nreuaid or nol. For Havana 12 cent,
'k...M art ounta. Panama 3'J cents, pre mid.
i The whole pontage from any port office in the
!i.nt. hv American or Knelieh mail eteamera,
nited stalee la or irom ureai pri'aiu
Iur BIU IV M.a wunw wm . i ( m
or not. ' 1 '
For Brnn, bj American (learner, 21 cent,
inre half ounce, or lea, prepaid or uot, the
ml inland pcatage to be added.
For other foreign countries. If eent by Britieh
eteamer, United ritatee inland poataf e, any die
Unce. 9 cenle a eingle half ounce, ten cent in
ounce, prepaid. ' t
If eout by American eteamor. to go through
(the Britith mail, the whole poatage te iweniy-
oil eent a eingte half ounce, prepaid. If aenl
1 by American tteamer, all latter for France,
; Holland, the Netherlands, and Spain,- muit be
Sea poataga for Newepapere and TamphleU
tbreeeenl. beeidee inland poetnge, both pre
paid. Bnt to or from Great Britain or Ireland,
toe total poetage from any U. 8. poet office i
on a newepaper twoeenta, and on a pamphlet
ee cent fur each ounce or fractional exceee,
both prepaid. Sea pontage on price current,
three cenle, with inland poetage added.
i i
.Tenderi ; b f t Sen if ei -
f . , TO THC
Tariona Branches of hi Profoaaloa.
. Jlehopes, by wriclatientiuo to business, to merit
bare a 01 public patronage.
(jr Office, the one Juntoore occupied by
Dr. A. A. Tvylor.
May )9th,iSW. ' 4 i"
I iiivrrsllv of iTIhsi8lnpi
fllUIS ins'iiuti n was duly op-pcd on
Monday the 6th ef November, and I
now in full ODerstion: 74 students ate
already in atiendance. V -
The course of studies sre arranped for a
four Tears' curriculum; The requisites for
admission into the Kreshmnn class, sre a
eomnetent knowledire of Lnclisli Ornm-
mar, Composition, Arithmetic, Geogmph
the Latin endlirect Grammars, six Dooiyi
.,fih A'.neiJ.of Vircil and the Oreck Ilea
. Art. and: some acquaintance wilh t.ntio
Proodv. The fxpenesfor the ten month
, are $37 for College dues, and 83 a mrnth
.or board. Tho Co!leg du are wholly
... . a. a lJ? !
pid in advance, ana me ooara is paiu quar
. terly in advance.
- : Waahinir. fuel, and linht are stthe
ense of the student : who will provide his
. own furniture aUo. This, if desired, can
' he hired or bought from, the steward at a
fair rate.
Proctor MUs. Univ'y
I Oifrd, Fpb.3. 1610. .
i"e state of Mississirrij
Lapatette Covrtt. ")
.'. J. J. Meek,'
Guardian ofRob't JValkcr,
C. M. Phipps, ' f rrolaie Court,
. Adm'r of David. "alkerJ
decease, itpuardian for.S April Term,
Stephen walker, pirgi . foj
ret naiacr, ana mary
Walker. Lucy lveel and
her husband C Kec!, tnd
EliiAbeth Walker.
. TTT aDDarini to the sMiffoetion of the
J- Const that Lucy Keel and her husband
E. Keel,,rcfpondcnts jn Ihe above stated
cause, are con refcidenis of this Slate: It
is therefore ordered by the Court, that the
aid Lucy snd her butband, enter their
appearance," at the next regular term of
ihis Court, to wit:
On Ik third Aon Liy in May next.
.". H'TAJJS, the Honorable
J. P. Srocisan, Jin?ga of ssid
- : Court, ihe ry Monday in Apr!,
- J A. I. lS4a, aoi tire Seal
' ''. thereof annexed.
T-4w SA MX, Clerk.
. Wool Carding Machine.
f TIIIU subscriber rtn-ciLV,j announces
i- to the public that he ha jul rTt r
direct from Ciacinnatti, a new ll'UUL
CARDINU MACHINE, l-.:t n the
mot imrrced pUn. It i do i Ptti.
Hft at hi taw M.''. 10 rn'!e eat t f Ox
' f r!, LsfjTtie rnun';, ralie riaJ ki.J.rg
from HaU to Por.toW. .
The having Wo l ti rn?& vjroull do
'! to rl it in. as ke" conJn:ly aurt
a".:, I Vat, I j trt Uentio fciartelf, and
securing Ike sri 'e tf aa ei?rienced
"tern, lhy la.U recfie tfeiLirj tu
IVox.l shld b cearti from au lard
a-.,' 'arw-s prrrioiis te tan'.n, ar4 cse
pHind of lard allowed to n r p o
wwl L. 1 . V T.N N.
T. S. IT'ikI ri;s far sata r. - ' f per
Unirersity of ITIii sitsippl.
In th Order of tteir I.IulrkvUaiion and
joining College..
I. Bugg, Thomas E.t Chickasaw county.
2. Gilliam, John TM Decoto co.
3. Ware, Wtltiam J., Pontotoc do.
4. llolmet, Finley, Deeoto do. -
5. Alston, John I)., do.
0. Nash, M. G., Canton. Madison co.
7. Morton, C. S., Columbus, Lowndes
8. Harris, S. II., do.
T9. Boieen, William B., Oxford, Lafuystte
10. Butler, W. R., do. do.
11. Mackie, J. M., do, do.
12. KHpatrick, E. P., Marshall co.
13. Puryear, T. S., tlo.
14. Ellis, Thomas F., at the University.
15. Griffin, W. P., Oxford, Lafayette co.
10, M Innis, Hugh, Lcaksville.urecne co.
17. ' Gillispic, L., NVahalaK,' Kemper co.
18. MRaven, Holly Springs.-
1 0. Pegues, 1 WUliani C. do. ' 5 ' -
20. Pegues, Marlborough, do. ' 1 r '
21 Welsh, Jos', Wahalak, Kemper co."-
22.. Corikcy, Jos. ..(" Oxford, Latayette
co. '
23. Jones, Leu-is B do. do.- "
24. Moseley, John 'T., Wahalak, Kemper
co. , '" " "' ; '
25. Rogers, Thomas '.,' Oxford: 1 '
20. Jjambreth.'J, TV., Canton, Madiion co.
27. Owens, William, do. dor"
29,. Phipps, , 'J. M-, Oxford. ' ' -
29. Phipps,' Bl L, do. " "
tShergog, John. uo. w
Phipps, W: R., do.' 1
Jordra, W: T., Canton, Madisorl CO.
Rayburh, L. M, Oakland, Yalobusha
34. Hibler, R. T., Belmont, Panola co.
5. Alston, P. G., Pleasant Mount, do.
36. Smither, IC G.; Oxford. . 4
a7. BramlUt, J. M Pontoloc.-
38. Bennett, J. M., Barton, Monroe co.
3a Strong, M. L'., Barton, Lowndes co.
40. Fotulrcn, William,' Oxford.
41. Taylor, B. S., do.
42. Mcanst J., Memphis, Tenn.
43. Coleman, A. J., Desoto co.
44. Eu-ink, A-, Carrollton, Carroll co.
45. Fltfcr, Charles IK., water valley,
Yalobusha co.
10t Lester; S. P., Belmont, Panola co. .
47. Burton, A. S., Holly Springs.
48. Hurt, II. Hammet, Oxford.
49. llalbertJ. Aberdeen, Monroe co.
50. Smifey, J. J, ReiJ's Slore, Copiah co.
51. Mcaders, J. P. Oxford.
52. Montgomery, C. R., Starkville, Miss.
53. Evans, F. II., Abordeen, Monroe co.
54. CoUrell, II. M.t Hudsonville, Mar
, shall co.
55. Scales, J. W., do,, do.
50. Roach, ., Preston, Yalobusha co.
57. Hudson, J. L., Lamar, do. '
5S. Robson, W. J.t Charleston, Talla-
hatcliio county.
50.', Ragland, J. F., Pontotoc
GO. Quarles, J. J., Montrose. '
01. Farrar. T. G-. Jackson, Miss,
G2. Kirlrpatrick, J. G, Canton, Madison
G3. OUter, D. M., Ricu's X roads, Pa
nola co. . . ,
04. Jirf;oicfl,Jl.,. Water Isird, Marshal co.
05. Earle, B., Aberdeen, Monroe co.
C3. M'Bee, Silas, ..Tthula, Holmes cou
07. M'Bee, Jothua, do. da
GS. Johnson, William,' Monroe co. '
09. Bnrnitt, W., Baiton, Lowndes o.
I). May ton, J. II., Jsckson, Miss.
71. nJretr. R. C, Vernon, Madison to.
2. Wyalt, T. 6,"J'chuln, Holmes co.
73. Herring, John B., Pontotoc.
1. M'Clure, Moses iV., Coosa co., Ala
bama. Since pubtifhinij the List of the Students
ho had matriculated in the University of
Mishiuinpi on Saturday la?t, the 10th ol
March, the following, young gentlemen
have joincdjhat institution :
75. Leak, W.J 1 ippsh co.
l'ot, Beverley Wa verier, Lown
rles co.
Young, Thomas' E.." fo 4 .'. '
Young, Jamet ., do. '
Watkin. John', do.
Ilolon, idbcrl," Charleston, Talla
hatchie CO. t 1" "
. EST.R A Y S. ,
TAKEN up by Robert Graham, living
12 miles North-east of Oxford, one
yoke of steers, to wit: one a brown, tbe
other brown and vihite, marked with a
wallow fork in each ear.no perceivable
brands, about 0 or 7 years old. The two
ppraised to C30. 1
Juno 16, IMU.
rilAKEN UP by John H.Davis, living
JL in .. Nftrili of Oxford, one Sorrel
Mare, supposed to 1 c about 4 years rld,
bout 1! e,15 bands high, a blaze in ncr
i ' , i . -. j 1 1 .iiii.
orencao, ail leci una, auiu iuu -
pot on her back. . Appraised to $30 0U.
ALSO, cae while Horse-Mule, supposed
lo be a ) ears eld, with a small yellow spot
oiet bis r-ght eye, no other msrVs or brands
crceivabie. Appr,s';1 10 5 J
Apnl 17th,
r-lAKEN LP by E. D. Gray, hvirg
a'Hit Itimiics North.Et from Ox-
f.-rd, cvneFwrtl Mare, about 4 years o d,
uh a white freak in bis face, left f.re-
Uh and b.th h nJ fret vihitf, about 11
r ' 1,1 rh, ro reicciralle brands. Ap-
r .ted lo $-2 Ih '
Juno 4;h, 1 S 43. . ,
"lAKEN Vv"F-,;i ! C. Wli'.t. living
, r.'r Vj tin's
... 12 -
?w . ,
oM . ' i n v
tUr k r - r '
t tht f. i
f t the!-?
b ;S. Ap,
j urs
t 1
Founded on bi adventurea In the late Mexican
;, War, . -
1 OB ' '
Har been procured at a great expense by the
bailor or the N.-X. Literary Amenean,and will
be pabliehed ia that paper of May 5, and the
succeeding week. In the courae of the work,
the (terming of Vera Crot, eeveral Ball Ire, and
tb Triumphal Entry into tbe City of Mexico
are faithfully described. It i the moat remark
eble and inlttreeting work that has appeared in
tbe New York Pre, and will be
Copyrighted for the Literary American.
Back numbers furniebed at the office. '
TERMS. Servod every week in New York,
Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and all tba neigh
boring place, for Bix cents a Week.
To Mail Subscriber
One copy . , . $ 3 00
Twe copies . . 5 00
Bix cooiee . 14 00
. Ten copiee . . SO Oil
per annum, in advance.
I .i ...TT
Agent wanted in every town in the U. S.
fCJ-Send in your namee and money at onee
by mail or otherwise, to the Literary American
Office. G. P. ttUACKtaHtJS,
' - a . I .- , Editor.
House of. Entertainment..
' THE undersigned, having open.
ed a House of Entertainment at
iCockrum's JX.Roads, Ds Soto
county, Miss., which is calculated to ren
der great accolnmodation to the traveling
community. - 1 his house is large and com
modious, divided into various departments,
so as to furnish private rooms with fires.
It ia mv intention to make all who mav fa.
voreine with their patronage, as comiorta.
ble as North Mississippi will admit of. I
have large stables and experienced ostlers.
Chanrog as low or lower than usual in the
Administrator's Notice.
THE undersigned having obtained Let
ters of Administration on the Estate
of JehnSmart, deceased, at the December
Term, 1848, of the Probate Court of Lafay
ette county, Mississippi, hereby gives no
tice to all persons having claims against
said Estate, to present lliera duly probated,
or the statute of limitations will be plead in
bar of their recovery. And all persons in
debted to said Estate are required to moke
immodiate payment, or suits will be insti
tuted against them.'
May 5,1849. , ,2-Cw.
The subscriber has just received from
Europe a splendid collection of Flower
seeds, and lor tbe accommodation nf per
sons residing at a distance, has put them
up in assortments of 12 varieties, each dis
tinctly labelled, the whole enclosed in an
envelope, for sending by mail at single let
ter postage. Price $1 ; or six for $5; will
be sent by remitting (he amount, postpaid,
to H. A. DItEF.lt,
Seedsman and Florist, No. 59
Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
April 19ih, 1819..
Jailor's Notice.
AS committed to iho Jail of
Tufavelt rnnnlv. Mi.. on
the 15ih in ?t., a mulatto boy, about
10 years old, who calls his namo Phil! or
Flanda, and savs that he belongs to Char
les Holmes, of Yazoo cilv. Miss.
The owner is requested to come forward,
prove bis property and pay charges, or
he will be dealt with as the law di
rect. . V. S. McKEE, Jailor.
May ,17th, 1819, ' 4-lf. '
npIIE undersigned having opened ,77
a house in Oxford, on Main- HjlJ
street, south of the court-house, for the
accommodation of Travellers, DayB'ard
em, r nd fur Families, respectfully solicits
a sbnr-o of public patronage. He pledges
his utmost exertions (4 render comfortable
all ho may favor him with their custom.
Man and hore. all night,
per day,
Hoard, pcr-month,
with Lodging, from April
to October, per month,
Do. do., from October lo April,
per month,
Board by tbe Year, with quarter
ly settlement,
$1 Si)
1 .r0
8 00
10 00
12 00
120 CO
00 5
Smg'e meal,
March S0ih,l$l&-
til Jicw Candidate
In the Field. I
rjflllE tmdsrsigned beg Iave to Inform
ih Ladies and Gentlemen of Oiford
and vicinity, that tkey have re-opened their
STORE, and having just received new
and full snpply of - '
Fall and Winter Goods.
TbpT are rw fairly in te f e'.i as canJ" !
tesfr fill ?Mod, lagging the ptn ... (
ag cfth citizens rf Oxford tnl vicioityj
wuhout d'??1r,ctIon cf Tarty. "' )
Their Stock ccn' t irt rnrt cf i'
Drv Goo a full nssorimcntof
t . v r t .
CAifi ill U0
hats, catx saor.s r.uors
mrj wake. iii:n.s wake
(;i:ocluu:s, saddlery, 4c &c,
'! ta ts s'..:i-bt
! fr CA?:i cr,!y.
1 a'.d y 4 vn'tl fee.
4 t r t " as T.
- r 1 r
f i
f -
' r.'ir '
i f r" a.
r v
f TTIIEsnbscriber tenders Lis hearty thank
to the citizens of Memrrtsi end vjcini-
t , for their liberal patronage, during Ims
eight years Yesidence in i'emphia, nd by
his extensive arrangements for the future
hopes to merit for his new house, a con
tinuance of the confidence and patronage
of tho public- FEED. II. CLARK.
Watches !. Watches ! !
IOR years tbe strife
has been not who
could make tho best
ca tno best f Js ' -v,
who could fv r7''alV
cheapest, or I
watch, but
make the c
rather the lowest
article, which is not al
ways the eheapest, and consequently the
great falling off in the quality of watches.
We import our watches direct frera En
land,? France, and Germany, and have
been 12 months in preparing our present
stock. Our aim' hos been to have a splend
id assortment of Fine Watches us fine
as Europe can produce. This, in addition
no a full assortment of the low and medium
qualities, we ere now prepared to show
the public, all of which wiJI bcio'd at a
small advance en the importing caet.
F. II. CLARK & Co ,
January 13. No. S7 f ront How,
Lahuk Additions, end more extensive
, , than ever
IIavino received our scmi-nooual sup.
ply, we commence the New Year with nn
assortment that is not surpassed if equal
led in tho United States.
We have Twelve Thousand Dol'ars"
in the article of Watches alone, nnd can
therefore supply our friends and the public
with any style, and at almost any price.
We have ' '
GJJ Patent Levers fnm $35 to 250;
8ilver do, do. 44 I i5;
with a general assortment of Lepino and
Vertical Watches.
The other branches of our stock will
be found as extensive and complete as our
Watches such as Chains, Sials, Keys,
(Jewelry in all its variety,) including many
valuable Diamonds and some tun setts,
SrECTAcu;s, Silver-wake, Coix Fine,
inclodina the genuine DiuEiNcta'f, Caes,
Tea Thavs, with a generiil assortment of
Fancy Goons, in which will be luuuu
many choice aiticles for the Ladies. .
NOTICE. We aim to furnish those
who deal in Memphis, with aliome mar
ket and a home cuaruntee for Goods in
our line, and invite the public to call and
examine for themselves. Tlur Mork is
laid in with Cash; our European Goods
we import ourselves; we gel our Domes
tic Articles direct from '.lie makers, and
beinff satisfied with a small profit, we cfTur
great inducements to our friends and the
Ctiblic. We are also prepared to do all
inds of work in our lme, in the best
rmniver and-wwli dispatch, our molti'i?,
TRY IS! V. U CI. A UK & Co.
37 Front Row, M emphis, Tenn
fF. H. Clasi,
A. C. Wdbibach,
N. D. Tho trade supplied on liberal
terms; and all orders from the country
will receive-especial attention. j
Memphis, Tenn., January' 13th, 1319.
frpillS Institution re-opened on the 15th
oay 01 januarv.xunocr cnari-c 01 j. ..
are well Qualified and experienced leach-!
ers. - The Classes and tho different branch-
.. . . . .
K l.rnnh I
.!?-!;. .r.. k .. .li 1.. 1. a , '
CB 'l Oil J.UUIIW tUU.VI will W tui.ip
and young gentlemen well, prepared for
entering the University. (
Boad can bo had in privato Families at
3 per month. , !
' 'Termi per Settion of Fire Booth. ,
"Hi Class Spelling, Readinp, Writing,
Elementary Geography Arithmetic 510
Snd Class English Grammar, Geogra
phy, and Arithmetic, : : . $12 00
3d Class The Higher branchea cf
Englii-h, including Natural Thilosophy and
Chemistry, , :' : . $15 6
4ih Class The Higher branches of
Mathematics and Catsics, Latm, Greek
and French, i : : : 23 00
J. E. Taliaferro, ( ) C O. Bt?TLnt
E.A. Msa. D.RonraTSON
W. II. Fxithsh, f 2 T C. ,M. Pnrn-s,
. . ..IV. II. II. WEN N DEL, Scry
.Jan. 19, 184'J.-49-tf. ... f
Administrator's Notice.
THE undersigned having obtained Let
ters of Administration on the estate
of Samuel P. Calvert, dee'd, at the April
Term, 1819,- of ihe TroUte Court for
Lafayette county, Mississippi Notice is
hereby given to a. I persons having claims
sgninn fiij eetale'to present tbtm duly
prclated, or the Statute of Limitations
he pleaded in lr of their recovery;
snd all persona indebted to saiJ eMate
sre reue!tftd " td r; ske iromeiale pr:
Iment, or suits n! te instttutiwi actaM
'them. 1 F.'CUSIIMAN.
j: April .?;, ISl'.t. ' .'-(
f "inn f..!er::ted having purr hsd the
in:- ct v( i. ii". Gibbs, wl'd c. .. .ue
: ill b.r.es at tie c!J stan !. aeJeir-r!
tn 6 3 1 to I- present
V ;t r!nx, L r.;s.
!(.. as any ttL'"-r ho;
f r-, he e i r " r -s a c '
r :. 1 rsirr- - ft' -
H.n k C'f G'-'
rs to sell r
i f a
in f n. .
1 t!.-
r. Par)'' - 1 an.l ..-,
f ar'i'u'.ar'r irt ,s,3 c't.
v:. u
I'lilvcraity cf tTlississirpi.
tTVMJE First Annual Examination of t!i
Classes iu the Univers'.tj will com
Monday, the Ninth day cf July,
p I 9 o'clock, A. JI. :
Select Speakers from Ihe two Literary
Societies, connected with Ihe University,
'will deliver - .
on Wednesday the 1 Uh. at 10 o'clock, A . XL
The exercises of the occasion will be
closed on Thursday tlie 12th, by an '
-, A D D P. 3 O O
from Hon. Henkv Stuikt Footb, beforo
tho Literary Societies, an -APDRE88
Preiident of tKe JJqari of TnitUa,
tun ii)
The attendance of the Public it respect
fully solicited.
Mississippi University, May 39, 1849.
Secretary of lie Faculty, jnt (em.
Newspapers ia the But. will tnntet a &ror bj copinjj
tli abot e, ur uiaiuug an EIUorial Nouce of It.
f f
XFORD LODGE No. 33. will cele
brate Iho Anniversary of St. Jonn
tiik Baitht, on Ihe 25ih (ihe 21th being
Sunday) of June next, by a public proces
sion and dinner. A Masonic bermon will
be delivered by tho Rev.' S. G. Stabk, of
Holly Springs, Miss., and an Address may
also ne cxpecten. . j ,
Neighboring Lodges, and transient breth
ren of good standing, are respectfully in
vited to participate with us on that oc
casion. . WM. DELAY, Scc'y.
May 19ib, 1819.
undersigned having obtained Letters
t f Administration on the estate of Jesse
'finer, dee'd , at tho April Term, 1S49, of
the Probate Court, for Lafayette county,
Mississippi, hereby gives nol ice to all per
sons having claims against said Estate lo
present them duly probHted, within the
lime prescribed by law; or the statute in
such case made and provided, wilt be plea
ded in bar of their recovery. And all per
sons indebted lo said Eatate, are required
to make immediate payment, or suits will
be instituted against them.
April 2Sih 1849. ' 1-C.
ffpilE unoersigned,' having entered into
copartnership in the abovo'busine&s,
have just received a fine stock of materials
for finishing off
" A , V, r'T . 1 .
.1. . i j f-.-. -...j.
rrom u. ir.o gepe,cncai , B,
confidently hope to merit a liberal share of
the public patronage.
Shop, ihe one formerly occupied
L. F. Morbow.
, - , L. F. MORROW,
March 12th, 1S49. 47 .
tK.. , int. nll'l'
A VINO determined o quit business
Hi frsrA 1 ta ill !! nut riiv &frvk rJ
a as vraivi U evil ut
J- ml :
tioodJ at very low prices r asn, a nc
stock on hand is very desirable, compri
sing a large assortment of Hoots, fhocs
and heavy domestic g'xxls, purchased and
manufactured lo order, durinj the pas'
summer. . In order to close up the concern
with dispatch, no goods will be sold on
either a yearly or temporary credit,
v Customers owing the house will confer
a signal favor by calling and arranging an
immediate and final settlement, at its coo
cerns must be closed.
. .. ' -.
N. B. Very decided bargains will be
given in a bill cvurprieing a list of Goods
from $10 to $10. F. F,
Oxford. Dec. SO, 184S. . ,
Trit Statb of Mtf I'sirrt,
Lapatette CorRTt-.
To oil jtrsons interested i tie estate cf
Abraham Am gM, dec a.
To E!i7a Hollawell, and John IL Holloweil.
OU ate hereby cited lo be and appear
before the Probate Court of Lafayette
county, '.
On the third Monday in July next,
then and there to show cause, if any they
can, why the final account of Drewry
Riiberlson, AdminiMratri of ihe estate of
said decedent, shall not be ailaVid sn-l
stifiVr such !hin' as tha'I be considered
and ordered, by the Court aforesaid, in flie
prctiii;rs. , s
, WITNESS, the IfoBoraUe
. J. J. r KASO, J r.f..;u.l
J Court, the 3rd Monday ."n April.
A.D. and illegal otsaid
" Court anucied.'
1-3 w
ASA NIX, Clerk.
ENTISTRY. Dr. C. O'C.i-,
lo in Oxford bv tie 20:h inL, rre- A
pard to atinj to aey ojrfct;orai h.s) D.
has. " Vi
lie wi.i rcmam a t
1 -..I rr r
rnavbo f und t C,rt
L'rTisa's 1 - f
if !- -, iHc lcrv-
- iwem O- ' i-1 C i. -
. w.'a, a iVf-; u-fy N -e f r
m.S t'-. ( --cr fn l.av at t
rTuhg rrvtf;rnJ rJ-r;
general ac:::.tj ,a:;d . . '
? trf f - t s
'w 4 I Va 4vT
'' -; No. c r.
N. B.JtViwa! l.L?, jrc:.
com, i.t: : i u
Co::tt:x((c:: .:timtw
t . W ti j fH I
GtADn Gori.t, New Orleans ) ' "
Jos. D. &1aso!s, Tennessee. '.
Jo. Cahdtbehs, Misaiw ip()i - . ;
Coiniuission Mcrchaiif. ,
'' '' "' ADD i r
' , StEKJItJICE. , " , "
Rev. E. A. Jeaders,")
Maj. Jesse lxiwe,
Hon. J. Thompson,
Bern. F. Dilb
LaiajetisCo. Mi.
'V: Oly.
October OOih, 1847
i. r. ccshvaw. jornt r. stock aiv
Oxford, Miss.. .
Will attend the . Circuit Courts In thU
and Ihe neighbor iug couuties, the U. S. Dis
trict Court at Pontotoc, and the Chancery
Court at Uoily epriugs. AH business en
trusted lo their care will icceive prompt
attention. . ' .
In this association the practice in the)
Probate Court in Lafayette ceunty wi'lb
excepted, in hich ptactice Mr. Cushuiau
will be aloat. ' , .
July 15, 1849-1 C-tf.
ITledical Copartnership'
HAVING associated themselves in their
profession, respectfully tender their
services to the public; and from the exper
iance of the former of more than twenty
years practice; ana mat ol tno latter, in
practical ourgery. while in the Army of
Occupation in Meiico, Lope lo merit a
continuance of tho conliJence and patron
age, of Ihe community. The services of
both can be had without extra charge.
ir-Oflice the west side side of tba pub
lic 6qnare. , v - .
Ox fob d. alias.. Jan. 19, 1819.-39-C.in. .
Attorneys an4 Counsellors at Lavr
"W"ir.L practice in ihe Circuit Court of
De Soto and the at'joiniu counties.
District Chancery Court at Hernando and
Holly Springs, and United Stales Court at
Pontotoc, 4
November 18th, !818.-3Utr. , . "
.1 Liiwvs;
rnsuuoim-Dzii taixcit,
... hating lot v led
in oxroitp, HISS.,
arould rrapat IfullT aubcil
A Share ef ihe Pnhlle ratrcnaje,
And hopes Irom bU nkilt and close aitcutioo U
huiincw lo merit Itie ranie.
- - ' O . . ' '
fjShop on the corner, formerly et-
cupied by Ur.Conltcy. ' " "
Oxford, Jd,u., March 3d, 18 i1. "
jiEBcriA r;.T
' . -. . ,
nTIIIE subscriber has ji,'t , reenvc J a
new and splendid awrfmr r, t of
ri0lhl and faiiffitri, t every variety of
color, rocket nanStrrf biffs, rnrj't. superior
articles, and Irnt'f. black and white Kid
Silk and D ick. Clfll ft, very Cue. Alxo.aa
cxceileul artioo of Silk, Maiiao and Cot
ton Unr'cr-iLirts; for sale at his old stand
Call and examine no trouble la show
goods, , .
' JO. A CLE.
Sept, 3, IMS-CS-tf. ;
New Pari ncrsliip,
nHE u:Ier.igii'd have p.irc tancd the
entire stork of Goods fcfNei.'soa &i,
Wendel, and are 4j If rmtned to kfep tbe
same large arid aried stocks, f rmeil
kept by them. We !-; K.: V.'y rrrj-ieta
an examuiiitiun tf our GooJ and prices by
the friends of tbe old frm, ani all filers
deviring to purchase, and guarantee that
both fch&'l j ,ae. We will gret ia
durenionts ! ca1i 1-ir r, a.i J la punctual
nn n, on tLo u-. .1 c ic
We shall rtrr Jr hy r.-ti F'rn'T Boat
a large i t f tln.-v ' v ka v i, l add
at tte lowest pnjl r.ri--.
' ' v, i.n;
Jan I, 1 13.-4T- .
'. t t 11.
. . v r a r
.:r.T. ia
u t' tr ;eJ
r .:s f ( J -fH
! . ret.Vva ia t'
f - 'r, 'i f
' : t r f I , A4
, X ' t"rti U
I Mo
I t
, r
to I
. 1 C
J. T. W.

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