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Bcecher's Lctturei to Young lien.
Six years ago I spent a winter at
the Capital of the Hoosier State.
S trolling out early one morning be
lore breakiast, l saw a little man,
about the size of our Editor, pailing a
cow. Never did 1 see a woman do
the thing more handsomely, lie whs
an adept at the art of milking. The
next day I saw the same little man
sawing tire wood ; and not long after
having occasion to call at his house,
I found him nursing a chil J, attending
to a sick wife, and reading a book.
On the following Sunday evening I
went to the presbyterian church.
A crowd had gathered to hear the
first of a series of Lectures to young
men. There appeared to be nn unu-
he does not appear ; he may be dimly
seen flitting ; bis voice may be heard
loud in the carousal of some reflect ion
cellar, or above .the tongs and uproar
of a midnight return, and home stag
gering. Ex. Paper.
South Carolina Brooans. We have
at our office a pair of brogans from the
manufacture of Dr. Witsell. of Waterloo.
They are pronounced by competent judges
to be equ.il in workmanship and superior in
material to the northern article, while they
arc sold nt the same price. The Leather
is also manufactured by Dr. Witsell, and
all his workmen are slaves. With such
evidence of our ability to compete with the
North, both in quality and price, we do not
see why the two hundred and hfiy or three
hundred thousand dollars annually con
tributed by our state to the abolition
fual interest manifested. Judges, l"DuleiJ Dv fT, ' w ne aoon ion
Legislators, strangers and citizens- 'h.infe".0.f chiiit., may not be
.,& . . . ,, retained within our own limits. Mercury.
appeal cu anxious 10 uear me
Presently he arose Reader, don't
doubt me it was that same little
man whom 1 saw milking the cow a
few mornings before. It was Henry
Ward Beeches son of Lyman Beeches,
who can preach as great a sermon
and catch as long a string of fish as j
any other man in the country.
The subject of his lecture was "7i
dustry and Idleness'' hackneyed top
ics, but in the hands or rather in the
head and from the lips of such a man
as Beecher, rendered new, deeply
interesting and highly instructive.
I was so well pleased that 1 attended
on the following Sunday, and some
six or seven in regular succession
until the eloquent man of the milk
pail finished his course. The interest
of the community increased and at
the close of his lectures he was urg
ently solicited to publish the whole
in book form. With that solicitation
he complied; and the book before us
styled Decchtr's lectures to Young
Men, presents to us the publication of
the addresses wc had the pleasure of
Some idea may be formed of the
popularity of the book from the fact
that the present issue is the scven-
Ilousc's Family and Planta
tion Medicines.
A RE in general and successjul vse
throughout the SOUTH and west.
Every Family and Plantation should keep
them constantly on hand. Try them.
j 1 hey are
a safe, and permanent cure fr Chilli Or
Jgut & Fever, in three Honrs, and a remedy
in Bilious and Remittent lever.
03"Price,$l per Bottle.
Extract of a letter from Rev. F. A.
Owen, of Memphis; dated November
16, 1813.
"My Dear Sir I have tried the Indian
Tonic in x different cises, and find it
efficacious s-iin a very high degree. It ar
rested the chill in every instance, and as
yet therehas been no return. I cheerfully
give this testimony, that ethers may be in
duced to use a remedy b itli safe and effica
cious iticuiing Chills and Fever.
Yours, very trulv,
F. A. OWEN."
THE subscriber tenders his hearty thank
to the citizens of Memphis and vicini
ty, for their liberal patronage, during his
eight years residence .n Memphis, and by
his extensive arrangements for the future
hopes to merit for his new house, a con
tinuance of the confidence and patronage
of tho public. FRED. II. CLARK.
Watches! Watches ! !
IOR years the strife
- has been not who
could make the best
watch, but who could
make the cheapest
rather ihe lowest p1-"'"" Vi
article, which is not al
ways the cheapest, and consequently the
great falling off in the quality of watches.
We import our watches direct from Eng
land, France, and Germany, and have
been 12 months in preparing our present
slock. Our aim has been to have a splend
id assortment of Fine Watches as fine
as Europe can produce. This, in addition
to a full assortment of the low and medium
qualities, we are now prepared to show
the public, all of which will be sold at a
small advance on the importing cost.
F, II. CLARK & Co.,
Januaiy 13. N. 37 front Row
Large Adpitions, and more extensive
than ever.
Near Somwckvillk, Term, June,2l, 1841.
This is t- rert.fv, t i t I have been
iifllicted with FKVKRnml AGUE fir nine
pears thut it battled ihe i-kill of the first
ariictical phusicinns in Wist Tennessee.
nnA tliaf 1 hi.i't. hf mi iinriiiitiiAi lli; fllt-ml liv
u .u i jiLj. : r v"" ' v
l",llu iu'unnu, mm mat u is recuin-, lmj 0(- ,lt, jj TONIC, purchas
menuea oy me auiesi men in an parts ed from GEO. W. UGl'SK, propiintor.
of the United States. have ule-o administered, it to nrcroes.
every cose a cine has been altectcd
V l.:. r ...i i
iuiii nil lectures ui muusirjr nuu
the following
Idleness, we present
specimen :
Another idler as useless, but vastly
more active than the last, attends
closely to every one business except
bis own. 1 1 is wife earns the chiU
dren's bread and his; procures her
own raiment and his ; she procures
Ihe wood ; she procures the water,
while be with hands in pocket, is
busy watching the building of a neigh
bor's barn ; or advising another how
to trim and train his vines; or he has
Wc, citizens of Nusl.v.lle, have known
Mr. J nines C Whvte lor many years. He
i a gentletnui of the bight st n s;jccfahil
ity, and of umloultel vanicitv.
August 7, 1811. N. A. McNAIRY.
Exirnct of n letter from thn Editor of the
"Republicnn" Juckon, Tenn. Decern
her 18. 1811.
Mr. Geo - W. IIui'tF.
Dear Sir Your nnst excellent ANTI
Af.lll.' MI'lllCIVh' I.... l..
, J r I - r ' Jl r - I i ia uno pviii,
""'V1 ?" i'"cnuB lAiniix, Hnj a hundred Ix.iilest moieco.iM have been
anj is there, to suggest a hundred .disposed of since, as tho rails have been
cures, and to do every thing but o faqiint, and much r,i.ij.pointment ex
help; he is a spectator of shooting, preyed at the ib-cuce f your Tonic,
matches, a stickler for a ring and fair ( Not a bottle remains uns 'd in this vicinity
play at every fight. He knows all mr would there have let n any left, bw
the stories of all the families that live he number lmt'it ten fM. It i deservedly
in the town. If he can catch astran-j ,cemtd the rery best, sill-si, most
ger at the tavern in a rainy Jny, he P!',,!"''t. yes. positively the only infallible
poursoutastrainorinformation.apit- c"re.r.r t-'HH'LS I hive ever seen,
tering of words, ns the rain-drops out . exPer'nc' ,,avlr'& "s';1 ,ev raI
f Annr IT t,u. nnnA -.1. ; L ! l'"t,,f y on family and with mot
erybody, bow to save, how to m,ke VTen In, TV"e
. 1 . . . never a clii 1 al er ciinm n'Mn-j.
S- li st nf Kfy, f'ng; 'e ne I'1'" "" "f Ag' fl-id.
can tell the saddler about his trade,; jMi,cc,fulIy, your, &c. J. II
"unco 10 me sin 1 1 11 niMuc 111s 1
7t i.i fe.' WUh him Wh" ! Wnw. Ointment- soo.hing
It is forged to see the carnage maker ; and Ia,ld cure for j,t liLND r
put it on, suggests improvements,;,. Cures have recrn.lv b.m .ep.rted
advises this paint or that varnish,' of being made of f.-om .1 to 40 Yeahs
criticises the fini-h, or praises the standing. It is a'so a goxl remedy for
trimmings. He is a violent reader of , Bum, U ruses, fret-h cuts, &c.
newspapers, almanacs, and receipt i JCJ'See Wrappers fur Certificates.
book ; and with scraps of history and , I"ce $1 per Bottle.
rnutillated anecdotes, he faces tho I
very school master, and given up only Home'ii Vegetable Fills, as a
to the volubility of the only tillage ' r'"milr Mkeicisk, should be on every
lawyer few have the hardihood t0 : f B,1,,on B,d 10 ererv IIo',Be- his ami
match him. (bilious, anti. fever, and the only reliable
It is the
. DAY.
Having received our semi-annual sup
ply, we commence the New Year with nn
assortment that is not surpassed if equal
led in the United States.
We have "Twelve Thousand Dol'ars
in the article of Watches alone, and can
therefore supply our friends and the public
with any style, and at almost any price.
We have
fiuld Patent Levers fnm 35 to $250;
Silver do. do IS i5;
with a general assortment of Lcpine and
Vertical Watches.
The other branches of our stock will
be found as extensive and complete as our
Watches such as Chains, Seals, Ktvs,
(Jewelry in all its variety,) including many
valuable Diamunds and some full setts,
Spectacles, Silver wake, Coin Fink,
Girandoles, Cutlery, Gi-ns, Pistols
ncluding the genuine Pirrinokrs, Canes,
Tea Trays, with a general assoruneni oi
Fancy Goods, in which will be found
many choice articles for the Ladies.
NOTICE. We aim to furnish those
who deal in Mcmplis, with a home mar
ket and a home guarantee for Goods in
our line, nnd invite the public to cull and
examine for themselves. Our Stock is
biid in with Cash; our European Goods
we import ourselves; we get our Domes
tic ailicles direct from ihe makers, and
being satisfied with a small profit, wc nffer
great inducements to our friends nnd the
public. We are also prepared to do all
kinds of work in our line, in tho test
manner nnd with dispatch our motto is
F. II. CLARK & Co.
37 Front Row, Memphis, Tenn
IF. II. Clark,
J. S. WllKINS.
iV. . The Trade supplied on liberal
terms; and all orders from the country
trill receire especial attention.
Memphis, Tenn., January 3th, IS 19.
Paints, Oils, Djc-SUilT and
Slaplevnd Fancy Stationary;
AH the Books used in the University,
from the Freshman to the Senior Gats,
inclusive, together with a birge and choice
collection of
School, Law, Theological, Medical.
Classical and Miscellaneous
among which, may be found the works of
Prescott, Macnllay, Alison, Hildreth,
Lamartine, Thier, Addison, Hume, Lynch,
Smollet, Fielding, Irving, Byron. Shake
spear, the Speeches of Clay and Webster,
&c. &c. &c.
Which will be sold as low as they can be
had in any market in tho west.
OrJust received a laige and beautiful
lot of WALL PAPER, very cheap.
D. C. MOSI3Y, AgU.
oct. 26, '50. n20-tf.
Fresh and Genuine.
THESE Medicines which have obtained
great celebrity wher'er ihey huve bem
known and used, are constantly kept on
hand by me. They consist of
Health Bitters,
Sarsaparilla, Green
Mountain Ointment, Eye
Lotion, Fever Pills, Childrens'
Panacea, Dysentery Cordial and
AH fresh, and warrsnted lo be pure and
genuine. Call at the Diug S ore on the
South side of the Puuare.
Oxford, May 25, 1 850.-52 -3mo.
Itotanico ITIedical College, or
liTleiupliis, Tenn.
THE fi th course of Medical Lectures in
this Institution will commence on the
first Monday in November next, and end
on the last Fridav in February tucceeding.
G. W. Morrow, M. D., Professor of
Anatomy $12
James Weaver, M. II., Professor
... . vTftitTrnn ri Tmi
THE regular course of lectures in this t ft All.ll IFA nig.
Institute will commence on ihe first i AUGUSTUS B, LONGSTRERT r
of November, and continue until the last preejdeI)t Rnd profussor of Vfnni i
of February. The Anatomical Dnpa.t j Mora, Sciencet p0ilicil Economv nd
ment will be opened and ready to receive Evidences of Christ inn it v. "nl
stuaents Dy ine nrsi oi wimci.
Medical department will be under lhedi-
rection of the following
J. Conquest Cross, M. D. Professor of
the lnsiilutes of Medicine. 1
Z. Freeman, M. D., Professor of Anato- (
my. j
R. S. Newton M. D. Professor of Sur-i
sor of Alathematxs, Natural Philosonhv .!
Astronomy. . "v,B4
sor of Chemistry, Agriculture andGeolol0'
Greek and Latin Lan?uaces. t
iitpiitd.i r. ""amrr
LiAmak, A. B a.
ant Professor Mathemitics &c
j I'rncuce oi ivjeaicine. i ..;ti. nj r:r-,o- f rencj.
.. ... r spanisn anuuerman i.imnim..o. u
IV JJyrd rowetl, M. 1. rroiessor oi - Assistant PrAf iV ,
Pbyjio.ogy, Patho-ogy, Mineralogy and
J King M. D. Profes:or of Materia Med. 1 $tfi?'rJh'J otsT,
ica, Thfraneutic, and Mcdi.al Jurispru-, f'-j 1'
, w.. w . my u uu n rartiiii-
J HuJce, M. J)., Professor of Theory
snd Practice of Medicine.
the above Faculty
For College fees, (for Tuition, t?
rent and servant hiie.) all i advsnrwj
- - - K t-t
For board per month at the Stew."
aid s linn,
ruruittii'c &, Chair Ware
r1llE subsTiber respectfully announces
to the citizens T Klemphis and tho sur-
of Surgery,
. II. Jone, M. V., Professor of
Physiology and Pntholcgy. . . 12
M. Gabhert, M. D.. Prof. Theory and
Practice f Medicine, . . 12
K. P. Watson, M. D., Professor of
Materia Medica and Therapeutic. , 12
J. J. Riddle, M. I)., Pro'Vsxor i f Ob-
sletrics and Diseasi s of Women and
Children, 12
Wm. I Iyer, A. Professor of Chem
istry, 15
G. W. Morrow,. M. D., Demonstrator I
tf Anatomy, 8
Matriculation Ticket, . . 5
Total, . 9100
Grailua'ion f e, . ;20
A cour.-e of lectures on Medical Juris
prudence will be delivered gratis during I duty
J. Milton Sanders. A.M., M. D., Pro
fessor of Chemis ryt i"d Pharmacy.
J. A. Wilson, M. D., Professor of Ob
stetrics and discaseof of Women und Chil
Medicine Prof. II. J. Hulce.
SvROKHYProf. R.S. Newton,
Z. Freeman, M. D., Anatomical Demon
The fees fir a full course of lectures Oxford,
amount to $105.
Eiich Piofcssor's ticket, S'15. Matricu-
lator's, $5. Demonstrator's Fee, 10.
Grai'u 1 1 ion, $20.
Those desiring further informal!- n, will
plrase addrtss their letters (post paid,) to
the Dean ; and students arriving in the
citv will please call on him at the Commer
cial Hotel. R. S. NEWTON, M. D..
Dean of ihe Facility.
Hon. E. W. M. King, Professor i f The
... i n. r.r i ....
u.j mm i n it v.. ... i.iiuNi u nities ana Mulct h;.i.i
mprcml J.irisnnnlcnc.f!. lliB rdlMPrvi' ...i . i't
i , " " i imu io punctual c'
Terms 9 0 per s-sston. 'is on the us-iuj terms. He is now df
All lommunicat ons pertaining to this ing his whole atN ntion lo theabiveJ
minify niuiji. "uii. i v .T- emu imenui to kprp
E. W. M. KING, Eq. j QCITCT' "V T-
Memphis. Tenn., March, 1850. 1 . tA ATiT. 01T.IIAD,
The Faculties, f.r intellectual abilities, OUN D IN TOWN, AND AS C.I?
mora woi th and Drofefsioniil ncoiiiiements. ,,e 'ei Ii unacr oblirrn.iona to his nm..
will comp ire favorably with the most dis. crfc ard the ci mmiinuy generally, fori
tiiigui.-hed in our country. The medical i bncral patronage hereioloro extended n
(rStudeiils have the privilege ri J.'7
ins- ii. im.w -tiiiiiicB uuaer itie directtm I
Textbooks can he nKi.:..i
-i.rau i
- (Proctor, V. ML
I To be appointed J2tb Fcptetribf r uen
j 20 h July 1850. no-O-tf. "
j Later tili!P
WW .." '""-."' now-.
- -ceiv.n? ana opening ,Vfir A
t muiu "jivi rv vj i
lofvariou i Qualities and Styles, which J
12 j fiicu'ty constitutes an snoma'y in this or n'rn; nn '"'P68 hy undivided attentina ul
to mem a continuance of If.
0-The LADIES are particularly m
rounding country, that he has on hand, ar.e
s cin-tnnily in receipt of, the mnt tasib
ul nnd fashionable articles in the Cabcnet
ud Chair line, which he pledges himclf!of new institutions, and especially such as
to sell iMUill Uiit.Al'l.K man enn be emtir.ice new iIck trine,
the session
In making the announcement for the
approaching cession of the Botnnico Medi
cal College, it is duo the friends of reform
and tho public generally, to luy bifore
ihem its prrsant condition.
The institution has up to the present
been crowned with unpaialliled success
compared with similar ins'itutioi.s in ibis
country. True, it has had lo contend with
those diflicutlif s peculiar to. and wh-ch are
constant attendants upon the establishment
And thus every day he bustles thro
bis multifarious idleness, and com
pletes his circle of visits, as regular
as the pointers on a clock visit each
figure on the dial plate; but alas!
cure ever discovered for Rhctmatism.
(ttrPriee '25 cents per box.
From the uWeellu Amcricau" Veb
Gko. W. IToi-- mh remove, 1 bi Meli
the clock forever tells man the useful c I Dt pot to College street. The remedies
lesson of lime passing steadily away, prepared by him, have gir.cd a celebrity
aad returning never, hut what useful from their acknowledged utility. It is no
thing do these buy buzzing idlers PvJf "7 h 't his Medicines are what be
perform f
We introduce another Idler. He
follows no vocation ; he only follows
those who do. Sometimes he sweeps
along the stret t, with consequential
gate; sometimes perfumes it with
wasted odors of tob-icco. He also
haunts sonny benches, or breezy piaz-
lis. His business is to tee; his de
sire to be seen, and no one fails to see
him 4o gaudily dressed, his hat sit
ting aslant upon a wilderness of hair,
like a bird half startled from its nest,
and every thread arranged to provoke
attention, tie i1 a man of honor:
not that he keeps his word or shrinks
from meanness. Hedefrdsbis laun
dres Ids tailor, and his landlord. He
drinks and smokes at other men's expense-
He gambles, and swears, and
tights when be is loo drunk to be
afraid ; but still be is a man of honor,
for he has whiskers and looks fierce,
ancf wssrs mustaclics and says, "upon
my honor, sir; do you doubt tny nor,
Thui be appears lydsy; by night
recommends them ti be. His Vegetable
fills, without doubt, have relieved more
pep'e of Rheumatism ih-m ny remedy
! ever dicovered. We would trust him beore
ihe best practitioner in the union. We say
. init brciuso we believe it an4 not
because (as some might suppose) he adver
tise in the American for be does not.
j Hi "PUntsiion Medicines" ve enough
j heavy dictors bills in one year to buys
firm, nJ stock it wiih slave property
bichbs Medicine haved sited from
death. Farmers should lake the butt.
CrFer sale by D. C Mosbv. Dreggit,
Oiford, Miss , Only gent io the county.
June 29, 16'0.-v 6-d 3-4 mo.
ti lilt llrrrt ibin JrffrruB,
Tlcmrhif. Trnn.
J i"I 5, 15. c5-sl-:f.
obtained in this market. II. s stock com
prises every variety a ndrju lily, from the
finest Mahogony and Walnut woik, lo the
Chestnut Bedsteads and Chairs; Koreans
of every variety, pattern and description;
Miihogony and Walnut Waidrobi s, of ihe
richest material and best workmanship
superior Mahogony Sofas Divans and Ot
tomans; Marble t p Cenre Table , Extent
In addition to the facilities for instruction
heretofore afforded, much is being done hy
the enterprising trustees and individuals to
tenderthe Institution, ifpossib'e, still more
worthy of public confidence.
The College buildings formerly occupi
ed, having been found loo inconvenient f r
the advanced condition oflho Institution,
arrangements have oeen nrnde for the
any other country all of then arc able
lecturers and the best or tenchers.
Those who Mill cnntrmnlnie "r
graphical p.x-ition, and tho extent of our to S've him a call, and examine iJ
I population, enn nave no doubt as lo lne
elegib lity i f our situat on for nn enterprise '
of tho kind. As ti health inc'u.'ing all- w iY-i (t'ltVfV
rensons of the year, we d. ny thit Nv t&r -I ll-i f JJ
Toll ICR CITY HAS MORE. r--lll.'
. ... . ... . . auoscnuer returns his siaca
A common error es..fn ir,e mines of, A .hanks to tho eiti.ens of Oxford, 4
" ..u .. . ' 7 ' . l" "'.ves ; known , the comin.mitv. end he fiitKs
hi a rciiiHu wnose lacuuv ore m-RClica v I k:.....ir.L.. l ' ,
. j -.i .. . ' iiiiinmii mil nn tn. w m t m e itnrrmn
, confidence, look fir fu'ure and incnuKl
in io wn or couaut.l
can comman l law I
He invites sl'
acquainbd with these diseafes.
That the pullic may be snt.sfi. d of the Iialmn.,B P
permanency of th,s s; ho,, we feel it our . ' imhi. V.
ty to state, that the I rus-ees nnd Fc,.tty , n nnSomhe trrma.
torin a 17MT in sctun, w hich acurs well , ,;,. ,-r . ," u
f.,r.t, n.inr,. .-,.. . .i.i,. 7k5 1 1 m " thft certificate apiwided, wlueiki
Sn.er-.roTAnhiVtonhfc c , T tTf" J "eJ him fy . ponW
laiiuui ue iiucrrupieu
Pres dent of the Memphis Insitlute.
his patrons.
Oxfoid, Aug, 3, l$50.-rio-8-tf.
sion Tables, and every of Walnut and Cher budding of a more spacious edifice, which
ry Tables ; splendid Mah"gony and mottled
iiedstcads, and variety description of com
mon ones; Mahogony, Marble top and
Cherry Wash Stands; Parlour Dook Cases
Ladies Work Stands, Cribbs, Lounges, and
Writing Desks; Tin and Wire S ites, and
shuck, moss and cotton Mattresses; Mo-h"-nny
Upholstered Chairs, cune seat,
Windsor and split-bottomed do. Also a
large assortment of Window Sash, various
size, Venetian Blind and Door Shutters
Groceries mid Produce.
Bj NDERNEATH, in ihe stme building
aim the lurmture department, ihes ib
sctiber ha constantly in store every article
ib the Isrocery and t'ro.luce line, which he
will dispose of on terms as modente, or
more so, tban sny liouie in the city. From
bis enlarged experience in both Ihe branch
es of trade, combined with the advantages
resulting from associating both lines of bu
smen in one house which advantage man.
Hesity enlarge ine sphere ol operation,
without increasing the expenses pertaining
to store rent and attendance he will be
enab'ed to sell on more advantageous terms
than any other Dome e.clusivelv devoted
to either of the above branches cf business.
CSrTo ensure bsrgsins, call at the lar-e
flt roof buildings in front of Promenade.
slits intersection with Adam street.
Memphis, Aprils, lS50.-no 46-Cra.
in addition to the necessary lecture rooms.
Ml . 1 .1
in emnnce a norarv. a museum and an
Jlfr. James'' sister, Mrs, Martin, trill ness habits.
euirtnlciul the Ladies1 dtpartment of the
llouse.and t'tre it her undivided attention.
so that ladies sojourning herd u'ill receire
all the comforts necessary to im'r roa.
renienct and happiness.
Orliood Stable and jood Outer attached
to uiv uoue.
We, the undersigned, h iving empW
Mr. Mason, a Pain'er, tike plessnrss
recommending him a a good and fiutJU
workman, and a gtnileman of strict b
Aug. 1, 1830. no.S if.
.Vleilirnl 'ipnrliirrhip.
Aug. 1,1850.
Z. Coxkev,
L. T. Wyxs,
Rort. SnEKiOO,
11. (i. WVATT,
S.O. Brxnr.
Dacav KoarsTMW
V. A. Bksbt,
A. B. LoxcfTim
JJAVING associated themselves in their'! f Y Son JOIIV LUCKF.TT, led r
profession, respectfullv tender their lflhou-on ihe 5ih t.f Jv .;
service lo the public: and from the
- . - j ? - i :, ,c ,k- c: - . I.. - - ----- ,m ,
nert aiium. The arrangement now in . v" " ,wnltr ' more than twenty j I lem mat he ca Is h m-rlf John Goo:
ccmempiition are deemed a complete as!' . r",-'"-et nu mat ol Ihe latter, in j m prevent detection, lie i n li if m '
in the oldest instituiion in the countrv.i f'ract,c Surgery while in the Army of, thm len je. is o'd, thick sd. Cc'
ana no pains win oe snared, either by the! ""-.' '""'co, nope to merit aiorowsi u.ir, an I dick rray eves. Ar
trustees or ficulty, to render the institution
of students not oaly advantageous, bu.
Id consequence uf ihe numerous api llca
tii ns which have been made to extend in
dulgence to young men of enterprise and
merit, at a late meeting of the ficulty, it
was unanimously agree.!, (bat a noie for
ninety five do lars, wiih two good endors
ers, payable twelve months after dte,
should be received in lieu t.f cash, for the
ticket of the several Professors for one
course of lectures, when students are no!
prepared to advance the cash.
Those wi-hmg further infrmtion
reference to tbe Institution, will please
address the Dean, pol paid.
K. P. WATSON, M. D.,
Dean of ihe Faculty.
Memphi, April, IMO.-no-SO-tf.
continuance of the confidence and patron
age ci ine community. The service of
both can be had without extra charge.
!Q-Oflice the wegt tide aide of iha pub.
lie qnare.
Oxsoid. Mig.. Jn. Ifl. 181!) -S9-f!m.
pern knowing or hea inn of uch a VI
I'lC O er rreal Lm no., n- iK mm
ruber by ad !reinj him at rhasmlH
De Sotoc-un v. Misis'inni. I nsde I'l
miles from Memphis, rn the Oxf.-rl ml
t 30. I.-0 -n!2-if.
Hie Oifoid Sir, and xber nenspss"
JVo. 38 Front Ron",
Wholesale and Retail Dcalnrt, in
Dry Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes. Queen.-w.
Cjass ware, ice
ALSO A uprl of C. P. Pub!
always on band for ! fbesj.
I., in le-n - .r '
THE suhreiiber i,(T r In nr rani
Writhe P ace on which he n i,i., j c "fer a favor onon a disircs f
containing 30 crcs, ISO in a high stale o( fe"1' Dv C(TJ taS ,h '"ve.
cultivation; all freh except 20 acres. A j
gd dwell.ng-house together with all ElCCUtOr' Notice,
nereswrv rul buildir.-.. mr,A .11 r... .j
a well of unfailing waier in the jaH. and ! I " ""'fned nxeruiort of Mii ,
a goml beginning of firm rule Fruit Tree, i 'ataon, dec',!, hive prente4 a t,
ofall kind, now bearing The rlxce i 1 accou,,t beif Executorsh p on nis
situated 12 miles from Oxford, on the 10 ,he rn-bve Conn of LaA'j
Psnol road. umy, Mississippi, and wl'l at !b
0-Peroii wi.hing t purchase or rent u"rT ft'm lbreof, spp'y its ii-
wou a oo wen ii ree the nrr prieior on ik. Ba now nee.
premises. WM. S. BURN EV,
Aug.I2, lSM-no-10-if.
rpiIEsjI-criher o.Ters f s.le Section
(19) township nine (9), of r.nge two
li) we!,, tuattd in Y.ck.ny VaJI-r La
fayette County. Mr. Reuben Lce'to- ,.
now remdipg opon it. It is Sne levtl Und
bout 50 acre cleared. It w,ll be aia.a
Porchasers. ai w,I be sclj op.0
J. M. watpot.
v. 1 S, 1 8.' 0.-n2 4-3 w. ( Fscr&
Guardian Notice. .
nriHE aoders goed Guard n of'i
W.t.B, minor beir of Michael w"
dee'd, w.ll .pply n . f,n ,t ,el,!f Trel ,
GordiBhip io the Prvbi't Con vi
favette Count-. r...r.. : ..1 ;:!! 9
or Ton k. . n I . t . .. ' V , r.ti
ul.rs.pplv t,B. F. DAL in n,r.-jT ." H", .7 " 17. T"" U,W'.V
the snKer H,,,,..- " " w SoT

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