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Established 1~63.
[3e N RY FlR AN K,
It will be to the inte.eat of BDyers to wrile us for quotations and prices.
Natchez, - - Miss.
New Fall and Winter Dry Goods is Ready
A 1sutal glance is all sufficient to show the superlorty
of our stock over all others in Natcbes, and we solicit
frou bOur patron, in l'sas parish, a continuance of
their liberal patronage.
Our Mail Order Department recefves
the b, t attention, and we guarantee
eatlefactlea ti every particular.
samples Furnished Free.
40 3 Main Street, Natches Miss.
L. K. ULLM.N C0.,
Dealers In
Fine and Medium Clothing, and
Furnishing Goods.
All. the latest novelties as soon as they comne out.
Will not be under sold by any one. Call and see as and
corviuced that we are leaders of
.Fashion and Low Prices. Suits Made to Order.
100 and 186 1 Commerce St. NatchezliM ss."
Henting Stoves, Grate4, Andirons, Shovels and
Tongs, ,Sto.re Pipe and Elbows, Axes, Wood
.Sws, Fire Brick.
J).1* Santago Gristaers an.l Stuffers, Mfeat Chop
pars. Knives, Hand Corn Mills, Cake Pans.
Porder, Shot, Caps, EmPi!,ty and Loitded Shells,
Shell lias, Reloading Tools, Coon, Betaver and
other g.eme Traps. Hubs, Spokes, IKms and all
Wagaon and CJrriage Material.
Ne.tohez, - - - - Mis.
UOrit:K: U'. Ota loUlknh L llaU b i Ti aN BnIt e. La w ne3 Pt aet re.
YICKSBUtR G---......""....- -- -......MISS.
Stevens' For .Clohs!
We hive said some very praising things in the psat abooat the
qualities of nor
611, 15. and 818, Suits and Over Costa,
But tlii season'e arrasy douable diatsCM la the.. all. Etrerlee hasl
breulhs u on kesowl.ulge that we hIve Vaturaef l to I3t6l sice~ulatl. It li no
O " n46m taer so ,.ave ir,,m i$. Io 65. c a .M . se, r un ()tOer Coat nlusl ,ot
oeIt lisp l Q alallt, eut we re *lans ,l It. W'e want w as o todrae emasarl.
unn .ali 1 see lar yor'slr-rlv'-. II tsia WeaIther In pis hin, ro lao a chataell
if WV-ights, tlurl o I lhc-re Ihrcr gradtI willsh lib.e lll eosadnIclgIc. Ihat
satllaPnlOln will the fsund. Uosue wlib oer Iintd met on any lssiouable
style-They're all Lhere.
122 & 124 Canal St. IEWORLEANS. La.
E1. H. WhIIITNEY, Agent.
1&9 Gravier lStreet, Now Orleas.
Skel Agest fsr'Wsw Orlesam o the lsllewag IPris
i • Olas [email protected] . en ua eas. .m al.
Loethb and Lancatshire, Imperial Fire, Farramtut,
Pennsmylvantis; 'orwich Unton, .Viafara,
srchant, of.'tewark, Delaware,
.Mahatatn Li~fk/eerance Comvany, of.N'ew York.
rept 4LJtmeuts snd ksee IPad sere.
l bersl i sta WuEhit
 . '. ... .*.
Deepile thie fAt that the pelupi
of the. Soelh wrue' ha l'tleV eltic~led
|i, seienti0i, or urculshali1ls pursaaita.
and theat thleir ietellhe'etull ergrieas
have for f the slcet imart twees aih
leated witcl (ither Thiesgistls, Tel.
U msanmy noet:ie idveltlllalS * a ,na.ie.
trleutie,,ma to cercel ate lice.. r ieasi.:acl
hIv Sceetlseern nmel. C)iru II. Me'
rCorwaru.k is natlv .. f eloe-iidge
eoesntS, VA., a*il the invlel*nr eel
arioue agrksolaltr.l . itspl*.mrnla,
r aumllla thlem his le al,,ins rIapagr. re
te'ive'd he thallks of the Fre.0lm"
Acaelademy or Slener.. for lhaviesu
datame more for thel ceanes. ,of agraeul.
lure atlse ally olier la.elt living.
"*Owlig to Mr. MeaurmnriI aI ellves'n
ti m. . a111i Williteam HI. .w.rel ice
181(1. *t*he* llae of cii lis tlusel msics*
weslvt ward lhirty nmale each year."
ldchard J.. Gatltin, cf Urlfolrl
countlry. N. cst devie.el IarioIlns son
obsnes sacd the "*'(}*lliag gu1n." anoe
an are of thu Ualite Staltes service
and adeiple.d by foreis evwerusi
rits noa well. Both MciorBiric k
slld (ratl4ig move'd wresltIthe
tol mr te Cile"go lii thle 14t11er to
St. Loils--tihe Scusili dis.riecl' a.
Virginia and Nouth I' art ii.as Isa rIr
ilg lsees.lIs.,r iehlds for their evi.
desvrors. Hentry J. Rigrc, a
IJtllijnewi.e, was tile ier4teiCe.l A.I
' leer acnd acsistanlt ol Morae Ine lihe
olastrscalelasl of tihe Irst Ilegr.erl,
line in the UIlstedi Stesrcs. Wllils
wal bs'it is 1i44 bet 4 werlin Wasslintg
rms and Balttuiore. He was ti.'
Uplietleerirulelet ot it cacet nl.II) I:11
arovsmel'nts Ilt It, andl wse the iit.
ventur of ceversl tele'graplte iucstru
Inelnts. ltcgers also dervied the
tirst systrsl of pyrteilciio s.ilm si
lei tlhe Unlite.l States ati L the one
lby mIens of lasel Ihat vwas adolItet
Iby lte rsvry III 1t81. The aeutlcr
or inlterrn.ltional fog cslgeli wase
Sacmuell P. (rilflcs, o O Gmr~ies ;  re I
the luiveniur of thie nrat csimlsite
systeIm at cihlerrm "el l r be y thi -
Aais.eialte.l Press weva Dr. Ale.ns
der J'alesa, of N.lrb (.crediel. Tre
nliace f i Mally a an,,ea alve thiel
el crr) otl:er lsoutherner, tf tcit of
every A tcesie.ime, lie ti1 cnnerila
tionus to smelesue. M.nluryp' writiilga
demnansstrattel that etteorolrog
colehI be raiseli to tlime' rotrraltr of a
aetence, usceld Iseibedlt crelited ahim
with hing its f(ouesler.-P.-,mlar
Sclroec motlllby.
Amerleals sito nlot kill tbhelseelves
In as great nasalsenr acn the melin.
eholy Danesl or 84sonCs, lbat the
Iisslete reosdnl or tie last year,
4136 killed. asloes that we are by
so means idle. It inldtatis an ate.
niareal Increase over the pretvhtcss
year, In which prolahtlty hard time+
and the nllseal siteiaios haid no
ittle ar.t.
I is to the credit of "the wenker
wlsn tbhat It fsimnmheed ol ly a csiul al
IroportioU of the llellelS'us. &8, eor
*cra than 20 Ir' av*it, witile tie
maIle vitimsa seo0le'rrtd cl33. No
(lulcisnt estllarniomn haa. bh.ee
goieu of this cilr'rec.; btr it Imay
he dlue to eminior weeknace, amdI
illsllke of violreclgc, alt the* 'Irthe'r
feaet that oman aeldlhom hais so face
Itie IlAlranil eIlmrilties ol life', and
enIlaly bl s aaoe one to leook to tIr
Another fet which wasu uotelI
;est year is that time doeeore Iead au Il
,,er(femsesa I0 the *sma'er of el o.
,'ideh. Tlhis , eems leow to he well
etcsablibled, n.d eai pea relabarl I b
traced to the fIat that deaeteros sre
ee mash ofe death tht L eL y I lae m,
iII horror rof it, lad thalt tlher prm I
*,aestol shows them how ahey aimn,
aive this wolld easlty aind pa.I
Theo selades titl Ibow great il
'laraimce sed bral llityt in ie ~ e ia
etr eof tLakis theitr own lirwe and
ubs ilnmter a Iset dcl *It e seuesu .
ar•y salenril. The Immeem pimt
Iteled om mtes at p a ltsblm
rle4lg ph.IIStsicias oln this shi.jaet.
rlviing their views as to the eiasiler
and I"ast panfel '*a of killing
thinisaelvs. asisl several mWethods
I were sugge'astel whih maltte. death
. a*Imn1r/ ipisart. Tisne suaggs
la losl, howev.tl, were aslolareltrll. nlot
for Ipractical .eo, fotr mnoie of those
wlno blIt the worlda last yearutilllsed
the hiilems at sah.le.. On the
other ha.ad. 15W.I trievl le tsloesal
pisltol ore,s o , 1 16 ellteedl thelr
woeas ty nicems of pusots"* Imtcast of
Ihonm *tillaisag the uore serene
lanisaumu liik e arvrloe; l64i Sied h
hanlagll. 301 drue slllll (tLis a faIvor
flire anI e ol estll, with woamen.l). 3t 11
jea their Ihlsmt*a. li6 jmlalet ibefu..
htwomalo tire.. 48 stalllsed l themasers
to dlealth. I0 aaolght death h) the
lellens, 10 l)by rsarl lg sald 3 ht thb
tla.te sia.ce set thallsl ol hiosllag
sllllm.elre-s allp ithb i1tamllte. Isll
suitletes, as in Iacarly ever~,ttbitla
else, 19.1 was a re'aod reabket.- i
Ti"mes. DeiaUscrat.
Saystlh ll. I*slaml Barsnt* NY.weof
Jam,. 6: Col. alslam IL. Lt was mo,
R.i'ille last week sallstsdllg the
Lever Basel. Tise fOlolrl's viewsa
up on lie Lientealant ovsra ner
tlrIeioun eanosihle with ouursn wi
calle or It elcelltooms. Cole. Lott In
aOf tlhe opitihaIon that II. ia track of his
opllonawea to tget him i i allow him.
sell  islal:'ld .a slraltelalat (lover.
lntor .liad Ilthnl dohelate time ouae of
State Se.atlor from Iis dlstrkt
varacast suIll rlact a maon in histetrad.
TlIe., uisoss liast reis-ileshlmlng of the
l-lia. rle, ieat aanotLher Iaeerpresl.
al,-ll airo tellm"sre.' This would
throw him c rtllrelts out. (Jar tIl
pa ..ao is lthIs. that be lss ase right
to alt Iped maaeltls as Lialtesalamt
GO'avre..r; lh1at tie pmatitma of
Laeiemalaat 0ll1 fvmarralsr Ias wI wly
-m lina l xcep-tl dtlsllu the amea:*
i1 It hI GrOnr.al A-+,aralyly, atsl then
ile 101e-lslolt p1 .1 temlpMre la el
afuasa, Lieuteamllt Govlernor. That
he bhas Iimhi.lsg to edo r pIstI to art
as oine of ther P.rd..nina BHaard, and
we very ucllh question that poisat,
sllias."m h as hL ii sint really
LI.OtIeall4st Goveselor, having never
tlaee ele.ted by the popuIlar vote of
la lie loalle as srch. We do not
tlthik i requires any flrther quall 1
ftl than thatl of tliig presidee t
pro teI-mse. He could not hold
two Merles of bemrW andt prno at tI
or lse., eaonseqgeuotlu hoe is onl
iarterualt GusOenor as the terml
implies, pro tempmre. It Vol. Lott I
weerr to %o, as asae intend he i
shiald do, to BatonI Buuge and a
slarr himshelf to be stalled as u
Liruterant (Governor eawinag lls t
disirirct esiledly, thee It would be a
qusllion as to whether the ;a4ir s f
.eautor aue Saesat slma flets" A
P2I4PiIB.T. -
Aolbther ma hiure te makinll sa
cardeul set of otmruatioaas aet 'I
esmwrlrmen* to aletermla.Lthe elcrt *
t tlltiaeo o• the d*velopameslt ol
*he human Ireme.. Thils tiam is I s
Dr. J. Scaer, ald tie shmlltes a lr
his bservstlles were 187 oslege
hitd tue tour years, of their ,rse. si
The olbervetkmsu are oa the grewtb a
i wreiltllt,h beIbght, osbe glrth sred I
uamg capealils o0 -'oes.55cr," "-It
regallr usoers' atd "habtlul use•rs
lthensbo. r siprerd Ito the for I
OI eroelttageso, lo weight Ithe mw II
uar slurealmwd 10.4 per scot more u
stiem tlhe regular user, amd 6e. Ie 1
alt maoe bshaI thLe oucaaasaLl use. a
li the mgrowth or haight the s.
u 0er uroresed 4i per oeat more
than the user ead 14 per oest more 1
them the easeslesoal et. la the k
growtb of t. shoot gir.b 15% .e I.
user has au edlvaestage wPar te a
regile ser . 21.7 per eem'u, uet cl
oeer the sseaslourt eur of $I per u
r.t, bot io i g asso uait7 Sbl sI
gruwtboIu hsese of th eassas a
tly T.7 per mnl chum mpnepre
wrth the rgla uear, 4wl p per
sw hmtuesepuru with the ha. SI
+a.: er .e .  ~.~; ,.,. . 4f-.
The Aers anti B VaTniedtl
ter.Ire leiwes Them E i
dres of Milies.
A eareful estlmate of lthe wolth
.rf the .AstMi is ts It at $i 00,00.
,aHd this makes the family the
IehlAess is the Unllted States. What
is more. hbe weailt of Ihe Asiters
is 0t sucl shal.e that It eslnot betI
Ileirasa, for the reasno that It is
gilt-edged New Tah City *ea ,t
antae. soe' oe whigh, amordpg to I
rie Waswisalna.e 'or, haU wlihii"
the past tren wret 8a0ewd to
"'loe TIN0 iwr rent. and to still
ap'.recsating. .'he per.y at, the
AIltol blaelwas besn to bly reial
estate on the lines slong whLch
New Yek C1ty is .now teeidislg
and hold It lor trie, rarely amellng.
however, but building and renting
istinead. TLhe result is that she
Anters proplrtkies are i valearle
land., is brick, iro, stone sid
mortar, 'treard of in Se.etatleg a
storks and boessda, the Ised valtw
of whleb is always uncertain. Asa
tmliil the YVauiesiits astand at l
to the Ast..r, il the matter of "
wealth. ant theitr riches most bhe
simletel In the aggregate and m i 4
oammen, since Iher indavleual I
tortases ate poled, as to speakIW .
Ye4 will oftea awe (iormrllul ailan I
derlilt, the preient hd of the ,
hkmei. qe.*trl as leril worth $3S i,
000.000. Or course he i not worthb
any such amsoet. Cornwlies ls
meons of the Vesderbl1t tltllies,
but taste. who know ast til hie i
saseonally set worth shove $W,. a
Ual0.1S. it as much.
Is welt he remembered that thel
late WiIiamt Il Vaiert"lls ild
large family to divide his millmns
amonl aid as the shares Is the
end werer not so large as some pre.
plo tlesbght them. Beside tIhe
is a daspesition on the part e the
P1e.4elenre who .loe big Ilgues to
gave the Vanderbilt. credlit for
owning oatsilglt their gt.tra relad
system, le, as a matter of fat .
thosandls of ltockholdele ebare sI
the owrsbisp.
Waishlltns, Jan. 1'-The p
Demscrmtie members of the wase y
and meane comittem e eouslerted a
the internal revenue hill today.
The smreling was a asp~r*ted vlne t
many newspectetl metams being ll
made, es that at sue tile the li
friends of the Ieesme tas leered a
that they were doefete l
At theb*tast of the meinlg Mr.
Tarsery moved that lhe gaqueruin 
as to whether the Imteruaut=geuue e
featsreu were to Ibe r teps oet ams
Imdependemt bill should t Ir rvrrred a
to a Deoeratie caecus. a
This brght on asi alested s h
eIuier. When the voto tahs the'
T'nresey motion isrtl* byl ootl
Mr. Bvnr m furm·tedl the sur
psl.e of the meting by moing too
reconider tlhe enstirue rmevee t
as praesea!y agreve 'm as a meet.
nlg smehtlue mage. Tlhie meotkem
Ines previled by r vese Sof, a
Me. By sum veed with the eppe
ints sit o e m Iense tat The
sd Terer.ot.
A qeusie ares am to where
stki kieft te taII, whether tie
qaetmte to a caums or whte the
Byrme reesletie left asythlg to
steht to a esuess Alter eme
lmusslet as to tLhe state, a Ite
w-e gale takee oe the atersI
sevens. Ueter.s, semd-i ease a
erpoee to a peemaley 4estes.
The ee.ete whe
She humS. teg
-L . ".W.. ; 
¶bt 2.ry r
dimrWt rea ape Itoe ua
ashttsllag as thoe Mines
Imtaes to k, flu mam s ae
me4ene, A tleNs * as
te Iatweral ereMeaihl waqe er ag,
to by a ve do to&
Th. essN ofl. - s, a,, I so,
in desbs, *ohm to* t
fo leer Tqs, gcagite eg
es•r 'ies k. It hwas smt
to.mwesly, that ita se -#m__se
aeid. the I asb.e
aelted by May 0 mi Ie
Seusa..... seas:. tes eek
stemi be far the oluoe- s
sb. ietw ual se~que li
gur .at th Wu tW
ti e at tshe esmas tmul 1
asLod rseak ..pe i
ofm te nskers tr les.
lW66611013 Nr«A1 j 0
prks f Mr. Srt ®t dI ti
Wao ,asqt Joee tt.m01
ks .1 r. S I , 8d, ,,i w
the t aswate mwa mewaeM
New 9rdem. as.se deeed to tha
e lder awre a t-he-,
deegsBati to bush .II)
Ii. rehpied as slosag I
bad hbe. lgheed by the
permearet; thist ahe bed ft-k"e
erliud her lest and leglibtmas
n V'i"'s sa bash...
dead.; thee kIbs heee .Meedil.
she laelity at-the LasImmsle
gorW Pair 4, mmrg jrM
trel sb at . md.. bsg
ees hes I..he.psa,,k, id.
jdge thet Mse Stm l ead,,
. .. H us e, s i bsy peseut
wh as bet hesmm pi r- bel
tealg  wae 9 &4i , Wh.
a the imlat detes sad teiseb
*lai`n 'sm W4e1dge sq
lkwr r M. M"ss- -
is ellar PIbs e**ier
halt at the. ea -
wethi the State at
bsheael welt .ad fag
astill the'bads. the Ad.ls
seal shet that sach 1sp hI
two Stetes pheve mg
OWmi Arkesees. !e Neuk
tso lar It r Fro msed lbaest Wqu
tsis the swiss eI spneeier
cmri i the lSNsiba s1
alpgpi dier Isn.e lbt Ii Ugg
as st a erst of an RAN
hruser la Netlug Aeeselater
*shave *hem e ejedkea du
It eel the ulu , har he
mimi Its ultnusresa.d&hur
waSIs the s rpW ea em
4.tr~ r i~in Y

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