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Tensas gazette. (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, February 09, 1894, Image 1

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f DTOT JOE. L R.E R,. -N,
d I i|JLLL, L'DiToB, I% .. T d0 .SEPH, LA., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 91894. . Naw S1Ub -O], i, I
• ; L -+, +.,. •- .'_ I i.-
Eaotablishei 1863.
UE N It Y F A. K, .
inT g*o A, NOeTIOs . oOOTM Ad6tD nuES.
Is will bo to hoe inteseat of Buyers to writpe as for qlnations ad priers
Natches, - - iuss.
New Fall and Winter Dry Goode is Ready
A easnal glaance is all snficiep) to show the msperlorty
of oear stock ofer all others in Natcerz. and we solicit
from oar patrons ln Tunss parish, a continauace at
their liberal patroasge.
ar MaU 6rdieirDenutren recive
Ja b ba sttaeattea, and we guarantee
satitslheea I every particular.
S * amples Furnished Free.
018 Maia Street. Watches Miss.
Dealers In
" Pie:and edium Clothing, and
Furximhing Go.d .,. .
All the latest novelties as soon as they come out;
• Will not be under sold by any one. Call. ,and .see us and
coavineed that we are leaders of
Fashion and Low Prices. Suits Made to Ordor,
100 and 18GN Commeroe $t. Natchez, Miss. "
Harrows.,' wep.u, Scrapcrs
'and all imnprov.0d: l ricultflr al
Ilmplmut`otst. - Harnes, TI's aLr'
-.oihuer, Bridlles, lack land.,
('urr' . Combs;t Briar Binoks,
WV,,I, HoIs, l* Files.
sails, Wagonu. Material and
Barn Wie.. ,- ..
, he largest stock of tonis Pnd
general Hardware in this
" auction;. for which we solicit
" the continued and .much ap
preciated -orders -of our nu
inerou, Tensas friends.
N".tohez, - - * - - MissJ
IOg O 's 3o OUSS SUII.DINI " Wasls"ua.e: Lav. na a.~seinr es.
* . 'ICks atURG........ oia
tamIn. e, TFi. AOihA hProIn!CsaIIs
-C-. .S ; .TR G. __ -** • .47 $ F
,1 W~~aTP aid omeo very praissng thfi ien t She past about the
... t e oear oo  ,.n.. ..
S5.t thtin seaaon'a arr'ay doute ,diamentu theu aN. VAmwromos bhqa
Sbrkolhtat ma kslacedlme.tJeut 3i ffcifrtaked lt goI se*e rwn. It la Irn
eas$ matter to avr grroe. 53. to. On a eS), Ir ,o Osr (-aht antmd not
et Io the Qualilty, kt re ate letais (t. We want jee tldrw.ow .maprJ.
Seame set pod lsuorselvea. If thibn Weitc(i r ma. . shslll.you·oM L ehange
of Weighta, tapU to the. tiree' iralaes with the'tll ewnnAlIh.0 trhat
eatieeetmnts will Iee f,~ead. U6asp withb ~oir mlnd Oet'on any fslorab-le
saole.--They'ro all ht.
122 & 124 Canal ,St~:WTO tilG ANS, La.
"" "'D "MARER,~E S,
'.* V 1t: H. ·W IITNET * Age'nt.
.j...erott, New Orleas.
***• *" * Ai • "t ' '• - s lwtCe . . .... -agaWa,
,-. -..wa"~4 ., -. .i o . *'. -
.-.-...-__~-a Jf Iieqfnu'ior'& miny, of .'flew 1o,*,
,,. :"L .."- .7 - •- a"
i·· rf.t~··r'.4
TArrFF BI.LL r .A'iEs b
3By., aJerity oft Sity*Fear i at
the Hoise. '
ro eos To 's s5ar1T TMs -DAY. w
set i.. o... we .. the. men d . n ,
b."e .vusem-Us w lUamd fus
Wads.eemn New.. M
Washington, Feb. 2--The loee, t
inally p ased te tariff bill yester. i.
day by a triumphant majority 61 64 cc
la the midst of an' inspirinlg raeo at
after the committee amendemnt. a
eaging the du ot, hrley from sa
to 25 puhr cat salr erim aed on w
barley malt i to 36 per cant bad di
been adopted, and after the amend rn
meant of the committee of the whole s.
bad been adopted. Separate votes a
were taken on the wool and wooles, w
the inonme tax and the petroleum si
ameudmenst Wool will go eq the el
tree ist on and after Aug. 2, and in
meastsItered ,woolen goode o tat
Dec. 2. The ameodment providieg as
for reiprocity Into petdoleum was I
adoptqd sad. the income tax was tc
adopted by' a voe of 182 to a0. a
Then the bU wa lsally paed by
a vote of 204 to 140.
The scene ln the Homse was, is pi
some reepects, anprecedeoted. An pi
enormous crowd 'of spectatots o- ri
coplid the gallerid' ed ed rmed j
about the orridors mdi the entrae.
des to the Homea. The ab r .itel ti
of she ball or Repreenitative. was gi
occupied by the families and friends to
of meembers, who were. admltned
undere .usleensto atf the orduuary w
rules. No oratorn hare baiu more i1
inspiring aelkene.. than the vast ls
assemblage which greeted the1 ti
speakers of todaly. Ivery class alf
citizeu, ever, profession was repre.
seated - in. Ue. griat gaticerisae. of
Cardinal Gibbons ocaupieil:s con*- ~
spienops Ilace in the gallrry. awol Ci
many other eminent nmen wee to tt1
be seen in the audiesce. t1t
At 6 o'tlock the conelasios of one pt
of the meeost lories and most in. H
pressive scenes ever witnessed in du
the American Capitol, the" Wilsun at
tariff bill lassed the House of
Itepreentetives by a vote of 204 m
to 140. fr
The events leafiug up to at were at
almest nuperalleat. la ers apals. it
At 19 oelek, after a preIiauiry it
sklrmish of ae boeer the bar'i o
sobedale, the bdl was reported to is
the Rousa sad the eosfng speehes ol
were amde. t
Suchb a vast eeoonerse of people
as assembled to bser- these Idl da
arpqments pes the great eeonomic ,
assue about to be submitted for k
Ainal arbitrament to the reprsesta 4
tires of the Amerian people 'had b,
never before been witbhb the noat
Ines of the Cagitel. Notblog like d
at was ever bolown In the bistory of i
the otd.istiabbitant of the Capitol. ;
Hoers before sthe dmbate begi.
the aerradors leadil to the gaplet o
tee were serlisl ra d of umanEs ~
ty, w~bl noally became so grptU t
.tiLt nils cred oet 'nl terror a94 u
women. falited la.nfrigit. It was tI
rstimtedl tUhat per ,0.000 attempt b
ed to qaln admittace to tae galle o
lee of the Hoea to.day. Thgl i
s'eating espeity i sabohI 3,00, and I
.esery -aallable seat was olcsued s
.ag ors, the grero.pped. Thl -
peoe wege Imeld ,eailst the doors.
tegeat did tieerish m that I
the memers a.of the Roeseearel
permie to briq.theLir wivres apo r
the floor. , .
Shortly after the Boiuse oaveMed I
at 11 o'elook thurewdsb the is. I
men alklery ean tse'orth side of e
the. ubasther heoses. a agst that
tbere wase. lllleet dager that .
omo of the people woeld be pes t
ed over the. pll.g as the Houel
below. T lat the eorriders elpt I
aing ilsto. te ,deorways sead i
tha~I arther bacllek prd
.red qputi dhe stairs e ratla I
lof we•e wrn ltelly tale
witha meb o ~-th
was praeipitated betweeo two men a
over the color, qoetion. One 'f a
i the eombatants was a egro, de. 9
mandlog his tall rights as as l
AmIrlsan ditisen, and tbhe odther
o was a hvbft man, making the s0me I
claim. This claim ineluded the I
right to stand on the sNme square s
foot of territory asd as t was to C
small for both a race war reoulted. 
The beligerents wer'e hbtled from 1
. the gallery as tat as the obetrest. s
Sitoa hbman wall would permit and I
Ieo d paeqtjve quiet was sos ie.
The erewding at the doors, bow.
I ever, costiued uatts 8peakerOrbisp,
I who had bees nervously nMttIg the
I deagernos packing of people, inter
rupted the roll nall hag enough to
Ssay that t t was i the itere t at
I safety to bhasm life that the door.
Sway "sipld be cleaed. le asked
she ,dqgkeeper of tie gallery to
elear out some of theo who stood
I in the esntrasus, sa as to make
these already inside as omfortable
I as possible withbotlheing i danger.
SIit was net to imIslbte to at onee
a execete this order, as there was
/absoltel so ,tm br'lie ejeec
mente of tue"wIb had fued en.
triiase into the amsles, bt the
I pjolbelesim kept pressing beek the
r people atl .they + hbd materift
" reididtbh danger teat wa e so
I t ry ialatebt.
OniC ten of the 354"eimembe of
Sthe Hohe were absent; massu
grave andr reverebd Senators and
tI ober disbti blsed rsonaese
I were dn the flor and i4 the pialer
i*e were Mrs. Cleroland, lirs. Vice
'resldeit ttlvesoeu* sad .other
lamliat of emitdnea~ and. iieti loie,
their leal*se Seelking the lais pe
ih I . color.
Th'ea for thiree bbira the oratory a
of the cl'haulonlsiaof the two eee.
IIOui5' si trtn follnteeut-eed,
IC alulp and Hlil osi, twile their jugs
SItaisrans ladet is airtvor!*al witb
their ashetdtus of appruvad. Tice hgpI
pearainace orf ise %peaker of the
House onlon the floor, engaged it
I debate, was, hb itself, i remarkabor,
I as well aM nso nesal thidg.
r Mr. Wilson's "iechb of this q
Smlaniten was t suplise even to bia
friends, for st prewed to'be the a
sitrongest oratiort e r made i
the Hsitaen hib ssault.'Aad placed
Sthe *esfirgliitam 1e the trout rask
1 of the Demoorntde orater. I• tone
a it was far 'eve the level of thb
i ordinary political hbItagae, b d
i spired genulid' etbefasi m.ee
P the mbinhrs of his partyir ' he
t drttrsin t s sck w thu b a
I most remarkable spetoIae of the
r kid ever witetiged a thi lroesa. P
4* d- tireendouis ekberlis.' bl 1
ibats were thrown 'itto tNe sad
- niiinhers ruiell pila hell .4 the
I direetion of the eator; Bee;eki
I ridge, of Artnst.' hlenk hiMaedtl
L apsi bl  se's siad hbdgge him L
n witi tihe tenainto4 ber 41ss uI it
s ane harsib ioft thei f;i '1asets
Sloietomiads. Theus pe' g ups..e
it the teakeshled s e-iiailadWt eftbt
8 tbe slvelto'g hed draot,'.of Na.
I ra ka, ad Tee¶tker of VirgInl, use
? of randola) fkekier, sbai reaied
. i.j q upee their oabldess ALdeS
1 god adolpted by Will iame ofd lin
Selpp, ithL thor e ttrlephaatly I
l trouh rthe asku. * *
, It was ieshbtanideeMt .ay a
ai ftl. happe s * the apus e a I
4 *llege, Mod oinsthull reuud, huit I
4 in theic t, thespiee'erf the taW
. hill sprpur te' ) the Wet and
0st Suth. •
t of the witt wil's a erpbu. AmdM l
- erat after Dsk ' ra ~b es i I
t soeated upg to ee ageume
<J4~ ar ths sd* *
·~) ,*i
a stood oet .to the end and rotetl Ti
I gais It It. Asear ee east his gp
vets it vas gesoled b applauses sd .t
a eheets ftra the Repetless aside. -ie
r The.s who voeo ageleat is wewre:
i Bartlet, Casptal, Covert, (m. he
nitmgc, Halter, IHedrlz, Schemer pI
I here mtl Mlekles,, t New York; to
S(kOdmas ofS New Jersey, Sperrjy edI th
. Pag se Or wetres, .**'.of .Car. Imi
Sforal., SM. b of Perow.sltla. wi
m sad Davey, 'M-yer PFries sd t.a
I Bobertao of LatlIrsm. to l
Coslgrsa hBral, eo sentl
advoost~ , sqnl.. , Cg . areisms Ck
rea, .0 eqlegeat oGpomemt af the
Incoe. tax, made degsag speebs
is. Sio .Hoe estrm rdny r sp
agalaust that wme.an, adbh t oIre
thc Democratic orators were ah
qw1d a. ovatieia the coreleste sl
their sgtebs, whech to at tim p
etoet as the toime pp u fo le
the Saal rote 4p be hero to
morrow oi the W'IlleIsbll a d the
agnppdre'mt provIdig fre thle ik . wi
ame tax at tLe bhl. its eared. 1
eil for will pass the Hore by a
ti Ld a week go. , . .
Tl Te nort to so p9talise the r
oppe1itnl to s . 'to.e w as rlb
earso the Wflta' hilt to be defeted o'
or reesmaftite have fatld, sad I
bth Debrmatie memhers, resliilig tb
that tlhei' life f ther pary depends
as thL rvlslse of the t*hrt by the tll
preset ConguMdt, are gettfg lute I
limie cad wtlF vftn Lr wlti t Weanded
oitl mo setter if tbhleeo tax ti
h a glclatable 46 t the .
'There bhs mever ahla a more
earnest or doasstest oganeumt of
a iacomea tax ban rthe New tork
Tels, trst It . is, rglong all the
Demecratic agest'rs qot, to Barry
trit . qppptiow 'to; s rhot r  th
cxteut of vtIg.aputstle, IteWs t
1a0Us tes.e, it saet tha It i the Ill
,ls defeated at the pt:geue smse
the Demoratie party Itaelft wil bea
deterted ih tabe Oegrmniont. .4ds
i6as et aSlvemlitr, aedl #48
eQlte probble that isms phs esg *
ireais LIefd the Demoerasy will
agai hbe a.i i gIe lto, p. bi
ra trm abt.atht. The'ataieW 4laeu
very trtftlltyraetts : "'
t It,. Ipup1r, the Popelits -qa
sti s Demeeras pee o...ptl4I e
with . the ,Pepulies, jeiqed by the -
1I Repteswhl, euususd *,Isa le
Ihsse as s t sL Tciit hill the*,
1i stil remales thbe plal .dety . t
ea, D"mourt o mesn, l"r the
frif i •d as a.ea ei. The wary
perp'se .t he. .pprtp. teaog as
Sasiirsf"ra.. Thct.is ,t.je mwsl It
i tod tda  i. s ' a't im Pan. +i4
Splei ai to 4.e i5 tlp plrtt .mses T
n nos I be. a leM Sdo it, "s will s LLI
pet another ebas a . .er r.s. 
tIor" ;i m' :f soniir m a.,
a teies b d*, r sr ae Is * .
I.uld' .. o.iradi. ?u "l
la m sm .d' o wi' aeila Ilisa she
a awi. to rbotbrisd stib W .,b- 1
a, ih tise ,i.a .. atsita sita ,,,l. .
Sweuld b .is • • :.4 A DeSI -
. ,eum 'th. ..all ..- llk1ele,. me
s lrwmtheU u. s TdideiY vusL p ,
ipfrom a adnlill dlti abesms i ac
I eet.. Is amy opus, aelbm the bust
a rawtshe taimtahse ahIl srhesl I
s, soqsl tyiweq asaesu he a
a. amidmutsa t ikt saem ufsere Is
a m taeth'FAism at tie m U*
e, Puttie te s
'I The ha~c.el takel. h*o*eon to es*
s prim the haps that. shim mswutwrm
- f the lailaumIs dl4egyates will n,.t
". Wrs elgalst tihe hell as the ha.ep
-:-i reed to do. Imt.e. r uw
. behaSe. that serb eetkiea *btwit
part is ItlletItlid, and will resilt
;- te as arrayling the b)eeerj of
I tIe emeatry Is henilly o the sagal
Indell ry n stiba' Sra* itLer t ,e*
. wI ll be as hope wht .btu of a*eer:
I lug a rveam desta em imnar hoI*
the hill patsie the S ·rea. t ,r the
masa th* mesh a pres*ser. weld
hehre tarht to oiey* a. th.* sr a8.ars
kaes tr fIvor eeas ai duly ihl
they weald Oeak em a.mrt tf ye
'|rfe the isetla h . tiheese.
Th Alaeeme d.l stlew re ii.ght
al aast he alse plelug weatl iad
Ires e the hfree lie. Iut whea it
was "s"ed Is eamittee 6of
wshal they estaed that Mie they
Sprctested they would a, ee ti 
en. s, d tuem fLedes det lsalp
e o $ .sr to parms. a oeree
bwhalb wuld beM a amnflig e.iia&
tathat of t las ai m te
withoet deradr mt, lery do the
wemld a.t emestofste by the
Deseate at* the sumetr%, as the
* Stat weeM id e us mui w* '
Srtlhm eau. It i to be khplA that
Sar represeateti s Ist the eusa
_d will tiak well befaite they mt
their votes agmatst the Wtla ai t1
Sead h-ab the oarde af piltnl .t
e treatehary heldi a t hem by atht
part! pase thehat the meautrys
S..« i .-as .
m s..t -.
S' i esr eass Pr r;esMesia y.
S. ere a'" ". . .. tat
tol'ae. . ..' ·'e - i. s .
Sizfesl tit,,,ek ateuji tl " fs
l Ijee 'e o w wlsp.eeu be
a aii ree Mii., " .ia * m a Iakei .
as e thive gaislat meehd'al' Ias
Se aws. e -h-=ape.sea to teate
meii ta..ih theYaer a t., ~r. .
-a, r pe," as -, ,'f,, tou..
-o -t- v$eI sanilb. dia "ailk*U
Bre e l , too. be veer e
uers b Was dobVetet eh'b has.
l see *I M3 bWY ppgW o so
"I rmtU n eaIsser daetaj. tk
' tinw s alperI al.f taea aIpeed
C n Watayl * tar at-i
Ii ;,kto, te Sedsi .e ( r deai ir .
re- m ,,g.e e by h., wiavc
· lbaV3hcSa ghe St hie- ebad
:-d uteeh. the.. q ,, h~,ai
..depeler aJ e ,,tiwe,,r* pt N. I
' ' whaeie a . eei. , r a..imE. ,
Iwater, qu tha t~lhmae'a e ln
I Ise' mg o , a.e amy
•edl .tpe ead t latas
,.. ..t.i 4 , . lSlm eh
age eeps.rft 0eat
* . lev g,

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