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d UGH TI;ILIr, EDITOR, s.lYr .;OSE'uI. LA., I'II.Y, FeBilU.iY Ui,I9i. N~w SRE:lf S.--V(. I., . ?. } 7.
E'tabliblaeaI 1 ~4Oi3.
DRY Q00 S, 0I0Ti 5 A BO'OT AvUi v H ES
It will ha to !tb e nto p (t I o ~ .ru* rt so a ie. UN f..rrq '.ut.* l" . andl I(
Natchez, * - 3.iR*.
New Fall anai Winter Dry Goods is Read7
f rassal rlanse Is all snma imlnt to show the snperiortv
or o1r st.naict ovr all nth "rn in atceh e:n. a4 we solicit
fro'ua oar patrons in 7'o ras parisb. a contir:uance of
thoir liberal patronage.
ear Vail Order l).parttrrst res-ojrcs
tao bLst attention, and we tens: sntes
*atisfactiaa in .very Varticuiar.
Sai rpl~anjI 1traiYi-thee 1'r ems.
403 Main Street. Natchoz amiss.
~2 M ULLLCBT & 00.,
Denalers In
Fine and Melium Clothin;, and
Furniuhin1g (.
All the latest nove~tit's' as soonfl aý thiey ('1)111e out.
WVill not be nnder suld 1wb alay c'.'e. Cail aud see us and
convaiced that we arc leadcrs of
Fazhion and Lowv Prices. Suits Made to Order.
1O7and 1184 Comterce4: ? a'ýý"ýr Maw..
P ,ANET .rU NI F C U LI'IV t zI ' ýi,
.R4NZJR, DOWL.1 IT ASP1 FR(W' :.'i i! .XTOV PL.1 VTEI:S,
Hiarroiws. Swec'pi. `crsic rs
andi all irnpriravd:ý A"reit'tairal
I inf lciiieuts. lIxuut"a, 'i'racc a
tk, tar;, Bridles, Hiak lh Iaujki1
" 'atrr" (;';aLºs, Uririr Hooiksa,
Vedte". ibis, l (l1e' Files,
}ails, Wa.,;oia M&& i*1 acid
Baru Wire.
The latr;:est :t.tt'k oC t.)'ºR ,,nVI
genrral lfar~inar.' iii tit- I
si~c'tjiiii, f r which W." sflhi(t
tho(' cf:ltinneH uti a '.1 tII~i wh
1)rCciatcJl ordeCr of our nu
rucrer t'u4 fettaga.. frit s.
Natobez, - - - - Miss
VI/1vW: Uertt *)Utl~ s. IUIta.·.. *AltMr.. a .· : * .&. ...sr 4..
C. J. SE IAM . tLtELS CO.,
"IAtE. WOPB. 1 AL. ciadtrr(otos.
CtvBUn.' Fo Ci .Vthi
We ar a4I1J ou3 me ver Ira~leing 'bangs8 ;1n tte Itaut aboutl tic;
qetIt~IeC uf ..or
5 1,315.iII and 5 18, Siuits and Over Coats,
Sqt thusn &.auosam' ~rr*j ula,st,Ie *ltlrescutlsIA tI,rual sal. Euu~r~w'aee btaN
braae~ist us Sitc,Wretilce tha~t CCt4e lii: ae tl~l in gensIuI an~.l,sg,.. It Ie ino
*4eJ~ weltrt tie ptie hem~o 63 lta *3 nrg a -'at, tsr Mr, (I~rer Ceat ti~tchlint
acati *tti ~ leeIr 2usstr~e'.e r. II atutur Wi~tlc Ig. IN ltihlv)iUrer?-n tfl S tcaiutye
*1 Hurighla, Itsitit.) tha. 'agree at~c a.*'c' villa iii..clr Itilt..nftrl, we tlltt
aagi*luleetiit wll 1mg feanrtaci. Comae stu ill caum· *aiiml awt 'elm uti3 futeliiouata,I
122 & 124 Canal St.. )EW mITrlE v m~I.
li9 Gray'or Strv~ t, ~O \ Orl--an
51. Ar32 tn i~ '1~ Orleans of 4bc Followi· g w·.
C1lass lirs, Iuranrce Comparies.
P.,&nsylpi~nia. .o wrrieh U~nio, afa ra
.Pde~irchnt7, o~f .Wwa~ tnc D~~ elawacnre,
Inroap AiSjustausOts auL· £Oaas ?ud Eer,'
Tib',ral tli., Witte
. I .t R>:il':g tat. l;r'lNT.
A Milssissippi am Strug Up
PeIr IWlrir the Trarp h Sprale. UI
Snipe Thregih the I eoS, ain the
Ureestleis I. Vlsaliy Stayed.
Rlattiesmbrg, Miss., Feb. 8-A
i emst rem trkhble event oceurireal at
ohilnmlhla to.diay, and as a reselt nr
is Will Partvi, condemnllel to die
on Feb. 7, atll lives, ailthnatg the
Sdeath warrant hall n asigned,
the date sedal, the mandate of the
courts received anil no respire
t granted
An immense crowd gathered to
witiese the ezeuenion. Prvis haid
trnolt; protested his innocnree, and
had signed a sworn statement
naming some men who were mem-n
bers of the White Cap organia'ion.
Samid who bold a meeting and were
to have held another to deonde upon
the death of Buckley, whoEl Poriis
is charged with bhaving killed.
Parvls was led to the seaffold at 9
o'clock, tile black cap placed on bis
head and noose adjusted. His last
words before the trap tell were that
he was an innocent ean. After
prster Sheriff Magee gave the
lsinlal and the ezecationer with a
quies stroke of his hatchet severed
the rope bolding the trap door in
iliace. To the astoaishment of the
immense throng, Pervls lroppiedl
safely to the ground seven feetl
bewlow, providentially saved. The
noose had slipped oi his neck andt
heed. Pnrvis was picked up sndl
!his frst words were, "I knew the
ford wouldl he wish me."
Clerglmen and oliers ioterfered
I when the sherill started to make
preparations for making another "
attempt to hang lthe Wltie U(Jlp
and it was Snaily decided that the '
Rev. Mr. Sibley shohld gIo it anid
speak to the crowd. He dii so,
made an elaiqient appeal and won
tihe crowd over to his sidle and to
the side of the Iheril, and the ee-e.
cation w as postplonesd.
Psirvia was aecaosdl ot having a
killed William Bcklel f kon am. e
hndsl. Bukrley had been summon.i
~ed to tesittl against the White
Capim btfore tie grand jury and was
SkiltedI upon returning fren en mrr. r
The ease has attrseted stteanti,ý,
throgholut the State of Miasis. t
The Electlek Law Repeal Ill
Washington, Feb. 8.-Pre.ideat
Cleveland, this evenlng, signed the
Federal Elections Repeal bill and
it is now a law. Representative
Tueler, of Vi, brought with him
to the White HBos. a gold pen, r
especially purchased for use in r
aflning the bill. It had aleadll I
been used by the vic.preislent I
andl Speaker Crisp In signing the t
bill and after thbe reidemmt bad I
used it. it becale the pirolerty of
Mr. TuckeLr. Representative Pear- I
Ssann, of Obhio, carled lthe bill from t
the capitol. .
Sliver's Lwest Pellt.
London, Feb. 7.--TIle norninl
i Ipapers emnent at length onion the
Ifact of silver hLaving tooIuched the
lowet record in the point of price.
Tbhe Dally ~iews says it Is to
each innluoenes rather than to
glovernnt intertferences that in.
rerreard statllity is to en slght.
:Tie .tamndard's ianciai: article
mentiens a relport that the ArgeF
tine governuent meditaleo the
plarcing o the courrency on a sliver
hasits anl says it considers that
Inl. will te the best way of restor
mai her innelial position.
The Telegraph dohts whither
the lowaes in thle price of silvr
will stop overprluclleh, aso it is
asserted that ths mines cold be
worked at a lirolit even if the prlete
tell to eighteen. There is no pros
poeet, it says, of a renewal of the
monetary conference.
A r.in ..f t Ire saras I1detd
l.an siu1 .attle. went eut over the
(ew Orleans and Nas orrtheretetl
ttailwls yesterday morning, en
route direct to Cinciniaotti, where
they are to be ofere for sale a*
auction. The cattle were all tat
tenel for this purpose. and if the
pewrimeont proven profitable it will I
he followed by other abshipments.
Cattle raising can he a.id prS. I
table inutuary in ibis lhcality, and
at may he that thits exlerimentali
bshipment f it paIas not stisfactorily,
will Induae many of o or large laud
owners to go extensively into the
ioniness. Results will be awaited
with consIderahle interest.-Con
cordia :eotlimel, Feb. loth.
*- I
Secretary Sbields, of the Fifth a
District Levee Board, thbis week
received a letter from a very ob. a
servant gentleman ot lake Prodl. I
deuce seistive to the reported esa i
inl at the Wyly and Elson levees, l
an. be has permitted us to pake I
extraets from it. The writer says:
"There Is no cause for unessalOes t
on accoent of the Wily levee. It t
is nearly up to gross grade, whbih s
makes it full large in comparisoe
with other levees, and it has washed a
very little by the rains thles far.
There is rapid caving in Eltoo bead e
for a sisrtanee of more than a mile, t
mnmmencing about the end of the 4
lien levee shove town, on the t
North aide of river bayou, and el. a
etnsllag up about one and a quarter I
miles. I do not tbink there le a e
Iartiele of dangter ot the eave rearm . Ii
Ing tie levee this year andl perhalml i
tot in two years. I have iaot 4
sesaures the distanice, hot thilnk it a
at least 12110 leet from the river s
Isasik to the levee at the nearest Ii
,laes., ThIe banks will have to a
aire greater than ever twfore to C
oudsuger the levee thisear." Th'is I
tews, whieb is quite reassuring, is
Iin coonrl+el by Assistant State '
Enagineer. W. S. White, whe hbas a
tsat made an inspection ot the letre
it bhat point. Tasen as a whole the b
n(ire line of levees along the front
af the Fifth District are tIn heter
shape than ever before, and the
work of Imptovtni the is heingm
!arried on at various places along l
the line.-toneordla Seotioel, Feb.
avespert's Ocepatl.s se0*. a
Never to letars. s
Washington, Feb. 7.-The bill
repealing In toto all Federal laws
regulating the control oi eon. i
-ressional elections hias pasedl bhth e
hooes ot congress and osnly twaitsa
the silnature of President Cleve.
land to bwcame a law. After
everal weeks ot dineaseloen the
benate to-day came to a vote on
the House hill repealingl the Flederal
rlectmtlon laws and is Imwed by a
vote of 30 ayes to 1 nays. Namer.
ous amendmlents wre prewseInted It.b
the lepublicana, but they were
voted down refnlarly and metloodl.
emlly, the Democrats not even
taking tbe troahle to jo in i the
ielate on the aomedatory proposi.
Senator Stewart, of Xevada,
voted with the Democrats am every
propoaltIom. giving as his reasons
that be tboaghbt tbe power of the
ereautive was Ireadyl too Ireat and
the centralisinlg tendency o0 the
age sonald tbo cbeekel at ones, if
the repatble is to urirlve. The
thre Populimt enators, Allen,
Klve and Pgler, alsn voted with
tbe Demoerats on every a omed
Ioent, as well a one thu rain hill.
The meauIe ms at pseed the Ken.
ate is idetMial with the bill d5 it
plased the Rliase, nm commuirtee
amendmaint bharngl Ihee pro
Advertie ito the TasAsll GA.
1 E. D I'VE1 311rc WAT1I'R.
º Te Fift! I ellams DIlr!vt Fert-i
Sled u aserer Selrre
Asmlatant U. B. Engineer, W, ,W .
Brow.,, of (apt. (". Mal). l'owns
! end's staff. elrrised )eterdla frImro
1 the Lou!slansa levee. shrve lhime
. eity, and leaves tl.4ay fcr eid's i
levee, in Malison parish, the
I ~athern tenrmim.is of (ap.t Ta'mn.
I cnl's dlastrit, kh ws. of Warren.
. eon.
Enagineer Brown rports that the
protection levee at Re.'sa will to
I eompleted to-day, and that .ll the
work on the line, from Reid's to the
Arken*asl State lihe, will Ie Sni.bedl
in anther week, the only portinnn
stll ascomplete beting enlrgemet
work at Deaons, by COltharp's
anl at Elton, by MoGaire's lore.. 1
Everything, therefore, in In adl. I
ness for whatever flood theriver a
may bring to bear agalnst the r
levees and the latter are ImenFer. I
ably ironger than at san time to I
their history. The government a
work I. ill completed and paid for 1
eseept Reid's protection leve,
whieb comes oat of the contIneeos 1
appropltation for the year 1114. 1
Capt. Brown has made a earefnl
compatation of the work done In a
the Fifth Loslaiana" Ivee district I
during the present Iael year. be..
tween Warrentoe and the rkaa. a
oas line. whieh be tatesn in reoaed .
numbers at S.Am.000 cubie yards. a,
of which 1,000.0010 yards wan built I
by the gveOtment and l.1111,0110 a
by the district, Tba work has been p
doame nuder tihe meot favorable il
anlpicre, the weather dering the n
working weason 'antl all that cnseld tý
he dmired or eipetedl, and In the d
meat stalle atnd thoroegh manner. p
Capt. Brown also brangs a simlarly"
favorable report of Ibe levere. in ft
t rkaan*s, which are aiso in Capt. Il
Townsend's district and ennder hiss -
snpervsiain. - COmnmercial.Herald. a
vote of .39 to 1. the PRpollsts ,
voting wilb the Demoenrms, ti,
Pedleral elections laws were relealed
is the Senate. A repeal was lha
in the Hoeae some weeks ago, and
the matter I. Inally settled.
The laws repealed ware all n
seted allter the elIn of the civil
war sal the mbelsslion of the
Bosthern jieople to the power of
the Government. They were fram.
ed elpressly to oppress, controld sad
Intimidate the people of th. R..st.h. ,
era .tates its thiir pdlitical alaires,
and to dominate their eleionses.lo
Thye repuhlie had satasilted ie
domn.tic peace andl afat) from iht
tfndataon without ani nach der ,
Iati laws, and el sohndly ever dream ,
ed thet any suheb reatrkl.tions *ulm0 ,
the rllghts of free citisenn wa*r.
n-cessary. After the restorateno,
of wpeace, whrs the white populatIon le
of the Sethern States were leingl
treated like aerts and ala re, thwe ,
infamoes exactions were fored
apona them.
These laws dalte from 170 toe
lS5, and tneay are the last remains,
of the tyenicel andal arbitrary 1
maeares oef the "recooatrctlionw t
pereiod, when all the oliberties of the
Soethern people were struck down
bv Cngre*e. Tbhey hal hue
usdaer martial law anl had seblred
many Im-liankles ander the nhamllte
Idegpottem of militatry sarrape; I
the last rudiment oa their Ameriesu
lierty was mlretyedl by the ea.
naetlenlt that gave tb Ce nltral
£lovernmennt oastranl of thir Statel
anld nenslea1,sl. as *ell as Pteeral
I In the ,oere of time, many oS
the matl ohlss0a restlml.llaosa wler
rAme(esl. otr bhere still remain
anane of theme sml thie nlattnaa
lstatnoe btmk, a meamace its til clvi'
Wllhertieh of the .or'awt,,.n tatie.r.
1stIlhongh the ' I... ."r.- i.tr-,rel.ld o
.lpr,.eU* thi. , ' I '* S "..' " . t.. .r.
.ý*iit tie Iart w*,ti):C (f thee.. inrt
moss thos*3 of .!,.Ictire were
.I'I"tePl toh tl 'stU.r fe,ml the
t. eaterte toks ofit the R. salmti"".
ft was the gr ir.lr'lt naiol atst
p. n 'rwllrft ee aerromp elbrae h thlei
s f).*lP ralI e atliniitratllon, and it
. it slall dii. n*hint nor., it will SI.
r. 'mrr all bn,.w tear 11is esoeh. Tho
+, itt ht lone..l llf.goerwmrnt I.
i.t.i. eatuoiewd to th. 8tsie. ofl Ihl
IT,. .m..--iFe.~sne. Feb. nsh.
The ItrleIaeral treaa 'Snpp't1
I IrO* t rltatiles.
" Washlngton, FePt. i.-TIw riv
tarns to lhe delieeient of .grbenl.
t te for Feltroart which relate to
r eation gir estimates ofM ptteertio.
r anOeprred ithb batt %emr, the lrie.
Sportion armi to meat hrt. damagI bh
Inets, ..erag of eo aestl'
eropi, Ma follows: Virginia .94.
r North Carolina 94, South 1(ariolne
8,. Qeorgia 9 , Florida 108, Ahl.
t bars 96, Misalesippl 104. LEWlssilana
90. Tess. !5 Asknessa Nl. Ternn-
I see 84, Msaonrl 81I. The gees I
a lversage do the esoetrs tI 99.12.
t The propIrtlen of the .rep which
.ha beees a t trom the pleatetla
Ssad us thterstr In the bladse
I althers thbe prulmera as shown by
.mºrrlpsnidest is 9 1.21 per esn?:.,
leaving 7.8 per enst. of thi erlr
still mna1rheted. The large' pno
parties marketel shows that the
gnodeoera, mwing toa the sringIrtewn
m 5I.. timte. hae ihe eeen .wpeld ._.
to part with their holding toe pay
depa.nit seed mert nomeeary es.
The percentage I.f State8's .. as
fol.l.w: Virgiiia 85, 4.rthl Carn.
list  i, 8e..th (farolina I0, ehorsi.h
9, Frlitale SI, Alobsu. V3, 1tal
isiolppi 92, LotseiOts. 1N. Tea. !i. .
Askanas 91. Tentse.we 2. esa.
nesstt f.
Losses frome" itecta hp te iens
mmilll-T esa, Iutlaal*g., Ark a5sa.e
1iiuiaselips amdl Alalse't. hel.tg the
nih 1 lI ses re.pmtr Illg dasag*e fr.o.
" hst reaMew.
Tue tiiempst'llm ll cit lm e ',t lecd
Toe panpo:o.rtim 1. Iintr io sup,.
rangee fr.", 1 l.7 tn 31 nemr tlmt..
avergell, 3.t , Tim. gtrine tof .ed
variesn it . 10.8 to 19* ceunts par
buashel. The averas lates s.felin
vag picking was Dee. .
Cleatus m Isi ier's Lesltlie.
Wnahingtlne, PFsh, 9.--(ýalreas. "
smn Boetc.r has tstspgnaed lI
iamenielimit to the relcr of the
Ustl.., whir i. tl.sigissied In par a..
and to the practrie of itilnateriung
lh refeidnug to vote, So as to leek
itp. quoram. Hll. prosselmoll o, -
which has L hes referredl to kthe
commiUitte on rIml, Ia tqhat na
Iember who eils I~o vote ws a re -t
c*al shell, eulte. a*****t ha leve
of Lth Houew, he nesmlum e to hW
ln coatemIpr, and shall fIrfelt se
'Iet. s in. for epLh time he* refseI
Imm vote; thaLt the name alof te
member aInl smotlt O the terelh.
tI Il rshla!l artiled hby ih dek
oe th e Hower to the Unlteml StItees
Treaerr. and tbe dedcted frimm
the estly of the memter for th
miones th s hahh trleithre oe.eerrei.
Mr. B.ase'ner heshves this blows at
the pocrket ee woeuild snag m*e
iwI to th Lbtatch eirne eumettrelp
tIeh sey moethl tihat h I "'e
SCa.. O. MD. Twnaend was a
I 'mr leading on Sundadr nltL. He
r was on Isis war dewn, haling hues
I I*e tem ofl iaspetie. of theo ettle
Arakneus lalsm frnt, Hie rperte
elivY the gtverauwei, pegreallm
ii 6timl, end thsem alvready Botied,'
t ale to wlhasteLd aitmeie arn
i or Srater.-E-s  Co(rne l
'. 'hmocra., Feb. lath.:

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