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rsam of she Imsd abnlalees she D
"evae:m iw h the I.a.l.a istes.
Perhalm no satlcle of clothting has
bees more freely crilticied in spect to
ks utility thin that which iexieog
rpýters* ~ be as "a covering for the,
head" inare cted by t!he ez*
ample o aneaasti ~ro t ir widlel
dill i varl ways. among them
the lea .f ainiae fashion. whose
crownu of rd.nramr may prautiaUy .be
dhisearded, woud have it that the hate
less condition Is ttat most thara.ct.
laut of manklad. says the London
IJawet. Against theiropindon we find.
arrayed the combined force of cMvilvsd
mage In every climate.
S roum poe to pole wollnd that man.
if he dresses at all. dac~t 'se his hJmd
Even If bootless and guill less of I.-
minor t.ris as waistroat and co.msr. he
oversthe..h d wi.h same form of.
clothing. Nay. the very o vnage, though.
be may know aothing of silk or feA:,
will often so deirate his vortex with
feathers or so weave his own natural
wool that not even the counvn:tionil
European cylinder could prote.t it
more eRectmtay. tiueiy there must be
reason in all this.
There is a cl'nar'vy "ens.lons need
which CiXist not ":r'-. imagination.
It is thus pr.'t. : v" t'a icetl. thpt
though the Ikad. l1..~ ;ny other dart
the' body, mton. after ha'ing suffervl
the attrition of atmo.;pheric ..riations.
become inured to their wion. It -Lilll
loses somewhat In the pro:.s. In the
brst plae., it is evident that in this con
diet only the fitesL can hope to sur
vive. Civilized man will not _ndnger
his chance of surr;val by risking the
experiment. Further, he finds. that
the Interior api ais thus exposed uo
dergo external chan!res whi is do not .
often, if ever. tend in the dir .' i )n of
refinement. and ins'anctively he as:ins
the possible return of cosecss and
barbirkm., lII nlce r,.ises tlwtert
that. given a - , ',." nmet (p tim in
head clothing. tet! co-0 ne;n; atf MZa
will be s healthy &9 it Ii h ming."r.
Forem c,. aoU:n , tiee hwary prin.
dcplcs whi*h ooght to w'onwsti'"tage isn
this matter are two-the avoidange 91
any but the lighte't pressure andal t
adn~msin thorl: te t: e t w on or
by ape :.0l aperLtur . ,f sc!lbt'f t or
free ventiation of tl.* head{ . if ILes
elements. y ct nside: ations. be duly re
garded and osuL, I t pptareia bj pr
vid"d agaipst ell;.: " g 'ne ttier we
shall find the Sn' .l,4 u ttelt.'upt-ths
worse, f-r wearin his "oovnring for
thehet." "
The Uh Ueters ..g bO'EyW f'rf
S t.: at All : .a d t.;: ' ..
Some d th p k3 in ain
with ohof Pr.pm " , ''d! $ -d h .1a,: n
France. o or arr tah
pion-er life. m:'n-r toie ci h:t:ratera be
lon iasp!y tei i2~, r't'aq intthe new
world. in:teeal .t.1 ". a.', her ra.e aind
v+ r of the:r ow;s. .";3 a ritcr in the
N 'ev.. ,. I '.;:m.ane. :In elndeavor
in-. t r r Acc t sxsi irknd 1P- j# g gr
ditions wihi. h have pn'- .'.I a:ay, many
histori al ainovw.*,t.U. c'ou tme the eondl
They Intl thee" - j~rh~a.+ .*~orJ;lin
totbplaswe tl 't: ,':onf:an these
s 'T i ::'. iutit. ns ,.. ". - c a saiitics of
the -pirit. They :.'n and
wonme: ¶;": 1 n ( :' .t ane.
i~*r". ' ,4 t I . acute.
r i.p u ,.. a *.T ..alr'
LiC.aDle anthnt M ,vI* :
ings L"iver ta!le.'d in thits t:rhlT. They
deal "'tn w" . the' e-: ept inzdl, r.' b Is
'h1'r ,,I. n -. :F and barmins and
gh.:t:t' a. ''. ::.::! thr, gh the
se ltS '4a a~:t- I. 'i a'::' ainid "aenti
tee'tt:."' sv. ", .; : un, quite Ce1
tain that t::,'y o. ap; I t emselves
dhiNity tvth cheatt:h.. lyanj cringlng.
st~oIng. sche n.n~. ditiun :. drinklcng
dissijmtpnah. 5r W'-iO?. ·e.a ing. gaIn
nug anl tnll;inW sa.E;t.. just C- men are
doing in t.e strert.. m:rtsm. pu;tbi: of
fees. theat.*rs, c ,f '·1 . London
' £nd.:.cv 'c:l: : y. AndblneathaU
t!ias .tieen ther l. dafnys.a -rude
hboth nm i:;v.'s : l " io oDs One w,,uld
Imagine fPa. gI. r.ranaI:iA representa
tions of thcse pha:s;s of IPle that this
rele-tlve helit of mankind was an in
veution of yes~tewday. and did not realy
date beyound tj& <r,', of the omoian
I tinweofGircrec. Tbh·.~s.mmv'rtnuen and
Wieues'aeiltslhly. aid sever wimf he ca
tlrily 4tadlcat. no .mater' how high
the tit' of eivilinztion rises; but. es-
aept is i very lowest plane of huma f"
life. Shbhre b e vi;ttiot to humnity is
ibrely moIrs than that of the human
form, naeni ilaIP a have am*rht for p
solation of tiy ;iaddle of eist.ene, and
hse havelf a mpot or lesacrade f-ash
O tat e1pmiph of [email protected] la
Printsla y 2,4:' 4persona paosesa an
Iome oter O, mrlks A year. whleh
new hiro'thd tar in Iiuaua. -Two oil.
*~·,U, Jip4trjerola soaihhtaep a-,
SaSS marad •itf-nmne pthy
Ji ii~Ea
S . S CF_ T: E Fsrac:cQce ,
It I. Nil True. as .a. AM, 1. 1 t.s Aipt Ave
V 7-J..w Os* cowrts.
"Who says thle poacock has bgly ety.
remarked Taxklermist Wood, of the
thlithmanias institution, to a W1 iag
ton .St.r reporter. "I have heb ad
r etad ttat piece of nonsense evor sinw I
was a ichi.d. and -I uder'a tnd ~Lt it is
Sroaorde.i as as eroitaologal truth .a
essawl Grxegan t) Lti4n. liou w'l
my mind it aofrds tA Illustration of
the (att tt mat P yL.F use
their own p hyS' inCs-ine a~a' ~y but
d nd ftr their a atils of life and
gs;"rUp u > .. of other.
"I hac jast tina'xl m 'asEnating 't is
pair of pea5oks. t in't .ae male bird a
besutyt' Yta, a~We (ae yonurilf that .
his fet ar de-AledlW paetty and well
'haped. and rther small in pr:;prtioe
* to his riL. Tia" y are vary o lightly bg .
g r than those.of q tar'.Vy sal are' do
c dedly he, i .er. The tamoe cantie
msid o f t 'o s astrI. isad$vragl
the latter ih in other points. Wherever
'A the f. 'tthoed lii: b .em the cock bird
is the ham, ,)=# Oi ;;e conrtin.
- while in. the , cmrrativcly unusual
tcae whe.r thatf 41sranegore2us
sahe im p te taces iniIative, Ia tbhe
'Lit is a das tixbng b observe that
it, t'zo x..e! poao.:k in courting his choaen
ntae pr:ahes eb 'nut ;rwithh 1
bri:htly polordd fre'.p his feitheis
fan t.v:ard her but ba':ivard. When,
on cainia cits. ht ,ayqas satd-nly
abutu wi:h cr ry p euse re&tbling ls
the s-ili:ht an' da::Ias herCfN I4on,,
with Ihis b '5aty. As f.r the popular
r mi onnceptiait ruspe'tlny his feet. there
can be no d 'nbt as t:) how it 'lgiiattt.
When the peac ck is pointed at being
patarally a wild bird, he is Opt to drop
his fan and scuttle away., Thus the
impra.ston wof ontyed~ to the ignor.
ant that he i:agined his feet to be ob
jects' of attention and accordingly
t e ;,'Thphrase 'beaten to amummy' has
Ieen' famiLai to me from Fly youth
.'land aqead I .have al e: tlnderstoom
it as n catei to a jlih.'" enys a writer
I ?lxheitP.3 agtab e. ;" p» ritMt re
fer to the mnediclaal substance formerly
l kno6% l alIy.Vh.t'lkept its pla-e
ip our dv: r.caatories until pretty late
In the la:.t editnary? It ssa tat dey
composed andi not always of the same
S'asistene. Ip4 ip geeral appear.nce
~soulh( krobnbL y resemble that of soft'
pitch. rpth!r now oef d hoe arious
"l a, whl "h wet matb m miat com.
on. tve the '"ennine" aras wpre not,
Per,r A .a-sti'r. EEtlan.
amstasars. iglr~i ns : the
eompositiern f mIummy fro& Cman
fesh cxpre-sly for medlAfnal purpoacsa
lie recommends certain parts of the
body to lx, u,'d. nd( these to 1i dried,
macerated ani opLe. oht of n'I likeness
to their natural condition. Mummny so
p.paedncatyred lont-, wart t varlets bf
'blxtms' anrd other ' nlcnata, fnr
IkchM Pifsi cr iqn' h4 cal liag chap
'er gibes recrei .t*iO kl;'*ritera.
S. mci of these have the consistency of
oil, others that of an ointment It is I
clear. f.oni the rrhfevea"s ih Nares.
thut rmnr:ny and Itsa prepartions wero
wel knaowan and from the 'mal-e
y uf emy lesh,' which KNo "
4;t ;n mn an d lay, tbeaten Bto
Sis s
It is custcmer reAICe r 1
panies to trt;:t nitnesoes well when I
they are snbpe~aed to court. tahen a
,cins for a railroad company has to
adclphia1 Erce- . the cd~ pisy ys hima .
fully for the Ices of his time in case the
tigal witness fee is nact s much as the I
w.tness would l.hae earlcd in Ids usual
coecpatign. Ib addition, witanamm are I
given an order for their dhtner at a I
rstaurant scar sikth and Chetndt I
treects Theother dcay when te aient I
for the leadicg rat;rChead went to
pay for thit hcl-s turned in bly mIt
tsses he ftind ene for the untusully -
Iarg, sum of two dollars .
"."h;ut in the world did the witnes
cat," .IL.l thc age'nt, "'th his eesak _
shonald be two dollars~?
"It wasn't what he ste," replied the ,
aterer, "bit wlat he ordered made his I
bill so bl,. Af\'hie fanished his dimnner
he olered a whole hkhen in s box to
take homne with him."
The £eman:nuin the time of Ciecmroad
AuV'pt:s took aa car'y bresakat. fassu
".-thrpe t ftr o'lge!c ia the morning, a
luncheon at twelve to one. sad at about
three o'cleekc the oreen. cr prinTipal
meal of the dey, roiWu.p l ding. 'with
emridtser A IRoman dinpacrat the
-oste sfa tv:eNttkg amra consiljald.
ehiefly of threeo'chure ...ll..orta of. I
stjmuxlnt to rt1i' appetite wens Brrt
erwled up. and egl'swerr lad1i naablol t.
to the lrat coura. .. Amo~n the varir s "
atghtingle a4J ti'S trush. Tha Ceo.
man gou3irmand hel pea--alks giin
s&nuaIion. Cspelayli their t.g31 - d
UPrceohl:s rstt.e.tho t Lie; were Crat -
o-,e by iloritenslnas, the orator, and" I
.iuireld an reute, that a single p-e
--! sysOD I 1f" Il, cy doaarii--the &, .
n:rins b.in f eq 3c'iti ftlsut. aa edti g i
: re I h tu osthab b-- ~, yn..r.
S the o'#P u an * bad r, tarahe .
Saplied. Tb. h xse astls t slash , a
4asmab a' a, wbi Git b sh-j eg
tt 'eaat apt abl. Thisu
A P. V011 tHAIV.ST.C •T
* llt 54 a A smrl sealm. Bat as Ua
_ E ,gtUh 1term.
I have heea rem.nded by .eve i
friends that the a ord fall i not exicu
s6 iely Amer.' am: but that it is sed
A for autumn ll some parts of the cona
I try to this day, says b writer In the
4 Q ain.
a had learned this fact benre. thugh
e " cannot remember ever t, have heart
'0 the worddald by ary country peps -
f Lile most so-cJed AmrriLalnasm. it
0 was doubtless talken over by emigrant
and spread. I think that most Amerl
d eanisms eware from the strong ,New
Engmland sto.k. They were the stout
is eat and strrdiest ,of the C~ lih race.
a t:hertfore A1 stougest and sturmiL
k 'people nla the world (Lc t s alw,:y.
i1 my ftri(eid 1we".eala.t-.~aie- .
* It is a pretty word: but these who use
It contemplate. as we said before, the
seq"on as a time'of :de -y and declito
Ssand appr^a Thing death. Those who
h speak of antamn Jhin,! of fall batneaad
granaries over2owi;.
I am smrry we hae #I0 kept ort ;vw
old Engish wor L Cauid we not r vire
1 it, and speak of the asgmop as that of
harvest? tlrlwg. smur4mer. harvet win.
·d . These are f ir nams-all good
Anf!o-Saxon wcr.:s " .
SNay., the' wwri "harvestf"- f,,,
a is actual y the Aglo-axon ftr. au
un. September is h ,rfcst mnaaJ
" the month of hve-t. Let as abolish
" auturan-it ean go bi'c to the Latin
V dcltionary--and speak henceforth of
M harvest.
r dAPArf:t C7STT13 lWTt.
Tae a*pem:a:: of .:. . . r..pIJ:7 l Is
9 v, a ", ý.  : * .
Mr. Ono. a Japanese statistk.m:n. has
Just published some Interesting fi'ures
concerning the remarieable lrnreasl of
population in .that country durng the
present re!gn. and especially b;nLe 1;".
In January. IS;3. the p,>pu!atiom was
i,111.000: in l)e_mber. itt 3. it ula in
creased t 4 ,OT,003. in"c I.;7 the an
nual rate of increase has been thirteen
In 4vArt 1,00aScpthat, V this d:.te is
preserved, tbh ..nalntion -till double
itsest in 58 year:. In England the rate
of inerrase l ts1 mer l.CiO. hile in
aseit Cur.peda eotfstried it is b eear
six and nine. an I in Frans and bpainu
r muth lower.' PI. (ao flhitsodM t that
: the number of blrt:. in J:,p'n is lower
V than in most civilized countries. except
SFrance, and that the number of Illegiti
mate children Is smaller there than in
SCauropean states. lie thcrefre st
tributes the great Increase of the pai
S,. lation to the -detelopmmtw of wealth
Ssince the restoration and to a de.rcacs
In the death-rate amang chil:ren.
From the tables rhi b he gives, he In
fers that the national wealth has
doubled in Japan in the last ten years,
and he shows that the in reases in the
population has been greate t in the
northern and southern part of the em
pire. and least in the central part-a
phenomenon due to migration fr.n the
central provin em.
A:NOTHE IDOL :'4,TT=nf:3.
r Th5e aese**Syt fl! . CLte at tsse of
Oar 1,ot( Ia . ahe I :e.;e- I.
'ConatessGul ck, ll. 1ltcu'inlaarats,
lah her reputation for beauty satiy an
palrned by the aap;h r of "1t:oe p of the
eontury." That literary i-o-o..last
says that several people v. hbalamd 1:nov n
the eountew tot him that she was any
-thing but beautiful. "One amured me."
he says. "that hercomp~e.-i:,n re'al-:ded
him cf * * * biUled p.rk (!) .ml an
other asseajcd that her 8ga was ub
solutely abnpleas; that she was not
beautiful, lad that so far floto poesscs
lag any grace or elegane of style, she
bud the appearance of a short bolster.
with a string ro d its.middle. torme
than this. it reems that OGlecioll wad
a, dledfl!:ea u"au'.: her feLt. which were
as large .d. Gal as lane. .lc Staeris-
lmmcrta!f-Led by hr enemay. Napoleon,
when he described her as san!iing on
her 'grand plod de Stael'.aing In
the suggestion of this simile. As for
her mannern, thcy were fat from e
. A 4t ulsr Pan.
The Papee pa!m is culltivted by
t'ho Imian abori'ines of the (Iulmnas
for its Ifruit whihI t:ey use I:rgely as
fbod. h'ibry p'ant it about their settle
ments. and whereit Is found apparently
wild -in ,the forrsts examination will
sow that smu ..h si~uations were tfwm
ly cecupirl by the Inidians I some
seasons the fruit is pnodwcd without
seeds while In oth-er rseans it contains
-atsec, the variati a oem rring in the
fruit of the e.:ae trees frm seasc n to
mesera . ,:hen b-lieJ or ro-sted the
tnqit has a ,ne:bin-, ,f the t.Jxure nad
tste of ary. m: '- p tat . It itIn-'
-thalean I very np ~lt-ii. The fruits, '
whih, ap inadivrlu'ly about. the size of
a pIon's ens . are borne in buanhhs
frcmJ losy to sixty totetbher. There
pro two or thee bearing seasons la a
" h "f*feen * r ta, wr.
.4-'. by h birds, or by
4Js,-fr3eqine l bemo w.r e'rna' te "
S aa.amr(at ksraa m t4SpI high
Sbigs and rfln grew out and make
. arwers. .  nLt thepe is In the
o 4 l etisN. .  wrgn li the tep of
Whih. abfil fIfteen or sri-tee yewrs
?o 1zshc'rp sprouted. It stcillnon
tlanes ts griw. aun1 hms now mI'ached a
*1i'ir wgmuf et ures-n *-te- The roots
psh tbhr - .r~ hits. ,thevas ad
remrvrof the h -amo, warin the
-,bSt tweor t~frcyesas It
* nd borne cMitem~'os~Is se berr-e. lit
* -a saidbysgshiid' neMs o to oemof the
I st ~ 'pIr', eapplifd to Ia-em I
a pca-gaelp 'a tke Itag amow." ;*m.I 'r
bJ~aotcl& 6 hrinaq m 5:Mfoaemd ael I
areetle the ."pgs," Mias that
'soI m,'SnpL.4gr~w.)~~Lli l
ys ta ..m Wa-sm hdi .d ' et Wlsal
qet Usar te U",so e
1o3 e 1.1,a0l.00oteusof l art hbuat
on London yearly Aboat aM eeO e
utilized by tho, mmsntnf erne1
pae o.c0.000o are burned in bo
held and induc~ntal re grs. says t e,
National levicws ash tEhe eq i
with su!phunri a id. twrryyt'Wb14".
twenty-.,+tt pounds of stulphas oft s
cnia. TIbe total lossef this firtillua
SInag agent is, thcrcure. w y u.UC tena.
As the price cf sutlhte of semuwn is
o pounds and 10' sl'illUs per tprp.. t
Smonetary less.1; 04.00.1 pounds every
year. If we were less wastefat we
,shoukl not be su mnuhb ebitlpe to rau
t sack Chill and Peru for srtif "l ma.
nres It Is a-reable to learn that te
altra enocs matter in the 4.033&i00 tons
of coal whlb are 'mald erry year by
the g atanufacturinaompanles is sow
being made a ecosiderable soureerof
,revnue Tbe value, tof slphate of.
amino .1s as a *ertiiibr 1 ausw beyond
dispute. WVb :re altrogen Las been do
I lcat In the soCl the appIls".to o.
430 pounds of sulphu' Od oemtaonota to
cptS a "rae ·v i a -r nOss f nearly
four tons of ptatoes. Salphate of am
monia. althongh ot quite so etiee
fertilieres itrate. Is, beld In the snp
Swith greater tAns_ ty. It, contains 04
per cent of ammonia. which Is equal to
') per cent. of nitrogen. Then thurq
are the tarry hydrocarbon compouds,
from which (thants to the dime.,
cry of : rJham nad .Pttta~i . beu
tiful aniline dye's rm . be en
tracte.L The tar has boos a source
of su h rv.uinc t1~ s* 4rpmpanles
that i4 may ,be ,eronasly stated that
e'Mry ye"-r t'twe s" mIrt' olorti sasn t
Ster sest lateitso th - m phere of Leadm
I than would dye all the briiss. woes
[ by Eslrli h noonwltbin tbkhesae time.
If wetalsethe wafsttief tleydocl rbo ,
topqual :9 per "aut of the fuel burn(ed
iwe Rusall find that ln t-e .00§0.l0 tonn
Sof cowl trued in tVe iet:ropolti 1.839..
0C3 tqons of hy;:roarbons lare nt. i
other w'r"rs. some 1.0?0.O le:iti: feet
of rich' bydreat'brns are every year
uselesy thr~wn IA t- ;.:e air f Loaden.
s and the ltea i 4) 3. poun.
CTCC::/.3='3 Of TU -;3.
I A Ce tus-'* "S'pF ea; Jr .Istpd Cp
I r the I .terl or of A.'les.
"The iv,-ry trade s:ows a mast M
markable inerena,.e" 'omamerIal Agent
~ohan writes fr..m the t(oong to the
stato' !dpdraibac' . "Ipry* .
valuab'e r.-tile o-ported. It al coes
from the hgh C.mgn, both north an.
MIouth of tie rver. Steaers brin git
a" far as tailey pFi. and hamtrroe to
Mat;'I (two .hun-rcd and fifty miler)
nasive carri:- lbri- ii on thoir b:lbs.
I has see,i. in oe i1rfike headred car
ricra com' t MatadIL each man carry.
Ing a tLsh avers-ln sixty-live pounds
in weight. Wbhen taum wel3 two bhe
ired p nmds. whlkh not Infrequentl
ha-pens, tutr ma cIrry tLem.
'":Ict of thb Ivory now coundntdown
- kno-n as 'ead Ivory." S.me of the
c!e~rints from which these tuad:cam
v err, I:!!el one hundcie l ear: ag and
the Idina of vl lare have boun sttrin
it.,ph ic~ the last t:ases br nught in
a t-p if the pile. and when they
re l'ire.i sense goods frog the eoast
tracers the tI±.is fr rm the bot. ,
' er weredf ta'ea.' TILhqr.ystem hs
r, c: Prl f rycrrs. and It Is estiated
•h:t there Is ennura ivory s·t.ord i the
interior to supply the world for the
•ext century. It is e tmated. but
rpon whes, noay:ctr.y I .:aanotdis.Aver,
that ther: are rstill a' lcat two !-a*'.eel
thousand elephant h cenI r Arl A
"The cn!y "live' rr new Ivory hkLk
now tomce dowa Is that pros_-ru by
hunters attar bed t the digtf at trail'
ing hobmes I may add that live Ivory
rcar-narcs a bi'her pri e t:a taecead.
A ..tat. ep.:cedltio visited a 'efve ItrIa
som s.opthis t'o i the i sl'dr ETVy
leaving the ' odmaonuii dOw er so
ente: the ~td:r with a urnform coat.
cocked Iha ad sworLd. The king. in
retu. presented the oClfr with ope
aring two undri d anti twe,: prjds
ecq, mind pror dl cnrrskra t's 't.':
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'rrted to his majesty. Whoa p&re j
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Thw isu.1rM (MWgh I·
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wemi d bnl~Wtkss.II WhI· --· I
Lride uta ~tl~ly· Sekdl.edam
SCIhect~t~bi usw..t~t~i
\. weely~ ilswsplapr pu b
liscad t k. -
bT. JSE I'll, L;A.
* --OF THE
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