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Tensas gazette. (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, April 20, 1894, Image 1

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dUIGH TULLTS, RDrIro, SAINT JOSEPH, LA., FRIDAY, APBIL 2, 189 . NHw 8u2zas- VOlI, 1o. 15.
Established 1 S8 .
* WHOT .~A T .IT
I wiin be to the ltrt'eet at BDeers e rsent us fIru q.tiatiorus aid o,*e.-.
Natch.., . - miss.
New M Fall and Winter Dry Goods is Ready
A essest lssee. is all saeelest to show the sepelerty
of our stise ever ail otes Irls 'Mathe, sand we seleit
from our pasressn T asps pariash, esetleasaee of
thicr lbhe patree.
tar mal Oni Departmeset roeeives
tabh besh st e, ad we srtee
atamples Furnished Free.
40I Maina treet. Natches iss.
SKx. ULWLX c00 .,
Dealers In
Feo and Medium Clothing, and
P'Funishinig odd.
All the latest novelties as soon a. they coine out
Will not be under saild by any one. Call and see as and
e*avioeed that we are louders of
Fashion and Low ?rices. Suits Made to Ord6r.
IOaind 1861 Commeroe St. Natohes, M ies.
arrews, Sweeps, crampers
and all improved Agricultural
Implements. Haen, 'l'races
Cellars, Bridles, Back Handd,
arry Combs, Briar Hooks,
Wedges, JIoes, Hoe Files,
Nails, Wagon Material and
a'rb Wire.
The largest stock of tools and
general Hardware in this
section, fior which we solicit
the continued and much up
preiated orders of our nu
merons Tense. friends.
N1otonhes - - - " Miss
piUs *tei MGOU .e 31&.WtW & **Ii.swUw: 1e. . &e rsnw Yens.
C. J. SEARLEd~r CO.,
Breat, Oesa, mUat. mtovAos.oA
AteUoIe, TIm. AND MBVET a0Rc.·5BWU.
TIOCSB C$ G,-........ . -....-# 9
Sievi' Foa Clths!
We kave lM oase vnr peisg sliag Is the pes aset Ikthe
613, I. . and (6 , suts end Over Oaes,
h eeerm . errqy deakie 4Iemelsta tlhee lI. B*spswe ha
emt as kuowledge tha we ive k4ros l to used .ehnesmr. I I. .
0ew Seter 5e eave fere O. to 0.s a <eli, sr an Olcr UtsO and maw
ile ho Qhe elit, bLet rwe are oIhsu at. We warnt lee tudala vesped.
s ersd eme lret ;Iuer4vem. If this Wetbet r peta.hi usee toe chnhge
ef Welghts, ters too hea tre gradue wash ther fll* eldeie that
inslomflue well Im fseod. Oome with )o0r neId ueo ea nyJ famemsehl,
122 124 Canal St. NEW OR LE %N. L a.
rED,-' 1VI!A M R,A.
R. H. WHITNEYk', Agent.
la9 @rayior Street, New Orleaui.
Sle Agenr t fto Ow Orless e the ltllewng Wles,
lams lrae s ne.* empulee.
In~de.L ed E.,~wa.ire. Imperiea Fire, Purv&rrW
sppleardras, .?Norwich Usdoo, .Yi4vsru
.fierwh, .f'of Frk, Deitaiawre,
%..Ae S.. Life uasreusce Com'iasy, efI'Na Jerk,
gzperieessmWilt N* 1eeUsar
ft mi NMagluilppl Finalaalem.
mTh enkmer whoe have fr a Ia'g
itme tMe proguestleltleg the as
nlhlatl em o the lgal r ladestry Is
thise ueetis of the emaury, shesld
oertai Nallueel lg.atlve Co
ditlsl he br b laght slts, would
s t appmer to hve their feehd,.
lopg .atlet . est, by eesld hard
smese. The gresmeme prophemle of
r the "I told 7"u us'eP minuetSu
et weive a powerful amt heot IL She
mlelarmatie that It is the le eares
of the taes to aslmmmete to its
reader t day.
The Ilbresatios I. simply the
lest that the erretlo of a masses.ll
metly eqlpited assetr frt6ary i
ersunl.y emtsempleted to w she ,
jmleug State of Msllaismipgl, The
esaut lastilen of the eIlllttl las
set baee defretltel Iled, ser the
peIse Igelse that It will east, hutI
the astis i, able to apprlwalute
beth matters spse the mot reliable
m'erestloa. The mite will has I
bthe aelgbrlnnta dof ose mlle, m1
thi msey that will be epededl In
Lt Theer to of the sutewry will lie
Id hetweem t7,0e saed a momd
. The gestlemes Imtediat.ly I.
enmtsed are the Me'uu. Osesrd
BiMltrm, iSr. James 8. Blebhardse
ad Mr. . J. & Wallis, tie latte,
petemam tWisg well seues as a
afrmer prealdent of the Ameriea
Se gar Br l er Is this eitt.
It M taee Istestlm of the Lmt le'
sme Lh.wabt the'r peItlmI e.
pri mets pric semseraw l (a.d on.
hNs p.lat thoe dues mat appear "
be amy reasseahnl daoeb) to at muse
premed Is ihe wart of plstiul
time"s. trats tof lad o, sear
be. Tlhe llmmdlstely lMteest
ed Is the proposed mNew s1444ts
sad etiher thoesmghly quatlSl it
qpea with amrarsey, dedlre that I
theasil sd dIlmaseef the, lululpp.
delta are peesallarly adapted to the
semsseml eultivatle of te t. lt
II A rp emssttlve of the 4t,. a e...
esterday hoing Is the terrlitOeu r
Smntluusd was tkNsred by relahlo. l
athnarity that ther  was mqe. ,oeta
bet that the Meers. Oseardl aht f
their ealltgues wald he th"w.gll I
, rveledN. Saterally the peh"tpl.
Ih thim vtdisy of the prpoera,
eistary are jllUlet and matmluelt h
await further dflteaeMta. 1*
Ta.day a reporter of the Statas
a oual s Mr. Iamshrds at hi,
a e Perde ido streset, aud ,as
ateid as to the eetrwatmes of th.
repayrt aseraueg the prpwu.,l
Met asra ra y bow h toe teel e ais
Mlseledppl. Mr. Bielardae mltt a
that the repr wan srre r. .
am ma aOw esgagtd ls plestiug," r
eMi Mr. iuherdas, i fretlw b.,
.asras m my pr.pest is tlme Sses ,
SGermse sager heL t ned, t~e'
Os edeasppl a trlt s tIer pm I
t trylug whelei r ur set the s,' B
a immate f tmhat amuee . *t 5 *, a
smimmty ae fauraMle tso the eurp
ur The stud Iso hlug plated is a ,
I* wauety of leasamoe, em4 we walt I
m rwe lt with suer aurlt,. I LSo I
Sethere ellrlw e it i s jst he. n
plsm f thm prpsem, het we wek- a
ah ely puslm rte. I ser huge' a
.re settled we will me suer gs s. a
. wurt mnd prt up a MI fIeatar,. S
stlly ealped with Sh latest in. SI
pwrd mashluery aid thi willi hlee
iewed by frtherl  ,erer~ tear
walting he s reItul whon eltI at
uses levet Ba addisesal r.4mreu. h
1 e0su yt I se es dmt that tra t
e.Lpelest will h rewne witht
eImsesa, md I w srei that sthe
emlylt to U oenlpp, bat Se th City Ie
f Iear O resas al. Osme seals re
ea bed the ltages aW She im freums..
am eJ as pawe.*-C.4 g
Speslat  e s lmess.Desset. I
SMemiphis, Tse. Aprl II.--Th
eit earrowly escaped a terriblek
eastarnhe this aftern at 4
_'asek by tlhe wreaktig of a ar
leaded with dyasmlt., o the mtier1
It t As euiso .ed thems eare of
the Newport ews sae Measselpr
Vall"y rod ram ste asm .pr switeb i:
and mesre derald, pls te, easb.!
e of tar e arm eastasewd 30 li)
Spgeo of siesk dsramite, 0ed was
Iubrakes l to poweta.s. easepmIee I
was e ' eL that the .e of tMhet
e djrmamitr eas were wakes sad she u
treaks ksubted o., she .ear leant
helag throws o ero e ts snko e
asarlut the t"ask. The dynmaate
was peeked Is i tty.pod besUs,4
easy of whih ere ertw " a bkern srw
hp thk seeusek,, hte ay mirageS as
"Mesplsue wmas a Ootel oa I t ase.
assea , the C...i ll*Ie. se all
t he a.llugs as Feost street, of set
Sball the ity, wesad bave broe
Wushear, seamel Daw., has ise s
IIsted a seairasn r. brteatplate, a
,Iw. oise hif passed, whias, when
,etteswd to thle m litary seat sb . a
selder., reedes Lhis shdetelp
hlletprese. The kmweeplaoe as
he srfme lleeks like erdisse)
leath, hat at Is lhaedl with reslstag
mateal.el. the olmpldtiks of wIht4 o
is kepts a tesrt, mnd ee os to e
eal poeted bletist Bed me theb
iera.r l tS ast the plate lwe s a
smetelded I. it a ehapele.ss ma
e ema s"e wIas Doe itos the e. ae
pennarroahty of his hestplet.
that be lawed Owt .4.ovrsl4,
Ss. Tee piesto will he adept. I
ita at.i
letta r to a persoal abed this 11
«i"; wa neive from val. Brretat. U
ridg eetterday. Iet drete d p rate.
Iy that t will make re ree et
.'4atrwas. The le ewl he sitra T
-trp ew lnaer llonee tl tarar of
,Ike epltltes "I me, from the staoe.
_apl rthat Is the e'slt of so ad
e *ma re .tbes te I wl*ld woteads* u
:edm The rt e for Uoe greew, t. a l
is tlile sagteselt raeor to twl
lath and. I anm sa eat to h .t
a. e de0emae hat ,ake ao aE "
- IG
Tmrr e ag tr. ila l e.
S$*malhie Is llls.omtld b the ,.. nw
sek oa Mr ra Drw Is a onamlps. ll
l'ter op ek athkes-al el e ldI , ths
It ts baldly tweaury to any. Lt rI
ieysea reu dre , Dest seetuste. u
rLeln yesterd.t state. wpsrutues
ly dtathlte wbib ake t lkera s
frlorml tih res helos te mtee, so
Iomem. aShga ,er esed th l)h . !IL
Baesfe tIh rthe aelal f mew sdt -
eoo. as a crl h re Iashq ou ioml
mrk theme user Mr. OIreqe. £ ta
Iks tris rOe eesrleus mae totlh
mue dlese it alr, h et m es. g l
op atlr thel **Myeuo h t'i "
g od rrme I e tlell, St
Mr. Olaiime ne. # wr ,, ,eII
eie thtee , h -i ea'4a et'.. 't
in. Sa udjrrits tuk 14ing* ***4*
he o..elemsf r.Ol oeeeset.
Aymarths Hims ads Atb the e .a
lsw eks o Mr. Mreus eam(et m ai t
ratry dopusthme a -am led tkrust ts
hsi s dager wh-. h ae s laje II
omoahdg;uu* e
hes retr eaeler isk ae wll
Sthe bIlfans R hegal-t e
S ..uerldena, April 14.-AdmIral
de "Ale s a the ISS lahwiest
tou"e wm e d, 41.ee rktd as the il
--satoer o Uragap aftrt Ihavnes
o re drcIv olt of l.e a4to of Si.e
Iredlde do Sal h the trmpa. J t
"r1'024so have snrweadere to Lthe
UsaguIausI oslthoatlrst, and "th.
e:lraos Is Sal Hrantm mape mmit6 te
hkae erspleely sel'opa· d. The
seosblteekr e t orlsge. bvee die.
armed the BraOdliu tIagreatea.
The ,ate of sm  e at w ol . Jaintea r
hs Wams estaded to JIae 13, us t I
Wit Ie hlevd that is vie l, lof IM
saem dera tAdmkral e Mrlls and thu
the masurgst f.esi s the Brailee
guseramest will shnrls be able to
rsale themttes af rge
uulu Ai sUl.i seOP.
H--  --To
e" Odlessa, Aprl "t ahs tTme'a
hmisae et tihe teaasrs has Iseu d
heard me all tie pldast.nes soal
s t*w iers the .sajr rmp of laW ld.
ass s ar Is.91 ast a~lU , U
psuds. Ths is les thib tshe set
mtoe of the tate Agrllsuoel
EBreas, whle, ertimated hLmI p d
.i m 2e15e1 paI ed. The Me.
Kasp bill give a basaty at 2 oseaos -
as eager verr o per st esl i a e
*a. ashatie I 14 sele heos ;w.,
Ms sad 5 per seas sad aothtm;we.
bnlow that A e. The erap islthe
aso-e r 0 per se ss, rae.l rep
.ms ,otW p aseS.d t; et awes
said per iestr 86 191.8t.7 tusd;'
Itelw per .est ad swel lrsg I
beasty, sel, M10 paead . aor 6
bias this ese.s.ashb o 1 setr ast f Msy
the tr etrio . Ma. Plat pro.
duedas 40271 11 pasads hede seal
moa y" pOw l is telont s lu I-an .O s
hat wllg saue.sboudl din ant, oe
se the teol mamm t doe LsNItuausI ey
is sessats's $1I.3l.4416.
Ima Omas4eam. the lIargest It
plaster In l. Isa wlfl ne.e .-.
UN63 9 Ia hns**tk'a Gaeral W.
Praeter MNib, W.,.NtS; three
other plasters wi l resoIve Ie es.
asat Stl ina, mwe tle4en pt
1se.OI studl 2t0.. mat taeis.
1411 .tIroll .uIIS aold halt' I l
three ht wees t.od aM nSd OlSINtS.i
flai a arnal .as.te at the bIw, oI~,
howeer, has r0 her s el *.- a
T., UP3*R or i t air uliu wll
The wspd el.esthums yesterday
wery tush mare thea a sreuaMp Tb
nmass the p.dhsitkusa, as the saess"
af the prople tweb me huleiest Is
The easest whoer. sod sa l P*lm w
st t6go. bydrioals. Isn thte hida
ward the elao.sa. w aso.aeab le
d..siti e~ras ,he hthew Ita
wa s n the eatr at a struggle ar
the es s aim ota se. w 1r s
aIs Dovel It app.ues at the bat
huoumeat ta t a Anua Is tlhe in a
age**s* ,.sag Murphy, whoe ard wg
saS ao geweral wpsit was bm Al"m
.'*ppeated le tiae saty .4dmAslta a. 4
:u e. Io deted h Delr vr s 1 aadt p
.l..e or tle Malte leas. . Tha mo. *0
ralea It us slolsed shut S eyalds the
regsnrew**la at she waid Is 'be rg
-te' aml strtw rrse i enet towd
ha'. Oay sand Blasehrdl eeted pa
o she Uaited asolses lesse, atht
ebosges sed asree s brgslas The as
sags. saIl t is by as mesas Io It
'puusbold ths. ii baniter (Sabrp Law
stl sappao t agreosamame Doe) -ms
fur she ew Oleisa pass*mie thlat OgS
the ottwr wiu se smar thea we mles t
vlhss th' Sata.l* l emest aumar -
sea sppenetls. The mesrieg adams
Ile"5 asd ratlMylm the uppeest.
meet o Mr. Ramardc to th .t..,
,M a" k VM ti Utsd tes, This
setmie the Wbd the seadera o
the 1~wd wand ceein~Wld mc they
lae by naw ftclpsh wet tim
ut sekmethe mute thus est. suleks
the repett tint a me maths u bam hiss
lade he4.ttwrem ltotipmeri mmd Sc,. "
he w i ue Sr. w1 1NCII rcbr tie Iltr is
to tChe. the vue of tNloor.
the buss WpiPS1dais hsem -she Jas.
lb;. tIter to Utamubrd "md *Sc, I.
octets last suedeo hIccee to be...
Ir -e by the Stoet ui~sheima
!"ties.. -
we ismsetarnsm"ocIsuland msh
ot eteanettc rr ret th ue r M "Melt
tat phtkla ablke hees tli b hop"
lb trace hutts K icy rcsmlIfto domb
md the treth of the opie thee the
tat smwthie me - ·et sb ere then
il s tabe euim es I any theik
we "eldinim. cu.ematmwe erje .
pent may oaedlias .r mmbeatmcmts
that cari to peipeeesm te tel, of
r the nay cos dtspes med de.
Ný1 htug IIIU thea OWNE--tt w.
iii~ k,'ber~s of thethed.
PP dIrumr wre hs tShe .l, yse· my
o;md sand teat a mr p.SNOW
its boee placeedt I. gotta d~eiet the
E' wcOVA, mulee. thm efiusila, ho
't";ceght, - « he papbediu-d east
at;washer. Sapwp"l"cr" Euwte., t
Mi' te. kaiit dbeett) . eA Ih 00 cI1p,
IN.: ropt nod ardr mi patma td
sai "sutrats.. plaacete tsdeg swi
to cbast t.e wrw Mr. .la..a
.lU as a sum er r ameap M bome
pas huue Il. mus the hs I pRow
"b# ore camep he mm bMs e
mu sah hew~used. - Wss~ermlml.
s Herald.
at U t U I T. ut a! 'Mx
s. Wmatmisagjse, Aprdi4l Th
Na gseehahstltbc misc mar tha the c.&
JpaMm.a.s lela form of the Swsed wHI
r'ir5 to ohbieflmgati,
-ofa the .eeaet aw.resem hr ah.
dualty Nthk·a of dh. an ere
delf lur first tewwm b60 that Nip
will .are I. el... the seserd
debate by the ..d of tre eb.
Tow sto eh tart nrlC viler am
suemwtroe wibthe pregesims.I heMb
Is prabahtubty that there .uc he
aisierol apterebra deete tin wcsh,
"ahieb oi codceseta "Pahbof th
tiern that thin Srpobtllm a wc1
ihe.. .1 Nae permt ed he sioma,
JJ ataea. Samtl sad Melamiebces
m. csed) 81,04matsie of theft mitee.
bile 1t -wab aed eras ""w pe
bt mky heIn otheralt tfb e she
4 94b wish tohe heced hews.lte
SRPM" smcrl 11te1ts 11a 1 "
asdueke sO lb.duett aL the bss
pwta tes~eaowe ofr hewycin.*Om
Or~ the~r Iamtwr me th ep Yc
to ma AppeS are the uset ofisL
cd pier sic, ami that W uce" e
atlwr arda lpu bemb dlsgum 4'
pg teaue of th S at Jed ~'lsp
y tawaws that the gicthiewere
P)~ fue hehe herptg' aimed be
aumtkwc tntsreue is smaym~.
pl a~ -bu
~ midlre mtims ~ i~, 50.ms.tm .'.
~r. Q ~ m , eiha S.'u
h ~r .,Eo I~hembi

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