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- _ '_'':I o.4 II L:
The Murer St U Bold ad Del
a.--.e dealeb That be was
(Ceses to Kil (farmot.
A Lyons dislatab to thte Aaseci
ated Press sh)a: b At tile eltn.
ouldon of the trial of a;nMrio $.ent, I
"Us murderer of Preatdent Carlot.
It the as"ise court byre to. d4) t(he
prisoner was aaoiten, ed to ea'ten
tioo. There were rew ipeoile ar.uo I
the palace of lurnice when tne trial
of Santo, the as.amahin of President $
Carnot, was resumedI to-day, The
court reglalious amlld mlllitary
guard were the name as yeaterddy.
The prison er wa . seortei lntoe air
dock bandceuted to two gen d'armes t
bringing up the rear.
The prisoner seemed even more l
dea4nt thant yesterday suad took hi.k
satt with a mocking smile. L.1
Blanc, the soldier who was a tellow
prisoner with Carrio at Marsailles, !
tetinied that Caseio told him that i
he intended to kill Pruldehlut Caar.
not probably at Lynnl., when Ifc I
chief maglatrate vilsteel that el).a.
"That is a lie," interrnlte.l i
Caserlo eseltedly. ""[ never told I
you or any one else anything abosl I
my pIsaa"
LeBlane continued, "Caserno eon I
mded to me that be was designamted
by lot"
There was great elcitemoent In
court while the riasoaer and lle,
liane were speakiug. Later I.* i
Blane said, "Caserlo told me that
be bad often seen King Humbert its
the streets, hit, be added to kill ,
him It weald be necessary to have I
" rile and shoot him from theb
streets, as he would be surrounded
by soldier.,
"That is a lie," shoated Caseori. ,
*I was never chosen to kill Presi.
dent Carant. Morever, absolute
liberty of nct!on prevails among
The proseauting attorney reviewl
at length all the details of the trial
and demanded that toe jury shoeld
not besitate to do iet dutys.
Mr. D)ebrtullae, esnusel for
deftese, follored anal male alppeal
for the priloner. At about nasoia
the jury retired and alter an abt.
sene of about a quarter ofl hoatr.
during wbleh there was a consider
able exeitement ih court, the jiury
returned and announeed a verdlct
ofa guilty ithbot eztenuating air.
eomatasnce. The presidillg jualge.
M. Breulliae, then pronoouced, the.
aestence of death iy the guiletltine.
When the death seutenrel was
proseuneed Ljaserno exclaimed ",Va i
va Is revolation social.
The prisoner was immedlally
seied by the genarmees and huLrled
towards his cell bhometb the c-urt%
boes. As he left the eoart Coos
erf cried, "Courage comrades;
yive l'Anarsble."
In spite of the prisoner's attitude
his habitualt smile disappeared from
hie face bhen t be sutence of death
was pronooneed. The prlsonear'es
assel igave notie ot1 appeal and
Sdoalng so asked the lareasiding
jedge's cllage to the jury at the
opemlng of the session be entered
spon tbhe records.
eaFding Lesalie ad its Ebet
Buys tbhe Vlckeltur Commer
eisal*Berall: eIagalation now peal
SIn i Conress-bravlni passed tbhe
Beose-bavlul for its olbjet the
IakIng ofe the present main stream
or marrant of the MdsataUippi river
the boueday between tue 8Late
of Ltolusana sad ArkaLasa o the
west rbore of the river and Ialei.
lppi en the east bank, is not re
gardsed with special favor in this
btiliwoik, as Warres onouty will
less valeale territory by tbhe
eUage. It is elseeded that tbere
will be some Mdvanage gatened a
that he tertorry aesteed can be
pelseed moum uelly-,s matter of
-Ig impereawe to Vidsbars In
the case eo I)e~eto tael,& I., immined
Irl"el arrrý thlme eIanlHt oInl the I
eImt'r. anit alae asqilslioni of this a
q :atll trlat amid a imf fl imilinli il ,
Egle Lake iatih Pa P. a ila i.ilda
-fr, laIgnilaspeW , are cansaualtreld by I
lmany l rsairnerly an e-q liVd!enlr for I
iDaria a1S!i l mlipper moll lower P.tll.%; I
rae IalusiIn, whclh if the act twieen..an1 Ii
a law, will of c)olma tliecriee Iranuma .I
44lH1 sell, uia0ee they lite wrsat ao 110 1
I rlrrmeint limansiel or time river. Tbhe. j
1 lhelsllmsl ceuotiltln soetheil twelve or I
omfes.s of tihe illent ilamlntaitionls1mi it
i Wailrren couiut, al si"e rleeardl I
FI odiii aire uase.eeal at fron $10O to I
* I20 per arlre, acrorlling to qalitsl.
a beea ilea a amtll largier area slacepti.
it-l of lsuproevernmet ammll eiulltlva Iesm. t
Luaiwi,.lt hlast Della P,"ilt--,ow I
Slewsta Illamied--amti the ailandsa In a
E mgle Like tahrough iituratl aeuaes. )
- lut t).ivla Iflgad Is ai artmallll I
STretation. It eas memally yeaSll agla t
Ithat a reidelnt 'ltant'r Lbegan litle
elzcavation of a ehsalsmnel arol.. the cl
nllarrow neck of lauld roellsntlasg il
P )el lia Bend wih tier ncla jmioland ai t
SIbls oeiuntl, bet the faror it eceatedl
I is t ill reamenuraed by the oldler In. v
I habitamts. The Diavevlse ouyicd l
( truamsly ti awach taelapelng wiCh the I
coaltr)'s gIaegraplhy awdi an act o I1
the legltiLstmlre, psaned not logili t
I fterwardl, forbade the creatlion of
artslelai) reutSols Iilmer the lheavies:
~ n llaaltles. The work bid tbeen a
" ma1apwed, owerver, shortly after its I
inceptiotn. l'Te war (wet wee tihle
t Stales, to tblh asn u other resplets, It
a defatesl tie olject of the late Pres I
I dlent of ITe Coliedelacy, whio obl$e I
SiN figuired in the rpposmlIIu to the
r canal. lie PFederal foresa, havinlg
l uostrril of the river, stoo tooLk
charge of Davis Bel d, conmtamlminimg
tihe hllstrie ilanmtations of Hurnr. i
i mane and Briarfieldi, tlme latter tlm
Sllrulpety of Jrlrarlnlol D)avis, Si*, t
Sfllrtser trliaginig to Joe 1LDaia, hlls
elder brother. Tihe ieelerals, litosg a
an1alo3 eel by sltilelleratre riidiles
i who aluae repeeated! Incrsions in to
I' the bend, tilew v p a ilose if "in
trreiclusents ac'roame tie neck. The -
'exavatio ns oltaMlr of their win.ki
I sere relarge'i biy echll lsuccesalve
' !msgh stage of water, the river keis
l gnawing away at ties itisak on race.
Ide of tile nerck andI. i, suly, im lti;, i,
lheL entire volume of its cutrel,. I
uMart lhrouglh the alt rrow balrlter
1 as It did tnie years later in hilut uls I
Vckesburg-ainsIl annIeatiuo was as I
pbysical fact, altheoug It bias nua t
)et Ilecoe a legal yape. Tme aols (
eq'iemt conuverol of the furanu- I
Sued of the river mtilt a eascsetl'
laike lwa ia mllwer irocean Ile
equally Iovltiable and was tillt ai
relwititon of a tack that the Mlimaina
Ialllpi river bas lprirmedl bundse.llt.
Ii times, al examples as numerou w(
etteat. I
o AltcHl.iT.
h A *be nsatones f Earpe bhave
Saiiseer ute murder oi Paulllesdllt Ulrs
u sot bee i enlgagellli IrailnalI cI
and more mtrilmgemt IlasI agmIinlt
the Anarebilt. lIu Fraieo Ibthe lmoI
d llmlortnlt anld strowgly felgha
rertml-le in the amntlAuarlrhiat bilt
1ntubllstlng the raimort ol Alairceali
trinlh l anl elewipaper-wat.
p:eed tiy a vote of 344 to 120,
s ihtle Io Italy a likes meisusre wam
apolptel elusme Lweekl ago by a voe
r! of 188 to 16. Tilmle are lIgmn awold
I Ilenairaling mlajrntiea, eapecilll
-r in Frane, wnhere the Rltadml ala wsle
e crpectedl to eomte to time rellet oe
ma the tSocialstn and where aonme of
rr the mnoderate de, not like the el.
e trelme featrre of the proloneld lin.
m Englalnd, It Is tbhoght, will be nat:
. ailld with iti present lawn on tlh
SaeemeLt, mad the other IEropel
I eouetrtI already habre itatest rn a
Ii tl re enoeuh, and will set mieeld t,,
e frame nay ohern, Francs anaI
ri Italy wre the wetk polite I the
a liuen of potetim o i agalunt searebi
i ln, the esuitrie n l bio b It was
of aost natIve sia hba aessred the
In greatest amuser of rreerult
By ihe French lewd thse who's
luonte men to vleleaece and ap4ral 1
at'lakn on prrlewrtl-which is ithe
seaiit ouflnse of the Aiarc'hlants-are I
idenald trial y juiy,. and can IheI
tried anud enteuic.ed ly a pall-e I
magIlrtrate ailoe. The aislisalltlrt t
i 8l.iltar3" t lu-iUltenP lt0, aillal, fr a
s'*anicild utlesiwe,, trenstailatiln. This I
e "cues a very ervere pIutllmhlllsent. I
loat liltar asarhj isa de Ilr.lt toli. Al
J.-et to deal with ani l Cannt Iw'
hanliled with gl)ves, or he trellted
ilte other criaPes. Nor is its mere
placling eaide a crome-hlot siu. f
il'y the urging to maurter or
it leeiie
The point In the law, however,
ihlils lssa reciveal thei wllist opjoe.;
sit!on haithat which lprbhibltr, seller
siecial penalties, any rleports of
Aiarlchit trials. This has natnralt
lv aroused the oppIcsliiton even of
the mo lerate pslws, IuIl the ex!.
etemelst was so genat dlurinlg its
dieea.ausiil that the piress glilenle-i
hlaci to he cleared, and several duela
resultrd. A propofitfsltl ao f this
hlid wuoulI auilooulitedly be fought
viagurouely submit to saucb spetr.
visisu of thei*r boai*was. It will
te rrneentawred Ithat the New York
Lrgislature, for the eane traeasita.
to sulie eltent, that have nllI s
eace the IPlellcl Asleubly. pre .ac
blbitio the Iapers from pebllihisig
any aceount of the crimiuals elaie
trcuted Iii tht state weyond theI
mere atioeicisumeut of the Peeca
tion, but tile papers alwpely deliedi
ise law, antil have gones etpenuiabed
for it,
Esperleno. ins Franc. In that lbth
lnooriety givenI to Anaretlritas in
trils enenuralgeu othlers to conmmit
crlne., Moreover, those wlib al
esglige l i thle plroseeloa ue l, it
is tlousught. ase.s prote(iltonl. 0.O
the otilier bhual, we heltr.se these i
.nore-datligee to lewictrs Iron mser I
tllaels tlall felo the pub!ieaussn of
he wild rillltingsa ld the ocleluals.
FTunes Llesoncrat.
R It. Lis Newspaper Was hliks
Japan Will Conse Of Victorious.
James MI, Rollsi, a Sta . kalao
nisiueprI man, who reerstly re
eslinly -returneal frcm a three years'
-tiSy tIo Japan, duarig whiheels ime
he wta saneilatedl with Jalausei.w
ei, iersa and traveled sonalderihal
thro.ignouit the na4ntry and cair tllle
Ouclreate ce1,1, a.sdll to an AaIctaoi1tel
Pre,.a re.p.rter:
64Ja1a1tll will lnl doubt aoe llo its
victorieaes over Clans iu the prezauit
stragiIles II uablerrs aetsUlat to
cElie lsJl, l iu waoild not Ikb a Mioral i
to Chabna. lfir tlielse areM 4110(k0,04N14i
Chiluese nu*c oely 4O.N0I.UWI Jl p 'a
neae. Beciaie ol tlhe vast f paiteler
of water over tHire, the mwait ot
the Sghtiing umsst seouessaarilly be,
done at net. The Jajasullee navy
is thoroaughly orgasisel, Temeira
.oldlera are brave sild duieihpliiIel.
JalpaU has IadleceI freua tUi cres:,a
ac tucalerti wailrlte alsall Iali the 3a) m
patiy ul thle tsillssi su iold.
"Oat the other banl, O'cieli hi a
Satoo ot salwrtratioiti aid waulinas
it Iais allme largle war vetaei, but
they have not been well kept *(cl
are dlrtyl alnld n ly preplared lor
are paiNltratll w, ltat are Mat silt ea'l.litl
1be tor engage'mntsa alre*al. ie
lorted l rowe thisl·t entl.lt Thl
largeat atianof-twar in the bchlele.a
Inry has already beent sank anad
tIhoulaltsas ot (Veiitee.e loet tilear
lives, whole hardly a sctratohb as
fet by the Japaueae. The fa.t bthat
OLina bias lanwd ilet to Untr will
iot amount to maLeh in the pt~ral
streglle, as a seuber of obeeee.
aoldiers woald ot uvad u on Uorein
all before am opse IrAe of tbe Jpi
aen leed The Japrsrese eld
rout the Chlinese army fros -esy
Sny Corem Itty by mise of thert
I 5eIt, as the sas tonemw Ust ill sidde
of tbhat contry, My theory ise that
if a proeolese tar aboai follot,
bhina mihlt Willi) Japa1n by shver
force of nnmlwris, as (lhin.aeseld
s'vavm the Jalanesue ilaenns lire
locus's., stil It woeald not maatter
matlI if half a nmlllia,( C(hinese loot
their liven in the attempt. Bat n d
this evrent krr*ea. or even America
or Ealatind would interfere, As I
i.ive said lbefore, the sympathy of
the eniviltrd world It with Jap..,
and will not stantd of and see her
Orders That Were. lteaed Respect.
fig Iliotous Ioes.
The leaders of the riotous mobas
who confronted the United States
troops dorsilg thte piogre4e of thei
great serise lrotastly 0obi not real.
ise how pIernaoely near they stood
to siolenIt dealth, for not onljy wre
the troops anthortsedl to shoot uito
the mltsr, but commanders were
naattrsltei d to detail sharplaaonroters
to sho Wc down ladiviles l rioters
who were particularly active. d
All this la macde evident by gen.'li
crel older No. 23, whash was male
abiio at tihe War Department Its
Washinlgton r.eentl),
Not for mwany )ears bhai the Unit'
eel States troops been so geuerall)
in active setvie ase dartug the
strike, andl consequently many
aommasding oloerr were somewhat
in doubt as to theti powers and
cilt1es nailer the eoeptle laws and
regulations touching the use ol
troops. To meet his demaud lor
*tact Informat:on General "else
field Isaued general oraor So. 33.
It was dlated July 9, all oMeers
were lustslacted to regard Ia as oo
idelutial, brcasse It was Ieared that J
its Ipalicatton at the time would
sialt.ue the ccited and hlwless
uloas The fall test of the order Is
as eollows:
" A moal forcibly resistng ~r ohr a
trtactntlg the esrcitioou ot the laws
44 the Uuited States or attemptas,
to ldestroy property belongian to or
csaler :he iaroteetle of the United
8!a'es 'ls paulih enc'my. I
"Tranp called into action against
such a moht are goveraedl its the
geleral regalletamns of the army
andl military tactics in respect to
the minlter in wbhib they shall sot
to ssacnalllisb the desired eatle
-" It is purely a tacticls! questlo 1
ina what manner tthey ablt ase the
weapons wtlh twhich they re
armnte, whether by fre of msLket
and arttllery or by the mae of eatne
anit, beaonet, or both, and at whlt
stage ofr'leraltions eaoh or elth, r
o-stoe t attack shall te employred.
.a* tacticil qestio moast eaus.
ailly h.e leclded by the th e dlite
cmesander of the troops according
to the tlest of bi Jadlmeat of the
I" ln the irst state of the oMer- a
reettos, lawles moet re a fre tquemsl
ly coamitgletl with great erowds
at oemptratively ina~nscsat people,
urawn thbre by eurltelusl and exi
citement, and lignorent of thle igret
ilainlger to whekh theby cli elposd.
.ouder saoh et cirellmattas tbhe om
mathdinlag noer should withlold
time Are h bis tropas, If posmltdh,
atlil timely warnai bag th wea givei
to the iniawent to seplgitue tLheil
malees Irm tiUe gulity.
*Oalte ss ireslm taneas are
tae tre,-,w to fre into a erowd wilh
oat tie ctdcer troem tle eommand.
tag cecer, cxrcpt that slaslle sharp
shlooters, selected by the iommandl
lu olScer, may shboot dewn iJdst
vidhel rioters who baves Iet oma e
thrown missiles at I'he trooue
As a get ter ,1 rule thoe beyust
alone shouald be sed agllss mlaied
erowda ln ie Ilnrt atage. But ms
s,as as stmdent waning has hemo
give.J to aeplrte themselves rom
the gulty, the stlIOsO of the trsIps
should bie governed solely by tUe
oonetderatloao due as tohe duty Shi
_re ordered to prtrm. Tbsp e t
set crlled spoe to eoaslet~ hew
leat may be the loo lauledl
leelbes icw O i, Psgsi
SOVPIhu: OPt. iUA BOU ll 1,1PN Wasasn levs inA PMW
C. J. BEAKLe co., .
sieGI, Tme , ]nD n lIAVT
VICKS B URG,............*......... 8..... & .
Establiahed 1N . -
W I OTr ...' 1t a f..t
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from oar pausas IN aOane perish, a esItlamus
their liberal patroasap
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tab best attention, and we guarantee
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trmpt Adjutasieatss and s.tad 3e e .
a l .n . . .
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patiaes of out
12 i60a.and S18I, Seuan iae @W0VWt :
Bet this .sas's ·- a doable diseset.s he all. aISu yt
•,,eSabt es tsowtedpe tha we tawe isued tm jee ai. U a,.
esay mattlr to mave frog O3. to o$.a a 8t f as Owt . .
eat in the Quality, Itwi *e ate lug its We *wut #uIM I byes u -*
naio wad see tor yonrselves. If this Wuhtber is p!ihbls a
of Weights, tern to thean three R*altes *th the UIM .g:mig
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