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PapIrt of the Pmbto aehm. 8ee J
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Interesting and Newsy Items
From Our Exchanges.
Meeting of the State Board of Edu
cation-Northern Visitors on a pros
pecting Tour-Texas ('aphtallsts at
Appointed State Medlcal Examiner.
Gov. Foster has appointed Dr. J. e.
Egan a member of the Board of State
Medical Examiners, vice Dr. Thomas
Y. Aby, resigned.
Tramps Arrested for Trespass.
Four tramps were arrested and com
mitted to jail Friday ,by Deputy Sheriff
M. W. Baillio, charged with trespass
and burning property at the brick kiln
of Julius Levin & Co., of Alexandria.
Oharged With Horse Stealing.
William Jackson, white, was arrested
by Deputy Sheriff Kirkwood near
Zachary Friday night, and placed in
jail at Baton Rouge. Jackson is wanted
in Livingston parish on a charge of
horse stealing. He escaped from jail
a at Centreville three or four days ago.
I. of II. on a. ooom.
Donulisionville Lodge, Knights of
Honor, held its first business meeting
of the y :r": Wednesday night at I)on
aldsonvilie and started the ball rolling
for 1896 with nine applications. The
members hope to bring the numerical
strength of the lodge up to 250 before
the end of Deceml,er next.
Looking for a Son.
An old man, a tsherman, located
near Southport, but whose home is in
Lake Charles, passed through Kenner
Saturday looking for his son, who had
escaped from an asylum in New Or
leans. The son is described as being
"twnatysthree years old, weighing about
160 pounds, and subject to attacks of
epilepsy. The son's name is Robert
Northern Visitors Looifng Around.
A party of northern gentlemen ar
rived in Crowley Wednesday. They t
were shown around the country by the
Duson Broe., visiting the irrigating t
pumping plants and farms in this sec
tion. They met many farmers wh,.m C
they had known in the north who ex
pressed themselves as pleased with r
their southern homes. The entire par
ty was oharmed with the country and
mua h uarprwed at its progress. C
.1 Father MenS's Will.
Mr., H. N. Coulon, notary. has taken
an invertory of the effects of the late
tather Charles M. Menard, of St,
Joseph's Catholic Church, Thibodaux,
which amounted to about $5000, of
which 4,11.65 was in cash. A will was
*ad, in which, after devising several
t*quests of his personal effects, princi
pally to his successor and to St. Jo
seph's Olhurch, Mr. Bannrn T. Thibo- t
daux was made universal legatee. He t
also left a letter addressed to the lega- I
tee requesting him to make certain die
positions of the same.
Negro Highwaymanu Convicted t
Henry Scott Willie Irwin and Wash
Owens, colored, were on trial in the I
district court at Franklin Thursday, 1
for robbery of other colored laborers 1
on Adeline plantation, .Jan. ; at about I
6 o'clock p.m. The robbery was com- (
mitted on the public highway, near
Adelin, plantation. Th( ;,crsns rob- c
bed had just beern pai, off for their I
labor and were ,n the rotd home when a
they were held up by agang of negroes t
and one, a lad about seventeen years I
'old, was shot through the hanr, and his i
wages taken from him. The jury,
after a short absence, returned a ver
dict of guilty.
Texas Capitalists Prospecting.
A party of enterprising capitalists
from Honston, T'exag arrived at 1
Shreveport Thursday morning, pros
peoting with h view if purchasing real
estate. Several members of the party
expect to purchase a large quantity of
property near Sihreveport with a view
of building handsome suburban resi
dences. Thte Ihoustonians were ban
quetted ly the citizens at the Com
mercial restaurant, after which they
departed for their homes and stated
they were favorably implressed with
the future irospec'ts of Shreveport,
S and believed it to be a Iooming city.
Murder Case Continued.
In the district court at Donaldson
ville Wednesday the case (,f Clarence
Parham, for murder. 'as continued
until the next crinal term. Walter
Wallaoe, charged with larceny,
a quitted, and so was l)r. J. R. Fric,
accueed of cutting timber on private
land. gShree civil cases, involving the
rights of rival factions to control a
Scolored Baptist Church in the first
ward of the parish, had been set for
trial, but were continued by oanseut to
the onrth Monday of February, the
S-· Ad· .
opening day of the next civil'~za.
Stabbed With a Bowle Kalte. "
While Clarke's circus was giving a
performance Friday night, at Oakdale,
in Calcasien parish, thirty-eight miles
south of Alexandria, on the Kansau
Watkins and Gulf Railroad, a ifnculty
occurred between two white meb, Mar
tin McLeod and A. C. Whitinton, in
which the former was stabbe bV the
latter with a bowie knife, infl ting a
wound near the region- of the heart,
from which he expired in a fiw min- C
utes. The diiculty is said-A have
been the result of "an old fend weet
the participants. Moeod was about
thirty years of age and ungarrzed.
Whittington is about the tamehge, has
a wife and' children, and formerly re
sided near Cocodri Lake,,in Raspides
Loulalana Populist Tict. 1
The Populsts commitee of $ty-two,
authorized by the recept conv tion t F
complete the State ticket in te inter. d
eat fusion met at Alexandria Irsday,'
with Mr. Bryan, of Natchi bahes, in
the chair. There were but twenty-one
members and ten proxies ' present.
After being in session until a late hout
the following ticket was noU" ated,
Mr. A. R. Booth's friendlrtin*
that he would yield his plij or the k
ticket in the interest of harudogy: Gov- .
ernor, Capt. J. N. Hharr, of St, Mary's"
lieutenant governor, J. B. lednpeer,
of East Baton Rouge: attorniey gena
eral, D. F. Suthron, of Tereobonne;
secretary of State, J. W. McFarland,
of Claiborne, treasurer; Johufickett,
of Winn; auditor, H. P. Kenrohan,.h
of Plaquemine; superintendent of ed- R
ucation, Dr. G. A. McCook, of St.
Landry. .
Meeting of State Board of E Isatton.
The State board of ednoatiae met
Thursday at Baton Rouge in the gov- hi
ernor's parlor, with the following mem
bers present. Gov. Foster, torney
General Cunningham, State
tendent A. D. Lafargue, Prof. Aloes
Fortier and Judge Thomas Overton. el
Upon the reading and adoption of thes s
minutes' of the last meeting, a letter at
was read from Supt. Warren Easton, ui
of the city schouols, asking ppimisan $:
to use in the high schools Foatain's at
Livre de Lecture et de Oonvetbaton as is
a text book. A resolntion waa doptd li
authorizing the book, providef it did as
not interfere with Super's French
Beader, but that 1ach would be used
in the grades for which they w
adopted. At the last.meeti of the cl
board applications had been 0d peti- at
tioning afhthorization 'or estalisshmest w
of high schools at Montgonki, Col- t(
fax, Pollock and Winasboro. ' -A con- D
mittee was appointed to inqlre into t
the qualifications and resourgs of the t;
schools recommended for theioptioa v
of a high school course,
-- -- C
Calling Democratie ^t nsl ConveS- a
tisU. b:
National Chairma arr Fiday
afternoon issued the official 1ti of #e at
National Democratio Convoan. ' It A
reads as follows: . c
"Pat.ADw ermPa, JeS 24. b
"The Democratic National ' Oomm*- m
tee having met in the city-of Washiug
ton. D. C., January -16, 189, has
pointed Tuesday, July 7, 1896, at.
o'clock noon, and ohosen t city tl
Chicago, Illinois, as the place for ho
ing the Democratic National Conva- t
tion. S et
"Each State is entitled to a rep - b
sentation therein 9f double the ntol- B
ber of senators and repereseqtati$es
in the congress of the United Stal(s
and each Territory and District f t
Columbia shall have two 4delegat*. 5'
"All Democratic oonservatideitise4s
of the United States, irrespective pf
past political assoctidns and diff
ences, who can anite with us in the fi
effort for pure, economical and coi- ci
stitutional government, are eordiagy E
invited to join us in sending delega·te
to the convention. n
"W. F. iatrm, Cheirmau d
"S. P. Snunn, Secretar c"
United States Ambassador tq Germaky
Explr BSuddenly,
Hon. Theodore Runyon, Unifl
8tates ambassador to Germany, ix
pired suddenly and unexpectedly at
Berlin last Monday, of heart failure.
Mr. Runyon had been in somewhat e
feeble health for dme timi past, lbut
no immediately fatal results were en- u
ticipated. No-longer ago than Tues- b
day evening he was present,at a din- h
nor given in his honor by t.-Empress ti
Frederick, maeer of Emperor Wil
liam. Last summer he had planned to
make and extpded trip through Nor
way, but on the advioe of blgphysian ia
he abandoned this 'trip and went to h
Carlsbad, where he took the uerae. C
subsequently went to Axtenstein hr t
the purpose of taking the are. Since 1
that time, h ,h h as manifested
oo.e rat,
social J
,: Fa
The Latest Dispatches From ,
* Ofet Dixie.' '
Counterfelters Arrested-A [anger
ous Weapon--hot his Wilb-Mar- b
dered and fremru in a Well---Os-.
ored SchoOl House Burned.
Head- E dolldam in Arkansas. o
A bead-end oollislon occurred ~at
10:30 Friday night betwwn a passenger
train and a freight 6h the,Bald Knob
branch of the Iron. Mountain, near
Fair Oak/, Ark, Both engines were
demolished and several passengers in
'jured, but none very serioasly.
A Dangerous Woo4na Leg.
Engene Moseley, a young negr6, se- i
verely injurq~ a negro woman at Bir
mingham, Ala., Sunday afternoon. He tl
wore a wooden leg, and after he had t
knocked her down he ahed his pedal
support as b frightful ,weson of as
sault, beating the womean about the
body and face. He then,maadea is e g
cape. .
Counterfeiter Arrepted.
.Jerry Smith was arrested by United
States Marshal Henderson Monday at w
Rome, Ga., charged with ounaterfeit
ing. When arrested the offie8 r iearch 11
ed Smith's house and und several J,
moils for making coins of small de
nominations The oMicer believe he j
is but one member of a -big gang that a]
has been working North Georgia. b
A Georgia Lumber em Atteehed. h
Wm. D. Wheelright & Co, the lsrg
eat lumber and erosatie dealers in the bi
southeast, closed their establishment c
at Brunswick, pa., Saturday evening, w
under attachments aggregating over
$15,000. The liabilities are atimated
at $200,000. Their annual business
in Brunswick amounted to half a mil
lion. The creditors are in New Yopk
and elsewhere. s
OneHundred and Fortu Years Old., aq
Peter Dorsey, a negro man' who
claimed to be about l4 years old, died
at Tallahammed, Fla, Thursday. He
was born in., Mryland and was brouht
to Florida as a slave in territorial days.
Dorsey used to say that he could re
member when p fall groin "man going dA
to Washington City and seing Gen.
Washington as President.
At Sea in an Open Boat. m
The british steamer Bavenuwoo(, '
Capt. Newton, from Las Palmas, which
arrived at New Orleans 3Monday, t
brought the captain and crew of the
German brig Maria, which was burned
at sea while en route from Buenos
Ayres for Falmouth, England. The
crew had boeen three dare in an open
boat when picked up and were 1,500
miles from lind.
Colored Public School Burned. a'
About 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon G
the colored public school building in
Hopkinsville, Ky., cuaght fire and was e
titally destroyeý- I was a wooden
structure and ,oe af the iargeet and t
best buildings of the kLnd in Western
Kentucky, having a seating capedlt of i
800. The origin of the fire is alys
tery, as it had not been used since yee- w
terday. Lose $6,000 insured for $3,- d,
500 on building and $1,000 on furniture.
a Dashes Into an Engine. w
Eight persons had a narrow escape hi
from instant death at the Asylum street
crossing of the Southern railroad and A
Knoxville Electric street railway in ri
Knoxville, Ten., Friday. Themotor- r
man lost control"of his ear, which a
dashed at frightful epeed down an ii
cline and collided with a switch engine.
The car was totally wrecked. The ac
cident was entirely unavoidable, as the
brakes would not work. V
To Postpoae Tennessee's Expeostion.
At a meeting of the board of direct
ors of the Tennesee Central Exposi
tion company, held at Nashrille. Tenn.,
Friday, it ws declsd that the Inter
eats of the poein would be pro
moted by postpoflbg the exposition
until May, 1897, and that this action
be referred to a meeting of the stack
holders to be held Februsry 7, for
their acceptance o* rejection.
Too Old to Iave.
Hiram Lester, one of the oldest men tl
in the world, ed at McDeDough, Ga.,ia ec
his 129th year. He wes born in North a
Carolina in 1768. Lester one laim i
to fame esme when hg-went to the t'
Piedmont Expoeitionu it tnta and C
there o' the *tion grounds divid- P
Lester and ti
iv sHesrl ooanty, a
years old. Hi is
ecenty poor- t:
The body ofa wellr dress g
man was found in a wel on tbh I
James 3e6Call, owr mile. fsom' ae
1 ville, Tenn., early. ,8day n.s.ins.
The discovery was made by farmer eo
Carl while drawingwater from the well
In estigatior showed a, ballet hal
through is. head and the ndil of
Slitha finger en his right bead totn e
The men was evidently mesderei fbt
money sand valuables and plned in the
well. The body hbs not bee*, det -
Aed, nor has ay clew to' the '
been liseevered. "There , _gret fe
citenment ever the deed.
A Wholed amitlr we d.
An entire familyn Prawl Dog Pak
of the `Bed re.s in, m4ndea oqa*l
Texas, w~e drowned. .I_y. OJc
Wycker, wife "ina two oh i -
tempted to ford the stre lat ip• Ml
wagon and the kheres wers swpt iIow
the father attempted to swim .se
with one child on his backs bait he'r
to the bottom and bdth he sad
the other chtid remianed in the wages 1
-intil it was overturneda pd both i+ e
also drowned. Another f ,a e.
ond wagon turned,bac1 i tme to M n
themseltes, but orld'grve no aaae' io
1 to the Wyckers.
mAt malty l Wcounty, AS
A Sunday evening, Pie * Jones, . ,
Stend ato the SRupnu mdal .4
mines, abot and it is. belieOnie
wounded h1 :wif~- a ,be atf ,
Swoman 20 years of The
were at some .with th tir.
children when the tragedy oauru
It is laid that they had
Jones being insanely j. of..
young wife. The qaure gad6 .]e
Jones seining his repesiqg
and firing a chargeinto his wme'h
breast. At a its hotr Bandae
he had not been arrested s
had not left the plsoe.., Hi
his gun and defies any one to
him. The tragedy haseased
t ctement. Jones ham bqefefomr
Albert Tuabion and Jim ) .
SAtlanta, Gr,. have been netiis
eoahe time. .Thuareayibt
in a Deaetur sarete u lo4,
theman hungry andboth thirssy.
qitrreled and wbaldbiave fought'
somebody in the ertod
they have elatsit to,se which
drink the most wisly., This
tion seemed to stri fke fe ine
men, and.they agre dsoaueh
if somebody would pay for theo
A man named J. F. Francis agreed to
do this. Tunaon drank a full quart,
and Callahan aokndwledged himself
beaten, as he could.mot go quit that p
muph. The two men wgre watohed by
quite a crowd. Tunison fell ifo a i
stupor almostnimmediately, audda btut
or so later died. Callahan was taken th
to a hospital andis now on th yerg of m
death. Francis was arrested upon t, .
charge of complicity in the killing. -
Wife Murder and 8uliqdq.
Friday night John H. Goodwin, one
of the most prominent farmers of Shel- at
by county, Ala, shot his wife to desah E
and then committed snicid4e the trag- .
edy occurring in his wife's Boom. m
Goodwin's mind has been failing for ro
some time past, but his condition was U
not regarded as seriou enough to ploe a
him under restraint. Friday night hi w'
told is wife to peck his efeeto, as he
intended to leave. She implaed him
not to carry out his purpose and fially
refused to do as he had ordered. Odod- th
win grew violently angry and seising a in
double-barreled "skotgnn' poured the tl
contents of one load in the unfortnate in
woman's breast, killing her instantly. 5o
The madman then tarned the gas on
s himself and fell a corpse across the i
t postrate form of his wife. Gododwla's l
Stwo young children witamed ib tahi at
n rible tragedy and horerstrieket ~hy
ran to a neighbor's lwes, a mile samy,
b and told of the awful happni
, ---~-
ser' - the . q.
The retfd of the Virginia Ligi ) '
t'retoadjourn on the 20thbi,,isk, ik
honor of Gen. Bobert E. Lee's birth-.
day aniiversary, is not'banly being unsed
as an argumeht why the BRoa C(fed
erate Muses shauli no be loetdedp
Richmond, but will have to be defend
ed by tie Democrats on the utump.tlis
year. The Virginia Le tre fMar U
r year ago, made Gen. Lee's bifSthdiy lys
lega) holiday, and the bodliieta- e
acted this law was the first oty one ri
in that State which failed to observe 1
Sthe mandates of ies _redeasor. The 1
a corner-stone ,of the Jefferson Doais l
h monument is So be laid during the se- i
a ion in Rielfzuonl in May next, under 0
* theauspices of the Camp o lited B
d enfederate Veterans. Thus fer.the,
peopl Wave 'enifesod a dspotion to E
L contribhte hlbertsa l 96 the flmd4 erect
i thiirnmowis e - sati ofim etl ps -
e.nt legislature, i~ig'* at the psaner
capital of the. Southern Confedericsey, P
s in refrCig to oberie " tih M y of
- the most Blaftriou eemmmdr qt the
upon in this eoob)mi.- " a
SL Ia 'al~ '*' . Irt
Ch we- c+1ýý !ý
D ;
bei e. *qi l n
0. th skos woldbe d iºt.`!k
a " ferao s ajgstedy afbiistioL
tls~mpt ~re or. rhlf
b vigilance- ellmm b· d id f
ma detrr eapl Lslaehed ' hiita(Pt a
roots an~lbl d~td foughtdeeblL
Deb*9W HI ..- t aeslg.. -
Tha secretary of the local~ brae
t Amsrioan Railway I~ni a
eoCal,"ipiast&cryed a I
4 .m ura vae eaaekta of E.V."
s n wbah, $r e Morkwq tnt toi'
eada tahe esy, tI,*ebts to
4 FyIonSOU he itd
s aitMre ets " t v
r~au, T~,hawd7s ightr wmila~
al vs. huia~,oue tqpf ther
fThe secre~tarye Dthea 1oo~b
* In whll~aib ~e ~tptt
bis as owLC~mr
gmwd fhbnI;IC;; iti6
E ight ult mrJay h
Id Sub#. fbcs 91~it ~t
I rbainssbMfg9
I-~bThe Meziaa, andG;
3 astLos (I d arEBui.1roa ecIPI
a, so~ortd FrdP gptiq 4
S M. - oI~OI6 ~
a okUU~6 '
y Lr
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