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Tensas gazette. [volume] (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, January 31, 1896, Image 2

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7 1,00 wl bh - for 1
mI~ into,@i chug,
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&e~..s u''"Uir Age
T 1%ouf h .~grom h irt3 9;8
sstlii 10 Wb~rit.. show
L oiL mi g imll n *a~s
.01 WI6. ft... mod fers& "Rid m.
heiYIs 6%erfr~l wth b rrtea, mii
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Wp~U em# *'VaII~o mt. ul
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al+.t Te trd..tshli wsc ftkd wit
mast. Rood wihes Tllwed "l b. I
18U5~ bhply r sple who let at 3 o'ciok c
ftoreew Orlewse os bus £he tr. r
f 1 9tws. I l lr es aort stay s tc
- the UCrsest City tone iltl retire t
eds to Hard ;tae . Laudl, La.. wbere I
Sr:orp~rc lll. Areisr Is Thea oslar med c
trested went of Mr. D. Moris. a
We oWfs the. true bhrppisea p
[*nd trt 'thlao mlslotiee ma. 11
Wall them to mar the Iwtre of
that tar which aeula it. ras o1 Ii
lore before theta tbr0qghe.r their I
I. aWtby lltgrtmis. e** IN
133 eONhmriON5 Ir
From the lempbta Commero tultppeaa m
Prof. guiy tde'ter Lee. ao Jobn al
Bophtn. Ueni.eratty, Contributeg an itl
Wntew~stlg snid, aº tothe Jaoary1
nomber of O tonfi&. Uquasue on to
thertto In theNJorh 'Theastogdy 011
of the aee neo bue bea, coonland w'
IL almost tzelefilely to the &stbrrn
k, ATM and to at owlln Is bi B &mtt th
errs born.. It he hs trad to prow a
gLm wt t Ndisplay capabuity to
maer a wauso(jufr his eemoad tb'
EtHM lrltp a evdrs of Northere
ethtr'- hee ohoes. to viit tlh. f
blame upon its bsdiie eemirom, V
Plat. Lee therefoe baas esougt i to
presot a stgdjy of 1enegro Irto "t
amotber point of view, by kcruatuaiot
rbat he o suad what be baa dow' a
,besweutoed amoug big friends and ad
*pausatu For this perpese be ·iv
hoe selected Calislde, Pa,. as a point f
t r t ar l toam hi. tkesaear, gait
bofai al Ds reseutrSe both or tbo
bas ..id a ndtt d ta,,_ b a a "
bee una dut~o atwl e
ý' dl it an der N' Mt.o. " t
ma rumaumsod~ t te te. e *4. #
s *°" ýv .:dJ .j _ ! Tur i c e g
r'~Ie oime'taton OT th Oott, say sit
M. Prst. Les, iaLorded for user -a era
4i · t r as easy said maTsisiakable co
e f fto r the 'sulgr o9sisr i me bout
~-ways' as orgasisakgp ra~ iu MOr
maj fudltlsatlsm the screpe at the repiti% boar
teal ti..rier..wq The bests at the pry, us. l
loulukf, ~, t trro ý t o arise,,rt
mass .ser '*a ate addition of Ale
bqre refpg.s ke~m Vaigiasa endtimdoe
kmjý ur X dtb io Los i6 Abed 0 frees
oits. P". b.. of the paweseaswWu o . w
tip- miaatlas is of We 5m.set
Ikm With rspures to the heme ones.. p
es my of the eahalde eapee. (rsot. Ha
ett Oerhae. durn that the bosekoeepa ed
I by tig 4 dmeoe ,·saurprilug Iy imi 8ted Stat
laed "Ls averugoa hoe r pr pwpo, stas
Stn siti. of reotsel 4p euoh saembr of lIt,
UK-. the -tametly ia rawely fsore tao 9o her o
631 Osra pr wee, and c-lus -os-o.. - t- a
S i. therolre ssernrg.rl Is a major.
455 Ity o the homes there bo onlIyc .m
Lclj he 9s OS?, and II ike. a b o la
l5l abso mod liar ·oai · stov the hnrr
~ h~si esidom uU'stajgre a Ire liar1' ~
Lat8 Usee he two daly. hua a, week, Jrr advis
tirl the Isesastk*per by a prn~uraegcl Jand a!
qrte aalingl hetmit at er ihaghiy
i~e *tsgbbo~r' Ste, an her Gtbes itijas tb dr
alu, 1blrtyutaevg fam,~lues( oar 'oak
it..Iboweti that nearly ofsc~bass the r~ lt
its..meals couslatedl slwlyg ci ~srea,,
ilolcls. ndmlaaii 'isbo~us rut, etalee, 'ba
vslteaY, milk, tOr othe ali(llrgss Fri-a,
a jeuk th SuIe Sut UaieEI, 'ege~au. crowd,
II. Itales ale lerely caleb assai egga assal b.aa
sCb beate~r are htre rare IULIsIri.
SThere· are, U1 ma~le ueg~roea raI tO 1w
i'I fth solony saud 854 females i a.a'i
t I f ormub the occapo~aijn 0*577 bag) ~Ulit s'U(/1
M tluae.tyraed Nlrseiy~tiiree aa atis aa
5%~~·~1cl ~lry fr F~OW 1? Lo
5% I )L)V~
S° ,` .,. ,,"I . d~iei il- r arr at In to ai tlll iquuaill t , I b. slIxh r
M" PLOWS s PLO s WS! ! ...
.* Blalts, True Blue, Brinly, Avery and Lone Star Plows
SAnd Parts.-Banner and DOW-LA W Cottoln Plalt
ue. e Harrows, 8weeps and Scrapers, Hawnee,
Traces, Ollars, Bridles, Back Bands, Single
And Double Trees, Lap ` ilgs, Plow
. Licies. Hoes, Piles, Curry Oonbi,
Axes, Wedges, Briar Hooks,
Sails and Barb Wire.
. And Horse Hoes Reduced in Price.-No Need to Buy
S- Immitations Any" Longer.--Send for This Year's
, Haundaome Ostalogue:
" iqutrie. and Ord era olicited.
N-atih , 3 lis ,
p*s. s t aIld, *19 are nader school age,
4t d-. -G~am :410 asle negroes who are
adE ats .seto over, Of these 151
Id with are at work, leaving 214 dependent
esst, or idle esa!ee at school age or over
'd lo and not as sibool, Of these 172,
So'lost or a total of 67 per cent., are babit'
(le Str. cal eritmUases, Amongt the property
ttas a owners there are only three whoee
I return proerty exceeds $5,00 in value,
,~lere anti in moat eases .he property
ar and owned by the more wealthy repre.
Korria. seuls the inceasc e in value of lota
ppiseas purchased wRih monoey the negroe;
me sa brought with them from the 8outlh,
trs of The social evl among the (Uars
rys of lie!e uegnaes is great and growing
r their worse. The nombter of marriages
m** is malls, being about onetlhird tih oM
normal proportion. aud in about o
RTE- one fourlt of these illicit seroal re% :n
latisms lbad existed prior to the at.
mppe rrl] e marnat. It is estimated that
r JobI asbout 40 per cent. of thebirthe l bre .
htes asn ifegitimate. A colored clergyt.man City
1 rto iquoted as sajilng that thre.- on
o foanrths of the woaen u ge not virtu% t
one, and that the evil is growing a*t
,ge " orse all thetime. fj
.thers in the high schools it as found
Bauth that the peruentage of negro grado e e
Spr atee is emll, mall there is much lier
Ity to gra sextual immorality a eaog
m asd the school oblldremn. Tý*
rthera The prtejdiee amoog the wintes "'
b the of Carlisle toward the negroes Kayo,
fireI - grows stronger every year. All the eati
better avednues of labor are closed prODO
bttoto hiam; he cannot find entertain,% sttut
ro met t stay respe.ctsble hotel, cae.
Issa , not be shaved in a barber-abop, Propo
doe and In thetourtbhoae he Is restrkt tu
a an ed to certain seatsa specially 5set1
I be apar for his race, mud that by the
point Trahlgof a repeblicam jouge. Its 11
said that the white people reacect thirds
or beolder negroes, who are polite- Thoe
al d induatrioua, bet that they are su
Se "weaory ofl .Ce yohuger geleratvnl,* Atie
tt Eighty ir" cent. of these ate no blu
I"w cth~ll s, Hajleuet loafers, Iem a, t
wterl, Crirninal, a sotrow to lle-r n Nml
IP parCrtsu as d a curse to the coenu. *n Its I
ml , yeas at
$ 5 , -voting
This. trul, I a scilCoragjll n the
picture, and AlI the l)tmore so bc.:auJe sd thse
agr the condlltionas ctltecrltied exist ls: codes c
ale a omunaity tar rrantedl fromn tIhe- roc h
ilhostile prejudices esinpposed to ule- 1Ac. i
r igtro he OIwlgro, inu hbis Southerni ,e aSt
boe1 home, sli Where the race atlltagouA. Ar
aiam that exists has growo up trot, per ad
isle. actual contact asud experloue. K , We
Sta.mst, however, that tbhis will ut dea
and deter the otegro's Northere itleuds rInioan
t 90 frem touadlug other uegru coloties the -ms
sad ibe
4m, thm ethis a thus cotlanlUtg n fanta
to gater knuowledge ru ex. - oed"
o. Hae, l B. Krottuhb tt was elect. Ae
wp4 ad Ubailraan of the Demoorate t tLb.
ibtd Sate Central Committee at then *s ..t
Po% sessiae of that body on Mooday ast .
rf hlat. JudgeC . C. Cordill is a mnD-ewi- -a"
I bar of the Executive Cmmit o I oute0 a
of Ast body. ionews:
-r - ---------- nrlewn.
Shometilme ago Mr. Goldbaua, of an hell not
ht fat ey, eal., was troubld with a or to pa,
Rlame back and rheumatism. Hie used artiele or
t Chuamberlain's Pain Balm and a pro,,pt the C-na
Laona be
care Wo s ewfectedl. ie says he has sine leow:
Ik advised many of his friends to try it Artle
el and all who have done so have apoken its objt
icr highly of it. It s for sale by Kershaw tbheir ealt
the druggist. s o. :l
----- the Cona
tJ I'he anoogre-l crew iltlich relr,, lows:
enlt, the o[ol.olslonl l.o I emovin s l Artilel
he h o,
much lately that It is I;1, -t Articee II
* what they are goluTg to do,, itar 0, .onruatuti
sI be so ame
seeas ,soW thatl tilte 'ugr ilaiater ArtIcle:
Scrowd, tthe regular It4,, ullcl:ai,. .,, i e xrcised
the IoIulltc.rle will all suplprt a th'k publle Ind
et laded al ,y one Pharr, ao e eeus principal -
.n to 1w. aa well sa1 W eall mlte t or defend
ma cc .n rovicl pe
ii a *-l~lt)5tlou 01 buoal-lti all + lije1.t els ldl++
wilts it lacl ash lolfpIihiltlon Ibthrowns tizens of
ti I to add piqosaty tathe illaxture ar federate I
i d ald lim b .
s 15 --e4 -4 TMS
Sheorosn Aiinwu
perty -TO TUe
Pirty -T rmts
b lot s o is t theA
II Ihe Orr" o R LOVea n aA4,
hout to purasoY* at the preetonoae of the
Constitutto4 Dploatlon is hereby ae
II re, sa gd ves to the Usemled lectors of TeO
Btate of ouisasa of the propooed
Samendmenta to the Cseltstatts, whloh
have been concurred ia by two-thrds ofat
all the memiber "e to each oeuse of
lthe eaeral Asembly of State, at
StheCi uf r eeaioa theif, held at the
an ity or aton Roue, in tohe year M,e
and which are required to be published
for the Information of the. quallled elec
irtqs torn of this State for three months pre
ceding the general election for Repre
Plutg eolaatvee and wlMob proposed amend
men. -fore filly appear In Joint Reeolu
tiOs 18 to S. htclusiv, of the etegular
and Session of 14t; which are herenaftor
otoolaiy pubi·be for the laermation ot
adU the euailmed eleetete or I State, and
whlch will be submttted ie them for I
inch their appfeval er teeetlm at the rext I
ieneral election, to e held on Tuesday,
01K the 1 ft day of Aprl, 3, it b eli the *
Tuesday neut followng the third Yon
dr of said mosth. aIn ach manaer and
rt o erm that the qualled electors ma vote
r or aglnstM sd amendments; and If
foes majority of the quamlefd electoas voting
at said election shell approve ad ratify
thesaild proposed amendments, then such
pggy proposed amendments, so approved and
rattled, shall become a part of the Con
110% stitutlon of this State.
flg. v '$2- I
1OU, Proposing amendments to Artlcie 7. 4,
W 41, 179. 11t, 304, 210 and 2f2 of the Couuli
tutlon of the State of Loueisana and
aw also an amendment relative to auspen
fh- on of oIce. *
to a lieetion 1. Be It resolved by the (leneral
Assembly of the State of Loulteaaa, two
Wt thirds of all the members elected to each 1
House concurriy. 4
lit.- That Artlile thirtywven of the ('tn- WI
stUtutlon of the State of Lou'·lna shall 4,
rt he so amended as to read as follow.s: . -
Article 7. Every bill shall be read on 1t
three different days n ea'h House, and
all no bill shall be oensldered for final pa.
sage unless it ha been read once to full. 7
' and the same has been reported on by a
ool mlttee.
- Nor shall any bill become a law unless
e11 on its final passage, the vote be taken by
yeas and nays. the names of the members "
voting for or against the same be entered
en the journal, and a majority of thp
members elected to each House be record
1r4 ed thereon as voting in Its favor. Pro
vided that bills revising the statutes or
codes of the State. uas a whole shall be
read in such manner as may oe pro
Scribed by the General Assembly.
. S 2. Be it further resolved. etc., That
Article forty-two of the Constitution of
t ; 4Ve State of Louttlana be so amended as
to read as follows:
" Articg 4 All stationery. prinYtng, pa
per ad fool uso d in the Lertalature and
other 1departmeats of government shall
ad distributing of the laws. journal or
tit department reports, and all other print
tig and binding and the repairing and
Is furnilrin thbe halls ad rooms used for
the meetlngs of the General Assembly I
and its oanmlttees shall be done under a
1 contect. to be gfv-e to the lowest re
aponbi !ý b, bow auch maximum
Sproe a under regulations I
eahll be prescrtbed by law. _
No mm or osfoer of any of the t
dspart i jbe govenraent shall be
In any way ltresed I such contracts.
And all suh oeotraet shall be subject
1 the a rlof the Governor, the
Presi dee of henae and peaner o
1 the Hue of tpro sauve, or any
two of thes.
SSec be it urtbe resolved, etc.. That
paragraph twelve of Article forty
of ehe CostitulOon of State oft i
SLou be so me~nded s to red asu
?reatiss oorporatlomor arineadig, we
newlng. extending or oxplaintng the
charters~ thereof. Provided that this
ehall not apply to munlcipal corporations
or to parishes and levee diatnlct.'
Sc. 4. Be it further resolved, etc.. That
Sarticle one hundred and seventy-nine d
t the Constltution of the State of Louis
Lana be so amended as to read asu tol
t Article 17'. Thet ()eaeral Assembly phall m
create a Bureau of ATgrIlculture, define
Its objects, designate its oticers and fi
their ularies.
Boo. r. Bie it further resolved, etc.. That rl
Article one hundred and nlrety-two of flat
the Constitution of the State of Loul-s.
lana be so ameoded as to read as fol- Te
ArtIcle Parochlial eletlons shall be
held on the same day as the general
Slat e Lltion.
I ec. 6. Be it further resolved, etc., That
Article two hundred and four of th. Te
C)onstitutlon of the Itate of Loules!an s
be so amended as to read as follows:
Article 2k. The taxing power- shall be eI
exercised only to earry on and maintain
the government of the State and the t
publie Institutlorns thereof, to educate
the children of the 8tate, to pay te n
principal and interest of the public debt.
to euppress insurrection. repel invuasion.
or defend the BState In time of war, to
:rovid* pensions for Ind:gent Confeder
ate Soldiers and allors, to asupply the -o I
!ttzens of the late who lost a limb or
tmbs i the mllltary rvice of the Con
federate States wl:h subetantial artl.
fielal lmb, during life; and for lve pur
poses ase horeinafter provlded
Sec. 7. Be It further resved, etc., That The
Ari le two hundred and ten of th. Cor.
ettution of the State of Louisiana be
so amended as to read as follows: the
Article 0IO. There shall be no folseitures '
of property for the non-payment of taxes
State, levee, district paerochieal or munl- t.
cipal, but at the expitatlUon of the year ~e :
ia which they ar due the collector shall, [
vithout suit, and after givingr notee tisl
to the detlaquent In the manner provided St
y law, advertise for sale the property on red
which the txaes m diar Il the manner Art-cl
Jescribed by law and on the day of [ Pos
sale he shall seil uch oortion of the e5rtaI
property sa the debtor shaill point out, da
ad In coe the debtor shall Sot paoll l
ed asulkaot property, the collector shall ArLtls
at once and without turthew delay sell
tie least quantity of property whLob ay J u
bdder wil hw for the emnest f e oe rtle
tar·e, lnte d ecoa. kw, L
The sale s, he e withet arpspe.- E
meat ad the property am id be h
rdemable at any tithe t the sao
*** yar. by payirg l t g e fives h- ' &t mI
¶.· r,:.s-d,*\.
R ,, by, e, tbebte of that rsta be
'5a td Purh o ---t er l
sl t i s. or tha map bea
lie i sal La ev- -en-e as p- r a
L1 eothe o.s e otu ofes tt of fota
-- e a k11 - i- '"he r , ve ta n
t . t rM The eAtertil Ase rl
i o to. enact r ora lw'
st tate, y ý nder certain
at dtdheet electiom to levy special
hy d" 'rapoe of aed mjo-ite
,o f Tl. ubi Imeprovetwo entsa o,
Sm IentArpries undertaken by pri-ei
a r ,r · al ro t at r ucht
am noo t exoed tho rte of five mills
annum, nor extend for. esar par
led than ten yearend provided tfrther.
that the forego(ng provision shalft
ataply to subli bhulldltng
eanM.- r the orts of publi c Improvement
eraton ednrle t Ito being the Ib n
re- saler et the Heai of RprLsentatlvo
sed HN . , L iOTP ,
'blo President PrTee poe of the Serate.
the et
iW, tNo. 15
pie- Abepoiag Amendmtnts to Artilesal Sl
tpr o ., a,m ien 1wtt mro. , d Ul
nd- of the Constitution of the a e o
o o o e s. t it reasbed by the Geaa neral
and Aisseal y of the Wee, of eiasa, two- C
fur "Irde Of all the members elected to each
wt Mw racurrtohe hat Artol ninety-eo
thi Qth aletituoix of the Sotateo of Lewes
the e du a e read ma foUowwst
on- Artlicl . The Courts of Appeal, -s -
tnd tlt iaeo hereln a4 three nor -o a
a- la ud b"e,..-.., ciruidd sheD
q endt of t.e jurdeos oIn the ly e
in ae eltton shall eled to at csh, cbe
- tt y whene the matter rin disput
uch w te to be distriuted shall exoe1 U
nd osp. dois of deaxclusive ofton or a
ch from oflIee of aar of said Jtll ., r
SmLfr not exceed iwn e th .saa eirs
Be ltirthr resolved, etc. That ArT -
oe Of LouIThe tate so amen ded as L
, d ate follows:
1 Frsa t ecu ,d the~ war- law
- Article S. The Courts of Appeouj ehn
Lad ston not heal thae three nor mored
~ tn o deruhdges, and eat circuit shall o
" be empeld of there judges. In the ogee
o. "O Ka. In case of dLeath, slgnae on or
ch aova4 from ome of any of sad jdge ..
An valecy shali be filled by appoinmeat me a
'n- 1 the bvrnor. They shall be'oltissms
all tSe oted States and at this State
u la t wo la, and shall ha ve r.e 9o
on Used tIe on the State for ix yearsn th tl
d Iý l been actuad residente of the h"
is lO f rom which they shall have
s*I. elected for a beast two yas. pe A
t ned.yeveo t f th*e t'oe htMttio t
i at e of LulaiUa be o amended t
re M totd  patollews:  t
S:Aetl0p . The State shall he dividd
Sta) circuits. L'vzui otherwisepro. 17
d- the parishes of Coddo, So
a blstar. Blenvile CIalboroe Union J itc
r ~oJack.e , C MdwelL Wine. h e t!
Se bit eaRed Dbo. ts theirelo
" bitoa ped ea >out t ( thhr, sit
caboaado, Coateri. Tncsa.,
S bdiataar cea. e st enVoll, Artl
Lt "I W Murehesee, St. Lsesuy, r Ott
1I' otoems paled ) rsh , I et. to a
heThe lawrlah, of lhr. Alehh
I riltn C det Ca, aeod the war,
- d l. w, Et a Ca te o rllon. Wel (lltn
"hs tt r3= mPoses doepeee, t my
or d SMaryTsh.aell ete so. amp , the
t Cherrle, Jelorson, St. Dernard
*b& Job the lbptiaa. St Jamee `Pei
·VIs orhr that no Incoavenie nc may ye- iec
r dt tSa publc servie rand to s e the one
ofaaoa ocean eleoton, the three of th
r i eeo ej by the General Assembly a it
a i tile or the first, second and thid Art
hetas aspect e s all be jodge of A
S4ethe Court of Appels fo the First our
SWculs. nd the three jnodg ee l able
n ia tiae for the fourth and Atb "o l
* te aor the Cr D sourt a Apperas *c
hri on Judge the Sehl Cereult; ratltu
.te silheI of St. MaUl thegtrue, er
S e Itn o u r en s l e .d an t i l th e ir g e l - t a c
S ernated d Pqunied. Until Cauri
oh eptiMd by Jlw the State aeoa o -
rt eDar wh one Judsi e ele tedt.
e il dedhlate S rt Appirlete Cotrt esre
and eae judge shril be stat ll
sh~all compose the Cftht Appeilse suall
h .ut. from ehu o oef said dio ih* T.
l Ueet lthle Secnd frou t hr ofther
l rther esoloed t etsh Athle ro,
fte ior at the gnasttl Oletion o ns,
IS and eery frur ear. thereter,
es srve for aa t er m s of for yoar The I
oBe it frther resolved, or, West ar.
vll. Cla hoty- ne Umo the coalttol Ja
Ctlds eli, Wine. Natchitosches La Cc
e, otoe ad Red Rr shll cot- ed
Arb Fist Appe t oe Court detriot f
h shall comtoe the Srond Ap-ers .
At Court stuct frOm ehic ona
i e etll he e le s sted.
I aThe reMl sO t. i andryo Avosle,
, Camero,  e tllilon. Laatte.
The pihes of est Baton Rou, Pro
-et Saon Rouge, Lvngsto. nm, , ,g.t
a t. ammany, Wshington . It,
~rccb one J g shra be el.ted. '-c A,
<a 2r tl r ru~ r
" - At oawespe fee -d jWinla $4
e- t  s e lb erore.rv nr og a" 9d Ar
mn be O£ the oaeihe ar d fer.
SPima SOnL and ees *lver.
At OAloab es Seat MondaY e iin [email protected]
d, eta, and Mard i-Vur trial of appeals oatt
forty- parihes of #& WBa4 agest s
tat of hId. Verse. N raoh and AtJ
read as Jl.
At Opelouss Stud Moa ayo In. ra
-em-bl bher and April-F-or trial o PPal fro
l laws the' prtses of St Ladly, Ctt5*a1su.
-elpst Cameron. Veremllon. Iafayletta Aca~
erta din. Iberia and lt. Martna.
Sva lue ECOND CI RCfT.
pecial At Agtte, fret Monday in OctobWri 5)j
its. or the sabid Mo May--For t ral.
by prl- appe*s ro from he of LilvIngst,
t such ' Tangbbpao, St. m , Washing .*
e mills sad 8L Helena.
-t per. At Baton Rouge third Monday I -
rther. tober and fourth Monday In Jpon--)' .
shaR trial of appeals from the partshes of f t
iinas, Baton Route, West Baton Rouge. E·.*t
resent Felirlenr . West Peliclasa, Points C.
the in- pee and IIervllUe.
- that At Thlbodeux fourth Monday in No v..
v* the b r and third Monday to June-Poºr :'.
It s- trial of appeals from the par:ees o' 
r Mary, Trrebonne. Assumptlon and n .
N, ourche.
tiveL At New Orleans second Mondays to f~
cember and March-For trial of appiea
etate. from the parshes of Orleans. Sr
oard, Piaquemines, Joflerson, 8t. Charles
St. John the Baptist, St Jameu and As-.
Sec. Be it further resolved. Se. . lh
A rticle one hundred and one of the C.
stitution of the State of Loalset be
amended as to read as fellows:
Article tet: No judgment shael be refi
SIl. roed by the Courts of Appeal w1thou
i the eoacurrense of two odges. Whe5a
,e of ever two members cannot enetnf. to reol-i
f p- se tlece of the reqpeatioe of uay
ber, or members of the court the d l
st reused shabll have authority to calt
serI Upon any judge or judgt of the Distrtet
two- Court, whoee duty it shall be, when
each iled pDoa. to sit In the place of tte
r-e 1,ire or judges recesed, and to aid irk
hles- I determination of the asse.
fa he judges of the Courts of Appeal.
e- -',, have power to certify to the Bu*.
rshall ree Court any questions or propest
.i s of law eonoerning which it desree,
"- Istructions of that court ter itt
, tMer decision. And thereupon the Si
, :',o Ourt say either give its Itltrunc
.t, ns on the questions and prbositfone'
e. a-ttied to it. which shall be badindlg upo
a (Courts of APpeal in such case
Ar- or It may require that the whole record
t :,t cau se ay be sent up to It for Its
,ideration. sad thereupon sall de
- the whole matter In controverae
':, ~ale manner as if it had been on
'ha l rr-al directly to the Supreme Court.
S Ti,' Supreme Court may on the relatino
hall e .ny party to interest review by ctr
,"" , ltidgmentp of the Courts of An
I ve nl vwhich may oaflilet with each oth.'r
rour ;ith the decision of the Supreme Court
Sor ro annul, soae or adlr'm the same,
-s'. a r.." itereupon shall decide the whole
eat latter in contamwersy i the same man
ma r. ars f it had been an appeal dlrectly
te Ws the Supreme Court.
. 9qec. 7. Be it further resolved. *et,. That
ad Artlile one hundred sad two of dhe Cor
he tti:ution of the State of Louisiana be so
ve .i'.t,r derd s to read as follows:
,e- Article IN: All causes g appeal to tIhI
arts of Appeal shall bh yred on the
t lanl record, pleeding and evienrs
inn the Distriet Court. with a certllfed copy
, ' the minutes, the whole to erveo in lieu
a tranecript, and to be ftled as one
led "ument.
ro- nudiatly atter the lrnal deeisea of
o e cause, the original papers, together
N wtth a copy of s" decree of the court.
. r.Ha!l be returned to the court oI the
first Instance
i.e. t. Be it ftrther resolved et., Thai
, Article one hundred and three of the
r r. otliltlon of the state of Leule!ana b
t- so amended as to read as follows:
Article M0 Until a th erwie previded by'
lSw, the rules of practise regulatiag ap
peals to and prooeediage in the aepreme
Court shall apply to appeals to and prd
st ceedinse in Courts of Appeal, es far as
. t sy may be applieable. The decisions o
the Courts of Appeal, with syllabi pre
N ,red by the judges sham be pubLshed
a "d the General Assembly shall make
protvlions for the pubtlestion thereof.
- kc. 1. 1e it further resolve, re .. Thai
a one hundred sad v*e of the Constitution
B of the State of Luuietana be a eamende
y as to read as tellowiT
d Articleo 1. The dges of te Courts
W of Appeal shall eaebs recelv a salarr y o
it four thousand dis. per anum., pay
able nonthl en.th rsespective war.
b ra.nt
is Sec. A Re further weeolved, et. Thab
Article one hundred and sin of the om
L; atltutlen st the StatI of Lonulrin be so
S amended as to read as follotws:
Article : The cloth of the Disttdo,.
Cnurts of the parish in whiol the sessions
of the Courta of Appeals a hed, shal
serve as cers or f the Courts f A 1,
and the clerks of the city Sof New 01a
stall remain as new med by lawe
ether'vies paoVided by the General A -
'•nbly. Thetr fees shall be fled by law
- ·t rtr 'f 'teh parih litn which the
' :' ,3 ! .*i y.ill attenrd In Derson or
:Y e xecute the ordes St t
,i a. . , 1-d to or pendleg I the
C .. . a's organiseld udder tbe
e. ' ". hetore or on the
i' ",>' t. n . 116, shall be trans
S.  '. *o the Court of Ap.
ri L jrtlurediction o un
S.. . .s of Representatlivm
Hi. R, LOTT.
A '~ · . T Mpore of the Senate
c - retasy of Stat..
To 194.
C ', L.LUTloN
Pro at to the Ceesti
of Loutlaus
e .and Emel,..
m(: ; . Convicts.
.ecti, Ved by the OGea.
':rai A , ot f l oulsuia
'wo-tli bers eleoted to
each I, - -hat the follow.
Ing a Ire ed a part of
'h( Con .,, , tate of LIouist-*
Sectlor. -r conv+et aobat
vir be . to any person or
:,erpon*. private or public:,
or quasl-pu . d, oave as author
Ited in tr, 'n. provided that
this artleie . ut a. e effeot upon the
extlngulshmer. >f th, lea made par
suant to Act 14. apIPrvled July t t
2. The Oenera Asemly may authetb e
the employment under State supervlslon
and the proper ofilcers ad employee
of the Statec, of covicts. on publie rads
or other pubio works, or em ahvic
farms or amanueatores owld by or oonar
trolled by the State or alny publlo lev
board or on ay pub leo lvee uder sob
proviions an do e t~t s as ma he is,
posed by law.
0. W. tOLnim ,
pesakr of the Nem. St Represetatves.
1. IL ULI,,
Presiat 1p T ee St tihe leat
A true opy:
-ouT R35tLPZag
--.pu4esi Am me auma to m a .e ass
he * e oeen'n la. ~ ..ea
sm St be sennt 5ais L
"' _ - . .-- ,a --

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