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Tensas gazette. [volume] (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, February 07, 1896, Image 2

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° S
[ '" _ _ . i
.. ,._ -L-+ a
at >
, L C
S. i ,court i the.
Sbaie rwlloa i
S'tb a .psia tno-wit:
a`l', e o plantiop. or
cV. n,,l,. s itgated
I* s S'.ate of Leif.s
"`Aston? prat
la u1art bed
aorth bgn4l .  t
' L 1
r . t be} -
SlV i aJ d #a.
,h ad n - &we, t wad "
iie t toq."
tn a i
tr~Pr and
4 a d rY. vIs ya
co itessb.* r , 1s
' t4Oees rs m t I
a.. 4aIia
Ws t vor' and
bo ldint .an
i ured hCiftax
i "theati ise ndnas
rf1 . . . o ere h wr.I
~ ~irrtwev b e it, I
lat kead b sein
iZq, Le,&4r
l, uwb ofr'
S "" ' 7 '-- ' "
- .. t,,
i•n oat raMl
11aI' of
Shero uad
1 oatlttwalga which
as 4a bi two-thirds at
I' t Rd ouse fe
St*h h ' at the
CA Mi tear 13K
de Ag) publied
ýte ta t3
.i aposed fmend
U Sj 1b.Jolnt Reeolu
v1 ., of the Relular .
heIare herealaaft
i ' ho tnfornmttotI 6
of tbis tr qao ad
btrlu ed " t theim for
ta.O tlgi at the next
on 7eb hdad h ,y.
m 1r5 ft bertl the
a la i'tst; the tbhd. .o
A 'tt A lia easa, uer bn
ie rot ar
k"se sets -
tg err itan
tibr. ,ach
I a,*V "d ia
,O .
tsto fhe Const1
h so *, rlseed a, f -
,r _ lb aand**
a1UB. uat4Le . ve
Sso li toilr foftn
. a eta a!
a A
s 'etheIsef. o
*, 8tr a. ture. o IkCyt
i t e o wO . t a
t .s hhl M to lsupplyt
dt he .lat j
wi l serre .O te o
tht sn r
!lbt bIy shall
e' h1b de~ft.lean
S. d S . t -
S-two d
Ste of Losui s
4, 1t :Ia read as tof
eand four of t he
te of Ledouaytaf -
as foll4ws: o
i t apvoter shall beI
rrt op and malntat I
o the' State and the p
. theeet, to educate t
Sh Stat., to pay t5
of tbd 9tabllc debt. j
Sntimeof war, to j
or unde~"t Confeder-"
lors, to supply the C
*. who l.I > a ltftt. or
l, .ta" ser, e "of the Con
with a b tantlal artA
It ?urtber resolved, etc., That g
-Atndred and ten of tin 'on
Sof the Sate ~o Loulstana o
There-sha l be no fofeltures
non-paiaot of taxes,
Iratlon of the yearD
t after gIving t Ace,
Sthe manner provId
go shal sel auet ortuip of the 'o
as the btor shall inot oat,
t ttzrthes &lay sell 01
the nthe anoea$ of the
di tbll out r ppaiee- a
the soettv Seld uhall to
- aest l e Otr thUe space of
...g s. eons tt r- j.
- hto t ctas sha . .be Y
a~e cvn iJ~a
psalwh ! p3er osaI Ssrestliast 5e4
:to te purheassr.
it deeds of ale-s .e r tha t aU'r
m  by d olleetors of t t5a esball
received by courts la nevidase s
f to vaed sale, e
i rj •Be ft further t res ved. t
Seat Artlel two Mangre and to
two of the Constltution a State
LoulWaa bes*o %amend. as ' rais
Art.cle o. "#he Genrd Amse
a ys have powe to enact ranild la
autberlutai tih psrecilal br gl
authofities [ the State. ond e
'elreulastanoes. by a vote of a majorl
of twtax-psyern In number and In val
vothlt at tth election, to levt. p
tazes in aid of public imarovements.
railway entwreise. undertaken by P
vat e corperrtoias; . prodded ,that sU
tax shall naltonaed the rate of flYv ad
pr anadl, 'har extend Mr a Iadger P
lod than ten years.apd provided
that "th, foregoing prov0sons t .
not appy to public ' buUd ,.
bridge and *arks of publio mprOVp t
mentlooed It Argoele . It being t .
test and mantia g( this provso t>
parlshe and Lonualpal es shall lh
rigr to. tsr Wbeapelves to any. llit t~
gt to the estrictions Of Articla le5
" . W soL 4- +
beaker of the eoube 4 ae
H. R.
Preeraet Pro Tempor o  the
T.A .e A Secretary of
t *
No. 18.
Praoosin Amendtnsato to . Art L
, . * 101, 102". 10. 10, dt qI
of the titttutlon of the 81 of
Lulst a . Relative to Courts I IP
'' peal. 11
,. S i L~ p It resolved by the tsr5
S.seakhly dowthe State of Lbiilsahl i0
,.i.rt of alithe members elected t
House coneitring, that Article ni vl
of the .ons V tion of the State o 1"
ana be so ined _A to red as  :
Artles t'beioorurts of Ap $ .
,eep In cau berei* tei Orel Bl
haw .mpell~~ ib jurisdiction only, Slch
lboldlcttion soh extend to all ca tinR
or 'robabe, when the natter c1n +lte
or tio fnd a be distributed h a4*4
one hundred ollar. .exel,ve of U R.
cat shall nct ticeed tiro thesassad ilres
edusive of Interest.
0e It further resolved, ete. -& Ar
tikh ninety-sidx of the Constltute ta the
S6tp1 of LousLana be as amenond 3 i
Te as follows:
Artile di. The Courts of Api shall
vseaist of not less than three t fo
?ea six judges, and ptkh eftpt phall
S inmposed to throe judoes. Ishean
oral Stite lOctioIn to 1900 they ahdl be
elected by the people, for the t oe fouge
. ears. In .as of death. resgoLa or
etmoval Irom omff of any of saI Juieea
thb OncL haltl be filled by apgsin$sant
Stho ' eerr They halu baec unt '
qf-4b UFlied Ilates and of. t Mate,
setroa;e* o law, and shall h prac
t-teIsel r the State for six yearl and
'shall have beei actual esidens of the
ohmIrcts from which they elli abtve
beae elected for at least ta y pr
e deag-th.eldctaton .t j
S. 1 . ele further tsolvi Ot eltb at
Arele si ve of" th Co.s Wbn
tf the at.' Luislara 10 so s edod
as to rpod 1 lollbows:
Ai'tble .;. - . 8tate #1 be d ed
te b .*e .tr ets. Unt) otherrvsI pro
Y1i0% by4aw the partha olCodto, los
er, Wbd, Bievill.,Claborb, .n
8ebtae, Seto. lver.
d, nodose
Ses 1 pee
s . on.e o
seesposý ha, etecsls, a. ar- .
the Sepa3. foote
. the pMst, tasmo '
Id orda 1 h teeavealease say re- "
Zdt tho t c sefces and to save the
nap"(p If !seel1Y eos, t·he th bm
in l L ro osecnd d third
drouip VtOily ihall le the judges .
of thf Qurt ApfAala flu the Prst
CirCSL h5 -the tses Jadgts elected at
the same tUai for the tse1 and fifth
tnreults, sa for the Court i Aapeals
for thm fI r 55 lppectively,
a * 1eo tNlh etr clulIt
tate eletio a la a ual their suec
Xo rs ore eleted :ad IeI ed ULto
erwis provided by li he State shad
s triets sd oan6 Judge ýba a
/dated Trot eOch mt said die
Matst· b oleo- qu011p4Mar-a electionf.
.i )P a maf'?o ur.3, thereaner,
'* 'vo for a+r bm of t0 ent, The i.
- h*a of Cadje, Boostset WAIter, I
lek Clatborne, Uniot Ilaoln. Jack
oas Caldweoll. Win 1atehoche. Ba
bib, I.e to and Red River shall own
So iis Flt Anl~Ilate Ceort DMstrlct i
o Mnht boae JUge shaul be eeated. f
The parlahSl Ouachlta. Ilolaud,: I
-Pnan, l tn aaheuta. Coneordla. 'L yt d
Madsaha. vat Crroll. Wegt Carolil and
--orhouse shall compose the Scqsod Ap
perlb Coupt District from wh4ch one
cude shll be electld.
, The prilshee s St. Latl, AS y-elles.
Rapldei, Grent, Actia, V-n-o a. . .I
est Caeon, VeRo llu, o, Laayette, .
Ibsrt, d St. IanrtIn shall comoe the
olrd oAppellate Court b _vt.,i-roni
iWech one Judge shall be olnttZeo
The puashes of Eist ISton Rou-e
West Baton Lourge, Livlngtn,. TaSgip
eah1 8t. Trmmany. Wuhtn'la n St.
Politi Coupee and Ibarvige shill co,.
,m whcone udgE shall bdhletel
The iarishes of 8t. Mar t in
ferson, t Be , r t PM ue St.J
• t. e Bi.lst. St. James an ec  n,.
rloit ahll compo he the llfth Aoellte
aourt Dlstrlct from which one )Pooe atha
The partsh of Orleans hall omp~t e Ar
the Stith APpellate Court Dlseuttrom o 0
hrh one Juolg shal o b elelled .s
The three Judges elected from the llrst, jj
SBond and Third ADpeolhte Court Dl-.o I
trlcts shall compose *ie 'nurt or Appeals
of the l fret C trctht. m
thehre1 judge Ceted f the
•.durth, Fifth and SiXth D me.l~gte Courth
Districts shall rCfotlo tbe Cor.at of A1p
pee of the ~torl Clrct. 0
Be it firther resolved ito That Ar.
?tol_ niiaety.eight of thiora:n-t ution of
the ta of IOrulsian.a  r so  th
* ataouas . fo n ,w an..rndedk
r2 a E ft arollows
Artpclo -.he .judges ot th~Court o '
-/SIlp s~an hol two hnual terms at I
co t It such places In the cirault a l
b feud by law for the retur-- of- aU sb.
Sec5.I lte It further rebolved *. That
Artlcl lhnety-nlne of the Cuastitution
of the State of Louisiana beo a· n&
ed a to read.as follows.
Article US. Untlil otherwise brmo-ied by
l:, the terms ofAthe ppe,, -. AI''u
maaU be held folfoweCort
At Moeroe first Mlon3an (1·*la "
Jannuy--yor trial oa a an
aur'shee of Ouachilt , ro the0
Na. Catahou~la, on ' 'cnnanLr
• t
At SBreveport fIPrt Mondays It .tund
ahd. F'hbruary--Fof trial of asipeals from
the parldbed of taddo. B~slfer. E,,eh:tter.
3lenvtlle. Clalborne, Lincoln. Sablt::. I)T
Sote end Red River
At Alexandria drst Mon lays Ir (,ctonber
and Marth--For trial or ),eals from the
p-risr , , f Ca ,riweU. W 1.,n. OG ,..t. taP -
Ides, Vernon. Natchltobes and Avoy
At Opelousas first Mondayva in Nov. nl
baer and April- ;r lr:al of appea[, fromt
the paLes of St Landry, ('CllT1aleae,
Can:mer, Vermnl:':on, lafayette, AiLi
dlia. ieria aed t. Mar'in.
At Amite. first '. n';- : Olctc her. st.R
the e.tand odMonisy in "lay--For trial of
anpeali fr-)m the pea llite oftl.lViO(yDtot.
Tanriljshiql St. Tamnn any, 'Washlgtoutu n
an' 8. Hef. na
At 1Baton Hoage til.-d Moolidy In ttl
tober and f,x:rth .ont'ay in ,Jnlr.- or
tr:alilf o peal frcm the ,a :..i .. -t
kati.n Route. ,Vest Baton irou ', i.t
Fellifi na. 'e'It leltceaI a, r'OlltU e "- -
pe an4 lbetv!lle.
At Th;lhuoux fuurth Monday to ''.
b-r and tlirl M.onliy In J. ne-1.--I,: the
rtal of lppLIear 'rOtir the pUlll-I't i t
M .. Tcereborne. Assumptloil n:- .
four h.e.
*t N. CriLans sclonop Mondai '.n It s
cet'et and March--For trial of a,.;als
fo t ! * viL'ri'hl of Orflcans. St1 '
n '. 1[' quennes- .;eff-'rson. S.L ,'t.r.t .
S9 John the oaptist. St. James at:d As
cc s.,Qn.
u. b. Be it further resolved. etc , T? ,t,
A-tlilc one hunlt ed and one of the 't
st tult!n of te a State of Louitnela O' bO;
arnen!edl at to r at ns follows:
Artl'l- 11 No judg-sent shall tbe
d.-r.d by 'he (Courts of Ai ppe. '.lithvut
t11 ct.e' n".--. of two jutres. o,:l,
ev".r t n",rrs canlnot ebnatrr it, c r.
V .S of the ri-tlsatInn of anr n. ^.
b.r or mtni:-;. c! the ,:ou.rt, the 4,edgeo
not eriutie' cliall have au.thoilty to aill
uon tin. i. 'ge or jelgeoe of 'he Dietricr
Cieurt, wh-.. l-tury it nailU be, when eo!
Celled upol'l, to tflt in the place : the,
jutilg or Jtu"ts re'-uaed. and to tit in
tio deternlnration of the case.
'hes Junugs of the C'ourts of Altpeal
shell hae power to cerrttly to the- Jlu.
preme Court any iqueatiortf or pr',lI,-li
tonI of tlaw clncerlln which it d ,.-oL
the ihttructions of that colIrt ft r i s
propetrpeiton. Aptd iheruponl t,Ie j.0
prm, Cuurt nuAy-olthtr vl\'e t !fln.tru -
t ens 6e the quesflon.A 9 pIrolpe.:tttis
curtilt d to It. which shall be blirlfg ty[oi
l 'Cr's of Appea '1. h 'lS
or it iay rsqqfre that ' vhole re- ord
Lsd eaLts may be sent O to It foI Its
coenllde-atiln, and there pon rKs.I' de
ckle the whle 'matter ,It co- ' ' y
'n the('an,. mraner as if t r-l . on
apseal ditretly to the Att1ptore t.J ? t
The ~tur-ene C'ourt may -n :h" r•tI. "'
of a)i patty Ip Inrteroet rev;ee Lt, , r
r rr :.4 amrents of it., - "
peal. lth nmayO conflict with t .,
or with tle dacltlon of the S:: '
OId iatful, amend or aftrn, tr .
anm t etrupon snail decide" th- i. -ve
matteytla controversy In the sat ,r Iu -
ner, as if It had.lbeen.on alppel d t o
to theaprern e Coturt.
Se,. Be it further resolved:. ct.. "
arti6 one hundred and two rof tOh,
-ti::tlt: .of the State of Louis:rl:: t -J
amend4e as to read as follow;:
Article Itl: All causes on ap;.::l t, v ,:a
Couri of Appeal shall be trhi,, -- "
oreillal rdcord, lrealdlai t a -, ." .
in the Distret ('ourt. with .r' . t :.
of the minutes, the whole to err.- i ! i
of a trensetlpt, and to bf fIlici ,. ,at.0
d wimnent.
lttied'ately after the final d,.- ,-: t
thi Muse. the or!linal papers. :-' or
writ copy of te decree of the i ..,
she be returned to the court of t.*
ihst utanee.
Sec. . Be it further reeolved, .tc . TJiat
Attiie one. butfdred and three of the,
Cleatltuttob of the State of L,ul,'ana be
so amended as to read as follow s
Artitc 103. Until otherwise provided by
law, the rules of practice erlgulatltrg ap*
peals to and proceedings In the Sutpremtl "
Cout$ slli apply to appeals to and pro
ceedltll in 'ot:rts of Appeal, so far as
they may be applicable. The deoliruns oo
the eourts of Appeal, with hyllatl pre
parled the judges. shall be published
and the General Aseesrbly shall rnaleL
plro lons for thie publlcatlon thereo .
Set f. le it further resolved, 1c.. That
one hundred and five of the OoDstttutiot
of til Itate of Louisiana be so amende
as read as follows:
S15. The Judges of the Courtb
Of eal shall each reeieve a salary cd
four thouad dellata per annum. pay
abuiaosatly QA their reSpeutive war
" . be it further resolved, etc . That
At one hundred and stx of the Con
sti et te tathe of Lotatslala te so
n M to 4d as follows
I'8: The clerks of the Dl'ltrict
the parl* ;n whlic the seeiolstl
Courts of Appeala are hold. shall
is clerks ot the Court/e A- *-,,e
and e clerks of the city of New , -. s
1 rmwteiisa now ixtA, by law C a I
ethl is proV'4.¶ hv the General
40 y, Their fees shall be fx'd ib :5,
herr of tash pL r:lli In waihl, the
is held sh.ll atte-ndl In pers r an
l yto t cutt the orle re of I.e
Afeases saeealed to or penlting in ';t
Courts of Afet:i as ornni·md unsI ' o
conatitutlpn o 1-79. hoe . Or on a
fIrSlondaT Irn "':y , .S hall bto t: -
ferl for dlecLi!olr to Coulrt ,If
lesh having ', Irsi r 'rt risdict o: -
der the forego:: T o,'::,lmente.
ilper of the Hi ti o(i ir'. " :: T .
FPrcsdelt I T . - If 4h .. e
S,. r- v,., .
JOIN ..x
Pr3O 'nRrn A tl , -
i tol ,f t' <  " ou ,
Riltal I t 0L ' a , T ,y
Slent of Penth - vitt.
Section 1. Fe It I ,, \ y! y the ( t.n
-1Assehl hly of t 'f l].li4tia,
twitblirds If all i' s -lect-cI t1 "
e Houce onfl- r , ie o I,,, -
in rlnentC.rO ITt I , t plar: f
th.Constltulion If 9'a'I' -f Lo, I
t!on 1. N- tenlr ilto tIry ,nvlht stctl
ov lte leas! or h r, 1to 't ,-rw.
or tlasi-liti :, or blonro.. , ' ani5 t"l r
4 so the I-nt , ,. , J Lt it
the article I all take r'`- t ~uon 0 th,
e llgulihml ltt ol th- leaa-r mate por
ault to Act i,. lit4. approv t July Joth,
2 The (ten ral A -sembly may atitior z
the employrn .tt inider Sltatc s;lpervisin
and tie prolltr oflc rs anid Uipto!
ofthe State, (,If con 'lVt', 0o puil-le Ua ,!
ow-other ,lIbl'. work., 'er on c6nvl.t
fal.s or manufactorlcs owned by or cn
trdirl by the 8t::ah or any pubii Ie\, ie
bonrd or otn sany lpublIc levee undir so h
p-slons and reetriotlr.as at may be trnl
p-i by law.
c. w. SOLTon,
Oaher qo the House of Representatiles.
e.taLent Pro TemipWS of the Senate
Itrue copy:
T. & ADAMB, Secret·ty of Staite.
pgpegag Amendmaets to Artlete IM
a, and I of the Co~astltatlta t
the State of LataI a, Relttle to
Publte Uducatte.
etes. . Be it tmdywd h the Geas
0=1 Asmuably ot the S tate ol Iataleo
-ontinuded on Pge a.

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