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Tensas gazette. [volume] (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, February 07, 1896, Image 3

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Sfke.'b a soette. -
O1! 't coae 't Ker1
A" sp.,bilbr tuat gtoo wei
"4 thoý,Ijtest e stee. -Shoddy
baisB * ftaI rsad a cheat; boy
stitet.w'~rt wt' at ms' MeAbt
,1?9 8r oals, lot tes.
"RLIKi ,'whose oentee
.o uratted to mloI1e wi
d-mWet for lTi, was Conveyld to;
the, pib*t iaty on Wondiy by
dhpmtg s*eafi Alberut Bondrsat. b
Uoneavahud Acme betma at 12 in
n'est per ~pod ait Kia ,sa Tc
'MRs, W, W.l B'er left on the
"tett rkpe' on Tauetly for i.'
SMeeptile nd " froti' t aee 'ill to t4
j 'bhae of ter Wlr, 'bMr. kieln, I'
fiear'ly atas n)o. Barh,lrho ' we. )t
: to sriw ca eeni. t ,t
- " ou'se . e altble', ' eat t
'f rtN of letI My - hih
. ast Fib61rs reuwase *theuvlest
it t l i t a tithig t -allyu,
or .
ý; < llbirbr r s .iglaro cl s
1º ; .to at ' *- emn for
; " , ii M te i t e. it
ose.'r.eit garden aseed grto gtoer
'alute to sells Letedrbtb', 'tha best tii
;C';y me ,, -,, mth.e I
. - th, alinoii Lai't . on
5wy at Miss Btttte BosH
F" "" "|.st' yq. Miss be iderstn t "
tieref~te-(tdati paatn set.n'r"
'b . is e iteo im cr
Akw bs a pt 't*gard ~I
` J 4eorstjd are sierl and
Sw 4 tte, .
'p j '* seda 'oloot 'ell. IWat i
sad 'ta lotiv tth besa soht&
steY SIt u Th, heavy rli
n hwtiptke rao
" 0 maer lad d ad Teaueied e
*Is rveles teotte.
FrolM letter written by rlev. J
S rfltt ed to mikt thiks etrneet
uhutdlug tr. iuag's Ne0 lscover3
:.wi tLhe reblis were .Ut mtarvelore
~tag~E eu of ny -wire. Wia ll P
peater of 'tWath Bag t Uliurci
.lAlflhellbop the Wh ub broeght
, -:lkiqtb I'th ermouat succeed Ir o
-ingb~Oeg touhld last hours With
S 'letEdralition ad at s ei ted
'be setd not survive t hmt. di
=frMte recom tae.ded Dr, King's
* &Rse oeseoerJi; it was quick in srt
g cml.gbl i saaitictoretiy inr,
k Trial toottlen tree at J. P.
qtale 0s. and l1.0 0
eril!awg wojl'& "do at llug'i but
oas yeur goods to 'yor door. His
. lbverU ~ie deliveirs soods .y
igtmg i town.,
ex tio e o alitOf \loots and toed1
o f, ot weather tha. a laeberma is
pssai& poa to endture in the gasps
~s~s( Sl bseered, ueendt it e.see
,tq mrae menat. Kr.. J. 0. Ddere
• i atu  sh e 5orm~t Sa
*s rI
Qi)oo~ raolcprJtl~, I~yoU
D' .W.C I . tI-1-.
State of Loui*4ua, Pj of Tenmee, 8
6thnltUeebsllk .
:w. H.OAG*4MOD,
E. W.1 WRDfI .
B Y fRTUE bF A iBIT of aeri -
Jtfanri to me'dilreasiby the loo.:
W. D. A. Gordon, Sixth Justice of the
Pease in and forthe Parish of cnesas, I
will proceed to tell at public auction on on
0o Sturday,'the 99th day f 'f
February, A. D. 1896,
between the dlrsl of 11 sad 4 o'cloceek.
2 In 'ront of "ourt hoase door, In the a
Town of Waterproof, the following de- b
itribed props rty i-wit: e
e '1000 feet of cypress lumber on
r L'Argent Landing.
3500 feet of ash hinmbil, a
500 feet of gum lumber sad two boat P
l, pa ls, (6 plink)'at saw mill on Care- b
taine lntation, setted in the alfove ena
hlted add rubtlr Pail. Iad
'Terms of sale: COsh a thealpt, lam- d
t'er to be delivered to puarIfiser where
,it tow lies.
' Cenbtaebletb Ward. " v
Ie ll s a ý... . Ior - '
st nrH'of iar na, Parta of feasue, , r *bh .
,1 %)#., ,,ot CotL
"ueeeselon of kr.. Ctiir S6aJltr. deeCtaed.
- B-ltt C NBPICE is IIEREBT GV1t thit
d I '4 mb P.Imiblon bas apP d tobe atP
pofled ffadne lsnedetkry nxeeatbr)ceabb' I
aseoeolon. s
Ndw. therefore, auleb dritts.a oppo'itioa
theaao be Ilied to my oumk wistl en days,
STref pbliatidue hereof, lbe said'soaotlineut
t j wlib aeds as prayed for. e
KeeL) s , pm,bsa4a d e heal ot
S..a.) t~ad cort thlt ith db efe'bro
__ ary,' 1896. 4 t
iS. ODRRY, it
Clerk Thb LhatS Court. i8.
Osaka's Orrpe, Vbb. 6th. ?9S6.
ý,ate of LouWtans, Perish of aeSis. Se.enth
Saareed on of iMr. rrsucaendtt6tOilleaIpe,
10 deceased. -
MiiTIC Is ilURBET GWKY thatt
U. Otthleb hias apphpd to be *pida ed t
ad Witoesa. ' ny baud sad t9 Rc, o, I
[L. e meie Ctrt tb bcutor of above u
aeol . l..j.
II w, teretre, unds irk o ppoatio
It ~L~ow' le csx, *h. IM, . *
RriiaLfo bObks i l be ,mbe thn
tbO ibtb~ays Spiet'o d belo w to da-r
Fit peblicatso heiro, the sareid.t i t o en
Id Wit ness. teIy h"id ad stel of ii
L. t qs aid Cw o thi 6th oft.e bwra1
ar fory to89.
Io el rkvoter of the nar -
'IYb that Gr . Also thIt eattb
Re moade bokse ness isaly the
. rs who fal to _ str before
I tf any .v on the
h f last e1ct n.
ood--Mtish and..
S Hltrllton- '" 4th shh lbih.
P.ollywoo- "' 6thS 4
Mayf.ower- " 10tf.
a Wa'tterproor- " \ttb and 313t
Hi thlandd- " 1bth,
sto). Joep6p~Court Bne-Itmba
B. F. BOrNEY, 1
ly i10erlCa fld to M.6 . it 1
Splaeca will be sold ther separatelp r I
- taweier. For terms applyj to T. b
SClinato or HA. .Garrett, t. Joqept., I
.h.bamberie' c Pe ftZIC Skin Ofattc*
h - (1, a '4 . '' L tt,
..n .: , Chaapped
. r,. . t,.'l, -.t }Ltt p er
_ T • P O -- P
r. I ,r piretirg ;e 1 a~ the healthy coe
f lition try Or. ('dvs e on, i:ion,Powders.I
1.xcy tone oi 'he bs 'm, vi di Jigtesteri g
IrCs of appetite, rhIeve .nntipetionlcco
at kidaey dinrderrn an de .r'y wctms, ivni
new life to an old or ow ] e" i horse.
I ents per pcrkage. F r s: l bv Ihnuggsbtds.
jn s taus t t usee
JUOIolAL sDt3gSgagggL,
ANSof 5Ai .U* of TMns"s,
7th Ditriea CMeat. ,
vs. -No. 4405. b
'-kht by virtue of an 'rder'of et- b
ate and sale to me drtbted 'by the
above named Henorable Court In the b:
above (tyled salt, I nave beiseirl isd
will, on
Saurlay, the 49th day e t ebraari,
A. '). 1896. f
ofer for sale at the Court Hduse 'door -
'in the town ofSt.' oseph; ia this parish .a
within the bhra prescrfbed by law,
that It between the bopta'of II o'clock
a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.,to the highest r
bidder the followtng described prop- of
erty situated in this parish, to-wit: '
lit. All that cert.in parcel or lot of u
ground together with the improve
tnents thereon and all rights. was.
privileges and appertecances thereto e
belonging sitrated iS the town of St. oe
Joseph, meSUrtnng 108feet and 8 inches a
front on the River Road; 107 feet tn a
depth and frant on the Pnk Road; Il3 i
feet in depth Od the opposite side line
dIlvtding it 'rom property of S. Solomrcn
and 9U feet in wi'th os'tts rear line di
viding it from pboperty 6f James Stew
'art. Said parcel of ground is the south
eastern corner of what was styled the
"'Gillespie purchase" and wasu aqlureb
by Robt.. Maxweif by perchate at ,
Shertiff's sathereof oe'July 27th. 1889,
"as appeate by deed redorded in Deed
hlook p. Ci4itn Recorder's Offlee ofeaid u
Parish 6f Tenss and was bought .by o0
said Willa Moore from said R ,W-t u
:Maxwell by deed tecordled in said Leet a
'Dook "K" page 689 to whbh said dieds i ,
specialareference is hereby made. Ut
2nd. i'he Saranbe plantation, With `
all the improvements thereon and all t
the rights, ways privileges, apperte
•trances thereto belonging, or in anywise
appertalntng, wore particularly de- di
scribed as follows: The Northwest o,
quarter and the a w"qr. of sea seven- -
teen less 215 acres fbrmerly soltd to
Utras. GO. Dalgren; the southast quar- v:
'ter of said'section seventeen; the north
-east quarter of sedtlon twenty; the
northeast qnarter,'tbe northwest quar
ter and the southeast quarter bf section
t wenty-one, tess forty-three acres
thereof sokl to Buckner and Huastaker,
allln T'ownshipi 'Twelve Q21u rge
Eleven (I1) East, contain.tai sares,
/bint the same property which Jtbhn S. P
Mills acquired by purehgee at the pub
I'M sale -tereof made by the Sheriff of
'tenes parish, La., on De er 4th,
t4t.'us appears by deed of recard in the 
"Rece er's Otlce of said Teasas parish
in Book of Sheriff's Deeds "B" pagdes
Also 22 mules, 9 horses, s plows. I
lttvatbr, I wagtos.
Terms of sale: Cash.
W. E. YOUa , Sherif. -L
Br. Joseur. La., Jan. i6. f..I. I
IUDI.JIAL ...DV. .l . "T.. .
State of Lbulsiana, &Aarisb 6 'fensa,I
7tt1s4 atrict Court.
7t -fa sltcuu
.vs. No. 4138,
Bpi I NO'bOTlUr. IS HEREBY gIven i o
- that by virtue of a writ of fler'
facis tb me directed by the abovel
'named flonor(hle Court in the above:
styled suit, I have beized and will, on
SaIart451 the 49th .hay at 5ebruaary,
Ioffer 'fr salk at thebourt House door
Jn the town of St, Joseph1. in this par- 1
isih withui the nourt prescribed by law,
that Is between tre boars of 11
So'eoloc. mn. and 4 o'clock p. m., to the
higheslIdder the following described'
property situated in this parisn, to-wit- ;
Those certain lots of ground on the
'Euansicker plantation fronting sonth on I
Young's bayou, known and designated
as lots Nos. twenty-stg ee, twenity-lour,
twenty-five, twenty-sit, twent,-merene4
twenty-eight and twenty nine o. a cer
tain map or plat of the Hunsicker pl.n
Itation made by John Jobahnsoi anod re
corded in Deed Book "K" ,. the Re
Scorder's Office of this pa~risu. to w cn
specal rerence is hereby nade tor tle-:
scription, tt being nuderstto that tha i
boundaries of said'land -a4i be gCov
erned by said mae, lie cvcv: lota con
tamnIng 216 scres mor" o" iesas.
Terms om Sale: Las.
I. y. Y[OU.'l. Sbuerrif.
Sr. Joser, La. jan. I. ¶896.
4W ,,, .. sue.. tedreas
ilsiet e. Awit*|,
e4, A4d e rmea, katl Po..
igge Wew
by Dw. . _ . , '3 - ,
i et a' Wt ".
butho et th ar* ~tee "
enad~roh a " :
bl take thM the
s l Wlhec es of tdbit Ws W
'ie (t 'e sum . et cbl ah
afe to G tberal Doe.b sheD ae i
tr esetab t tLNhLb . mulh
Arts le two hu red end
bhh Com.stlt.tderor tMe
Sana be ao am r .l . re.d
ohe qtIshAlhed t* of the St~e ai
or -a t oe e for the term of tmer yese
St* 'th a tthe nn e
Spees of hisa ofloe lhal be Axied b law.
tereiO4 thde mlary and expense oe tise
- abIH i t exceed foil r h tead 4el
f the apo tent or election of Parish
 Behrs "of ubtrlc drftolos Ia the di
ferentt t f rtshes.
the Pr ruh Board zlehaasa . pti a"
talb be tethrndent be4 w t
,tarise ho shall be wa41
of tbhe P'b I Boetr aid ' whstto l
S dtry for double rttfincotf l he n be d
accordtah to the Oi'7e oa 'ea uta
SSect. 1 it f"rt4 relv O..el,ht
S. agrspb of Ar* . mas'hehe
J 'weoty-noas cf ..4CeastituttdS of
SStea e of Lonesa shall be so Meed-*
as to read as follwye:
t .- ,Y9. Far, t'dTh. I.:eature
*ai opr atei i the pte -ttsMsl fi d
i : p ocsed,, in whole or tspoet, t pu
. a: ot dostgiut d for W Atpe`
Sone had evý pareis -a-' an-y
oarsIts. bn4 I
a ,r `towd' aube tPo paerish tet y
may si fano anti4l tel eit d ri Mbe
si tvoolt ntbqrheu, ft aot lest AR'
ofe-bhlf *lle oUthe 4.805, 9ttiisd
of rIetsh or mnicitpa teiati n abs
not es. tee mild s ea thr dbl. ateot r
tus u aneal that each sehool dbtriot Or
five mils per antat on tIhe G lIr e
valuation of ev the taablte - mprerty
thereo flr ald at publae soeloeo, as L
approvtal at ab u YO ' n qo U
one year reedinrs eaid wb! er d
trlct. and voting at the electies.
e Sec.1. e it further resolved.,Sc..1ffeat
the last paragrarh of Artipfs two hutp
dred ani thirty'thre pof the Const-it*ti
t of the elate bf Louttsarab aselesddd
i astWo tred es follows:
Article S. Par. 4. Tie taterest -
Svded for by this artic)e shil be paid
o: any taxes that may be levied er
- C ed fer"te general purposes et'geCerh
e '. W. BOLTON,
Speaker of the House of p Re. Lt
' Prsident Pro Temeorw of the SIUtb.
S tu y4 .. tue : -
T. ADAMS Slieaetary of Stets.
e r.o. '1.
SPr. "ing r aermeaemat to the Ceasti
u,"of the State6t J.otuesle9, reia
tle t pensions fowetr C dera-e l
' tr, taior asl id tr widews.
q" tten 2. " e It resolved by the Ges-n
e eral Asseealby of the (tate qe todean,
St o-third of a the t _ 0*el5s4 Ibot`*c
house coneaw1D 2 V
at the tol.nwe eaemm dinte Ieat e
ba : stitaoe of tse- ofL"t isa
sibm-itt to the Ese prs of the SCaes
. e t- -o*-,-. s.e , , ."
e s3Onerdi Asmeh~y myq flit
law e iaens fer indi get asa
heroMe Ballots who s. Uh
Loe30*s"this $te et a .'bp:Ke
r . -threugh the wa the e th-e
" . o r o ys.r ,o wee's, foir
ably ..enera, .e as. ier
ad 'w a ~p ew eele At t tore Slate
ads ae sti able to earn ugaiert bYtr
t.eir own labor on a t df, 4w A9d
ecqivet 'In the Confederate oArmy or
lthb* phylel disability causedl by sr
vices_. said arm. . Pensisn may also
be allowed to the Indigent widows at
seek 3oLdlers and Sailors now dead. whe
tro I or diseas they edsdt Mers a
Iei.sf tche Housede of ent Soatile spot
C. ItiRLO T.
e th o dent Pro"LsGtn o t Senate
a Wos 'r ay l! ro
ti O nutt
peor or thHose B~ of P te detats
. ·r.. y o Srtati
Ft ' t- ar d e -t- - to Artlr1o 7. 8
r 1A, 116, 1-, I" &Int 7. and kbro
Ig ArtICs 12 d of the Con
.xUtotnon of tiP 8'ate of lttleltaa.
l / htl6n 1. Be "tpced by the General
bd or : bo tma: of L ulciana. two
.:use cnn , t fitl. seven
me *he Ccmr o olrt State of
Ifl I, aoL tb Um S4 read as
ad * 7e 1. ci h t utiona
rt-:r n o: n cesee of
*)cg~r L t t C thi~ln cases
n- bi nt Snegearlly im
.al or. y eatlh, the
1IPr for trial
e- dix 1t nuobet ,
* - i . m vngele or specic
e-od~ih h hrst etc.,
I str 'ialle b so
i nu two thou
'Or" *c moW of ntemt. to
7g 1 rt. el t rit
41 rthe toa
mI i whe th
held ibs at s M
vaeate w .t.
baum - abae aA .
th e
.mDe. SL #tun be tiee w
seaote e mj ~ve o *
hwei. ..h t.i .I
on se, e me hured assd e t weEdJ ·'
. tbe .o a tin tIe
hate em emSN euqsissw
ue. p ".I M
im "
j n the 3m V .. 3 sqra
I s o.tI
i M -:ozwO AM R'oP..
dhW1tbdr uth .aar
UI *Atrmms' ws am'.
-__3 a  ,n me t**e qi t
_roeedag -, ansadt  be Ird-.
Sase the o4'C cUse teM cat i
; ef ousahu, dakt t o t:e ,- I
•t, res a, o ma ta ortsea
Isote- m 1. 3 ttnesdve Ii 5.0mm
1 bloe f a teSto a te crL, I . t
of aen t bs elqs d a eacha
sTe sea spemt was se a u se o
:use aa twelvte o te Ciedma t th
"oh'iese uof aLsse rla ess sm a
to rea * follow:
soaf d trit t. fr U r hi
athrbs.et Wemr to t di eto t J N
cou tPr r rtt t spr u oa i as
'scil Jsgtcse ae 'a 5 IsW'm
.u adterst so bui*requi re, s
Iga anr mt caalenyI dsc f
ao er di4stric, vennwto i to ta
uhr cppoinat en t sha ll ed te i
delae a ndtelv etattd.
to was ee Fron 1 h e
or.S aDAMS . Sa e r etary at Ura
*la. F kkit taerebap 4$
okithe3·lbrw1se henwarmemo sage
sociat Jutc hrer , stinth~eas
bt th ororsyae*m sae
e ss
, k
*1 ý
' a Te s M f-ta".
Yn th bra asetoa aý."a yý
wrwa 1 PM -r ,ý ± RAG
j P F r. r .. ,
ONas q Sri Va tr &
a pit ss . It
siatll thesic tsatnl
P t r
s ae. .*v
OitNT t 3f!. 8erLeItOqK 4,
hq*w :qbt at A"'.&w t pr£t ~ati '
han * ter ofth. A'
et ge ans .
teef a pprg Uso roed S etfn~
kAL a ae vi &'tviUe J
aU aIS the IaoU er a 54*)n pa
r ' *m
be~~ i ag OWf
*;tst.;i b O.ak
* 1':
~~ r
' ,
'SIm n rn* ~Ukae · ~i h
*~CI -C *k c
.~. I.'II~1L ~ 4

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