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____ T H . 0 . 7FiS.AS.l-,.!  '
NEW SIERII,; VO)L. ' ST. ,JOI&]Pit, LA.cUA. FE~y l'BRUtIV1,',(4 
The Latest Foreign and Do
mestic News.
Rallroad Bridge Collapses--Sixty An
archists Arrested in Lisbon--Edltor e
of tLb London Pall Mall ;azette i
Drummers Meet at Terre Haute. I
The national Iboard of directors of 1
the Traeelers' Protective A~aociation
has decided to hold the national cco
vention at Terre Haute, Ind., on Tues- 1
day, June 2, next. .1
Mother of Oscar Wilde Is Dead.
Lady Jane Franceca Soprauza
Wilde, widow of Sir William Robert
Wilde, M. 1)., surgeon-oculist to her
'Majesty in Ireland, and mother of Os
car Wilde, is dead.
Citizens' Bank Assignment.
The ('itizens' Pank, of Connersville,
Inud., owned by cx- Insited ,States Treas
urer Thurston, assigned Thursday
morning. The statement to the pub
lie says that all de1poits will be patd in
full in three mntnths.
Wants IHer Marriage Annulied.
Princess Marieo Louiie, of Bouron, li
h:s asked the Pope to anntil hr mar
riage with Prince F".rdin nd of Bull
garia, on account of the latter consent
ing to th, conversiou of their son,
l'rince Boris, to the Greek Church.
Dynamite O()ntrage in Lisbon.
A bomb exllo(dld at I o'clock Tues- n
day night in the resid,.nce of a physi- 1i
cian in Lisbon, who eertticted to the 1
lunacy of the man bho threw a stone e
into the king's carriai, a short time
ago. iMuch damage was caused by the
explosion. Ten arrestd have been
Died While Shouting.
At Tonkawa, a small town a few n
miles north of Perry, O. T.. free Meth- I b
odi(ts are holding a .revival, and it o
seems the whole town will be turned r
over t., religio,. The meeting goes on
every day and night. Men and women
faint in their enthlusiasnm, and a man
anl woman have died while shouting.
Woman Defeated.
Miss Florence King. a bright young S
Kansas womnn, nbout twenty-five years p
old, who liBs graduated from the ('hl
cago Law School. ns defeated Satur
day by voters of Edison Park, Chicago, si
in her candidacy for justice of the fi
peace. ('ha. . L. Wheldon, her male ti
oplponent, received 31 votes; 22 were lI
cast for Miss King. e
Summarily Dismissed. R
Henry C. Gust, editor of the Pall k
5Mall Gazette, London,. and Mr. Miller, l
assistant editor. having deelined to re
sign their positions, Mr. Astor has sum
marily dismianiissed them. They an
nounoed that they will immediately rI
publish a statement of the reason. The
editorial staff, upon learning the action
of the chief, resigned in a body. k
Vill C'arton's Mother Dead.
Mrs. Celeste 1. C(arleton, miother (of
Will Carleton. the po'et. is dead. Sh"h A
was born at Castile, N. Y., September tl
i5. 1815. In IM33 shet married a young re
New EUndlanler. John ('arleton, who ti
went westwardl to seek his fortune, and t
in the aildlhrness o, Miichigan they
founded a hole, where her husband i
(lied in 1872.
Murdered by Indians.
Serious applrehension is felt for the
safety of four white meen and one
woman who are he(eved to have been
murdlered(l by Haunegah Indians of Ki
ake Island. Alaska. One of that tbe
was recently cnvicted ,f the n aler
of a white miner, and was to have
been hanged last "e k at Sitka, but at
sentence was commutedl t, life imprie- I,
onment. B
Railroad Bridge ('ollapsed. N
A Irioge on lhb. New England rail- p
road, over the ctl'rceuck river, near cl
Bristol, (onn.. c',lapseI abon)ut 9 tl
o'clock Thursday nmghlit, carrying nith a
it twenty workmen, ,of ,hom thirt4en e
are believed to hive lIcrishel. At mid- L
night t l, bodies Llhad len recovered, i
and eleven are misting. Among the ft
dead ir John O'Brin. foreman, ofa
East Ilrtforid. The names of the 0
missing alret ntown. "
Panic A.mon • '
A small tire,.whirh began in the dry
ing-room of the 'iltey House, New
Yrk, about 3 o'clock. Tuesday morn
ing, and tillhd the halls with a dlense
black smoke, caused a lanic amongst
the female'p'lll ibo, prty dressmed,
ran hither'and thither, una'le to find
a means of escape. Asishtd by oool
headed male guests and policemen they t
all found places of safety. T'he tire
was extingiished' with lions of
y As-ehlists Arrested.
Si narclaigt have bee4 arrested
in L as a result ,of the explosion
of a b in the house of a physician
who testified to the insanity of the
men threw a stone at the king,but
the p n who placed the bomb has
not b soe sredi. Senor D'Azevedo,
the e aof justice, d"clared in the
chamn of deputies, that the govprn
ment determined to adopt' the
sever easures to suppress knarctk
ist on
rushed Its Inmates.
Tw n rye killed and two injured
Frida the falling .of a building in
Third une, Brooklyn, N. Y. The
builds as condemned nearly a year
aco. as athree-story brick, 50 by
12". fe nd was owned by the H. W.
.Johls facturing Company. The
upp'er rs were vacant, but the first
floor ented by James Quigley, who
used it a cooperage shop. Quigley
usuall ten men at work in his
shop, iday morning there wore
only h If and three others.
M hy Gives His Reasons.
Ju McCarthy has addressed a
letter te secretary of the Irish par
ty, i lon. He says that his ree
sons fihg up the leadership are I
Sholly onal, and due to his falling 1
health to the necessary attention
to his ion, upon which depend- I
ed his hood. He says that he is I
still full confidence in the interest 4
of H ,ule5 which he does not be- 1
lieve is ed to l,e so long deferred
as some to think it is. He sees
hopeful ications that the fractional
party oon be united.
lOwn fromn the Track.
The relar passenger train, which
left I)en, Col., at 8 o'clock Sunday I
mornin as blown from the track e
lhalf a from the Denver depot at a
.12:10. )d Van Sickler, of Chicago,
editor growler Truth, a bicycle pa
per, dly cut about the' head.
Union bicturing Company, Tole
do: S. illawd, of the Dunlop Tire
Comp 1ofton, and .J. P. Dazey, of
tihe , a bicycle paper, were
more ess hurt. The train was
blown at a point within 1,500 feet
of wb imii4 accidents have occur
red so timis before.
-n an Embankment.
Fifte persons were more or less
senri) u iiund one cannot rdcover
as the rt of a collision between an
eastbou Wabash stock train and a
St. Lo Keokuk & Northwestern.
,asuen train, coming south. The
collisi curred near a tunnel one
mile n of Hannibal, Mo. The
sItock t , which had just emerged
from t nnel, struck the passenger
train, ing into the side of the
ladies' h and throwing it over an
emban t almost into the Missis
sippi ri there were fifteen passen
gers in coseh, and that none was
killed is iracle. All were more or
less bru
S mbed to the Cold,
Peter tkin, proprietbr of a wAgof
repair a n lIddletown, N, Y., took r
Maud to ae. 23 years, out driving
Saturdiy ht. They crossed Wall
kill riskr $ol*ins bridge and in the r
darkness &e of the road idto the
flooded adow. The water was
nine feet tp and the two stood on
the seat o4e wvagon, calling for help.
A Frenchý named Bupre went to
their assi ce, but when the water
reached hf pe he was obliged to re
tir~. Th yo s ecumbed to the in- I
tense colds both sank beneath the ,
flood after hour's suffering. Search
ing partie.Scovfred Atkin's body at
noon and tgirl's body fast to a barb
wire fence a mile down stream was t
recovered i _ht I
Boston another Capitalists to Rreet 1
Plnats J.lasper and Oxford.
Alabamar secured the location of
another m*toth cotton factory. T.
L. Long, dasper, Ala., acting for
Boston caplists, who represent the
Nashua Mqfacturing Company, of
Nashua, Ni.. has secured from the
pobate j of Walker county a
charter fo e erection at Cordova,
that conntsf a 40,00o-spin(lie cotton
mill, to cos~(O0,O00. The site select
ed is in the art of a rich coal field. 1
Local capitaecured the mill by giv- I
ing 600 acrjf coal lands with a five
foot vein. is estimated that there a
will be a s4g of $15,000 a year by 1
owning the l land, as the company
will mine ir coal. ant it will oost
only the pr of mining. Work is to
commence the buildings April 1st. ,
The plant fe known as the Indian
Head mills
Oxford. -. has alab'seu-dl a cot
ton milL W. Cooper an1 others
will erect a ,O00 plant at that ploa.
Drojd While Skating.
Arthur Bles, 13 years of age and I
alto soloisti . S. Ctleveland's minstil I
company, lrowned at noon Siuay
at GOardinerj, while .katin
ed Iteresting and Newsy Itemsu
on frozý Was giutz. a
an , .1' ·.
he -
U- Morgan Syndicate Gets Two-thirds of is
the Bond Isme--The Bonds Faultily
Printed and Will Have to be Re- w
printed. P
i -
A Postal Xppointment. t
P'oomasnter-General Wilig has ap- is
er pointed W. A. Burwell, of Georgia, o!
chief of the division of postoffieelhp- si
V plies, poatoffice departmept, lice B. h,
• W. Taylor, of West Virginiavg tl
(o Good News for Boomers. tz
.y The Red Lake and White Earth In- 1
is dian reservations, comprising a million o
re acres and forming part of the old Chip- b
pews reservation in Minnesota, will be
opened to settlement on May 1 by ,a L
proclamation to be issued shortly.
r- Senate Oflcers Nomlaited.
a- The Republican senators in canucuse
re Friday nominated A. J. Shaw, of 8po- p,
ig kane, Washington, for secretary of the o1
sn senate; H. L. (rant, of North Caro- R
d- lina, for sergeant-at-arms,' and Alonzo bi
is Stewart, of Iowa, to ucee the late B
at Capt. Rassett, as assi tan doorkeeper. F
e- It was decided to retain . W. H. t
)d ,Mftburn as chap!ain.
Pension Clerk Commits Bulclde. t]
John Shea, a first-class clerk in the d
record and pension divisia of the war
department and a veteral of the late 1
h war, committed suicide in a closet at se
ry the department Thurs tay mornin# by .
sk shooting himself in th b he ad, .l g
it almost instant death fle ev'
4 was unbalanced mcnta.llyfroman bin_.
- received during the war.
e rover WIl Sl~. I -.
e- The Catron biM, to prohibit'
fighting in Federal Territories, will6
probably be sent to the president this bi
re week, and it is considered almost cer- fr
tain that it will be signed promptly by oI
et him, thus making it a law and opera- at
r- tive immeliately. With this law on
the statute books, the whole govern
ment authorities-judicial, and, if
necessary, military-will be invoked to
as see that the prize-fight is stoppfed. TI
er - " 7f
m Where the Bonds Go . to
La ate Friday afternoon Aslidtsnt See
n fetary Curtis announced that he was
1 able to state that from a complete.an- *
e alysis of the bids fgr bondatbat they
1e showed that bids aregting $66,7t8,- =s
520 above l10.6877 had been received, to
er and the 780 persons making those bids i
te would be awarded bonds. The Mor
gan synditate bid of 110).6877 for p
$100,000,000 bonds or any part thereof ce
S ould be accepted for $33,211,850.
SAll bids below the figure 110.6817 are
therefore rejected.
A Chippewsttan Piotest.
- The contentions of .the. various bands
Ak of the Chippewa Indians of Minnesota
w ere submitted to the Indian bureau
II- Tuesday, in a hearing, given by oom- a
2e missioner of Indian affairs Browsl p
and Assistant Commissidner Smith, to a I
as delegation from the tribe. The In- a
n dlians made a vigorous protest against l
the employment at the expense.of the
to Indians of three commissioners to make
allotments to the tribe and against the u
e- maintenance of a corpasof estimators or a_
land examiners. " i
N- ominations Confirmed. t
it The senate in executive saesla Tues- A
- day confirmed the following nomina- ;
'e tions: Ignatio Sepunlvida, of Califpor
nia, to be secretary of the ]egatio of d
the United States at the City of Mex
ico; John A. Marshall to .be United a!
States didtrid) judge for the diatriot of b
at Utah; John W. Juda to be attorney P
of the United Statee for the district of n
Utah; Nat M. Brigham United States t
of marshall for the distrigt of Utah; Mar- '
. tha Brown to be poeimistrbs at F-r(
or Valley, na.
United States Supreme Court Adjournr.
The October term of the United is
States supreme court was concluded
STuesday and the court adjourned untila
t March 2. During the term 217 oases
have been disposed of as againsat 165 ''
v- last year:. Before adjournment the
.- court changed the assignment of the
re sugar bounty cases from the first to the J'
y third Monday in March, and also re
Vy ceived a motion from the attorney gen
t eral to advance on the docket the eoe io
o of the steamer Coquitlam, whilch in-ai
. qolves questions of international im-.'cJ
Lfl portance.
-- 0o
N4- National Farmers' Alltance. :
S The supreme equncil of the NationaL il
. Farmerd' Alliance Wednesday nigMt
disposed of all the.mnatter~eooming be
fore thbeunalnmeeting. Ofiosi were tl
ad eleced as follows: Mann Page, Vir- s
1 gini, preidenut; H. C. 8ively, Peno .
y stylvania, vice-president; I. A. South- it
worth, Colordo, secretry sh tress- f
urer; H. L. Loaek, Bo utk DkboMk .
P. Bricker, Pensylvsnist J. PF-. W
etts, Kansas, and W. L,. Bie,
gia, exeutive costaitteel Mr.
I is aid to be a strong free aels
eate. The nanoee, eommitte r
protraet d 'earing befiido tib
committee on bankin:g sa
Bonds aislylI Frhtdim
The treasury offeais eaed tl I .
covery Friday evening that the
Sissaue of new bosds upon whyi~el
force of employees of 1s Bre
engraving and printing -,h Ias ow
Sw r-k for several weeksis not h4i4I&
paper upon whieh they are pri*l'
This is due to the fact that tob4 .
in the bonds have been impslebl.
distributed, or, in pse.(teiona
lance, have been wrongly b
officials of the treasury
are keeping the matter yry
henee the diffiBecnlty of leazsag t w
the negligence is due. Thir"
will only temporarily h
troeanry Uepsrtmpnt, q the
be put to work upon the new
once, and will further edx t
by working night and day. .The4l'_
to the government is about$l 0O0.
Leasselae sand e B D1I
Among the Louisien and&1
banking inititutioUs . wnose bie fa
bonds, greater than than 6 the
Morgan syndicate of 'tl.t ' 1
probably ooniskered lty the &m
of the Trpuary, are the foloq
New Orlea National bank, 10kN
bid 114.0506; GermanaeIsm Bi
Bank of 1Nei Orleess, $25, 1U
First National Biak
820,000, fid 112. ,. tin
4 who were belohwthe synlR
whose bids willoAotj eoh
the following: 1 t ander.'
S11. Beer, New - a teco
rte bids of P1,O00 .hlg
National Bank of New Othda,
separate bide of 0100,000 e.nd $ 0
DT Banking and avings
0oo; Vlckjbtrg
6 Dist! se
bids ofered for, gi
from which it appears thithe
of bids ablove that ok J. P.
and his assocIates; 110.818
788,650 and thbt theb'amb"aW
will be awurded to: temhI syPdis
.therefore be $33,211,850,'-or appen
mately one-third of the'" wholeI .e.,
The number of "sucoesful ba
781. ' Jn arriving at this qo iia
the officials haye throw doj '
bids, obvionaly fiotimts; • ad a
J er number hiC were
rpgrtant pqtiua T Tlo
ever, are nqt supposed -n '1
ý (y considerable sum. F(et
two-thirds of the entif ie a ` I
to hava beetd at rates t ea
$10.6877.is .osaething of a est ir'
prise. It is the intention of th) eoS
oers to have the revded list of t ian
ceesful bidders ready for pubsrti.
t morrow afternoon.
ANTOR'4 AMK8KtA ..fe.
Fired '1s Edter for '
, Eae,. at the Laa.f.t b •.
The London Times, of last M y
morning, prints Henry J. O. Ouat'se
planation of his hdmissal. om the p
sition of editor of the l Mall, s-,
gette, in the form of a orrespoadha e
between himself and W. W. As~ the
proprietor of the Poll Mall 0
Mr. Astor gives s a ream s
ing Cnst to seeig ti0 sioa ,sa
and dipra9g oolmm'ioAs
id" printed in t Panl Mal 0
:snd the habitual dtre rd r ir. As
tor's instruction by the editor. Mr.
Asta wrote to Mr. Cast on Feitra-y
S ord, 4owa:
"'We ]r suddenly searonte! with a
daCrops ceshoversy beyeses U
land a4 the Unitel SWttes ug wtihb 1'
am deiy intesested. I manot' l4is
be'reepodsible forlbe uterasn of a
, pape over whieh exercise e"ly a
nomtiwl control. P tlle&tre
that I am oonstrained to Ak you tp J
sign. I sincerely regret the preeipi
whictany of this action, ih is dau to
the political situation."
The London Chroniel4 understd.
;Douglass traight 'ho ha beeat
mn editor of tFaII Mall Gasette,
Sis odly a temporary spltnltIRn*)"
-r. Astor intends to eeuse n A~set
' can editor for the paper.
Joe. Merrifeld tKills mIts e
c~ mt sautie.
Joe Mergifield, the 12- esla1o
of Pruk Merriteld, of
stot his 7- old brol aw a
chi ester ride'sturday'moi
hilled himself, blowia* the
of his head sawy. "T1 the
Slet the boys tethr *hes.. '
coene was preseated. The
lay dead on the &our, i"al
Ssqnslor, ad the ~irai* flr..
were scath e os the*.er
fanlly until theyr v e J
I '. i `
E m
:K -

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