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)hedss. J. WIa,..
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at. J , ,uwh
t ~ ~~ *'' tb Pºýa
r. .,: tar ab 4 he
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~O'ILb Bridl%, Bdaiste
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* Lt ise, seush of Teasa
'Wb Distrla Couji.
So-. .o:. 444.
,SUO=* or a m* ITEL R.L Mc AT
ab that b Virtue of an orderto seil
a d ai to ame direted by t
aP nd Honorable court in tb
S.1 syle wit, I have seised an
a mOussl ele 14th asy or ·reak,
S A D. a ws.
er sAr ae at the Court House do
i tb town of St. Joesph, in this parelu
Lt wbihn the khem preseribed by law
S botwsee the hours of 11 o'clocl
e ad 4 o'clook p. m., to the blbc
*s tbIerthe owing descrlbed prep
sttested la this perish, to-wit
That esetail cottea plantation 0o
trat of lad lyinr sad being situatet
to the Parish of Tenses, State nt Louil
s ar sw the u :mbom" pltas
ti end sere partiularly desrlbe
a)sI begaded Neth by lands of A.
d Bs, est b) the Mississippi rives
sad Tows of Waerproof, South by
I am of Er. Bmmn L. Moore and Heesi
y b o Zeaver, it beting the plats
* tOtbel onging to the seto
sly *Mleon o Thes. XcAlister, purchased
agr at 'eesoeoea by Mrs. L. D. Bags
m anssed by her bLis a~sgPger,
together with all go as nd In
lemossn'a thoremao d ll the rights,
ways and siaden thereto apperain
tag or in r belasgag."
S ave and ezept the property ereto
sold to py debts of the suaeassloa,
Lma Na .and two In square "N,"
ar Los ND thute aaqure Q." Lots one,
St );-L:re and lr ton square '"8."
s atW, se and fouar in squre
"Lt Lot bour In square "Q" and fIree
.mdal lots 2 audI. Iv Square "U" and
foMa Leots these and four in square
"ILO Laleese, twe, three and bur in
1m'#' Lots ee. two, three and
A ure "w." Lots se, two,
tout In sunre "V,"ber
Mhe beilduop a s :ie e...
rshe Lea ars of 4
bs of the Lisbon plaatsuqe
I ahe the l i selegingo to
gSCvda0 , two ees frole by Ave
W AM o ad dJeen to the division
. aid LiaSen plantatlon
w 4W the laaon belonging to Mrs.
t EaM L. aIsea tract tying nsext
t as id Iovldsookl s the apper side.
'I g 15S -at aMt along theb public
. nt fry 40 est deep, the said tn
P m saId the last named lot (1i0 x 400
1 SMet blag earally deseribed in a
i . 5e, vm .dr . . F.iDsr assad d
Send made  part the order of sale
111is r seMi Optab 6th, M181,
Sw wha , tenaM r sad Pmik spee.al
'm et ksle Cash.
" 1f.. TOONO. Sheril.
maL 's Onc4 , St. Jeoph, La,
a W1hrua y 4h,- les .
a . Dae P. eatty. of Washuing
t NEoW ,  L- nO ad
stst orgs aa d Pn lan thau
have wrecke LOtdlbariman for eov
heIr eq advertiseent and coae
r than "Dr e *o a
ew Jeriey
i m U'Ur ve tersmeand ..
* e a rebmlanpen for theb
_ Cc zr o 1 ll 3,!rts of the world.
W te aersoemed hat duringt the next
Se year. eb lntends to sell 200.o00
re btbism oked;tat mesas a buslacks
wdm s.,ooIf we aenoage th* at
- id~1 l -a. It ieliready the lirgest
.... es f Ie kitd in exlstens.
Wtt or call po Dauiel F. Bty,
Wahlagton, Key Jersey, for
to usqotiat Z loaua
p t on 10 YBAR time
' r C1ayW La,
S& 97omcp, L~a. #
IrPLOY~ Wat!
- tPAgain-s
-* tan
-ASOras aftrr tS
I Asl I! IF 1k4.
-lb i _, in, ..,
ack then pratn s o r the
tb- and gives to tae qdresed eloetore of the
D- State of ouletaa of the proped
Oi l the crred by twe-thirds ot
or M tit saeotw to eah Hee of
,the 'Gveeru Ameembly or this sttste at
le- te rla ete tohref held at the
Ia. City oR ates ouge e I the es d
s- h tr the or atl o, th ltee tie- o
le* t po to ek*8rrla the ales
tes of tile s for thre moath Ire.
, eing the eeral sloti for Ret ao
A- tetv' and whM psepeeta amdad
pr meot more luny appearm i Jolnt Reeoels
soe US to nelet, of the Regular
by weeeo of INS; which are herelafter
bat oeon dbllshed fer the toformadeo of
10- a a pv or e at the oeat
gesmmo etieads to he hold'o Tuesday,
StheM - da of AprI, Usa. it being the
tmI 3 uoowin the third Moe
y o at f moath, in such omanner an
majority of the qumiond electers o tinr
a l oleetle hal aprve and rotf
melM propoed smesdments, thor a ct
preoped aesdme:ts, m approved ta.
ratled. shaD brenme a peat of the Co'
e*l r rl e ed 8at .
17o. 1K
o 10A K-?l RsOLUT rON. " '
0ope.Ig noadme1ts to Artlcles 17.'t,
+ i. 179, ot,Us Uk !Iard e = thf Con_
tutl of the Mtate of Loutmana an:
, ales uamasrdent reaavo to muspen
,, alea of ofese,
Sas*tiaon i be It resolved by the Oenerel
Assembly o the Sato of Louilana, two
thirds of a1l the members elected to sac
ad Rota..eooeciareIng.
ThaArticle thdrty-oema' of the Con
tItutle of the State of Louisiana shall
L be amended as to rad as follows:
Id AdttLi I. Rerv bil shall be yoad c.
thre different days ir each louse. Tr.·e
m, boi shtl hto eosaldered for fint pas
wt t mdoe It haw beon read once in full.
and tlh hae bees reported o by a
. any "rti beooeu a law unless
te Its i Ipassage, the vote be taken by
su and at. the umes of the members
a W lagtr r gainsr the uame be enterlo
rt-te herna. "ad a majoritt of the
a mmbers eletsa to each oge be record
a d thereon u hatlg Ir ts favor. Pro
vided that blas evistlog the statutes or
a codes of the State. as a whoe shall be
iread in sush manner as may be pro
eortd hI the General Assembly.
Ise. I, Ne It furter reeuived, etc.. Ta.
Latole frtptw of the Consttutkn of
the State of tultOiana be so amended as
e toreod I follows
AMlets Ia AAU stationery' printLng pa.
Srand fuel ued In the Litslatur and
athe r depar t of government shall
and dtr nUtll of the law,- jourhal o
department report, and an other pant
Sand binding ed the repairing a
mnshblr the halls and eeomo used tfor
SmerSr otlf th General Assembly
N.menmmlttoes, shall be dose eader
estrst to be gives to the lawest oe
lob dr. obelow , maimuom
alen be etaOb - by 1 tos
No monbe or edro or any of the
desrteses ef the govIesrae o t bi be C
in ay way totereted ouch eostracts. t
A d omtucb msthneetas hull bejlubjeet
to the approval of the Opverir, the r
".o l  eIt efthe t elved. et t
arpl twelve Or .Aj-i.h o,
El of the Ceomttuee of the tto ts o i b
Lestana be se amended aso. toead as r
Creatig e$rporestlon r iundlrn, re te
ntoMwi, e stoadis or osplojrIad the
herleW thme Prvidld that thin
r te poaribeoo d leo dltrit.
Seo. 4 Do it furthe rNeolved, et.. That
utiee one huadredad en aety-nle of
th Conastltutloa of the State of Louis- b
-aa be m anuendod uas to reaod u to
Aritioe 1?S. Tb eleetr e Assembly slbll
evntoa ulru of Agrieulture, dedta.
Ieo jcts detslgate its othoer and In
their sebrlem. T
Sec. a Do it turther reolved. etc.. That
•Artcle onw hundred and ninety-two ot
te Coutitutlon of the State of Lou-lan
es he so mended as t o rea d f lo 
Artle s. Paroohial etectiors shall t 5d
held er tmd mofn aay te the gnraotl
Se. bi e It tuthr rsol+od, otc.. Theat r
Artarld two hundred tad four of the
Coanlstudlos of the State of Louidau a
e eo amendeda u to Iread ou folrows: o
Article o. The tain power obadll be
exercised only to cnry p aV manltain P
tho govram eet of go Setat and the
publc ISlitubors tl~reof, to oduathe ft
the Mldrrns of the S tate. to pay the
p·tnipal ad intaeret of the publc debt. A
to eupprsto l ensi repel itvsaso ,t.
Sdeafend t~ state in time otn war to j
-reoide eist for Indigent Cotfeder- Of.
hio Sold1ers and Sailors, to supply the ',
e:trWN of the S'ate who lost a .r' i
limbe Ia the mlUtary orvice of tbe Con
tederte ISttes with subetautll ar-t I
flotal Nmbe during life; and for leveoo pur
menq h eroinafter provided
Sec. e. e It further resolved. e.. That
ArtWle two hudred  ad ten of th. w: i
stitutlen of the State of Loutlsana be
so ame4ded U to read as follows:
Arteia sl. There shall te no foreetturei
of proprty for the non-payment of taoes.
Stote. levee, dItrit. parochial or muaLi
elpal, but at the ozptraton of te rye ar i
Is which they n due the colleter shll.,
without suit, an oafter ving notote
. so obeaquet to e the aner provide
ai r. MVertlee for sale the property me
sb than ore due Is the measn
uW law end on the lW ot A'
he shell sell meeb nemse of te m
pesnty me he debtor shall pdat he
Ig a_ ae the debtor shl aet pt
.e aem n preoerty, toh oeoear ter
*u<t, h et wl as4 ed
• e ad o t nhe m esef at meo
its .p y h bre wi thout pr .
W_8a, ea, ade  rpt e eB bea
-8 p.
amati~a u l tao maty to the gee
i.- 0* -- · -
P- wit p- p ea ot asesb bade
to the pae..ser.
AI odls at oa ie tade or that al I
S *abe by osedte et teams sll
teceived by tane is 18 evdss as p,,
f to valid ntea o.
* c. . e ai father rwelved4 
1 ut Artiole ft heIaded sad bit
two at the Cmenttut e of Uto Stat s
Loiaslas be' e asleded as toe td (
Arthea* sf The GeaselA
Manl have sewer -- at ama
auatbiales tIe so hIal r
autherities at the Slat* eae gS
elreuia taeesN, by a vote a a
of the tax-paee In su aser sad I. wl
votiam at the election, to evy
taxes tIs ai at pablle imrpev eats.
railway etterprises undertakes by
vate corporations: provided that s
tax shall net e 4sed the ret at lve O
aper asak, nw extead tar a lease
lad than ea yearnad psevlded
that the fearoelas prevel.a
t apply to publse basln
brusm ad weeks of puble lmpre
ieatlted MI Artloe Si. it beklg the
tent sad mesall ae thi prevt
pMes s ad muaslealltles shail have
right o te x thmelves to r y limt
Jest o thue rst e t arts .to
3**ak af the eouseuat oepreeesstat
Mt. R. ITT.
Preest pro Teapere of the
T. S. ADAMS, secretay a
No. ls.
Pepesling Ameadmedts to
K . 14. . . IM. IN. t a. IuN
of Uthe Oasttution of the
Leuetalsa. Relauve to Osarbts
Setions 1. Ie It resolve by the
Assembly of the State of Ladltan.,
third. t all the members elected to
Mouse ooaeuarrag, that Article aleety
of the Costtutlea of the sItte of
as be s amend ased to reed a s t
Artlets The Cours oa
Ip a Iesas hereinatter povld.d
have appellate juriadletles oly.
Jurislition shall extead to a eases,
or probate, when the matter tos
or the fund to be dlatributed.thal
ose hundred dellars, exclutlve of ia
sad shell eieeed two theeead
ie swe nterest.
Be It farher resove, ate..
ale aunety-sz of the Ceotltutles
Stae t Iaouilsaa be so ameaded
SAr  i. The Courts et Appeal
ceasia wt set less than three nor
thea six jude and each clrculit
be ed of three Judgre. In th
eral State election in 15 they a
* eeted by the peple for the teses
esar. Ia cue of death. relsgas
remeval tea om e at any oft sed j
the a y shall be alled by app I
bythe Geverer. They shell be
of the Uosted States and of this a
leared In the law, and shall have -
tIoe law In the State tor Ial y
shall have ben actual residents e
dWtiols tret wtlch they shall e
bs sleeted for M least two 7
coal" the e.eleoa
. See. L e It turther resolvd, etc.
Aroie Laety".se of ti Case a
f the State .t Lousiana be se
as to read as tells:
Article I. The State shall be
late two oirculs. Until oth
vided by law the sprlhes of (eddra
sler. Webeter, USemtlle. Clalberte,
ela. Jaoeq CaIdwell,
Salt to the publbe sesee hee t~
expe t Sees eates
Ie seret by the aeevee lssei
son8 ie the pubst, serle 4 sad t
expen e Nt a emeeve4 elstls the
J " f by the Gesew ly
the ane timse for the Yourth in
etreultl s ar the Court * t
trthbe aishlb ot Orleaso ly7
shall be the Judes of the seaond ldt.
and they stall bold lce SaUl the ral
te eletoa In 0its sad until o
re s ecleted sad quats tW
otherwle previded by law the S e
be divided Iato els Appellat
trc trees eaheb at d4
t r the qualed vlotes  .
to be veoA for at the wenered Sea2e
ia is aS every leer years h .
ad to serve afor a tertw out r y The
barishee at CaddS. "Boeele, , ,
Blearil Cailberne, Unle Lal
eo,. CaIdwell, Wea. Natehl W - (
bile, De late sad Red River a e-m- c
paee the Visit Appellate CoU trSt a
raml which ae judge shell be fe .
The parishes of Ouachta, Mand.
rakltn. Catabels, Concord) seas, d
Madison. at Carroll. West I and
Morehouse shall compose the ApU
•*Ite Court District from sao
judle shall be deoted.
The parishes ofa St. Ladry, alis.
Uspide., Grant, Acadia, Vera l.
sau. Cameron, Vermilllo, yte,
'ei s4a Ste Martin shall cc le tue
ThIrd Appellate Court Dist "m
which one judge shall he elewt
The parishes of East at "',"
WeSt Baton Rouge, Llv.g.t -
-abo St.. TamI.any, Wsa ,
-elena, East Yelicias,. Wese: as.
Poiete Coupe and Iberytle Ic -
poe the Fourth Appeollat Cc ,strict
firma which one Judge sal ~' -.
The parfshes of Ut. Mta;y ' une,
Assumption. Lafourche, U' a Jet- *
troca, St. Bernard, Plaqut a. it. i
John the Baptist, St. James At ac.,n
elaon shell compoe the '. p,.o te a
Court Distrtct trom which on e ha
The is* hh of Orleans sha ipose p
the Sath Appellate Court DI t tram 0
which abe judge shall be e
The three judges elected tro a IPrst, t
le---d ad Third Appellate rt Dt*- -
talsl compoea the Court ppeaals
- the First Circuit .!
The three judges electedm the
VPerth. Fifth and Sxth a Court t
D"stricts shalt aemeoe the tof ApI
pTs t the Seeed Circlt. . ,
Io It urth resd, le etc. st Ar.
Jt d aetye·-tlt * the Co tion of i
the lsta *Let leasa *e ed e e
reed as tolews: b
Atrdee , th* eje sa o art rof a
Appalseo obel hel tw san rmes a
be amed by law fte @th ret appeaL
Si e ISm further lresoi . That
E!rbl ipsiae ado the tulees
t I ti lrsas ames
Asleielte smtel ofther Ag by
law.sts terse a them a
ae o he h eld o f
- ate o usohlta,. Rse Fresh.
It celmbes, Cseerdp, Ma .
S t CIaRrr , West
Um. .s J e s a eeO .
1 * 04
At arevepsrt t Mee d is a Sai
alu 9ebruary--Ter tial of appea fthma
Ithe palsLhes of Caddo Boaer, Webster.
a ansser.a Cialberas. Linoela. Sabiea De
e ot sad Rod Rmver
At Aleasadria lrst Meadae tn October
S ad Mareh-Per trial of appeals from the;
parbesh of Caldwel. Wian, Great. Rap
She. yeau . Natchitoche aad Avoy
At Opeleesas BSit Mondays ia Novem
ber and April-Por trial of appeals from
the parishes of St Landry. 'Calcasleu,
Camero, Vyramleton, Lafsyette, Aca
dia. Iberi aad It Martina.
At Amite, first Monday n October. and
* the secoad Moaday 1a May-For tr!ll of
appeals from the parishes of . ringston.
Tangipahoa. It Tamae.ny, Washington
sad t. Helena.
At Baton Rouge third Monday tn Or.
tober and fourth Monday In June--For
trlarof appeals from the parishes of !aet
Baton Rouge. West Baton Rouer. East
Peolicana. West Pelic!ans. Polate Cou
pee and Ibervlle.
At Thibodaux fourth Monday In Novem
ber an4 third Monday In Jne--lFor the
trial of appeals from the parlshes of St.
M-.rY. Teoreveaue. Assumption and La
At New Orleoaosecond Modays La Do
ceamber and Mes--For trial of appeals
from the perishes of Orleams, St. Bar
sard. Plaquemines. Jeferson. St. Charles.
St. john the Baptist, St. James sad As
See. L Be it further resolved, etc., That.
Article eo hundred and one of the Con-'
stitutlie of the State of Lootisa be soh
amended as to reed as follows:
Article 1A: No judginent shil be ren
dered by the Courts of Appeal without;
t.e ceraeturenee of two judge. When
ever two members cannot concur. in con
t- .:ence of the reensation of any mom
b,- or members of the court, the judet
not recused shall have stbterity to cell
u;pn Ity iudge r judges of the District
C :rt. whose dutty t shall be. when se
,Jled ..gon. to sit in the pleue of the
judae or judges rectsed, and to aid I,
the determinatioe of the case.
The judges of the Courts of Appeal
shatl have power to certify to the Su
preme Court say questions or pfoposl
tos of law ceeternlng which It deslres
the Ilatructlons of that court for its
per declsmn. And thereupon the Bu
prome Court may either give its instruc
UrtIn 0on the questions and proposltloni
-,rt' led to It. whioh shall be binding upon
So, 'a o Apt al In such case
or it may require that the whole record
a crause may be sent up to It for its
cr.ns'cratston. and thereupon shall de
I .e the whole matter in controversy
sare* marinner as f it had been on
-o~ical directly to the Slupreme Court.'
T,., Suprzn:s Court may on the relatlor
of any party In Interest review by cer
• iments of t(i- C. artq of Ap
trel. which may conflict with each other
or with the decirlon of the Supreme Court
and annul, amend or affrm" the same.
51i therem:,.n shall decide the whole
matter In c ntroversy in the same man
ner, as if it had bees on appeal directly
to the Supreme Court
Sec. . Be It further resolved. etc., That
article one hundred and two of the Con
stitution of the State of Louisiana be eo
amended as to read as follows:
Article II: All causes on appeal to the
Court. of Appeal shall be tried on the
ordinal record, pleading and evidence
in the District Court. with a certified copy
o( jbe minutes, the whole to serve to lieu
of a transcript. and to be Sled as one
Immediately after the fial decision of
tl"o Reuse. The original papers, together
wit a copy of oe decree of the court.
sha be returned to the court of the
first Instance.
*Seq. L Be it further resolved, te., That
Article one hundred and three of the
Conetldutloa of the State of Lulteana be
so amended as to read as fellows:
Article m. Un1til therwise provided by
law. the rules of praetioe regulating ap
peals is and preeoelnge In the aupreme
Court shaB apply to appeals to and pro
teedlige Ls Courts of Appeal, so far as
they may be appleable. The decisioms of
the Courts of Apeal, with syllabi pre
pared by the judges, shall be published
and the Oeoeral Assembly shall mahe
previsions for the publication thereof.
*e. L.Ne it further resolved, etc.. That
one hundred and lve of the ConstUtutioe
of the State of Loutislan be so emeaded
as to read as follows:
Article lm The Judges of the Ceurts
of Appeal shall each <ee~lve a salary of
four thousand dellars per annum, pay
able monthly e their respeUtive war
Sec 1. l It furthor resolved, etc., That
Article one hundred fad sin of the Con
stitution of the State of Louisiaa bhe so
amended a to red a fellows:
Article 1N1: The clerls eo the District
('. t. of t.3e par ;. ;n which the seessono
of the Cours of Appeals are held. shall
serve as clerks of the Courts' of Appeal.
and the cleius of the city of New Orieans
shall rmaint as now Azed by law until
otherwis provied by the O·neral As
sembly. Ther fe shall be fied by law.
Th shoerl oft ach prish In whibteh the
court I held shall attend tn person or
by deputy to exeeute the orders of the
AHll cases appealed to r pen4ding in the
Courts of Appel as organaied under the
constitution of 17. ehofore or on the
-rt MHeday in May, I., shall be trans
ferred for dtleien to the Cort of Ap
Deals haviLt territorial jurisdiction un
der the foregoein aendmner.:s
G, W. f4,.,I,TON.
pkehor of the House of Repr·msntatives.
Pre:dent Pro Tempore of tU. Senate
A true cpy:
T. I. ADAMS. Secretary o; 8:te.
No. IN.
Proposing an Amendmenat to th I orstit.
tution of the State of TcU:5lsa,
Relative to :he Lease at -inL.'oy
meht of Peitentiuarp Convle'6
Section 1. Be it redrsolved by he e
eral Assembly of the State of aLousana,
twoarlirds of all the members electd to
each House concurr.ng, That the follow
lag anmedment be adopteod as a partr of
the Constltution of the State o, LIou:M
fection L No penltentuary co:. ct stail
ever be leoaosed or hired to any "r.T,,. at
Dersona, or corporatton. pr vate c F. lie,
or quast-public, or board, save as a- er
ired in the next section, protz.l ti~t
this artle shalJl t1a erect uprn the
eattnguisohmnt of the lss mba pe .
suat to Act Mi. 14, ep*ved* J~ly leth,
SThe Genoeal Asembv may uthr s
the employmet s ate supmrtooaos
sad the proper ooe om's employee
of the tate. of sewiets. os tuis rPad
" otb~thber  .u or on avl~o
b" er wnMe ql ar or ,eos.
triled by the Stae or sa mpuble teves
beard or em asy poSle hlms ader e
eovisim ae1 rmuesses as map bhe -
pos- by law.
-pbe"e - ie Mae M Represnteve
8. R. Lo.
um a I rimw
i.A A5Aloslsy to Pel slgs

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