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GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO., LIMITED. ,. Official Papea of tb. Pariah of Tenei, School Bodal, and Fifth
r ; + .+ +.
'he Latest Foreign 'and Do- la'
mestic News. wh
Chicago to Hlave the First Needle Fac- p'p
tory in the United States-Tried to rut
Crhnate His Family-Four Engines ie
Smashed. an
'1 1
Railroad Shops Burned. itc
The machine shops, of the Mexican ut
Central railway at Ciudad Porforio, an
Texas, with two locomotives and an "'
electric light p!ant. burned Friday wt
morning. Loss $200,000. Therigin e6s
of the fire is a mystery.
Clothiers in Hard Lines.
James McDougall & Co., wholftle 11
elothiers, in Montreal, are in finahitl Y<
difficulties. Their liabilities aill ag- go
gregate $78,000; estimated assets $45,- :il
000. The assets include book debts of isi
$35,000, of which $29,300 is estimated ar
as worthless. eL
A School Up in Arms.
Thirty students of the Missori Uni- a4
versity at Columbia Mis.souri, were sns- hi
pended Friday upon thb recommenda- N
tion of the discipline com ttee. s
Four bundred stude"ats made con
certed move at chap& I Friday mo ning,
marched out, h, Id a meeting on the
campus and decided not to attend lec
tures. They say they are I njustly
punished. If onu is expelled, all 9
promise to go.
Needle Factory at ('hieago 1
A needle nmsaufaetory, the tirst in u
the United States. is soon to be se-rted ti
in Chicago, Ill., the needles to be . ade tl
by a machine (the first of its kind) in- c]
vented by Eugene Fontaine of De. :oit. e,
Repeated tests haue d, monstrated ,
practicability and it wi: turn out 2,500 c:
needles an hour. They can be sold i
for 50 oents per 1,000 as against $1.20 l;
for England and 7; cents for German ,
The Majesty Sunk by the Paris.
While the American Line steamer ,
Paris, Capt Watkins, from New York, a
rn Feb. 5, was d, eking at Southamp- d
ton, at 6 o'clock T:Irsdav mornin:g, d
she came into collision with the steamer I
Majesty, heloinLgit to the Isle of
Wight. The Majesty was sunk, but a:l i
the members of In«" crew nere saved. ,
livers have commenced an inspection I
of the rudder of the Paris in order to t
ascertain if it was eamaged by the col
Raises iHer I'obacco Taxes.
The chamber of deputies atlirussels,
Friday, adopted a hill imposing duties
on cigars and cigarettes, awhich in the
future will pay six hundred francs per
hundred kilos. I h addition, manufac
tured tobacco must now ;ay 120 frapcs
per 100 kilos, tobacco strips 75 france
per 100 kilos, full leaf tobacco 566
francs per 100 kilos. full an additional
excise in-the wav of 20) francs per 100
kilos will be le.ied on unmanufactured
American tobacco.
Salisbury to bespare{Censure.
The London Times says that for
diplomatic reasons, it is prballle that
the leaders of the oppositi-,n in parlia
ment will nthholhi their criticism of
the Venezuelan question dluring the
discussion of the ant ndntent offeref'
by Mr. L. \tlticv-onuts, radial mem
ber, d.!h.r.ng rhe alenc from the
queen' spceech of an asuranlce that th '
whole boundary di,!spute si1 be reff -
red to arbitration, in accordance o .ti
his suggestion.
(;uayaquil's $4,000,000 Fire.
The fire that swept tl o city of Goay
squlil, Ecuador, result'l in the naath
of five members of the fire bricadc
Forty were wounded and sever,; '
severcly that the d(eath list ma '
material!v increasd More that I:
houses, inlcludling s eral publioa .r.id
ings of great bea:uty and one or ar
of historic interst, were deast: v
Among the latter were the cat :"
and convent adjoining. The
conservatively estimated at $t,0( ).o,,
Klght Ilurnedl to Death.
A numlber of horrille accide tis I
eurred at a fire early Sunday r ,,r ;.
in a tenement house at No. 7 mi.rr
street, Soho, Lonion, ,behind me I'
ace Theatre of Varietios. Fi 5 (.
dren and three adults were b ,ms
death. One man jum-llro a
dow and was impaled upon tb rs.
,f afence. He was moved -a .
pital in a dying condit ha
juries. Several other ; . a ,
from the -trning buhnilding .ith ,
greatest difficulty with bur .8 1'
and hands.
To Wed a Prie.*
An interesting rumor was i' I
in New York Sundayv that Aa, li -4
Canier., the well known ls-'-':
about to be married ag·sa. i- t"
S *. j
Prince Troubetaoi. and that the cere
maony wl be edebrated within a few
days. it is lrlieved Mrs. Chanler,
who secured a livorce from her hus
band, John Aratrong Chanler, in the i ii
latter part of lut year, met the prince,
who is well known in social and artistic
circles in Londen and Paris, while she
was being entertained in the former
capital. "L
Battle With Rustlers.
Sheriff Johu Owen ant Stock In
spector Jo.eph Lawora, of Newcastle, 'O
attempted:o arrest a party of cattle -
rustlers *to were in camp on Mouth
Beaver crek, near Cheyenne, Wyo.,
Friday evning. The rustlers resisted
arrest ast fir d upon the officers.
'I heir shoe were returned, and a spir
itol fl} htwas kept up for several min
ute-. Tw( of the rustlers, John Timms a L
and Han Thompson, of Powder river, th
were kilad. A third rustler was
wounded amd captured. The officers ec
escaped Ifoin the fight uninjured. Nt
e eIrwlBonds.
The ne government fours sold at
115i at e stock exchange in Net' FP
York city riday morning. The Mor- 1p
gan syndi te, it is understood, have ate
tilled the rket up, and small capital- la
ists, who ave been awarded bonds, In
are trying realize. This has a tend- 18
ency to akeu prices. Two million
more of onds arrived at the sub
treasury, aking theltotal 'thus far
$4,00,00 About one-third of this hi
amount ' been delivered to small 9i
bidders, o have been paid in full. th
None of t largest bidders have taken to
away any yet. I B
ker Day Acquitted.
Banke . L. Day, of the Plgnkiug- '
ton Ban f Milwaukee, Wie., was ac
quitted aturday of having taken.
money m the depositors when he
knew th )ank to ,d insolvent. The
jury in t municipal court had been
out for irty hours and thirty min- I
ltes. e prosecution made applice- -
tiou for trial on the second count of 1
Sthe o' asl charge, in which a similar ci
- charge made, that the defense claim
ed to L occurred at a later date, but e
St is l t certain that a trial ofi this d
0 charge 11 not be granted. Banker b'
1 Day is under bond. Judge Good
L land bear argrments on the second
, count o e charge this week.
Exp slon In a Pullman Sleeper. tl
An losion of gasolene in the Pull y
r man a er Wyndbam, about noon; ,
Saturd at Pittsnburg, Pa., completely t
demo ted the interior of the car, badly I
damag Pullman cars (ita and New {
r Eng , and seriously injured three
pero The ears were lying in the
1 Penn vani yards, and the women
I were ug the carpets of the Wynd
Sham h gasolene. By some means
the ignited from the stove and the 1
expl n followed. The concussion
wreck the cars and damaged the
other rslying alongside. The women
and porter were seriously burned t
and and Miss Conroy will probably
es die.
-e -- I
er ted to CremateWlsBi amlly. t
,c- '1chýlt7, a baker and anarchist, I
SCS I , k riday night at Chicago I
' ehar : trying to burn his wife 1
56 a o e a ten. Later he tried to
Sjo it seleide in a cell at the central
D0sion by butting his head
hite walls. It is alleged that 1
jured kerosene over his wife 1
while they were in their -
4 was about to set fire to them 4
or w be *w discovered. Schultz de
at n' is, anl says he did threaten to
,- b b.J fatily, but only made the
of t to frilhten his wife, who would
L gt g biv t anything to eat. The
Sras oat of work for a long time,
i- id on g-t along well with his1
- Ppm Engines Smasbed.
.b r e ragnes, valued at $10,009 each,
S-etiv tamaged in a wreck in the
1 f the Berkehire division of
'v idated road at Pittstield,
- F-. '. ay. The Great Barrington
tL I r an rongh an open switch and
I i-t, onsistingof engine, baggage
Y v.O -: ssenger ears, plunged ahbead
c e !ab t stretch of track, plowing
t2re-,.ocomotives. Engineer Geo.
d s ov who was running the passenger
I c·oeped with a few bruises.
rt at Ible had a hip fractured and
i' d a bad scalp wound. Fireman
;a' o who was under one of the
ati arling up, had several ribs
i a. The passengers were badly
s 1 p and some slightly bruised.
|' la Iy More injured by the S.
•umpitng the Track.
A eCi il4 acci olent occurred Sunday
t, ui, in Ih, Republio Mine at Re
" c %lichi gi. while the men were
L, i un ii the ship from work out
" r bhaft. The skip jumped the
, [no it was pulled on until it
' anil turned over on.the men.
i" ill.l are WCm. McGraw, James
I ,Adolph Boitel and Mathis Tag
SI . Inujured: Charles Anderrson,
• ribs broken; Erick Marti. ge,
* n; James McGraw, badly hurt;
i" sw PetIerson. hurt internally, re
S ydubtful.
Interesting and Newsy Items pak
fromz Washiagton to
tSecretary Morton Wants an Assistant take
-Lottery Giving the Government frie
Trouble-For Alabama Schools-FP- yet
vors the Canal. will
Alabama Schools.
The house committee on public I
lands has agreed to report favorably ga
the bills granting 25,000 acres of pub- exf
lie land in Alabama to the industrial
school for girls and to the Tuskegee of
Normal School of that State.
Indian Survey Estimates. rep
The secretary of the interior sent
Friday to the house the estimate for an
appropriation of 8.00,000 as the amount ere
necessary to continue the survey of the in
lands of the five civilized tribes in the
Indian Territory daring the escal year 'ra
1897. wh
"Palsey" Harris Hanged.
John, alias "Paly'' Harris was
hanged in the jail at 11 30 o'clock Fri- -_
lay morning for the murd.er of Mat
thew Spruell, which occurred in George
town (Washington) in July, 1895
Both men were colored. Harris, while 4
wntoxtcated, went to Spruell's shop and the
picked a quarrel. Sprnell fled from is
tis tormentor, but was pursued and wil
fatally shot. rea
Secretary Morton Wants an Assistant. in
Secretary Morton has recommended pet
an amendment to the agricultural shi
appropriation bill. providing for a w
director-in-chief of the scientific divis- Pa
wns of his department who shall be do:
charged with the snpervision of the very pe
important, comprehensive and con- Or
stantly growing work done in the pe
department of agriculture, his salary to on
be $6,000 per annum. be
Has Given His Consent. 28
The President has consented to act do
as arbitrator between Italy and Brasil shi
in the settlement of certain questions Ju
that have been pending for several
years growing out of claims of Italians
for indemnity for ill treatment in riots
at Rio de Janeiro during the rebellion.
IQuestions that remain open between
dhe two countries after the expiration (
of the next two months will be arbi- bi
Strated. di
Officers Appointte. A
The following-naied oSeers have
been appointed by the secretary of war th
to meet at Jackson Barracks, La., on C
2Mach , 1896, for the mental and
physical examination of appointees to b
the United States Military Academy:
Mojor Ramsay, third artillery; OCapt. bl
Junius L. Powell, assistant surgeon;
First Lieutenans Henry H. Ludlow, c
third artillery; Second Lieutenant J.
P. Haines, third artillery; SeCond
Lieutenant George Irwin, third artil- in
e lery, a
l An Unlucky Warship.
d The United States man-of-war Ma- h
rion is again in trouble. A private it
e letter from the Alert, dated at Panama, ti
r states that the Marion had put in at tl
n Callao, a few days before the Alert left tl
that port. The valve gear of the c,
:o I Marion's engines were broken down e:
1e and it was estimated that ten or twelve al
d days would be consumed in making the w
ie necessary repairs. The Marion left h
, San Francisco some months ago, after e
is undergoing a thorough overhauling li
siad extensive aepairs at the Mare Island j
Navy Yard. c
. Before the Naval Commmittee. ii
e Secretary Herbert was before the t
f bonuse committee on naval tfaits for t
, two hoars Friday, going over many p
n questions of naval arma meat and ou4t r
Id lining his views on deihoat features
e of naval appropriation.. The secretary I
' demonstrared that the United States is t
now able to build better ships at less
. cost than any other country in the t
er world, save Great Britain, and the lat- i
L ter country is but slightly ahead of the r
d United States ie that particular. Mr. t
n Herbert favored the amplest allowance
e for the various classes of vessels the
I congress felt warranted in giving, but
ly he did not fix exaqt limits on the num
ber of the various ships.
Giving the Government Trouble.
A lottery concern, claiming to be I
inn lor the public benefit of the State
Af San Luis Potosi, Mexiea, has been
y giving the Peatofice Department much
e- trouble for some months. Several
ro: orders excluding its letters from tran
ut sit in this country as mail likve been
he isued, and each time.the ooneern has
it sought to circumvent the order by
n. using different names. The latest
es i move of thec government is the isnance
ag. of another ltetry order directed
, against "J. Zavads, L. 8. Clements and
g ' A. Colindlo," new alisses of the cam-'
t; pany. The company has e distrib
e-. ating its advertising mattC widely id
Sthe United Stases.
Alglers Dry Doek ApptCgEsMdoi.
The naval opproprI3 o bi e i I
which is contained the app'opdati ed
$100,000 for the Algiers dry dck,
passed through'the hands of the Sb ab-I
eommit ee and ha bean ocdared ssl
to the pr rter. While the dry dik
appropriation will appear in the prit-.
ed bill no definite action has as yet
been taken on the appropriste,- I t
objection to the appropriiUei i·,  
objection may yet be rgd, having
been reserved when the tb 1 will be
taken up by the full ecaualttes. '
friends of the dock, under the
stances, do not see their way
yet to announce that the apprseritcn
will be retained in the bill. ".
Favors the Canal.
The senate committee on tb4q o3p~
gran ansal held a meeting a
exchange or views upon the epb
of reporting a bill for the s
of the oanal during the pressert/ d
of congress. The committea w er
what handicapped by the fat tibs the
report of the commassion which wst
to Central Arzprica lasttdi er Ifthe
inspection of the eanalslie, a hat a .
been printed. The comiiittsee
ered the diplomatic feature, in ea
in the Clayton-Bulwer treaty ard .
. treaty between this country and ie- sh
ragna. This was the frst ratasg
which the committee has had 5rriaW
creation and it was Iaportant, ii Alt
it demonstrated a gpaimous sulImes
in favor of the constretion of the
United States Nlr .
Owing to the ripidity with wteh ,ta
the work of o eatretiag aal velash ~A
is being pus ied no less tbaig'S =I
will be soated to the iaval handb des
ready for commiesion before the
of next July. A statement ot.
in hand just prepared dabode t
per cent of the work on thebig biet-.
ship MassachusettI has been 'emplsht
while on the dooble turreted mlitte
Puritan, Terror and Moiadaek ~&i't
done is represented by 91, 9d . I
per eant respectively. The baiP i
Oregon is so far advaseed y Ali
per cent of the workremains to i, in*
on her. As for the threes
building at Newport News. thbi s f
ville, Wilmiugton and RHelea thoegh
28 per cent of the wnrk.is , to be
t done, the builders are . ri ta1t ds
1 ships can all be in eommli bes oe h e
July 1. Isl
The Bntchery lHs seateheese
Adsices from Bavana indieste that
(Gen. Weyler has alrea4y begun th
butcheries which the Cabaas b°r P'e
dieted would mark his reign ,.
According to these advices the l
excitement prevails in Havars ovla rl
Sstory which L genetrally credited tha .3
thirty political prisonersoonflsdlI ths
Cubanas were shot by order of GmA. A
Weyler. Sinoe'his arrival W let haw
been going over the list of prisonest a
confined in the cabanas and pleelag a ta
black mark against thee he eleaidsrd tp
most dangerous. Thrsday aight
completed the tasi and sent the
of thirty suspette to the,
of the cabanas with orders.thethey
immediately executed. The ea
ant is reported to have demurred
firs on reeekting t steoad
hasta to have the men
Scnted. The prisoneras were l
into the prison pWr ten at ~11
1 time, placed with ther baeksl
It the wall and shot. The ;lmoI g
ft third batches had to pas by the bl
1e corpses of. their compenione
n execated. One of thegards  '8
e at the cabanas told the story F I
a while drinking in a ro. He satl (h
ft he never saw men b'avely, earby
er every one of them shouting "oVI
ig libre," when facing the execatkImerI
d The guardrslso said five of the.- lasi'
claimed to be naturaliaed Oubs st
zens. This guard has disappeaedi, sa
itis said he has beea shot fo alking a
e toe. much. Gen. Wejler, when qs
r tioned about the shooting of the a
Spects asid he had nothing to gieiet i
t regard to it. , 
e It is reported Gomen has- l edjah
r the butchery and has notifed Wyl
is thatif Cubans in the cities a me ihe
as will retaliate by shooting 8pastitr4 3
be the interior of the island. Thae wtma
t- in Havana are greatly a lrme" ove a
he report that Wevler intends tP or4.5
Sthem to enlist in the Spanish arty te
c show their loyalt" •
John Cauley, a book-keeper th
employ of George E. T1nske & keLts
toboaco  aoeJctnurers at Ijmill I
Ont., was returning from thE bik wlt 4
be a satchel oontsiuing $1,500 n euashi
te be used in paing the employe 5
'e afternoon, sal two mea dros. up
ch him in a dntter on one of toe
al public streeta, and whil e' one i
n. held th hor the other jIpedr
an and tried torab the sa 1t5f ?
SCauley's hoL (nley sbtrlet'
by retain it and the robber saeb
Son tihe head with a blev7 sub, f
c him to taf groil. He t~e.
ed the satchel, jumped into *
,d droeridl
.. .,ii e granel sd b
. .s e.e--i - i .
*meq~ T
u au
~B am40.ul a~
;I -L
huai i.
9- :3 5t;~i · X.
i ,
a~ '
4. ·-e
I, ·~r
b .

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