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The Latest Foreign and Do
mestic News.
Hundred Lives Lost -- Infernal Ma
chines In Hlavana--Negroes Ret, rn
Ing Home -- Mudt Stop the D ath
A iHundred Lives Lost.
The London l'imes on Siturdav has
a dispateh from (Ilessa i b ich ay\ s - gat
during the recent storms on the B, ack
Sea seven steamers and eighteen sai ag
vessels foundered and a hundred 1
were lost.
Several Horanbs Exploded in Madrid.
A dispatch from Madrid says t "
several bombs were exploded in .'e
gardens of tbhe pilace between 9 and 10 I
o'clock Friday night. No personal :n-,
juries resulted. tihe outrage is sip.
posed in Madrid to have Ieen perj.a
trated by repnublicans or anarchists.
Street (Car in Collision.
About 4:I0 o'cloc'k Thursday aft. r
noon a c'aboose on the Erie railrouj
tracks collided with a horse car at the,
S(trove street crossing, Jersey City. N.
J., There were about six passengers in
the car, all of n hom were more or less
Goes To a Rcicth er.
Tihe United tr-ethrn Mutual Aid
Society o' Lebanon, l'a. passed into
the hands of a re e Liver W\ednesdav. The
collapse of the s (ci,,ty is said to be the
result of a iill of e'tuity, tiled in i -'
half of ,Jacol L. Light of that city.
The society did a n:utual insurance
business and its certitfi(ttes aggregate
several million dollars.
Paper BIrick.
A man of Topeka, Kan., has patent
ed a paper brick, which he says will
work a revolution in the pavement of
streets and building of calls. It is
made of staw and wood pulp. It is
made the sanle as brick and at one
third the cost. The inventor says, with
the wheat straw that annually goes to
waste in Kansas, hie cn pave the streets
of every town in New England.
Hundreds of IHouses Wrecked.
An explosion of dyniamiteoccurred at
Vie(lendorp and the por quarter of
the town was blNo in to pieces. Hun
dreds of houses are in ruinm and the
havoc wrought is fearful. A number
of persons have been killed and the
piopiulace has turned out en masse and
is working to rescue thos,, who may be
buried in the ruins. The windows of
every house in .Tohannuesburg were
broken ,by the force of the explosion.
Waller Backed by His Race.
The coloretd ,Republlicans of Wichita,
Kas., on Saturday, at a mass meeting
held at the city hall at night, passed
resolutions calling uplon the party to
send John L. Waller, the Kansan of
Madagascar fame, who is about to re
turn to the State after his long impris
onment in Paris, to the Republican
national convention 'tt St. Louis as a
delegate at large.
Negroes Anxious to Return Home.
Nine more negroes from the Tlahual.
ilo colony have reached Torreon in great
destitution, seeking uid to return to
their homes. They 5av about sixty
more negroes are at Tlahuililo anxious
to leave, but without means to, do so.
They add'that the men are paid by 36
cents per day for labor. United States
Consul Poston has taken the matter up,
with Minister IRansonm.
Infernal Machine Picked h'p in Havana.
It would aiiar that the long-antici
pateil demonstratie::s o f the insurgents
inside of Havana are commencing.
Thursday niCht In in:.tirn l machine
was found near the A~ uila tie ()ro cigar
factory. The lilice are trying to find
the authors o, tfhe attenulited outrage.
The Altloninisit mayx)r o(f Managua and
his brother, who re.oitly tuined the
insurgents, have bit-n captured hy the
Spanish anthrriti, s. 'they will be
tried on th.qilarge ,of treason.
()hl' R tt4dC E Forced to lRlsigalll.
The decisioni in the Northern Pacific
railroad recetivershp case, which was
handel doawn Fruiay by JIudge Lacom
be in the Utiii,, States circuit court,
was formerly reorihled i Saturday. By a
the terms of the decisionl the old re- I
ceivers, Thos. F. Oaks. Henry C'
Payne and Henry ('. l. -.. : :( forced
to resign. l'hey are :~,s Ir eted to
make an acctiint to the United States
circuit court fir the eastern district of
Wisconsin. The old receivers are suc
ceeded by Edward H. MeHenry, of St.
Paul, Min., iand Frank Bigelow, of
Milwaukee, Wis.
Death Ialncrs Prohiblted.
A dispatch from Pawbhuskli mays:
Chiqf de B olt, the head med.iOidae I
of e Osage tribe of Indians .and an I
jac e politician, has issued an imperi- L
tiv o*der discontinuing death dances
in e Osage nation. This action was
tak on account of the alarming I
spr 1 of consumption among the I
"'* es. which threatened the extino
nto )' tribe. Death dances are I
a t:, isively a peculiarity of that
ji t ,d progressive men are begin
ti a~ that they are the primary
t I t e weakening of the once
i 1 I ,age tribe to a little band of
aM , I , Bullet in Ills Brain. G
t , cf Fostoria, 0., was thrown
tb 1 "", of excitement at noon Sat
vI . t announcement that Hon.
i, i 1 larter committed suicide at
S.f {Mr. S. Knapp, in that city.
tn r d life was extinct, and it is
a' ": a L t had been dead several
at 1 ITi fatal shot was tired froma t
r, r , I, lll,,t entering the right t
n . p rating the brain. He was
fc k yir on the bed, with the re
v,' *t d. bed in his left hand. No b
S j i .-: uIed to the act further than
h- ieer suff!ering with insomnia for .
-t w i t ae past, and that his mind gave
heI n te bureau in his room was A
10 i , a as le letter, addressed to his e
n- a uAdielphia, and on the out- al
p . .( th, ,eaim was found a package m
- ,f .t r, dlressed to busines a5so
K1 n ,hts of Pythias. el
ri' , ,'"i ae assembly of the Grand ti
I  C . the Knights of Pythias met b
he ta ii ira.l Hotel at Cincinnati Sat- L
N. ,1 :C even.ng under the command of it
in theu, reme chancellor, Walter B.
SI(,te . There were also present Bn
pr' io (:mancellor (iolgrove, Pre
lite teinhart, Keeper of Records N
NW A. Kinsey, of theChicago C
bid boe g f ntthids Supreme Master of i
its Rcd s Sturp. e, Supreme Master-at- 3i
he l riliuer. It was resolved to 2t
h l shd M'inneqslis this year, and to
h,)l4 h, biarm.ial convention of the
shpt. a loige at Cleveland on August
:. 25, 1 . it was also decided to hold a
teI no pment of the Uniformed Rank a
this . This action was taken be- n
canse as allegedi, the railroads refused U
to gi the Pythiarft a one-cent per Ii
mile te, the same as given to the it
at- Ora& Army to Minneapolis.
0 P Deat h at a lance.
At masl-. - i1 all given by the Artist. ai
Ch:C `ar ,t "cn, Wednesday night H
tit e ' . . ,rtly before midnight, 9I
to and P :t, atit great rapidity. A ter
Pte rblde panic fill~bowid the first alarm and b
,all prea( nt rushed for the exits, which p1
wire soon juinmed w ith terrified peo
pie. Destairiug of escaping by any
at ,bther means, men women and childrexn
of then junmped from the windows, se
i1- riously ipjuring themselves. Friends
he of the illers rushed into the burn
ier ing bmn g, later, to aid in the work r
he of rescus an1l many of them were
nd ('aught by the. ftames before they could
le make their nti out again, Thus far u
,f to 1 odieshave been recovered at the
re mnorgue.
Fearful Turkish Atrocities. b
RIev. T1-. Neman Smythe, of the 11
(t Centre (Cbhrch. New Haven, Conn., L
ng furnishes important news with refer- CE
ed ince tq#ly Armenian massacres, as fol- eI
to liws: Lt rs have been shown me from
of persons e' aged in relief work among
.e- the Armedans which give the follow
is- ing carefu y prepared statistics con
an earning tM recent maseacres by the P
a 'Trksi ,.30 ,01: 'ourned to death, '
1,431; ;re*hers and priests killed, 51; a
(lied from sarvation, 3,4t61; died un- P
protecni in tIel- ti., 4,3-e0; died from 2
ii ft ar, 668i -, ld, 8,000; houses o
at burn , -. reihle conversions,
to15,0i.i e, girls abducted, 5,- a
to 544; fo0i4 bl rrl.ges, 1,551; churches at
burne ,' . .tute and starving, I
S44750. (i -tters say that further
36 mmetrr re ' .-id inHarpool. C
es - E
' Horn it for Iberia. ¶
Th' 'iemlht a: i I assenger platforms
of Ut ~l'tl-ti. I Memphis railroad I
a. in Fo , 'tr rc., were points of a
. ann'tmi..l at in all Sunday after- o
t no)M. -Iit-fi ,l -mphis tickets were h
gj oi, 'i . .i. ted fifteen colored
'e fa:,il * al hni a ts hound for Libe- q
ar ri 3 C l' c baggage of every
id conesatii : \ Ip ion. from the pro
. verbiail ug&et .o i , eckled hen togreat
d bo(ea cf l , 1t the instruments to I
ea 1! ra- band n e among the posses-C
me i('- I the .-- Other points alongi
th ii r of . ,, pirobably swelled n
th< u .ntor , Iy the time the
traitn . a ,e "ai his. All baggage r
is trat ,-,"d ,nd the party left tl
M mni it. 'I- : orrang over the
c Ka itt P is & Birmingham
s roe, ft 8- a ro, which point o
- th, r t It ~:') e laml of promise
t, on :hbe JtI E er the auspices of
y so ,a a : I ' ancv with office a'
to I kn , ' ed to Deathb
es *,S d igd in a theattir I
cal be tr . ; on'East Tenth t
- stris s P . City on Saturday, 1
ca '. 1 • r- -ated pipe. James 1
Fi t , ,living at Bayonne, f
N.., t ,d death. A num- a
bent i , slightly injured. e
T #  t i ue among the
0a: ' : -o-ri escapes wrwe
rgjir i
Interesting and Newsy Items
e From Our Exchanges.
Gin Burned-Burned to Death-Two d
n Firms lneorporated-Omceers Elected
-Sudden Death-River Out of Its
Banks. J
Got His Head Mashed. $
Thomas Neal, the yard switchman of a
t the Texas and Pacific Railway at Boyce, C
while making a flying switch got his b
I head caught between two box-cars, and'
Si badly mashed.
r ' Murdered for a Dime. It
e While quarreling over a dime at a
i Abbeville, last week, Clement Huntley "
s cut Chas. Goddy in the neck, severing
-an artery and causing death in five Il
e minutes. Both were colored men, °u
Bound for the Penitentiary. tj
Sheriff Aylmer Flenniken, of Farm-,
ereville, came to Ruston to meet the
d train with ten negroes on his string k
t bound for Baton Rouge. They are,
; the unfortunates of a two weeks' crim
f inal term in Union.
i. Hopes to Secure Mr. Boatner's Seat. IN
- Alexis Benoit, the Populist leader of t'
North Louisiana, and contestant for Cl
o C. J. Boatner's seat in congress, left a
i Jn Sunday's Queen A Crescent passen- t'
E- 'er to appear before the house on the'
o 20th to argue his case. i
• . n
e River Out of its Banks. a
It The river is rising rapidly at Dia
d mond and is out of its banks, causing I
k much delay and trouble in building a fl
new levee and enlarging old ones by the i N
d United States government. All levees
r are in fine condition and well able to
e stand high water. ei
Destroyed by Fire. C
The planing mill of J. M. Nugent, u
Jat Nugent. in. Grant parish, on the ft
it Houston e-ntral and Arkansas North- tI
t, ern railroad, was destroyed by fire yes- w
terday afternoon. It is said to have c'
d been worth about $10,000 and was only si
b particularly covered by insurance. C
y (Governor's Appointments. it
l Governor Foster has appointed Ed
ward S. Maunsell member of the state
l. board of health, vice C. E. Kells, de-C
º ceased; John W. Bickham, police jurori
Third ward of Washington parish, vice
SJason Bateman, deceased; L. O. Brous-d
r sard, of Vermillion. notary public. y
, ... T-
Fire i)eatroys a Gin-House. si
Tpe fine gin-house, with about 100 (
bales seed cotton and all the seed be- w
L~longing to Mrs. M. B. Douglass, oa i.
Lake place, on Lake St. Joseph, was i ti
consumed by fire last week. The gin p
and cotton were partially covered by ei
n insurance.
Sawmill Man Injured.
.. Frank Lolly, a white man, who is etn- y
e ployed as sawyer at Lee and Lacroix's d
,'sawmill, at White's Spur, about two i b
I; miles south of Pollock station, in Grant d
. parish, was badly injured Friday about t]
n 2 o'clock. He was caught by a splinter It
a on a log and thrown against a belt. I'
His shoulder was dislocated and his t]
. arm and hand badly mashed. It is n
, supposed he received internal injuries. n
,_ _- ft
r: Fire Department Oflcers Chosen. id
• At a meeting of the Fire Board of the ii
Baton Rouge 'fire department held 1
Thursday night, the following officers ;
, were elected for the ensuing year;
d Irenee Pujol, chief; with the following
Saids: First, Charles Schoenbrodt; sec
oend, Walter Smith; third, Oscar Raben- c
horst; fourth, R. M. IIereford; fifth, I
d John A. Amis; sixth, William Lar-,
quier; seventh, Henry Ford. .
New Lodge of Odd Fellows Instituted '
Paul Lowenthal, grand master of'
0 Louisiana of the Independent brder of 1
Oiid Fellows, went to Pollock, a flour
g ishing saw mill town, eighteen miles i
d north of Alexandria, on the Iron Moun
g ain railroad, and instituted a new
Slodge of the order, yhich was called
i the Penn Lodge. There were eighteen
members put through and the balance
n of the list of thirty-eight will be car
ried through in a few days.
el _ .
f House Burned. i
At I o'clock Sunday fternono firei
broke out in a little house on Houmas i
Sstreet at Doualdsonville, owned by Mr. i
.'aul Ramirez, occupied by colored i
tenants, and adjoining one of Mr. t
i. Louis Dehon's large yarehouses. By a
h their usual promptness and a good I'
, water supply, the firemen made short i
work of the blaze, whiehhreatnled at I
,, first to spread to the big bdilding e
e- alongside, which was filled with a gen- i
I. esld stock of merchandise. i
,. Dwelling Destroyed by Fire.
SThe dwelliag hose, outhoum @ d I
all the effect of Mr. J. A. Loj4lh,.AL,
L ing some ten or twelve miles eouth ef
Ruseon, were totally destroyedrby AM
Wednesday. Mr. Loflin s 'an enter
prising and thrifty young farmer and
tI one of the leading young men of the
paliah. He was attending oourt at'
Vernon, La., where be was detained by
the grand jury, when this fire oear
red. With the exception of a smalU
trunk, nothing was saved.
Resideneg and Outhouses DBqed.
A; 12 o'clock Wednesday the radi-t
ro dence, barn and outhouses of Mr. Jno. 1
Bnchel, on North street, Baton Bongs
d were destroyed by fre: Tu buildings
ts were owned by H. Gimler, and valued e
at 8800, covered by $500 insuranes in
J. J. Capdevielle's agency. Mr.- Ba
cbel's loss in personal effects is about
$500, covered.py $300 insurance in the
of agency represented by L. J. Auris &r
e, Co. The fire originated in .the bay. t
ie barn. :
Residence Destroyed by Iha. ha
The residence and its contents, be- ry
longing to Mr. Jott Putnam, Jr., litu- en
at Iated about five miles south of Abbevills
was destroyed by fire Friday night at
10 o'clock. The loss is estimated at j
Sbshout $2000, the majority of this bing
valuadle papers and notes. Mr. Put
aam and his family were in Abbeville
visiting-relatives, mid knew nothing of
the fire until the next morning. There on
n- 1was no insurance on the home or con- oh
be tents. The cause of the fire was un- o
1g known, but supposed to be incendiary. ,
Murder and SBelcdo. an
At about 2 o'clock Tuesday, as near be
,t. as the time can be judged, Louis Bet- Pr
of trand Barras, a New Orleans butdher, no
or out the throat of Helen Agnes Bets,
at a young and interesting girl, pnd then i4
, to eave the hangman a job turned the 10
e weapon against himself, almost sever- >r
ing his head from his body. The im
mediate scene of the fearful tragedy i
was the country home of John Bets, he
- sitnated on Metairie road, inthe parish mi
of Jefferson, about a mile and a half
I from the half way house. . I
se Negro Octogenarian Fatally buarned. ag
eAn unfortunate victim of the Gjudi
cious use of coal oil was buried last
week in Thibodaux. A colored oetoge- to
narian woman, who resided on Bt. ,wI
Charles street while kindling a Are, a&
t, using coal oil, set her dress on fire, la
1e from which she was so severely burned pe
h- that she lived but a short time, her no
e- whole ,body being almost literally as
re cooked. Her name wpis Claripes and L
ly she was the mother of the late Oscear ph
Crozier, once a prominent republican in
politician and a sheriff of that parish
in reconstruction days. 3_
Died Among tranger. v
Mr. James Clinton, hailing from sa
SI Chicago, and a carpenter by trade, pr
r1 died jt Abbeville last week very sud
denly. aIe is an elderly man, about 55 hi
years old. A letter found in his pa- N
pers, which was dated back about th
seven years ago, shows that he had a eo
sister living, in Chicago, Mrs. C., ( }
)0 Griffin. He also has a brother-in-law b.
e- working in the pension offie at Wash- an
)n ington, D. C. wye wa buried in
as the Masonic gr4ryasl by, the good ti
in people of Abbeville, who raised a fund op
ly sufficient for the purpose. w4
Child Burned to Death.
A child of Mr. Manos, about four in
n- years of age, was burned to death .Fri- ye
's day at Hammond. There are a nuo- y,
ro ber of conflicting stories as to the poei
ut dent. The most plausible one is that
ut the parents we'e working in the ield,
er leaving three -childen in the house.
It. Two of them were in the cradle near g
is the fire, and the oldest one, getting too
is near the fire, was soon ablaze. Bun.
p. ning out of the house the flames were
fanned, and the child fatally burned, &
dying two hours later. The ehildfen d(
be in the crib came near burning.. The ed
Id parents and neighbors extinguished the
re crib upon their arrival. 1,
ag ': Two Firms In-prporated.
c- Goldstein, Mabry & Co., Limited,gro
n- cers, and the Jules Drefuss Oompany,
h, Limited, dry goods, were incorporated L
,r- Friday at Shreveport. GOldstein, hi
Mabry & Co.'s capital stock is 850,000, 8i
divided into 500 shares of $100 each.1
The officers are: S. Goldstein, presi- e
o dent; H. Loeb, vice-presiddtt, and W. t,
of A. Mabry, secretary and treasurer.
f The cspital rtuck of the Jules Drefus ,
CGompany is fixed at .20,000 divided hi
into 200 shares at $100 each. The j
" officers are: Jules Drefus, president; hi
SJulius Levi, vice-president, and Natha t
SLevi, secretary and treasurer.
r Burned to Death. A
Mrs. James. who was making soap l
at her home at Redwine, had her cloth
ing catch on fire. She managed toet i
re some of her clothing off, but there wase t
ea ho one near to help her and, the re 8:
Er. being greatly aggravated by the Itd, d,
ed it was impossible for her to extinguish U
Er. the flames. When help finally did 01
By arrive she was nearly dead, and only 3
od lived a few hours. It is saidthat hers
>rt was a running branch .rithin a vey el
at few feet of her, where she could have t
ng easily extinguiehed the flames, hed she 5i
n-not been so greatly excited that ihe i
i forgot the water and tried to sutiglgh
the flames.
--.- trade with o  ,,rtiW "
0 t"
earrjl "x gtr a"
irs re n L heIpt
thogh s geatsy. any
greator o deeeusme , tllm here;
t' hi
greatLer i0 0omm0ila 0 tha~ in
has somewhat retarded bpeteess.
rapid rise is the pribe of bonds sir
ens pu.lie eon dyoe. Whiote I
maar re growing e-slu as
"oald be expected, after tis wg
sorees the rexpecsted *
mereial loans does apt
lage ar Taeell I no,
o .business is theft
out mhub disposition tq exap d.
ohases to cor several eavtbh' actua
onnsamptio were made within & IOCe
wreaeks on rising mrkets last fall; Al
tribation to oonscart h beins  n ,
and reduwtions in ptrde bam, e
brought a retewri of beada beir
Prices of iomeoditie., as a whole ma
now at the lowest average ever h
Bdeeipts of wheat continua
s,415,5 busbel for tthe weekect
1,41,e517 last year, a d
prioe, Februal y deliveryr 7t,
rwhat is nom~Utly called a heirh
is Sto higher. Reeipts te eA tise
avo bheen a so lge to ie Y
emuch reater yield thar bha beaen
asted, but aolantio mspoth are t
stad by la er prae, fltriti.
1181,0.0 btabe. haor P - -
awsin& 1,a8,607 iarst yasf
Corb ib s - loe t on owa -frs, | ! LeSI
reaeipts tin bin b vear lav a
toen again dolin res a ner wa ea
with large esaliuzisg ves.
a aelim bales for the we s
1stinin sati aes .arae d iste .
pehted, b .t reeiptsdo. n.ows or
tnor is actual coanemptionot ar.aeg
as deoclining prices of gbu es
Lower prices world n$t be hdrtiial tot
plagters i preventing elteshve pfea
Tactile mansatures fafil, ad a' !1
meet the demand expected sad pre
or s general woeak, mopen medawt
avt.rging 2 per d a fnr r attei.
and sines January 1. blsit 2
Prices are now at 10. per
te lowe ist povnt ing 189e a 
hetheyt point had risem.et 8
Not Mauch increak of bayqig
these redoetions'taliorr _16 I
emrslated stock'ns uare. qu
goods and blanketosae 10  ut.
but men's oolenl bo~e beene8ie
and ouch demoralized by ogit i
among makers, as dt 06anal
lions are in arny cases o to 10~
open quotrations'. B tof wol
weekwere 8 per sent. sreag
Failures for the week have
in t United States age
year and 66 in eaaIst
beven People dhiafgd,
tally Herns Oarsteis
fatally h b jrai ae byg mh
dow sad -Ae othss *or* eat
n marher, as tk t p ea t
Banday morninrg..
The hoase in mainy case.6t
s.rred tioot of olto, P
Irideeaker bel8pgin to mAihi. 4 o
weet, on hreta .,-- pt
height, lur t the wtiee ov ch
erte bnite -brae, Ple and agi.ge
aly, of which Mr. Aru.i was at
theve n olleta. Peuh belie
aerelmelburs (fthesirae
hold, two wele servests, aiAthe
at. MalYtel, ws j um st, be
bdon aiotine the A·rier
the pabt ty or th re dsfa se
Armir pressiler apa r in eu
1,l8l othar peopstrie **
c red-ros oeonf6 arpper
r tmbewnl hc gi ngraisiSy
diesonered ssep t e
afthy ete a. nt ne. It igpfo
hig ohtraated the rtite st theie
r Iled bwih vay farnitug
aIar a 1 wllchwoArkw
wIe the bea fh
hod w eesrvats mdh
Mr Mnel wsa uet
'' *
L asV:.

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