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The Tensas Gazette.
ST. JOSEPH, - - - LA.
FRIDAY, APRII, 80, 1000.
ArBNR X. ORERN, - - Earer.
CastII c AIllusIos.
The Natchez Evening Record thus
refers to the doings of the recent
Grand Jury of Adams county:
Re-markable! Natchez has suf
fered an exodus without a labor
Wonder if the grand jury is going
to hit the old town twice in the
same place.
It takes a brave man to smile
when equity and justice are hm1
barding his weakness.
The gratitude of the city at large
in due the April term grand jury.
They are draining corruption from
a sore that has agonized the South
these many years.
The Mississiippi State Teachers'
Association will hold their annual
session at Naichez next week. The
attendance will probably be twelve
or fifteen hundred.
The election for Coroner held
on Tuesday passed off very quiet
ly, practically no interest being
taken, as there, was but one ticket
and a very light vote was polled.
The motion for a new trial for
the Coopers, recently convicted of
the murder of Senator ('armack of
Tennessee, was over-ruled. An ap
peal has been taken to the Supreme
Consuelo Poet Office has been es
tablished Wi the plantation of that
name in Concordia parish, on Lake
St. John, with Mr. E. C. Rhodes
as Post Master. Tnis is the only
Poet Office between Waterproof and
Ferriday handling rail road mail
and is a great convenience to plant
ers in that section who have hither
to depended on river mail entirely.
The two damage suits filed
against the Natchez Drug Com
parny fof $20,000 each, on account
of the deaths of Misses Inez Net
terville and Ida Murray, were con
tinnued to the October term of
Adams County Circuit Court. The
decedents were employed in the
laborary of the defendant coin
pany at the time of the explosion
and fire on. March 14, last year,
when eleven lives were lost.
Mr. G. 1}. Gordon, Superind
ent of the Union Oil Mill at
Vidalia, is trying to utilize the
cockle burr. About eight tons has
been pressed and the oil, hulls,
meal and ashes have been sent off
to be auilized and should they
prove to be mercautable, a new
Industry would be created which
would be remunerative, as cockle
burr is indigenous to this country
and grows without cultivation and
is a sure crop. We trust the ex
periment may be successful.--Ex.
The big battleship Mississippi
will reach Natchez May 12th and
remaiu until tihe 16th. Great prep
arations for the entertainment of
the officers and crew are being
made and sevral elaborate funii
tions in keeping with the city's
renowned hospitplity are being
The visit of the big battleship
to Natches prcmises to attract a
great crowd. The citizens are pre
paring to present a silver service
to the vessel that will cost several
hutdred dollars, and the four-day
stay of the Missiseippi in the Nat
ehes harbor will permit citizens
of the State to extend the uisual
courtesies to the officers mal com
A recenit decision of the Su
preme Court of Louisiana of in
terest to all sections of the State
alike is the decision handed down
S this week in the cases that wenta
up from Concordia parish. In
these cases the Town of Vidalia
and the Tax-Collector of Cotcor
dia perish sought to have the sa
loonists there pay two licenses.
The Supreme Court held that to
comply with the Gay-Shattuck
law fully it is necessary to pay
two licenses ill order to sell to
both whites and negroes, but in
these particular cases the facts
show a non-compliance with the
Oay-Shattuck law, and therefore
the right of the Town of Vidalia
atd the Tax-Collector for Concor
dia parish to collect two licenses
was rejected and denied.
A writer in the Natchez Evening
Record gives the folklowing stnrng
and highly commendable opinion
ol unlawful relation:
The highest type of civilization
througtiout the world salls for its
suppression; the history of the ages
points to ruin wherever it abides.
In the name of (God, and for the
sake of *be thousands of pure, in
nocent caihldren, whose soule and
mindi are yet untouched by sin, let
wu, before they awake to the con-|
sciousnese of these things, prepare
foV them a higher code of public
and private morality.
Let our msnirations for them he ,
for a better life than ours; let usa
overthrow vice and truth to-day,
that they may reap more abundant
i *aermrew.
ed Prics -mt
The following interview with
Hon. John P. Parker, a promi
nent citizen and planter of Ounch
ita, is from the New Orleans Pic
"Coionel John P. Parker, of
Monroe, who owns half a dozen
cotton plantations in north Louis
isiana and who was one of the
principal operators in the famous
bull campaign of three years ago,
says that cotton is going higher
this year than it ever went before,
and 25 cents a pound isn't to be
"If the Texas drought continues
cotton will go very much higher,"
said Col. Parker yesterday at the
Grunewald. "A thorough drench
ing rain will break the market.
But it is impossible to have any
early cotton now in Texas, and
Texas is the biggest of the cotton
producing States. What the boll
weevil ate up in Louisiana last
year didn't amount to anything.
That was a mere drop in the total
"Yet, though more cotton was
produced last year, there was still
a greater increase in the demand.
Even with the reduced acreage of
this year, if conditions are favor
able, there will be more cotton
grown t(han there was last year,
and then there won't be near
• nough to cover the demand. This
is going to be the greatest cotton
year the South has ever known,
and the price of the staple is go
iing higher than it ever went be
fore under ordinary market con
r The Cumberland Telephone Co.
has installed an exchange at Fer
rf iday with some twenty-odd sub
Mr. Stanley 0. Castleman has
been appointed tanager of the
road outfit for Tensas parish. Mr.
t Castleman will be assisted on the
grader by Mr. Harrion Prestige,
! who is an experienced locomotive
The white man Harris who rent
. ed a horse and buggy from a Nat
- chez livery stable and disposed of
at Waterproof, and later did the
same trick in Madison parish,
I where he was arrested, was con
victed at Tallulah this week and
given five years.
Hon. John Dale was re-elected
Mayor of Vidalia without opposition
at the recent municipal election.
Mr\ Dale was appointed to succeed
Mr. Jos. M. Reeves, who resigned
the Mayoralty of Vidalia last No
vember, when he entered into part
nership with Judge Tullis for the
practice of law and located in St.
Joseph. Mr. Dale's administration
has been so satisfactory that popular
demand was made of him to con
tinue in office.
The good ladies of Ferriday, La.,
F have undertaken the work of rais
i ,ng funds with which to build a
v 'hurch at that place. A lot has
been donated for the purpose by
the company owning the Helena
plantation, on which Ferriday is
I located, and already su.h efforts
. have been made along this line as
to insure the erection, in time, of
a very neat and pretty edifice. An
entertai anent for this purpose was
iiven last week by the ladies of
- Ferriday, which netted them near.
ly $100.00.
The handsome 40 horse-lp(wer
Sgasoline launch "Brer Rabbit,"
which is making a record trip
Sdown the Mississippi from Cin
cinnati to New Orleans, reached
St. Joseph Thursday evening and
tied up for the night, due to the
heavy wind, which made running
difficult. The "Brer Rabbit" is dis
tinctly a pleasure launch and is
owned by wealthy men of Cincin
nati. Her maximum speed is 85
miles an hour and she had coi
esumed but 80 odd hours of actual
runing time when this point was
reached. The best time yet made
by water between these two cities
is 60 hours, but which record this
launch expects to lower. The "Brer
Rabbit" strongly resembles the
"'Red Arrow" of St. Joseph.
The following item is taken
from the Baton Rouge Advocate:
The West Baton HRouge authorities have
just received news of the arrest in St. Jo
ntetph, La., of a inegro nlamed (;uy Ed
wanrds, on a charge of unlawfully selling
cocaine. The negro was arrested by Sher
if Parker's deputies abshout seven or eight
months ago and placed in jail on charge
,.f stealing oat. from a levee camnp in the
lower section of the parish. Shortly af
ter his arrest he was released on a bond
of one lhumndred dollar,, and while out on
this Ibnd stole a horse, after which he
escaped and has not been heanrd from
until news ecme frotm St. Joseph.
Sheriff Parker stated yesterday evening
that he would conmuntlunicate with the
Tenss authorities, with a view of having
then turn the prisoner over to him so
that he could 'be trited upon the more
werioas chsrge. He has instructed them
to hold himn, anyhow. and that at the
proper time he would send for him.
The case was worked up by Constable
Moran, of this city, who informed Sher
iff Parker of the capture of the negro in
The uegro Guy Edwards alluded
to above was coinvicted at this
term of Court for unlawful retail
of whiskey aiid fined $200 and
costs or six months in jail. He is
aerving the sentence. He has niot
yet been tried under the cocaine
Mrs. D. A. O'Kelley of St. Jo
seph and hMre. (Dr.) WV. K. Evans
of Stamboul, came up Wtduesday
and remained until yesterday with ,
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Er
win, and sister, Mins Olive Krwiu. I
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District Court.
District Court adjourned Thurs
day after transacting a great vol
e umu of business. The following
, convictions were secured:
r Aggie Bevenes, 2 months in pen.
s Willie Edwards, 18 months in
i the pen.
Joe Watson, 12 years old, man
slaughter, 1 year in the pen.
Major Davis, 2 years in the pen.
William Basier, 6 months in the
Hiram Waites, 8 years in the
Will Clark, manslaughter, 5
years in the pen.
Dug Morris, murder, life sen
e tence, pen.
p Robt. Johnson, 9 months jail.
Dave Gussett, 2 months jail.
e Willie Martinx, 60 days jail.
Guy Edwards, six mouths jail.
e Enoch Handy, 60 days jail.
Tom Timer, 40 days jail.
Following cases were nollied:
Ed Thomas, larceny; Chas. Thur
man, larceny; Sam Thomas, lar
ceny; Jack Walker, accessory to
The case of State vs. Will Clark,
charged with murder, was tried
Tuesday and attracted consider
able attention. Due to the fact
I that the evidence was purely cir
cumstantial the regular venire was
exhausted and a number of tales
j jurors was called before the jury
could be completed, and which
when finally done was composed
of ten white men and two negroes.
The evidence was entirely circum
e stantial, the deed being done in
the dark with none to swear to
the identity of the accused, anld
the case was stubbouly fought by
both sides. Tile defense was rep
resented by Mr. Jos. MN. Reeves,
under appointment from the Court
Sand he displayed extraordinary
skill in the conduct of the case,
* considering that he had not single
defense witness. The State, how
* ever, made out a strong case, and
* welded, link by link, a chain of
a circumstantial evidence that point
P ed unmistakably to the guilt of
,f the accused. The argument by
I both State and defense was strong,
a clear and logical. After an able
f and exhaustive charge by the Court
the jury retired about 10 o'clock,
but shortly annlounced themselves
hopelessly divided,whereupon they
r were locked up for the night. As
they had not reached a verdict the
p next morning the Court ordered a
-mistrial entered. The jury stood
1 ten for conviction without capital
I punishment and two for acquittal.
c On Thursday the prisoner plead
I guilty to manslaughter anid was
- sentenced to five years.
He acknowledges to the murder.
5 In real estate circles tile biggest
- deal that has been consummated
I lately in this parish is the pros
I pective sale of "Kenilworth," the
'magnificent plantation of Mr. S.
D. Farrar, near Newellton. The
purchasers, we believe, are gentle
r men from Champaign, Ill., rep
resented by Capt. H. C. I~uckett.
The consideration, it is under
stood, is some fifty thousand dol
While the deal has not beenl
positively closed, its conlsumationi
only awaits the completion of cer
tain preliminaries incident to the
transfer. It is understood that
a forfeit of $5,000 has been put
up by the purchasers as earnest
money to secure thedeal.
With the sale of "Kenilworth"
the last link is welded ii au un
broken chain of real estate trains
fers by the passing of every large
property on Lake St. Joseph into
new hands since Mr. Farrar's res
idence on that place.
We understand Mr. Farrar con
templates leaving the parish and
locating in Texas. Mr. Farrar
has resided iu this parish some
thirty years and has beeu a most
useful and honorable citizen and
promiuent in all that has made4
for Ithe welfare of the parish..
His removaLfrom Teusas will be
greatly regretted. His son, Mr.
8. D. Farrar, Jr., we are pleased
to hear, will have charge of the
property for thie new owners.
Mr. Sam Wexler wishes tc no
tify the public that he will have
SPRING LAMB every Sunday,
orders for which must be placed
on Saturday. He alsio keeps con
stantly on hand a choice line of
beef. A share of the public put
roule t Ioliited lngll No. 8g.
Suits Made to Order IN NAT7HBZ
from $15.00 to $60.00. Work done
at Home by Skillful Tailors. No
Middle Man's Profit to Pay. Gus=
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genuine Pratts, write as at oaoe.
Dr. James M. Meere.
Though advanced in years ant
having retired from his profe.
eional practice and .the activitiea
of life, Dr. James M. Moore, whi
died yesterday afternoon at hii
home in WVaterproof, La., will ti
missed by the people of Tense.
parish and here in Natciez.
Dr. Moore was a-sciou of the
old families of the South and lives
a life that brought' honor to hii
name, winning the sincere love
and admiration of all alike.
A mind of the noblest mould
a heart that felt for all mankind
he deserved the best that Got
could give in life and in death.
Natchez Democrat.
Mr. Winm. F. Denny and Mr
Dan Ashford, accompanied b.
1Mr. S. A. Marcus, prominent
citizens and planters of Tenss
parish, came up from St. Josepl
Tuesday in their 86-horse pow
er automobile. These geutlemeI
would have covered the distane.
in about five hours if the roadi
had been good and the machine
had not struck mud holes, where
it remained until pulled out
They came up. to take notes ant
look at our rice country, and it
company with Mr. Robt. Nichol
son, one of our largest planters ol
rice, went around the lake Wed
nesday to look at what was goini
on. They were greatly surpries
at what they saw and had no ides
that rice culture was being con
ducted on so large a scale in oui
parish. They returned very mocl
delighted witfl' what they saw.
The gentlemen left oil their ra
turn home Thursday morning.
L. Providence-Banner Democrsat
A very severe storm swept ovel
St. Joseph on Monday morning
doing considerable damage to tree.
but fortunately their was no serior
damage to property save the over.
turning of several plantation cambin
in vicinity. The wind came fromu
the north, but quickly switched tc
the east,-and was accompanied by
heavy rain and hail.
In the Court House square a -larg
tree was blown down, while a heavy
limb fell on the old Clerk's Omie
building, now occupied.by the Ga.
Uette, damagingthe roof and wreek.
ing the rear shed. A large sycanmor
)lia.rs blown down in Judge young'
p yard and several Chinas were hadly
5 twisted and torn. A heavy tree in
Mr. William Young's yard fell acm.s
p the telephone cable and put out 6
commission a number of phones and
almost Iparalysing the service and
gave Mgr. Batterton a vast amouni
of trouble work. Six trees were blown
down or injured in Mr. Davidson'.
p yard, while similar wreckage wa
in evidence on the plank road and
in other sections of town.
SImmediately after the storm had
subsided Mgr. Batterton got to work
repairing the damage and in- th
coUrse of a few days by energetic
Seffort had 'll wires up again and
Sfull service restored.
SQuarterly Conference for the Mos
Sroe District of the M. E. Church
will be held at St. Josephon Satur
day and Sunday, May 29-80. The
SConference will be conducted by Lb
I Presiding Elder, Rev. 8. 8. Keeney.
Sassisted by the local pastor,. Rev.
SMr. Fontain.
Remaining in the St. Jomeph Poet
Ohice for week ending April 24
Banks, L. MCrory, J. E.
Chatman, Stelas MNedrsmr Mis_
Davis, J. W. Miler, J. f.
Dyson, Mamie Norton, Nperasst
(irden, John Netter, W-a
Hicks, Emine 8 gakd., la.e
Horse, Allen Sbarpe, Dave
Jackson, Julia- Taylor, PFany
Jones, Sadie Thonm , Rebeaes
Kempe, iie Williams, Ia
UITrsD SrAs DUraIDr Cosar,
Werza Durmer or Lo~san,
Moano. DIanson.
In the Matter of Martin Jacoby, eak.
No. 627 in Bankruptcy.
To the Creditors of Martin Jacoby:
Notice is hereby given that a the
day ofApril, A. D. 190 thesd Mar
Jacob was duly adjudicated
will be held at the aere i
Monroe, Loiuiana, on the gta i
APRIL, A. D. 1909, at t10t
Is the fere..em at which time he mt
Creditors may attend, prove their asi,
appoint a Trnru, eumine the bhanku
tran such other banemu ami
come before said meetin.
dR r in Bankruptc.
Moxaon, LA., April 9, 1900.
State of Louislana Parish of Teaes,
10th Distriet Court.
vs. No. Usm
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby gives
that by virtue of a writ of Se ared
Sale to me directed by the above uasd
Henorable Court in the above eali
matter, I will oa
Mu t tie 1t Ia N ar,
1.I.n1 ,
offer r sale at the Court Howme dee,
in the town of St. Josph, In t this
Ish, between the bours ef 11, eieas
m. and 4 o'elok p. n., to the bgeg
bidder, for eabs, the follow ng
aerlhed proert1y. eituated In ea
lab ad Stat*, hd l ithe aboves
That certain cotton plantation knos
as Locust Grove, situate in above pa
and State, anad composed of Wet ea
fractional section twenty seven () al
Northeast quarter of Section
eight (28), in Township thirteen
North (12) East, in dl
msNorth of Red River, the whet
panta~iontaainnl 4e0 acre re ar
,there, being excepted thertro -a
portion of a land sitate in Swlate
twt seven (27) olifnEs te es
ter o Copper or semne s B s
tainn 9g 13-100th acres ere
to James M. Gillepie, sad 1ba te
-s propert acquired b ansaUsn
F Pitcher s-lo : one bnaiiso
threoby set ofsa eecoded
Conveoranweeord "L" ese 140ad
1I0, on December 2~nd, 180, of sse
of Tenses Parish, and the other uedi
vided half theeof b act of isle ia
.Cokvnee Reeord ' ," pgs 615, en
July tth, l6Ue f T a I urdb .
Ters of Sale: For cash to lp.athe
sum of 82000.00, with 8 per cut lp.
January 1th, 1907, bject to credi of
8620.00, d o March 9th, 1908, al
in a s th of (One Haunded Dolas
as attorneys' Sees, and on terms of aeI
to pay the balaace of id sum, to-wit:
the sum of $1000.00 with 8 per cant Lasa
January 10th, 1907, and due on January
st, 1910; the saleto be made withol
beneat of appraisement.
JOHN HUGHr S, Sherl.
Sr. Joena, LA., Mart S. 1109.
VIIls, L.. * St. Jeegh., La.
The ndarignaed ba formed a part
anerdaip for the pa of law, under the
Arm name of TullA Reeve, with .
Goes at Vidalla sad St. Josph, and wil
tinCoe ondi, Tndts,, and ied
parllnesm Jude Tull will be i
cated at the Vidalla odce, and will vist
St. Joseph whenever cli desire to a
him there. Mr. Reeves will be
at St. Joseph and will viet r
whenever needed there.
tbh Est ,eof i asep la ne, .
requned to le sme with th under
signed Imedit ie.
TULLS EUH, AttornUyL .
bseU kt ls Ua as. b
. >....... s...m...a. ...
Mty handeore DWELLING' In
te to o Neawellton om
thne b t myself, wie lt or
:n2r' Zcres, with all the use
provements: servant housm e, an
sad stables; dwellnag contelaa set
laine plant, hot and cold watqr
To Suit Every Un
"A tste for book. tandetowarde
sobriety, ldetry, economy."
Pr heelb - wheam read
reea au m em ent.
here ae sebwq me srneet
etaemsreme k eed e
mor Ui. Price
eamr sesk ce.l

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