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The Tensas Gazette.
ST. JOSEPH, - - - LA.
FRIDAY, SE1 'ITE\llll' U . 1;, .t(J.
ABNEIR E. (;ItE I\', - - E nlont.
SUBs'IIP',,,I 1 M 8:.\111.1 I )o
,,, A, .... . . !.50
'IThe I;an.tt. \ viw. with nlmutch
re'gret, thi: ghl with very little
tlllrl'a l tlin ' l, h niiV of oII n e s e
ig I,i ill,'e Ill *'! V 1111', , f i- i (h.ll
t 1, ii oi. t (1 lif 1 1'. F 11. "n i i'anaC' ,itl
gir',,.J,,l:l ) I 'itr t It ,ller (hul)
PitnI to 1 Ilt ili 'i) I retu lr l if ll I.i.",.
I l. .a td , oll at ti " ,xt Ciol,trl',t -
i u al I 'l,.ett ilg.
\t t the h't, It at va. ,i'l -ay ith
('1it rti o ,' l'a II Id at a ..oa mpul
aI le 1111(1 i eli iv lee'l"n ivv
afite'r havitigf served tile district
of a l:Ir,,' flor a ,itly i s thli t tle .t
orat e ti - io ' --ii w l l l )ie .
triet, that Mr. Ia1dll ha t dur
iw hi l" ili'ilull, "l i'V i made idi ,ally
(,i r.lle( l. No 1 ,. it thIl wlit, tllb
in'iist if prit"ltd nalility n and of
H11:1, ~11 e\'''1 \" c onii(':L' rll lpre ut ed,
,uei fht tg t at tael,' Ia .t Ir e terdi
t io lti i iof ItlI' I ",i e. f tl' litai llr
.1M -. il,l,1i V:l ,yV ill palrticular,
Ial wellI :l to I l c ili ul oif tp he
wloflr if 1i, i . ,lit ir, l ht 11 on.
\V'," arei , iiudl.d, ri lllliu t( to hp
io i hat l ll \tiv t -\, ls Il' ollr (.l n l
IgIi tlioial )i trict ti' r g I i g to
inake the i tl i ln t- hit instaalnei
that the touth1 lilh.s so ofitel inmado
h iretofore t y' rliriig a faithful,
ablei and iiergeteiit r ere seitltive
after having serv-i't .d the district
iii the National o f I f a lr'lre
Yelt lllivt for ionly I shi ort time.
\ ie do nolit kinow woi will be Mr.
iadgs oflI'- tatp jowt (ut)I opponents
Cluuilugrell ai. 11lii lilt ''i"' tq() neitus
when the pi.liipliigin is finally
pitched. No dloubt, they will be
le lof p ,rolliounced a ility an.lid of
milloii id Id t ( l 'res iox ali i ' , but
we cailot illing ourselves to the
addllllte d I milid d by iiherent
ability and traiilp to r,)ireselit
t is h 1distri st it ( tu'rel' tai i Mg r.
of alnety 0ailitfe,, and who ranks
le h, e iril ot (' lp as at ,,lh,lth 'r ('.oi -
grl'ii .iiS l, biult l lli ig thise' (Coll
Tiiio be able I i (ii i tsb ll,,lt rie
suilt ; It) aºble 1 ) .,0111, ithe I'ie('i -
ilninion ieh ,un r sseetitl of rih
ly deter, t e nlil so , ig timely ieeds
in i illtp der'I,,ln lut: to be able to
wield ani ii nalle ait the Nationial
Capital, nld to ;'culi'e aid and
assistance of the , it irenli t De)art
iients of G, ,elrnml ent tihere, when
nli ded andi desired, it is riut logi
hitlt and irtaioable that ia re1pre
e, ltative, nii-u t 1,e1; l stie I o ly
yisnd dmlu l i"a l t l t al,.per hoie r,",
spiit sin- im ii- at trily Ihiwie w
'I fiu' i d ..-l\,i l,,age (il the wn a rk
i ge.otl har" rut iiiiion l it-.t ,if u .k -
cutsltat.ihi s u'hll nti l i rth " S 't i- 'o .
macut h ais o e 'i xptrie'itce, which
tiis people fori* a tim i i.
S incei hie ti'lt etlilered Colit grP'lg,
hi inle cf i t o fi r fit rn ii t himself
r. to accise Mr. man-dell of il
tidhe lity tii hit district, ir the lack i
lif i lk l rgy tt ait lity, aini we b in
ecrly hrilu that wtshi the time y
aes illNiew cloud of prpoted op- o
p,,oditiu will hiave I .i dispelled
and Mr. Yanllgwre will have the
Camping u party o tin .em the
Mt '. Reev. wa. l til T ,,ilul l to.
Mr. Reeves was in Tallolah.,V
Two years ago Hem. Joseph E.
I :,,lill had a walk over to I.
1.elected. to (' ngress. The ,utitl.k at
present is that several mien in the
F'ifth1 (',ngressinal District vwuill
.like to, c'.Iupy his seat ill ( ,,ng're's.
FTo n- it suinis like a joke fir any
(4 lli ini the district t,, ecin get hi
,wIIn inill'nt to . .lMpj sti Mr. Rlalls
hel'l at this time. The man whl,
w,,1tll I n,,tf r again-.t himll w ul,1, in I
4111 jnlgul'ent, toi f,.,lishly hraiv't .
S\\What ran that man s:iy t.1 the Ira
l I I.e if tlhi dlii triit that ii uillt in
SIlluce tlhe i plei that he was int the
right mall and in the right plaev
to rienlii' Ii the district, the S'tate
'l 11 1 h4f ,e i atioill rlillle goodI than alily
llth r li:l in the Fifth i)istrict? If
M' r. Ianis, liil has- failed to vi'te o4111
lithe tariff tol please every man voter
ul in thle district th iie we 4 not hilli-t
I taet to ehlieve that his voite nl that
lii teasllrre met the approval of a large
I iaj 'rity Lof the voters. T", reotlii'
\Mr. Ilans-iell frimimi (' ihigres, wi il1l
. I I lossii toi the distrit andi State.
al \' illteed himii hiecatle l he i l, Ill
li expeIrilen e. We itedl hill twoIne se.
td be .:iino)t without dalliage to the
i, tate I' left off the coluilitti e i't"
i- iversi' anid Harlirs. \\' need hll ill
I li.cause lie has pr.mlllinenc' ill thel
I.tr, illli alllnd when lie rises fril h iis
1e'it hito address ('olligress he is r'cog
iiztedi a a mia whose words will
I) l- listened to and have weigiht in
"- shaping legislation. As a oriker ill
to4 l ,ngress ihe has no supenrior. Hie is
ir lii h Iest, capalle and always at his
(d post of duty. The Fifth D)istrict hias
ulI lii idea of leaving otit of C'ongress
ie tilhe most tit lnan in the district for
Ict that place. We do hope that no
re- la in the district will waste time
e. trying to occupy the seat of Joseph
nts -
Hly Mr. Leon Karpe returned this
be week from St. Louis, whither he
of had gone to purchase his fall and
4ut winter goods, which will be on dis
ie play within the next two weeks.
ei [ii meantime Mr. Karpe is offtr
:t ing all summer goods in stock and
lit all low quarter shoes for men,
Ir. women and children at cost. The
n, economical should take notice.
ks Thn Gazette annoiunced last
1u- week that th hers' Instit ute,
Sin accordance with resolution of
Y- the School Board, to he held here
re- beginning Monday, September G,
'K" would last one week and that
i chool proper would begin the
is following Monday the 18th. From
to a notice published elsewhere to
d11 (lay by Supt. Wade it will be seen
Id that a change has been made in
rt- the program and the Institute will
en only remain in session two days,
l- Monday and Tuesday, and that
'e" the white schools at St. Joseph,
ly Waterproof, Delta Bridge, Enola,
4Y Burne and Elder Shade will open
oh Wednesday the 8th, and the
Swhite schools at Newelilton, Lime
k- rick, Ashwood, New light atlI
' l)ickard will open on Thursday
a the 9th.
The following two sIpecials fromni Nat
chez to the Tinie.-DeInocrat will le of
ig ur cars of rice grown by I. Friieiler
andI F. i). Brwn of Concordia parish.
I ia., were shipped to-day to mlillers in
f New Orleans. This is the first time that
rile has ever been exportedL from Conilcor
di- a parish. There are 260 uares iln l
tivation iln Coneordia and anl average of
i the cars a day for the next thirty dysi
will ti shippeil to New (rk.ilns. T1"hi,
rice was raiied ln lanid that had p-r.
viously been devasted by the bll wei itl.
In a tesit imade by I. Friedller on twenty
e atrt of the first rice out, 311 bags, aver
Saging 199 to 200 pounds to the bag, weren
. threlshed. The test ailo demonstrated
that more than fifteen bagL will tlIH
threshed to every acre. A total of 1450
cars of 25) sacks each will be harvested
in thile plarish this yealir. The rice was
ilallted March 15, bt catn be succelslful
ily planted here Ian early as March 1. A
I heavy frost fell on this year's, crop after
Sthe ilant was uip, withliut aniy daag-.lla
ThEll rice was floed by pumips from the
M.issiiippi riv.r. Ve. ry little labor was
cheeilei in the cultivation, except in
wTe.linig. The experiene.e of rice planit
ors i Iiiecordia prove that thrie rice crop
in ll ivaltin cists ailsit the itllie as the
cil l n cr , buh t it cist.i tnich et t ll i
hariest ilSlid the irinfitt anr greater thain
elri td iran the colttn crop,.
.\. L. i hiirge, Inallag.r of the ('imlir- Li
dia uill Mill, |1ad iin display li.r. to-day
a -talk if Manchinrian soya tiean, i hich
Sii' graw Imt lilt ixlKrimlrnmntal lu1tch at o
Vilalia. The Icrop wias a proliti• ilon I1a4
riults i rtenid an intere-tilg tiltIre fr 2
the crIni) il ,l imisiana anid 11issi.w-iiipi. It
il cline-d that the prIdehnts friini the
,ii'es compete with cottoni ,eedl prsdhlits 2
as to the grade of oil and cake. The 5Oys Ar
lhian is grown extensively in Northiirn
Europe. Mr. (;eorge has two acrns uitier r
cultivation. The stalk he had withi hit 9.
was weigllted with hean pos. A noriial 1:
yieli is from 3fN00 to 4-4'0 il lnilslall an1.
acre. Twii crops can be grown e1'h year.
The inexpensiveinei* of ciltivation is ile
lof the features of time healm, one hoeing 1.
and one plowing is all that is nei.Vssary,
one tman can work 100 acres. A test will 2.
be made in the next few days at Tallu- .
lah. Fifteen acres are In cultivation near
E Sacrifice!
11 The advent of Fall catches us still
heavily stocked with Summer Goods
and Low Quarter Shoes, which we
must dispose of to make room for our
large and Complete Stock of Winter
Goods soon to arrive.
For the Next 30 Days
l We will dispose of all Summer Goods
1.. and Low Quarter Shoes for Men, Wo=
atl men andd Children at actual cost prices
Phone No. --!-I ree Deli\ er.
is Pure Whiskey Often Prevents Sickness
h Mdany a s ri s sicknie.. has bten checked in tume by the
has judiciuu u_ of
il SunnyBrook
Asa healthful tonic fr 1. no i or a n',,k1 ,mo timulant in
his ae of jo r e1: - - " , N, homte h..,uid be
w ithout it. I: , .e , : . I , t., . , , t .0 , i"
h e i it '%1,i 1 1 1 1 r .:. ," ''". " ". 11.E)- , o ,I:" t \ [ ( eo l U n . S1u 1.Y
BROOK Pure Fod hL, ; L . ltanda'd IOt,' proof , , rv
l(1bo - .eilc ".uovernment (,sen c anip"' ..;Au aiu iL- t.g : Luc ttg
Lnd Ui tu_-re.
01, from any of the fullowing Distributors:
,e state of Clam. 1't ; lhi y.. .......... N( an , L .
I. 1t . M iilhlr 1,iquor (c .............. New 4 I0rhtans, Ica.
al . F Iunke "s in & C'o.. Ltd., ... N... W . 4 ) tl"ans, I .
It. S (' I"I I,1t1 tilt (4 ....214'I-2 ' (i arra St.. N. 0.
te, Parker-Itlklk. t . .................... ..... . tuIrha s,, li.
o f I, I. l. U i, - 1 :" 4' . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. \ ."N w U rl , i -. L.a .
ir. , . r.. 1 ihnpit. . ..................... '1'exarkana, 'l'. x.
G L. . ik I" irnard i,iqutort ( .,... ............ l anumont, ''Tex.
L. C. la'k. .......... ........... AI'andria, Ila.
4 PEA. L T-.o pRN
-l0- ANTHIRAX ---111
PrnPEARL ST. FsrAcN ,. rEmo
D'Phone 110 for RETAIL Department
and 2 for WHOLESALE Department.
S e lShould be gLven thebest talntp
Personal Instruction. 1 )ree Employ
Ament DeRartent. Complete College
0 1Bank, College Store and Wholealae
dents. Through tihe success ofits
22000 former stud Aents Soule Collee
Awake, Prac ical, Popular and Suc
7 .00AM 8.00 A M - M iFKIiE I Ar12.,0 PM 4..1) P.M.
1.0 7f 7?.0 - M (E;H IE IJ T. * 2.00 4.41
12.3 8.12 - 'RI t'K' , KT. S1.5. 4.03:
10.0f .L , 2l Al.\ .Y 1.44 3.2"5t 3
S2..3 P 1M 9.tL -JENNIE * 12.51 12.25
A2.4 9.21 €0P ( )IlTD " 112. lA ltI A. M5
2r .00 9.45" 1 L E " I t)I . 12.31 10.1 i 5
2.242 9.t1 - *I tT \L ANI) 1 . 1 9.%
2.37 10.02 AL 1 , RK. 111 9.3
2.58 1o1 S0ILIK . I ,NA. 1.0 P . . 9.17
9.20 10.20 .P LTI UIN 11.T 4 3 1 8.32
Ar 4.00 P.M . 10.5 " 1 )K. ArItlE (A 4.34, P. M
1. 7.00A. 12 1.4) 1 A I- I' Ii). EU L.n 1.20 .3. 31
8.00 11:.31 A ,1 .TIA 1 . 3.
8.50 11.50 N K t . 10 "I 2.11
9.15 . P PM - . M N'vVI) 10.tl 2.131
92.2 12.P TI IA IL \T { 105 1i
1.12 120..5 - ILK itE 1012 1.18
.0.50 12.1 I BAYOU 10.0 1 2..51
i.iR 1.04 Q i'ItY 9.51 12.24 P. M.
1.25 2.45 10 1 'IT RIDGE &.31 9.50
1.52 2.5.5 (;t)l MAN 8 19 9.30
2.02 8.01 ,3 W T EtRPROODF 9.19
2.45 P.M. 8.3.3 p. . (L 'ITON' JCT. L . AA 30 Li 8.10 A. M.
A'rlS.L5. 8.50P. M. o FRRIDAY LL 7.BA. M Lv7.SOA. . A
LI0.dM. • V1DALIA 5 1s. P 50. 1
Attuetis, Farmers.
Every farmer in the parish can
afford to he present to hear the
lectures Mr. Ransdell and others
are to deliver at the Court House,
ill St. Joseph, on O(ctober 6th, in
elhalf <of in tensified farming.
The' miatt:r is of so mnch int rest
that n1o o,11 ilnterested in agricul
turl' call afllrd to he absent. The
following letter is interesting:
Shnrt'.vp.rt, La., .\A g. 21, It1M.
IMr. E. J. \\'ahtn,
.t..1,,ph, Ia.
lhI a r h ir-- Y ,,u I al , ,l ,alh tl s - ,,, th e
;a mut,,I "'.n11 I,,nt that 110,1. .Ij,-. E. R:ans
,Ihll \1,uhit I lII a s "ri.'s . I agricultural
u,,,,tinh - ill hi- ,hi tril.t. as i't1,,l by W .
I. \Vard, f the l' rrau , f ,l.\nliual Ind1n-
tra..\. U. W\\right ,f the Ilrainagl Inl\-
t!u:ti,,i-. l'rf. W . It. l, l-,,n, a ,, m y
I ;n1 very anxi s that thee mil ."titng
Ih \ ",ll att mnhlt and \\c~1,11 ask that 3",u
,I, all tihat is i, y,"our pl r to intIrest
tll. flarnellr' an1 gA t t circulalr and
hast\ tlenm ,li-tribut v.,l w\r thlw arish.
I-l.,'I ially r yul -t all N,,ur ,l,. ,,n-trat
,Ir'- Mnl ('-l"~-ul ratr t, .ttantn .
TIi l,lae and ,lati fur tilw rov lint in
yur parish i-: St. J,,.,Th, \Ved,hl(+-day,
t Cretetr Cithy, 1 avig . .r
lhankisd you in arytan fr a Streinet
nii ui ihd eret, ed rto elegin,
Y,,urn \wry truly,
r .si .. I1\'.\\S, aiig respecAgt.
E'ng1'ne Paul returned on the
Natchez .Saturday from a long
viit to Nw Oelve rooan ms, where h
has been engaged with earpenters
inll reodairing andco i, proving hiof
moyth or's k. rertys. Mrs. Paul hake
invested extensively il realty in
tha sle Crscent City, havitrg pur
chased lots on Prytania Street
and had erected two elegant
residences, confrtainig respective
ly Nsight and twelve rooms, with
all modern witonveniences, sue of
which she has Glad handsomely
furnishied, the rooms to be let by
day or week. Mrs. Paul will make
a specialty of catering to transient
trade and will be pleased to see
her Tensas friends when in search
, (f sleeping accommodations when
in' New 'Orleansr. lir house, 1515
l'rytania, is within easy access of
ithe depott.
Cositlerable excitementi was
recated this week by the sudden
:lad violnt illness of dine mem
i'Irs of th le hoihld of thate rail
adie agcint, Mr. \V. ' ). Coleman.
Iit l thirt,, cnewouldiers of Mr.
,Imn il '- h,1us,,hhl1 (includiing
:ir lni iy he eeI madetal. Fort
Stly iall ave ptcovaine poison
111:d ( frotn elabblcr left in gran
SI t. Thel attnding physieiament
boe as expressedthe opinion that had
tihe consnmptlion been greater the
Sr,,cllt in verny casof wour i all
iately all have recovered.
Notwithstanding the statemeture
above as expressed by medical au
thority, many of our people are
BIut that so many members of the
Sfamily were rendered dangerously
Sill at once is certain, regardless
Sof cause.
R Remaininig in the St. Joseph Post
SOffice for week ending August 28
I.r,,iten, IlhJ r i Ray., Emily
ll ,i is..\nny Shcte art (',; n ('+,.
I Illliartl.y J l f hit, Th .
P .hhn..,,n, \Vittiit W'hite,, Ihavid
.erhlson, cinssic ThImah, Iily
Persone calllg for the above letters will
pleast e any '"Aertlsed," and can procure
ame by ppayin,. One cent for each letter.
L . I#IOIESON, P. 1.
L1,.ANTATII ) nsituatledln LTake Brneun,
c·',ntaininlg 1000 aresrt olpnlandl. 1530
aires in tiznler; 54) Iiuhe, full equipment
,f inlephients; 20 lllushllls crnl. lRail
ItR,,i dcpIll t 11n protl.erty. P'rlh.rty e'x
clll'tlntly altapit4d for rite. Apply to
A. E. GREFN, Att'y., St. Joseph, La.
Trespass Notice!
BY PERMlISSION of the owners thereof the
Ifoillwing lpriolerties are posted and all
Ier,,ns ar.' warned not to trespase upon
them for th, pIurlpoIs'e of cUtring timber, hunt
ilg , r lhinlg. All tr"splassers will be prose
'letl h r. Thc rirl tie as p'lstedIl are ahs fol
"I.'( 'K NOW," ''()'TI' WO()f W D.''
"RI P)N." ' PIK E& MOORE Lan ds
"('()T'rON WOODl)" "WALKE?. TRACT"
''Little Rak'. Tract''" 'HOWMAN Pit"''
"ELISTON ......M'('ALL Pit."
"tECKS'" . ' "M1LE pit.'"'
"DUROSHETT." "c'AMMAc'K Place,"
"St. MARY Plantation"
Trespass Notice.
NOTICE is hereby tivea that "LO
CUST WOOD" plantation isl posted
aainTt A D. DANIEL. F
Company K, Ninth Mississippi Regiment.
i kl.lie\t it at- ill .March, Isil, that
tlt- gloriou.lth .Mis.i:--i ilp i ICegiml nt ,f
(',iinfederate \'oliIuitler- lift Fh rl IuII l+ ,
under J. I. ('hahlmer, ;1- ,,ur .'Captatin.
\We had a.. INIi l ,I h n as '\,'r toi k Ull,
triil` fior till' ('all- ' :t- \\','er eir\ " ill tl.'
'We' \\ent \ia lit 31uhii. tllhen t h ,hliII
juill tin ,I f I, t lthe i,,lie ' it . Iii , aillriiill.
thenc'ul to rM, ltilll. l\\e all ll th, i in ii t
tr it, e i hh l alif l 1 1r a , lut t i, k-. lhtn' e
\\eInt uI ' till W ar-a\ Ir Tiln-asl 3Rc1 r III,
hare *.-, and l Ianar,'h ,l l".Et-t to, tll' ri llr'o,,l.
.,in N,,1lth iIto ) I ',i. I- ,,,l . \\ ," \l,.r,.
tak'en ,\vr thll P' II-a',dla IBly I bu·,
Nal y yard, . tI .... r 1. , ,,i tl, ,hili.
,lar tlh li,.hlt h,,u,. "I'Iit Il-:,l in .-\ial
'torm illl SIel t l, t r il-jr hl l\ i ll , l, I. t
li ,n. \ ' i til al it ry i li It lih fiu t'' Irill
inl til saila i, li it \ ia- l-it i 1i;ln , I tll i'
itnch- I. 4h-,. M , -t ,II thll . - .,re u,,
at -t Ilt, null to \\ork a'iiiii'the thlat_, \\a
hard to iara;+.
In that clountry M ir,.' thlrl, i- nothin.
Irlit iand t a1bi'h. ia l i-t t I t"\\ k i a- I-t
la i . It \\ar aid tl hai t hrlI l, till n I..l uil.t.
i e'a ,s-i iiid thre(' ir fI i ir \\IeI in ,' phII,Ie.
y'ti, r, ,nulIt rhe a 'th , 'a0n\ i n i 1t I l til allild
trasI a hf anlfll of, s a , :u1 " tlhe. fli -
\illt kif k all lthe -antd fr, i your hald,
tryil 1 to lgt' lllt. I n a\-.r tril.l t 'I.. ,x
I, rine, lit uthut their . ite \\al l -,l 1atl( \I
had t,, take saht \\ater bath- .\iry lnor,,
itn, to lhval thlt l hits.. \V.1 ha, l to mIl,\
canlIp ote to I lu\l, a litlli ro.-t. Y ,ur
humble ul. r\allt \\was not \.ell 'r,,n, am
attatk of ,n11a1-l- \wlhen \\.e left hom,,.+.
Olur ('apltain 111ts (lck'hed t, the o1tlher
Of C',lonel and T. W. \Vhit,,, f lihrmtnali
was ,our Captain. ('hallntr- was th'n ill
malnlnla,,d of the lirin*aIl, at l'(1alala.
W e l, hhl lo,. ...si,,n ,f all the 1i,11,i :ts 1,n
the land 11id., of Iay and Fort +M'Iel,'a.
but lEnch• ,a1n IhMl Fort Pickens ,ill thi,
.alita ]Hota I-lad.
I \sell reue-ni,.r \\hen ('ls. ('h1incrs
alnd .\lA dersl.l tok tlh.ir m nI nandlll ll oineI" ,
night to Santa l{,-,a .-land to cal itur.e
the Billy \Vilo,,n lRei. enilt that \\a
carneal oen the iMland a little di-tane('
front Fort lickn,. Hav\in., that kno\\l
el.g, of the war tiues, awl mny brother
:al d I lh it, ou the 'oalt lof the f .1 1i i.
-ilppi -ound1 (I11 il..,, l,,Indo ,.l-.1 t1 the !th
l'eginiwntit) thlloght it \\,1l,11 IN, a,",,I plan
to go over and -"v (fIllr ohd campl| [round.
We wren. ( Milehs l+a-t ,f N,.\w drllas,
at lEing Phrach. \\'W t\\wo, in t,,aulnaiy
\with our wives, Ihlardel the L. et N. tar
at (1lIf iort, 1i,,d Ialsing Ea;st tlir,,ugh
M issi.-ilpi ('ity, Itil,i, hean Slrin..
S.'r:atl ln ald o1 t r .er' -- t t, wn1ls, into,
the pit- Hlats that h(aI n- t1, M,,I1ih.. \\,,
crsteI- the "l',,mlbli.Iby Ici\wlr aMu, the War
saw or.\labama lti\lr (Iboth hridg"i., and
then Ea.t. a.row til- atu1. pin, elitt, linthat
we h ,lted i, I'I tl, to a j1u,.l io, on tlth,
-ile road to Ple,-alola, at 1l,0iaton,
1 -outh to ',.n1..arla. Th-re i. now
a car line from l'en-sa,,la ,,i thilt W\Vt
sidle of the hay ,l,1w\, l by tilt navy yard to
Ft. Ilarrancas. \Vc w\ent dl\o n to t[.t navy
yard and st,1 .led in \Varrinu,_ton. Next
day we four went thlrotl,,.h the Fort and
foo1tedl it over that .amflit 1111,-1" sand a mile
to the light h 11e.ti-thl sam,,e place where
Outing Trousers!
A long step in the right direction
for leg satisfaction if you come
e here now, as we are making a
special spread in extra trousers.
Flannel, serge, cheviot, worsted
in light weights and tropical fab
Y rics and durable, respectable pants.
Warner & Searles Co.
State of Louisiana, Parish of T''insa., Teuth
District t' urt.
Succession ,,f Char. -lansen, Decse:l.d,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby givetn that in
default of other apllit.;nts, I have. ;,
plied to bIe aplpointed Administrator of the
Succession of ('h:a. Hans on,. deceased
.The description and va:lu:ation of etach Ito n
of the prol,erty of said 8utesslion is as fol
One lo,t of merchandise and suutries In
1 eating house,.......... .... ..2 00
P Two dd , uggie ................. . 00
One hore .. o.00
One lot open d c unts ........ ........... 00
All parties intereated are hereby cited to
show cause why said alpplieanti,n should not
he granted and said description and valua
tion of sahli Estate Ie, approved antd hornoo
gateel, within seven days front the publeia
) tion and postlng hereofl
Witness my hand and otttlial seal this 26th
day of Augus1t, 189.
JO,. CURRY, C'lerk of Co'rt.
tSverail choice lidh .ttrackI
yejn i b hI iT'T-ll(iiN l.I LIL.
sirl by klul "Iita) Ld.tIFl
stake priz winnss r anotice. f
tih IrcL t b'rl bIll-[ in thel ,,uth.
AiIa o a ull nii l.r of thi ,spring
hull calhve, all well imarke'dl anl
i',rniwl, 4 rea.ý-n, abl,h, lprio ,,.
E. L. NSWT de, .Notnac, La.
.\. E. ;REEN, ). F. A.IF'ii' ), I,
. 1" ,,a, 11.11t i\ . ot- ]ith .k 1i,,rt. it lt the a -~lw o
li t t in . xt \"tti t ire n 1 i t ho lie
I.t.t ,, tt' w i'L +t3 \\- lt ' tl ,,iri t'1 hi t' Tile
I'_r,, 1, p,, ,r m e -,-t ,I , ,u r ,rill cr- llr, l. \\Te
ni'\t' \\, Ill r 1ut t t tItr \l; t'' tli: l t e.L hl,
t(',il 1in .!13' W I. 1 t. it - Ir I L t l. li h I I h , it- e .
I.. t,,' k r-, I\i - al' n i i t . I a' h.'i. . 'Mi.i
th.r tlt \\l + it,ý , lt irti , lo, i ing for 4i t1
-tll- (:i1t t i ft r ti tt l,.th t).--t . M anyll il
it",ri.t- t, lilf -ht ill- \i\. \I.t 11h.,l ntl-ny
1I l Ieu L aIt nri ' altt k art ll li i h . llir tlwi
I \t lrt Ia lirt"iM:t lt t,oI ,lua r .tcar hck
t,, atl rrii tn ,th. Trii, fatit of h tli trip
' t'. t r. ..... .l tI it' , ran l r -t fr thit Ilii ,i h .
Tli . t' ,t l .lty, ,laV. r.Mn t tt f, ll the
l,tv- t lhat Wt. I. \\'ic t i a.ly O t, \iorlate
,i.,la I r ian - "· c r-i,,n uillI ul the bay
am,,l .,lit t, th.ltnlf," . h.xic,,. 'Th ,rt a rew
:1lo, t I, e 1 II l r , t oll ,,:,,,I. eb nt
,l,1 I ti . \ ,.-t -itlh ,,f thI, l,:ly ihe're
ae ,,,ulhl -,., tl. Itai yard,. Warr\ing.
tl,, , l':trm ..t -, tlle Ilihlt h,,u -. and the
plu' ' 11 l"r l' -to,.l ",,rt \hie 'na. 1h1i 'h ways
ashod.l at ay al , tih t l' ;at -hn',l wenlt
,\,.r ,al\lc -lt,n, M ,, ile :-s l,, l tesa' .
\\"i.. a(. we ' l _i i to rilh thlt. ,tull I ayU e
-,Ul. wr,. \ illi,, to retIrat. \ in.n h bhack
in tl , hlay w \\ vI lt Iast alon,, the il Santa
l;,,-a I and alh ,l t thre., milt- to allllt
tit, -aiun pia, l t. h re a." landed wihelln
at attachk, the hilly \Vhil-o,, camp.
Th 'tre i- ii lif,.-.walig station ti i re. We
lalt .,le anl nade ifr tI, gulf ,us, t for
ta hoiIll-, billt
Friii there wv ran nearly -tratight back
to I'.nsl-a ala. \V, wer. rv a,ly t. ,at whlinl
\1t" r,.:14ht1,I to it amnl \1,-it to "111,1 Niek"
L'.t'unrant, \ .hre o 4" Iu anything he
1,u:y ask for. I took ,,ysterli nII thet half
=hll, hut they at(.r, lh yo,ng.,r than
at, ui-m to ha\t. th in,, ill I til.
The next part of tilt program wa' to
mi',nl,,. ank t". oulr atb.le it, tilth street ear
liln(. urund tilth \'t-t -ihe of the hay.
.'In, lay %%a., .1arli 1;rat, a11,I \we went
hear the welhnn ",, King lRex. At the
appoint ,l timt for tift Kintg's arrival,
all th, ,-team a hitlh., in the city and the
\t.-.ls ls a di craft ill til h ay let hbse tle
wont nois.i \t- had ever heard, which
la-t,,l thirty nilmnttes,-one wohlfl think
the Ihinwig lasted an hor.r lDinuer to
day was at tIh I 1.h he,.liislt l.bliei.' IHe
thurant for tilt l'nefit of the chulrch.
T'i, p;aral was gt,,rally g.M l, the bel .
\\as a logie i .ent of tiht I'. I. eoldiers.
Th,. boys al girls haul lleir full throw.
inll confetti over tie 'rod oil the streetes.
The d,,:y sll,,ntt, at then fonund or homse
for til( re"t ,f the night. T'I,'mlay %e
lr'i-:',tracd ou r "ty-l back tot,+ lflg rt, .lim.
The trip wa' ' mite a piIaeur"", going
ove.r th,-dlne ground now that war our
p'easure to s.e in 1Il,-1; years after.
Perhaps tlhre arnt a few of our old 9th .
Ali.tis."sippi lie(gilmelt still alive. I would
lik(.tl to hat's me_'t tilt-I at the. Reunion
lBst .lune and tell moreo than I bve
written herr.
The State of Louisiana
Will Educate
If you send them to LAFAYETTE
September, 15th, 1909
-liWrite for ('talogute.
Dissolution Notice.
PULIC,( NOTICE Is hereby given that the
firm of N. BARAGONA & CO., cmpos.ed
of Vinment Haragona and J. H. Ikrdl has
been dissoalved by mutual consent. All se
counts due thie partnershlp are to be paid to
Vincent Baragona, who will conltinue the -
Iu*i..ness under the sanle name, and who ea,
iuimes all liabilities of the said partnership.
IN( SChOOL, Lake Providence, La.,
under the direction of the Sisters of
Mercy, will open September 6th. The
School offers special advantages lN
music. A thorough business course is
offered. Terms moderate.
Apply to Sister Superior, Lake
Providence, La.
Trespass Notice.
NOTIt'E I lll:HElEY (GIVEN that the
"iHO)LLYWOOD" lands property of
Ashley Hr'rs.. Is uoted against Hunters'.
'l'imlter ('utters ant all (ceneral Tre lpassing.
Vil. hitr. will be prioseciuted svi pr.,usly.
Port Gibson Female College,
70th Year Begins September .Znd.
Littr.turt,, NInM it. Art. El ,ntion,
-- ,to r:i pty, It, ,kk, 'min.. -a witin .
If ,st ':th.,, I'hy.ict'l ('nlture, h1I ,hra
\V,,rk .or. ". S oc,.,.ial attt ration "ý 'cn º
IIE\I.Til .\l) 'I \Iº 1.<. ('onfer
I ,.r., ,f .\i . I . I 'r.l.tratlori I Ipart
, .it. Students can reduce ex
penses by taking duties. I lti'a
tio, al ti" tt I N, ew t'rliau .
Rev. i. i. HAWKINS, A. B, Prest
Terms of Court.
in the Parish of Tensaas are hereby fixed
as follows. to-wit:
.Jury 'I'ernim
Civil Terms
roll, S. Wiº?/! I i I4t4, Juy·e.
~ NO.

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