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Silence i
The instinct of modesty natural to every woman is often a
great hindrance to the cure of womanly diseases. Women
shrink from the personal questions of the local physician
which seem indelicate. The thought of examination is ab
horrent to them, and so they endure in silence a condition
of disease which surely progresses from bad to worse.
It has been Dr. Plerce's phrilexe to care a
!neat many women who haere foad a refuge
for aodesty in his oter of FREE consalta.
tIen by Ic:: r. All correspeadeaue Is held
as sacredly confldential. address Dr. E. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
D)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription restores and regulates
the womanly functions, abolishes pain and builds up and
puts the finishing touch of health on every weak woman
who gives it a fair trial.
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
You can't aford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute
/ for this non-alcoholic medicine oF KNowI COurOSITWo.
The RATO AMis a high grade lamp sold at a low price.
There aar elmps that oost more but there is no better mp
at amy p ts The' Burner. the Wick. the Chtmnev-yHoder-
sll . vital things min a lamp; these parts of the ATYO
LA sare pesfectly constructed and there i nothilg
known in the art of amp-making that oould add to th,
value of the KAYO asa light-giving device. Suitable for
any room in the house. Every dealer everywhere.
SIf saot at yrtars, write for descriptve circula, to the neart
"Standard Oil Company
WearW. L. bouglas comfort
able, easy walking, common
sense shoes. A trial will
convince any one that W. L.
Douglas shoes hold their
shape, fit better and wear
longer than other makes.
They are made upon honor,
of the beet leathers, by the
most skilled workmen, In all
the latest fashions, shoes In
every style and shape to alit
men In all walks of Ilfe.
It im ibo e a waar
For Asthma, Bronchitis and
all Throat Troubles Take
e Trerlids as quick as it is ctai.
Plesat to take and gurauased
as aely ee frome r opies.
'Twixt Love arid Duty.
Georte Vincent of Chatauqua fame
has this explanation of the delay In
passing the tariff bill.
"Congress," he said, "was trying to
make up its mind whether to do its
duty by the country or to do the
country by its duty."-Succese Maga
London's Subways.
With the old Metropolitan line, 71
miles In length, and the Metropolitan
District line, 28 miles in length, in
cluded, the network of London's sub
ways and tubes has a total length
of over 145 miles. Lcndon was the
irst city to inaugurate subway travel.
The Metropolitan line, which for
many decades were operated by
steam, was put in operation over half
a century ago.-Scientlfic American.
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Vienna, W. Va. - "I feel that I owe
the last ten years of my life to Lydia
. E. Pinkham's V'ege
table ('ompound.
Eleven years ago 1
Swa',st a lking
shadow 11 ad lbeet
ui t'r :l doctor's
saied i ne to tr\
. ydia 1 1 inkant',
I ,nit! tl iit\t ,rk,.d
hke t chiil. It rt
lievedl , Ia,, " ails
and misery. I advise al: sife,'rin^
women to take ldiwa E. I'hk 'to r's
Vegetable ('omponu'nid. - M 1:. E t:.
W%'HEATON. Viennai " V ]a.
Lydia E. lPinkham's Vegetalle Comn
pound. made fronm ntive roots iand
herbs, contains no narnutics or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
for the largest mintner of actual cures
of female dlisea.es of any similar medi
rine in the comuntry, and thousands of
voluhmntary testimonials are on file in ;i
the Pinkham labtor.tory at Lynn,
Mass., from woimnenI who have been
utired from almost every form of
female complaints, initlamination, ul
ceration.displace mients.,iiroid tumors,
irregularities, lwrodi, rains, backache,
indigestion and nervous prostration.
Every such suffering woman owes it to
herself to give Lydia E. l'inkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you would like pe.cial advice
abmat your case write a conliden
tial letter to Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice is free,
and always helpfuL t
To make no effort to escape from
poverty is, indeed, disgraceful.-Thu
H. HI. Green's Sons of Atlanta,
Ga., are the only successful Dropsy
Specialists in the world. See their
liberal offer in advertisement in an
other column of this paper.
More Manicures.
The proprietor of a large downtown
barber shop has found it necessary
to double his force of manicures, and
says that at the present rate of busi
ness increase he will soon be com'
polled to put another booth in his
place. IH said that this did not show
any increased desire on the part of
his customers to keep their nails in
scod form. but rather the develop
ment of the manicure habit. "I would
go right back to one nail doctor in
a week." he said, "and that would
eventualy boccme a poor business,
if I sent the girls away and took
men in their stead. Our girls make
from $15 to $2' a week. A man just
as capable could not earn one-half
that amount. That's the manicure
business."-New York Tribune.
Pilsner's Beer.
The question as to whether beer
bearing the name of a city must be
produced there was decided at Bdr
lin last month. A brewery in that
place manufa,'tureJ lher which was
raced on the market under the name
"Pilsnor," the contention cf the brew
ers being that the name applied to
a certain kind ef beer, which might
be brewed anywhere. In the judge's
decision, the complainant, represent
Ing the brewers of Pilsen. Bohemia,
was upheld, and the defendant was
instructed to discontinue the name
"Pilsner Brauhaus," and as a further
punishment the firm's license to do
busincss "-' r'pt1-erd
Prescribed Change of Food Instead
of Drugs.
It takes considerable courage for a
doctor to deliberately prescribe only
food for a despairing patient, instead
of resorting to the usual list of medl
There are some truly scientific phy
sicians among the present generation
who recognize and treat conditions as
they are and should be treated re
gardless of the value to their pockets.
Here's an instance:
"Four years ago I was taken with
severe gastritis and nothing would
say on my stomach, so that I was on
the verge of starvation.
"I heard of a doctor who had a
summer cottage near me--a specialist
from N Y., and as a last hope, sent
for him.
"After h" examined me carefully
he advised nme to try a small quantity
of Grape-Nuts at first, then as my
stomach became stro(nger to eat more.
"I kept at it and gradually got so I
could eat and digest thrc'· teaspoon
fuls. Then I began to have color in
my face, memory became clear, where
before everything see;med a blank.
My limbs got :'r(,nerr and I could
walk. So I st, adaly recovered.
"Now after a year on Grape-Nuts
I weigh 153 lbs. My people were
surprised at the way I grew fleshy
and strong on this food."
Read the little book, "The Road to
Wellville," in pkgs.
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and faill of human
Thnegh over this your mortal lot
You feel disposed to fret;
Though grafters reach for all you've got
And all you hope to get;
Tlhre is of Joy one gentle ray
'Mlidst all the soqouwing.
Just think the martn r o'er and say
You're glad you're not a king.
PIc bil collectors hold you may
ile frequenty surprised,
,,.t it would be far worse if they
Were nihilists disguised;
eYo r easy chair's no tottering throne.
Your hat's a safer thing
Than any crown at present known
Le glad you're not a king.
-Washington Gtar.
"Why did you marry?" "For sympa
thy." "Did you get what you were
after?" "Yes-from my friends."
cUlo eland Leader.
"Did your uncle rememner you in
his will?" "Oh, yes; he left instruc
tions that the money I owe him be
"Half a sov. for you if you get me to
King's Cross in six minutes." "It ain't
no use, captain; you may bribe me, but
you can't corrupt the old 'oss."
"Are there any other creatures be
sides camels who can go a considera
ble time without water, Willie?" "Yes,
sir." "Who are they?" "Kentucky colo
nels, sir."--atltimore American.
Visitor-How old are you, Waldo?
Waldo Emerson Bostonbeans-Does
the subject really interest you, madam
or do you introduce it merely as a
theme for polite conversation?-Life.
"My money is as good as anybody's
said the aggressive citizen. "Yes,"
answered Miss Cayenne, "fortunately
for our commercial system, a dollar
is not judged by the company it
keeps."-Washington Star.
Architect (looking over site)-"I
would suggest leaving the trees;
they'll screen you from the gaze of
passers-by. Client--Mein Gott! Vot
do you subbose I'm spenting fifty tous
end dollars on a house for? Gut 'em
"I have been taking some moving
pictures of the life on your farm,"
said a photographer to an agriculturist.
"Did you catch my laborers in mo
tion?" asked the farmer. "I think so."
"Ah, well, science is a wonderful
thing! "-Philadelphia Inquirer.
"Would you shoot a mart who as
sailed your veracity?" "No," answered
the peaceful citizen. "I'd rather take
a chance on his personal opinion than
go before a jury with a story that
might convince the general public that
he was right."-Washington Star.
Possible Client-And is the district
at all malarial? My husband has told
me to be careful about that. Agent
Er-what is your husband's business,
madam? "Hle is a physician." "Hm-m
-well-er-truth compels me to ad.
mit, madam, that there has been a
good deal of it about here of late
"Yes," he said thoughtfully, "when
I get too bumptious and haughty and
puffed up with the consciousness that
i am a citizen of the most progressive
nation that even existed I have an
admirable way of bringing myself back
to earth again." "What do you do?"
"I go to New York and look at the
horse cars."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"How does Wrigley like his new
home in the country?" "Pretty well.
He has to get up in the dark to catch
the train, and it's after dark when he
gets home. And he sleeps all day
Sunday. Last week he begged a day
off at the office." "What for?" "So
he could get a good look at his home
by sunlight."-Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Nevertheless, Raising Them is Not
a Get Rich Quick Scheme.
The ostrich business in the United
btates is fairly prosperous, especial
ly in the Salt River Valley, Arizona,
where 1500 of the 2200 ostriches in
the country are owned.
Tbhis is a new line of animal indus
try for Americans and there is much
to be learned. We have had thus far
produced such fancy birds as have
some of the more experienced breed
ers in South Africa, but the size
seems to be increasing, and the
healthi of the birds is all that could
be desired.
So far serious ostrich diseases
haw" not troubled the American rais
er: even the so called barring of the
feathers has not been observed. Os
triches need a hot, dry climate, such
as Is found in the Southwest. The
rainy portion of the South is far less
desirable, although this is sometimes
mentioned as suitable for ostrich
Alfalfa pasture is also essential;
an acre of alfaga will carry four os
triches and, which is of far more Im
portance, will keep them in good
health. Our American ostriches are
now worth $800 a pair at four years
of age. No one shonld imagine that
ostrich farming is a get rich quick
scheme, for the birds are not ready
for mating until they become four
years old.-From Country Life in
His Theory.
"W'hy do they call that railway a
grand trunk line?"
"I dunno." answered Farmer Corn
-ossel. "unless they had some idea of
thb. big clothes boxes some of these
summer boarders wouli be draggin'
around with 'em."-~Vashlngton Star.
A Common Failing.
"But surely you believe that the
sins of the fathers arc visited on the
"I guess I do. My gov-nor promised.
to let me have a tenner this morning,
but he lost at bridge last night and I
didn't get it."-New York Journal.
The New Thought.
"Do they believe in the powers of
suggest ion?"
"Oh, abtsolutely: They've hired a
subway guard to tell their paralytic
aunt to step lively."-Lifa
Marriage is a divine institution so
ably managed by men that although
it has been doing business for seer
oral thousand years, it is not yet
nr. a dividend-paying basis.
It is the biggest trust on earth,
for its capital stock is love, consist
ing of two-thirds faith, which is preo.
1frred. and one-third hope, w'hich is
No goods are sent on trial, and if
not as represented you must make
the best of it, if you are poor; oth
erwise the matter may be arranged;
for while avowedly a domestic cor'
poraticn, and union in its sympathies,
marriage is also benevolent in its
scope, giving employment to more
pcor lawyers than all other corpora.
tions taken together.
Notwit; tl ndlng repeat"d failures,
its bonds are the best security of
the kind on the market, and will not
s.ak investors; at least, until some
thing bea*tr offers.-From Life.
"I tell you Mars will be a dead
planet in another million years."
'Nonsense," sneerei the other
"All right. See if it isdft."-Loulp
ville Courier-Journal.
man is like a clock run down. MUNYONt'
VITALIZER will wind him up and make
him go. If you are nervous, if you are
irritable, if you lack confidence in your
self, if you do not feel your full manly
vigor, begin on this remedy at once. Tbete
are 75 VITALIZER tablets in one bottle;
every tablet is full of vltal power. Don't
spend another dollar on quack doctors or
spullous remedies, or fill your system with
harmful drugs. Begin on MUNYONS
VITALIZER at once, and you will begin
to feel the vitalizing eYeot of this remedy
after the first dose. Price, $1. post-pll
Muuyont, 53rd and Jefferson, Phola, l'a.
\to leem the bodily
S UC Y mkEmtRk
S comfart gresive i
\ he ue ulnestsair
- ANo
r oo Ne as tru
H i t- A . C.a i .s
Even in leaving a humble place,
the man of worth leaves a great void,
for the sphere of his usefulness al
ways goes beyond the bounds of his
position.- Anon.
Itch cured in 30 mintfes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggists.
Humanity is the A. B. C. of a
spiritual life.-St. Vincent de Paul.
Constipation causes and aggravates many
serious dseases. It is thoroughly cured by
D)r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. The favorite
family laxative.
Reason is not measured by size or
height, but by principle.-Epictetus.
Mrs. Wtnalowa' bootuug nv rup Lor Chldrea
teething, softens the gums, reduces mflammn
tiLellsaaspam.cures wind eolhc.2e abottJ
The price of finding truth is being
willing to pay anything for it.
The next time you feel that swallhwing
sensation. the sure sign of sore threat.
gargle Hamlinms Wizan Oil immediately
with three parts water. It will save you
days and p1rhans weeks of misery.
You cannot tell much about the
goal of a life by its speed.
Don't neglect that cough that racks your
system and may lead to something sernous.
Allen's Lung Balsam will effect ually check it.
All things are difficult before they
are easy.-Latin proverbs.
In all its forms, among all ages of hooss
and dogs, cured and others in the same
stable prevented from having the dlisease
with Spohn'u Distemper Cure Every bot
tie guaranteed. Over 500,000 bottles sold
last year. 50e. and $1.00. Good druggists.
or send to manufacturers. Agents wanted.
Write for free book. Spohn Mad. Co.,
Spec. Contagious Diseases, Gosben, Ind.
Ignorance is less distant from
truth than preJudice.--Diderot.
Perry Davia's P'ainkiller has no substitute.
No other remedy is so effective for rbhuma
tasm. lumbago, stiffness. neuralgia or cold.
Ambition, like a torrent, ne'er
looks back.-Ben Johnson.
eor WADACH E--iHleks C:A PrUbDINE
Whether from Colds. Hest, Stomach or
*ervous Troutlea. Caiiidine will relI-ve you.
It's Ilquid--plieasaut to take-acts Immedi
atel. Try 1k tue.. O, and 50c, at dru,
He is wise who suits himself to
the occasion.-French.
Two Little Girls Had Eczema Very
Badly-In One Case Child's Hair
Came Out uand Left Bare Patches
-Cuticura Met with Success.
"I have two little girls who have been
troubled very badly with eczema. One of
them had it on her lower limbs. I did
sverything that I could hear of for her, but
it did not give in until warm weather, when
it seemingly subsaided. The next winter
when it became cold the eczema started
again and also in her head, where it would
take the hair out and leave bare patches.
At the same time her arms were sore the
whole length of them. I took her to a
phvsician, but the child grew worse all the
time. Her sister's arms were also affected.
I began using the Cuticura Remedies, and
by the time the second lot was used their
askin was soft and smooth. Mrs. Charles
Baker, Albion, Me., Sept. 21, 19806."
Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Sole Props
af Cuticura Remedies. os.tnn \Iass.
She is noblest being good.-Hab
m .& Look wm 0 d. 0 M Eh TO
.,L O MW IWA. "MM. MM n I.. r.. " LA CRIOL Y WMR BUT·fiý...p .YPI..J
All Who
Would Enjoy
good health, with its blessings, must un
derstand, quite clearly, that it involves the
question of right living with all the term
implies. With proper knowledge of what
is best, each hour of recreation, of enjoy
ment, of contemplation and of effort may
be made to contribute to living aright.
Then the use of medicines may be dis
pensed with to advantage, but under or
dinary conditions in many instances a
simple, wholesome remedy may be invalu
able if taken at the proper time and the
California Fig Syrup Co holds that it is
alike important to present the subject
truthfully and to supply the one perfect
laxative to those desiring it.
Consequently, the Company's Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Senna gives general
satisfaction. To get its beneficial effects
buy the genuine, manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale
by all leading druggists.
Mother's milk
will supply the
baby laxative enouih, if
she takes a candy Cascaret
And the laaive will be natural.
dentle, vegetable-just what baby
needs. Try one and you'll know
why millions of mothers use them.
V..L... si. SO so le-sl e& .....
Pee Nsw i e ai mes bses mietM. I
We Bay
hides and
Flesber. Tallw. das. CGliesM..
Ge.de. seat(Y.w Rem), M. Apple,
Wild Glaser, er. We se delses
e.eidd i- 1856 "Ow hal amr ism
l.inwle"--a d I.beer tfer .d
Naem m a e marii am s. Rd.ms,
my BDak i' Lemiol.. Wdie s w w.hri
M. Sa bel Sens,
1i I. Easkt St. LmUIsIL, yT.
siweala I to tit
StO delays. ?risltretsaas
free. oebtaa be fais
Wrtte sr. 0. . We a'sSSS,
Useslistt .s' a Atlamta. Ue
In Chile there are regions where
there are so many Germans that the
native servants learn their language.
Example is a dangerous lure; where
the gnat got through the wasp sticks
fast.-La Fontaine.
Rick's Carnntmr Is the best rested
relleves the aching and fevertishlogcures
the Cold and restores normal condltOon It's
liquid-effects inimedlatels. 1t.. Ye. and
'e .t dr',s ttorea
The only smile that helps rises in
the heart.
that baa the power-te
A 8TRONG LINIMENT .!t a and the pn
trtlion to kill aebee a d Ib A Liniment for all
S ethe people all the time, mdae strictly to overcome the
ache. and the pains which arise from deep s.eU
disauses. My frad we want you to know the weader.
ful curative powers of PONPANIC LINIMENT. We want 0ou to know this because we know it, and if yo know It you
will nuse CPORPNIC LINIIRET in preference to others. It la a Liniment for home use and farm use as well. It s made
powerful and penetratin because it tae powerl eand penetrating Lnment to go through the skin, tbrough the es sad
to the hones. Yon must have power streat and eetrtion a Liniment or you e .aret reach those deep seaed aches
and pains. PONPANIC LINIENM is recommende for Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Sprains, Braises, Lame MUsCles, Stitl Joats,
Cold on til Chest, Frosted Pet, Ohilblain Oail Growio Pains, Contracted Muscles Lame Back, Toothache, Rarache, ead
ache, Pains in Back, Side and Brest, Cn , Ood Iwel isns Boals, Inset bites and Stings, Chronic Skin Disorder
Colic, Cramps and whatever a powerful Liaiment is neede to bri relief from severe Aches and Pains in man or beast, If
Ni used according to directions it does prove itself a liniment-a Li-- ment that can he relied upon all the time. We weMld
like to go on telling you more and more about Pompenal Liniment, but we want to tell you about our very libeal
AS PLA N. N money needed to be oar Agent, we just trust to your honor to treat M slbt
We are so sure you can sell PNPANIC that we send it to you without a ea in
advance and give you leant of time in which to sell it. No agenft's experience asee
sarv. Just tell us to send the medicine b llin the ppliationlank and we will send by return express 16 bottles PONIPANIC
LLMIMENT and 4 packages PONPANIC TONIC to be sold Ot nO. each-when all sold the medicine will bring $10.00. You send
us $5.00 and keep 16.00 for yourself. We will also put in 3 e.itr
bottles worth $1.50 to cover express ohurges (which will only be PILL OUT BLANK BELOW, Cad Out This Adeertfiemen
sbout 1.00). If you decide to give up the Ageny at anyi.m w And tmil To Us Toray.
agree to take back whatever medicine youn have on hand. ow sdon'tA T ..
you think a medicine sold on such a liberal plan must be a preat  aei- I
mediine; and don't you think you can sell t 1 CAS A .T. LOU , M>.
EXTRA! FREE If yu s n your ppliction right away I I CA A
we will gve you a beatnf pictureo, 10 y 14 Send medicine s per offer in above dvertisement.
inches in size, printed in colors, on One paper, without any adver
tising. It is a copyrighted print of a famous painting by a noted AI ..................
artist and anyone would be proud to own it.
J We want YOU for our A~.nt. We start you right off in a POT OFFICE ................... . .. .................r n
payin business. No money in advance. You don't rik a penn.y.
Here is a good chenes to make a et o6 etre oellau B nig
your spare time this fall and winter, selling POPANIC to your TAT ...............................................
friends. Grab It before this remarkable offer is withdrawn, by
asnhing your application in teday. UREIST EXP. OFFICE ....................................
Color more goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye One 1Oe. psekag colors all fbers They dye in cold water better than any other 4j9
san dye any rarment without ripping spart. Trite for free booklet--How to tlye. Blemo and Mi: Colors MIONII I)DRUU CO.. atincr. llty
We are quick to spy the evil con
duct of others.-Socrates.
Too often the kidneys are the eause
and the sufferer is not aware of it.
Rick kidneys bring headache and side
pains, lameness and stiffness, dizzi
ness, headaches,
tired feeling, urin
ary troubles. Doan's
Kidney Pills cure
the cause. Mrs.
Virginia Spitzer,
Buena Vista, Va.,
says: "For thirty
years I suffered
everythingbut death
with my kidneys. I
cannot describe my suffering from
terrible bearing down pains, dizzy
spells, headaches and periods of par
tial blindness. The urine was full of
sediment. I was in the hospital three
weeks. Doan's Kidney Pills were
quick to bring relief and soon made
me well and strong again."
Remember the name--Doan'. For
sale by all dealers. 50 cents a box
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
The veil which covers the face of
futurity was woven by the hand of
merry. --Bulwer.
Paper-langers & Painters
You can rneatly inewmo yur baise. with noes.
tra lonestme by selling Alfred P.sst' VPrg
Wallpaper. We want osn eo worke In each
icinity, and to the firs worthy appleantwll send
FREF by Prep4eh p er. five larse mapli.
books hOw1na1 50.00.00 Wailpaper Sltck
tbr coutomers to slect fres. We oger llt*ral pront.
rc our repreitlentast. Anew lequikl that YOU may
t to en your vic - ite for
1e9 I 5 . .o
Pale-Faced Women
You ladies, who have pale faces, sallow complexions,
dark circles under eyes, drawn features and tired, wcrn
out expressions, you need a tonic.
The tonic you need is Cardui, the woman's to:i..
It is the best tonic for women, because its in·edicnts
are specifically adapted for women's needs. They act on
the womanly organs and help to give needed strength and
vitality to the worn-out womanly frame.
Cardui is a vegetable medicine. It contains no min
erals, no iron, no potassium, no lime, no glycerin, no dan
gerous, or habit-forming drugs of any kind.
It is perfectly harmless and safe, for young and old to use.
The Woman's Tonic
"After my doctor had done all he said he could for me,"
writes Mrs. Wmin. Hilliard, of Mountainburg, Ark., "I took Car
dui, on the advice of a friend, and it helped me so much.
"Before taking Cardui, I had suffered from female
.troubles for five years, but since taking it, I am in good health.
"I think there is some of the best advice in your book
that I ever saw." Your druggist sells Cardui. Try it.
Writ b: Ladies' Advisory Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tem.,
bor scha llns wloss. and 4-page book. "Home Treatment lor Women." sent free.
When Cold Winds Blow
When cold winds blow, biting
frost is in the air, and back
draughtsdownthechimney deaden
the fires, then the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Devioe)
shows its sure heating power by
steadily supplying just the heat
that is needed for comfort.
The Perfectlon*Oil Heater is unaffect
ed by weather conditions. It never fails.
No. smoke-no smell - Just a genial,
satisfying heat. The new
Smokeless Device
prevents the wick being turned too
high. Removed in an Instant.
Solid brass font holds 4 quarts of oil-sufficient to give out a glow
ing heat for 9 hours-solid brass wick carriers-damper top-cool baa
die--oil indicator.
Heater beautifully finished in nickel or Japan in a variety of styles.
Every Deskr Everywhere. It Not At Yours, write for Descriptive Clbels.r
to the Nearest Agency of the
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Buy Your Coffees & Teas
in Sealed Cans.
Insist on getting
French Opera
No chance for Dust and Dirt to get in it.
It is clean, full weight and wholesome.
Packed by
626 Tcbheit lars St.
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We are the largest seller, In U. S. for all
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