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The Tensas Gazette.
ST. JOSEPH, - - - LA.
ABNER E. GREEN, - - Eteni:.
IM Alvamvce. " I.
In the discussion of imlpr,,ve.
meniit of the inland waterways of
the United States, the fact that
the old time policy of spiradic
appropriations for special ,llj. ctQ.
not regarding the charact. r io,r
the value of the stream whi.r mn
proved, is especially in,tice, al l'
The reasoni, holugh ol,,vii s al
ways, was not giveii its 1-1i
weight inii the time, wIho al:l,
priations for wat,.rwayv inpllit''
ments wentt bly Iavir anl r\\''
looked upoL( iIn thet light cf tad-,
useful in the d:ays lr.cidllg ni ,nlm
inmtions rather thanm u.fiul t,
trade and commnre,.. 'The trad,.
and comrnmercial interi'ests o' thi"
entire country pushed forward ly
the irrisistibl, fore,t of dr v l, 11)lv
ment are now as a niiit in al,
preciation of the fact that the In
land waterway is the natural ave
nue between shiipper and that.
when improved, devchpl,lmenlt can
proceed oin unhampere(d liues with
freight congesti.ºis avidled and
communication hetweiOn prioducer
and a market always open.
Moreover, all sections of the'
United States are united on thie
axiomatic proposition that all ii
land waterways worthy of in
provement and with tonage t)ear
ing capacity when improved, are
component parts of one nmagnif
icent system of tra l)spirtati,,i.
each bearing its ciistitnueit part
of the whole, and %ith Iieach tio
receive the attention of the G( -
arnment of the United States iII
due time and with complhlet'
and effective consideration iii tlhe
adoption of the pllatform of th,'
National Rivers and Harltore ('.In
greess-"A Police; nit a P'rj't .'
The policy of in landl wat rwa'
improvemenit is now iI thle ytaILg
when unity )tf action (,ion h,.al'
of the adoption of thel I',lictv andt
the ablandoml(,ent l' ti Pr,,jet,.
will comnmaiin succes'. 'T'r' e -
no longer qutesti.on ,t the vaii
of the improved int:tiand wara r
to the traci, aiil - c nuiniiina i.U Ii
terests of the lUnited Stttes. 'l:t
value is apprieciated-aid i)I.
ciated at a great co(t to -Ii,i, I
and receiver on the Panc tic ('iin.
no less than on the AliAtntict. N.,
England, with her ma:tnactu triti
interests, appreciates the iistl
mable value of the ilatId o\mter
way improved ni less than tih
value is appreciated inI the c.t it 1
and rice and the siuar tihlnk
the South, I ow siipii's lii' t,.d It
the wvuiio d rfuil mnIumtmitril (i,.vel,,i
menlt. of thlint s, ct,, ii i. 'l
of manlllufiuct tiri i I Ii lh ilt
States extemmtdiig ilm ' ii , 1)': I
ware, crossimig thi. IIt'" t:I -:"
*tretchiiig through t, ith .l--!I
across the M ississi Pi1i i teIi.
\West stretching to ti fi.th.
of the Rockies.
All sectimois, ai ld all lar'[ ,
sectioils of tlte ctiiutrv . iit (Ii ia(
State of the fo.rtv-usix iav.'~'ig it
especial treasurr if In11n r ti'l:
or factiory, Lare n lloW s '11,4 , i ti .
demand for th iiit o lt lii ,f thati
coml)rehensive plat f,,riim-" A I',t
icy; not a Prject." 'Th. 'li. t
of desire is ciiicee!,d. ''hto -ii -
plemnimtal folrce uis liii! :t wl i,1i.
For that remas',ii th,- nhaiuit. iii
portanice of each atit .v'r.v -, '.t:.,
trade atiitd c init rall t l .'i'inai/',
at the Sixth A\lllmnlal S,.9',,II ItI
the Natomnal Riv~em nt il:,il ,
Congress, at tIme N,.x \\ :I
I)ecemher StII. '.tith aiii l thL, ia I
not ihe toi) s riI") ]' l r I . 1"
sistently urged. Tl'het: (' l,,t,.1...
will mark ttihe tegimmiii |(t t 1)1
end of delay anild diuiiited d,-..
maiids. The day ,f ti' I'',!:,v.
with a comprehiemnsive v.-st,.'l ,i
improvemeint of thie illalid water
ways and the enlitiig (of til'. i-
astrous freight clngest'o n \m;s
follow and he permanmniit.
Dy. Sheriff ('lark this we'k c,.,n
veyvel ti, the lpinitentiary at Ieat.,,i
Rouge via the Str. Natthz tti' t \',
negros, t ;) rge Br,.wii an.I IR,,It rt
the last jury teri of I( urt If .-lt.al
ing a hog. ELchi gt 1 ti)ntti). "I'T.
Court ,,i tc']hn'icalit , It II t1, -tin
tence o(f the l,.wer I'e urt nwa- af
Fresh shipment White Dove
Mima at Karpe's.
The Waterproof Tragedy.
t',,u -tii t lt - ''I t N it
chz," c n,.lu t. ry t,- da! V ri -t thl '
m'ri.tal r manl 1 o ,t t\I \i',, ll t:i
tra ,i dv -u tul'',l th. i, r I: .- ,t ..
a lr , i. I' l It s . td e nt t a t \ \'a t t .
I.a., Saturdac at,.r,. , tic
tla ,r a nt ,t th,, i tt , \ :,: l -
tlI thil kilg tIt th!1' illll ' r
t thNI sa id eave 1tni, t .. lii'
call~l l.t i t tiltl \1 ' ' v.. l ,r C:I li\ t t ill
CatitI he lili ri-' , tIP ' "i. A\ ati Ii I i
chlit lr t , 'atur ay b 't caught li,
-ultf Catled I t1n.* r h''I \\a, -utu
fJ th, tt:rrilJI ac, lttie t a5s 1 l,,l \
i "A Ii i ,-t il.iti-ii irI I Ii ti.l.',-' ii
", t, ilrr,.L aurllltn lIV att, ' Ill il' .
a I put a i'.'ailt r t1. thr !''' ' it,
wi %V1111.11 I.% lint t Ii' ' i t'c 1 "
't'iIt :lc iitla l'" I t'rii l ii . liIi ' ,.t i .
wi'r' klt , , and t l iv, i t ,I, ' - lilt'
i',,wl" a aed.,after I i, dliig lh.
r,,ll al iaddl, lr,,,k-il c n rll t n
.I. e s-tai at ii 1.tl l t1 1 1 ii ithat t\l1
Sh1111 1 .t 111 111' , \\lli' ,t r. :i'' ltL'
hib, ,It tt'i I1t Ihvi a vt-l'''' - -I'' 1iN
VIl I. .e lo, w thi. 1I' \''. - 114 t I tI Irv
lanid tt'i t hii 11i ut 'ii ,l . t , ' v ,1 I .
"Thi , i l 'i I i s lilli','l :lt, t v
i g 1I'll, :liil the l'i t a' ,lI' ll, I ~i thl
\ihlit« I d ' lr'i,,I,I I , rthll , '"d tI t'' .
IC 11 olif Il t c 'i l, i t li lll l i lt i i l\. , I
lil, h i ll alll vi + ll m,, 1V "11,1, I'
h ii u l : ril, ! I tl'h tll.~' iu l
"' [t ll l' r ,i hi, n 11 1" .. ..t , t. . It
was unMlid Ihai t t ll, - lit ' i11 I, v,
\\i .r1 c ,v , frl <,i il y :t, tar as. t 1i,'"
wiai ats, ailli 11 i 'I1'' ti I\-'r li t 1r
'Lia 'i . i A ftI er lI rait t ii'il l ; ' Iil "i i
tiie part If all i l ct Ui it 1Ie't ai' til
eu llgh, the tther ti t Iw,,v-- l".Il
ward Samt anl l \\n Walt,'r \\"'hlt-
were tak', l fr nli th , rl'"lr ,, ( '
pit, auii d ,v- ry 1.lr - 'i t lil. d' tt rI'
tSciltate th ulh , !Jut I, u, pmirpe-,
It was s li I'i lit t lha tllh y \l , r
Ibr,' llatd t  d h cii1111 1. i' .arlt ll llp,
aniid th'i dI ctlr, \ li, "1tl :larrv, I,
pr ul' i c, d t1th1'11 da1 .
"Fhre lnu thp step l'v tor II ,hev Ith
chlhtr.l, it \\a - Ie.ar. l, I thlt I:,.
-,'v,'ti- t' arr l'' I l iddlaih,r,,t€ , Ch r
rll nlid iflack ý 'lilam i, .1,h! wi
Flrank T', sta, -11'd thll utifortit11,11 .
.di arii d S,a in l lantii \\n 'allt r \V,"I,!,
- h lad 1 lotit,.1d It Icavl, left ill thi'
-anlid (tank a flw day.s a'~, at I Ir
tie, rnlival)i ,f -, "iii' Sland Ir
uitlld11 ig purpi'- ,-. h '' ''\' 1'' ldI,.
It \Vtll ht ai,, it d p.... '" I ' i lav
.l'Ch''rrv \I tut' U1) t *r,11 " 111 1,\ ,;re
" lu . uttagedl l l l ll i I ', i ll 11 tl',
'Uv,., w\hit.li r' m iII l,>t r \',r fiv,.
ti -t intu t, i ll I,1lk. T'1 h ., ,,.I h11!11;
aiv I i, mm. l ll l ttt 1t 1 11 ; t :
i ,'arr"l iii ,ul .....k -1 i 111., \, , 1l
urth',r- , lt f ']u ti;-r. .1: ,, r \Va
lv ,Du 11'" 4 11111V I ,i i , ti ll , , ill .
:1rl l ,. ,V, ill I t l , ll '' . ,, 1 I I i '
X i ei t ,let't" t1tltV iirv -,* \t It 1 I,'"
+,ptil,, ", M a. k , :ilanii . (':Il'lr ,
ist f,-t, ltb u ,g lt the tlim la ;II
• t alW V ff lll th, ,''a\ -11. 1l11i h~
mni gedlIg t l',i ,h }l hin "- I .....
ill ru i t" .1M r. T, t ' .-t t ,
" +' k, . t . i ,* w a r t t 1.- l l . . 1
<t.], t alir I ',:iiT tiH ~ , ~ il,,
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Prices and Quality Talk!
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* with 11the ()IALITY., and am selling BETTER
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f the ! ve stattemlent.
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I \' \1 \ 1-.
I \\ \i"- T \
\ .1 \\ \!-U N,
Trespass Notice.
\ lN 1t i ti -
S. I '- ,- r
. ! 1, ., , , , ý I i.t
NIL- - Nf (1,1111Y,
F 1 Il: e uf I,_,E1 day Goods at
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Warner & Searles Co.
The Natchez Democrat of Sun
day contained the following items
of local iterest:
Mrs. Fannie Young, Master
Charles Young and Miss Blanche
Young returned from New Or
leans, and stopped over en route
to their plantation home, Waver
tree, La.
Miss Lomie Smythe, who has
been the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
(Capt ) Rumble, has returned to
her home, \\'avertree, La.
Mr. Emmett Newton of New
Orleans, was one of the visitors
to the Prentiss ball, leaving for
home the following day.
Dr. L,. A. Murdock and Miss
Mary Bell Murdock of St. Joseph,
are visitors of Dr. and Mrs. Mc
Donald W\atkins.
Mrs. Annie Crothers of St. Jo
s5e)h, La., was the guest Friday
and Saturday of Mrs. Edward
Ilanck at Belmont.
Mrs. Annie Crothers has re
turned to her home in St. J.osl)1ph,
La., after spending a few tlays
with Mrs. R. \V'. Turner.
The death of Mr. Rodriguez at
his home in the Plains (,,, 'i'ues
day has removed from earth a
tigure which has beein prominent
in the civic affairs of East Baton
Rouge, where he had been a life
long resident. The deceased was
the father of Joseph Rodriguez,
cashier of the Bank of St. Joseph.
and had been engaged inl agricul
tural pursuits at his home in the
Third Ward. His funeral yester
day afternoon in Magnolia Come
tory was very largely atteindled, :as
he had a large circle of friends
and acquaintances in this city
and parish.-Baton Rouge Adv,,
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I'.\lITIEs, ,',, t,'1mpt1n.1 t.1 _ Iiuing wa
ter ,\4.1r the Il."\r ..,r ti., I, rl,,-p,. of ir
rigatiul will Ileai-, a pl'ly i tli th lotie
fur lorunit and hint' lplut- tuituh 'r iti
atinri firI t cro-- Il ,lsi l t "l1. Ittit h pij*1 s
ir yphttl, - % ill . , 1 1- , .
They till a t ak  ti . that th1 , land
m ust il t in i tll tll ,,, . h . i I I  ta lll ll feti
f lilth tln. of titl' ] , l .i
.I. T. 1 iitl EL II \ l,
I'r1 Id ul !t Ithw;, r, I .t , ill..--i,,ner-, Fifth
LoIti i ii jll a Ii','i I, illt- 1i I'.
N . 11. I. 1 \ I '. II I Tay .
Pli' ' tlll ' NlT' h 't 1- l,, 1, 't ,_,iun tilh
I rill itl in t :a i " 1 .i I . r'- , \:. lti onllh.
in St. - h11 nu l d1:111 ., a 11 B r
Iiand 21th.
Tl'ho,' \t h i-t, t, 1 it.. Il h." ,"ao ina
tii I t ) , i ·r.l , r ,."k ,,rit 1 ," l it I,i, , llim ~l
W hitei allili ii- it 11 .i", ' rl, irt at
till- h ,h I ,I w,,ar11 1 .'ih ill thil ('ciurt
Iclots :i l, I'h rI ( 1T e all tlii - \ ill rll ip rt
I":ai'h al.i plic'; t il iiu -t k nrel .m" ,, l, ar,
hlihil ia j -111.1i i it . : l-t ill tue l i ti , as
t il la. , l i r ' ,t .
I tina''ially ,lvir,' t"1 intpn it .ionI
ti, that brs i,, rl ,11t I roii iptly, al it
till take It li i ll iiin- I, r Ih, t urk.
"lIlt -. \ . \\'.\\ I I I ':
omu t. l f S'tl ils.
NlO'I'('l' i": Itt, .! v _,"i,., that 1 I have
fileh a INtiti,,n Ir l1.. - l, . li.,lsi t a
sal.I,. on tilt 11I:, 1: l il thIl. twn
of St. . - hI.;a ,u it, -e ot'e , liitling
nii, bI) l fir that l'li . . iliiie the
p r'-'nt ylar I'Nt'l
I: \1 \ 1 ER.
i IT I''E i- h.,r,. vI'' t ,"n that I have
lt -Ilh i t 1 .1116 .11 i,,r Ii ,'r11-,' t,, ,. ..,, li 't a
a ll n ,I tl.' Il'n.i I, , in th, town
o' f S~t. .,- .1! . I..., iIl t ., it1 ihliig < -
o'lpi,.,i a- it -al..i 1, .t - \ ..ll tlr l. dur
i ilt ' l 1i '-,la t 3\ , ,11 I'h 'I
I . 1 . II I 1 lI M I ' .
i€T It'' .; i- 11,14 n t, '_.,", Ili it I hate
' l o .a l ,,i t1 , ," \I in w-t - it . ,lilt. ' \ llare
of ,\ \,.lit . . Il Ih.. . . , ul, ndt l
h ' in Il .I th ,It w a'i, ..- ,i VIII,-, 111' I t .h r
', h}' "ini"ll l I1 1 \ I1 I
- irh, ,, I Iy I.a l 1 ,1 1' , I . I H .
LEl-,, At ti I \ . 
F. L. Guthrie, Notnac, La.
Bulg Po for Sale Cheap.
,i 1' kI .,' e 1 I I ' I'l I' ,111, l
ab ant I" nll . ,.I . - _ " _I " . :11111
t rey ul-t"ii' h.1. . I ,; 1 . h ,I,1
I II <, ý . .1 ' 1 ',1
meat, liy 1!, - . er a.n
botrrbi - , l ; to '- !, i'. ' , II.ayl' s
pii klh;., alwiav' I1..-:I. :It Itiak ter's.
llU'BSCRlInE Now.

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