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Sckedule of the M., H. & L. Rail Road.
Efective Jamary 1, 1911.
... Mc.B . .... 2.15 PM.
.IfoGKRH JCT j. 2.is.
. . .......... ........ IPPm JCT .................. a. 4
*.UA.Y. ..MALLEY................ L.45
S.... C .MACON .. .... 27
GM * .LAKE VILLAGE..... 1.0
N.10 N" .................. 12.5
.17 .......... ...... H IC O .. ............... 12.
O . 1.10 . . ....... EUDOM A ...... .........." 12.34 0.95P. ' 1 .
1. " .44 " ...........E..... A DLAND '2.22 " .15
M 8 ..... AR LA. A ........ 2. 8.00
S . ..... ILLIIIN, LA ... .. . p.M. 5.1
9., 2.1.. . .. ...... . ..LA B PROVIDENCE..." 11. 3 . 4 A.45
l ., ........ ...TEANSYLVANIA ............ I. I. , .
0 . ...... ............AL...TIA.. 11.08 8.5
6.4 . .. . .......... N. ..TALLUL AH .. I 10.3 1. o
9 .' " . .LACLIEDB. . I0. 15 12..25 "
*. *1" 0.o 0 "0 i .A. LLIOATOR BAYOU. .. 1..00 o 2.0 P. M.
LS 6" 10" .U.. ISP..... C MBYTO. . " C.7 9'
I " 18 ..N..... BO ID .. 9.:. 10.10
S M 0 ..... ew LETON ...............9. 15 0.
S...O. ATCEPR. 9.40
3.8i ' 41 " WATEIPROO ............... R.I2 8.38
.3 12 L,. . . " ..............CLAYTON JT ..... .8.0
13. P M. ..DA............ t .............. 7.20A.M. 7.0A.M.
Friends of Mrs. Stanley are sorry
to bear of her illness.
Mrs. James Curry spent Monday
with Mrs. Ben Young.
Mr. Dan Morris was a visitor to
St. Joseph on Monday.
Mr. T. M. Wade, Jr., spent the
week in Lake Providenc.
Mr. Dan Ashford is spending sev
eral days in Mississippi.
Mr. C. D. Brigham of Water
proof spent Sunday in St. Joseph.
Our popular druggist, Mr. A. M.
Smith, made a trip to Natchez this
Master Jim Clinton of Natchez
is visiting his grand-mother in St.
Mr. Peter Schauff of Rodney was
a visitor to his sister, Mrs. Losey,
this week.
Miss Bessie Muir is spending sev
eral days at home with her father
m ILake St. Joseph.
Mrs. Dan Ashford with a party
of friends motored to Waterproof
Wednesday afternoon.
Ms. Robert yickers of New Or
las spent several days with Mrs.
Tullis Watson at Avondale.
Little Miss Jane McDowell of
Natchez is spending several weeks
with her sister, Mrs. Buckner.
Mr. Chas. Bailey of Washington,
Miss., was over this week looking
after his interests in this parish.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Guice of
Moro plantation are visiting the-r
kughter, Mrs. C. C. Skinner, in
8r. Joseph.
Mr. Arthur Beanmont, who is
emmnected with the Y. & M. V. R.
S. at Vicksburg, was a visitor to
St. Joseph this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wimberly
with their two boys, Robert and
Heary, are guests at the Hornsby
Hose for the winter.
Mr. Marshall P. Robertson of
saton Rouge has made St. Joseph
his headquarters for some time past,
being engaged in survey work on
Locust Land plantation.
Miss Nell Lewis has succeeded
Mil Shanks as day operator at the
Echange pending the opening of
the Exchange at Newellton, when
she will probably take that board.
The many friends of Miss Elisa
bth Crothers will regret to learn
that she is confined to her bed with
an attaek of scarlet fever. All sin
y trust she will be soon recov
The Rt. Rev. Davis Sessums,
Ihbop of Louisiana, will make his
annual visit to Newellton and St.
Joseph on Tuesday, January 24th,
Newellton for morning service and
St. Joseph at 7:80 p. m. All most
ekdially invited.
Mrs. J. L. Shanks and children
have moved from St. Joseph up to
their home at "The Ranch" for the
Iear. Mrs. Shanks' residence in
it. Joseph is offered for rent. Is a
very nice cottage, located in a pleas
ant neighborhood and containing
hre or six rooms, comfortable ser
vant's house and out-houses, all in
ood repair, with very large yard.
s. Shanks can be reached at
Qamby P. 0., this parish.
Dr. 8. P. Herring, wbe has been
loated at Newellton for some years,
having disposed of his property and
Iractice to Dr. J. D. Rogers of Mis
ilppi, has left Newellton and will
locate at Shreveport. Dr. Herring
will spend the winter in New York
Ct, where he is taking a special
oame at the Politecnic Institute,
ad Mrs. Herring and little son are
visiting her brother, Mr. H. C. Se
r, at Ferriday, during the doc
tor's absence.
O0E DARK BAY MARE, shout three
olsd, scrubby nune, addle mark on
lp . When last sean had on pipee
lwth rng. .00 reoward will te
PI r hr storn to..
EZNRY BAZIL, Newedltn, La.
Position Wanted,
WAJTley position u clerk in town
iarsetore. Longe perleno ,mid.
Smttbed man, sedy hablt
I sttenti :to busiues,
Pbd a &
eath of Miss Virtie Brand.
Our community was (deeply saddened
eaily this mornin' when the news spread
over town that Miss Virgie Braud is no
Miss Brand was but 19 years of age and
the youngcst child of lion. HI. C. Braud
of Burnside, Ascension parish, La. The
young lady came to St. Joseph just after
Christmas to be the goest of her friend
and former school-mate, Miss Inez Losey,
in whose wedding she was to serve as
bridemnaid,-and her wedding gown be
came her shroud.
Leaving home ill, she grew rapidly
worse after reaching St. Joseph and was
confined to her bed when the wedding
took place. Her father was notified of his
daughter's illness and came at once to
her bedside, accompanied by several
members of the family, including her
aunt and foster-mother, Miss Elise Brand,
whose idol she was and who has reared
her since the taking of her mother in her
early childhood.
Miss Brand received every attention
that love and science could possibly be
stow, but it seemed God's will that she
should be called to her reward, and just
as the morning sun was rising out of the
East and making God's world brighter
and better, her beautiful young soul, re
leased from its tenement of clay, arose
from the habitations of man and soared
beyond the realms of light into the
bosom of Him who gave.
Throughout her entire illness loving
hands tenderly ministered to her every
want, for truly all who knew her loved
her for her sweet personality, her gentle
nature and kindly disposition. While her
taking has cast a gloom over our town
and filled many hearts with grief, the
hardest blow falls on her beloved father
and that dear aunt who loved her as her
own child, and to whom she came as
upon the wings of love when first she
learned of her illness. Gently and lov
ingly she nursed her patient by day and
night and when God's finger touched her
and she fell asleep, with the simple faith
of one who believes in a re-union Up Yon
der, she bore her dead back home, back
to a maiden funeral couch, sanctified by
her love and hallowed by her prayers.
And so the beautiful young life that
was so fraught with hope and possibilities
has filled the mission for which it was
created and the God who gave has called
to His own. Quietly she sleeps beside
her minted mother in Metaire cemetery
in New Orleans. Peace to her memory,
peace to her soul.
Dr. J. D. Rogers, who has re
cently located in Newellton, having
succeeded to the practice of Dr. S.
P. Herring, was a visitor to St. Jo
seph this week and tuade most fa
vorable impression upon those who
had the pleasure of meeting him.
Dr. Rogers is from Mississippi,
where he has already had several
years experience in the practice of
medicine and comes to Tensas well
recommended. He has purchased
the residence and office of Dr. Her
ring and he and his family are most
desirable acquisitions to the pleas
ant sooial circles of our sister towni
on the north,
The Bank of St, Joseph held its
annual meeting of stockholders this
week at the banking house, when
the same directors and officers were
re-elected for another year. The
board of directors are: W. M. Da
vidson, S. D. Watson, O. Levy, L.
Buckner, Jr., Joe. Curry and R.
H. Whitney, and officers: Jos. Cur
ry, president, W. M. Davidson, vice
president, and L. Buckner, Jr.,
cashier. The bank's fiscal year end
ed January 1st, when a semi-an
nual dividend of 5 per cent was de
The St. Joseph Drug Co. has just
received a full supply of fresh gar
den seed from the celebrated nur
series, American Seed Co. and D.
M. Ferry, which are among the
beat on the market.
Sln Fanrm for Sale Cleap.
Desirable farm cntaning 18 acres
of olpenlndl and 4 of wood land; double
oie with kitchen, entire place under
enclosure, 1 mule 1 hlorse, wagon and
all farming impliment,. \Will sell for
$1200.00, cash. InLated about 4 miles
ewellton and ti miles from Buck Riige
handing, in Tssa |Htral La. proper
try knoawn as "Cane Ridge.'
Apply tc -
Notnac P. O., La.
Tems of CourL
nfa te Ss~~ or Teasss a·re hoeby swed
Jury Terms.
Civil Term.a
Ih our to lov. Artfr Shalfr.
Rev. A. Shaifer, principal of the St.
Joseph colored school, having on Janu
ary 6th, completed his thirty-second year
as teacher of that school, a large congre
gation met at the(iiltield Baptist Chu ch
for the purpose of holding appropriate
exercises in commemoration of his thirty
years as a faithful teacher among them.
In the congregation were many who at
tended sch'wl thirty-two years ago, andl
many who are attending the present ses
sion. The e::ercises consisted of songs,
essays, orations and communications.
Among the latter was the following from
L. J. Rowan, President of Alcorn A. &
M. College:
O)FFI' or
L. J. Rowan, Prest.
Alcorn, Claiborne Co., Miss.,
January 4, 19, 1.
The Young People of St. Joseph, La.:
My Dear Young Friends--I chanced to
learn of your intention to hold, January
otth, appropriate exercises in commemo
ration of the thirty-two years of service
that our friend and "father," the Rev.
Dr. Shaifer, has seen in the school-room.
It being inconvenient for me to he
present in person, I beg that you admit
of my participating with you, by mews's
of this communication to you.
Indeed, I claim that in any movement
contemplating the bestowal of honors
upon this worthy friend of ours, as a re
ward for past labors, I come in for first
right. First, because in point of age and
e:.perience, I should judge that I am the
sc:ior of most of you; and second, be
c use of all those who have been helped
along life's pathway, during this genera
tion of his services, none of you have
been helped mole than I.
Thirty years ago, I was given, like clay
in the hands of the potter, into the hands
of him whom we now honor, to be
moulded into something-into whatever
the Master-workman should see fit, or
should prove capable of fashioning me
And God be praised that the contact
of my young life, with his, was most
wholesome; and I flatter myself that my
lift now is but a reflection of those
sterling qualities of heart and soul that
my young being imbibed from him who
taught me.
To impart te.-t-book instruction is but
a small part of the teacher's work. Char
ter-building is of most vital concern; and
in the pure and spotless life of Dr. Shaif
er, who was my exemplar in my tender
years, I saw daily nothing but correct
examples for my emulation.
Let me commend you for this thought
ful and worthy movement of yours; and
may your lives, inspired by your contact
with his who is the recipient of your hon
ora, be perpetual benedictions to the
world around..
With my very sincere regards, I take
pleasure in subscribing myself,
Your friend,
President of The Alcorn A. & M. College.
On Friday, January 27th, the
ladies of the St. Joseph School Im
provement League will give an en
tertainment in the nature of a Book
Guessing Contest at the Masonic
Hall. Though not requisite to ad
mission, each one is requested to
represent the title of some book,
either in fiction, history, religion
or science. A prize will be offered
for the person guessing the most of
the titles represented. Admission
fees of 25 cents for grown-ups and
10 cents for children will be charged.
Refreshments free. Every one is in
vited. Doors open at 7:30 o'clock.
There have been quite a number
of burglaries committed in St. Jo
seph during the past several weeks,
the miscreants being sufficient ar
tists in their line to cover up all
tracks and make detection most dif
ficult. On one occasion the residence
of Mr. Bonney was entered and
some money taken, another time
the barber-shop was raided, yet on
another occasion the cottage ad
joining Mr. S. P. Hornaby's house
was entered and money and valu
ables have since been mimssing, then
Mrs. Macpherson's residence was
visited, to her loss, and several
other houses paid tribute to the
nightly visitors. The officers were
active in their efforts to run down
the thieves, but evidence seemed
difficult to obtain. Again, last week
the servant's house in Mr. Horns
by's yard was entered and the
wardrobe opened and contents scat
tered about the room. A young
negro named Richmond Williams
was discovered in the house, he is
now in jail; another negro name
Steve Ireland was arrested some
time back. Both will answer at
next term of court.
(Se.e*e*r t . S. P . MNeneig)
gOccupying Office and Residence
formerly used by Dr. Herring.
Cabbage Plats fur Sab.
I have for sale several thousand
hine, healthy caboage plants, which
I offer at 50c per hundred.
(Botany Bay Plantation)
St. Joseph, La.
mannde Dl ame as ann
Stat., of Louisiana, Parish of Tenses,
loth District Court.
vs. No. 8426
PIUBRIC NOTICE is hereby given
that by virtue of a writ of Seiz
ure and Sale to me directed by the
above named honorable Court in the
above styled suit, I have seized and
will. on
Saturday the 28th day of JAIN T,
A. . 1911,
offer for sale at the Court House door
o',te town of St. Joseph in this parish,
be,ween the heurs of 11 o'clock a. m
and 4 o'eiot k p. m. the following de.
scribed itroperty, situated In the Par
ish of T'l'ensas. State of Lounlsian, and
seized in the above styled and num
ber.d stilt as property of defendant
herein, to-%\ It:
A certain lot of ground, together
with the buildings and improvements
thereon, situated in the Town of St.
Joseph. Parish of Tenses, State of
Louisiana, rounded on the West by
Newton Street, North by North Street,
Erst by lots of G. H. Woods and C.
Buckingham and the projection of the
West line of the said Woods and
Buckingham lots to. North Street, on
the South by the Livery Stable lot
belonging to H. L. Smiths and lot of
Frank Baragona.
Terms of Sale: Cash.
ST. Jospan, IA., December 23, 1910.
Trespass Notice.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the prop
erties "HOPE*ELL," "WILD CAT"'
this Parish, and b'longilg to the und.rsgaed
Company, are posted against huntiang sad
all trespassing. Hunting on this property Is
positlvely prohibited unless the hluter oar.
ries a written permit, signed by J. A. Veasy.
Any one found hunting on this property with
out said permission will be vigorously prose
Per J. A. Vassy, Mgr.
passing of any nature on that pert of
'"LOAMLAND" plantation belonging to the
underslgn-d. is prohibited and violator will
be vigorously prosecuted; and this specially
applies to hunters.
J. 0. UGISTE3.
Why Pay Rent?
Your Own hme!
At. oamdy PI."" Les
We will Baild or Buy You a
Home sad Allow You to Pay
for Same Mosthl . For each
$1,000 You can Pj U. $7.80
per Month, with Per CeO
Bimple Inteeet
Your Opportunity to Own a Home.
321 Main Street NATCHEZ, DM SS
w a II
Card ie Taklus.
There are hou's that come into the
;F-es of sotre, when every impulse of the
heart is buried under its wei3ht of sor
'ow. We stand there to-day; yet we
would fain give expression to the grati
Lude that wells up from the depths of our
iearts as we rtmember the kmndnes of
tlhose who have done so much to comfort
our precious dead, and to brighten for us
a stark:ss sky.
Words cannot express our appreciation
of those friends wiH have shared with us
the lonely vigils by her bedside. No
sweeter memor can live in any heart
than the memory of their untiring devo
tion to the one who has just left us. The
waves of wirrow break upon every shore,
sad we can but hope that friends as true
,Iy gathe. around each one of them
saonld grief invade their homes.
Coming among you as it were strang
ers in a strange land, our hearts over
flow in gratitude for the kindoess that
has bten suhown us, anti to one and all
who were so kind to our beloved dead we
extend heartfelt thanks and shall always
ftat the deepest gratitude.
M. I. I'llman & Co., the,
lar Natchez clothiers, will
their annual clearanoe sale next
Monday the 10th, when a reduc.
tion of 33 1-3 par cent will be made
in all men's and boys' suits, over
coats and trousers, and 25 per enat
on all woolen and cotton ribbed un
Ju. M. Smithe has stock a _Ul
line of wagon materleL
Just Recei~1 Fresh! We Carry i Stat
Almonds Auto Accessories
Walnuts OGas and Steam Fittings
Brazil Nuts Miscellaneous hardware
Applea Poultry Netting
Oranges Fire Brick
Currants Fire Clay
Citron Uwe and Cement
Seeded & L iyer Raisins Stoves and Heaters
Dill Pickles Olass
Cranberries wme neam . sh1 sr ml . d
Peanut Butter ammer sm? sr s sd
Shred Cocoanut a'.
Hawaiian Pineapple d ·Jc   W
Norway Mackerel o r .'.d Dres, es bc.
Prunes nom ti P~pw lr smm
Evaporated Peaches W wlams r~r m. a.
jvITr asc YgD.
A Little Spark
that lights on the roof
often causes Irrepar
able losses. Protect
your house and home
from it by using
You don't have to
take our word alone
for it.Note that it has
the approval of the
National Board of Fire
Underwriters for its
fire-resisting quality.
It is made of best ma
terials to withstand
storm and sun.
Texas Oil Co.
Gulsy Groey Co.
St. Joseph, La.
Trespass Notice.
NCarln zis a HUB Y W that tke
Om i this IT are po roptd
hbited umim tSh.ate a te, .
pealt sigmed by P. 3. EmudP .g
Ahy o. lmeoad uastiag oale pemrps t
.wto .aid pwa.dbs will bea vioemlo
Sa . M. UARDING, AgSt.
Trespass NoUeo.
'O IC s eneT. by gaistlý "7 pe
LA" UT. l 0631. JO H"N [G OCLN.
For fine, healthy cabbage plants
see Mrs. James Curry at Botany
Bay plantation, St. Joseph.
Mrs. Lettie Kelley and son Brad
ley Kelley, of Red Lick, Miss.,
were visitors this week to her daugh
ter, Mrs. Carl Van.
The change of schedule of the M.,
H. & L., which went into effect on
the 1st inst., does not seem to meet
with popular favor along the line.
The trains have been making very
poor time of late and running very
irregularly and the mail service is
notifactory. The early arrival of
the south-bound makes almost im
possible to reply same day to car
esponce received on morning
. No doubt the service is ad
vantageous to Natchez, and in thot
particular is not inconvenient to us,
but connection at TallUlah out of
Vicksburg is very nmertain, due to
the narrow meargin of one hour giv
en the V., S. & P., which is ge.
ealy condlderably late reaching
that point. Butthen in jsticeto
the road, can any railroad make a
schedule to plea every body?
ft P.th.in.
Irke St. Ja ,, Nh 1 Jr 01k ..
JoL waba-Iof k momth st
Newetoln, .
i or 6 doses 8 " will ons any
ease of ChIl and l ever. Pries se.
The Best Water
on Earth!
Clearance Sale!
All Men's and Boys' Suits, Overcoats and
Trousers at a reduction of 33 1-3 off.
We are also offering Manhattan and '"E.
& W." shirts at a reduction in the stiff and
pleated bosoms only.
Fancy vests and underwear less 25 pr. cent
Suit case, hand bags and trunks less 1-3.
This Sale continues one week.
Terms strictly cash, no goods sent on ap
All orders solicited and the same shall
have our usual prompt and careful atten
M. M. ULLMAN & (0.
Natchez, Miss.
"Goo*d lethea Slace 1878."
(Sooeeor to Hardaway & Cauell)
and Retail Druggists.
Mamxboehuerm of the Famous Family Remedies
nm ty cTo Tlea City Amdseptic
mn Cty Liver Puib H1 Cltc corh Bdi..
M Oat sarmp rUs MI Ciy Hog ! Chelera C re
m cR snerse me na  a who se re
nr oty Hre ad HM City Wlts
Platt's Dyspepsila Cure:-:Platt's Chill Tonic
Thw ros Camuldad Standard Wherever So
- .... . Vicksburg, Miss.
Can Supply You with Anything in
the Une of Fine Shoes and Hosiery
L&M. fr hu Serssis for Laiss
hliad &Fstr for M E LC.Skffr's fsrCliu
CP~ lhss fur th Whsb Fu y.
wgit Iterestei write for catdoeJe.
To thoser whose buying power is Ilmited we
that is LOW PRICED* but we have no ambi
tion to sell cheap, trashy stuff. It has been
our constant study to buy the best, well con
structed, low-priced furniture that the mark
et affords. Therefore we are always able to
satisfy our customers both as to quality and
Va-mw.e- . . . m

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