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S f 5., I. L
f Effective Jeuary 1, 1911.
.... McGEIrEE......... . .. .1S5 P. M.
McOEHKR JCT ....11.. " I
TRIPPR JCT. 1. .......... .. l.5
6. IA . M. .ALLEY . 1.4
. 1' MACON I * a..
.M " LAKE VILLAGE.............. 1.10
7.10 JENNIE lt.M M i
7.1 " CHICOT . " .... 12.4
3.3DOA....RA. . 3.36 6.30P. M.
IC . s. 71HEADLAND ........... 1.3 " :6.15"."
S 7.50 . .. ARKLA. ARK .... .14 6.0 "
" " .01 M' ILLIKIN, LA ...... ....... 11.04 P. M. 5.40 "
0.6 13 1 8HELBURN 11.52 ", 6.13 "
- .d " .LAKE PROVIDENCE. . 11.a 4.45
,0 s . ..TRANSYLVANIA ............. 11.18 .W5 "
, g as .ALSATIA 11.* * 15 **
9 .ENOKA .............. 10.47 2.30
., MANSPORD. 10 37 * 2.00
." 9. u TALLULAH 10.1" 1.40 "
.. 9.47 ". .LACLEDE. . . . 10.15 "' 12. 25
0 1000 .ALLIGATOR BAYOU ........... 10.00 * 2.06 P. M.
. "* 103 ' ... NEWELLTON .......... . A5 10. as
S....LAKEBRUEN ................ " 10.00 "
, , 11.04 ST. JOSEPH .................. 6.46 9.40 ' "
10 " .24 LOCUST RIDGE ........ .. .0
1 .GOLDMAN . .1 .42
, 11.41 ..WATERP "OF............. .... I " ' . "
. IS 1. P. CLAYTON JCT.......... . i
4 .. * ~ 7._20A- M- 75OA_.M.
1 OOP. . VIDALIA ................... 6. :A. M. A
S1.0 NATCHEZ........... 6.. M
r Seda Stn is is w IpSerati for the k wr l WIe o Pre
- to lispse, the M st eliciss d hfrt of Soft I
Johnston's Plow's
Candy Candy
St Joseph Drug Co. L't'd., - ho 42.
Do not simply ask for a "Phoeograpil "- C
Ask for
Many people think that all "
sound-producing instruments ic
are Ed 's. The mistal=e is
natural, became Thomas A.
Edison invented the talking
machine Idea and made the
first instrument-that wonul r,- on
produce the human voide.
Mr. Edison is not reeponsi
ble for all instruments of this a
kind. His instrment-the one
he has studied, experimented
with and perfected-is the Edi- a
Youwant the instrument that
has the genius of Edison back
of it; the one with the sensitive
wa clinder Records that have be
a munical tone far beyond that
of other records; the one that
g.up ped with a sapphire reproducing point that never needs changing,
of metallic ieedles; the one with a subdued volume of mound, suited o
iS home rather than a noisy, strident affair adapted to music halls and
public places; the one that plays Amberol Records (playing over four
), and giving all the manmu of any selection without cutt'ng or hur
,and finally the one that permits of home record making-the most
g feature ever oftered by an amusement machine.
_ et all this you mnnt get an Kdiaon Phonograph. Go to an Edison
to-day and hear this superior instrument. dI
is anl Ei;4il'1 PIhonograhl at a price to shit everybody's means, from the
Gem at $18.00 to tihe Amberol at $200.00. Write the undersigned for dmi
* catlogue of Edison Phonographs and Records.
Mtandard Records..... ........ ........................3S
Amlw,rol RItcords (play twice as long) ........................ 0c ha.
(irand (pera tecordas ..............................7k to $2.00
Edison Phonograph DistrImur.
- nan(
We are the agents in this district for "E.
M. F." and "Flanders" Automobiles. to
U Prompt deliveries are guaranteed. U
fU 3§ 30 Horse-.Power, 4 des, 5 Pasese*
contemplating buyirng C, come to Natchez and we
Syou a demonstration that will be conv cng. w
A. 20 oG. CASSELLr, COl.r Ter, "
Magneto, n R Ltai en r d D
II TI eyrlver Plls" t CItry *u :po
s a for literature expltinyng these ears or if you are et
contemplating buying, come to Natcher and we.se
its you a demonstration th Cure:-:Platts hwill be convincing.
nWholesale .Vicksbug, Miss
Imrr ill rt .M A llt )ram
Por Week Euad g Mare 17.
In order for a pupil to get his or her
CAL name on the honor roll it is neoessary to
make an average of at least 90 in all
studies. Attendance and deportment -re
also taken into consideration in reaching
the average.
Annie Hornsby Jaues F. Curry
Willie Lewis Mabel Rowan
Clyde Blanche Elise Hszlip
Ida Horneby Ethel Thornberg
Joe Pasternac
.Fred Blanche Elizabeth Crothers
Pearl Hornsby Mabel Netterville
Mary Giglio Merrick Rowan i
Ruby Smiths
Aleck Blackman May Young
BeatriceThornburg Clarence Johnston
Dorothy Skinner Alice Bondurant
Lena Baragona
(Not (Given)
Robbie Worrel David Hornsby
Telma Smitha Clarence Shelton
Mary Kate Skinner
Homor Ioll for Week Ending March 24
[The High School and Sixth and Sev
enth Grades will be given next week.]
Ruby Smiths Byron Mayer
BeatriceThornburg Grace Worrell n
Catherine Hornsby Lena Baragona
Camille Buelow Dorothy Skinner
Herman Pasternac
Gusta Buelow Wealthy Clarke
Marie Ashford
Robbie Worrel Thelma Smiths w
Pearl Baragona Mary Kate Skinner R
David Hornsby Clarence Shelton
The Honor Roll for lasf week was not
submitted to the prin'er in time for pub- T
lication in that week's issue of the Gaette. aa
D. H. STRINGFIELD, Principal. P
Mr. A. E. Green has gone to Memphis P
on a busines trip.
Dr. By. Bryant of "Shackelford" was
a visitor to t. Joseph on Friday.
Mrs. Nannie L. Hopkins, of Natcehes, C
was a visitor to St. Joseph this week.
Capt. Linsay and Mr. W. H. Aly m
wese visitors to St. Joseph to-day. M
Members of the School Directors will j
bear in mind that the School Board meets
on Tuesday, April 4th.
Mr. C. R. Darden, the hustling cotton C
seed buyer of St. Joseph, is now adver- t
tising to pay the best market price for ww
The St. oseeph Drug Co. is making a
specialty of Plow's and Johnston's can
dies. The sodas fountain is also open for'
the season with the most delicious soft
drinks. vb
Mr. Morris Mels, of New York Otty, M
has located in St. Soseph and formed co
partnership with Mr. Sam Leibovits $n M
the dry goods and grocery busines in the
Steen building. f
Menrs. E. J. Hamley 4 Son, real estate D
dealers of Lake Providence, have enquir
ies from client for timber lands ranning s
heavily with gum. They will be glad to Jo
hear from any who may have gum tim- "
ber to dispose of.
The gieral health of the eommunity
contiguous to ad adining Bt. Jmeph
st this time i aslid o be fairly good,
though there werm several cases of mes. Ge
esi reported in town last week, but which b
now sem to have passed as no new casem
aM heard of. We understand the mutaps
se stil raging at Waterproof, bet with
less fury than some time sinea e.
Theb streets about St. Joseph, and in
facet the roeds thr6ughout the prisrbh, are
all in good condition anud make travel by
automobile popular. Some of the side
walks in town, however, are begintig
to sbow the effects of wear, while the
walk in the lane between the Pastsnac~
and Bondurant residences is gettig so
dilipidated that it will soon be dqger
oue, and a broken leg might eoet the
town cominderably more than a new side.
walk. I
The entertaiment given at the Hall on
Wednesday night by the LadTes' Gaild of
SSt. Joseph for the beneft of Chrli Ciurch
was a complete ee in every detsaiL. s
The noted Swedish humorist sad eter
J tainer, Mr. Karl Jansen, was at his bust se
and captivated the andiemee with hia re
markabsle wit and hvlonlc talent di- b
played in impersonating scb promlast 1
B characte as ex-Preldent Roosevelt,
SSenator Ben Tillmam and other Ameri
cans who have been compicuooly in the
line-light of popular favor. Mr. Jams.'s
dmescription of his native counatry, which
he graphically describes as "The land of
the Midnight Son," Its pemde and tiLr
customs, was greatly enjoyed. His Im-.
personation of Sh esru characters
eraruled ereful lstudy ad keen atheps - i
tative power. His eatertalament we e
ceived with great pleasne by thes tirea
sadience, upon whom he made most a.e
cellent impresion. ms
Immediately tollowingl Mr. Jassa''s
iecturem the floor was cleared for damag,
which was continued until the "wee s
sma' houm." A sumptioms and most d- 1
liciou supper was served on the stage Poe
and a beautiful eske voted to the mamt 11
popmuar young lady presnt. The cake U
was awarded to Miss sabel CoovUiloa of dli
the faculty of the St. Josepb High Soaol.
So moachl intert was manilamsed la this
ane, and theam mpeition so ken, tit
nearly a thosand votes were p _ oM d, t
meat -m of I.0o being reasei. The
inst seseeds of the entatalaema w
The Modern Cultuneab of St la
was entertained on Thusday lght,
her Maeh 16th, at the boaw of Mr. and
to Ms. B.L F. Bonney.
all The Pesident, Miae Ialnt, belp ab. tl
re sent, the Vice Presideit, Miss Horm ,y,
ing presided.
The roll was called and the followilg a
members responded by qsotation:
Mise Annie Hornby
Heavee is not reached with a t beag,
We bald the ladder by whisk w elmb,
And mout to Is smm1 mrmad by ut . t
g Miss Ids Hornsby
Life a lea ot of peperwhae,
Whereon each one of as
Mar write his word ' two, L
And then comes aight.
je Miss Mabel Rowan
The world turns aside to let say man pa
who knows whither he Is gulag.
Miss Loola Pipee
"Better a day of trie
Than a century of sleep:
(live me lastead of a bl stre a elife
The temapets and tears tea deep." a
D.H. inStrngfleld-
Undeserved help brings the ger et idle.
on The man who receeves a wItadsap r tr
watches the wind.
Josiah P. Scott.
t " 'Tis the coward who aslta to mlsame,
'Tis the knave who ehaee a lt day.
'Tie the tfool who wins halt has, M
Then thre~t all his chases away.
There is lttle in life but labor.
And to-morrow may nd that a dream, er
auccess is the bride of endeavor,
And lck--but a meteor'gleanm. o
The ne to ce is wel ethers, '
Ds Mary Yeger of Talllah, Mof tir on
ey and Mis Hopki d the wi
Only one nnmber on the progrea was M
Z4 The foll r thowing next m tponded, s
,v- "Present" without quotation :
James F. Curry, James Bern, J. C.
Mancperso and Mithe Clude Bl adonhet
The following guests were present: hI
Mieet Mary Yeager of Tallulah, Mss Bon
ney and Mis Hopkins. th
Only one number on the praogram was
rendered: Miss Ida Hornpby wteed the
popular poem, "The Curfew ial Not ref
Ring To-Night." IIr
ThRe program for the next ames.i w p
announced and the Clu b adjourmed to to
met on nexst Tahursday with Miss Bon- sal
ny and Miss Hopki ns. tbi
as regaledt, MYs Hopkins with Mr.sio. ti
r Refrshmenas were than mrvd. we
of The Culture Club was entertained on cl
b. Thursday, March 3rd by Mis Bornnytie
e. and Rim Hopkins. y0
The Club wee palled to order by ths ea
President, Hiss Lanus, with Mr. Mb- rq
is phersoa s Secretary.
As a prelude to the exercises, Miss a
Clark was invited to render a solo. The i
guests were Mi. Bonney, Mi.s Yer, on
Mis Clark, Miss Snodgress and Mr.
, IClark.
The roll was called and the follownlag
ly members responded with quotations: a
Mi. Rowan
IIl ose gloom dieloienar oiase ueess
a. the ave of dip
it world btti e Hor sdby
improved peppy, a reoth a setmor e
 w. h"asr never
"Ive to tehe world the best have, med
tae bet will c bck to yol."
Assume a virtue hs y have i net.
SMisa Ida Her wby--.Jo
I The da Sowr mw Iors to Mu ise de
LMa waEsweemalm e `e Mdesert air. ha
r- "I wl ehtd no breather in tie worl Del
g my.elf, against nhm I knew mot lta.",,
o, Jiah P.s H-oa.t-
, holloW n I qrieb, wee seed: r
La' tbell t s* awfuera agrw1 i
,. _, . I . r of We.·'-T-ha
b a' a yee sa'grl ea.,, tqs "
d. Gean Bakesa s-
b MssBloi Hadip, 3e . C. Me sI D
S 'heb e ro lago the mna e oi learst U
eneti- was diee with.
:The oliown qurie wenred: a
Mr.e'sae imag pasklebl. a
The aeor rs t he -eLo ~ r pe
Wot wer e s the tl fa e e .as ea the
Whole opttrh .
The p' lawe b a tmer as a
Somieul of pple b the peoleall
Th eo lw- pd Miera W*s r h
f or aest amt :
Who wl s Ibeh heep? t tl (le*
dThe following speqan w meud:
"k-D. ass( md-m i
od and M sm. dW. . "
'fcrezt kse mlgl : atest
mdl Sr. Joma, Li., Maedb 15, 1Ul'
PUBLIC NOTICE is hebay ees
ab. ththe Bsed of School Dihetor. Or
pais wi mst ia the oeert Homp
' n DAY, AbPtr 4t , at 1lo'dock.
'ae witllie bin of impsutaue sad
ae s 1 l sadabttoe i drhbed.
W. D, A. GaMON, Pleidedt.
This. M. *ak, see'y.
a.a. G. C. Golman ws a visi
tor tort. Joseph on Mondaa.
Miss Genieva Gresham is spend.
ing a few days this week with Mrs.
L. A. Murdock.
Mr. John Lother Ellis, of Menm
w . phis. w the guet of Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Steen on Tuesday.
Rev. Dr. McIntosh, the Premby
terian minister, will conduct services
at St. Joseph next Sunday.
S Dr. J. D. Ro~ns and Mr. Julius
Salanon. of Newellton, were visi
itors to St. Joseph on Wednesday.
Miss Dorcia Wallace and Miss
Bessie Muir have been guests of
Mrs. A. B. Ratcliff the poat week.
Mr. Ottway Denny and his moth
er, Mrs. W. F. Denny, weragests
of Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Murdock on
Mn. John Ride, nee Mai Leda
Stampley, of Jefferson county, Miss.,
is the gast of her aunt, Mrs. Indi
Brown, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baker, who
t: have been guests of Mr. and Mrs.
e. W. R. Baker for some time, returned
this week to their home at DeIoto,
- Miumisippi.
ms Vegetation is slowly but graduldy .
o seevnsi from the effects ro the lest
from and the damage may not be as
m great a many were at rt ineliad to
to think. The fg tres seemed the grest
.- esmers and for a time it looked lie
they wre prtty well dons for, bat most
Sall are now putting out sain, msd wle
. the crop this yea will artally be eanD
we should be thankfal that the Mes
wee notkilled. Vegetable arenm of
Scorme ntered a big set-back b the
I fme, but where propert prtemted the
ymg plants were not all kiled. In mas
a cmes, however, the grdens had teo be
r replanted.
TheI  tte wMas smewhat n error last
Sweek in anmmesing that a match ame
* d b all was played 8t. Joseph
ra Iutrdy ening btm the Newel-a
. teamd8t. Jos e bmaht ball soms, w.
uadl" in victory for the home gplob
Ia Two players on the visitng tasm wek a0
ad consequamtly ament, which so eip
pld tsher id as to make imposile al
Shope mof ms, sad the was pa
iasay sid o, but msair thMan
SpolM the erowd that had g wst4 a
Striedy coets w agMud waith ýe
as ambethates for the athet 11,00 "
was not uadetood ta A a iete
in any se and we tld am
Saimtime domethe viitms wuath
sm e so em-.Oa the whlea abem
plyed but aurday we very intstng
from Mrt to mbh, bath ide deig
a M, aapy wrak apd all playser
ieeting audito tbemassves.
Puaruant to resolutioa of the Wop
Jury Dr. Dalrymple of Bato Iolg was
caled to t. Joseph last weekto look
IMo the shtautom a to hag sdmh a that
hb bee so a prerat and with msb fatal
Moits in nighbehood of this plae. Dr.
SDelrymple reted the infeaste plas ead
aamins th aewams soaing frm the
ms~ldy ad isoeulsd a umber. The
doco st Med thEt th omum mae.
taured tis State Expermemut Staise
the pseeatds ammd me of ehohrie, momg
lka pood mai preid the dissmeus
i smeay rmg ars Medl om ed.
The deter Mted thut kauab we
IharIy dQpenmt on two y m tl
iusem, vs: inou.lan of the sum
a daaeamea to laoti. He ld par
tiumsr atma ama the ltr a ses
mry pose~lnea, for witbat spowr to
Ilatbo, the dmoctor mmoa d, the s.
mloss Its tbm ss quiftMe. The
seram eaa obtlmed upo appm s
to him M Bam og.
th Pik h
,wI C'TOO SEdld ea
P. O. Box No. ass
We how per I want -
I HAVE aSor si0 eatmes of bees
ear E trary 8.1.. a ..
to m ro w oa St. e .. e,
k. .
Beat AMr.* w
Pant a boreproof, toug-bol varIet, trt be a.
mo eaily puncture; or an early-maig varlety
that matures BEFORE he is ready Sr Im__
W.iwe Mhsdppl ad Lad aa Au res the c sl es
Momi Bi Ba Triapr and TMIe's RCEmy lihaa s
l, we are SemMne dilbuters of ShIip IU y ,Pd asl
. whic ints at the gin fro 38 to 43 per ca. of glEsw
We Il blle ad awl orders for tihe abe as wi ras rw a n,
VET and SOY BEANS, FIELD PEAS, Etc. Cr _ _l _s
mtR(iYUCR, savi hreauty is handln aaeia tcbimg
J. B. rAIN, New OrIans, sLa.
N ~rs s nfri St. Irt la Tma smi
l So b th Teuas Cet qI4r g.
RO . - . ..
Pu· 3*.mc~ ~t B
K c-'~ ..1
I L L ~ i-~ ..mat
-'9 -· " "' Ai;; ~ : C
27i· W.~ Peed SL~
and eo4.
rnS :
~~ -.
Yw. 0Mm e#.NmI
-I ~ 7. -.
K2 ~:..,

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