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Sf the mI., H. & L Ri Rod.
Effective Jammary 1, 1911.
McG3EsE. 2.15 P. M.
/ IIA. M. ..HALLEY ... ..... 1.45
g g MACON I.27*
.S , .. LAKE VILLAGE .......... 1.1
7.10 " .JENNIE 1.2. 6
7.1: " C. HICOT .. ............ 12.48
.0 EUIDORA 12. 4 '" S.MP. M.
. 7.44 " READLAND .... 12.2 6.18 "
AR"LA, ARK 14 **..
3 101 ..MILLIKIN. LA....... 12.04 P. M. 5.0 "
,S " SHELBURN 11.52 5.15
8  0 .LAKE PROVIDENCE ........ .. 4.4
. " ... TRANSYLVANIA ...... 11.1. "' 8. 5
S. ALSATIA.. 11 .08 " 3.15
17 "ENOKA 10 47 " 2.30 "
0..7 " . . MANSFORD 1 0 7 " 2.0 "
, . TALLULAH ............... 0. 1.4
7 LACLEDE .. . .15 1.
.0 .ALLI(ATOR BAYOU. 0.00 12.06 P. M.
S 10.10 Q IMBY ...... .... .. 9. ' . "
, . l S.OMERSET ... ....... . 11.10 "
1.0 .....NEWELLTON .. 9.1 " 10.10 "
." .58 .......LAKE BRUEN ........... 9.00 1" 0.00 "
SST. JOSEPH .. . 8.4 " 9
11. .. LO('UST RIDGE ...... . . 8 i j' 9.00
1.3 " . .OGOLDMAN ..... ... 8.16 " 8.42
S 11.41 " .. .... WATERPROOF. .. ". 8.12 8.58
S 12.1S . M. .... CLAYTON JCT ........... 5 .0 "
t. 12. .. FERRIDAY... 7.20 A. M., 7.80 A. M.
.o0P. M. . VIDALIA ... ..... .A..... 5 M.
S1. ........... NATCHEZ 0.... ....... . .
to SaS tdis i pratie fo ti- Srr W ee ar Pro
X1 bispasa tk Mlst diis NlefrNsi of Soft riks.
Johnston's Plow's
Candy Candy
S I p DOrng Co. L't'd., -  !. 42.
Do not simply ask for a "Pboaograph"
Ask for the
son Phonograph.
More than 1,000,000
families thought that they
had reached thellimit of
pleasure in home enter
tainment, when they pur
chased their Edison Pho
nygraphs, and they had
at that time. 750,000 of
that million have found
thatlimit of pleasure more
than doubled in Amberol
records, Thomas A. Ed
ion's greatest achieve
ment in sound reproduc
tion since he first invent
ed the standard, record as
well as the Amberol rec
ord by putting an at
tachment on same. With
every attachment we
furnish free of charge 10
Special Amberol records.
Write for catalouge and
Apply to
e Bee Hive Store,
SHUGO JERESLAW, Proprietor. t
ellton, - La.
utomobiles r
Se are the agents in this district for "E.
M. F." and "Flanders" Automobiles.
Prompt deliveries are guaranteed. U
__ r Torba Cr, Magneto las Lamps
sad Tube Horn rlachded corme.
" - 20a o)or-Power, 4 CylMier Teurabot, $10
LU m *m,,o, " t , . *
_Xe literature explaining these cars or if you are
tPetemplating buying, come to Natchez and we
y~u a demonstration that will be convincing.
to establish an agency In St. Joseph.
& McDowel Hardware Co., .E
(SucL·ssor to Hardaway & Cassell)
: olesale Druggists.
of the Pamous Family Remsedtes
chr Teic nm clity AtUselptic
lver P Hill City Cough Baidm
lersapurfsa 11 City Bog & Cholera Cure
Mr.. aud ill city wNte
a' ' Dyspepsia Cure:-:Platt's Chill Tonic
lshy are cuu.l.e d Usadrd Wsmnver sIA
• , Vicksburg, Miss.
-- -
I OL0 CC= =
Are Arriving Daily.
Soft 6ollars with Ties to Match Irom See to S1.50
The Season's Novelty.
We Cra Supply You With AJy Shade or Size.
Your Order Solciteda " -' ' '" - "
Natchez, Miss.
"Good elothes Since 1878."
by Aq M . ILmpb.
Rally Day in it. Joseph was the big
geat thing of its kind perhaps ever wit
nessed in this town and brought more
of our people together than have ever as
sembled here in years. It is dir tto
estimate the number of visitors,a maf
eces to say that every home in town was
thrown open and every body kept open
honse the two entire days of the meet,
and all hotels were crowded to utmost
capacity. Many homes were decorated
in the prevailing colors of the schools,
which were also in evidence on every
carriage and automobile and were worn
by practically every body in attendance.
Good weather and good feeling generally
prevailed and the two entire days were
literally given over to the occasion, bal-'
ne being largely suspended that all
might witness the events.
Upon the conclusion of the second day
an immense adience assembled at the
Court Homse, taxing to the utmost the
seating capacity of that magnificent
structure. With most pleasing and appro
priate remarks Hon. G. H. Clinton de
livered to the succeesful contestants the
prises that were awarded. The friends
of each school appludeo ' voiceforoesly
wlhen their representatives were present
ed with medals.
Upon the conclusion of the presenta
tion of prnes the crowd adjourned to the
Masonic Hall, where "The Dress Re
hearsal," a paripr comedy in one act,
the product entisely of local talent, was
most gracefully presented to an appreci
ative audience that was so large that
many who applied for admission were
sompelled to leave, not even standing
room being available. Following the
play a most delightful dance was given
at the Court House and altogether every
event of Bally Day was a most complete
This is but brief mention of the oesa
elon as we are compelled to defer antil
next week a complete account.
s ef Schela L.
Sr. Josinn, LA., March 15, 1911.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that the Board of School Directsrs for
this parh will meet in the Court House
on TUESDAY, APRIL 4th, at 12o'elock.
There will be usined of importance and
a full attendace is desired.
W. D. A. GORTON, Prsidsnt.
Thos. M. Wade, Seeoy.
The Oliver Typewrit r.
abou tnth va of zridbia
,s on
daiue i n an nt p
wi eqlly p t y poa, in, ar
Siadersth any ame-d
en17 codts ar, a way-lry.
writes in any directLoaa,
makes pletlme, In aborlt I
will print at ny paint, at
te t. Iio ca nt. W e s ea l so m a lm a . e L wm t-c s
The Bee Hive Store,
HUGO JERl LA W, Prpiletor,
Newellton, La.
kIar ur M kkto i f sP*s
Min Louise Johnston is vistintg rinds
in Memphis.
Miss Annie Hornmby spent several days
in Vidalia as guest of relatives last week.
Mrs. Jas. S. Johnston and son, Master
Jas. 8., Jr., are ing relatives on
Bayou Vidal.
Misees Annie and Mattle O'Keley, of
Kingston, Miss., are visiting their aunt,
Mrs. E. J. Walton, in St. Joseph.
Mr. Russell A. Richardson, of East St.
Louis, Ill., was a visitor to his old home,
Tenes parish, this week and enjoyed
several excursions to Lake Brain.
Mime Suane and Marie Calvit, of
Concordia parish, who are vLsiting Mis'
Nell Martien, at Waterproof, were vial
ton to St. Joseph on Thursday sad Fri
day to witnem the Rally Day events.
An article on the Mimimippi Delta, by
Mr. ,Harris Dixon, the popular and tal
ented writer of Vicksburg, in a recent
issue of the Saturdsy Evening Post is il
iastrated with somens ative to the Delta
country, including a splendid likens. of
the Lake Brain Club House, the popular
fishing resort of so many of our people.
The many friends in this town and
pearish of Mrs. C. Clark of Neweilten
were delighted t p h es prisent at the
Rally Day events in St. Joseph on Thurs
day and Friday. m. CLk has been
in bad health for the past several years
and this was her first visit to our town
since her indisposition. She received many
warm congratulationson beingoet vain,
the pleaure of which was eujoyed as
much by her friends as herself.
In making the presentation address
at the Court House n Friday night, at
the close of the Rally Day events, Mr.
Clinton paid a most desrved tribte to
Master Edwin Blanche, of the St. Joseph
High School, for the work performed by
him in erecting the 66 foot npg staff in
the school hose yard, from which the
Stars and Stripes now wave. Enatrely of
his own volition, and without any aar.
anee whatever, Edwin sat down a tall
ypress sapling that wa groplng in a
lake, and dremmsd t oi, hmuled to the
school house yard and painted and isad
a gilded ball to the top Iia nest step
was to creosote the base, and dgging a
six foot hole, with the aidof some of
the school boys, raised the poleand by
means of a rope attacbeto a pnley now
runs the flag Up and donm every morn
ing and evening. The thorough zaad er
it which the work was aoomplished
would have refdeted credit ms a maeb
older and more experiesed ama.
I OFFeRSoPmr rle at a barni a boy 's
St. Joseph, Lae
Civ Eapowi.
Civil Egglace, f , Ldea rud y
Rice levees m,  m.
All work prom and lrigl done.
Refereneea: H. Miller Dodda d E.
C. Tollinge, U. 8. itant Eegi
neers, Vickdburg, Miss.
217 Bresad St.,
ratr kSmi.
The Rev. H. R, Carson, Arch
deacon of North Louisian, will
hold services as follows on Easter,
April 16th
St. Joseph, 7 a. m. and 11 a. m.
Newellton, 8 p. m.
A cordial invitation to attend
these services on the great festival
of the Christian Ohurch is extend
ed to all. Oommunicants of the
Church are particulary reminded of
their duty to receive Holy Com
umanion on this dy.
The following society notes from
St. Joseph are taken from last Sun
day's Picayune:
Mrs. Annie Crothers visited rela
gives in Natchez this week.
Miss Bernie Muir has returned to
"Glemuir," after a visit to Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Rateliff.
Misses Nell Martien, Rebecca and
Mary Turpin were guests of the
Misses Hughes last week.
Mrs. Locia Stampley Rider re
turned Wednesday to Jeferson
county, after a visit to her asnt,
M. India Brown.
J. V. emise, J. . Macphe.ann,
T. M. and P. H. Wade, Dr. Trice,
Misses Georgie Robertson, Mabel
Covillon, Emily Netterville, Elie
Hazlip and Ida Hornsby attended
a dance in Newellton Friday night.
Mrs. Oscar Levy and on, Loris,
who are now in New Orleans, will i
visit relative in Texas before re
turning home.
Hies Willie Lewis was the week
endguest of Mr. and Ms. R. Y.
Mrs. Joe. Curry and Miss Marion !
are suests of Mr. and Mis. Eli Wat- a
son, in New Orlesmns
The following notes called from I
Sn-ay'. Plcajne are of interest a
to our reades:
After a visit to her mothsr, Ms.
A. COan, Mrs. Stella Abrabhas ra
retuned to her home in Magnolia, t
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jaeoby and
little daughter, of Newellton, La.,
are waste of the latter's parents,
Mr. abd Mrs. E. Landauer. i
An event of great interest to a a
large circle of friends was the mar- .
riage on Wednesday evenina Masch
29, of Miss May Clara Spearing, the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert to
Spearing, to Mr. Edgar H. Farrar, a
Jr., which was celebrated wry 1
quietly at Trinity Church in theo
presmene of the families only owing
•a recent bereavement in the faro-"
ilyof the mridn. The brdal t
attendants we Miss Rosm Brieas
West, the maid of honor, and Yr.la
Joseph Meoaeb, the has man. The a
bride entered at the saoied hear,0
B:80 o'olock, with her father, who
-re her to be married, the bidd !
groom awaitial her coming withh is f
best man at the altar. The impues
sie ritual of theEphopaal faith w
peformed-by lr v. W. 8. ma, d
Mount Olivet Chuach, Algiers, la.'
assisted rb Rev. Olrdon Bahwell, d
renstr of Trinity Caial. The bkdeI
is very rhrmia roasirl,--a
graduate of Newoomb O lias.
Jl.e, sad altbough se ha.d -we
made her for0mal det, was -_-sa
ed as maid of bnor to the oeen of
the Carnirt this season, Miss !oait
Brie We. She won a mast be
coming taor-made gmown of ai
cleth, with hat to harmomsa., a
carried a greateluster of li le
t valle. The bsmid o honoysue w
a buatful hand-abtoidernd Mm- e
ih j .wn, rimmed with lee~ and
a kt h pitur at, trmlr d with
dsooin clase of piIk witaSliat
the bridal couple, ~ho weatbe a..
aiplnts of mur mmass 6Ifts.,
leaving imm etelr y after these
many r a ttip to Ne,-Yok, whrse
they wai fpeda 4 oueI time. e
their return - ''i) go to ben
kqlng at $GM abast.
As will beesen by the noti.pmb
libed ulsswhere the meeting of tbe
School Boad calld tar the sb
April has been pospazed to tm u
ith April. All seembees w81 to
- m
Resasliagl I in Sbe boe Sop Peat
O0e for week amdly ~Apsl 1
0·¶~Y m1UI
1 ' I agt. g a .
D rrink
n -- -
TheBesi 9
... L ~. ·
mmnun= n uu u m n mil
Work an th big mw mill
rectead ost aeres the river I
at. JSeph is prorevimg ra i
and tsrill will be smdy r f
as abosut June 1st. When e
pleted thomB will have ceapmd
at oms 8x,000 feet per doy sai 4
wlg slve emippment to oaea A I
end hsead wawpk .lyosrek t u e f
cat 7hoe IO . -L. afail bdhet
to ta ,lPat bUa 5*enea Loam
bIr 0o., whogie d u6Ih at Ane
tosic, Mie. . Wr. Y. u eoab,
the sNior u bslu i the ."a ; is
losted au t. Joseph, and wi leook 1
after the operatis of at tlB .q,
The capital iensed Is this l
wil b"O li x ftes n o di hsn a
thomanod doser. A tradm ad, tw I
mus in h1.th, and seedrng over
120 teed teel ibk, is Wibe con-I
.treated, whdsb will be- ed to'
move the )bea diseks ad timbhr,
the Slt em will r the ,pr
mo el hr mole tseov a u
mqar be ssued ianasaer .
ompst r Ieias r aheloe ata t d
GoGIa .a we-td tmber is J4
henos **eor, whisk wll umphw b
*a lers ate *e*, mp, sw
.ad"" tawei. sh be
be a oMhap. Wkse will peb
(him isste to e A lobed .penIsee
a this *g umnterpri pertbee thme .
yeaus t lsasL.
Teim lse p 4al idthe oua d t"
to t. Joseph wil ertiealy work it
the 4 auag oe .a0r town, whle
severaLd the opeatrus 8wim oreo j
their amtille bhee.
Mr, $ ?mb iii . aia oead sot
iderahbib aav , Kerbs lre bod-n
as a bot swre m
to-l, and has eui iab In lthe
saw auli cad ihtse bolmab" for a
of fesa. ] addiblu to Ms
in ths *t i#is ales W
PreeMdaet at eI flf Iwlumb !
tsar., a bi f ace ar u '.
'!3 Out fitt i thh dll: Wb
Co...* b ceniweeie fnelduh, l.
Theatmpa gaP~Is wilyh
supd~ Ion Watorw.1Iet .ed
er? lltM as it I pee ba-n sales
In the loal mairket. The rig Ma
twrpdie hei thood wiser at our
.in I.toS i Apo itr enesma adlit.
Jevsph wl be 8glad towd leos_ 04
heap d its peopla a maqoadlile
L a1 ME*. Jiin Bart
e i
wmb~iJ *.i - t~aep ~ -(
ar, acrd "s.'.iea s . Cori
cell eaebt antsl~.,gg igit
nrey* trees,
A,-- -
OI ,.
T- -
- ~ : - :
.v I A
baw45Uw ·
~P. ~ P
kri~~IPC A.

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