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Lr. L.A. Murdock
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Office n Plank Road
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s I . L D. H. & TRICE, D.
Drs. Lilly and Trice
Assmrs Dr. Lllf Id Adms
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and Surgeon
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For anything in the
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Divorce Mea More
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Cause Thn Wo
By ANNA C. FALL Atermey. sceam
D URING a general practice of 17 years it has been my fortune
to officiate in a goodly number of divorce cases. I suppose it
would be a foregone conclusion that I should say men are more
responsible for the increase of divorce, since, with perhaps
three exceptions, my divorce clients have been women. But I will re
late somewhat of my experience and allow the reader to draw his own
As the years have pined and case after case has enlisted my sym
pathies I have been filled with a growing indignation at seeing young
men marry young girls and very shortly begin to treat them with such
gross cruelty that divorce or death was the only alternative. It would
almost seem as if these men had deliberately entered into the marriage
relation in order that they might have a victim of their own at hand to
perpetuate their cruelties upon-a victim tied fast to them by the bands
of the law-"for better or worse."
I have in mind a gentle, sweet-faced girl for whom I had the
pleasure of obtainigg a divorce from such a monster after her marriage
or less than two yuers' duration. And yet, in outward seeming, the h*
band was rather an inoffensive looking young man. Some months later,
meeting the gray-haired judge who had granted the divorce, he stopped
me and asked about the young lady, remarking: "I don't think, in all
the cases that have been tried before me, I ever remember to have heard
of such cruelty to a wife" *
I believe that young men of a certain classm enter into the marriage
relation far more lightly than young women. With the accesories of
a clean shave and a new suit, a very ordinary youth may pass as an
embodiment of manly virtues in the eyes of an unsophisticated young
girl, particularly by moon-light. While to her their marriage may mean
the realization of a dream of home and happiness, to him it often means !
only a new experience, which he can bring to an end at will when be
grows tired of it.
Among young people of slight education I have found tht aboue r
to be often true. The well-considered marriages of the educated sad
refined young men and woman result in fewer divorces.
When I take into account the great number of husbands who hao
gone away in the morning and have forgotten to ever come back to to tbir
families, and whose wives in the course of time have obtained a divoree
on the ground of desertion, I am inclined to my that me are mow. a
sponsible for the increase of divorce than women.
When I see passing before me in the moving pieture of m®uy a !
long procession of md-faed wives who, night after ight; year in and
year out, have been compelled to look upon the besotted, foul-breathig
creatures huddled before them, and to redact that they aesled IT hbn.
band; when I see still other women whose faces beer the impress of
terror inspired by ebands whom drink turned h, Sk pemeing their
wives and children with knives and are-I-dMel inclied-to say that men
are more responsible for the increase of divorce than wvep . But then,
as I said in the beginning, I may .
be biased in my viewsm. -* .
As a mother in Israel sad a woea of
experience and discretion, I wish to lift up
M ny my voice i the councils of the people and a
protest that not all the sartorial oauses
M en are committed by membem of my sm.
What is more idiotic ad uesomfortable
G iven than the masuline street garb? The st,
to l in summer, is an abomination, as a men
r confdes, yet they haven't the courage.te pg,
without it. Trousers are the lastword in
hideousas, and have neither comfort,
grace nor modesty to commeand them. And g
I I _ no woman would wear a st straw or derby
hat that left its mark in a red groove
ound the forehead.
The laws of the Medem and Persians were not more inemorable thra n
those governing men's attire-lse why should men's shirts coatimue to
be made as they e, with mst at the cloth below the wist line? Idttle
bsp' waists a of the right eaut, but then littbl boyu' eeth is seleted -
by their mmmr
On general observatloq It weold seem as
though tb qutio of tl ay wam mnt tb
M u k high Ot of living but what the stadards
of our American motheda the future wE
Harmin n
On walking along the starut em is com
a .pelled to wonder if we are gradmally ing 
back to the garb of oar fret parenta in the
guden of Eden.
ClotheSr Clothes so tight a to display very line
of the flgure are moren St behind the foot
SIJ-.UL,3., i. lights than on the streets the ligh t of
_...___._.__..____.__ day.
If the American me ase lacking in ar
tesy to woman it is beesmse the women themselves m to blame.
The inflence Bor good or evil that woman esrts mr man is throgh
such mediums a dres, character and general deportment.
So it wea re to elevate instead of degenerate let as bginnwhe it is
When doesr old age come?
S" . Years are tfor the lettiag of hbmeus net
eop le for counting away ople's liv.'" In the
older countries people remained ymgag be.
$44rlc au se they fsrgot birtuhays. klem are a
Re l hemr od, some gr.l, stk r a. r a,
YouiJWho trust aps. the. m ' o
FOr etpanywial strw&t Maiag -* se
in men ad s inye she wonthaa d
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room e IL T.
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arla w~wr.
lb 1iwLllblr C;'
r-fm-: a -Wm, ICII
T -Lt W -L . is
7e.: IF. L sthiql10? 9w"
l'b: dUrib Iaui he IL Im. '
oflMI: P. T. N~LYe llp btý 1
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Lkbt: P.eC lIrNt.e
ft" .woo-,L tWdlw. A
woes: 3 . U1 VSaz. Arems&
ulst wltrd-- 0. OAm,
mn P. OQ: Als.n Iif., *atepin!p
er at~tt I1Cao -:n. #fgtsr.g Ali
Ue..femtb Wm".3 . . ss' .O
Atic Jo-im~u.L~
wtib' Iw r. W * n )C
.rte fUEt :W-Abser 4 ft
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ayebls ~a-;~ S* j~j~
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gd, JbSuer ·
:~~~ ~~ -n .$ brala :~~~BBBB*~~~BBBB*~ g
blrt~l 4.:.:s *SL,
-k 4
ft er bl ý -ºJ · 0: Tf
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are. -tip;,
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mgh. -· .l -
k, i:
aý' rv ',,.s _
t U~hs. ic
4. m c~ 4 ..
J",r p1 m 4 y
25 . 1
s"J:3:.~~ -4
3" ýi·f·'iF~f
) '4~1 Ott
- .a~ x e ' ºs i ' i .t,{'.;'J ;8 -
~f6M- .1k a
" _ = y r
Jr 71CP' ~-~·J·ltf')1~'
:S'ý,ýý"ý " ly' · ý . '}ryf ý.y..-- ý__, .,a r,?. ,,ý..
ý.i w=.F 1'hýEý "'ýR" . " Ia: . :nv.ýaý"'. x! e.:S _ .ý. ýý`
wad } , i ,;,3
;t 4 i~ .L'
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