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P blishing Company, Ltd. Official Paper of the Parish of Tesas School Bard and Fifth eisiaa Levee D ri $150 Per A m
Boilers, Smokestacks, Breechings and Tanks
Mai Ie sand Plantatlee Work a Speoialty. rFbt Clasm Meeohantem Set Out
es Repair Work.
!I keep constantly on hand a fill supply o
and Wood Cofins, Trimmed
. 4Shl from Infant to Adult. Up-to-date Styles.
Barial Costumne. Prices to Suit Customer.
an An at m..e.. Orderse w.d.ed A Wire or otherwi.
SH. C. Norman
Photograph Studio
524 ,train St. Natchez, Mi5s.
Work Done at Reasonable Rates
p e ore especially invited to visit my studio
Printing and Stationery Company
d 'iers, Publishers and Stationers
SWk ean' be left at Teas Gazette OftRe
-"Natchez" ".- -... =.. ".B a..
Stopping Place for Tenase People
" s t Proprietae
You Going to Build
h f &i.w as ... f...v w .....di.e by e.h ..º. tha lis
and Dressed Lumber
,Ceilin, C.mpositio. Roofgs, Sash, Doors,
Bilds, Fine atrior Finish, Etc.
W mite a peeiny to L a sL Telew Pie. Dridge Flesieg. Always go
W * i n iestiege r- fc iie befre plecieg *m rdr.
ENOCHS, The Lumberman
Wheeler & Moritz
St. . . New Orleans, L..
Grain, Provisions, Stocks
Direct "ires to New York and Chicago
Irght Kind of
~heo news; the doings of the peop!e in this
.'a; the gossip of our own community, that's
Srn kind of reading matter you want. It i '
k important more interesting to you than
·. gian by the paper or magazine from the
~i. world. It Is the Arst reading matter
theuId buy. Each Issue of this paper gives
set lJst what yoa wil consider
The Right Kind of
S Readllrgs NIatos.i
Professional Cards
Dr. L. A. Murdock
Physician and Surgeon
Office on Plank Read
Of.. Pb..o 12AI Reideme 12-3
SILA , IL D. H. TICE, I 5.
Drs. Lilly and Trice
kee....r, t rD. Lilly aad Ad.ms
St. Joseph, - Louisiana
Oorfc Dsk a.Odis. up .tais.
st /e.epb, L.suiaa.
IPN "Wei in- East Carrol salesdm
Teed Co ra an the Suprmo and
Frl= C...t.
In Newel adie, PhIk Read
Jos. Whitaker, M. D.
and Surgeon
S Phone In Residenoe.
Str. "Senator Cardil"
CEO. FImeC, hseer 0. L Wa, M6
Regular Trn-Wy
Natchs. and Vrcksbmr Packet
Leavem Natches Sinday, Tuesda
sad Thmrdays at 12, Noes
Leaves Vicksbwg Mmedays, Wed.s.
days sad Fridays at Ne, or asm arrial
of express train.
Everybody who reeds
magazias buys mews
papers, but everybody
who reeds mewspapers
doese't buy maazuies.
Catch the Drift?
Here's the medium to
reach the people of
this commualy.
Ads. as
Let us build you an inch
ad. in this paper; a col
umn ad., a page ad., or
any old size ad.
Let it tell in forceful terms:
What you've got to sell
What it's worth
Why it's best at that price
Such an advertisement
in this paper will bring
buyers who hardly knew
you existed before you
Youths at Play Make a Most
Startling Discovery in
Boys Playing "Robin Hood" Near LI.
tle Rock, Ark., Uncover Burglaro
Cache Containing W4,000-Young
sters Were Handeemely Rewarded.
Little Rock, Ark.-"Now, Ashley, it's
your turn; take a Arm grip on the
bow, and pull the string clear back
to the shoulder; this way." And Stir
ling Cockrill took the primitive instru
ment and showed his little brother
how to handle it properly.
The Cockrill boys, sons of a prom
inent Little Rock citizen, and their
young playmate, Frank Flestmail, were
playing "Robin Hood" in the oak for
est on the Cockrill estate and were
learning to shoot straight with bow
and arrow. Stirling showed the
younager boys all right, but the wing
ed arrow few wide of the target
and went sailing into a dense wood
For hours the boys prowled through
underbrush and among trees search
ing for the lost arrow, and finally
found it imbedded in the hollow of a
huge tree, just a bit of the feather end
sticking out.
"Here it is," said Frank, the discov
erer, and he made to pul it out, when
it was found it Was stuck so fast that
the feat seemed nigh impossible. The
other boys, running up, assisted as
best they could, and finally the little
spear was dislodged. "Isn't that a
funny old hole," exclaimed Ashley, and
he ran his hand into the aperture of
decayed wood. Then he Jerked it out
quickly. "There's somepin' in there,"
he said, and instantly the other boys
were all excitement. Stirling finally
succeeded in getting to the light a
package wrapped in a dirty cotton
cloth. They started to unroll the
cloth, and banknotes dropped out
among the leaves. The boys were
really frightened. They held a short
counsel and decided to take the pack.
age home. And they did so, running
as fast as they could.
"Oh, massm,t" a 1sue tAsdt to his
mother. "See what we found." And
when Mrs. Cockrill saw it she leisure
ly opened it, her thoughts never once
"Here It Is."
embracing the idea of hidden treasure.
But when she unrolled the cloth, gold,
silver and paper money and Jewels lay
bare, and she almost fainted. Obeying
her first impulse, she phoned her
husband, and Mr. Cockrill was soon a
party to the discovery, and he immedi
ately informed the police.
The authorities recognized the stuff
as part of the loot taken by burglars
from the home of J. L. Atkins, a cot
ton buyer. Tha& in the package
amounted to $4,000, though $2.000
worth of diamonds stolen at the same
time were not there.
Mr. Atkins did the handsome thing
by giving each of the boys a $100
Town Wants Name 1912.
Monongahela, Pa.-The town of
Eighty-Four. Washington county, with
a population of 700, never has had a
Republican voter. Once, many years
ago, a Republican went to the town
to go into business, but did not re
main until election time. Eighty-Four
took its present name when Cleveland
was elected president in 1884. Pre
vious to that time it was known as
Fifty-Six in honor of the election of
President Buchanan. Now, after
twenty years, the residents propose
o petition the postmaster-general to
:hange the name of the office to
"Nineteen Twelve," in honor of Wood
row Wilson's election.
Was He?
Cleveland, O.--Charging that her
husband insisted on cooking his own
meals, because he was a better cook,
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller filed sualt for
Cheese Causes Deth.
New Yort-Altred Adesmoa, Man-,
hattan State hospital ainmate, hoked
to death on a tee t aorhh
Needed Money and Went After
It-Finds Bears and Moose
Enough to Pay Debts.
Bangor, Me-When eery other
source of income tails a Maine man
has always one dependable recourse-
he can take his gun and go out and
shoot something. It enabled Lyssa
der Boobar to squeese out of a very
tight financial corner, and he grate
fully relates the details.
Lysander owed $27.75 In taxes and.
as he had been sick abed most of the
summer and his crops didn't amount
to much, and his wife's father died
over in Skowhegan, the family traes
ury was pretty nearly cleaned ouat.
The Beer Had Become Wedged.
Then one day Lysander heard at the
post office that the biggest and fattest
bear ever seen in those parts had
been promenading around through
the orchards and pastures of the
neighborhood, feasting on live stock,
with apples for dessert. That was
enough for Lysander. Re blked
acros lots for home and his new
That night and the aext he waited
around the pastures Id orchard lanis
t vain. On the tblrda nht e na
dark figure crossing the Asa Grant
pasture and making for the lean-to.
Keeping in the shadow of the orchard
wall, Lysander crept along until be
was within 60 feet of the bear -fr it
was a bear and a buster. Presently
there came a furious grunting. Ly
sander crept closer and observed that
the bear had become wedged between
a big tree and the corner of Grant's
lean-to and was unable to back out
or go ahead.
Then it was plain sailing. Lysan
der went up close in the bear's rear,
took leisurely aim and put a bullet in
the right place at the first shot. That
bear netted him $22.50. In the course
of three more nights Boobar got two
more bears, bringing his total re
celpts up to more than $50. On the
night that he got the last bear be
killed a bull moose, for whose head a
sportsman gave him $25. Total for
three bears and one moose head,
fhus did Lysander Boobar not only
ttle the tax question, but he also
had a considerable surplus, out of
which he bought his winter's tobacco
and a new fiddle.
Aged Pennsylvania Undertaker Drives
Yeggman from Poetemes at
an Early Hour.
Myeretown, Pa.Leaving htMs bed at
2:S0 o'clock in the morning, when he
was aroused by suspicious noises in
the street, Adam Behney, a retired
ubdertaker, aged 76 years, thwarted
the attempts of a trio of saTfeblowers
to rob the postomee, just across the
street from his home. When he real
ired such an attempt was being made,.
Behney walked into the street and
hailed the lookout stationed there by
the yeggmen.
A shot was fired by the lookout to
give the alarm to his pals at work on
the saTfe in the postofee, and they
rushed from the-building just as the
charge of nitroglycerin they had pour.
ed into the sate went off. The three
men Jumped into a waiting wagon and
drove away.
The explosion tore off the outer door
of the safe and wrecked the Interior
of the postoiee, shattering practical
ly every bit of glass in the place. The
Inner door of the safe remained intact
and the contents were found to be u
disturbed by Postmaster James Kol
ler. who discovered that the thieves
had worked in the glare of a strong
gas light which is kept burning at
night in the poetomce.
Phone Lineman Is Lucky.
Los Angeles, Cal.--dward J. But
ter, a telephone lineman, is a lucky
mran. Rendered tInsensible by a wire
carryTin 29,000 volts, he fell from the
croesarm of a pole, but his trousers
caught on a spike and be hung se
pended thirty feet from de ground
for ten minutes antil taken down by
men of the fie department.
He regaLned monlousases whie
bea taken to the reeovl g hosWl
ad will be at wrk a o a eL
Sheriff-John Hughes.
Clerk of Court--Joseph Curry.
Asseesor-A. Bondurant.
Treasure--W, M. Davidson.
Parish Surveyor-John Johnson.
Game Warden-Charles Johnston.
Coroner-Dr. J. G. Lilly.
Health Offecer--Dr. L. A. Murdock.
Members House Representatives
John Murdoch and 8. W. Martien.
Members Police Jury.
First Ward-P. L. Guthrie, Notnac
P. O.
Second Ward-John D. Fults, New
Third Ward-F. H. Curry, St. Jo
Fourth Ward-Robert B. Lynch,
New Light.
Fifth Ward-B. F. McVay, Ashwood.
Sixth Ward-Louis T. Hunter, Wa
Seventh Ward-Wm. A. Register.
Clayton P. O.
Clerk-R. H. Whitney, St. Joseph.
The Police Jury for Tensas parish
meets first Monday in March, June,
July, October and December, at St.
Joseph, at 12 o'clock m.
School Board.
First Ward-M. W. Bland, Point
Second Ward-Robert Y. Newell,
Third Ward-W. J. Steen, St. Jo
Fourth Ward-P. C. Smith. Delta
Fifth Ward-J. C. Ellis.
Sixth Ward-W. D. A. Gorton, Wa
Seventh Ward-D. F. Miller, Gold
man P. O.
Secretary School Board and Super
Intendent Education - Thomas M.
Wade, Newellton.
Magistrates and Constables.
First Ward - Magistrate, M. W.
Bland, Point Pleasant; constable,
Second Ward-Magistrate, Louis
RTlrner. Newellton; constable, L. K.
lFoltz, Newellton.
Third Ward - Magistrate, E. V.
Newell. St. Joseph;: constable, John
R. Smitha, St. Joseph.
Fourth Ward-Magistrate, B. Y.
Berry, Delta Bridge; constable,
Fifth Ward-Magistrate, D. L.
O'Kelley, Ashwood; constable, -
hxth Ward-Magistrate, J. H. Sea
man. Waterproof: constable, John D.
Mhelton, Waterproo
Seventh Ward-Magistrate, I. D.
Coleman; constable, .
"'embers Parish Demooratlo Sxeee
tive Committee.
First Ward-R. W. Newell, Newell
ton: F. L. Guthrie. Notnac P. O.
Second Ward-Louis Buckner, New
ellton: R. Y. Newell. Newellton.
Third Ward-A. E. Green, St. Jo
seph: Louls Buckner Jr., St. Joseph.
Fourth Ward-R. B. Lynch, New
Light: P. C. Smith, Delta Bridge.
Fifth Ward-D. H. O'Kelley, Ash
wood: B. F. McVay, Ashwood.
Sixth Ward-G. C. Goldman, Gold
man P. 0.: Allan Shelton, Waterproof.
Seventh Ward-D. F. Miller, Gold
man: E. D. Coleman, Highland.
At Large-Joseph Curry, St. Jo
seph: W. M. Davidson, St. Joseph:
John Hughes, st. Joseph; Dr. K. B.
McMillan, Point Pleasant; John Mur
doch, Newerlton.
District Court.
District Judge-John Dale, Vidala.
District Attorney--Abner E. Green,
St. Joseph.
Terms of Court-The terms of the
District Court in the parish of Tensas
are hereby fixed as follows, towit:
Jury Terms-Third Mondays in
April and October.
Civil Terms--Third Mondays In
January, February, March, May, June,
July, November and December.
Town of St. JoseOph.
Mayor-W. M. Davidson.
Clerk-Abner H. Green.
Town Treasurer--R. H. Whitney.
Aldermen - Joseph Curry, B. P.
Young, Louis Buckner Jr., Oscar
Levy, E. J. Walton.
Board meets first Tuesday in each
month at office of the mayor.
Have Your Suit Cleaned and Pressed
Miller's Dye & Cleaning Works
319 Main Street, NATCHEZ, MISS.
We do aet Sponge or pyor Close and sell It Dry Clmy
Gest' suitt .......$1.00 to $1.0 Gs ts' its ........S I O S
Gests' Costs .... 10o . Gts' Pt....... ......
Goats' Pant ....... A Oets' Costs ....... .3
Gts' Vests ....... .! to . Ge Ots't Vest...... 3.
Goats' Overcoats ... .7 1.0 Gets' Overmoats ... .. ts .A
LCdles'luits ...... LO to 2.0 Ladies' Suite ....... 1 to .W1
adles' Coats ....... .0 to .76 lones Skirts ...... t
dles' Skirt ...... .. to .I Iade' Costs ...... A 5
Ladies' Waist·. .., s 1.0 4 Ladles' Waists .....
we ceam and Dye Pares, smlm. Lanse Wee*se, Oeteesl, wCtlr,,
Rasg, Pertiree sad eenes.
All Work iuaranteed
Religious Notlees.
Rov. P. H. Pontalne, pastor M. A.
church, holds services at Wesley
chapel on morning and afternoon of
first Sunday, and at the Unioe
church, St. Joseph, on the night at
the first Sunday and morning and
night of the third Sunday.
.Rev. Father Degnan of Vidalia says
mass at the Catholic chapel, St. Jo
seph, once a month, following an
Synopsis of Game Laws-Open Sea
1. Doves-From September 1 to
March 1.
2. Wood or Summer Ducks-Sep
tember 1 to March 1.
3. Teal Ducks--September 15 to
April 1.
4. River Ducks-October 1 to
March 15.
5. Coots or Poule D'eau--October
1 to March 15.
6. Geese or Brant-October 1 to
March 15.
7. Snipe-September 15 to April 1.
8. Turkey (cocks only)-Novem
ber 1 to April 15.
9. Quail-November 15 to March
10. Robins--November 15 to March
11. Deer (bucks only)--October 1
to January 1.
Limit of Bags ti a Day:
25 ducks.
15 of all other game birds.
2 bucks, and not more than five ton
a season.
F. A A. M.
Masonic lodge meets at Newellten
first Wednesday.
Masonic lodge meets at St. Joseph
on second Tuesday.
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