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Gasette Publishing Company, Ltd. Official Paper of the Parish d Tems School Bard and Fifth Lwdissa Levee District. $1.50 Per An m
I • I I I
M p
Iring* 2P
Boilers, Smokestacks, Breechings and Tanks
Madle and Plantatiel Work a SpecIalty. Flrst Cass Meehanioe Sent Out
Ue Repair Work.
,*l i 11 , 1
____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ - D e U I
NOTICE! I ke..ep constantly on hand a full supply of
Metallic and Wood Coffins, Trimmed
All Sizes from Infant to Adult. Up-to-date Styles.
Ai carry Brial Costumes. Prices to Suit Customer.
Cd furisA at .oe.. Orders re..md by wire or .th.rw.
a. .. - - Lsia h
H. C. Norman
Photograph Studio
524 .stain St. Natchez, .amiss.
:i i-cldass Work Done at Reasonable Rates
Teasus people are especially invited to visit my studio
i Natche Printing and Stationery Company
Priaters, Publishers and Stationers D
Ord es for Work can be left at Temnu.s Gazette Office f
KH og J th bo ot a ml a
htotel "Natchez"
Stc ez ARBE SHOP, BATH R0oom1 a
A Favorite Stopping Place for Tensaw People
JA G. SMITH, a a opm
Are You Going to Build
Mm ot th ima i nd. the mo faray. medieoe by mehig s theo lb inbr
requird Ito she apwpee. To buid oMemmica5y, builyd wd.
Rough and Dressed Lumber I
igs, Flooring, Ceiling, Composition Roofings, Sash, Doors, e
Blinds, Fin Interior Finish, Etc.
!tit e W as apoeity od Ls Lef Tdvw Pin.s rdg FloIah. Alre j
Spric. ad haveigate .m faditiMe bewo placing yoe der .
E.A. ENOCHS, The Lumberman
Wheeler & Moritz
25 araonne St. . . New Orleans, L. r
Cotton, Grain, Provisions, Stocks
Direct wires to New York and Chicago
he Right Kind of
The home news; te doings of the people In t
town; the gossip of our owarn community, that's
the frst kind of reading matter you want. It Ia
mor important, more interesting to you than
that gtven by the paper or magazine from the
Mtsde wPorld. It lathe Arst reading matter
ya ahould buy. Each lassue of this paper gives
to J. jut what you will consider
if, The Right Kind el
Readlngs Matte,
Professional Cards t
Dr. L. A. Murdock a
Physician and Swrgeon
Office em Plank Read
OffRe Phone 12-l Residence 12 -2
D es. Lilly and Trice p
Smensun N Drs. Dilly and Ada m ,
St Joseph, - Louisiana
o0rff Bank BdIng, up stairs.
St ..epb. Loum...
WI e pnease a East CareD, M.adise
Temnsa Ceweerdi and the Supreme an d
Federal Ceerts.
In Newall Buildin., Plank Read
Jos. Whitaker, M. D.
and Surgeon
Phene In Residence.
Str. "Senator Cardili"
CIO. PRINe, s.err O. L WUN CIA
Regular Tri-Wekly
Natches a d Vicksbrg Packet
Laves rtches Sedays, Tuesd*,
and Thdays at 12, Nes
Leav Vicksbwg Meadays, Wedeas.
days aa Friday at Ne, or e arrival
of pre. train.
Everybody who reads
matgadzines buys aews
papers, but everybody
wh* read newpaper
d~est by d magauzie.
Catch the Drift? y
Here's the medism to A
reach the people of
this community.
Ads. as
Let us build you an inch
ad. In this paper; a col
umn ad., a page ad., or t
any old size ad.
Let it tell in forceul terms: I
SWhat you'vegot to sell
SWhat it's worth
Why it's best at that price
Such an advertisement
in this paper will bring
buyers who hardly knew t
you existed before you
'AoyrigfL L. by W 5. -
»r~rrn, L~L1., r iii AlA I, ,i -1.' u it fl I .71, 1 11.7
$uIroRs OF
Mrs. Merriwid, sitting before her
mirror, dipped her dainty finger into
a pot of Creme Diane, and smearing
the thuriferous compound on the low
er part of her face, began to rub it in
with considerable vigor. Her ma
ternal maiden Aunt Jane, finding her
thus employed, expressed some sur
prise, the hour of the operation being
"Too much of it only makes 'em
deeper, Melissa. my dear," she ob
served kindly.
"Makes what deeper?" demanded
her niece with some as erity.
Aunt Jane coughed a deprecating lit
tle cough. "Excuse me," she said.
"Tm doing this because my face
aches," explained Mrs. Merriwid. "Do
you understand, auntie? It isn't be
cause of any waste of cellular tissue
attributable to senile decay and riot
ous living, as you seem to sweetly in
sinuate; it's because I've overstrained
my cheek muscles smiling at Mr. Mot
ley's merry jests. That's what a
person gets for being polite. I feel as
if I'd just emerged from a protracted
gum chewing contest and had lost out
on a technicality. Kindly hand me a
towel. That man is a pest."
"I thought you liked him," said
Aunt Jane. "You said he was such
good company, if I remember rightly.
"Not stock company, however," said
Mrs. Merriwid. "For a one night
stand he's all right, but he's no attrac
tion for a long run. He palls, dearie,
and I'm no pallbearer if I am still in
mourning. I can take a joke as well
as any woman, but 1 lack the capacity
of the comic section editor's waste
"You're the most changeable wom
an I ever saw," remarked Aunt Jane.
"I like a little variety I admit, but
continuous vaudeville is something
else again," said Mrs. Merriwid. "You
see how it's beginning to affect me,
don't you? After a session with that
Motley individual I feel as if I wore
d I
He'd Instantly S.. the Funny Slde of It.
large checked, high-water inexpres
ibles and red whiskers and had to I
talk up to them. Believe me, sweet I
Aunt, it's demoralising. I pity his
wife-if he ever gets one."
"I don't see any reason why be
shouldn't," said Aunt Jane.
"I do," replied Mrs. Merrlwid. "He
couldn't pay a lady any serious atten- I
tion. As between a funny man and a
fat man, dearie, the fat man stands
the best chance of being loved. Mr.
Motley would say he couldn't stand a !
slim chance, but, thank heaven! I'm
not Mr. Motley-or Mrs. Motley. You
know, pet, we like to be taken seri
ously. Perhaps because we haven't
any sense of humor. I'll tell you
about that, Precious: If what Mr.
Motley and others of his noble sex are
amicted with is a sense of humor, let i
us offer thanks that in all our close
association with them we havn't
caught it. I'll say for poor dear Hen
ry Merriwid that he hadn't any to
speak of. If I told Henry all at once
that the girl we had engaged the day
before had departed at three p. m.
with my souvenir coffee spoons and
that the water front in the kitchen
range had burst and that the moths
had got into my furs and ruined them
and that I'd been omitted from the in
vitations to Mrs. Swellup's reception
and spattered hot fat on my arm fry
ing the potatoes and that the dress
maker had sent back my skirt with
puckers all down the seams, nenry
wouldn't have leaned back in his chair
and whooped with merriment. That's
what Mr. Motley would do. He'd in
stantly see the funny side of it, and
the next thing you know I'd be trying
to make a good impression on a sym
pathetic jury. There's one thing: If
I made a plea of Justification on the
aforementioned grounds, it would
tiUkl their ssmos of humor to such
an extent that they'd aquit me withoet
leaving their boL"
"How can you talk so, Melissa?"
said Aunt Jane, reproachfully.
"Dearie," replied Mrs. Merriwid,
"men like Mr. Motley ought to be ex
terminated. Life isn't anything more
than a joke to them-at the other
fellow's expense. It's a scream when
a fellow being slips on something and
fractures his spine; and when some
body's new five-dollar hat blows of
and rolls in the mud, he howls with
joy. Language is something for him
to play on, the Jew is a 'kike,' the
Irishman is a 'harp,' the Italian a
'dago' and the negro a 'smoke,' and
their mission in life is to furnish fun
ny stories about themselves for him
to tell. That's proud man's sense of
humor-eod I wish somebody could
tell me whern the sense comes in. A
woman can't see anything particularly
mirth-provoking when people are
butted by goats or kicked by mules;
it takes the fine perception of the mase
culine mind to properly appreciate the
ludicrous element in the casualty
"It was only yesterday morning
that you laughed when I burned my
my front with the curling iron." Aunt
Jane accused.
Mrs Merriwid giggled at the recol
lection. "I know I did, dearie," she
admitted, "but it wasn't so much the
calamity as the way you looked, and
besides, I didn't bray. There's a dif
ference between a musical cachin
natory tinkle and a haw-haw. I
haven't got a red face and bulging
buttermilk eyes, I hope. I don't wear
fancy waistcoats and patent leather
shoes with scalloped tan cloth tops. I
don't shave my neck or dreach my
handkerchiefs with cologne or brush
a six-inch stand of moist hair across
a bald spot."
"I don't see what that has to do
with it," said Aunt Jans.
"Then you must be suffering with
astigmatism, myopia and strabismus,"
replied Mrs. Merrlwid. "' don't take
anything back about the disadvantages
of a chronic cut-up from social and
matAmonial points of view, but a
man can be perfectly killing, the life
of the party and even a sad wag-if
he's the kind that, can get away with
"'Then I infer that your objection to
Mr. Motley is based rather upon his
personal appearance and manner than
his characteristic propensity to jest," L
with it," said Aunt Jane.
"You may not have a keen sense of
humor, auntie dear," said Mrs. Merri
wid, "but you're a great little inferrer
at that. A lady's suitor may be some
thing of a joker, but he mustn't be a
"You mean too jocular, don't you,
Melissa?" asked Aunt Jane.
"I mean- Oh, what's the use!"
said Mrs. Merriwid.
(Copyright. 112. by W. 0. Chapman.)
Save the Sting.
George Bailey, who lives at Placer
ville, CaL, and who had been almost
blind for some time, was stung on the
face and eyelids while he was chang
ing a swarm of bees from one hive to
another, the other day, and his sight
was completely restored. We have
heard, too, of men who, by being
stung by bees, were cured of rheu
matism. Recently it was announced
that an Englishman had succeeded in
developing stingless bees. We feel it
our duty to earnestly protest against
his activity. Let him be headed off
before it is too late. If he is per
mitted to go ahead and arrange it so
that no bee will ever again have the
power to sting he may bring upon
the human race the greatest of all
calamities, for we have no doubt that
those who have the desire for eternal
youth may gain it through the stings
of bees if they ean only fnd out how
i to be properly stung
Sheriff-John Hughes. R
Clerk of Court--Joseph Curry. chu
Assessor-A. Bondurant. chi
Treasurer--W. M. Davidson. irs
Parish Surveyor-John Johnson. chu
Game Warden-Charles Johnston. the
Coroner-Dr. J. G. Lilly. nigl
Health Officer-Dr. L. A. Murdock. R
Members House Representatives- mat
John Murdoch and S. W. Martien. sep
Members Police Jury.
First Ward-F. L. Guthrie, Notnac gy,
P. O.
Second Ward-John D. Fultz, New- 1
Third Ward-F. H. Curry, St. Jo- 2
seph. ten
Fourth Ward-Robert B Lynch, a
New Light Apt
Fifth Ward-B. F. McVay, Ashwood. 4
Sixth Ward-Louis T. Hunter, Wa- Ma
terproof. 5
Seventh Ward-Wm. A. Register, 1 t
Clayton P. O. 6
Clerk-R. H. Whitney, St. Joseph.
The Police Jury for Tensas parish 7
meets first Monday in March, June, g
July, October and December, at St. her
Joseph, at 12 o'clock m. 9
School Board. 1
First Ward-M. W. Bland, Point 1
Pleasant. 1
Second Ward-Robert Y. Newell, to
Third Ward-W. J. Steen, St Jo- 2
seph. 1
Fourth Ward-P. C. Smith. Delta
Bridge. as
Fifth Ward-J. C. Ellis.
Sixth Ward-W. D. A. Gorton, Wa
terproof. 3
Seventh Ward-D. F. Miller, Gold- firs
man P. O. 1
Secretary School Board and Super- on
intendent ?dlwcation - Thomas M.
Wade, Newellton.
Magistrates and Constables.
First Ward - Magistrate, M. W.
Bland, Point Pleasant; constable,
Second Ward-Magistrate. Louis
RThkner. Newellton; constable, L. K.
Fultz, Newellton.
Third Ward - Magistrate, E. V.
Newell. St. Joseph: constable, John
R. Smitha, St. Joseph.
Fourth Ward-Magistrate, B Y.
Berry, Delta Bridge; constable,
Fifth Ward-Magistrate, D. H
O'Kelley, Ashwood; constable, -
gixth Ward-Magistrate. J. H. Sea
man, Waterproof: constable, John D.
Shelton. Waterproof.
Seventh Ward-Magistrate, E. D.
Coleman: constable,
'Members Parish Democratic Execu
tive Committee.
First Ward-R. W. Newell, Newell
ton: F. T. Guthrie. Notnac P. O.
Second Ward-T.ouis Buckner, New
elitnn: R. Y. Newell. Newellton.
Third Ward-A. K. Green, St. Jo
seph: Louis Bnckner Jr.. St. Joseph.
Fourth Ward-R. B. Lynch, New
Ligl: P. C. Smith, Delta 'ridge.
Fifth Ward-D. H. O'Kelley, Ash
wood; B. F. McVay, Ashwood.
Sixth Ward-G. C. Goldman. Gold
man P. O.: Allan Shelton, Waterproof.
Seventh Ward-D. F. Miller. Gold
man: E. D. Coleman, Highland.
At Large--Joseph Curry, St. Jo
seph: W. M. Davidson, St. Joseph:
John Hughes. St. Joseph: Dr. K. B.
McMillan. Point Pleasant; John Mur
doch, Neweilton.
District Court.
District Judge-John Dale, Vidalia.
District Attorney-Abner E. Green,
St. Joseph.
Terms of Court-The terms of the
District Court in the parish of Tensasu
are hereby fixed as follows, t-wit:
Jnry Terms-Third Mondays in
April and October.
Civil Terms-Third Mondays in
January, February, March, May, June,
July, November and December.
Town of St. Jeoph.
Mayor-W. M. Davidson.
Clerk-Abner E. Green.
Town Treasurer-R. H. Whitney.
Aldermen - Joseph Curry, B. F.
Young, Louis Buckner Jr., Oscar
Levy, E. J. Walton.
Board meets first Tuesday in each
month at offiee of the mayor.
Have Your Suit Cleaned and Pressed
Miller's Dye & Cleaning Works
319 Main Street, 4ATCHEZ, MISS.
We do eot Sponge or Spot your Clothee and call It Dry Clesam
GOets' ~lts .......$1.00 to $1S (Geats' ats ........$ .N to $ .3
Geats' Coats ....... .0 to .5 Gents' Pants ........ .3$
Gents' Pants ...... . Goats' Coats ........ .2
OnUts' Vesta ....... .6 ~ .50 Genta' Vets ....... .35
Oats' Overcoats .... .76 to 1.t, Gent Overcoats ... .50 to .
Ladies' Suits ...... 1.00 to .00 Ladtes' Suite ....... .i t .15
Ladies' Cots :.......60 to .76 ladies' Skirts ...... J.l6 w .
Ladles' Skirts ..... .75 to 1.21 , dies' Coats ...... .ai to S
Ladies' Waists ..... AS to 1.0 Ladies' Waists ..... .1
We Clean and Dye Fabrics, Silks L.ace Woolenr, Cette, CurWta,
Ruga, Poeticere and Gloves.
All Work guaranteed
Relliglous Notices.
Rev. P. H. Fontaine, pastor M. I.
church, holds services at Weeley
chapel on morning and afternoon of
first Sunday, and at the U'nion
church, St. Joseph, on the night of
the first Sunday and morning and
night of th" third Sunday.
k. Rev. Father Degnan of Vidalia says
mass at the Catholic chapel. St. Jo
seph, once a month, following an
" Synopsis of Game Lawo-Open Sea
* 1. Doves--From September 1 to
March 1.
o 2. Wood or Summer Ducks-Sep
tember 1 to March 1.
h, 3. Teal Ducks--September 15 to
April 1.
4. River Ducks-October 1 to
a- March 15.
5. Coots or Poule D'ean-October
r, 1 to March 15.
6. Geese or Brant-October 1 to
March 1.
lb 7. Snipe-September 15 to April 1.
8. Turkey (cocks only)-Novem
ber 1 to April 15.
9. Quail-November 15 to March
10. Robins-November 15 to March
it 15.
11. Deer (bucks only)-October 1
II, to January 1.
Limit of Bags in a Day:
o- 25 ducks.
15 of all other game birds.
ta 2 bucks, and not more than five in
a season.
a- F. & A. M.
Masonic lodge meets at Newelltea
d- first Wednesday.
Masonic lodge meets at St. Joseph
r- on second Tuesday.
This Papei
K. Always Prints the Latest and
Best News
That Is
r- News
if You Want a Real Seed
PeatIly Paper, Subsorlbe
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