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Gwase Publishing Company, Ltd. Official Paper of the Paris of Tensa School Board anld Fifth Louisiana Leve Distrric $1.5 Per Asam
g I a I IM 11 1 il 1 1 Mil1 1 1 1· 1 1 l M 51 1 1 I · II la ggg gI g I a g g
m "
,.All z
Boilers, Smokestacks, Breechings and Tanks
Mariei and Plantation Work a Specialty. Fleerst Glae Meohanie Set Out
me Repair Work.
vtcc rr
"NOTICE! I keep constantly on hand a full supply of
Metallic and Wood Coffins, Trimmed
AllI Sixes from Infant to Adult. Up-to-date Styles.
4 carry Burial Costumes. Prices to Suit Customer.
Cm hrwih atm. Orders rr·d.d .y emr. or othlrwe.
-L_ .. i . . siana
H. C. Norman
Photograph Studio
524 .'ltain St. Natchez, ,Xiss.
F .-class Work Done at Reasonable Rates
'. T.as people are especially invited to visit my studio
Natcthes Printing and Stationery Company
Phlnters, Publishers and Stationers
Odesm ftrr Work can be left at Tenss Gazette Office
Ba "Nathez t aEdl them het fwes de
A Faeorite Stopping Place for Tensas People
tC, 3M ITH, a a Propriete
Are You Going to Build
sm an the Is. de s d.' t .. s f...vras I... i... by e..ig a abe the t .sI
eqed the preLpse. To bld caommkicaly, build wd
Rough and Dressed Lumber
hls Flsorig, Ceiling, Composition Roofings, Sash, Doors,
Blinds, Fine Interior Finish, Etc.
A" as. We meh a spedalty d Lesg Ledl TYevw Fie Bridge Floring. Alway et
sar pris and hestigate er fIcties before placing y er de.
L A. ENOCHS, The Lumberman
Wheeler & Moritz
$25 Baronne St. Newo Orleans, Lu.
Cotton, Grain, Provisions, Stocks
Direct wires to New York and Chicago
The Right Kind of
b ng Matter
T hee naews; the doin of the people ti Ohs
town; the gossip at or own community, that's
the rst kind of reading matter you want. It Is
more important, mare interesting to you tha
that gtiven by the paper or magazine from the
otside world. It Is the frst reading matt~
yoa should buy. Each tsmm of this paper gives
to yoe just what ya wll cnusider
The Right Kind ot
Reasd:mnll Matts.
Professional Cards
Dr. L. A. Murdock
Physiteian and Surgeon
Offtic e. Plank Road
Offloe Phone 12.4 Reaidemse 12-2
L G. u1.D, L IL TRICE. I. .
Drs. Lilly and Trice
S.ce--a b Drs. Lilly mnd Adams
St. Joseph, - Louisiana
Of de0s. k ,,,dii., up star.
St o Ieph, Le.imian.
Wiml prtce. I. East Carroll, d
Tese, Cee*rdI a nd the Supreme as
Federal Court.
SNewell Buildiang, Plank Read
Jos. Whitaker, M. D.
and Surgeon
Phone in Residence.
Str. "Senator CardiUH
cap FrIcS, .. r 0 o. L waaS, a
egular TriWeek y
Natches and Vicksburg Packet
Leaves Matches Sdsays, Tueesde
and Thmrdays at 12, Neow
Leaves Vicksber Medays, Wedass.
days ad Fridays at Ne.a, r em arrival
Sepress trni.
Everybody who reads
magazines buys news
papers, but everybody
who reads newspapers
doesa't buy magazies.
Catch the Drift?
Here's the medium to
roach the people of
this communiy.
Ads. as
Let us build you an inch
ad. In this paper;, a col
umn ad., a pae ad., or
any old size ad.
Let it tell in forcehl terns:
What you've got to sel
What it's worth
Whyi It's best at thrat price
Such an advertisement
in this paper will bring
buyers who hardly knew
you existed before you
etr-(rIeM. - W .. -
Mrs. Merriwid had been out on the
front porch so long that her maternal
maiden Aunt Jane grew anxious and,
throwing a light wrap over her head,
went out to remonstrate. Her niece
was sitting on the swing lounge, bend
ing forward, with her upturned face
resting on the palms of her hands.
Her expression was pensive-abstract
Sd, mournful
"Excuse- " Aunt Jane began, and
then, seeing that Mrs. Merriwid was
slmne, "Oh, he's gone, has he?"
Mrs. Merriwid started violently and
pressed her hand to her heaving
"Who speaks?" she cried, in a
tragic voice. "Could it have been-?
Ah! No, no! Oh, it's you, is it, aunt
mrns? Yes, he is gone-gone forever.
Alas! that I should say so. He has
left his Melissa to tears and solitude.
Now what avails the splendor of the
moon, and what the glory of the star
lit skies!"
"Are you crazy?" ejaculated Aunt
"I suppose some people might think
I was," replied her niece, in her ordi
nary matter-of-fact tones. "I've just
missed a chance to get my picture in
the papers and be described as a fas
cinating and wealthy widow.' Mr.
Buskins, at the same time, escaped
being forced into the fierce, white
light that beats about the shrinking
Thespian. rye saved him from that
at least."
"You mean that he proposed and
you refused him?" asked Aunt Jane.
"I mean that he laid his loyal heart
at my lily feet and that I coldlyspurn
ed his proffered love," corrected Mrs.
Merriwid. "In other words, I laughed
him to scorn and said him nay, cruel
that I was! Hist! are we alone? All
right, then, honeysuckle. Bring a pil
low over, here and sit down and Ill tell
you all about it"
"Well," said Aunt Jane, as she com
plied with the request, "I'm glad you
didn't accept him. I may beold-fash
loned, but I must say that from all I
hear about actors and actresses, it
would have been a very infortunate
thing, to say the least"
"You interest me strangely," de
clared Mrs. Merriwid. "What have
you heard? Never mind, though, dear
"Io Wold A Y t M
Xr- ~ I, -
LHoW Would You Like to Many M.?
Is. Perhaps it will be better to say
nothing that would bring the blush of
shame to my innocent cheek. But
auntie, if you'd only seen the moon
light falling in a mellow flood upon his
pleading face! If you could have
heard the rich, musical tones of his
exquisitely modulated voice as be
plighted his vows!"
"Stuff and nonsense!" exclaimed
Aunt Jane. "It's the man's business,
that sort of thing."
"True," Mrs. Merrlwid murmured.
"I've seen him making love to women
that I know he detested-kissing their
fngertips with that splendidly chival
rio air and sinking gracefully on one
knee before them; also clasping them
in a passionate embrace. Perhaps if
he had clasped- But no matter. And
you needn't look so shocked, because
he didn't. Yes, he certainly knows
how to do it He has had lots of prac
"Of course he has," said Aunt Jane.
"How any woman can bring herself to
marry one of the creatures is beyond
"But they do," observed Mrs. Merri
wid. "Sometimes they marry several,
sad sometimes several marry the
same creature, not all at the same
time, of course."
"Are you going to tell me what he
sild" inquired Aunt Jane, somewhat
"Uvery word, deare," replied Mrs.
Merriwid. "You must give me time.
I know you haven't any sympathy for
him, though, and that makes it a IIt
tie hard. If you could have seen the
spasm of oaguish that passed over his
paflid haee when he -sw that his fond
hope was dashed-how sternly be r
-m And the emotion that shook his
manly form and bowed to the ftevtb
able! You know there is something-
well, it's better not to dwell upon it.
As you say, these actors know just
exactly how to produce their effects,
and then, they tell me that they are
terribly dissipated."
"Of course they are," said Aunt
Jane. "Well, what--"
"It's remarkable, though, how they
manage to find time to dissipate,"
mused Mrs. Merriwid. "What with
studying their parts and rehearsing
and pasting their press notices in
their scrap-books and performing and
traveling around and eating and sleep
ing, you would think they had about
enough to occupy them seriously,
wouldn't you?"
"Are you going to tell me what he
said, or are you not"' Aunt Jane re
peated the question quite irritably.
"Oh, yes," said Mrs. Merriwid. "I
was forgetting. Well, dearie, we were
talking about hay fever, and he broke
off suddenly and looked at his watch.
'It's about time I was hitting the
feathers,' he observed. 'By the way,
"'Sir!' says L
"'How would you like to marry
me?' says he.
"'Not at all,' says I.
"'Then there's no use of me sticking
around,' says he.
"'Not a bit,' says L
"'Ya-ha-aww!' says he. 'Gee! But
I'm sleepy. Well, good night. Be
good.' And he departed."
Aunt Jane rose abruptly and flouao
ed into the house.
"You're not half as mad as I was,
dearie," Mrs. Merriwid called after
(Copyright, 1912. by W. G. Chasman.)
Peculiarly Sueceptible to Atmospherlo
and Other Conditions, as Most
Owners Are Aware.
The violin and violoncello are most
sensitive to atmospheric conditions
and suffer from atmospheric variations
quite as much as the tender vocal
cords of the singer. Those who have
attempted to make the violin an orna
ment by hanging it upon the wall have
had reason to repent taking such a
liberty. The violin loses its varnish
and gradually its pitch and timbre.
The artificial heat of rooms in winter
makes its tone raucous when it does
not obliterate it entirely. Metal cases,
moroccocovered, are equally unfit for
it. A strong, well-varnished wooden
case, even though it be not especially
attractive to the eye, suits the sus
ceptibilities of the violin much better.
Certain qualities, sometimes uasus
pected, in the wood play an important
part in the falsification of notes, cans
ing progressive deterioration. There
was a time when manufacturers ap
plied to their product several costs
of "paint"-L e., a concentrated solu
tion of bichromate of sodium potash
in boiling water. The wood soon
acquired a yellow tone, and, under the
action of light after drying, the color
darkened and took on the aspect et
very old pantL Fbr commerclal pr
poses this was all very well, but what
happened to the purchaser was that
as soon as he began to use his in
strument exposed to the light the hb
chromate worked on the gelatine
whloh the manufacturers employed to
color the wood and prevent the peas
trating of the varnish while some elo
ment in the bichromate of soda was
converted into stone. The violin suf
fered petrification which impeded its
tone and rendered it usedess.-Hai
per's Weekly.
Very Enjoyable.
"I met Billy Bumstead yesterday.
and he told me he had Just had a
very pleasant visit of a couple of
hours with yo"."
"Yes. He seemed to enjoy the visit
very much. He used the entire tme
telltng me about himseaL"
Sheriff-John Hughes.
Clerk of Court-Joseph Curry. c
Assessor-A. Bondurant. c
Treasurer-W. M. Davidson. t
Parish Surveyor-John Johnson. c
Game Warden-Charles Johnston. t
Coroner-Dr. J. G. Lilly. i
Health Officer--Dr. L. A. Murdock.
Members House Representatives- n
John Murdoch and S. W. Martien. a
Members Police Jury.
First Ward-F. L. Guthrie, Notnac
P. O.
Second Ward-John D. Fultz, New
Third Ward-F. H. Curry, St. Jo
seph. t
Fourth Ward-Robert B. Lynch,
New Light.
Fifth Ward-B. F. McVay, Ashwood.
Sixth Ward-Louis T. Hunter, Wa
Seventh Ward-Wm. A. Register,
Clayton P. O.
Clerk--R. H. Whitney, St. Joseph.
The Police Jury for Tensaes parish
meets first Monday in March, June,
July, October and December, at St.
Joseph, at 12 o'clock m.
School Board.
First Ward-M. W. Bland, Point 1
Second Ward-Robert Y. Newell, t
Third Ward-W. J. Steen, St. Jo
Fourth Ward-P. C. Smith. Delta
Fifth Ward-J. C. Ellis.
Sixth Ward-W. D. A. Gorton, Wa
Spventh Ward-D. F. Miller, Gold- f
man P. O.
Secretary School Board and Super- c
Intendent Education - Thomas M.
Wade, Newellton
Magistrates and Constables.
First Ward - Magistrate, M.. W.
Bland, Point Pleasant; constable,
Second Ward-Magistrate. Louis
Puekner, Newellton; constable, L. K.
Fdltr., Newellton.
Third Ward - Magistrate, E. F.
Newell. St. Joseph; "constable, John
R. Smitha, St. Joseph.
•Fourtb Ward-Maglstrate, B. Y.
Berry, Delta Bridge; constable,
Fifth Ward-Magistrate, D. H.
O'Kelley, Ashwood; constable,
Sixth Ward-Magistrate, J. H. Sea
man, Waterproof: constable, John D.
Shelton, Waterproof.
Seventh Ward-Magistrate, E. D.
Coleman; constable,
'lembers Parish Democratic Execu
tive Committee.
First Ward--R. W. Newell. Newell
ton: F. L. Guthrie. Notnac P. O.
'Second Ward-Louis Buckner, New;
ellton: R. Y. Newell. Newellton.
Third Ward-A. E. Green, St Jo
seph: Iouis Buckner Jr., St Joseph.
Fourth Ward-R. B. Lynch, New
Light: P. C. Smith, Delta Bridge.
Lfifth Ward-D. H. O'Kelley, Ash
wdod: B. F. McVay, Ashwood.
Sixth Ward-G. C. Goldman, Gold
man P. O.; Allan Shelton, Waterproof.
Seventh Ward-D. F. Miller, Gold
man:; . D. Coleman, Highland.
At large-Joseph Curry, St. Jo
seph: W. M. Davidson, St. Joseph:
John Hughes. St. Joseph; Dr. K. B.
McMillan, Point Pleasant: John Mur
doch, Newellton.
District Court.
District judge-John Daile, Vidalia.
District Attorney-Abner E. Green,
St. Joseph.
Terms of Court-The terms of the
District Court in the parish of Tensaw
are hereby fixed as follows, to-wit:
Jury Terms-Third Mondays in
April and October.
Ctvil Terms-Third Mondays In
January, February, March, May, Jne,
July, November and December.
Town of St. Joseph.
Mayor-W. M. Davidson.
Clerk-Abner B. Green.
Town Treasurer-R. H. Whitney.
Aldermen - Joseph Curry, B. F.
Young, louis Buckner Jr., Oscar
Levy, E. J. Walton.
Board meets firslt Tuesday In each
month at office of the mayor.
Have Your Suit Cleane and Presmd
Miller's Dye & Cleaning Works
319 Main Street, NATCHEZ, MISS.
We do Nt Spoonge r spot year Clothes and eall R Dyp @le I.
sA Costs ....... s.e to ruoats' Pas ........ JtlI
Omts {t .....«" .8o "7 .  Putn ..w.. J
Goats' Pants........ * w Costs ........
.stw Vests ....... .u .3 *eats'V Vst ........ S
Geots',O erats .. .... to 1. Gests' Ooras ... i t Is
Lads' Suits ....... Lo to LS ladles' Stt ......... w 'I
LasIt' Coata ........lo to .76 Labs' Skirts a.... to Li
ai'e skirts ...... .7 to 1.S I des' Coat ......S to
la dles' Wats ..... s to L. tadles' Watt .....
Wo Cleas and Dye Poles, Wits. Lases, Woenas, OlteoS OuenWel
Rues, Peetleres nd Gleves
All Work Guaranteed
RelIgleus Netlees
Rev. P. H. Fontalne, pastor K. m
church, holds services at Weler
chapel on morning and afternoon et
first Sunday, and at the Uniom
church, St. Joseph, on the night CC
the first Sunday and morning ald
night of the third Sunday.
Rev. Father Degnan of Vidalla says
mass at the catholic chapel, St Jo
seph, once a month, following aa
Synopeis of Game Law--Open oSee
1. Doves-Prom September 1 to
March 1.
2. Wood or Summer Ducks-Sep.
tember 1 to March 1.
& Teal Ducks-September 15 to
April 1.
4. River Ducks-October 1 to
March 15.
5. Coots or Poule D'eau-October
1 to March 15.
6. Geese or Brant-October 1 to
March 15.
7. Snipe-September 15 to April 1
8. Turkey (cocks only)-Novem
ber 1 to April 15.
9. Quail-November 15 to Mean
10. Robins-November 15 to March
11. Deer (bucks only)-October 1
to January 1.
Limit of Bags in a Day:
25 ducks.
15 of all other game birds.
2 bucks, and not more than five ta
a season.
F. & A. M.
Masonic lodge meets at Newellte
first Wednesday.
Masonic lodge meets at St. Joseph
on second Tuesday.
This Paper
Always Prints the Latest and
Best News.
That Is
It ls
if You Want a Reel ead
amily Paper, saberIbe
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