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Wtes and demomniia&oas, and payable v
at sueh times and places. within a pe- t
rled of not exceeding forty years fron P
oe date thereof, as the City Council of t
Shreveport shall determine.' Said t
bonds shall be issued In serasl form '1
and shall be payable in annulil ta
stallments, commencing nt.t nTr., than
one year from their re.-tl', iv . d. 'es.
and the installment payhable in ench
year shall be so fixed that when th. I
annual Interest is added ,heret., , tit,,
several annual total amoiunt; of p",i
cipal and interest to be b ,I ht ali Ib
as nearly equal as pract ien ,le.
Said bond's Ihnll he h i:n.. ,I ,",, the
Mayor a4L t' Seeretar - r.,-,r. r .r
the City of Shrevoprort nrr! signed,--
signed by th. , C'm - ,"r' , -
counts and Fin";.-. I ,
shall have thi I t...
of the Mavor and c . , ur, r
In ca'me any "ssh Ofi . . ,ILna
ture or .otttter-. ,t ' ' ," , ap
pear- on sucbh t,:l Ti, i hnnll
cease to he S.'-! - I li:.
cry of ns'lt bor! , , . I r
chaser, ljuh sign tr . r ;
nator," .-.l never' I t. r
all purpi,-i.
Seitioli 4 T)- t'-' n,' ri'i. r
PVetr i l t all r : t)
afnonriment -1 I
coin of th, 1"', ,! " .
or It i. |I- '
of th.. 'it' :. . l. . I
for Ith : e : . l
ter. -t , i ,1  .-"
amen'lrr OlF ;" t ;
eat of all i ,,,; ! :rn I ", I,
isqued u. r i . ,
paid u: ,r t w ' ... , J...
annually by th! "
Shres,ir t t. p, , - . pr
In sanid i . l u" t , p .-  ,,
the pa Tii,,t of ti., ;rin T iti l -oir. It
terest of :- II lur.n l - . they It I, ;t..
>y hbeOT n.i- -l The i1 ; So T . I. t I t.,
be in ex".."- - of the i - nrl. :a l In ,'p , i. '
taxes pr, id-l for , I . v i, r." in th:i
Constitutlion. ailil I it iI h." riff, te, r
by nor to :,f'.. l tli' lirn ,iT:linn els.-
where COllntaineHi d In Ih.- ('ol:i itutioll
as to the issuance of honl,-, and the
levying of tax.s by Tln:nti, p.lit: . -.
Section 6. The provd-ili-on hereof t
are self-operative, nr:al the. City (OUIn
cil of Shreveport iT:i)y 1by ordinante
carry them into etf." t.
Be it further e.na1te di, etc.. That the
amendment propo,.,ed by this Act I
shall be suhmiltt d to the elector, of
the State for their nlpproval or reje,
tion at the Congresi.-onal elec'tion to i
be held on the first Tu,..dav after the
first Monday in the month of Novecnm
ber. 1916; and there shall be printed.I
on the officilal ballot to be used h, . li I
election the words. "For the pir, o-,.,edi
amendment to the CouIiitution of thil.
State of Louisiana providing for the
funding of certain debts of the ('itv of
Shreveport." and thl, words. "Again-t
the proposed ainendtlul It to the Con
stitution of the State of Loui-i-ina pro
viding for the findin. of ce. t:in ,.-hi t
of the City of Shr,.'.prt:" and eacth
elector shall indlicate ,nI the iiHllot cast
by him whether h.e ,i-s foir or
against the propose.d anl. nIli Tnrlt.
FI,:ItNANrl " l Tll' TiN,
Lieutenant I;overnor atl, i'i ,cident of
the Senate.
Speaker of the House of Itepresenta
Approved: July 5. 191i.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 115
Senate Bill No. 72. By Mr. Vincent
Proposing an amendment to Article 48
of the Constitution of the State of
Louisiana relative to the limitation
of legislative powers by adding the
words. "Ri"er improvement districts.
harbor improvement districts and
navigation districts" to the proviso.
excepting municipal corporations
having a population of not less than
twenty-five hundred inhabitants, or
to the or.ranization of levee districts
and parishes, from tne provisions of
said Article 48 of the Constitution
providing for 'Creating corporations
f or amending, renewing, extending or
. explaining the charters thereof."
Section 1. Be It resolved by the
General Assembly of the State of Lou
islana., two-thirds of all the members
elected to each House concurring, That
the following amendment to Article
48 of the Constitution of the State of
Louisiana be submitted to the qunlifced
electors of the State, for their adop
tion or rejection, at the Congressional
election to be held on the tirst Tues
day after the first Monday in the
month of November. 1916, as follows:
Article 48. The General Assembly
shall not pass any local or special law
on the following specified subjects:
For the opening and conducting of
elections, or fixing or changing the
place of voting.
Changing thle names of persons.
Changing the venue in civil or crlm
Inal cases.
Authorizing the laying out, opening.
closing,. altering or ninlntalninng roal.s,
highways, streets or allys. or relating
to ferries and hl i~dCes, or in
corporating bridge or ferry companies,
except for the erection of bridges
crossing streams which form bouinda
rles between this and any otsher State.
Authorizing the adoption of legiti
mation of children or the emancipa
tion of minors.
Granting divorces.
Changing the law of descent or suc
Affecting the estates of minors or
persons under disabilitles.
Remitting fines, penalties, and for
feltures, or refunding moneys legally
paid Into the treasury.
Authorising the construction of
street passenger railroads In any in
corporated town or city.
Regulating labor, trade, manufac
turlng or agriculture.
Creating corporations, or amending.
renewing, extending. or explaining the
charters thereof; provided. this shall
not apply to municipal corporations
having a population of not less than
twenty-five hundred inhabitants or
to the organizatlon of levee districts
and parishes, river improvemen; dis
trlets, harbor improvement districts
and navigation districts.
OGrantlng to any corporatlon, tssocl
atlon or individual any special or ex
clusive right, privilege or immunity.
Extending the time for assessment
of or collection of taxes. or for the re
Ulef of any assessor or collectors of
taxes from the performance of his of
fical duties, or of his sureties for
liability: nor shall any such law or
ordinance be passed by any political
corporation of the State
Regulating the practice of jurlsdle
tlon of any court, or changing the
rules of evidence in any judicial pro
oeeding or inquiry before courts, or
prlovidling or changing methods for the
collection of debts or the enforcement
of Judgments. or prescribing the ef
fects of Judicial sales.
Exempting property from taxation.
Fixing the rate of interest.
Concerning any criminal or civil ac
Olvlng effect to Informal or invalid
wills or deeds, or to any illegal dis
positlon of property.
Regulating the management of pub
lieo schools. the building or repairing
of school houses, and the raising of
moasy for such purposes.
Legalllnlng the authortsed or invalid
acts of any ofcer, servant or agent of
the State. or of any parish or munlc
ipality thereof.
Section 2. Be it further resolved.
etc., That the oficial ballot to be used
at aaid election shall have printed
thereon the words. "For the proposed
amendment to Article 48 of the Consti
tatlon of the State of Loullsana. rela
tlvo to the inclusion of river and Im
provement districts, harbor improve
meat district, and navigation districts
la the proviso, excepting municipal
corporations having a population of
3o tles than twenty-five hundred In
hashltats. levee districts and parishes
trea the provisions of said Article 48
el the Constitution providing for the
reatingl. corporations, or amending,
renewlag., extending or explalaining the
tera thereof;" and the words,
t the proposed amendment to
rtcle 43 of the Constitution of the
State ef Louisiana, relative to the In
elsioa of river and Improvement dis
U.,t. harbor improvement districts.
an avigation districts in the proviso,
eeeptingA munlelpal corporations hav
Sa population of not less than
tweaI-ive hunadred inhabitants, levee
(g1Ja and parisheas from the pro
vision of said Article 48 of the Consti
tutilon providing for the creating cor
poratiloni., or amending, renewing. ex
tending or explaining the charters
thereof." And each elector shall in- I
,li at-. ns provided by the general
election laws of the State. whether he
votes for or against the proposed
Lieutenant (love\'nor and Iresident of
the S.nat.e
:-palk, r of thi: liou-." ocf lRepresentA
Aptpo''ed .tii'" 7. 1 IF .
It. ' Pl.;:.\SANT,
g;o\vernor tf th- State of Louisiana.
A t fu'(-O : t
JA.1:` Jl . I.: 1 -T a.
Act Nc. 134
 I' v Pearce
.' l[N 7 : I: · i O"'" l N ).
1,,i o n 1 . , .t, ' I ."lh , . r ,
, 1t,. :i i ,l o:' -, ' .t .
te s t t i" .,f 1;1 , - .
1. t . r ,r i r.< nto Pn t b l Iete
to cthnI 1. i,: i  r, tui ,, ,y 11 1tr -
I. , t , ' t 1 t , t fi i tei- r tlti t' i i r
o,-,n. . t in Nt 1: ,, .' , 1 6 a r' ., thae t
rat if" n, ti. r l , n 'tion:n
T.id t . oduy ot ,r' o t!..'io he State,
and (o llt ' lt to, in t1.t , 1 ,n hsiue hin
-trest Th l 'otes i 1 t:ti. or ot he ti
form tnd ', n t ~t n' tt to , ').1' -11, ffteenr
,'The 1: .',l of ,'ontrl of the State
enot enx it- . n ,r 1I fits .ur cent peor annu,
tssors , il t. ,ntlo retiringl l' its ,floating
aot ofd ~t to 1 n t itlin.g indebtedness
and i'" aIf1thot :ztes to secure sanme by
yel. rto :,. on arty or l al of its real es
at'l ain'i the faith a re of interesthe
nState ot Lt uiina is hereby per annud.
pto gut-hint-h f-, it- , tlnally t o f teid pu thoe
,ation fy;l tl, . , an nd retiring its floating i
hit, 13'iad of ont " l rng indebtednesso
hand i' requizedl to saecure sat ne by
nlirt re:, tn any or andll of its real e
tat. and the faith and credit exhausted
State of Lousa tna goi d the residute.
to guaan te th, i i, ac'nt to airry thlis
'FionFt' n dntn i litt '- ettt. ind Act No.t
ith. A, t td of o l tr its Utiis sub
,:hall he. requir,,l to pay .aellll out r,'
,,,I' tt1 ht n the saint are exhausted
'.hall thet. State miagtla" g)od the residue.
"'h'."t;. ncr;, tA,n, .. ett ly shall pass the
Jct matt, r is hit' rbiy approve, for this
Set n 2 1' it fturther resolved.
etc.. TI . 1 t it r tlary o'f S'F1.
and he .,holz', t. ha.v" pi;tcd
on th . ,'i , l I, Ht f, he . '6. , il ln
Nov. r.h) r, 1 1C, the \',rd , ".or the
atlenditlli t to th ' Constitution fund
t1: lthe debt of ithe Penitentiary
-:,iard. and the words, "Against the
atnltldme+nt to the, Constitution fund
ing the . t t ..f the I'.n-it,.ntiary
Board." ar,i ,:tch s,' tor shall indicate
whether h,- ottuS for or against said
amendmentrii t, in citlIcordance with the
gen-eral elct tIn f t+s of thie State.
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Speaker of the hlouse of PRepresenta
t i es.
Approved: July 5. 191 6.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 155
House B.ill No. 1S8. l.y Mr. Powell
Proposin,- an atint:ndment to Article
(nine Hlundrted and "'T oenty-nine (129)
of the ('onstttutiol,. relative to fees.
Section 1. lBit it Fr sltled b the Gen
eral A -sernbly of ther Stit, of houis
lina. two-thirds of all tile members
elected to each House clnt ut ring. That
an atmndment to Article. 4it.n Hundred
I and Tw'r ty- nine (129) of the Consti
tution tof the State of Louisiana be
Ssubmitted to thet qualii:i.d elehctors of
the State for their approval or rejec
tion at the Congressional election to
be held on the first Tuesday next fol
lowing the first Monday in November,
1911;, said proposed amendment to be
as follows:
"'Articli. 129. The General Assem
Sbly shall provide a gen'eral fee and
cost bill to regulate the fees and costs
to be charged for the servicr's of sher
Siffs. clerks and retordrs.. justices of
the peact, constablhs and coroners. In
all civil matters; from which compen
sation for thle ser'ic's of said officials
may be provided tacio rding to law.
Salaries oay he fix'd for said officials.
and if the fees and costs collected by
them exacited <ti sil .alaries. such ex- I
cess may h,-b. ti pt.'d of according to
law. The rner':al Ass.A.embly may pro
vide in all ctvfl cast<- for the service
of process and plea-tdings by litigants
Acts Noc. 142 and No. 143 of the Gen
erali Assembly of 1916. on this subject
matter, shall go into effect as statutes
of the Stake on July 1. 1917.
Section I. Be it further resolved.
by the General Assembly of the State
of Louisiana,. two-thirds of all the
members elected to each House con
curring. That the official ballot to be
used at satd election shall have print
ed thereon the following words: "tFor
She proposed amendment to Artillei
129 of the ('onstitution of the State of
Louisiana, relative to authorizing sal
arles tor sheriffs, clerks and other (,f
flcials'" and the words, "Against the
propored amendment to Artit-h. 129 of
the Coistitution of the State of Lou
isiana. rt,ltive to authorizing salaries
for sheriffs, clerks ana other officials. "
And each elector voting shall indi
cate, on said ballot, as provided by
law, whether he votes fer or against
the proposed amendment.
Speaker of the Hlouse of Representa
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Approved July 5. 1916.
I. i;. I'LEA.SANT.
Governrr of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
rOw abot that priating
iCh ise're ma ed ot?
it at yeor ftr opportulY.
D~ t wait Inti the er y
mla uest but ie na a
ittle timesad well ahew
.ea we t i1 e d work
S we ea tara est.
Act No. 168
House Bill No. 252-Joint Resolution. a,
By Mr. Powell. t
Proposing an amendment to Articles th
225 and 226 of the Constitution rela- in
tive to assessment and taxation. o
Section 1. Be it resolved by the p
t.ntral Assembly of the State of Lou- et
-iana, two-thirds of all the members o
elected to each House concurring.
That an amendment to Articles 225 et
and 226 of the Constitution ,of the st
State of Louisiana be submitted to the ti
qualiftled electors of the State for their r
approval or rejectlon at the Congres- ti
stne:,l election to be held on the first n
Tuw:ed:y nrxt following the first .Ion- N
day in November, of 1916. said pro
rpoEd amendment to be as follows: a
"Article 225. Taxation shall be t,
,--iual and uniform throughout the ter- a
Sttrial limits of the authority levying st
rie tax, and property shall he taxed a
ia :t ri:nner directed by law; provided a
'a ,Pt the valuation of property for the a
S- ,- nt of State taxes, lt\ led by st
: .- nt.tal .As.tmnbly nlrd by this a
;'oh.-t!tutotion, I':ay be diflt rent from a
the \:a,,tttion tix,.d for all other iur- v
,,,p ; provided, further, the asesrs- tt
I, "nt o.f all prop rty sthall n.yv -r ."x
.. 1 tie :,,atu:l carish ali . tir,  .f;
atni prurt -i, l. th. u rtr, tha the ta:t-Iy
,rs shtr ll have tl .. right of testirng thie
r.,rrectnlrt s of t a tir a" s-ll t' ts be
r, the. :.·r r t of justli .
' .\th l '. "i'h.r,. Shall hle and l
r tI, a 1,: ::tl of Sate A.f
Tat- .he :, dutl it :hallt be to auss .
.. Srtlo- e l -, -. a. ltaxailr e prop
i. th i.lh it tt . -tat,- of Lo,irii
ii t. it -I:ail iavi su-ti, other authr
ity rt., itn to State as .-- I- tr bur d.
,(L_.T) t and texpe dittute as may r .t
, nferrd upton it by the ll,:'an l A -
Strilly. Ti. oartd shall ,,. c tipo . "p u I
. three Ili, n it * ' r-, wio shill hI, ;-I,
p-'. nted by the (overnor flt -u hl
tr'ies as inay he fixed by the t,:,i ,, i
.\-sein tly. T'he board :hall . nt, r up,,n
its ,duties on Janua-ry 1, 1'1 '. T'i '
t* n, I,,t A s.,iibli .hiall have ft. I u
tir irty to hdelinei the pow.rrs and du
t:, s of tie bo rd land to fix the ,- al,
i1rts of the mr talr I . tirrt.,. Art \N .
14,. of the rin, al As e-,htbtly for th,.
year 191t,, on thiis suibj. t niittter, shall
go into effect as a stature l i toie State,
oni the first day of January, 1917."
Section 2. Be it furth.ie rrsolved by
thr tGeneral 'ssembly t the State of
lroui.-iana, two-thirds of all the mem
Ihrs elected to each House concurrniin.
That the official ballot to be used at
itd elertion shall have printed tihre
,n the following words: "For the pro
'te-d amendnment to Articles 225 iini
o; f the Constitution of the State of i
t.rliiar t, rt latlive to asressmnent and ti
taxation, and aholisihin" the hoard of e
S\ppriners," and ite words. '"Ag-ain t
tihe proposed amerndment to Articles :
225 and 226 of tie ct'nstitutorn of the .
State of. Louisiana. re'lative to as.- c-:
tmernt and taxation, and abolishing i the
Ihard of Appraist -." And each el.e
tor voting shall Indicate on said b.rl
lot. as provided by law, wihether t:,
votes for or against tihe prop,-, I
Ili:\VITT BOI'.AN.'i 't
1 Spealker of the house of 1; I, tleta
i' ;al:N.NI) lil" tir rN.
Lirutn, nt Governor annd 'resident i.f
the Senate.
Approved: July i, 191R.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 203 9
House Bill No. 45S. By Mr. I eopoldl.
Chairman ommi tter i n Pu, li
Works, Lands and Levees. Sub
stitute for Hoiuse Iill N,. 225
Proposing an amendment to the ('on- t
stitution of the State of Loui-iana.
Whereas, the City of New ti le-ans is p
at present exposed to storrn damage
and floods, and it is highly advisah!e p
and necessary for said city to have t
more adequate protection therefrom a
than can at present be secured under t
existing laws. Therefore. in order to:
I lromote the public safety, health,
c'omfort and convenience:
,Section 1. Be it resolved by the p
General Assembly of the State of Lou
isiana. two-thirds of all the mnemerrs
.lu-ctrd to eac, House concurring, that t
the following amendment to the Con- n
stitution of the State Be submitted to t
the qualified electors of the State for
their adoption or rejection at the Con- v
I gressional election to be held on the e
- first Tuesday after the first Monday
r in November. 1916, as follows:
f (a) The Board of Le.ee 'ommis
- sioners of the Orleans Leve District a
is hereby empowered to consrtruct and
maintain levees and embankments I
along, over and in the bed of Lake n
e Pontchartrain, at such distance from
the present shore line as the said
B- ioard may determine, not to exc .ed
Stwenty-tive hundred (2,500) feet front i
s the present shore line, and along and `
Son the shores adjacent thereto, and I
Salong the canals connecting therewith,
Sand in suich other places in the l'ar
ish of Orleans and the adjacent par- I
Srishes as the Board iray deterlinr,'.
Ssaid levees and embankments to be ft
. such height, width, slope, design and
Sciaracter of material as the said
- I oard may determine, and to proterct
said lev'e-s and embankments with
-uch pilings, revetments or walls as t
tit may deem proper.
ib) To enable said Board to per-jr
form said work and for the purpose
thereof, the Board is hereby given a I
tright of way over and use of all pub
Slic lands, including such portions of i
the water bottom of sail lake as it
may deem necessary. It Is also given
Sthe right to acquire, by donation, pur- in
chase, xxpropriation or appropriation. I
- all private lands or other property in
Ssuch territory in the Parish of Or
loans and adjoining parishes as the
said Board now has authority and ju
risdiction over under this amenrdment,
and urder existing laws, and which
- the said Board may deem necessary or
- expedient for any of the purposes of
said Board, and to pay therefor in the
samute manner as the said Board now
- pays for property taken by it on the
S1Mississippi River front in the parish
of Orleans.
Section 2. Be it further ri-solved.
etc.. that the official ballot to h.e used
at such election shall have printed
thereon the words: "For the prrpsed
amendment to the Constitution, au
Sthorizing the Board of Leve,. 'rtnuiis
sioners of tire Orleans Levee Districtt
to make certain constructions aloring
Lake l'ontchartrain and elswihere."
and thie word.-, "Aeainst the proposed
alendrment tro the Constitution au
thorizing thre Board of Levee Com
missloitwrs of the Orleans Levee Dis
trict to imrake certain constructions
along Lake 'iontrhartrain and else
where." And each elector shall indI
cate his vote oni the proposed amend
ment as provided in the reneral elec- -
tion laws of the State.
I 'EWITT ItOt'A Nt'tAt'D. -
Speaker of the Housea of i.epresenta
Lieutenant Governor and hresident of
the Senate.
Appioved: July G. 1916.
Governor of thie State of Louisiana.
A true copy.
Secretary of State.
House Bill No. 248. By Mr. Shell
An Act
Submitting to the people of the State
of Louisiana an amendiirent to Ar
ticle 272. of the Constitutio-n of the
State of Louisiana.
Section 1. Be it reolvred hv the
General Assenbly of the State of Lou
islana, two-thirds of all the miembers
elected to each House concurring, that
the following amendment to Article
273 of the Constitutron of the State
of Louisiana be and the same is here
by submitted to the qualifled electors I
of the State at the Congressional elec- I
tion to be held on the first Tuesday
after the first Monday in the month of
November of the year 1916. to-wit: a
"Article 273. Every railroad or oth- (
er corporation, organized or doing (
business in this State under the laws a
or authority thi eof, shall have and I
maintain a general office in this State
for the • transaction of its busi. c
mess, wlhere transfers of stock c
shall be made and where shall be I
kept for public inspection, books I
in which shall be recorded the I
.mount of capital stock subacrib- P
ed, the name of the owners of stock.
the amount owned by them, respec
tively, the amount of stock paid in.
and by whom, tke transfers of said
stock, with the date of transfer, the
amount of its assets and liaullities,
the names and places of residence of
its officers. All public service corpo
rations organized under the laws of
the State of Louisiana shall maintain
in this State, in charge of one or more
of the general offcers of such com
e ppny. their general offices for the op
- eration and conduct of the business
S of such corporation."
Section 2. Be it further resolved.
5 etc., That this proposed amendment be
e submitted to the qualified voters of
e the State of Louisiana for adoption or
r rejection at the Congressional elec
tion to be held on the first Tuesday
t next following the first Monday in
N-. ember, 1916.
That the olicial ballots to be used
at said election shpll have printed
e thereon the words. "For the proposed
- amendment to Article 273 O1 the Con
; stitution of the State of Louislana. rel
d ative to public service corporations,"
d and the words. "AAgarist the proposed
e aimendntent to Article 272 of the Con
Y stitution of the State of Louisiana, rel
s ative to pui,lic serviie corporations,"
n and each ei' ctor - ihnll indicate, as pro
vi.:ed in the genera:l electionii laws of
tile State, \ !tiether ctr not he votes for
-or against the amendmillent.
A true, c,,py ,: House Bill No. 21S
by .1r. Shell. prIoposing an amendment
e to Arti( I -' 7-:; i the 'Constitution of
- te Stat. ,f i..li.u iana. adoplted b? the
,enrnaral .+. ': iti, of the State of Lou
1, ti> ., " ". : ssii, h of 1!'16.
Secre-tary of State.
Act No. 216
louse Pill No. 324. By Mr. WV. Carruth
Jones of :as;t latou Rouge Par
Prop,'sina an nieition.nt to the Con
stitution of the .aite of Lote lu",na.
author;.zitn 'Mieii p t i Corp lut it ions,
I'nri>h. i nd 1i:i to l1 y rertusin
taxes on ilproperty v ii the ac:quisition
and supt ',rt of M uni':ipal. I'art-h
and 1V:t I fairs, od ptovii ing" for
th." cil!liI" of sp.-cl al elections to au
thiollz i" ith lIvy oif s. ild tax, and to
v authorize the City of Shreveport,
t I'aitihi of ('adlio, to 'levy said tax
for the use of the State Fair of
Lut-Li na, at Shrevp'tt L, a.; anti
it prot l:lint for the silbn,ission of said
amendme.nt to the electors of the
Statt for their approval or rejection.
I Le it en'cted by the leneral Assem
I bly of the State of I,ouiiiana, two
d thirds of a:1l the rnthnl.er: "lected to
t eatch I'ran.' h thereof t ico urring., ' That,.
t subject to the ratiti':athon antd :tlprov
' :t of Ih. , ,.c tot's of 1hii < Stat', the
C 'on-ittonit lo n o(f the Stat,- he anltend."d
iby in,'orpoi atini ti t ii in the folloting
i provi in,s, to-wit:
Se.ction 1. That evr.rv Mlhunelpal
t orporation. Parish or \lard, i tt. 1 i t aIu
I 1t ori7ed to do sIo b' ;i l:.; ')' in
ltr n ler and" a rn unt of It,. 1' -l,-rty
exr ,t .ra cOf sail ul ni :.-' ' , rptora
I 1, o fs1.,ql-h or W ard. tqualitl a- :i I-'
I, - l ,, o r i tue Con-tit i tio- n and l:t\\
a .. I a e, Voti tino t t p il ele,'ioni
J. ft'r t L II purpose, not tee of w hi, 'I
f ,. tien -at in- h.', n pub', ha., for
thirty day i thih oli, i.tl , ' n't l of
the said .i ni , l t ',,vorp. ::0 i , n ,or
Parish, or, if th.re i< . , ti, a! l jour
a' nal, in a journal p:ol ? ,e' therein,
i-lay tinsss and levy a tax n' on the
t-xable property a :v.,d in .a -nli 1u- I
r:ipal ('frptoral tii. Tar-I. or Ward.
'hi' pro t et d< of wv.hich I. to .'e used
for the purcha-e and inmprol ments of
erounds and for l)premiumn a. ards for
the Municipal, Parish or Ward fairs.
t'rovided, that this tax shall not ex
ceed one mill upon the an- ..sed valu
e at ion of the property within said .Mtu
* nicipal Corporation. Parish or Ward,
and provided, further, that said tax
shall not run for a period exceeding
Sten years.
Section 2. That the City of Shreve
is port, or Parish of ('ad.ai when author
e ized in the manner set for th in the
'e p-eeding section, may l.vy an! ais-u
, the tax provided for in .a - , otioit
m and use the proceed- therifroim for
'r the benefit of the State Fair if Lou
to isiana, located in said City of Shreve
it, port.
Section 3. That resident wo men tax
e payers miay vote in th e eletiton her. int
1- p;oivlIed for in lpri ,n or t, proxy.
rs Sect ;n 4. That th'e P' ":in .lturis of
at the s,-v' at pari-h-- !t,.' the t'l l:e a i.'
a- of the several Inuniciiilttii . upon pe
to tition, o" one-fourth (of the t.- ooe-rty
r own. < : 'ni tax paeors of atny parish.
a- war,! or .;ui ,' ina:llty. thall call the
te e,'cIt".i here.in provided for.
ly S., ti- n 5. 'rtih the imend'r'ent pro
vid' d byh thi not shall bI." sui it ui't-d
- ' the + ,'tlors of the State fir Ii-, ir
et arproval or r,jiection at thbe C'.onrres
i s'ional election toi be held on the first
ts Tuesday af't,-r the first Monltyv in the
ec month of November, 191.i. an.' there
t th.',l bhe pl intedt on the offcial b'tltot
id , , he used in '.Ad el..tion the iwords:
(d •Tor the propo-d amendment to the
cn ,',.n-ti utitn of the State of Louislana
tul fa l Mithorizin Mni,'ipl Corporations.
id tarishes and V':'rds to vote certain
h, axes ot:: prp-rty for the acqtisitlon
r- iand sopp rt -,f Municipal Corporation,
r- Parish affd anrdl fairs, and the Par
ish of Caddito aput c'ity of Shreveport
if f,,r thb Stat. Fi ir of Louisiana. at
SSihrsv-.port. T,.." and lthe words,
id Against- the propoed amendment to
et the thon titutliin of the State of Lou
Ih i-iana authortzinC MunIcipal Corpora
a ti,'n. P-trishes and WarnIs to vote cer
i -in t'x's on pt petty for the aciuisi
r- tin and sutpport of attnleipal Corpo
se rations. l',.ii-h and Ward fairs, and
a the 'arish of t'ad'io and City of
b- Shreveport for thb State l.air of Lou
if i<int. nat Sireveplort. La:" and each
it elector shalt indicate on the ballot cast
n by him whether he votes for or
r against the proposed an.ndment.
SSpeaker of tht · House of Representa
Lieutenant Governor and President of
S the Senate.
Approved: July G. 1916.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A tru- copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 252
- Senate Bill No. 1(1. By Mr. Davey
SI'roposing an im*.ndment to Article
133 of the Constitution of the State
ad of Louisiana relative to the Civil
S District C'ourt for the Parish of Or
. leans.
Section 1. Ui It resolved by the
3 General Assembly of the State of Lou
e isiana, two-thiirds of all members
I. l.-e'd to eac h House concurring, that
Sthue following amendment be submit
- ted to the electors of this State, for
their approval or rejection, at the elec
tion to he held on the first Tuesday
after the first Mtndtay in November,
Article 133. The Civil District Court
shall have exclusive and general orig
Sinal probate jurisdiction, and exclu
sive orlglnal civll jurisdiction. In all
cases \where the amount in dispute or
the funds to be distributed shall ex
a ced one hundred dollars, exclusive of
interest; and xclulsive jurisdiction In
suits by married women for separa
tion of property. in suits for separa
tion from bed and board, for divorce.
11 for nullity of lnarriage, or for inter
diction, and in euits involving title to
immovable property, or to office or
other public position, or civil or pollt
ical rights; and in all other cases, ex
cept as hereinafter provided, where no
r-specific amount is in contest, and of
e all proceedings for the appointment of
receivers or liquidators to corpora
e tions or partnerships. And said court
- shall have authority to issue all such
rs writs, process and orders as may be
It necessaty or proper for the purpose of
lo the jurisdiction herein conferred upon
e it. 'The judges of said Court en Banc
- shall have control over the Judicial
rF Expense Fund for the Parlsh of Or
leans, accruing and accrued, and to
y this end shall fix and regulate, from
)f time to time, the number of deputies
and employees of the offices of the
-Clerk of the Civil District Court, and
g Cit Courts. Register of Conveyances
a and Recorder of Mortgages of said
d Parish, and their vxpenses. and also
e shall have power to fix the tariff of
I. costs and charges to be paid for ofl
k clal services, which shall not exceed
e in any respect the tariffs now fixed by
a law, in said offices, which are paid
e into. and constitute said fund. Due
. publication of which tariff, when
Smade, shall be given. They shall have
power tO dteras.e . Wheother any
amounts from said fund. or Its excess,
shall be devoted to the espense of tak
ing testimony by short hand and to
regulate and provide for the same
The judges pf said court shall each re
ceive an additional annual salary of
one thousand dollars, payable monthly.
on their own warrant, which shall be
payable out of this fund; and provided.
further, that the said jddges shall be
authorized to contribute out of said
surplus fund, to the embellishment
and maintenance of the court house.
Section 2. Be it further resolved.
etc., that the foregoing amendment to
the Constitution of the State of Lou
isiana be submitted to the electors of
the State at the next election
for Representatives in Congress to be
held on the first Tuesday after the
lirat Monday in Novcrmber, 1916, and
on the official ballots to be used at
said election shall be placed the words,
"For the proposed amendment to Ar
ticle 133 of the Constitution of the
State of Louisiana." andl the words.
"Against the proposed amendment to
Article 133 of the Constitution of the
State of Louisiana." and each elector
shall indicate, as provided in the gen
eral election laws of the State, wheth
er he votes for or against the proposed
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Speaker of the House of Representa
Approved: July 6. 1916.
Governor of the State of Louisiana
A true' copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 253
Senate Bill No. 1s4. 1y Mr. Robbert
P',ropo, an amendment to the Con
ttri ,lnli of the State bf Louisiana.
,x rioping from taxation ships and
i.. an going tugs, tow-boats and
tairges engaged in over-seas trade
and commerce, and domiciled In a
Louislana port.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the
GC n.ral Assembly' of the State of Loh
i: :ona, two-thirds of the members
elected to each house concurring, That
at the general election to be held in
this State on the first Tuesday follow
inii the first Monday in November.
1916. there shall be submitted to the
o:tlfied electors of the State for their
:1t';'oval or rejection, the following
ani.ondment to the Constitution.
1. Ships and ocean-going tugs, tow
its and barge.: engaged in over-seas
r.de and commerce, and domiciled in
a Louisiana port. shall he exempt from
all State. parish arid muricipal taxa
I t n: pro\idled. however, that this ex
-l'tin ,!,all not apply to harbor,
ah..lrf. shed aind other port dues.
2. N ship, tug, tow-boat or barge
opr'.at,.l in the coasting trade of the
a,:nrti ntal United States shall be
il L;Illn the exemption herein granted
S Sc,.!:n 2. Li it further resolved,
+e. That the official ballot to be
u. " : t such election shall have print
.I1 thereon th,. words. "FIor the pro
iip' l a lmendmllent to the Constitution.
Sxmnllptli from, taxation ships and
,, - , Ii- n o n ! t,:,s, tow-boats and
n.s;r·en s tenoi',, inl over-seas trade and
comllllerce, ld domliciled in a Loui.;i
ana port, arid the words, "Against the
proposed amendmeidilnt to the Constitu
tI ion, exempting from taxation ships
arind ocean-going tugs, tow-boats and
hbrge: engaged in over-seas trade and
conmmeroce, and domiciled in a Louisi
ana port," and each elector shall indl
,'ate his vote on the proposed amend
mtnt as provided in the general elec
tion laws of the State.
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Speaker of the House of presenta
.\pproved: July 6. 1916.
C:overnor of the State of Louisiana.
A tru'. copy:
Secretary of State.
Act No. 271 '
Senate Bill No. 231. By Mr. Guthrle
PIroposing an amendment to the Con
stitution of 1913 by amending and
re-cnacting Article 2S7 thereof.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the
Glent rl Assembly of the State of Lou
isiana. two-thirds of aill the mem
h,.r elected to rach Hto:te concurring.
That the following anendment to the
'on-titution be submitted to the qual
itied electors of the State for their
adoption or rejection at the Congres
sonlal election to be held on the first
Tue.dl.ty after the first Monday in the
montth of Novemiber. 1916, as follows:
Article 2x7 of the Constitution of the
State of Louisiana of 1913 Is hereby
attinded and re-enacted to read as
I ollo s, to-wit:
Article 2S7. Until otherwise provid
ed by law, the nicmbers of the Conm
mission .-hall each receive a salary of
thrter thousand dollars per annum.
payable monthly on his own warrant.
and thielr actual traveling expenses.
atilnd those of their secretary; which
expenses and the salary of the secre
tary shall be paid on the warrant of
tie chairman of the Commission on a
sworn statement of their correctness.
Nothing herein shall prevent rall
I road. express, telegraph, telephone
Sand steamboat or other water
craft, or other companies, from
Sserving free of cost, or at re
Sduced rate, the State or any city,.
Sparish or town government, or any
charitable purpose, or the issuance or
exposition, or any destitute or indi
gent person, or the issuance.of mile
age or excursion tickets; nor to pre
vent railroa'ds, steamboats or other
water craft from giving free transpor
Statlon to ministers of religion, or in
mates of hospitals, or te railroad ofm
cers. agents, employes, attorneys,
stockholders or directors, or to offim
cers and employes of the departments
or institutions of this State. estab
lished and created for the dissemina
tion of knowledge relating to scien
tific agriculture; provided, that said
officers and employes of agricultural
departments and institutions use such
free transportation solely in the dis
charge of their omefficial duties.
Section 2. Be it further resolved.
etc., That the official ballot to be used
at said election shall have printed
a thereon the words. "For the proposed
Samendment to the Constitution of the
1 State of Louisiana. amending and re
Senacting Article 287 thereof." and the
words, "Against the proposed amend
Sment to the Constitution of the State
Sof Louisiana amending and re-enact
SIng Article 287 thereof." Each elec
t tor shall indicate, as provided by the
general election laws of the State.
Swhether he votes for or against the
proposed amendment.
Lieutenant Governor and President of
the Senate.
Speaker of the House of Represents.
1 Approved: July 6. 1916.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
A Word to the
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paper, dou't you
think It mns In
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safd 1hlub'
vTh enir Asrand CP otvation.
Vincent Astor's Place on the Hudson.
In the cheery October days-the
days of brown ale and invigorating at
mosphere--the garden comes fully
into its own. There is not only the
fascination of working among the
plants and flowers, but there is pre
paration for the spring. If the au
tumn is neglected 'there will be no re
alization of any spring hopes.
Planning and foresight are essential to
garden success, and the man who had
the most pleasure in his October work
will reap the greatest reward when
the springtime comes. Perennials
must be transplanted. Good. safe
places are to he four d for them, with
a good covering of leaes to keep away
the chill of cold days.
Transplanting is real work. A rainy
day helps lighten the task because
there is no need for watering or shad
ing the plants. A trowelful of manure
under each plant will lead the neigh
bors next spring to wonder why your
foxgloves send up spires five feet high
instead of mere three feet that less
carefully handled plants attain.
Don't let the perennials crowd each
other. Where the clumps have grown
so closely as to crowd, cut them in di
visions with a sharp spade and reset
them in good, rich soil.
In October the perennials will be
ripening their seed, which process they
begin in September. The seed can be
saved in separate colors If the flower
stalks were marked while they were
in bloom. It is worth the while to
save the seed, even though it has to
be mixed. The mixed seed can be
sown in out-of-the-way places. Holly
hocks, foxgloves, poppies, Canterbury
Bells, Sweet William and Coreopsis
will produce large envelopes of seed.
It must not be forgotten that a sup
ply of dead leaves has to be laid in
when leaves begin to fall. *I'hey are
the natural blankets that are provid
ed for the tucking away of the chil
dren of the garden in the winter beds.
A little addition to the leaf supply,
carefully packed away each day In
sacks or barrels Instead of wastefully
burning them will save many flow
ers and pay a dividend in pleasure and
Among the wealthy folk of the East
the fall is being used for general gar
den work. Vincent Astor is having
a remarkable lot of work done at his
country place, Ihinecliffe, on the Hud
son river. He found that the roads
and walks were in niany cases badly
laid out. They were crooked and
lacked symmetry in keeping with the
estate. So he has had his roads
straightened and put in order.
There are some curious old trees in
Japan that have just the opposite
qualities to those which are found In
the United States. Out In our great
forest country, when a tree has
reached the dignity of 100 years of un
disputed residence in any one com
munity, it rears its proud old head
and stands as a landmark and a lead
ing citizen of the forest.
Japan supplies some very strange
specimens that live to be 100 years of
age without ever getting off an ordl
nary trhle. They are stunted. ;narld
Japanese Table Tree One Hundred Years Old.
little gnomes of trees, made to dwell
nil their lives in the prison of a bowl,
where water is placed to give a tiny
landscape effect and miniature houses
are built under the shade of the
stunted, miserable little semblance of
a forest giant.
In the picture one sees how the Jap
anese use the dwarfed trees for home
decorative effect. As all things are
really relative, the tree preserves its
dignity by heing as much larger than
the miniature house than a real tree
would loom above a sure-enough dwdell
But It Is a dwarf. nevertheless, and
the idea can be used for home or gar
den decoration when one finds a
stunted tree that, like Peter Pan,
never will grow up.
If you want dahlia roots for next
year, plant them in small pots and let
them remain all summer. Keep them
over winter like old roots; and start
them again in the spring. I do not say
this is absolute, but it is one of the
best ways I know to raise dahlias suc
It is the claim of dahlia growers
that in dividing the roots almost all
the varieties will degenerate. This is
the reason we have so few good flow
A good dahlia should bloom from
July until frost; and if it does not it
is not worth keeping. There are
dahlias that will.
Dahlias can be grown from seeds.
They grow stronger than from cut
tings and roots, but it is difficult to
find good seeds.
Many believe that a cutting will not
flower and make roots and keep over
winter, but that is not true. That is
the way they are raised all over the
The mode of planting has much to
do with the final results of the beauty
of dahlias.
Has your greenhouse been repaired
and cleaned?
Sow seeds for basket plants and win
dlow garden now.
If it has not there Isn't much time
left for attending to this very essea
tial task. Look over the heater and
see that any bars which were burned
out have been replaced. Watch the
pipe connections carefully.
The use of electric lights will hastes
the blooming of plants, but it is a cost
ly scheme that does not promise any
commercial profit.
Madison, N. J., florists use five 11
volt mal lamps strung on a board, 12
Inches apart. Suspended directly oer
the chrysanthemums for a flower a
hibit, the lights were kept going a
week. The plants finished a week
ahead of their neighbors and took t
prize at the show.
,Leave as many native trees and a
much shrubbery as possible standing
The best gardener cannot improve on
the work of the Master Gardengr.
Grape protecting bags, made to
clasp about the fruit, are being offered
by dealers. They protect from ta-

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