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ul SM MACAO5 acliOY as( Ama
New South Wales, Australia, is ex
pecting a ln,'%. Immigration from the
United States after the war.
Spartan Women Suffered Untold Tortures
but who wants to be a Spartan? Take
"Femenina" for all female disorders.
Price 50c and $1.00.-Adv.
The Best.
"\VWhat k;d of i creeper do you like
best for a house?"
"A nice fat baby."
CONSTIPATI IN, etc., is to take ONE
BOND'S LIVER PILL at bedtime. Yon
will wake up well. without feeling the
An INACTIVE LIVER is the real
cause of nine-tenths of human ills.
"You go to chullrcih imoIre frequently
than you used to."
"Yes. And apart from the instruc
tion I derit\, a great dial of satisfac
tion from tiit }itt'lendlance. It's a great
comfort to boe where people sing and
play fine Imusi( without anybody's
spoiling it by pllttting in ragtime words
or wanting to duan1e."
Loading Guns With Air.
Jack Tar knows \lhat it means to
tote heavy shells around ship, but Jack
Tar will not need to worry about this
duty longer. according to the Popular
Science Monthly. Ammunition is now
londed by pneunmatic tube straight
from the uaga:lzine to the firing turret.
An intricate m:echanlisim prevents the
shells from entering the breeches of
the guns a:t great s;."ed and also pre
vents any mistake in firing.
Soothed and Healed by Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. Trial Free.
Smear the affected skin with Cuticura
Ointment on end of finger. Let it re
main five to ton minutes. Then wash
off with plenty of Cuticura Soap and
hot water. Dry without irritation.
Nothing like Cuticura for all skin
troubles from infancy to age.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address. postcard, Cuticura, Dept. i,
Boston. Sold everywhere.-Adv.
In his early days at the bar Sir Ed
ward Carson was so hard up that he
had to accept briefs marked as low as
half a guinea.
"On one ocasioni he was briefed to
defend a certain Mick O'Dwyer in the
Dublin courts at this meager figure. On
the morning of the case, as Sir Edward
was entering the court, a man stopped
"Look here, counsel. ye've a bit of a
case.for Mr. Mick O'Dwyer, haven't
ye?" he said.
"I have-ihat abhout it?" demanded
"Well," replied the man with the air
of. a flnancier. "It's mesilf that's
O'Dwyer. an' I'll tell ye what-if ye
win the case I'll give ye five shillings
for yourself!"
Fine Expression.
In a review of :t novel we come
sacross this suggestive s,'ntence: "" 're
too, characters that transmute ,im
mon things into goli by the alchemy of
the spirit." The tinest thought of the
day is expressed by that modest sen
tence. The great problem in religion,
euteatli.,. iusiness. politics, and so
elety concerns Itself with that trans
mutation. It suggests a finuer life than
one gets out of the materialism of the
age, with its luxury, pleasure, selfish
ness, i1l will. spite, and overreaching.
The evolution of the day is toward the
sanctldficatlon of every-day experience
and Infusing herolsm into common life.
That in what must eventually happen
If humanity ever gets to be what it
should he. It is a long way to that
end, longer, perhaps, than from the
monad to man, as Emerson expresses
It, but thither the evolution proceeds.
Oad. CaetILe
-m -
.............. ... ...
it-%% of the purudll ot r I' A1i. t . ih t t 'l .1 ctto celebratioi ll . i t I : , 1'. ML ., \ n' a a tut f" the al't't r"'tlt'irla tll.a
was unveied. ; and, inst-rtcd, the monument at the momenut of unveiling.
, ...
E_ t
' . + . . . n .. m. . : .- ... - .. . ..... .. . ....... ... . ,.......-...: : ... . . . ... -....-...n ..
Fir il. !lot 'r;lpll -iiwii ti:J .\iin rian'lit :it111 i . xli iit .'I - i , If he il .o ' lllll IoII .1IaI together. They are
now holding sssiois at New .london, Conn. Left to right. standing, iare: ,Mr. Bonslll, Secretary of State Lansing,
Ellseo Arredondo, Mexica amllilassador designate, and Doctor Rowe. Left to right, seaited: Dr. John R. Mott,
.Judge George Gray, Stecretary of the Interior Lane. Luis lallrern. Iglnlco Boliilas and Alh(erto J. Paul. The men
seated are the counlissioners.
gether are mounted behind the pilot.
The skull and crossbones indicate the
t feeling of the aviators.
Gums and Health.
Two drops of camphor on your
toothbrush will give your mouth the
freshest, cleanest feeling imaginable.
will make your gums rosy and abso
lutely prevent anything like cold
sores or affections of the tongue. The
gums, by the way, ar are barometers of
your condition. If they are clear,
bright red, you are in good health.
while if your blood is thin and want
ing in the mysterious red corpuscles
that make one healthy, the gums will
be pale pink, cr if you are In a very
bad way, Indeed, and much in need
of a course of dialyzed irob, they will
be almost whlte.-Leonard Keene
The Office a Home.
A young fashionable was graduated
from Yale In June. His father is set
ting him up in business. This father
asked us itf we would not aid in the se
lecting of the office furnishing for the
young man. The father said: "Spend
whatever you hke. Not because I have
money, but because when a man works
in a place for so many hours it should
he made as comfortable as possible.
Many men spend more actual hours in
their offices than they do in their
homes. Their of9ces should therefore
be as attractive as their homes. That
is my theory, and I am going to prac
tice it for my son."
Changed His Mind.
She-You vowed it would be your
aim to make my life one long dream
of happiness. And to think that I be
lieved you!
He--That's nothing. I believed it
myself at the time !-Stray Stories.
Another Waster.
Old Lady-lHere's a penny, my poor
man. Tell me, how did you becosue so
Beggar-I was always like you, mum,
a-givin' away vast sums ter the pore
an' needy.-Facts and Fancies.
1 /'
(;'ineral Siniuts. 'mlliilltr oif t he British force.s in Eiast Africa, iiaking
oblstervations from the top of an armored ear. It has been ilficially reported
that General Smuts has occupied Dar-es-Salaam. the chief town of German
East Africa, and a principal seaport.
Sentiment Voiced at Last.
"It must be a great comfort to have
Josh at home for his summer vaca
"Yep," replied Farmer Corntossel. "I
dunno when I've been more comforted
than I was to hear Josh tell one of the
summer boarders that us folks set the
best table in the township an' that any
body who didn't like it could git out.
It's what me an' mother often wanted
to say to Josh hisself, but we didn't
have the nerve."
A Conservative.
"What sort of view does Dubwaite
take of life?"
"The sort that is not Incompatible
with an easy chair in a club window,
something to drink at his elbow and a
good cigar In his mouth."
"In other words?"
"While granting that there may be
room for improvement in this world.
It does not come, within the range of
his immediate observation."
There are 13,000 interned German
prisoners in England.
What an inventor says is an unbreak
able telephone receiver has a steel
skeleton within its hard rubber body.
There are about 10,000 electric trucks
and wagons in service in the United
States. operating in 124 lines of trade.
A recently patented sanitary shav
ing brush has a sponge instead of bris
ties and the handle is made to contain
Old-Time Grain Reappears.
A grain called "guautli" or "huautli"
is mentioned in old Mexican chronicles
as among the articles of tribute paid
by the Mexican pueblos to Montezuma.
The identity of this grain has long
been a mystery. In recent years wild
and cultivated varieties of a grain, ap
parently the ancient guautli, have been
found in Slnalot and other states of
Mexico, where the natives use it for
food when maize is scarce. Species
that are similar if not quite the same
are cultivated for food in Peru and Bo
livia as well as in Tibet and the moun
tainous regions of India.
A Hard Turn.
Redd-In a new automobile signal
for following vehicles hands are illum
Inated to Indicate the direction that a
car is going to turn as the driver
presses buttons on the steering wheel.
Greene-Well, now, about what
would the signal look like to indicate
the car was about to turn turtle?
To help support the spines of men
who do not wear suspenders an in
ventor has patented a small brace to
be attached to their belts.
Widely separated settlements in the
Kongo Free State have been linked
and connected with civilization by a
system of wireless telegraphy which
covers 3.000 miles of African jungles.
The industry encouraged by the gov
ernment, Tunis is now producing more
than 10.000,000 gallons of olive oil a
year and expects in a few years to
more than double the amount.
Mothers of Young Children Make Them
Part of the Dally Menu-Some
Methods of Preparation.
Figs are becoming a national dell
eacy. Little need be said of their
medicinal value, save that as a laza
tive they are particularly good f*
children and are advisable to use as
tnrt of the daily diet. Preserved
skinless figs are delicious and may be
bought in jars or sans. Many like f
themn for breakfast with hot buttered .
rolls or with the natural sirup drained 1
off and cream substituted. Have you c
ever tried fig pudding?
One-half pound figs, two pints milk,
three heaping tablespoonfuls corn- ,
starch, two heaping tablespoonfuls (
sugar, three eggs, one-half teaspoon- i
ful lemon extract.
Wash tile figs. cut them in small <
pieces, then put them into a buttered
casserole dish. Put the cornlstarch ;
into a saucepan and Iloisten it with c
half a cupful of the milk. I:ring the t
rest of the milk to the' boiling point.
ipour it over the cornstarcih and stir
till it boils ten minutes. Add the
sugar, lemon extract and the eggs, wC l -
lea ton.
I'otir over thei figs lanld hbke in a
moderate oveno for half tian hour. Serve
with cream or milk.
Filter That May Be Easily and Cheaply
Constructed Will Answer for
the Purpose.
The water in the cistern may be
rendered clean and free from Impuri
ties at a very snmall cost by putting in
a filter made as follows:
Slk a joint of common tiling into
the ground near the wall of the house.
'I -
A Filter for $1.00. A, Spouting; B, t
Tiling; C, Charcoal; D, Cement
Foundation; E, Pipe, Leading From
Filter to Cistern; F, Cistern.
Fill the tiling within a couple of
inches of the top with charcoal, place
a lid on it to prevent the mice, rats,
bugs and dirt, and all other foreign
substances from entering the cistern
by that route. t
If a piece of heavy wire screen is I
placed over the charcoal, so much the
Have the filter rest on a foundation c
of clean stones or cement from three -
to four inches deep, into which a two
inch pipe should be arranged for car
rying the water to the cistern.
A piece of heavy screening should
be placed over that end of the pipe
plotrudirlg into the filter, and another
piece of fine screen wire should be fas
tened across the opening into the cis
torn; both of which are for the pur
pose of allowing nothing of any size
to get into the water supply.
Chocolate Cake.
Put one cupful sugar, one-quarter
cupful butter and three tablespoonfuls
cocoa in mixing bowl. Set on back of
range until siightly warm, then mix
well and add one whole egg and yolk
of another iell beaten, one-half cupful
milk and sift in with one cupful of
flour (no more), three-quarter tea
spoonful cream tartar, one-half tea
spoonful soda, one teaspoonful vanilla.
Bake in shallow pan. Batter may seem
too thin but will be all right.
Frosting--One cupful granulated su
gar, three tablespoonfuls boiling wa
ter. Boll until It spins a thread, then
turn into stiffly beaten white of egg,
add one-half teaspoonful vanilla and
beat until thick enough to spread.
Mock Chicken Loaf.
Two pounds uncooked real, put
through meat grinder, one-quarter
pound salt pork in like manner, one
beaten egg, three-quarters cupful pow
dered crackers, one-half teaspoonful
salt, pepper and sage to taste. Put in
pan such as you use for loaf cake. I
Bake one hour. It's nice, Just before
placing in oven, to beat one egg until
light. Pour Over, then sprinkle cracker
Orange Snow.
Slice the oranges and remove the
seeds and sprinkle with powdered
sugar. Then for six oranges stir in a
pint of whipped cream, or as much as
d the caeam will hold without becoming
Ssoft. Keep the cream on Ice before
g using, that It may be nice and stiff.
d Make a meringue of the whites of tour
eggs and half a cupful of powdered
sugar, and top the mixture with this,
return to the ice and serve very cold.
Tomato Savory.
S Take one-half pound of tomatoes,
Sskin them, cut them In slices, put one
ounce of butter into a saucepan, add
the tomatoes, pepper and salt, and
cook them slowly about ten minutes,
then add the yolks of two fresh eggs.
Stir till the mixture is quite a thick
Spaste and serve it on little croutes of
Sfried bread.
to Keep Suet
t Take out any skin there may be, and
then put the suet in a eaucepan and
place on a warm but not hot fre and
let it melt gradually. When quite melt
I ed poor it Into a pan of cold water.
a When quite hard wipe it dry, wrap
Sit in white paper, and when wanted
o for use it may be rubbed on a grater.
Oyster Cocktail.
S For a first course at supper an oyster
a cocktail served in grapefruit is an in
h novation. The fruit is prepared as
usual, though not sweetened, and sev
- eral small oysters with tabasco and
e horse-radish dressing, are placed in
a the hollow left by the removal of
to the seeds and central pulp.
Just Oncel Try "Dodson's Liver Tone" When Bilious, Cons.
pated, Headachy-Don't Lose a Day's Work.
Liven up your sluggish liver! Feel
fine and cheerful; make your work a
pleasure; be vigorous and full of am
bition. But take no nasty, danger
ous calomel, because it makes you
sick and you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking it up. That's
when you feel that awful nausea and
Listen to me! If you want to enjoy
the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel
cleansing you ever experienced just
take a spoonful of &armless Dodson's
Liver Tone. Your druggist or dealer
sells you a 50 cent bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone under my personal money
$3.00 $3.50 $4.00 54.50 & $5.00 A,SI8.
Save Money by Wearing W. L. Douglas
shoes. For sale by over 9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the World.
W.L Douglas name and the retail stamped on the bt.
om of all shoes at the factory. Thvalue is guaranteed and
the waer protected againest high prices for irior shoes. The
teail prices are the same ekywhere. They coet no mo in San
Francco than they do in Nw Yok. They ar always worth the
p e paid for them.
s quality of W. L Douglas product guarae e d by moise at
t m rthe oeade i the Fashion Centres of America.
ar made in a lip factory ac Brockon, Mass.,
hiehrest paid skilled e b undr th direction and
up ion perienced men, all woking with an ho nest .
deermaion to male the best shoes for he pice that money
ca buy.
Ask yeur shoe dealer for W. L Douglas shoes. It be ea.
not suppl you with the kind you want, take no other
make. Write for Interesting bookLt erplalsiag how to M R OF
Sshoesof the highest standard of quslty foe tse price, -an
re turn ma ull, potageree. Ses
LOOK FOR W. L Douglas  bw+
. .. t. Preside ntt 8 82.50 & 8=2
d th W . Douas Shoe Co. Breekou
Not Perfect.
"How are you making out with your
new motor boat? Learned to run it
yet ?"
"Oh, yes. That boat takes me any
where I want to go."
that's fine."
'"The only trouble is it won't bring
me back."
that your heart's all right. Make
sure. Take "Renovine"--a heart and
nerve tonic. Price 50c and $1.00.-Adv.
Edwin Woodring. hermit of Allen
town, Pa.. predicts speedy downfall of
A henpecked man is a silent partner
j of his wife's woes.
Old -Reliable
Peter Schuttler
Is the Easiest Running Wygon
It is built in the honest old-time way, by expert wagon '
builders - in the World's Greatest Wagon Factory. That's
why it stands the wear without repair, and gives greater
service and satisfaction than any other. Your mules can do
more work with a Peter Schuttler Wagon -because it runs
so much lighter.
Before you buy any other wagon, inquire about the Schuttler.
Send for our free book. Address
Gale-Hooper Co., lmphis, Teas. Peter Schttler Co., Chicags, Ill.
Amfilion otfer wmen have found
the same solution these sixhave
Almost every woman at some time has had a coffee prob
lem. Over a million American women have settled theirs
the same way ! Read what these six say
"I recommend Arbncklek ' Cofe "I have mud AbueleV fee yenm
to my friend. I buy it all the time and think there is s edbo pqual
because it is better cofee." - Mi it.'-Mrs. J. L. W1.we.t sAerpk.
B.a Meeer, Ky. 1..n, W. VM
"I ms Arbuckls' becase It I "I have been nr AtekI
stroger than 3 e oee and Ar- e for ye Inkt to the oly
bckle.' packages are full 16 os." offee fttodrak." A. O. eWa
-Mth. Voackrn, C.idrrwe~. Ker. en., Lev, Cdep.d.
"I)e bern adi Arbuekles' fe "We hae and Arbuekils' Cdee
etrsad have alwa uod it the ter ten years and have not t found
bast I ower acd."-Mr Jemsthi its ireaVd."-Lviryded.
BiEri, C.o5dee, Ohio. .o W , A.l.
Arbuckles' is the biggest selling, most populu coffee
in the United States. Have ou tasted it Get it at
your grocer's-either bean or already ground-nd serve
it in your home. Know why a million other women say
that Arbuckles' is the finest coffee they ever tasted !
Make your coffee earn luvely gifs. Save the signature
on every Arbuckle wrapper. Arbuckles' premiums are
as famous as Arbuckles' Coffee. Write for specia pre
mium catalog. Arbuckle Bros., n Water St., New York.
bact guarantee that each spoonful
will clean your sluggish liver better
than a dose of nasty calomel and that
It won't make you sick.
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. You'll know it next morn
ing, because you will wake up feel
ing fine, your liver will be working.
your headache and dizziness gone
your stomach will be sweet and your
bowels regular.
Dodson's Liver Tone is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and
cannot salivate. Give it to your chil
dren. Millions of people are using
Dodson's Liver Tone instead of dan
gerous calomel now. Your druggist
will tell you that the sale of calomel
is almost stopped entirely here.-Adv.
Largest Fountain Pen.
"What is believed to be the largest
fountain pen ever made for actual use
was completed a few days ago in New
Orleans. This pen is made of silver
and holds two ounces of ink. It is tea
inches long with the cap and eight
inches without the rap, not including
the point. The pen weighs about four
Just Right. I
"A penny for your thoughts, dear."
"I was thinking of that exquisite
perfume and its cost."
"Ah! I knew your thoughts were
about a scent's worth."
Uruguay has bought a dredge built C
in Holland.

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