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mmm m . -- - -
OkDRnato a special election to he held Pa
in the Parish of Tensa-, State of .ouisi- ithl
ana, for the purpose of submitting to the 1t1
qualified electors of said parish the ltes- H
tion of the levy iof a special tax of rT%,
itr.l. (.012). for the purpos'e of provid- il,
ingj additioinal aidi to the puhlic school L.
of said parin-h. 1i
Section I. l4e it .rdlaintedl hy the Ten- pr,
Fa Parish Sh I ,ol oard ,-f IT"'.as Pari-h. ,
Louisiana. that a sp,ci.il , I .l i,' n he, and i.
is hereby orderil, to bie held.I in tle Parish fo1
of Tersas, State -f L.,,iiian . -.o tie
21st Da of Aug.ut. 1917, 1.1
for the plrpiw-e of sllthnittil' tol te lli al- TN
ifled elector. 4f the said pairl-h .ntitilil r it
to vote thereat ttie question of the I,. y of r~
a special tax of Two Mills (.)02') on the di
dollar of all property in the sail l'arish
subject to State taxation, for a periodl -f tll
TWO years, the proceieds of the said tax to 1M
be used in giving additional aid to the Ni
public schllools of the said l'arislh. t
Section 2. Be it further ordained, etc.. 1i
That the ballots to ti usel at the sail \\
election shall tie prepared by the S-iere
tary of the Parish Schooll , Board and shall ai
be in the following forim:
Form of Ballot.
special Election in the Parish of Ten-as, (.
State of Louisiala.
To be held in accordance with an tlr,li- l
dinance passed by the Pari. sh
School Board.
Proposition to levy a Two
Mill (.002) special tax on all yE a
the property subject to tax- or
ation in the Parish of Tensas,
Stateof Louisiana, annually, - -
for a period of two years, for
the purpose of giving ad
ditional aid to the Public " \1
Schools of the said Parish. ti
Taxable Valuation, $. . ...........
Signature of Voter ............... ...
Signature of Woman Voter's Agent cas.t- (
ing ballot by proxy
........ .......................... .. i
Nvrl ·lE To VffIcrts:-To vote in favor iof F
the proposition ullnuiittedt on this hallott,
place a cross (X) in the square after the "
word "Y''", and to viite against it, placeC ti
a similar mark after the word "No". I
(Form of Back of Ballot)
Parish of Tensas, P
W ard ........ Precinct .... ... t
Taxable Valuation, $ .............. a
Signature of Voter ..................... h
Signature of Woman Voter's Agent ciat- c
ing ballot by proxy
(Note for back of Ballot)
In filling out ballot, the Commissionii
era, or Clerk, may fill the blanks on face
of ticket, but the voter should write his
name in the appropriate blank on hack
of ticket and he should make sure that
a cro (X) is placed opposite the "Yes"
or "No" on the face of his ticket, and
that theamount of his assessment is in
dicated on his ticket.
Section 3. Be it'further ordained, etc.,
That the:Secretary of the Parish School
Board be. and he is hereby ordered t i"
cause to he prepared for use at the said
election the tally sheets, lists of qualified
electors, assessed valuation of property,
blank statements for the compilation of
the vote, in number and amount,
and other election blanks that may be
required for the purpose of holding thei
said election; to cau.se the same to ti
placed in the ballot boxes for use at the
respective precincts, and to mnake pro
vision for the transportotion of the hal
lot boxes to thie several precincts of the
Hection 4. Be it fnrther ordained, etc.,
That the polling places or precincts for
the said election shall be, for the First
Ward, Marks' Place; Second Ward, 1st
Precinct, Newellton; .Second Ward, 2nd
Precinct, New Light; Thlirld Ward, St.
Josepll, Court Hlouse; Fourth Warld,
Mayflower Store; Fifth Ward, Somerset
Store; Sixth Ward, Waterproof; S-enfenth
Walrd, Hilighland Store, andl the follo Inlg
three commissioners and clerks of elee
tion are appointed to eachl respective poll
ing place: First Ward, E. ('. (race, SanI
Mark and Wade Newell, Colmmissioners;
Henry Isaacs, Clerk. Second Ward, 1st
Precinct, Louis Buckner, Henry Kauf
man and Johin lynch, Commissioners:
Julius Salomoln, Clerk; Second Ward.
nmid Precinct, R. I.. Slocnmb, W. S. En
tinger and F. H. Ilanstuorronullh, ('oin
missioners; ,hohn W. Osborln, Clerk:
Third Ward, J. P'. tt, E. J.. Walton
and E. A. Huelow, Co'llnissionlers : A. B.
Ratclifl, Clerk; Fourtli Wardl, Freil
kvlith, Wily Caivin and Adam Anilerson,
Commissionersa .Steve Smithl. ('lerk ;
Fifth Ward, ELan Joln-s, W'. 1'. HIrnsi
and A. B. Knowles, Commiissioners;
Dfiougla O'Kelley, C'lerk; Sixth Ward,
W. H. White, J. M. cortoni and i. N.
Hunter, Commissioners; Hlenry Marks,
Clerk; Seventh Warld, Elliott Ciolemlan,
Harrison Miller and R. B. Miller. 'om
missioners; E. F. ;raves. Clerk. All of
whom shall serve \vithout colmupensation.
Section 5. Be it further oridamiIil. etuc..
That the Parish Schoil ~H oari shall limit.
at eleven o'clock, a. Im. oii the ?4th diay
of August, 1917, for lthe purpose, in open
session, of examiningill and counting the
ballots, canvassing the returns and Iie
claring the reellts of the said election.
,ection 6i. Be it further ordained, etcl.,
That the President of tilhe 'Parish Scuclolu
Board be, and he is hereby instructed to(
give public notice of the said election by
proclamation to be duly publishedl, ac
cordihbeg law.
Sec.tlion 7. Be it further ordained, etc.,
That the special election iherein and hlere
by protded for shall te held antd col
diucted and the returns thereof shall lie
made under the provisions of Act 236 of
1910 ad amendments thereof, and such
other lamu may be applicable.
W. D. A. Goarox, President.
Tarn. Wan.l, acrMtary.
St. Joseph, La., June 14th, 1917.
Pursuant to an ordinance pasaed by the
Tenses Parish School Board of Tensa"
Parish. Louisiana, at a meeting held on'C(
the 14th day ot June, 1917, 1, W. D. A.
;,rtln. President of said Parish School
Hoard, (do hereby give notice that, in
, .cnpliance with said ordinance, a special
elhction will Iew hell in Tensas Parish, lHo
L.ouisiana. on the 21st day of August, the
1917, for the purpose of submitting to the wh
property tax payers qualified under the thbs
('C,nstitution ald laws of the State of he
Louisiana to vote at said election, the li i
following proposition, to-wit: fro
To levy a special tax of Two Mills
(.05)2) on the dollar on all property in fo,
Ten-as lParish,. Louisiana, subject to ih
State taxation, annually, for a period of thi
rTrc years, for the purpose of giving ad- Au
litional aid to tihe public schools. pel
For the lurpose of said special election
the polling places will be: First Ward,
Marks' Place; second Ward, 1st Precinct,
Neaellton; ind lPrecinct, New Light
Store: Third W\ard, St. Joseph, Court
loiuie; Foirth W\\rd. Mayflower; Fifth
\\ard. Somiierset Store; Sixth Ward,
\Waterproof; Seventh Ward, Highland,
and the folowing colmissioners and
clerk- ol election of each polling place
have been appointed to serve at this
election, all of whom will serve without
cI Onipensatioln: First Ward, E. C. Grace,
:111 Marks and Wade Newell, Commis
sioners; Henry Isaacs, Clerk; Second
Ward, 1st Precinct, Louis Buckner,
IHenry Kaufman and John Lynch, Com
- ilissioners ; Jubius Salomon, Clerk; 2nd
Precinct, R. L. Slocumb, W. S. Emtinger
andl F. H. Ilanslhorrough, Commission
Sers; John W. thlslri, Clerk; Third
Ward., J. P. Scott, E. J. Walton and E.
A. Ruelow, C'oimnissioners; A. B. Rat
cliff, Clerk; Fourth Ward, Fred Smith,
Wily Cavin and Adam Anderson, Com
ilissioners; Steve Smith, Clerk; Fifth
Ward, Evan Jones, W. P. Burns and A.
B. Knowles, Commissioners; Douglas
(''Kelley, Clerk; Sixth Ward, W. S.
W\hite, J.1. M. Gorton and (;. N. Huntel,
Co('mmissioners; Henry Marks, Clerk;
SeCventh Ward, Elliott Coleman, Harrison
Miller and R. B. Miller, Commissioners;
f F. E. graves, Clerk.
.It said special election the polls will be
(open at seven o'clock a. mn. and close at
e iive o'clock p. ill., and the election will
Ib conducted in accordance with the laws
of Louisiana applicable thereto.
Notice is also given that at eleven
o clock a. in. if the 24th day of August,
1917, the said Parish School Board of the
Parish of Tensas, Louisiana, will meet in
thle Court House in St. Joseph, Louisiana,
and in open session proceed to open the
ballot boxes, examine and count the bal
lots in number and amount, examine and
canvass the returns, and declare the re
sult of said special election.
This the 13th day of June, 1917.
W. D. A. ioaRToN,
lPresident of Tensas Parish School Board.
St. Joseph, La., June 18, 1917.
t Public notice is hereby given that I will
,conduct an examination of applicants for
1 teachers' certificates on July 30th, 31st
I and August 1st for whites, and on August
2nd, 3rd and 4th for colored. The white
teachers will report at the School Board
otlice on Monday, August 30th, at 9:30
a. m., and each morning thereafter at
8:110 until the examination is finished.
The colored teachers will report at the
cI olored school house on August 2nd at
, 9:30 a. m. and at S:3: a. m. each morn
ing thereafter until the examination is
Each applicant must come supplied
with examination or legal cap paper,
ns, ink and peucil. Applicants are
requested to leave all text and note books
aI t hIlome. Bring nothing with you in the
shape of books and papers except the ex
allinatllon o(r legal cap paper.
Tmio. M. W4DE, Supt.
or NO()TICE.
ft The School Hoard is required under the
st law\ to make a budget of all receipts andl
d lishursments for the seseion at the meet
t. inc of the Board held in July. All parties
I1, who wish schools established by the
et Hardl mustnl make application before the
h late of thle July meeting, that the Board
ni.ny appropriate money for its support.
"" It is necessary for all parties to take
II- totice of this, for thile Superintendent does
tn 1,1t have the authllority toestablish schools.
; Applications for the establishment of
st 5collI)ols can be filed with the Superintend
f- (enlt before thile meeting of the Board on
11the Ilth If .luly.
d. Tuos. M. WADE, supt.
- .luly 19th. 1917.
k; State of Ohio. City of Toledo,
i L.ucas County. I I
. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
el nllior partner of the firm of F. J. Che
n t. 1 l &" Co., dloing business in the City of
k; Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and
ns tha.t said tirnI will pay the sum of one
rs; hIluldredl dollars for each and every case
d, of catarrhll that cannot be cured by the
N. use of Hlall's Catarrb Cure.
1 wril ti before onie and subseribed in
t noy preseice, this 7th day of December,
of ( Iwtall A. W. GLEAS~ON.
lin. Notary Public.
I.. lall's C'atarrh Cure is taken internally
(.(t anI acts directly upon the blood and mu
hay Illis surfaces (If the system. Send for
II'l testinonlials. free.
tile F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
1 ',I by all druggists, 7.c.
- Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
S Victor Phonog0aras
and Records ...
. From the Least to the Best.
SI b See us bdeore buylg.
t. PhLo NoN. 42
Colored Contributors to Red Cross Fund from Sixth
Ward of Tensas Parish, Louisiana.
The Gazette announced some time since its purpose to pptblathe Bed e ros
Honor Roll for Tensas Parish, but when all names had beoinited Iln the lists
were found to be so large as to exceed our saupply of capita leas,, thereby making
the publication by au of the complte list imposrible, whereupon Yr. B. F. Yong.
who has been very active in soliciting contributions for the waet mase, .tut
that he would defray all costs for machine composltion for the htLb ard list, am
he had told the colored people in an addess at Waterpr d at the_ i of tio
drive that names of all contributors would be pblis hed in the w-E , and i kt.
ligated to redeem his promise, and accordingly dirested oi to ws the colored list'
from the Sixth Ward set up on a type-stt,,-m machine, and which we have last
rbeen able to get done, the cost of this compions being 1 cwt per inme or -.24
Sfor the 624 colored contributors from the li.th Ward, ph carryin s a The
r (aette would like very much to publish the full list for the -itre pe hb,but must
have assistance to the amount of cost of machine composltiom, - we cannot bear
this expense ourselves. We freely surrender al spece dedred b the bed roe
I pense of outside composition and so must look to loeal friends of the cae to take
care of this bill if further lists are to be given to the public.-Ed. (casette.
Hamnp Efo, S.olto. ...
Wm. Buchanan, Sr.
Wm. Buchanan, Jr.
Chas. Buchanan.
Arenia Buchanan.
Sally Buchanan.
Harrison Buchanan.
Ben Fallow.
Rose Brown.
Sam Sykes.
Summer Sykes.
James Shield.
Geo. Thill.
Nellie Goldman.
Elizabeth Webb.
Mary Sykes.
General Lee.
Essie Walton.
Nat Carroll, Sr.
Mabel Carroll.
Nat Carroll, Jr.
Alice Knopper.
Margaret Hill.
Peter McTlier.
James Lucus.
S. L Sykes.
Rufus Foster.
Elijah Williams.
Edward Chaney.
Willie Seddon.
Henry Hawkins.
Billy Felix.
Corine Holmes.
Willie Allen.
Iao Hill.
Ed Rollins, Jr.
Lilly Rollins.
Iaura Dixon.
Geo. Barnes.
Dan Salisbury.
Robt. Iewis.
Cindy Salisbury.
John Ooth.
Allen Morgan.
ULney Daniell.
Charlie Reed.
Warns Housens.
Fred Brooks.
Jack Sykes.
Lucy Arnold.
e Ben Giser.
Estelle Giser.
Cleve Barns.
Virginia Barns.
Dave Cole.
Gust Benart.
Patsle Barnes.
David Wiley.
Isiah Scott.
Bettle Gregary.
Celena Turner.
Isreal Gregary.
Henry Adams.
Polnee Scott.
Geo. Skinner.
Luchens Carter.
Wickson Scott
it Ben Wiley.
Ge General Lee Gresary.
d Dave Carter.
Janie Wiley.
Mose Freedom.
Sam Wiley.
Grant Johnson.
Will Johnson.
Henry Williams.
Sam Williams, Jr.
Virginia Johnson.
Martha Willis.
Tom Washington.
Mary Shields.
Eliza Shields.
Will Ellis.
Samuel Turner.
J. K. Jackson.
J. L. Ellott.
Bill Skinner.
Elias Lawrence.
Abb Brown.
Ollie Elliott.
Cicero Miller.
J. C. Jackson.
Theresa Jackson.
d 1 Hardie Gregary.
Emmittie Miller.
esnnie Kelly.
Major Wiley.
Cornelius Washington.
Mary Lisa Wiley.
rd Tom Kirk.
Mamle Jones.
ke Wesley Briscoe.
Hillary Jordan.
John Daniels.
Pearly Davreli.
of Ida Jones.
d- Major Johnson.
3 Charles Price.
Bolden Saven.
Andrew RandelL
Nat Williams.
Harrison Shields.
William Rollins.
Edward Shead.
Henry Hillward.
is Arthur Harris.
SDan Battle.
of Mose Icknma.
Elisabeth Foster.
Pink Washington.
ne Henry Jackson.
e Rebecca Harris.
he Buster Shields.
Tom Hardin.
Hannah Hardin.
G eo. Short.
in David Braxton.
er, J. W. Wllltams.
Gema Cunambell.
Scott Irving.
Tom Temnnese.
y Lily Tennsee.
M- . M. Rimbles.
for Cleero Gardner.
Andrew Parker.
L C. Clark.
Sally Clark.
Guy Simpson.
Elijah Shelton.
lsaac Washington.
Charlie Grandson.
Levi Window.
John Jenkins.
Grafton Wiley.
Victor Wiley.
Elijah Mes
Jemie Tenson.
Alice Tenson.
PFred Skinner.
Willis Oliver.
Bea Clark.
Dan Wasuhlngton.
Ellis Irving.
Henry Jones.
Richard Le.
amrthm te, Jr.
i 0cw...* an
wtrS~wr .o
illard Benart.
IHe Wiley.
William Taylor.
Oliver Rogers.
aSd Wiley.
inm Jordan.
Alex Robinson.
Major Rogers.
Mareah Loyd.
Howard Darnold.
Allen Robinson.
John Ellis.
Shed Reynolds.
Nora Benart.
John Moore.
Henrt inold.
Hin Carter.
Amy Coale.
Sue Perkins.
Masd Carter.
Junious Johnson.
Eva Price.
Sim Jackson.
Jessie Jackson.
Ag. Jackson.
Rhoda Fair.
Mrs. N. E. Mitchell.
Louis Butcher.
Cleveland Holmes.
M. B. Williams.
J. P. Mitchell.
Mrs. A. E. Mitchell.
W. C. MitchelL
Mrs. Laura Mitchell.
Joe McTier.
Mrs. Lisle Sueton.
Levi Sposby.
Mrs. Quenn Sposby.
Sam Webb.
Mrs. Rena Webb.
Dan Webb.
Rachell Webb.
Will Campbell.
Miss V. L Bullen.
Miss Prankle L Mitchell.
P. J. Jordan. Sr.
Anthony Hill.
H. Williams.
John Williams.
Levi Williams.
Allen Johnson.
Joe Diagham.
A. Massey.
James Hill.
Jack Williams.
LAge Williams.
Walter Williams.
C. Johnson.
Carey Hayes.
S. Reynolds.
M. Walker.
T. Walker.
Mat Walker.
J. Moore.
C. Elliot.
J. Thompson.
C. Shields.
M. Walker.
Will Hill.
Isaac Young.
Hilliard lions.
Chas. Thompson.
H. Elliot.
Deleware Frazier.
Cleve Barnes.
Elvira Jones.
Ineas Headen.
T. W. Washington.
Mrs. Mary Washngton.
A. Mitchell.
Mandy Wiley.
Mahaley Harris.
Freddie Campbell.
Mary Hamer.
Homer Wiley.
Church Woods.
(eo. 8tevenson.
Billy Brown.
Isaac Weioht
Taylor Jones
A. C. Chrlston.
Jim Perry.
Harvey Ferguson.
Mat Jenkins.
Edgar Johnson.
Lella Cameron.
Duncan Sargent and Wife.
Jack Sargent.
Ruoefus Sargent and Wife.
John Cammaok.
Will Webb and Wife.
Roxie Norris.
John Davis and Wie.
Will Hooket.
Berry Butler rand Wife.
Partheana San.)
Lottie Scott.
Assle Soott.
Mattle Butler
Tom Jordan.
Joe Maiew.
Angeline Mathews
George Red.
Emma Wright.
Terry Niosoak
T. W. Spow'
Julius 1lis.
B. . Hiek~ mbottom.
Corn Knappr.
• H. 3. Bres.
J. E. Disms.
Ben Bradshaw, tey.
P. O. Brown, Sc.
Will Hidhnmbhettom.
John Jaehse.
G. W. Wlhar.
Auttar Meg
aMdy ePoter
Jeff. Clark and WIf.
Myra Whkw.
amm Anenres.
Iattle Wasem.
Wallace Wlms.
Elijah Clks.
Joe Wright ad WIfoe.
Dan. Ware Jr. and Wtfe.
Wlllam ld* ae kthmer.
Lawyrer Brdon ad Wife.
George Grrhley ad Wif.
Abe eordea.
P. J. Joran, Jr.
Mrs. Nared Rbemen.
S J. Jones and Wtfe
'I. Calvin sad Wtte
Mor Turnr andee Wo.
P. Ne·loa rp WV..
Will leter a WIle.
o. W. Wathlss
Hi. ,Ols.
wo n _
W. M. Winchester.
Lucinda Wlmssesters
Mose Sexton.
Octavie Seeton.
0. W. Williams.
1Z. B. Williams, Jr.
H. C. Williams.
B. P. Pollard.
Jessie President.
Wtatt Cary.
Ellja Washington.
Alex Wilson.
Wadis Griffin.
Robert Evans.
Willie Brooks.
Joseph Williams.
William Scott.
Henry Thomas.
Rachael Caster.
Clara Anderson.
Mingo fymon.
Cassle Brown.
George Bates.
r T. A. Grilffn.
Wisley Williams.
Prestoer Passos.
Mosse Witcher.
W. M. Anderson.
St. Mark, B. C.
Millie Anderson.
Kisla Mussy.
Nick Danniel.
Johnny Brown.
.Nly Brown.
Harret Williams.
John Homes.
E. D. Scott.
Charley Bevesly.
Alfred Brown.
New St. Mark.
J. E. Nelson.
Spencer Gruson.
Mount Rose B. C.
Greenfield B. C.
Elisa Clabon.
Joseph Clabon.
M. W. Washington.
S. V. Washington.
Hermon Washington.
R. Anderson.
Dave Skinner.
Joseh Hamton.
H. H. Caster.
H. N. Johnson.
I. N. Johnson.
Wesley Glass.
Richard Johnson.
Gasella Nelson.
Andrew Walker.
Ed. Wise.
Stratton Beverly.
H. Bevesly.
Lim Nelson.
Fred Nelson.
Jack Nelson.
Ed. Davis.
Huston Johnson.
Jessie Williams.
John Bailey.
Blacky Bailey.
Henry Hockins.
Icke Jones.
Mat Pitman.
Zeckle Peng.
Nahone Miller.
Tob Williams.
Buckner Hawkins.
James Hill.
E. D. Booman.
Judge Davis.
Pearly Caster.
H. H. Brown.
Henry Camon.
Ellia M'Zeek.
Dan Candy.
Kallo Nelson.
Nick Samton.
Sam Brown.
George Famor.
Wallace Nelson.
Horace Bass.
Henry Scott.
Robert Buckenner.
Toweling Brown.
Oliver Dery.
Tom Johnson.
Monroe Sinklin.
Nealie Conway.
Rodie Stoward.
Susie Hurnes.
Roxie Knopper.
Esther Knopper.
Nofle Washington.
Tom Roberson.
George Elven.
George Roberson.
Ivons Shots.
Vinla Luens.
Moses Booman.
Sarah Webster.
Robert Johnson.
Maria Johnson.
Mino Walker.
Fealin Johnson.
George Jackson.
George Bailey.
Mack Young.
G. L. Sanders.
Huston Sanders.
Johnny Roberson.
Richard Felix.
Whesley White.
Robert Montgomery.
Ziok Elig.
Dave Pack.
Willie Harris.
Dervy Whenchester.
Allen 8piners.
George Harris.
Casie Danniel.
Elisabeth Stacker.
Laua Wells.
George Wells.
Victor Homes
Spencer Martin.
Kanlght-x Ladlies of Love No. 10.
W. 5. Washington.
Gusie Wiley.
John Wiley.
Rallin Baso.
Wash Parks.
Willie Parks.
Chas. Knoper, Jr.
Chas. Hymes.
Chas. Knopper, Sr.
Willie Booma.
Shilo B. C.
Cindy Wilson.
Lettie Nelson.
Henry Bats.
Easter Jenkins.
Blue Dick.
Benevolent Society No. 2.
Olevia Dotson.
Rev. B. T. Scott.
JosephineH Scott.
Bernice Washington.
Emily Brown.
Jim Dotson.
RlBs Tfllman.
Johanle Wiloe.
Martell Granderson.
Violet Wide.
Minnie Oranderson.
Vivian Collins.
Roth Pleoa.
Millie Shields.
Virgnlala Johnson.
Lou Watts.
Tom Marshel.
Senmor Trinner.
Benny ldavy.
Jackson Crocky.
Ike JohBa
Hernon Day.
Riehard Colman.
Jackson 8nowton.
Arch Hardon.
Hence Honson.
Tob Clark.
FPerd Day.
Albert Nelson.
Frlnch Oorton.
Charley Harrisona
Ihahk WnISes
g93g goas.
Tom Fields.
Ros Trumer
Edward Trumer.
Tom Collins.
Ella Collins.
Mary Willison
Horce Loveinly.
Jack Syke.
Sandy Humphries.
John Scott.
Welesy Call.
Eary Williams.
Pam Johnson.
Edward Jackson.
Jan Jackson.
Whitfield Shaw.
Lem Wells.
Pemana Derry.
Ham 8mythe.
Robert Bethie.
Fred Berd.
Robert Williams.
Henry Williams.
Elile Stoward.
Kinsey Ratin.
St. Louis 8. Sail.
Prank Miles.
Joe Stoward.
Richard Scott.
Francis John.
Tom Jackson.
Merkenelly Fair.
Abe Syke.
Lon Hymen.
Parker Granson.
Neiss Seward.
Spltos Conway.
Andrew Fraser.
Rufus Scott.
Lieutenant Johnson.
Emma Barber.
George Harden.
Frank Holmes.
Cyntha Brown.
Sallie Williams.
Cyntha Brackins.
Victoria Shelton.
Harrett Calloway.
Cage Layman.
Clayton Davis.
Henry Layman.
Luther Strange.
Charlie Price.
Merrideth Fair.
Savanah Wiley.
Nina Smith.
George Wiley.
Alice Lewis.
'Martha Beech.
George Nelson.
Amanda Wiley.
Steve Johnson.
P. P. Parker.
Harve FugsOn.
Masin Fugson.
Wm. Strange.
Osoner Green.
Wash Parks.
Maggie Watkins.
George Wyley.
Henry Bats.
Sinday Wilson.
Lettie Nelson.
Lizzie Gardner.
James Johnson.
Isom Holmes.
W. M. Brown.
Margrett Franklin.
Joseph Clabon.
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sate of Louislsa. Pariahptof Tenrss, Tenth
District Court.*
SuecessIon of John B. Gutbrie, ldeceased
pUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that F. L.
and B. B. Ouhbrle, Executors of BEtate
of John B. Oathtre, deceased, havelled their
Niaeteenth Annual Aeoount with said 8ue.
Nor, therefore, unless written oppsition
themto be fled In my oice within ten days
altie publication hereof. same will he ho
iLn ted, so prayed for.
IL. 5.1 WitnesJ my hand and the sel of
said Court, this 12th day of July, 117.
Clerk 10th District Court.
PUBLIC NOTIOC, as provided by Act Ut
of IIIe, of the Qserll Assemably of the State
of Loluisiana, is hereby given that. at a tax
sale made on the 3rd day of June. III?,
Willis Waters beeine lii purchaser aol ad
Judicatee of the folowlag decr~t pp-,
erty, which was advertiset tfor ssle ha taat
Sdate, to-wit:
WATCI A I LISI, U-cm--, nnd house 4n
IT ewelton, In 5outwest corner of lot
owned by L s. IE tIer, 5 ft. 1ie ft.;
That adeed was executed to him by Jobha
HaBghes, shelf sad es-oelo Tax Collector
for the Parlab Of ~ees, ,Lenlisa on the
rd day of Jone, 117, ad s reorded la Deed
Book "Q ,'" e, of the Records of Ten
mae , I *.e . on the Wth day of Joune
17, slaid property havin bsee asessed and
sold as the property of arolin e Waters for
taxes for the year 117.
St. Joseph, La., July 0th, 1T7.
PUBLIC MOTIOC. as provided by Act 2$
of U55, of the General Assembly of the 8tate
of Louisias, is hereby given that. at a tax
ale made on the Srd day of Joane. 117.
Thoes. aounnlgham beaeeme the purchaser
and adjadicatee of the following described
, which was advertised for sale on
fs de, to-wit:
ELSn, meT. OF JOSKPHINB--Hous and
lot ain St. Joseph, bounded North and
West by lot of Mrs. FP. L. Salcer. East by
PFoorth street and outh by lot of Harriet
Frlendship; assessed at T..5.
That a deed was execated to him by John
a1P·1 ett~sad ex-koSeo Tax Collector
for-te parish of Tensas, Lolslana, on the
3rd day of Jee, 137. and recorded Io Deed
Book Q,"pag , of the Records of Tenssa
PaSiI, Lee n, oa the Eth day of Juane
1M7 sald property having been assessed and
solid uas the propertyof t. of Josephine
mise, lfor taxes or the year 135.
Bt. Joseph. La., July th, 1517.
Apply at Gazette Office.
Wanted-A a S · k " ,. ..,'tt~t...
Suer E l"xcsiJW
Tickets on tale May 16th to
September 30th, final limit for
return October 31st, 1917.
Through Sleepers
Vkksbnq to New York
Shreveport to Atlanta. Ga.
Shreveport to thattanooga
Monroe to New Orleans
For Sleeping Car reservatlouS
and other information, call on
or address,
Vicksburg, Miss.
C. F. WOODS, U. P. A.
New Orleans, La.
-- -- '" --- - I r
Any Doctor
Will tell you a fellow's
constitution wont last
forever, and in these
streneous times it needs
a good overhauling oc
Mineral Wells, Texas
Offers Excursion Rates
Two or three weeks
there will msnake you
look and feel like new.
Better go while the go
ing is good.
Ask the Ticket Agent.
6en, Pas. Agt. Anst. Gen. Pas. Agt.
Paasenger Tramc Mgr.
We Want You
to keep in mind the fact
that in addition to print
ing this newspaper we
do job work of any kind.
When in need of any
thing in this line be sure
To Call On Us
IS. nERT I. mim
i e s. sewe c. .e sao . .d Ca eet st
Tlehase lackson 16-W. $1.N a lay
o Purchase the "NEW HOME" and yoe willhave
a life met a the price you pay. The eliinia o
d quality of material i1mures life-I at
by m coot. Insisat o havinS the I*
Knows the world over for superior sewnlg enalima
th Not sold under any other name.
ed sea eat. . m
- Colie Puppies for Sale!
Two litters of Thoroughbred
Collie Pups for sale. There
are 21 CHAMPIONS in the
S Pedigree which I furnish with
S each pup. Good ones, ot caJlls
- s - ...

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