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tt P- hing -- ny, Ltd. Official- _J $1.50 fer
Tensas Gazette Publising Company, Ltd. Ofticial Journal of the Parish of Tensas, Bo d Scoold IDnectors, fifth Lousia Levee INstrict and Town of St. Joseph. $1.50 Per ..
-~ ~4zi~i ~ ·k
Dainty Neckwear for Fall Gloves That Match the New New fall 1917 Corset arns an4 ng
DaityNek ea fo Fll 170VS 18Mo80 ti$ WNeedles--Plenty Still
Every smart, new idea Is featured fall Gowns .,,Models Needles-Plenty-Stll
EvrUmatIewie i Ftue ashion's correct foundation for the The whole world haa gone to knitting,
In this complete stock. Be sure it111(i, y I) rJ(iu o d sitto new
and see the showing of- What is so discordant to the har- th e lattnew silhouette Brands, that are well t seem, and you arept to to sp
mony of the new fall attire as gloves known for their many good points ply you, a the manufaturers~re to
Oriental stock Collars with Jabots, that lack freshnes or that don't quite supply te nton-wde demands.
large Geor ette Crepe Collars, plain harmonize with the color of the gown, and exluitvo with us, Wn.ludng oly t noni dans
Modart front lade Cor sets, W. B. Holukor"Bsinhk"wi
hemntltche ,trimmed with pretty filet Plenty of the new Gloves YET-all VICKSBUR M) .e front lA m ,o,
lace in round, square back, rolling the wanted colorn, to give the finish- daso Ameroa dy'O be we they into the m
shapewshapes. Embroidered Organdy Collart Ing touch of refinement and good styleyou
and sets and Satin Collars. Choice for Sole agents for Perrin., Dents and $.Sa0 to r knitting for them.
50c up. Fownes o lves. Mississippi's Greatest Departl S tn On IriAm to AII. Alo sQO., to. $ ,1.00 ae kston frlee..
Neckwear Section-Main Floor. $1.50 to $2.50 ings free. Art Secto-ec.'Plor
NEW KHAKI COVERT CLOTH Captivating Children's Apparel Models
DRESSES New, Distinctive
Sc A utum n Featuring every new phase of all Faahions
Srepresentative line "f the n.. in et for children, misses and juniors in Dresses,
t b Coats, Sweaters, etc.
Cloth Dresses, I.autftllvll I,,.ýl,,, i ý ll ,iý ,g • .o b,.etn e ato.
t Breleust of all wool Serge and t, hlkChildren's smart Autumn Dreses, made
, h BOUSS.of all wool Serge and Galates, which show a
Seutash. Belted and Iht t 16 -n ý _ wide choice of models, inoluding the "Jack
cellent ue t ........ $24.75 ,l .. Tar" dress. All the favored colors and -
llent vaue at t iSite Blouses which the new styles shown from .................................. .... .50 to $6.95
i4' son crowns supreme-beau- -
at cmLDREN'8 CoATr
SMART SERGE DRESSES ,ul originations in Georgette iEvery o fan m L en s heCl nmodeATS ,
with a selection of French tuckings, hand embroidery coming season. Smart belted styles wi patoh pookts....$.00 to $10
Serge is the most practical fabric on the fashion
Slist and yet no dresses are more attractive than and delicate lace trimmings-ed are designed to meet the mIOas, AUTthN sU
r cll~etin of model.e arf morel atrdtiner. thanIn Jues for misses Utd jo;i es
,mc,llectiin of miels f,,r fal~l :mnil winter. mOre particular semi-dress requisites. All the all The model and the farc all declare them te be mw fail, 1Kl?. Sdlf
They are expressive of style, individuality, suit colors, dainty evening shades and artful combi- n for mi d io; prid fro.......... .
"' fashioned with simplicity andi refinement along nations are reprea ed. - NEW GINGHAM DRESSES
.. J n hGingham ls"the popular fabric for washable dresses, and here they are
Slines that will rule during the season, suitable . in all their beuty of oloring and modelg, from...........$1.00 to $3.9
for street and dressy wear. Some features embroidered and beaded effects, while others are Special Value in Georgette Crepe Waists at FITE WOOLE S A
tailored with button trimmings. Special .....................O In styles sd colors for the coming season, promnently fearorg thef
colored effects, with white collarce, pooket.sad belts .$2.00 to $6.95
E X Q U IS IT E S A T iN D R E S S E S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Straight line, softly pleated effects, tunics, may be caught up in overskirt fashion, and many
others-how lovely and splendid, yet how wearable Many shown with tracings of golt or silver peninSales A ent fo the ollown
threads in attractive patterns, beaded effects and many artistic combinations of Georgette and
satin. In fact, everything new and beautiful. Special .....1....5.00 Hart, ber & oo
Santa ay,be seen ui >
Munsi tTeirear for Men, Women and.Chiiren.
EVENING AND PARTY DRESSES S aevysereen e- re. she T
Smartest new frocks for evening wear. Many of the models are lovely adaptations of old-time . On SacTe-oieCosSos
smartnes. Satin, Georgette, Crepe, Tulle and Taffeta and other fabcs of the prusm, t,
reumms nougta women favor for the fall. 'Tsmiutlpm & ,. ,~
e ah; im re .$15.00 tO $25.00 I Bring the children down and let them talk to anta Clas I
',andm broidered effect". i '" mo er t .............................Pu............ .Ood teid o
Christm asppropr Gifts the Boys in Training. Gifts that TIlna's Cigar Sore
will be appreciated. Pipes, Cigars, Cigarettes, Smokers'
SArticles. Send us your order. .NATCHEZ, mlas.
Two Boles Per Acre!
Is the record of my IMPROVED CLEVELAND Big Boll
Cotton. None can lwat it to fight the lill weevil. Free from
all diseases. No Boll Wl'eerils. Staple over 1 inch. Resists
drouths and winds. Private culler. Selected seed. Picked
before frost. It will pay you to write me for information and
result of test made at State Experiment Station.
R. 8. LENHARDT, Carnesville, Georgia.
Fine F rniture
flame Fine Iomes.
,uhit now we are showing by far the best selection of
toold Furniture, Htugs and Novelties, and at prices
below present values, having bought before the big
ad\ance. A special inducement on every sale.
(Either bring or send this adv.)
A Discount of, 10 per cent and freight paid.
Next to Poet Otilce. VICKSBURG, MISS.
0 -
Just received one car load of Kentucky Buggies-best make-
with automobile seats. These ,uggies were made especially for I
me and were procured direct from the factory, thus obviating the I
middle man's profit and enabling me to sell at a saving to my
customers of at least 810.00 on each vehicle. Call and see them.
Handsome, well built and comfortable.
Have just gotten in a large shipment of Cook Stoves of various
sizes and prices, all guaranteed first-class. Come in and inspect
before buying a stove, as I can save you money.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Ladies' & Gent's Firnishinp
Steen Building, St. Joseph, La.
I wish to notify the public that I have accepted
the agency for the Union Seed & Fertilizer Co.,
of Monroe, La., and will represent this company
in Tensas parish and will be prepared to pay high
est price for cotton and seed. Office and ware
room in Kershaw Building. For information as
to prices, ring on reverse.
D. A. O'KELLEY, - - St. Joseph, La.
Horses and Mules for Sale!
Several car loads of Mule Colts and young Horses in
fine condition, Which I am offering at close figures.
A saultble poultry house isa necee
N17Y p1rt of the equipment for the
eleMt farm lock. The house should
'be es sestructed as to keep the
birb gMrfectly dry and keep out all
dI rat it ehould be so arranged that
the ssllght will reseh all Interior
parts at some time during the day. It
SsoueM be eoavenlent to work in and
easr to keep clean.
A hoese sixteen feet squares, or one
smntaintUg the same amount of foor
spaee,I is sudlently large for one
handre hesa in a climate like that
'aof Loisiana where the birds ean
have tree rnage practically every day
It the pear. The house should faeo
the south, and the south wall should
have a large opening to provide yen
ilation and to admit sunlight.
All craeks in the north wall should
be sloeed, as well as the ones in the
east sad west walls at least a tsr tfo
ward as the middle of the houser The
root should be perfectly tight so as
net isto leak.
The reests should extene aloug the
bak ato the bhee, running parallel
to the nt wall, sad should all be
ea a level. It is beet to use what is
kn as a dropping board. This is
t simply a wide board placed about
thity lashes above the Boor. The
reests a placed six or eight inches
ste thts boar.  ns  rraegme I
gsaetly foailitates cleaning, tad keeps
the em~sa oor space free for the
There should be one nest for every
eair to si hea. These should be
plaea where they will be easily so
esesible to the bene, and convenieat
for the attedant.
It te house has a dirt loor, re
move ueer tebhes from the top at lenst
once a year and replace with dels
soil. The level of the foor should
be above the outside ground level, and
Stf aeeesary. small drainage ditches
' should be put in to carry off rain we
ter. Keep the foor dry.-A. F. Rolt,
Poultry Specialist. Extension Dlvi
slon, Louisiana State University.
Remember that the question is not
whether you personally may feel that
you can afford to waste food; the
point is that the Nation can not af
ford to have any food wasted by
Is there a food pledge card display
ed in your windows? If not, why
- [
Dodge Motor Cor
Ekornx-3O35 H.P., 3-point suspension, unit power plant, 4-cylinder "L"
head cast in block.
OILINo--Pump and splash feed. Eccentric pump, driven'by spiral geare
from crankshaft.
CooLr.o-Water. Circulated by centrifugal pump. Tabular radiator.
CARnt'anros-Stewart-epecial design automatic air valve type.
loxrrrIox-Delco Distributor, automatic spark advance.
STARTER-12-volt North East single unit starter-generator. Willard 12-volt
storage battery.
FUEL SYera-Vacnnum feed. Fuel tank at rear. Fitted with gauge. Ca
pacity 15 gallons.
CorraoL--Levers in center of car, mounted on transmission case. Control
lever on ball pivot with locking device for each speed.
INsmmraxrr BoARD-60-mile speedometer. Oil pressure gauge. Locking,
ignition and lighting switch. Current indicator. Carburetor air adjust
ment. Glove locker and instrument lamp.
TaAwsMrssIoN-Selective sliding gear type affording three speeds forward and
one reverse. Two annnlar ball bearings. All gears chrome vanadium
steel, heat-treated and hardened.
CLtr n-Dry multiple disc-ball thrust release mechanism.
REAR Axi.E-Full-floating spiral bevel gear type. Four bevel gear difer
ential. Gears, chrome vanadium steel, heat-treated and hardened.
Eight roller bearmng used.
SPmec.s-Chrome vanadium steel. Front, semi-elliptic; rear, three quarters
rEERINGo GEan-Irreversible. Hardened steellworm and worm.wheel.
TrIES--Plain tread front. Non-skid tread rear.
WHEELBASE-114 inches.
WIND SHIELD-Clear vision, rain vision, ventilating.
EQcIPMErr-Electric born; robe rail; foot rail; license brackets; tire pump;
jack; tool kit; tire carrier with demountable rim.
Prces--TourigloCar or Roadster $835. Effect Arll I. 1917.
Agent for Tensas Parish. Newellton, La.
Guaranteed St. Louis Prices!
At mr Stal stA. L imdli. cl s Wrelt. l.e l . Vonee sYeSl.

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