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Tensas gazette. (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current, July 05, 1918, Image 1

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TNwWa lprim M Commw, UL WflcWs Juuruf 1 lbs Mif. Tawu5.huid, tol=1w 3M-1 mld Too of 5t hup. ah
If you want to buy or sell, see
.W A. S. Wheeler Realty Co.
N.i..a E i. aas. USS. '... IS
M sus, emaSow , eess Ie
Sp and Sumr Clotes,
.Pm ai s,rSbws ad Shirts,
mmd N fast orvthe ber th
Ea or y is -e empltes.
Drop us a line telling us of your wantb and they will
go forward by return mail.
P- . M. ULLMAN & CO.
Nave You Ordered Yours ?
Tmas Aut & SI Co.
TAstsed Fred Dedlrs
AN, sw-u - UIANA
_ eguckdy I p tr, Ieg. No. 130S
This'lae 18 hand Reistewmd Kentuky Mammoth Jack, direct
" eem the KaItnoky Jack Farm, atlJnCtiow City, Ky.,
S i amkLuI the semuso at our place on Bruin Iland.
S ern, deo wh A ant servie~,u b w esem pdrivqgs te.
' asemad p ei Jsee k, wemuer at Merlisa ud aiJack, Msin.,
adsbmvapers hik,. bt 1.3
A O muuu SW .LLOWW
Su-,s. P "sa.to h St. J-spl
·- 71- . - . ,
tl BEN 0 ELL AU IE llti
A IrCA sou NT
-rIQ 311 te. uEF
C-Inui rn
.. mmSw /ovam w Mb r
v~o fs r irrsrw si
t~rII-' waM *i ii art I S`l ae
ka absoý! lot sssfos/wr M a:
1dms Amuan weossmemot "
Bowe to b. --amdo
hooas, , ay law Ii weuur`
beroo wemameof on 3sw ad
tfmei - aoisWmla
Sir 'i. ant @U Wend MEN
wrarnt or .rrrl pmwitaleie
a. part d my bemdt-bm.i -o w
Motbt We dote we smid mow t E
boerr mnt OW
-bMV awe Wae Em S we may hMr
wr * we slue freely lst we w -
or Wrader, huller We for oursad mE
The Sm of Olt a hsvew a t -.
class >r b NO wio Itb b
rise b.. as mi m f dsha ba/e
«s mybt M.-g
Wldi ar, hae edE bar
W--- sa moaera shl Me bar r n
himso ad Uvisplm her etaes
*.ae Imil ai ea"e SSe N IN Ives
Sd leveE wies ins mleik
may wve ft wemeeS mawe he
maybe kep lrfmq pewer~ d
WadEt we as as, em et "!
ea* Cbe medi @NO smei,
TOW _sells a~s~ra on- -
* The--~"' - emawrs biU _ r~bllr
ibe air 4int 1501 l Se l~l Ya'
Sebrses as a. flam. awed
wW-bjis ever lDui eve r a f1
tolos top earnSb tosafe o
r- I eaL ant mlb ea
fret fw- aen w
brlern mama whaw a/
wbb /aea 11W tar
-o/ aspslofam dontobmi waievr
.len, Ormm bas u bw1ta 'Mr awei
emS bleeMswspewerel .rm5-e
SdAslle 0l Set peaSt fitm S. et~
mmalai, mTlheMso aireeg emS eve md
mnbwty husra frove bee innersa Sd
a, .e : absi o piople a?~ mmiw 4E
Mbaws bfo o wsolwers Risr md aEtLl
1m. Joaph, La., Joae 4, 191S.
Rumaat to an ordinaism paed by the
OObe Jury of Tenses Pariah. Loelhmian,
at a m lesthgt hel t he 4th day of J.Ow,
1918 , , rank H. Carry, Prmidelt of
amid Piags Jary, do heldy give otled
that, i ecnmpliame with said Ordlnamn,
a d election will Is held in r'sae
Pariah. L hiaea, an
fr tme ptmrpisod abrmittia the prnp.
arty tax papers qmulifrd twder the Con
diatkim anid laws of the Stat d Lo-i.i
nn tveote at ai eleet lms, thie Idlewlm
propeatlem, io-wit:
To levy a speael tau of Two Mile
(.1) the dolier ea a l property i
1em s pariah, leoamsa, umbjcdtis tax
Mims,, mmaw. for the period . two
years, fery perppmd givingadditiL at
mid fr the sphile real
Far the perpses d amid special eletion
the pling plaes will be t e Ireglr poll
lg rlae is each ward of aid pariah,
mad the loaseia comnmianesa. and
Clrbs of elede.m at emah po.ing plase
have been appeoated to sers at this
led Ward.-Henry ase, aLW.mew
OIs,, Clrk.
eN seme D. Issasd Crmameiees.; eA-.
awr . aheD.a *L ema. o lmmas.
-hoe aN u l awrl sri k.
Odb erm D. A. Ls Lem,
A. 3 RMdE S A.
ice. J W. Y ire1Mý. Y'
H. Y. bnu, C!b.
Fifth Lw- Q is MUU· V.;
H. Y.Mobgrb
zI .ud.-M. P. uMor L C.
Giibmin, F. I.
3. V. 0..., a.k.
op.. aI"ddwa
.%Ie p. .it *odi -C o
dSe ea i ewi1r r .r Ir 1 s
-Id at- he ls Mii in,"w .
-d Nibs J". ai
be, Ir
~ g)~m rnlc
su ss bell l
amea " 'CO
f3 h -m bas beow
-, Me Sd - no I" Gnrat.l
mlbe 3Imalr a. sauc Greebaow
f snbs anrd n ms hwr beag.
arn r..behe the aCemw In sI
art tsam bay. bees beimeedi Ma
an__ hS.. 0.:.wets .t assts
* r ftdir, is uwbeude.
r a nue -. lrsee theIr erw
ser. sawmr em ,abs me brad
he l . - - Se au"
e a -rbl Sw Cue their
aW iid ll bdS.t. w r ~s
vW-4be ft .I tmu. JeI be b
a W. tse m bas asrn st mb
bu -- be~r miee
Mwuý fa aq moues brad In d
I. LJ Wrem WIrnl ml~ U.S..
'UUbe* bs Nmat abe usa-a
T. Le ml ~ba mm a mwl~s
Ulrem ý i. ther, uS be thea
-ss wad . awedh as.. - N
am6 webaiiur M be ofd ba.
r V. I.le.. w,
be ed ' 4I,5 sasm beo ti. Vl
TA'- twe ssssllWotyw
l" IrCb· S__ bern sa mlt
let the Seas bri b. athm.eat.
bepuaa~ ObPMM V hL
Le I l U 1i .4 S*
m.ewed' i.es wdbeg the em.
*&&u sU bI~i y brat tSwe.
mwlinOer aesi/sa.. h
w a a a isr t tirr " a crrau
ml.ser r0 situ. we - ..ef.
wt gum te 0. its r a asses
"St. idV siºs S.r1 U.W
At .al.-t "a r somwSr b
aye rn4 wISNe w ar bel
_ii wm w er sus the s
awes ~ ti sassl"wlftt~
SS- .bs. Nde beem.
W.IL abo k n.-.  at O
iaWtau tobes mos e
its wS.1 ow"-aai the le4ss
an ow ma m14
b em in ti - wor _ y- I
bb lIn wadi, be um.sd 'N 3
mat e w int
IS. Nei -.au ~
?.U. Jkl me ' JI
t rel rbeib., l ls -. Om f
p- wLi wftW tbe rl -e
uuestfwl) moms a - am"
~ rJ ' . "sSrrr VM
Mit'M ·o a ?li
is me~min us fb.mii
iso t soli rd- -s- L~
ebpm beve bebi
d be o_ MI Imoi
uu-uw wins
SW. .*lm

ýsIie o L O s* e
Th.~d~i.. i
Abs s ,a -`r ag ' I
Qp6ýs. .
-4~~ ~ &
wM M /1M ý Mrr iýý
see rte aM i mrdoo
V'. 'Y- W~llY
To irstrr Mi2o
SW" obabdTm ois,
*L7 L - 'uCb 1*
NC" phulm h

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