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The Concordia sentinel. (Vidalia, Concordia Parish, La.) 1882-current, September 09, 1911, Supplement, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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. . .. -_ ' III... . f1 . \ .'.I I - I II -ll I.. 1'Ell
-r'ý ý" ý ý a'-- -te r-:ý
S r d Y 1 . L 1 ý
i j j _ 0 n on
on si A
Institution's Work for Uplift of
Commonwealth Progressing Fast
scho'ast. e t..t, . .
her 20. two .Caek- ,- ri ton ay, v.,
prospe ts hrigh.er nn,, c. ,o c ..,,r
er t.an eve, bcfue ,n .re , .
times troublous, but for ,Il. a, r ,
steadily serene and ever adan,
With a total attennanre , , , I " r
several terms *n the Iast vrhtoI ear
passing the thirteen hund I
and with nearly se\en hul,.ne:l .
dents in regular class roomn cnrs ;n-r-,
during the long nine r,onthl, : ,1.
every indicaton points to a ' t,
increase in the numtser of t',c.e o .o
will partake of the benefits .t L. S U
during 1911-12.
Gradually, :he entire rtate , ra 
to realize that the State Un ,. , y
not only an ins tuton where a fev.
selected youths may obtain " r t
fits of higher education. hul r--,'e, a
plant working twelve months ,n t'"
year for the diffus on of pri*" i1
knowledge to the prodtcni classesn of
the commonwealth.
It has been estimated, and tnceed
proven, that the orny nal research wo-1i
conducted by the State Un0.ers.ty in
the sugar indus.ry. has repaid the
commonwealth in increased produc',on
and in higher quality of product, more
than the Univers;ty has ever cost the
state. This is but one phase. There
is to be found in L. S. U. somethln i
of practical, immediate benelt to the
cotton planter, the rice farmer, the
sugar farmer, the truck grower, the
dairyman. the orchardist, the stock
raiser, as well as the profess onal man.
the teacher, the lawyer, the doctor.
The youth, the younst man or the
yet. ng woman, who comes to L. S. U
will find here a minuatur,. world, with
a field for evcrv healthy activity, where
a welf-rounded ex:s.ence of useful
work, sane pleasure and co.e1neal
cempanionship is available.
In the student organizations. the
student publications, debating soc'e
tiesr athletics, etc., there is ample
field for the development of special
talents and abilities, and in the work
of these extra-curriculum institutions,
the students have the sympathy and
ee.operation of the entire faculty.
;.The ec.eduoetional phase of the
Unlvereity's work has proven success
ful in the lest degree. The number of
g wtmme attending the institu
. , , ,ti r., . i . . ," • , a i
T"- CA' t '
All ,. , -;e
.ea ty , r ' ,
f.e " spe ,al c a se - '
itary eocrse TI,e cade: c,,r. :, n
'der In"ed ate d,re.t ,n of a Ln cd
stat"s a- ' y off er. ' r e'rt. 'ne
and atten on * , ',n h '.
The I. er;,ty's lor at n on the
S f f. o t tt clrd U. . . ar, ;,n re e
a Stln n Baton Ro...e i " ina.
"1"e ,a'at 'aea.t 1,1 <aot cn t11 Ž I.·
s'yP' below Nat cher.
'I . .. . i 1 . t , . *
.t m  rl, n' " i i., th ' a , I' L ,
.-, , t a :,',,' C h . , ,,I t n, ll in
t l! n 'al , , i, l l %ia.,: '.I it , -all 1 , .:
have an il-t,,r,'ct T'ia, i otutl c nt nc -
frain a of the pr.'sent nare the stir.,
:founldatllns of success for the future;
S i. 5.. G
Objects of the Irxstitution
..1ll ,' i. . Sl I.
i .II n. -,, .1I t , , -, I "
' , 'I ' l .l i, I,
- Il h, m:.l " ' I *,, itl tlh, l., ll,-I 7ll
\ . '111 :ii,' 1 I' l ,.i-. Tl l 'll I,
F IIrs tit'tt- ols ot lit |llhet.:
"F*rst--chnols of literature, Includ
R Scope of Practical Effort is
Youth of State Constantly Gainer
S i s m I . It I .
' iI I ll \ ,, 1 i ,i m \ s
.ý,i titn .. nt, tý 1" t ,"ii- . i rx
.". 1 1\ .llll. 1· ,is m .· 1, t.lmi i 1 'X
Sv ! s W su..LD:G.
* ** *** ** ** *
,r i `· . · ,t \1 ' ,l ~ .t
to I ..'
,· i: • ,  " .  ,·:
,t ,t L  i+ , ' , l +
I, , i  . .
. i .
- ' . , .. t ,- 1 , : -
, i - " I- t I e t , t , lit
Sl: n. :.n' a- as , mhly hall for
S m in .m" it exercises. There art
flve flrater'ni't houles on the campus.
1 ,, ,h ~, ,,f Bachelor of Aras is
, r-,] ui ,i, a graduate of the Col
Co - , t \rT :ian Setlence or the Teach
T 'h,. degree of Bachelor
-t. tc, nfcTrred upon a stu
. i. 1 completed the four
: n the College of Agri
:c, ,r th,. t'"olltge of Engineering
a r urse, in the Audubon
S I h The. degree of Bachelor
,- ntirred upon a student
,,; , t,. :ti.. law course.
... ."rl, grees of Master of
\- ,ut, r ,f Science, Civil En
Ia. -:, tlrl.,tl En ineer, and Me
ii tii.. i.:Iin.".r arc, conferred upon
mIllete one or more
S, ,I l;,ljr, r;at,, graduate work.
S, ,,s formerly conferred
!' li.ri i'y have been discon
Itn ' .lvor of Philosophy, Grad
, .\L.lhturr.. and Graduate in
Ni. ¾I. ii,. The UIniversity does not
ll Ir hill.ntnrv deifrees under Its
i". ., t aricer. In its history It has
Sirr, 1 i lint fiur. One was the de
" I , ila1t.-r of Arts conferred upon
li notaill,. ('Charles F. Buck, who
Si"Wir, l ly the clolng of the
oi, "i l t ,llrin. the Civil War to
, ,i. hirt c" hefore the complbtion of
h c.. wn The degree of Doctor of
I,i, ,It, \w:is conferred during the
I n it, v. E. P. Palmer, formerly
. i;rf. s-or in the U'niversity, and Rev.
;I ir, N. Str.on. r.ctor of St. James
F -,,pai chur.rh. The only degree
, I , r of Tlws ever conferred by
r'" I'nrer;tv was conferred upon
1'", -i' t nDay di P. Boyd in 1875 by the
I-,".-l i f Supervisors.
A high school rally is held annually
at the I'niversity about th esad of
Auril and to the winners in the lter
:,rv conte-st are awarded Unlverslty
.r'.calarshtl s. The literary contesta
iare in t eha'lng, English Cemposale,
1l o'amattnn, Spelling a"d MI3~8 .
The holder of a high s~beed d
-in arship Is relieved treg ay pW
ment of the regular UyII CgnI .
for four years. A wi am i l)
hool rally may (1iIW "
scholarship as soo a
led from the high

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