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OLo1a l r.- O PAI o T.I oIIXr !o or. O o ?XX OOF.IX. em. l TesaD. OPA VOdN IOoIwl OAD. IAs ISA LI .. DOFI.DIA F B A ,
islet Amnount of Reparations Should
Be That Fixed at Boulogne Con.
ference-Briand Denise France
Asi" lImpossible."
arlis-The qusetion of German
reparations is again in the hands of
a committee of experts. This com
dtSes was appointed after a prolonged
diseution by the supreme council to
advise them before any definite action
i taken.
The discussion on reparations was
taken L an atmosphere made quite
auntaorable by the radical position as
mord by K. Doumer, the French min
oater of finance, who named 212,000,
W,[email protected] giold marls as the total
ameoat at indemnity Germany should
The British prime minister is under
-atsd to have clearly indicated that
· radical demands made by M. 'ou
ma were mpossible of realsation.
The rommittee is composed at MM.
,4o er and Doomer, for France;
Barea d'Abernon sad Sir Laming
th igerM .aSIa n, for Great BrtiIla;
aO. 'mh ar , for Belgium; Signor
QMasali, for Italy, ad Kengo Mort,
te pan.
Mr. ULop George took up the whole
, astl s at reparations at the opening
oi thae esloa of the supreme oounclL
.U bq there was no difference
1,r uu gaardlag the merits of the
ga:g-"II mlt gay to her utmcd
h--Ye mirteL "In order to ea
t to e amlies must wtand to
n It ne mees to try to get
ass seear ass pay, ior her
s .enai ,' as n e s B
I t a u are ie' st" est
SI0 is hiel 'by
s r of a the
sf ' fanr bailing
and. r s' es
-. see were
asr her eas. t
1554,840 ALLOWEDI
OF ABOUT $33,500,000.
Various Appropriations include Nearly
Two Million for Stamping Out
of Tuberculosis Among
Farm Animals.
Washington.-The annual agricul.
bural appropriation bill, which passed
the house with a total of about $33,.
500,000, carries an item of $554,840 to
enable the secretary of agriculture to
fight the pink boll worm in Mexico
and prevent its establishment in the
Jjnted States.
Of this sum. $139,840 is made avail.
able for the prevention of the move
ment of cotton and cotton seed from
Mexico into the United States; $10,000
for surveys to determine the distrib
tion of the worm in Mexico and to hx
terminate local infestations in Mexico
near the border in cooperation with
the Mexican government; $5,000 for in.
vestigation of possible control meas
ureas, and $400,000 to conduct surveys
in Texas or any other state to detect
any infestation, and to conduct con
trol measures in cooperation with the
states, including the establishment of
cotton-free areas that may be neces
iary to stamp out the infestation.
Cooperation is also authorized with
the states in the establishment of a
sone or zones free from cotton culture,
on or near the border of any state ad.
jacent to Mexico. Use of any of tia
funds to pay the cost or value of crope
or other property injured or destroyed
is prohibited.
The bill also carries $138,831 for the
enforcehent of the cotton futures at
$65,000 o administration of the
United es warehouse act, $146,000
for onf meat a the insecticide act,
$51,500 for experiments and demon
strations in live stock productinv is
the case sugar beit l¢ Louisiana, $100.
a fe the cotrol and eriasseon of
the Mesean been beetle in Alabama.
A total of $1,578,000 was appropri
Sai0 for the stamping out of tuberor
lois tI snimals.
aisle Pelt in New Jersey and Pena.
aelsea-.Foe aetionel Shaken.
Pfladelpbia-The public still was
sstel e conceralng the ehock that
Sma ave been caued by an eath
iak-a,- vhleh was felt recently in Com
fatl ale aeath Now Jersey and i
WheI repeaots cosntiaue to be re
elved et lsMeusn of hebeem lese
Isead ptei . bash ed em waits,
s . less d e or m  err to pmrsess
bed beea aetede.
- p Abshee was dlstetly felt i4
PMhiheg t b houh it apiered - et
to hae been moeeo at ayr paot
sls f Wasa street. eamrds .
el sd that as dei hea
MrAW sa ta meu . were adlueO
set atehr iets.
. 1her easeat . f It was aseh, er
aga as alr perw Is New Jesur
as'' ruse a* Mfr east as
1Pg Ise togese - atw N. rA
-- GtrW her ow Sr tewas .
ear temsG m sr ear a
se4gg tas to a reviserw o
.r a p eretemet of s.
Neon senses %. S. Paepee
agitta.---Ag se s j tlt oi
wa5. We s was
;kjlk C L
- r-..........~I891C JIY ·
Ideam in a Profession Are Immutable
and There Are Some Teachers In
tle State Who, Should Be Do
ing Something Else.
Natchitoches, La. - L. J. Alleman,
secretary of the Louisiana Teachers'
Association has issued an appeal as
follows to the leaders of education in
'"The executive committee has met 4
and planned for a meeting of the L. T.
A., to be held in Alexandria, April 7, s
8 and 9. State Superintendent Harris'
is now at work carrying out the 1
wishes of the executive committee by
providing distinguished speakers and
'musical numbers for the program.
This will be a fine meeting in every
"We have not held a meeting since
1918, and it is up to us to make this
the banner year both from -point of
enrollment and attendance. It is up
to us to convince the people of Louis
iana the confidence they have placed
in us. We can do this in only one
way-to strengthen ourselves for the
nerve-racking occupation in which we
are engaged. The L. T. A. has always
been and, I believe, will always be a
great factor in the professional uplift
of our teachers. The enrollment has
consisted in the past of the more pro
fessional teachers of the state-the
one out of five who did not need the
good influence of the organization so
much as the other four who stayed at
'"There are now Perhaps 7,000 white
teachers in the state, about 1,000 en
roll annually, and perhaps 800 attend
the meetings. This is not the best
showting and I beleve is a reflection
on somethinr, somebody, somewhere.
If the associlation needs modification
1A us make the change; if the teach
ers have not the teacher's spirit then
it Is up*to the leaders to see to it
,that a change takes place there. This
should be done before it is too late.
You can do your part:
First. By securing the enrollment
ef every teacher associated with you
in advance of the meeting regardless
of whether the teacher can attend this
particular meettng or not.
"Second. By encouraging as large
an attendane* as possible from among
your assoelates.
"Third. Assisting them to secure
proper aecommodations in Alexan
IPhurth. By distributing from time
to time among your teachers the eir
eilers issued frem this office.
S"Plfth. By imprsintag upon their
young minds that ideals in a profes
sela are immutable, and that there
are some teachers i the state who
oegt to be fSoowing some other call
ing 'hey are brlht enough and
w+all-be; la they 'have not the right
eprsi, and they eed help:"
Welsh.-Reaade Back, 15-yearold
shelbir , whle r eteo sis ahorse wtth
that orf ee of his amatee collded with
Saesntemosle drives by 3, 8. Carr.
h yeetah was throw sutaoinls a
broken kleC. Neter the horue er the
ate was hurt to any eoideral ble q
ratmbnd.-A Mise detagatie ftree
e and thm earreundas country
. meestno f the as oed o UdeaMa
~Cen-sn-'Is Klsbslppl Valey
LiShway CidS, dStated by Mker
bsrn ud ether ianuntia perseaO
vote to perpetae te a s seeatioe.
w appear threush he tco-operatm
of s laud f aiealth lhe atmmllar
taralde t . a R.l ,e to be
ha s m the iuftsse of t* seea
brases het - the appreaches to
ofalve'b i . Mk...- te. l _ g.ash
enSr gltting of a esnet to
·een an a sen an onehssaM mo
-e s aseagh at atewn e
Mew Ibsen end IAhseds The rend
was bebel wenherd vel ed seat
dhen bideh guwutses ae eneelt ee
4S Wil~ IE
d oamosrtl "et wa hin ·Mp
orgsmmattag the bogs aN sad ca
cblbd 4 grls eaIV Weub.
gslliavlle.-At a regular meet Ti
lag 6 the paese jury held reegatly, a
p.t bault of expenditures, ear the
siest onre, sIa+lna s to $711. usI
adote. ,
U1aughter.-Mra. Henry Harvsey has
sold the slaughter Hotel te Mrs. Wil
U Moore, who will remodel and ope
ralte the hotel under the name of Ho
tel Moore. br
Thibodeaux.-Some rice planters t t
Lafourche still are ltfq., g the crop
that was supposed to be al out last th
August. The fields are overrun withb l
rodents. kll
Lake Charles.-Directors of the
Prairie Farm Lands Company and hII
the Kinder Canla Company will meet bt
soon to transact annual routine bust fu
ness and to decide upon a policy re uI
garding farming for 1921. 51
DeRidder.-A meeting ot subseth
ere to the canning factory to be erect tl
ed in DeRidder was held recently is ,1
the police jury room at the teerthouse n'
at 7:30. The charter was signed and a
board of directors was electea.
Vidalia.-At a meeting of the Vida 11
lia Civic League at the courthouse, ii
the president, Mrs. L. K. Purcell, ask gi
ed for reports of committees appolnb t(
ed in regard to the proposed new C
town hall. el
Thibodaux.-Oleus Leonard. mans, n
ger on the Coulon plantation for a p
number of years, has resigned the pa 1
sition at the begining of the year and r,
will move his family to Alexandria to
reside with his son, Charles Leonard. I a
Slaughter.-At an election held re a
. cently Homer Appleby was elected
t mayor and D. W. Felps, S. T. Felps, H
s T. Munson. Dr. W. C. Ratliff and J. F.
SSpug, alderman, and James Monhan, v
a marshal.
EDunice.-The Eunice high school
t opened its school term recently with
a large increased enrollment. The
second number of the Continental Ly
ceum Bureau was presented at the
high school.
Lake Charles.-J. O. Modisette,
° grand master of the Odd Fellows of a
SLouslana, was given a reception in
° Lake Charles recently by a large gath.
ering of Odd Fellows of the city and
many of the surrounding towns.
t Welsh, Vinton, West Lake and Sul
phur being well represented.
Lake Charles.-A number. of Lake i
It Charles women and several men met t
a recently in the Red Cross room, City I
e Hail, to discuss the present status of
a charity work in this city and the ad
visability of reorganizing the United I
e Charities Association disbanded sev
g oral days ago.
FPhaklln.-The vestry of the St.
Mary's Episcopal Church thanked all
who assisted In saving the church
a building from destrction by fire. The
vestry also authorised the women o
the church to go ahead with the re
pairs to the rectory. The church is
now renataing a house for the rector.
SDNidder.-Aaother big aaction sale
i was held ih DeRidder recently. and
u-eveyose having anything to sell I
d the way e bhousehold goos, rm
It p sedaets, a achinatery, tols, cattle,
heorses mules, live stock, sad poultry
eatered same sd it was sold to the
highest bidder for cash.
Doaaldaomvrlle. - The stockholders
Id of the asku Aseenso elected th
h diretrs as oAnws: J. IAlbrma h.
h Clark Uhermaoth, L Henry Sbehesay
7. er. W. umethalt 5. 3. mm, Ha
a ryl Netter, . J. Calmr, A. Poeaa.
e Chareet Thibaut. The eoanes Sre .
- Ibermath, preelest; ChargeS *Th.
*m meaie.-The St. Tammeam Parish
7 ir Asoblatdtes met ad set Outtor
It 1 to  iu. as trMa e for t he
,l nst n bit. Ledsle a is tohe
desired tLhat astteatio be aed to he
.dstes s t* mer m at iewet wwit
these of ether perish fata
, muaia.-The Pine Mll o the New
a. 1 Luamber Company .lfl lrmsn ope
Itn ratnas p to kt bing sht dows staee
r epiember IS. The huarwood mSt at
br the asme compar wil eme work
*h a ew days, havien hma sht dowa
e for rears sine the Christmas holl
to dayt amusi to nalee is be
sin to improe sad a 'deeld usl
ig tdptlmlsm is seeasdin through'
ouat the commmltr.
a Thea us--Hil et bees pre
t saled to a numbered po 1sr tens
* fir ereeshes the Thaeases bridge.
E losen ea the s ut othars are
a piaying aer timeo" hegiag that the
m .eneae et as dluistae s l l show
a- that ,seri s h wuta to eewato
ad the b-Ige and are tells so th
r- Jsiws owr, th toaf Tiahedauk
t ereune to easaem a e *am. eo
the tol sayses.
r e V ame h- i* r h a.o hngaese
p eaI m o sm istm es,.m.
-.a wgsMrat wee b n -ea
as -oasmsasmn .u
Titbits That Have Won Popular
ity in America.
"Turron," a Christmas Delicacy, is De
clared to Be Unsurpassed in the
Line of Sweetmeats.
"Sea sleeves, each in his ink," reads
the quaint lubel on the little cans that
bring us one of the queer harvests of
the Mediterraneau. 'lThe ink is the
protective fluid of the calaunare, but
the chef turns it to use as a .sauce.
i'en-and-ink fish is another namllle for
this small squid, because his rluer
shell looks like a quill len. Sea
sleeves are a deli'lcy that one would I
have to get used to, like snalils, bwhite
bait, and craw fish, but those who are
fond of thema rather pride tlhemaerlves
upon it. They can be found In all
Spanish delicatessen shops, says a
writer in the New York Evening Post.
But Spain's masterpiece, many
think, is turron-a nougat lucontpar
ably delicate and rich, made troln
nuts, fruits, and honey, its sweetness
varying somewhat with each of the
places which are celebrated for its
mianufacture: Alicante, Valencia and u
Murcia. Turrones are in famous de
mnand at the holidays, and Spanish
groceries in New York are seldom able
to fill all their orders, for this is a
Christmas sweet par excellence. An
epicure has called turrones "a sweet
meat delicious beyond words." The
most popular of the several kinds is
probably Turron Alicaute. Others are
Turron Jijona, Turrou Yema, and Tur
run Mauxupan.
Hearts of palm might be thought
a tragic delicacy by the lover of trees,
for every 'alad made of this aspar
agus-like edible means the death of a
mountain palm. They come from Al
giers, as well as from Spain, and the
supply seems to hold out, but conser
vation does not concern those lands
as yet.
The true globe artichoke, alcacho
fas at natural, keeps its unique flavor,
though it journeys from Spain in cans.
It is a portion of the immature, this
tie-like Ilower, violet or white, and in
no way resembles the more prosaic
Jerusalem artichoke which looks like
a potato. Artichokes grow wild in the
f south of Europe, but they never have
a been cultivated here except by
. wealthy epicures, and though purchas
g able in season at the finer markets,
our public treats them rather formally
--for a dish so appetising.
Down on Pearl street there is a
large Spanish grocery where all these
e Spanish allurements and many others
it may be bought, and where you will
y notice in particular the very aristo
i cratic meats that do not disdain the
. tin can-partrldges with trufles and
d mushrooms, stuffed hare, Catalonian
" sausages, "Galician dinner," fowls
prepared with sweet red peppers. And
then the quince paste, apricot paste,
t" dried Malaga figs, almond cheese, and
l Spanishl wafers.
a Reclaiming Leet Paradlse
4 Efforts are being made to reclaim
I aod plant parts of the vast tract of
Is land which stretches for several alles
around Rome and goes by the name
of the aempagna Romans. It has
been allowed to temain idle sad an
egltivated ever since the fall of the
a Roman empide. Before that time It
was a sort of terrestrial paradise.
W When Rome, however, was obiged
7 to resign her position as "the mistres
0 of the world" the campagma was aban
doned and gradually becamea marshy,
malaria-Infected desert, Inhabited only
by a few hardy shepberds.
Prince 4ldobrandli hbu engaged a
. cmpany ,to reehdaim a huge estate ot
several thouqads of acres which he
owns Io tlm campaga.
So happy have the results at the es
perirmetal stattion been that it is
Shoped that ee work may be begn
fotr the tetal reclaimIng re the whole
of the campagms
Paper' assees UntlI ISM.
A ,orIang to latet eports, it *1.
be elee time betere the metal tokens
to be isued by the rech minstt to re
Slace the aete et theim meller eno
lastinis Iun ein Paris sad other eit
. lee will be in tofull Clreulation, rays the
SCatinenltal Edition of the Lonko
No lees than 8840040000 of the Jet
es (or counters) are reqired, and,
as the mint can only manufacture
about 800000 or lO, 000 0 a month,
it is likely to be 19 bieore the to
tal lIsse necessary is made The de
Sprtmeat is alo hampered by the lack
eo the requslte mtal.
S Claim Cure for Rabies
is A vacclae ha s t been d'sovered
. by two doctors at the Paster lastitte
s .Paris which, It Is decland, provide
be certa cure tfr tables. The rac
, ie deivevr, es'sre Marie and
Semlinir deplaur, has already- been
be treed smeoesrhur on dogs aested
i with ts dea* send he elected
,L pedy c ure in ery f u ae
The treat t  eI als e e --'
- I as a prveeliem and asy es
S -"Have ye m,, i , eliet. a  -
Is a ssrep ad hr sees who weo
*e geeme yee - the pIee sk.
cl+· Y~..,hr ~qbLZ~li~,L1'
Home Bank at Vidalk, La.
Branch Bank at Feriiday, La.
Appreciates Your Business
rh2 mig asgsg* * -
wistww taTsw& tb.. a aegeg9
Ar100e LI~rhddmou ma a it ýri
.S ua a. .LOSOº ýoaa a sea
L wl~k~lahs·'~1( wC ~-~ w.w ~- hrY-·I~
f em-mllft a m. .Gs Sn w. .t .
e 3ainh I SariS ) IW ___ - t
All Work Guaranteed. Prompt and
Personal Attention Given All Jobt.
Galvanized Cisterns a Specialty,
Main and Union Ste.
Notice is hereby giveo that Elkhorn
and Weecama Plantation, In Concordia
Parish. I., are posted against hunt.
tla, shootlng, flshing, or fence cutting,
r an sty other manner trespassing
thereon. Violators will be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law.
Vidalia. IA., Sep'. 1th, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Vauclune
Plantation, in Concordia Parish, La., is
posted against hunting, shooting, fish.
ing, or in any manner trespassing
thereon. Violators will be proeecuted
to the full extent of the law.
Vidala, Ia., March 24, 1919.
Nlese is hereby given that the
White Hals Plantation, in Concordia
Parish. , is posted against hunting,
sheotiau, fishing, pecan gathering, or
n say manoer treepassiag therena.
lators ill be prosecuted to the tna
atsant of the law.
Yldale. La., Oct. 4th, 1918.
The property of the undersigned os
Bayou Coeodra, in Concordia Parish,
- Louislan, is posted against huntlnh
L shoting, fishing, trapping or in any
e manner trespassing thereon. Violators
I. will be prosecuted to the full extent of
0. tt,. 1Qw \VV-- A"R1OA^I
ram ybme -
- r-rs is rrr1
.r umm our
awsrmOno a
. ýr'. `T:t~.rý'"~ti-mý : s`
Notice is hereby given that ,PItt&
field Plantation, in Concordia Parish,
La., is posted against hunting, shboo
ing, or in any way trespassing thereon.
Violators will be prosecuted to the fll
extent of the law.
W. W. DIX, Manager.
Vidalia, La.. Oct. 10. 1919. ly.
1 I mm
ing a Sale!
J U don't lave
your rig in the
middle et the
road and go toa fence
post to read a sle bill
do you? Then don't
expect the other tel
low to do it.
Put a a d t thbis Mer.theL
rsw diss fa the westher.
the tellw ou want to
rs.eheb reds our a smusee
ments wilc eated at hI
the bts a wereiettv luny
ryull have h,. at armOe.
One aitra buhre site. W
the entsr esse a the
md. and Ite aus ero ad that
weot sull theat oes
As ad ta this upapeamhe
th*e reeple rwe ar.
iMs m-,w be a Neemd.but
the s b the thh a that doa
the h uIa.
Deaa ttdb et h Iave a
-d w whhsaut wahag
adetisl s*sp*ee Ia this
Get That Biyer
am me ,
Come in
and pay tht ova
due subscrtption
S Don't manat wiutt the
paIIper stp.

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