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Port (Dibson Hcucillc
Port-Gibson, Miss. July 27, 1863.fc
Of Clark*.
ro* srcit start or «täte:
IV I L L I A n II. ■ V » E,
Of Titktnungo.
n A D I 8 O 1 Ml CA F FEE,
Of Holm»*.
tfT" We direct thc attention of tho reader
particularly to thc communication by Slave -
owner. Wc shnll review this subject soon—
it is a subject worthy all consideration.
17 ~
(L/ e went icr, o t owcat er.^ lat
i-l mil wc say of the weather . Nothing, it is i)
too bad to talk nbont Has been rai.i.n« ever ^
since-—it coramcuced, and that's a day in the ,
w .., . -il j ^
P . ' ! 1 8 to
time of it. ».oinething must .avo gone wrong 0 f
above—Nature, probably, has lost one of her Gov.
children, a star, and all these drops may come
from the fountain of her overburdened heart r
from the founUin ol her overuurütnea beart. Foote
Maybe tJ. p| fcg
for attornrv other At. :
Of lind*.
Of Ijoimdtt.
UJ Leurre tux.
r— .
py The " /feiWtf*" will Ite furoirhed to ou!»
£?su " Th^campiigu ÜufoJrî'u*'.^ vïu'ïlriv'Z
paper until lull election return* from the ütate arc st
U7» Several articles on our first page are
On next Saturday, the 30th day of July, the
lfemocracy of Claiborne will assemble in
Port Gih«on. A candidate for Representa
tive nnd Senator will be nominated, fj* The
Democrat« of Jefferson are invited to attend
■f^-Mr. I. S Wood is now on a collecting
tour for this office. He is authorixed to col*
b*ct, receipt and receive «ubseriptions for this
office, and will call on all indebted to us.
deserving of notice. Liberal asks attention,
ns docs Churchgoer.
OlT"* Accounts from Europe, state that
Austria lias joined England and France,
ngaiu4 the Russian attack upon Turkey—
the Emperor of Russia, however, Las issued
another manifesto, and reiterates that his iu
tentions are [eaccnble.
07" Tho reports from Now Orleans eon.
rcruing the Yellow Fever arc exagerated ;
tho disease is almost wholly confined to thc
day laborers on the Northern nnd Opelousas
Railroadd—these poor fellows arc dying rap
Maybe tJ.
Dcmoccatk Mket.so.— TU nMtùi, nor.
Saturday, will, wc think, be a full one. A
gentleman of influcnco in Jefferson County,
writing to us about the meeting says • " Thc
nomocracy of till. County will anito in ,1.,t
cell If I* can 1 will niend tour meetino
mid get ts many Démocrate e. I can to ae
company me''—This is the true spirit—
Come one anil ill, end let it be a Democratic
J ,
[ X~p * Tbc published proceedings of thc Dis
trict Convention, recently held at Monticcllo,
show that on the last ballot thc rote was di
vided between Judge Harris, the nominee,
and II. T. Kllctt. E»q.
should state that Mr. Ellett was not a candi
date for thc nomiuation,—was not present at
thc Convention,—and had no idea that his
naiuo would be brought before it.—It is
known that for several years Mr. Kllctt Las
declined to engage in political life.—We make
this statement to preclude any inference that
he was a candidate fur the nomination against
Judge W P. Harii.», and was defeated iu the
It is proper that we
World's Fair.— This long Ulked-of af. I
fair was inaugurated on the 15th inst., with
considerable *' pomp and circumiitanee.''_
Hon. T, Sedgwick, President of the associa
tion, delivered tbc introductory address to
President Pierce, before thc assembled mul
titu lc. Thc President replied in a .short and
pithy »pecch.
There were present fifteen of the Govern
ors of different States—a few English Lords
—any qnnntity of Sirs, and foreign Ministers
and Commissioner* innumerable. The bui!
ding, with the exception of the fl >or. is en
tirely constructed of iron and glass. There
are on thc ground floor two and a half acres,
and in the galleries near one acre and a half,
for the purpose of exhibition. The building
is supplied in every part with gas and water.
The whole quantity of iron employed in tbo
construction, amounts to 1800 tons—«the
whole quantity of glass, 15,000 pane», or 55,- j
<100 squaro foot At this date, there
2700 foreign .exhibitors, occupying 98,749
square feet of space. The number of exhibi
tors from tbe United Staten, is 1178. Most
of the nations of Europe, and many of the
Islands and British Colonie», are represented
As yet very few of the articl«« are arranged,
and it will be some time before tbe exhibition
is in full blast.
Wc glean tbc above facts from New Orleans
papers. We shall keep our readers posted
coo » ruing this grand bazaar.
Out fbr the Whigs.
Gov. Foot* is traversing the .State, says
•he Mississippian, assailing moat bitterly
the Democratic Convention and the Demo
cratic organisation. At Blnckwater. in Kem
per county, be came out openly for Col Me*
Clcno, the Whig candidate for Congre#* in
this D a.rich A friend—-a leading I ® on ,
Democrat in Kemper—writing tous, says:
.. . ,
"1 heard Gov. Foote make a speet h at Black-j
water, a point in this county, and he declared in ,
declaration rather Mtrpnscd some of hia Union j
Another Union Democrat, writing from
the wime county, who authorizes u* to givej
hi* name, if wo sec fit, u-es thi* emphatic
laugungc; , •
11 1 now look upon him (Foote) a« an unasked- ;
for agitator, aud a political demagogue."
We apprehend that auch wülbe the a>nti
.„out of every true-hearted Democrat in the !
State, to whichever division he may have bs- !
longed in the contest two years ag.,. fi
In eonncction with the above, we will just
here record« few more "gems" from Foote's j
Democracy. All true friends of the party, j a
wish to see it harmonious, llow does Gen.
I Foote stand upo« tho question of harmony in j
Convention of this State, declaring bis pre- soon
fercnce for the Independents, who are oppos
ing the regular nominees.
The question now is, nut will Democrats
support him, but do Democrats support him? 1 pared
They do not. Some men, who arc willing that
V* *
rather to see a man successful, thau ihc pnu- thc
ciples of bis party, aro giving bim a lukc
warm ra pp 0r ^ | Lut thc great mass of the a
i) cm(K . nt i c part}r an a a u „f its loading men. those
^ UBion a „ d Sufe Wg , lL , |tfuM coun . <hj
, . .... -,
tennnee thc action of that man, who is willing Mr.
to riJc into office over the broken fragments date
0 f y* party, even though that mau be Gen. Mr.
Gov. Stuart Foote !
(be party. Li-tcu !
" 1 a,n , "' t a "«rprised and indignant,
st learning from yon, llrat K is reported hi
Caroll county, that I stated, in my late ad
dress at Aberdeen, tint *• the Compromise is
sue* being now settled, it won the duty if
two 1 rings of the Democratic party, viz :
the Union and Stale Rights, now to Unite
for the runrosE of fiohtinu their com
mon enemy, the Wuius." Language at once
so ungracious, and so impolitic, ins never yet
found utterance from my lips, and I prououncc
the report, which you have been kind enough
to notify me,to be basely ami corruptly false:
in every particular.'*
That is his reply to two gentlemon of the
Whig party, in answer to thc question, wheth
er hc wished to sec the Democratic party
auhe for tlia P ur P OMJ . of contending against
their oppoueuts thc Whigs.
In the same letter, unsolicited, he makes
the following declaration to these W'hig gen
tlemen :
1 have repeatedly «»id, and I now emphat
ically repeat the declaration, that the day can
never come when I shall recognize as my jto
litical ad rosaries any of that patriotic and
high-spirited body of men who fought shoulder
to shoulder with me in the cuutest of 1851.
Besides thc above, from his own pen, be has
sea ciel y , throughout the Northern part of
thc State, assailed the appointments of Pres
ident Pierce, and thc action of the Democratic
Gov. Henry Stuart Foote !
Monran of Holm», «h« O«.
r *= / , • V ' ) ,
Foote g «cond^n bis advocacy of the princi*
p| fcg 0 f n, e Union Party, now most emphati
"j U " "»'«"« •" *> « ilb bi "
d ®cUnng that be (Foote) has, by his present
COUr *' pIaCcd Lun8C,f 0UU,J ° r the par, - T '
1,bil, 'P s> of '' ,ar ' diall > wbo was a 1 u,un b)ck '
'»•!■» Scplcmbcr Sialc Coorcotion, U.
J >-'el.red him, coMidering him as lit.
"ally embosomedOn Whiggery.
Mr. Wood, of De Soto, who was a 1 mon
l!-prc 1 enlmivc i,, ,],o l.,t Ugmlmurc, Cook,
of Tippah and Tankarsly, of Tiahemmgo.
whowerc also Union Democrats in tho last
Legislature, have declared against thc present
course of Gen. Foote, believing, with all true
Democrats, that the party, with its usages and
principles, are moie worth preserving than
any of its members, and futhermore, tha^
there is a vast difference between saving the
Union and saving Gen. Foote.
Since the present canvass has opened,
the Whig press of the State have, in harmo
nious unison, been applauding each other,
and their fellows, with being the saviours of
our venerated Union. And in every such
article of fulsome flattery, wo fiud them
" fighting their battles o'er again," and de
claring that everywhere has the Compromise
I bcen approved by tbe voice of the people.—
*' ,ow ' we bave no objection to thc Whig press
fa J' n S tb e Compromise was the most wise,
m<wt j" 4 * * 5,d tbe "<> sl equitable of all loca
surc ** ^ il 8uits Southern feeling and
* Dtcrest to eulogise, in such language, so
damnable a measure ; but when they assert
thc Compromise was approved by any State,
ac have an objection to niako. Thc Compro
mise measures have never yet bcen approved
by any [.copie in their sovereign capacity—
and wc think never will be. The issue he
fore the people in this State was acquiescence,
and tbe State in her sovereign capacity deci
ded for acquiescence. The State Rights par.
ty cubmitted to the decision in good faith, be
lieving and Loping thc question was settled.
By thc action of the Baltimore resolutions,
tho Democratic party stand committed against
the further agitation of the question. We
stand by those resolutions, and the Democrat
who attempt« to re-open this question, if he
accepted tho Baltimore Platform, and sup
ported Pierce and King, is not faithful to bis
pledge, and is unworthy the countenance ot
the party.
0^* We have often heard that
M The bear* went over to Charlestown
To see what they could see."
Now, we want to know what they did
and if they have yet returned. Will some of
thorn gents who sing so lustily, give us an
answer ?
Kish Far.—Wc attended, la*t SaturJay.
by invitation of our kind friend Mr. E. 8,
Jefferies, a fish fry at Clark's Creek. The
day was fine, though weather too warm, and
the faces of tbo assembled guests were as
smiling as the aspect of the day. Wc arri
ved on the ground at an early hour, and were
soon made sensible that blood-letting bad
on , been practieed ou multitudes of the feathered
., , , , ...
, tribe, aud on the minor quadrupeds. Figs,
Black-j * . '
in , fat and well roasted, were lying snugly in
«•» «""■«' towi.h.o.a.re.lreripc
Union j and juicy peaches and meats, which were
; scattered in rich profusion around. Chanti
cleer. which had just arrived at that age
when his chivalry was manifested hy his first
performance at crowing, had b?en stripped of
his feathered glories, and now, — brown
baked,—looked more tempting than e'rc he
had before. Then, there were fish, reset»
the ! bIi "« *» mucb ll,at c,a <" of Lu,Daui, y cr,lled
bs- ! HWa»n». ** us P««« ,be Some
fi « b aro ""'J* a,,J it woa,d ** • vile slandt ' r
just sa Y l - ,at w ' m0 politicians arc not scaly ;
j and w ! ,lD ® sb 4re no * ,ca lj» ,be Y 8ro vcr >'
j a P l to h° fc,i PP cr y- and how much is this the
Mf!e wi,h Politicians? There arc fisl. which
in j arc not fisb - but fro « a: thcttc resemble very
much those mon who are ever croaking over
t!ie acts of the Government, and are satisfied
at nothing. They are not of old fogies, who
are content to occupy the same pools that
, ...
their .athers did before thorn, and aro awfully
nfraid lest their stagnant pond Hiould be
drained, and the land it occupies he applied |
political world is a fish-pond, nnd its inhabi- '
i c -i i- j
tauts are sealy, froggish, shppcry, and some- j
times snakish ; and we do believe, that if the r
world W;ti left entirely to them, we should
soon have » a kettle offish."
to a better purpose. Such a fear as this, we
suppose, is the reason why fogies and frogs
utter such boding cries.—Then there is the
turtle,—we do not mean thc soft ccoing bird,
whose notes are supposed by romantic young
peoplo to express the very quintessence
of tbe tender passion ; but tbe old, hard
shelled fellow, who leads a life of inglorious
ease, and enjoys thc sunshine on thc «oft side
of a floating iog. When thc sky is calm and
bright, he floats with thc tide, and is willing
to be borne whithersoever the breex \s of hca
ven may blow ; but at the first appearance of
a storm, be draws his bead into his shell, and
sinks down into the depths. He resembles
the politician who is silent when lie is ques*
timed, and who hiJeshis head uuJer the hard
shell of cqui vocal ion, when he is required to
come out ami show himself. In truth, the
pre- soon have » a pretty kettle offish."
Such were our meditations, when we were
interrupted by seeing some friends hauling
buggy into the neighborhood of the seats pre
him? 1 pared for the ladies. Ou enquiry, we learned
that all ihc candidates present had " to face
. . 1 . . ,
pnu- thc music and make a speech, or forego the
lukc- pleasures of eating dinner. This was rather
the a startling announcement, and caused some of
men. those geutlemcn to take a long walk. All
. <hj w rcaJ Mf BriJowe „ iutroJuce j
-, , " T
Mr. J. H. Duncan, Jr., of layette, a candi
date for District Attorney, to the meeting,
Mr. D. remarked that, as neither of his oppo
nents,—Messrs Berry and Merwin — wore
i.„ „„„u „ i . v , . ' t ..
P ' °' ° f ' hc
present circumstances. Mr. D. took his scat
amid the cheers of thc audience. Mr. Shoe
" "*«"■* "«« J «P»
as candnUto for the office of Circuit Clerk
- T ' IIe n,a ' k * ,u exouse kr Mr McDougall'« ab
' s p nc«. b u* remarked that Dau would be round
U. „„„„„ ,h. people, .od nU Item himself , 1 «
lit. the children were unwell, or lie would hare
called before. M, Wright, eundidrt. for Co.
Treasurer, and Mr. Foote, for the same office,
did not make rer, extended rem.rk», „ Mr.
McCay, the other candidate, was absent.—
last Messr. Keyes and Bobo, were called upon,
but neither responded. They were observed
however, talking very earnestly in private._
Mr. A. W. Iteid was called upon, and respon
ded in an eloquent address, wherein he expa
tinted on the advantage of lightning-rods, and
the utility of the chain-pump. He announced
himself as being in that business, and conclu
ded by proposing that the company present
should meet on the Monday following, and
work out Mr. Torrey's crop, as that gentle
man's field force had been sick through the
working season. Mr. Reid closed amid
thunders of applause.—Mr. Rridcwcll then
announced that on Saturday, the 30th of July,
there would be a meeting of the Democracy
of the County iu the town of I'ort Gibson.—
Mr. Bruuer, after,—as ho said himself,—
*' making a splendid speech," proposed that
the company join in a dance, but the people
wore thinking of dinner.
The discussion of thc last named article
was more interesting than all thc discussions
of thc candidates, if we may judge from the
orslaught made by the mortals present.— I
1 ig», turkeys, chickens, and all things in tbe
meat line, were dissected aud melted away
like frost before the sunshine. Cakes bowed
their snow}' tops, and jellies disappeared like
leaves before the wintry withering blast. It
is strange bow good-humored a good dinner
makes oue. This effect was visibly seen up
on the company present, and was joined in,
by John, the fiJdier, who discoursed his sweet
est strains from the buggy, which ha 1 bcen
occupied by the speakers. There was sing
ing, dancing, and general hilarity, withont
rowdyism. Everybody|was satisfied ; aud as
the company parted, we heard a horseman
shout, as he rode away, " May Clark's Creek
never run dry, and may Evan Jefferies live
long on its bank, to give fish fries!—
Iluxxa !"
[£?■" Revenge may gratify a malignant feel
ing, but it cannot repair an injury.
H7" Ready-money payments are the best
promoters of frugality.
Oy Ileasin, like polished steel, must bo
kept bright by use, or it will rust.
For the Reveille.
Messes. Editons The enclosed communica
tion vu written m February la*t. I wna dia_
courage«] from »ending it for publication, from 1 b e
belief that the opinion* of the writer are peculiar
to himself, and unpopular on the subject of South,
ero Rights. The letter of C. G. Baylor, on the
exemption of Staves from execution, has encour.
aged me now to offer it for publication. I would
make one exception to the prohibition of the pur
chase of negroes hy Urge slave-owners, in cases
where the slave-owner associates a poor man in a
joint purchase of slaves, to be owned and worked
in partnership, he furnishing the capital at not ex
ceeding six per cent, per annum, ft is an enlight*
ened policy to diffuse education through all classes
of society. It is not less enlightened policy to dif
fuse competency. If every citizen could be educa
ted, and every family be in affluence, the rich
would be equally benefitted by the greater security
of all his rights. It may se> m an utopian idea to
make all our eitizens competently affluent, but thi*
may be done through the intervention of the Af
rican with advantage to this race, which is there
by redeemed form bar. a,-ism and cinibalism.
' r
Mkssbs. Editors:—I call the attention of our
large slave-holders to the impolicy of their pur.
chasing more slaves. In the excited political dia
eussions of 1851, a general apprehension was felt
r a " ,i - - ,hre "
ened. 1 he absence of a more general diffusion of
this interest, wasaaennue cause of apprehension
to the more reflecting; and it is believed that, had
all been slave-holders, ill the State* where slavery
who ^r,!l J n l !L r Ku,T ( uh!. t m^su Z~
w ... , , ... p iea»u es.
Wh ile lar^* s.ave-holders enter the market for
,l*ves. toe price will be forced above the ability of
be poor men to buy. If no legal restraint is placed
| the large slaveowner, be will follow the impul*
ses of aggrandizement, until thia property will be
held by a v«ry decided minority in the State.—It
is ao clearly the interest of slave-holders, that al 1
citizens should be interested in this property, that
the purchsse of other slaves by those already hold
■_.. . .,, , 3
mg them, • the worst possible policy.
We havt, by legislation, endeavored to arrest the
fort bei introduction of slaves into the State, there
by acknowledging the danger of too great accumu
lation of tki* species of property ; but I apprehend
that there» much more danger arising from the
absence of a general diffusion of thia property
auioug the white population of the State. Unaid
ed by while men, our slates will never be danger
ou*. In all agea, wealth accumulated in the hands ^
ul a few, and not readily attainable by the many
has b*en a subject of jealousy and hostility. Per
ha W no specie* of wealth : -not even large landed '
' . . , "
estatea.—attract to the proprietor* a larger «hare P
of the rich slaie-omner. more than any other clan»
of citizen., that this property should be freed from
all prejudice and hostlity, and a more secure ten
' ure*< what he has, and it* increase by inherence >
.„i..,,;. . . ,, i .
j ^ birth , **» '"»'V compentoia the volunta
r > of the right to buy.
... //n * w o<wna »tatet n um rot slaves,
j will be fe Jned tothLeT^iW tobuvnnd mTra
capital would 1* invited in other beneficial occu
a j paüon*. If the general g.»od and hia own particu- can
,ar '"t* 1 ** 1 concur in restricting the large slave
° w r from ,,U > ,0 S '* tber *'* vek - 1 can imagine no }*,
' iV i^ 'l? 1 . i'V* ^
I^wdtoUw. It i«a restriction recommended by the
the danger to an exclusive interest. It propos*
no disability to bold negroes, no disability to in- its
herit them, or to the natural increase of thoae al
he]4 " . .
. 1 K h ;* .. made from no hostility to the
rich, for I am myself a large slave-owner. There
may be a question of the aound judgment of the
writer, but of his sincere belief in the policy of!
restriction, he can give no better evidence Me
t!ll,n h{ * wiiüngne« to come under auch re*triction «
°f hia own natural right —Will some more able
writ " a P th * sal 'ject.
" a P * sal 'ject.
v , -- 7 -T-~~.- 7 ~.
«imill«. «
the Convention ; but all things were done by
ab- delegates, in Convention -Port Gibson
« I ^c aloe« ccnUrncc ws clip from the Port
bGlbaor ' The presiding genius
Co. «• '"*'**" Convenlion,
* I,,J ll '» prcsumcable that he knows all about
Mr. *!'»> -as done fn Convention Bat it .«cm*
t,iat be 3" ip w nothing abiut the caucussing,
' rhcT did not ,et him in to the secret-he
1)0m » ,n favor of the If wc mis
talie aild wc know tbat we do not, tbc
votc Claiborne County was cast against a
reso * ut ' ,m to P.° ,nt0 a nomination in open
^ ODvent ' 00 - Major McCardlc was cot in thc
room at **•« t»™ thi* vote was cast, and Mr
T J ruuer * wn * the ot, " ;r delegate from this
^ oant J- ^ bo cast tbe vote of Claiborne
a?ah,8t thc invention's performing its
bus ' ness • That same \V big editor who
c [' eh outso lustily, " all things were done in
^ onvention. This resolution which thc
" b 'g ed ' tor ^oted against, was offered as a
8ubsli,ute ^ ur another which confided the
business to a committee.
Our advices from all parts of the State
are of the most encouraging character. The
gallant nominees of the May Democratic Con.
vcntion, arc dealing hard blows tothat get of
political gentry. General Foote,
consider his "political adversaries,"
the Whigs. Col. Mcllea, is everywhere cn.
thusiastically received, as is the other candi
I dates on thc ticket. Muse, is setting to the
Democrats of Tishomingo like a Dutch Uncle,
having 14 appointments in the ono county
can never
vix .
Tbe fruits of his labor will be seen in Novem
ber. The gentlemen lately "pointed at"
by the Whig assembly (that's more modern
and better than Convention,) must be up and
doing, or the people will forget them. To
horse, gentlemen, or you are gone " koon
tt7»From our late New Orleans papers,
we learn that the Liverpool cotton market i 8
firm and bouyant, and price« advancing
From the present prospect of the next crop'
we are lead to believe the prioes will range
high during thc year. Middling cotton, a 1
the latest dates, was selling at 10 1-2 to lie.
per pound.
[C7" President Pierce's reception* on his
route to, and at New York, are spoken of
brilliant affiirs—will give some of his speeches
in our next.
Oy That which was bitter to be endured
may be sweet tobe remembered.
Portrait of an "Independent
Tbo subjoined portrait of nn ** independent
candidate," ia taken from a Georgia paper —
Th« likenesa it well nketched, and will bo
recognized by many in this State, and even
in this County, as a portrait of themselves.—
Wc hope Democrats will consider the re
marks well, arc we are satisfied, they do so,
that they will agree to the truth therein con
tained. The doctrines advanced are, ab
stractly considered, good ; but. if any of the
advocates of the " independent system" think
differently, we hope they will refute it. If
they cannot do that, let them act according
ly, and vote against the independents. By
the way, reader, do yon not see our indepen
dent candidate for the Senatorsbip mirrored
in the following 1
b e
" An independent candidate îs one who de
pends mainly for his support upon the oppo
nents of the party to which he belong», and
our the principles he professes. Hi*
* p°ml!L.ao f hhl own party, in order to get
_ . . V ihel^oDDOnents. If he |
?® CC a knows that the mass of.
" I
of 0 f break! ngdown th^ organization, and j
J . .„bvcrtin.r the principles of the party
, .. * n Lolono_that is to
*° W ^ • i„ a p.,- 1 , a man n , u . k t
««">« cxeuse. He therefore attempts to
covor „j, bi» desertion of lit* principles and
c r : , n ,l, by a pharasaical pretension to *u
of independence. Let us take n close view
J,f this independence, and see whether it is the j
genuine nrtiole. or only a miserable counter- j
Were all his friends to get together at
onc )j me nnd place, in pursuance of previous !
1 notice more or less general and public, this !
would be a convention or caucus; and
brought out in this public way, he would bel
, « , , . I , *#i I
only a dependent caucus candidate, but if he j
consult» each one separately, secretly and at j
different times and places, and comes out hy j
their eountenancc and advice thus Rought and
obtained, he is an independent candidate Î j
Now what i«auch independence worth ? And i
docs not nil this prove the absolut« necessity t
organization in order to secure concert oft"
# *««ong those holding the same views ?
^ b *t. in fact, i» it^ but an attempt to suhsti
tu,c a secret « r K ani * at, °n T™ P<*r»onai aggran
dj*«» 1 ™!. ««* 1,eu of a Public party organiza
' ion ,0 w ' curc . , ','. e ***'™*™J nf party princi
nies 9 Does it lie in the mouths of those seek- i
P 1PS ' ... " V mounts
J* . •* . . . ^ . P , . ' ; of
and decU , ,m f 1 * 0 " 1 the abu f 8 Voiced in con
U . cban, J ° r
> U!,t, ? c - in pr ( 'J ad « ,n ? t he character ot a con
vcntion, publicly called, and conspicuously
notifioi , in * C y C ry ncwspaper in the district for
months, in advance of its sitting? To as
Bura( > { n advance not o»ly of its meeting, but
ol ma . n ^°f thc
J^i, ' llie croatucs f)f f0 JITmtriOTer ? wS
can not this exuberant independence be re
pressed, tint il wc see whether thore may not
}*, .«und material enough in the convention to
^ ^ at a î| th«- coiTupt intriguers, autl vindicate
the purity of the body, by the sclcctioo of a
truc man ? Would it not be time enough for
its exhibition when thc evidence of the cor
plete,, by the actual nomination of some wire
working trading demagogue, who has been
notoriously striving by corrupt and fraudulent
means, to pack the convention with its créa
'«res? The man who 1 nds himself at a time
Me this, to the work of breaking down rath
« « ba « reforming the organization of the
Democratic party, takes upon himself thc
sponsibility of imperiling the success of that
party, not only in this district but in the State
at ^ arRP " e raaT owe to b ' m tbc e k pt ion of
State. The man who can thus d'liberatclv
jeopardize the success of the principles I bold
cannot receive my vote I will only add, that
" «f
„ 1 L" !i l W, I . Wi ,"' l ' l
ru| „ ioD , ^ „i^Xuin
well established principle of both law and
""^ Now .nd et ,11 time., here nnd
cverj wliore. wliile I claim to be as mdepend
^^le^îd foithfîund hon^ra
ble effort to give effect to the principles I hold
and have herein attempted to set forth. Sink
°. r "W' 111 —survive or perish, I shall stand rcs
0 ute > y t em to the last,
i G
I am, very respectfully,
I am, very respectfully,
ID**We notice that the Flag of the Union
hoists the name of Daniel McLaurian as
Whig candidate for State Treasurer. Tbe
Vicksburg Whig and the P. G. Herald.
also mentions that gentleman for thc same
fice. The beauty of this thing is that each
these editors thought of McLaurian for that
office and there was no understanding between
them. The Flag says ue hoist &c.,
Whig says wc hoist and the Port Gibson
Herald says we hoist Not one gives
other credit for the suggestion of Mr. McL
name. It is supposed that other ice's, of thc
whig press, will be seized ere long with the
Rame idea of preference. This is the way
" peoples candidates'' are manfactured. Well,
it is strange how great minds will think alike.
Give it a Name.— Tho ticket recommend
cd, indicated, pointed out, winked at, désigna,
ted or proposed (not nominated, for the
Whigs have quit nominating) by the late
Whig convention at Jackson, is sadly in want
of a name
Some of the papers have it
Republican State tickot," another calls
the " Union Republican ticket," another the
''Union State ticket,
then, again, is the
" People's ticket. For tbo sake of harmony
gentlemen agree on
^ng; don't have it called so many different
ways, or it will forget itself.
some name for the bant
tt^We understand from a friend, a citixen
of Jefferson county and »reliable gentleman.
that the Democrats are perfectly united in
that county. We were also much pleased to
learn, that the Democrats of that county, are
looking to Claiborne for a candidate for Sen
ator, determined not to support " Independ
ents and mongrels." and only such a candi,
date as comes with the endorsement of the
Democratic Party. Good ! Jefferson is re
IMïîD.—On Sturday the Pth iwt, ELLA
SU 8 AN, only daughter of Cortez and Elizabeth
N. C. Chambliss ol Warren county. Mia»., aged
three year», five tnontha and fourteen day*.
" If hen once the fir»t wild trob ia pa*t
Of anguiah and despair,
To lift the eye of faith to heaven,
And think, " My child ia there I"
Thi* he*t can dry the gushing tear*,
Thia yield* the heart relie»;
Until the Cbriatian's pioua hope
O erconiea a parent* grief."

will bo
do so,
KT* Applications foi announcement aa Candi
dates, must be accompanied with the usual fee
Ten Dollar* for District and County Offices, and
Fiv* Dollart for Offices in Police Districts and
For Circuit Judge.
We are authorized to announce HON. STAN
tHOPF. POSEV a* a candidate for re-election to
the office of Judge of the First Judicial District of
Mississippi, at the next November election.
For Vice Chanoellor.
We are authorized to announce Gen. B. C.
BUCKLEY, as a candidate for Vice Chancellor of
the Southern District, at the ensuing November
We are authorized to announce E. G. PEYTON,
candidate for Vice Cbancelhar of the Southern
get District at the ensuing November election,
If he | We are authorized to announce Gen. R M.
of. GAINF. 8 , as a candidate for the office of Vice
I "* D " ,rirt - E " cUon No, '" ,Wr
and j
to CAN, Jr., a* a candidate for the office of District
, u . k t Attorney, for the first Judicial District, at the cn
to are a'uTh^iaed to announce D. O. MF.RW 1 X
and F.sq., of Woodville. as a Candidate for District At
*u- tomey for the first Judicial District, at the ensuing
view November Election. *
the j We are authorized to announce THOMAS Y.
j ^ fhc^raV J^idS'lîiïtrict Efeaton nextNo
at vember.
this !
if-WRIGHrasa candidatcfor TreasurerofClai
bel J n * wnnTP • t °' e "' ,
*#i I J. L. FOOTE is a Candidate for re-election to the
he j of Tr ^ aMirer of Claiborne County. Elec
at j tion in November next,
hy j ROBERT C. McCAY is a Candidate for Treas
and urer of Claiborne County. Election in November,
Î j
And i We are authorized to announce THOMAS H.
t £DNES as a Candidate for the office of C ounty
\v e are authorized to announce LEV. WIL
princi LIAMS as a Candidate fot Ranger of Claiborne
seek- i County. Election next November,
' ; of Ranger of Claiborne County, at next November
con- election .
° r
as a
For District Attorney.
We are authorized to announce JOHN H. DUN
For Treasurer.
We are authorized to announce GEORGE S.
For County Surveyor.
For Ranger.
We are authorized to announce JOHN M
M ER R1 FIELD a* a Candidate for Ranger of Clai
borne County. Election next November *
For Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce A H. BOBO a*
a Candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff
of Claiborne County. Election next November.
We are authorized to announce WILLIAM R
KEYES a* a Candidate for the office of Sheriff of
Claiborne county. Election next November.
For Circuit Clerk.
We are authorized to announce DAN. Mc
DOUGALL as a Candidate for re-election to the
office ot Circuit Clerk of Claiborne County —
Election next November.
R. SHOEMAKER is a candidate for,Clerk of
the Circuit Court of Claiborne county. Election
in November next.
For Probate Clerk.
We are authorized to announce JAMES A.
i G AGE as a candidate for re-election to the office
of Probate Clerk Election in November.
For Probate Judge.
We »re authorized to announce JAMES A.
MAXWELL, as a candidate for re-election to the
office of Probate J udge. Election next November.
For State Senator.
We are authorized to announce Col. II. M.
COFFEY as an Independent Union Democratic
Candidate, unpledged to the dictates of caucus, to
represent the Senatorial District of Jefferson and
Claiborne in the State Senate. Election next
For Representative.
We are authorized to announce D. S. PATTI
SON as a Candidate for County Representative
the Lower House of the State Legislature. Elec
tion next November.
For Assessor.
We are authorized to announce CHARLES
JOHNSON, as a candidate for re-election to
office of Assessor of Claiborne County, at the elec
tion in November next.
We are authorized to announce JOSIAH
WILLIS as a candidate for the office of Assessor
of Claiborne County. Election next November.
T HE announcement of the dissolution of
firm of ALLMAN N* & Co., is hereby recalled.
The ConrucTioJUXY Business will be continued
to the satisfaction of the public, by said liniAt No.
2 Stamp* Row.
Ice Cream served at all hours of the day and
Port Gibson, July 27,1853.
Wanted to Hire! !
T HE subscribers wish to hire twenty able
bodied XKliRO TIE*, to work on the
Grand Gul! and Port Gibson Railroad, for which
they will pay, for each. One Dom.ar per day.
J. H. ( RUM P k CO., Contbactors.
Port Gibson, July 19th 1853
A 5 0UNG man of good testimonials, wishes
business during this fall and the next year,
as a 1 L ACHER, and desires to get into a vicinity
where there is a Baptist Church. Any pe
community, desiring such a Teacher, apply
undersigned. S. K. DAN
Rocav Sraisos, July 8,1853. 4S-tf
to the
$25 Reward !
R ANAYVAY ftom the subscriber, on the_
31*t ult., a Negro man named PIIIEE 8 P
SIDXEY. Said negro is about 28 years ol age,
about 5 feet 8 inches high, stout built, a fine coun
tenance, and complexion not wry black ; had on
when he left a suit of blue casinet, and with him
bundle of clothing. He was purchased in New Or
lcans. in April last, and ia a blacksmith by trade.
The above reward will be pa d for his delivery
to me, or for his confinement in any Jail* in this
Stete. 43 -tf D. J.
ET Vicksburg Sentinel, and Jackson Atorràfw
nta*. will please copy to the amount of Five Dol
lars each, and charge to thia office.
For Sale.
T HE DWELLING HOUSE in Rodney,former
ly known as the "mansion House 1 "—
it contains 8 rooms 18 feet square, 4 closets, and a
large garret, capable of being made into two bed
room*. There is a two-story Kitchen and a Cot
tage in the yard, also a Stable and Carriage
Honse. and 2 Lots each 60 x 120 feet. It is well
adapted for a Hotel or Tavern.
Terns— q Cash, the balance on one and two
years credit. Apply to
Rodney, July 6,1853.
WM. R0GAN, Proprietor.
ha, b*en re-opened, and im
X proved by an additional story. It is under the
management of Wm. Rogan. who. from hia lone
experience in the confectionery buaineaa, ia quite
competent to keep up iu former reputation ; and
a* pledge* himself to the traveling public to use
w . Î 4 exertion» in keeping open to them aa good
a hotel as can be found in the Stete. His house is
well supplied with stewards. A baggage cart is
at the hotel daily to receive baggage for thc Rail
road cats. July 13, 1863.
** %
PURE M E D I C I N r'a
H AS just received, and is now npenin- k: • '
mer supply of Mrim.iscs. Ac.. t £j S ' mi -
heretofore, continue to keep constant!* , *, 1 *
full assortment of all articles in his ||m'J*Mi
the Faculty, and needed for the
the Planter. His store is o,*n at all | lOU J *t
Day and Niout. " °> the
IT T" Terms as usual. Price* lov
Port Gibson. May 26 1852
fee of
At U* ok
_ tO.jy
THE LADIES are respectfully i„ v j,. d .
A and examine the supply of AlaU.u. *»8
Shell, Buffalo and Ivory Comb* and Hair » V rk >
Meen Fun; Fancy Boxes; Luhins' Extrsn
let Bottles; Pomatum; Bears Oil; 8 *«,.
Card Cases; Transparent Wash Ball* u, '<
Water; Glove Boxes; Verbena Water-'
la Water; Extra fine Fans, Rotor, - 0 , y!'"* 1 '
Shaving Ilruihr,, !/•'. ■«**»* trtp,
B. C.
R M.
'" ,Wr
the cn
1 X
to the
All of which, writh many other artirl«,.**
enumerated, have just heen received „„.„ mT*
uelphia, and are now open for iiwpection »■ *'
in*, and you trill purchase. Call at ****
J une it Iho'J.
D ON'T ro to New Orleans, or elsevrh*.. ,
home to purchase, until you hm. f,0,T >
my large stock of Drug» and Jfodi. x * n " r,f, l
N P M00J>i \pn irt „ f>
»■— — - — ——..- t * (iiifvoD
N F. MOODY ha* just received * .„. J
|e Radrruacher k Slieek's Hoin<rorath^ ï ^
and ho ok*. mav 20 _No. 0 , 8 t*„f„
may 2d,
]VTOW opening, at No. 6 , Stsmp*' Row. »u tn ,
IN Archer k Warner* "Solar" and " 8^0
Lard Lamp*. Also Extra Globe«, Shad». (>É* r
neya, Cone* and Wick«. N. P. AfOO/Jj '" 1
_ Pru L
Madeira wine,
i'ort W'ine,
Sherry Wine.
Jamaica Spirit,.
- - - . * ■ , . Roland bin.
for Medical purposes, alwsv* on hsnd at
N. P.JtOODT S brut tun
kj \ armsh, Red Lead, together w ith a full m
ment of Paint*, for sale hy
mav 2 C
ma y 26
1 BBL 8 . Linseed Oil, on hand and for «al* U
"'*>20 A'. P MOODY
To which they respectfully invite the attention of
their friend* and I he public generally.
Port Gibson. March 16, 18.'i3. ■ H
D AVIS' DIAMOND HAMS.—5cask* Div,,'
Superior Hams, just received from Cincimat
P. HOOPES & Co. '
and for ?>ale by
March 1 C. 1833
Flour! Flour!!
I ^RESH St. I .nuis and Ohio FLOUR , will bt
kept on hand and for sale by
July_14, imt _ P. HOOTESfcCo.
g re ex And jjlack teIsT*
FRESH aupplyand of Green Black Tom «
metallic |iackages, for *ale bv
Sept. 8 ,
Carpeting and Rugs.
J ust received a /arge assortment of Ingrain Cu
peling, and Bruise/ Rugs
sept. 29,
B agging & rope.— so pie.e* K*at*äy
Bagging and 50 coils Rope, just receivedM
Double Barrel Shot Guns.
W E have a good assortment of Double Barr*/
Shot Gum for sa la P. Huoras ft Co,
sept. 29 8 - 6 w
AA pairs best quality of Russet«, and
UUU« general assortment of Boot* an !

P. Hoopes ft Co.
P. Hoorts it Co.
for sale by
July 21,1S52.
Sept 8
Full and W infer CUhmU*
W E have received from New York Philsdel
phia and New Orleans, a cornu/et »Bjtp/r
of Fill and Winter goods
sept. 20 ,
P. Hoopes k Co.
P. Hoom It Co
6 -lm.
In Probate Court of said County, at June
Term, A. D. 1853.
TO Josephine I Uilson, Mary Elizabeth
Wilson, John Wilson, Lucy Wilsm,
Richard G. Wilson, ami Nancy II'*/
son. Heirs at law of Charles W. and Eliza
beth Wilson, deceased, and to all other
perams interested in the land«, tenementi
and hereditaments of said decedent:
YOU are hereby cited to be and appear be
fore the Probate Court of Claiborne Ceantr,
Mississippi, at a Term thereof to be holden
at the Court House, in and for said County,
on I lie Fourth Monday of
Srptember next, aud on the first
day thereof, to show cause, if any you bit#
or can, why the prayer of the uudorsiped,
Administrators of the Estate of C. W. « E
Wilson, deceased, for
following described lands, tenements and he
reditaments, belonging to the Estate of sud
decedent, lo wit :—Lute 3 and 4, in Square
No. 1, in thc original Town of Port Gibson;
also, an undivided interest in the East end of
Lot D., adjoining the Suburb St. Mary, eoa
taiuing 7 acres, moie or less, all lying, King
and situato in thc County and State awressiX
should not bo granted, aud dccre« B*de
thereon ae
an order to sell lb«
July 0, 1853.—4G-2m
In Probate Court of said County, at
m Term, A. D. 1853.
TO Alexander H. Pettitt, MaryC. fettiB*
and to her llusbaud, whose name is un#
known, heirs at law and legal represest*
tives of the Estate of Alexander I'ottitt, de
ceased, and to all others interested ia
Estai« of said decedent •
YOU are hereby cited to be and appear be
fore mid Court, on the first day ol a Ter*
thereof, to be holden at the Court House, on
ihc Fourth Monday in Sep*
t«miMr next, 1 ^
cause, if any you have or cau, why the tw«
account of William Bridewell, by him pre
•wted «t the present Term of said Coari,
Administrator ol said decedent, should not
bo allowed and decree made thereon
WITNESS, tbe HonoraW« J*
KT\fc A. Maxwell. Judge of the PrebiU
<Wt of said County, and ij*
seal thereof hereunto affixed. *b*
fourth Monday of June, A.
u «
Eighteen hundred and Fifty-three,
Issued 1853.
JAS. A. GAGE. Clerk.

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