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Ponola [sic] weekly register. (Ponola [sic], Miss.) 1843-1843, May 06, 1843, Image 3

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For a few minutes the flush of excite
mcnt destroyed the calm, balanced ctate
of young Graham's mind. But he per
ceived this, and confined his moves to
important and safe ones, until his pulse
beat more quietly. And now came the
severest struggleyet. "Now or never !"
thought Graham, who readily acknowl
edged that it was a happy accident rath
er than skill to which he was indebted
for his present decidedly advantageous
For nearly a half an hour both par
ties continued to play with such caution
'that but a single piece was taken; but
now each seemed determined to bring
the game to an issue, and soon the board
had on it nothing but four kings two
for each. Just at this time Anna came
to the window and seeing the position of
affairs, turned pale, and felt a sensation
of taintness, but she was riveted to the
Spot. The motherjs interest, too, had
Vcomc excited, and she came to the door
and stood also looking upon the board.
The old man sat with his hand on his
mouth, fingering his lips, his usual posi
tion when deeply interesteJ in his fa
vorite game; and Graham leaned his
head. upon his hand, his countenance,
though abstracted, indicating sadness of
fce'ing mingled with hope. The four
kingswerc near together, and each was
evidently intent ou reJucing the num
!crofthe other to one, and then block
ing that.
After studying and calculating moves
fcr about five minutes, the old man cau
tiously passed one of his kings to ano
ther square. Quick as thought his an
tagonist made a move, and then with a
long aspiration awaited the result.
"Jupiter P again ejaculated the old
man, closing his fingers tight upon his
under lip. A long pause ensued, and
at last the move was made.
' Hurrah'." exclaimed Graham, in a
loud voice, lifting his head suddenly from
his hand. He gave a king for a king,
and having the last jump, so alighted, as
completely to hem him in, or "block"
the old man's only remaining king
thus winning the game at the last extre
mity. "Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah '." he
cried, and leaned back in an ccstacy of
For a moment or two the old man
seemed chagrined at his defeat, but he
recovered himself quickly, and grasping
the hand of Graham said , J
"Now, my boy, you have fairly won
her ad she is yours. Come here, pet,''
he said to Anna, who appeared at the
door pressing in by her mother, "and
name your wedding day.'
It is needless to tell how Anna, blush
ed, or how her little heart leaped for
joy in her bosom. It Ss of more mo
ment to say, that in one month the
twain were made one flesh."
After the knot had been tied, and the
young folks were full of noisy merri
tnent, Mr. WoodrnfT said to his new
made son "And now, can you tell,
John, why I made you beat me at
draughts before I would let you have
my little pet there, who looks happier,
and I hope is happier than. I ever have
seen her before?
"Indeed I do not, said the young
man seriously. "I always felt it to be
a piece of uncalled for cruelty to us
"There you were mistaken, my boy,
replied the old man, smiling. Yqu
have one defect of character, and I saw
it. You distrust your own powers. It
was but one week before you asked me
for Anna's hand, that in a conversation,
you could not do a certain thing. It
involved difficulty and application, but
efill it was necessary that you should do
it, or trust some one to do it for -you.
j,erLed then, that as soon as you
Risked we for my child, I would put your
f.ove 4 J'o.ur powers both to a test,
and prove to you that you could do any
thing jn the range of human capacity,
if you tried. Have I not succeeded in
showing to you that "I can't" are words
potto be used in your dictionary?"
"And now, my dear boy, I trust that
you will never again doubt your natu.
ral ability when brought in comparison
with the natural powers of another.
JVIake these. your companions, and you
will fast rise in intelligence, influence
and usefulness, above the crowd who
are content to be ignorant,
Frocress of improvement
"Mother," asked a tall gawky, "what
did you and dad use to do when he came
a courting you?M
"Good airth and seas! what put that
into tho boy s head ? ' W hat do you mean
"Well, I went over to see Peggy Has
kins 'tolher night, and she told me I
.didn't know how to court, I axed hor to
show me, und sez she, 'ax your marmP
Whatdid you do, mother?'1
"La! sur! Why, Jeb, we used to ait
jk it tlia onviinf nnt fi mist tnrL-cl"
"Good gracious! times aint as they
used to. be, mother, sartin -the only
thing Peggy girt me was a raw cold
pickle ' . . ,
Wholesome advice.
Hear, and learn to be silent.
Bo silent, and learn to understand.
Understand, and learn to remember.
Remember, and learn to act accord
ingly. All that you see, judge not.
All that you know, tell not.
All that you can do, do not (except
what's good.)
By praying, you lose not.
By giving alms, you impoverish not.
By being unjust, you enrich not,
By lying, you profit not.
By profane swearing, you gpt dis
Wealth lost, some lost.
Health lost, much lost.
Virtuelost, more lost.
Soul lost, all lost.
Whenever you speak, think well, and
look narrowly
What you speak,
Where you speak,
When you speak,
Of whom you speak,
And to whom you speak,
lest you bring yourself into great troub
le. Ex. pap.
From the Philadelphia Saturday Museum.
How to Reclaim a drunkard.
A wight there lived, whom much it
Because his wife got groggy,
Ungodly dame whose huge-grown frame
With gin was always soggy.
How had he tried from her to hide,
Or break the tempting bottle ;
But soon the sot, a now one got,
And wetted still her throttle.
With care-worn brow, he sat down now
To give her solemn warning.
But she returned with nose upturned
For all his counsel scorning.
At length, more bold, his dame he told
Such conduct was unchristian,
Her jaw began, and hushed the man,
As Sampson the Philistian.
Your fate, says he, will surely be
Spontaneous combustion ;
Oh! hush, she spoke, your raven-croak
Go, hubby, with your fustian!
In sore despair, he tore his hair,
Not knowing how to stay her;
".Is I'm a man, I'll try a plan,
To cure her, -or :o slay her!'
Pleased with the thought, forthwith he
A hogshead of the "crittur,"
"Now go it wife, since short is life!"1
The idea makes him twitter,
Soon-the sad dame, gin scenting came,
Then, first the thought did strike her,
4kI see you plan, you muderous man,
Go! kill me with your liquor'.1'
What magic power! for from that hour,
She never more was mellow.
And strange to tell the hogshead's still
Unopened in the cellar!
Wheeling Tennessee.
M. D.
Love is a Parthian
When love is advancing
To capture the heart
With soft wiles entrancing,
He shows not a dart;
His bow slung liehind him,
Unstrung, seems to show
The heart will not find him
The sweet one a foe.
In his eye hope is swimming,
Miss laughs on his lip,
The bowl that he's brimming.
'Tis transport to sip;
And while he remains there,
Mid sunshine or shower,
The urchin maintains there
The bloom of his bower.
But guard 'gainst his flying,
When whetting his dart,
And playfully trying
His wings for a start;
For Love wounds, no never,
The heart where he lies,
A Parthian ever,
He shoots when he flies.
Arrivals extraordinary
The New Commercial of the 12th
ilUt Says: , "Tho brig Sea Flower ar-1
rived this morning from Trinidad, Cu-.
ba, has on board one royal Bengal tiger,
a black tiger, an African leopard, a
Poonah bear, an African gazelle, a
Rocky mountain bear, and fourconsicU
arable serpents, cVo., belonging to the
menagerie of June, Titus & Angevine."
, Arrival of Troops,
The schr Stephen & Francis, Rose,
arrived at Charleston on Saturday even
ing last, ffom St. Augustine, having on
hoard Company E. U. S. Artillery,
destined for fort Moultrie, in that har
bor, under the command of Lieut. J. K
Ponola Prices Current.
i CT8. jj CTS.
1 50 0 00
Arri.Es, Green, per bbl.
Dried , per bushel,
1 25 0 00
C 00 0 00
20 0 00
0 10
12 0 20
5 0 7
4 0 C
37 i 0 50
374 0 50
00 0 00
00 0 00
, 11 0 12
0 0 00
7 0 8
00 0 00
37 0 50
5 00 0 00
3 00 4 50
5 00 6 00
8 0 10
12 0 00
37 0 37i
10 0 12
0 00 0 00
o oo o on
371 0 50
37 0 - 00
8 0 10
5 0 8
20 0 25
10 0 12
-23 00
0 00 2 75
3 25 0 00
30 0 50
0 00 0 00
0 00 0 00
fl 0 6
0 00 0 00
121 0 50
Boild Cider, psrbbl.
Bagging, Kentucky, per yard,
Jai.e KofE. Kentucky. per Ib.-
ButTeb, fresh, per lb.
Bacon, ho found, per lb.
Cotton, per lb.
Candles, Sperm, per lb.
iefee, Havana Green and Kic
Castings per lb.
Chgese, per lb.
Corn, per bushel,
f lour, per barrel.
Fish, Mackerel No. 3," per bbl.
Glass, 8 by 10, per box,
Jrox, Bar, per lb.
" Slab,
Molasses, per gallon.
Meal, per bushel,
IS ails, per lb.
Ori.8 Sperm, per gallon.
Powder, per lb.
Pepper, per lb.
Kick, per lb.
Sugars, Brown, per lh
do Loaf,
Soap, Bar, pel lb.
Sricr, per lb-.
Salt, Carse, per sack,
do Fine, do,
Whiskey psr gallon,
Mess Pork, per bbl.
Lime per bbl
Memphis Prices Current.
Bagging, Kentucky, yard 14 1C
Missouri, 14 1G
German, 12 13
India, -
Dale Ropf, Kentucky, ft 7
Manilla 15 18
Butter, fresh, country, lb 16 25
Goahen 20 25
Bacon, hog round, 3 2
Hams. fi 1
Cotton, 3 5
Candles, Sperm 25 37
Mould 10 12
Chocolatk, 20 25
Coffee, Havanna, Grfen&. Rio 0 H
Java, 10 Ii
Corn Meal, bushel 25 37
Corn, 10 20
Castino?, lb 3 4
FisiiMickerel No. I bbl 10 00 12 00
Do. " 2 7 00 10 00
Do. " 3 00 00
Dried Herring box I 00 1 25-
Flour Cincinn'ti bbl. 3 00 4 00
'Wirt's 3 50 4 00
Gunpowder keg 7 50 10 00
Hat, lOOIbs. 40 50
Iron Bar, lb. i 9
Nails Northern
Oils Lanseeil
Sperm, winter
' Bulk
Potatoes, Irish
Porter fndon
Salt Ground Alum
t?l 151
6 7
5 5
19 33
6 7
- 131 1 2i
1 25 1 SO
bbl 20 00 2 2 00
bbl. 6 Oil 8 CO
3i i. 3
ro 7.
4 50 5 00
00 10 00
5 fit
1 75 0 00
Liverpool bl'wn
Kanawha bushel
2 00 2 25
S eg a R s pa ni sh ,
1000 10 00 50 00
Sugar brown lb.
Ton a ceo Kentucky
0 0
2 00
2 00
Tennepsee hhd.
Wiiissv TJectifi'd gal.
White Lead Northern keg.
Cinc'i k Pittsb'g
Grass Seeds Clover, bnshel
" Blue Grass,
Steel Cast, lb
American Hlister,
1 75
1 75
8 00 10 00
4 00 5 00
1 50
3 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
2 50
Specie par a prem.
United States Notes 50 a 55 dis.
United States Treasury Notes J a I pr. ct. dis.
American Gold 4 a 4 prem. '
Mississippi Union Tost Notes 80 a 85 per dol.
Agricultural, Natchez
50 a 55 on the dol.
50 a 60 do
50 a CO dis
171 a 31 do
14 & 2 do
1 a 3 dis,
5 do
do -1
a 2 do
Arkansas State Bank
Arkansas Real Estate Bank
South Coroltna.
North Carolina
Kentucky .
Indiana State Rank
Illinois State Bank
Bank of Touisiana
Citizens Bank
3 a 5 dis.
GO a 65 dis,
par a
28 a 30
30 a 32
24 a 26
Municipality A"w 1 & 2, 12 a 15, 22 a 24 do
" Ai 3, 7U a 7j do
Atehafalaya do 80 a 85 dis
Improvement Bank do 65 a 70 do
Bank of Orleans 55 a 60 do
ft7 We are authorised to anuounce JAMES
C. ARMSTRONG as acandidatefor the office of
Probate Conrt Clerk, for Ponola coanty, at the en
eain& November election.
W. ARMSTRONG has for sale
the following articles, at the pri
ces annexed : . "
Coffee J lets Sugar 5to8cts
Loaf Sugar20to25 Spice 25
Pepper 25 Fine salt 3,25 a 3,50
Whiskey 30 to 50 Turpentine ir&gai
Glass 8x10 3,50a4,50 Molasses 27 to 38
Ginger 15 to 25 lb. Starch 15 to 25
Lead 10 to 124 lb. Potatoes 50 cts bush
Domestics 7 to 12 cts pryd.
may 6 8-tf
LOUR, Corn-meal and Oats, just
received and for salo by
, J.,& A. K. ERWIN,
Commission, Receiving Sc
Forwarding .
Ponola, Mi.
may I C-tf
SPANISH SUGARS, a fine article,
just received and tor sale at $15
per 1,000, by
may C 8 tf
Administrators Notice. .
LETTERS of Administration having
been granted to the undersigned at
the November Term, 1843, of the Pro
bate Court of Ponola county, on the es
tate of David Miles, deceased, all per
sons Indebted to said estate are notified
to come foward and make immediate
payment; and all persons having claims
against said estate are hereby required
to exhibit the same, duly authenticated,
within the time limited by law or they
will be forever barred.
May C, 1813, ' 8-Gw.
Warehouse & Cotton Shed.
MHHE undersigned respectfully inform
J- their friends and the public gener
ally that they have a commodious
WAREHOUSE & Cotton Shed at the
Steam-boat Landing, and are prepared
to attend to business entrusted to their
care on the lowest terms.
J. & A. K. .ERWIN.
may 1 8-tf
Tallahatchie Count v. )
Probate Court, April 10th A. D. 1843.
To all persons interested in the lands
tenements and hereditaments of Guy R
Pinching, deceased, and more especially
in the north-east quarter ofSechon twen
ty-four of Township twenty-five, Range
two, mst:
YOU are hereby cited to be and perso
nally appear before the Probate cou rt
of Tallahatchie county, to beholden at
the court house in the town of Charles
ton on the 2d Monday of June next, then
and there to show cause, if auy you can,
why an order shall not be made to sell
the above described land, in pursuance
to the petition of Alexander Laughlin,
Administrator ol the estate of Ouy R
Pinching, deceased.
Witness the Hon. Hudson Allen, Judge
?M)t said court on 2d Monday of
April, A. D. 1842, and seal
thereof. Issued 11th April,
A. D. 1843, at Charleston.
al supply, constantly, on hand &
I for sfo by "
., . . J. & A. K. liKWLN.
may 3 G-lt
assorted articles, just received
and for sale by
April 20. 7-tf
Administrator's Notice.
Probate Court' April Term, 1843.
IRANCIS M. WHITE, administrator
- of the estate of John H. White, decea
sed, has filed his accounts at the present
term of this court, for final settlement
of said estate at the June Term, 1843.
Notice is hereby given to all interes
ted to attend and show cause, if any they
can, why final settlement and allowance
of said accounts should not then be made.
April 17th 1843. G-3w
7 000 P0UNDS choice ba
,UUUcON, just received per
steamboat Shakespeare and for sale low
for cash by
J. & A. K. ERWIN.
apl 29 7-tf
A dm inistrator's Notice.
T ETTERS of administration having
J-been granted to the undersigned at
the November Term, 1842, of the Prob
ate Court of Panola county, the estate
of Sarah Harrison, deceased, all persons
indebted to said estate are notified to
came forward and make immediate pay
menl; and all persons having claims a
gainst said estate are hereby required to
exhibit the same, duly authenticated,
within the time limited by law, or they
will be forever barred.
of the estate of Sarah Harrison,decu.
Anril 17. 1843. 6-6w
SUPERFINE FLOUR, a lot jusi re
ceived and for sale by
J.& A. K. ERWIN.
apl 29 7-tf
N O T 1 C E.
A GREEABLY to an order of the
-A-Honorable theProbate Courtof Tal
lahatchie countv, made at the April
term thereof: I shall proceed to sell, on
the fifth day of June next, in the town
of Charleston in said county, on a credit
of twelve months, with bond andapprov
ed securitv, the following lands, belong-
inf? to - the estate of Cade Aljord, ae
Int. snifl rouhtv. to wit; the
South-east quarter of Section twelve, in
Township twenty-four, Range 2, East.
Sale to take place within the hours
prescribed by law.
Executor of Cade Alford, dee'd.
Charleston, Miss., April 1 1th, A. D.
1843. . - 6-3w-pf4d '
Persons who have taken up strays
are notified not to deliver them up wlth-
J out a certificate from me of the pay'nt
of all costs. V DAVID DUKE. .
F RESIT LARD; a few hundred lbs.
in 50 lb. kegs just received and for
sale at 6i els. per lb. by :
- J. & A. K. ERWIN.
apl 29 7-tf
Tallahatcuie countt. S .
Probate Court, April 0lh, A. D. 1843.
To all persons interested in the lands,
tenements and hereditaments of Josiah
Robinson, deceased, and more especially
in the North Ea9t quarter of Section
thirty-four, in Township twenty-three,
ol Kange one, West:
YOU are hereby Cited to be and per
sonally appear before the Probate
Court of Tallahatchie county, to be hol
den at the Court house in the town of
Charleston, on the 2d Monday of June
next, then and there to show cause, if
any you can, why an ordr should not
bo made to sell the above described land,
in pursuance to the petition of Albert G.
llarvison, administrator of Josiah Rob
inson, deceased.
Witness, the Honorable Hudson Al-
k. I V 1 -.i
xien, juage 01 saia coun, me
D". 1843, and seal thereof.
Issued the lllh dayof April A. D.
1 843. E. E. A RMSTRONG, Clerk.
6-4w-pf 7d,
Taken vp by John McGaritv, one bay
filly, all her feet white, blazed face, and
her right ear cut or bit off. Appraised
to $40. DAVID DUKE, Ranger,
Ponola county.
April 3. . 4-3 t p f 2
Taken up by Ilezekiah Rhodes, one
bay mare mule, four years old, four feet
eight inches high, black streak along her
back and one across her withers. Ap
praised to $50. DAVID DUKE,
Ranger, Ponola county.
April 3. 4-3 t pf$2i
"Taken up and posted by Alexander
B. Porter living 34 miles east of Pono
la, one black horse, about six years old,
about fifteen hands high, and has on
three shoes. Appraised to $40,00.
Ponola county.
April 15, 1843. 5-3w-pf2d
Taken up by A. G. Ellis, one yoke of
oxen, one red, wjth white flanks, points
of his. horns sawed off, marked swallow
fork in the right ear and crop and under
bit in the left; the other, black sids, white
back and belly, points of his horns off,
marked crop and underslope in the right
ear and crop and underbit in the left
each about eight years old. Appraised
to 47, 50. DAVID DUKE, R. P. C.
April 3. 4-3 w p,sfee$2, 40
A iuiCio!JiAsai-vvAiiii, a new
tassortment, just received and for
sale by " i
J. & A. K. ERWIN.
apl 29 - .7-tf
Taken up by Michael MeKinney, one
sorrel horse, flax mane and tail, blazed
face, fourteen years old. Appraised to
$25. . DAVID DUKE, Ranger
Ponola Co. Mi.
April 3, 1843. 4-3t-pr's fee $2
Taken up by Francis M. Sims, one
bright bay horse, a few white hairs in the
forehead, supposed to bo ten or twelve
years old, fourteen hands high, and has
the appearance of having been doctored
for the big head. Appraised to $25
DAVID DUKE, Ranger, P. C.
April 3. 4-3t p f $2
George Bruce & co. Type-founders,
at No. 13 Chambers St., near the Post Of
fice, N.York, have on hand an unusual
ly large stock of their well known prit
ing Types, Ornaments, Borders, Rules,
&c. of the best metal, cast in original
matrices, and -accurately finished; all ol
which they are determined to sell at
greatly reduced prices, placing the Book
and Newspaper lonts as follows.
at 32 cts a lb.
Small Pica
Long Primer
Minion -Nonpariel
34 do.
For approved paper at 6 months, or at 6
per cent less for cash. Wood Type,
Printing Ink, Presses; Cases, Galleys,
Brass Rule, Composing Sticks, Chases,
and other Printing Materials, furnished
with promptitude, and at the lowest pri
ces. .
Printers of Newspapers, who publish
this advertisement with this note, thre e
limes before the first of June, 1843, and
send one of the papers to the Foundry,
will be entitled to payment of their bill,
on buying four times the amout of it.
New York, March 15, 1843. 5-3w
Taken up by Aron Pitts, one bright
bay mare, feur years old, blazed face,
left fore foot and right hind foot white,
fifteen hands high. Appraised to $40
DAVID DUKE, Ranger P. C.
April 3. '4-3 t . p fee 2
Watch & Clock Making.
The subscriber begs leave to inform
his friends and the public, that, having
located in Oxford, be w prepared to ex
ecute any work in the watch and clock
makinglinoon the most reasonable terms
Watches and clocks repaired on the
shortest notice, S,. Tr KING.
Iiist of Iicttcrs,
Remaininingin the Post Office at Pa
nola, Mississippi, on, the 3 1st day of
March, A.D. 1843; which, if not taken
out by the 1st of July next, will be sent
to the General Post Ollice as dead letters.
Armistead Dr P i Anderson Tho? P
Anderson Geo P Anderson Robert
Boyd T-J - Bobo Francis
Boy ce Foster 6r Co Busby Samuel
Urooks Wm P 3 Brahan Robert 2
Brahan JnoC 2
BoydJ3avid 3
Clerk Circ't C't 2
Carr N G 2.
Coleman R II
Carroll & Clark
Crane Wm
Dennis Abraham
Davis Dr Robert
Boyl'es Wm
Cates Pleasant
Caldweil D I).
Childress DC
Childress Rufu3
Dickens S B 2
Davis Dr J as M
Davis Miss Susan E Davis Edward 2
Emory John, or Eager DrRob"t2
Thos Williams Eason W T
Evans S W 2 Erranton WmS
Floyd J no Fitzgerald. Gaston
Foster, Anthony 4coGunn Mr:
Greer B II 5 Grayson Daniel
Garner S R Garrett E II
Gregory Carroll Greenhaw Wm
llinton James
Haley James
Hallam G
Hartsfield W S
Hibbler Dr E B
Bill Thos B
Johnson James
llallam Jane
Hastings Green
Harris Charles
Hubbard J no C
Jones Revl W S
Jones James list of-Joncs Richard
Jones David ' '
Lewis Wm
Laird II
Laird II & Co
Miss Union Bank
McGee M II
Marshall (Geo W
Jones Terrell
Littlefield F
McGuircS II
Miller C 2
McGee J J
Millikin John
McGraw Cornelius McGee Mary P
Martin R
Merrill Mr
Nelson SamT II
Nickle.R 11
Perrine Truman
Patton Jas W
Nelson Dr II
Oliver Ths
Packer Jas
Pankey Wilson 2
Redman Eliz'th
Russell Win
RuffinMrs Mr'gtN
Rupe Wm
Rogers Hiram
Ruffin J F 2
Shields & Thorpe
Stevens Henry
Stanford Lycurgus
Stanley John
Stone W E
Staiiton J & Co
Pollard Wm B
Rush James
Rogers Robert
Rupe Capt John
Ragland Jno
Rives Wm Esq
Spalding Gideon 2
Simmons Peter
Sullivarit Nathan
Soulh Eli
Shell Steward
Smith Wm
SherilTof Panola co 5 Travis Rev Jos
Thompson James Tyson E H 2
Trasiuc Wm
Voss Wm Esq
Wells A B
Wilson W B
Whitson Thos
Wilson Jas R
Wall D R
Wilburn Wm
Willson Caleb
Wilburn Sand ford
Wilburn Mrs Marv
Watsrfn Thos W
Ward roup RichM
Williams DC 2
Williams Wm
Whcc'cr Jackson
Williams E B 2
Williams Dr W
Ward J B 2
Younu Andrew J
Panola, Miss. March 3 1 1 843.
'Taken by Wm. Keith, one chest
nut sorrel mare, wluteface, feet all
white, twelve or thirteen years old, four
teen and a half hands high. Apprais
ed to S 25. DAVID DUKE,
Ranger, Ponola count i.
April 3. ' 4-3 1 p f $2
The library edition of the
On the first day of January 1342, commence
the publication of a Quarto Library Edition Jo
he Brotfier Jonathan, newspaper. The immense
quantity of interesting Current Literature which
from week to week lias been presented in the pa
ges of the folio paper, has brought as from all di
rections expressions of regret that the matter is
not printed in a shape convenient for preservation.
To meet this reasonable objection we have
nunerio puousnea on i uesaay a periodical in
quarto form, under the. tiileof JonallianPi Jlfiss
cellany: and the suecesa of that periodical ha-
indjced us still farther to improve upon the orig
i nal plan by the publication of the Library Edi
tion of Brother Jonathan, in a Ujarto of thirty
two pages.
The Qaarto is printed on a sheet larger than
the present folio form of the Jonathan. An en
graved Title Page, designed by one of the first
artists in the country, will give each number an
deao completeness and taste. Engraving's of
rare merit, such as have hitherto appeared in the
folio form of tha Urothor Jonathan, are introduced
into each number, and the work" forms THREE
For each volume the price" is one dollar in ad
vance, and three for any one year, handsomely
'ustrated by the publisher, and bound according
the tasta of, the subscriber!", will form an orna--Tient
for any library, combining the requisites of
teatness, compactness and variety, not offered in
any publication now extant. The shape of tho
volames, while it is quite as convenient for rea
ders as that of any quarto now printed, has ad
vantages in convenience for binding, unapproach
ed by any newspaper publication in the world.
While thos we put the matter in a form for
preservation, we shall earnestly strive to render
the contents worthy of that preservation, and to
do away the reproach tht to print an article in
a newspaper, is to make an inscription on a water
melon. . The whole energies of this establishment,
publishing, editorial, artistical, and mechanical, -are
centered on the Brother Jonathan and the Dol-
ar Magazine ; and we ar.e confident that this im
provement, like the original projection of the Jon
athan, will mark anew era in periodical literature t
Terms. The Qaarto Library Edition of the-
Brother Jonathan will be pnblisiisd every Satur
day ; each number to contain tiiirtt two larga i
pages. It is divided into three volames a year,
each volume to consist of 544 pages, and to con- ;
tain about forty elegant Wood Engravings, and
seventeen peices of popular and fashionable Mu- '
sic. Price one dollar a volume, fonr months, or
three dollars a year, in advance. Six volumes
for five"4olIar. (
Publishers, 162 Nassau Street N. York. !
- Notice to Travelers. . i
rrihs Ferry Vhich have been heretofore at- J j
I lending to, will be diacontinoed on the thir- . j
ticth inn. All prrsons who have paid or sub-. I
Qi.iium4 iu nit a. i tut & etij awi uiu iiyivu j
will find me at what ha4 been heretofore known. A ,
atha UPPER FEURY, ready and willing to U
fulfil all my - former engagements with them on, j
thti same tnrina na h f.rv Ilavirv? made tho suit-. 4' 1
able arrangement t wjtt have two gooii and sab- ;e- j
stantial Boat, and no cotertiaos wJll be rpare; .
npon my part to .facilitate the passage acrosas '
the River I ' ; " ." , j I
fJT" The road is in goo4 orde, atlJ nrmc;lV . '
ale 6tep wiil be taken, for further improveina ua. j
- u ir.r r ir "v sJTF.JiMAX. ' f 1
may 4
1 Reyno.lds.
it tuv vui lii ui.m ui ,Mvt

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