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"ViiHius adlidus jurat e in vrsba mnirli
S A T U 11 AY, J V I V I, I 1 S.
0C? Largo capitalists arc now unable
!-) make loans at -1 per cent in N. York!
Yhen the immense field fur the invest-,
ment of money is considered, is nut this
fact abundantly surprising? hi order
to the prosperity of the country, and the
liK-ica -,e of the public and individual
wealth it is as necessary that capital
hoald be employed as labor. Neither
can be fully brought into requisition un
til we have u permanent government po
licy. Will wc never learn si lesson from
the fact that the worst policy ever advo
cated in this country by any party would
Lo icller than the present state of un
ca tainty? When'Muonnparte asked of
the Parisian merchants what ho could
ib for item, they replied, "hi tts alone.'1
''hat i; what all the pecuniary interests
of this count ry need to be let alone.
'The world is governed loo much.'"
And the Coths and Vandals who arc in
high places in this country not satisfied
with demanding of the producer the
amount of gold equal to the weight of,
the Roman sword, under the pretext of
redialing and protecting the public in
terest?, have thrown their own weight !
. .. i .... M. ,
liito me scaic into ine oai gam. vu.u
gloi ious thing it is to be a '"free people
and have the privilege of humbugging
and cheating ourselves! Sc. km.sly, wo
must .piit Ibis doctrine of '"'principles not
men." In going for our favorite thoo
lies, which wc christen -principles, wc
forget the essential investigation of
character in the choice of public func
tionaries, the query l!is ho capable, is he
honest?'- and so permit ourselves to be
ruled by a set of scheming rascals years
,u and out. The evil cries loudly, and
every day's history proclaims its ef
fects. An indifferent spectator could
not look upon the calm subnission of the
American people to this slate of things
without coming to the conclusion that
they were a set of incorrigible block -Iliads.
The New York Express stales'
that there is now in that harbor a large
surplus of vessel.', freights being at the
lowest point, and that it is difficult to fill
up ships even at these low rates. What
liCC'Kucs of Mr. 'Thompson's humbug
that the Tuni! is the cause of the late
high price of freights? Nothing shot
of actual prohibition would raise freights
by bringing vessels back empty; and the
fact, is that they arc now as low as they
were ever known, the tariff to the con- ',
trary notwithstanding1:
7'iio King of the Sandwich Islands has
despatched to the Department of State
nl Washington a protest addressed to
all governments inviting the interfer
ence of this and all other governments
against the late atrocity by which the
Uritish government has obtained posses.
sion of those Islands. The protest is
drawn rp ably, and it is thought will
elicit warm attention from the govern
mcnts lo which it is addressed, and par.
ticularly fromlhafof the United States.
As Mr. 7'yler has no chance to make
capital out of any of the ordinary party
humbugs, perhaps there is room to hope
that he may sec his interest in giving
iin'.tcrs of this sort soma attention.
Tricks of the Musrshi? Family.
.A suit was lately instituted in a Mag-,
iilrafcs court at Coffocvillc against an
individual cflhis family, judgment taken'
execution issued and returned by the
Constable, levied on a lot of sugar, cof
fee, tea and salt," and forthcoming bond
"takci: for the delivery of the aforesaid
.-t -of sugar, eofl'eO) &c. at CofTceville, on
a certain day. The day came, and with
;t young Muggins, bringing, one pint of
ruga r, one pint of coffee, one, of salt and
n pound often, in discharge of the condi.
tionsof the bond. The constable is of
course in a quandary he asseverates
that he levied on "a large lot" of the ar
ticles but keenly relumed that he lev
ied on la lot" and sure encflgli ,a lot?
was' tendered as a discharge of the bond.
After much grave deliberalbn and cpn
tadlalion with one of the learned sages
of the law, w c arc informed that he has
concluded that it is just as easy being
hung for an old sheep as a Iamb, and
ixturncjL-tho bond forfeited. Thii being
a rnatlcrof such serious import wc would
think it advisable to "send it up,", a la
mode the Coleman and Barton case dr
gainst the ShcrifTof this county, for ad.
judication in the "Court above."
The Whig press of Virginia, N. York
-and some other portions of. thu Union,
are laboring to sustain the 'charges a
. gainsl the President, which Dolts
swore upon the holy Evangelists, and
which, wo think, .Mr. .Tyles has shown
' lo be basely fal;e. IJul for the sake of
accommodating' llicnJ gentlemen, sup
mc admit butts'1 charge to bo true,
Hauls it h bv the argument vi
iCi"ii in the ca:c an t it "oniy.
V'::(IV J ,i ;fU b'!!1 M
Uolts and other members of the Whig,
party in Virginia, supported for 'the so.
con J cilice in the gilt of the people a
man who bad committed an act jLhat
-hould have sent him to the- per.itentia-.
ry. They can 'take either horn of the
dilemma." Holt has sworn to what is
not so, or he assisted to place a man in
the presidency wh6 was worse than a
felon. WhichWill they prefer Natch
cf Free Trader.
Take care Messrs. Editors of that
glass house of yours. Did you vote for
How to I'roi'ut-e Haiti.
The 'following is from a communica
tion furnished to thocditors of iho Na
tional Intelligencer by Professor Kspy:
''In case any one has a salt-marsh or
prairie which ho wishes to burn, or a
largo mass of timber from it clearing of
land, preserve these combustibles till the
time of a drought, if cue should occur;
then choose a very calm and clear day,
and at about $ oYlock in the morning
take a tumbler of cold water, in the o
pen air in the shade, an 1 with a ther
mometer find the hhjltesl temperature of
die water when it is just cold enough to
cause the moisture in the air to condense
on the tumbler. The highest tempera
ture is called the ucw point.- If this
, . , , . . .
temperature of the air, every thing is
then favorable at the surface of tho earth
for the production of rain. Set fire to
vour coniLtiistib es at manv places iii the
" - ,. . ,
circumierer.ee ai once. jmmcutaio.y
an up moving column o' air will be
produced; and if it be not bent out of a
perpendicular motion by cui upper cur
rent of air, it will begin to form clouds
when its top reaches us many hundred
yards high as tjie clew point is below the
temperature of the air in the degrees of
Fahrenheit. Watch the subsequent
ph: nomcna and describe them to me.
If it rains it will not extend 'much to
the west; but it is probable that it will
w iden ottt from the place of beginning
and become a general rain in the cast.
If it should not rain, it will be pre
vented by one or two causes; an juppcr
current of air sweeping the up-moving
column oin of the perpendicular, or an
upper stratum too warm and light to let
the moving column swim in it."
Mr. Elitoi: "Many Whig Voters,"
in a communication in the .last week's
paper, were pleased to suggest mc as a
suitable candidate for the House cf Re
presentatives at the next election, ex
pressing at the s-.arne lime a der.irc to
"learn through the columns "of your pa
per whether I would servo if elected-''
In reply: I beg leave -to say that while
I do not desire to 3,ervc in the Legisla
ture, yet I do not feel at liberty lo de
cline that station , if my neighbors and
fellow citizens believe I can do them ser
vice. 1 feci a common interest, with the
whole country, in several matters of lo
cal intcrc'St, such as the clearing out cur
river; the appropriation of the land be.
longing to the Chickasaw counties as a
school fund, &c. &c. As much, and per
haps more could be done by others than
myself, still, however, I would do all in
my powevr upon these and other matters?
if they see fit to elect mc.
- A remark in that communication,
makes it necessary for me to say, rela
tive to the Court House question, that i
it is desired that that matter shall enter
inio the canvass, I will not run. 1 have
utterly refused to run upon that qucs.
lion, and I see no cause new lo regret or
alter that course.
I will say furjher, that if elected, I
will have, nothing lo do with that qucs.
tion,whilea member, cither by action
or voting. If, however, it should be de
sirable by the friends of either party, to
agitate and take action upon it in th0
Legislature, I will, at all tirffes be ready"
lo vacate my seat by resigning, so as to
give an opportunity to run the question.
1 will also remark, thai if there be
any olhcr gcntlcrr.au who may desire lo
run, or whom the people desire lb run,
I will retire willingly.
As to' my, politics they arc Wing
as is well known to those who are ac.
quaintcd with me. It strikes me, that it
s much more important, however, that
wc should send a man lolho Legislature
able to battle for our local rights, than
than that he should be Whig or Demo
crat. A bill authorizing thor Tax" Collectors
of all llic countie interested in our Riv
er, lo retain ten per cent, of the State
lax collected, lo be paid to Commission
ers for the purpose of clearing it out
might perhaps pass, provided we faf! in
getting u portion of cither the two or
three pur cent, fund set apart for that
purpose'. .
1 will net attempt' to say more at this
time, and in this way, but will avail
myself of the carliss& opportunity to
meet my fellow-citizens and give them
rny views at largo. . . .
Your pVt. servant, C , - v
.. Zj-' - ; ISAAC IN. DAVJS. " '
Within a few miles of W'ilmmgton
there lives 'merry cobbler, whose
nq-c-is wof very long, that when he takes
cnulV is'x'bliged to wa'k 'r'-H i d tbrc
v Communicated :
The Ladies of I'onola County.
No U
TO Mli-'tfk A M- 1..
If Aiv'-l1 v.'Srr.t'tc earth to rove,
hi f'j'ostof trtniuy's qacoii; . .
'And sec .'.1090 eyes replete wi.h love
nt forth wiih every Ijciui
Were t:icy i't viaw ujto.i thy chock,
Tl.o roits pura arnt LiUht,
An.1 1 vik upoi ;ho?c pearly :iith,
Of bcaute.JUd glis.3;iis white
Could thev but sos thoso a.ib'im J:ks
In graccf j! ringlets fall,
Ami hc-.tr that voice whoso music movks
Tho ni-hi.in-alu'a sweet call,
They wol J no farther seek, but ."in
Th3 iacca '3 loi1il t JC ,,vers brin..
They'll pliico ovm thy snow wliii'j brow,
Tho faiicstehnpltt ever eeen,
A it J f-arhinlcaaly's naina would vow,
'J hn i thou alone sliould lie their ;'iorn.
Htdmoiit. Jan.-', l?rl.1, o.
An Astonishing lien!
'Williams' Landinu, (
Panola County, June 2G,
Mr. 1'eiTon: Sir, you will please
rive room in your columns for the pub
lieation of the following singular circum
stance, which was witnessed at this plac6
on this date, the particulars of which arc
as follows: There was a largo black
hen put up in an empty barrel, being
closely covered so that the could not cs.
cape. She had remained there sonic
three hours, and when she commenced
cackling, and on opening the barrel, lo
the aston ishinent of all picscnt, the had
lain Jive good hai tl eg's, which w:is wit
nessed by several respectable citizens of
this neighborhood, viz: Capt. John II.
Llird, Capt. A. W. Armstrong, I. Lv
Ncvsom, A. II. Will iam, ll. Corwin?
and others.
Sir You arc authorized to in;:it the
above with any comments that you uny
think proper. Rc.-peetfully your.?,'
W .
;Crand dadJy had a speckled hen,
As sure as I'm alive ;
For every day she laid two egg;,
And Suudav she laid live.1
W hit wi i von laUe lor tu:u cacl.lei
- .... . A T-
Death of Tccuincli.
Col. Johnson in a speech the follow
ing extract from which wc find in the
Memphis Enquirer , avows himself the
slayer of Tccurnseh.
'Cob Johnson said tha at iii; age, it
was wrong to put on any falc? mfesty
&ud as ho had been 'called upon lojpla'c
lhat portion of the fight wLie'.i took
place vrillrth Indiap.", hc would endea
vor to do so. The Indians were- 1,100
strong, commanded by Tecumeh, one
Bf the bravest warriors who ever drew
breath. Hc was r. sort of Washington
among the Indians; that is, lhc; looked
upon him, as vc look upon Washington.
The Indians were in ambush, on the
other side' of what wc were informed
"was an impassable swamp; but just be
fore the battle came on, a narrow pas
sage upon the swamp was discovered.
Knowing well the Indian character, I
determined to push forward with about
twenty men, i.l order to dra-.v forth the
entire Indian fire, so that the remainder
in lhc regiment might rush forward
upon them while their rifles were emp
ty. Having promised the w ives, moth
ers and sisters of my men that I would
place their husbands, sons aral brothers
in no hazard which I was unwiliing to
snare mjscis, . pui injcu ai mo ueau
t tr 1 . ! . .1.1. I
of these twenty men and we advanced
upon the covert in which I knew life In
dians were concealed. The moment
wc came in view, vc received lhc
whole Indian fire. Nineteen out of
my twenty men dropped in "the field. J
I felt that 1 was myself severely -wounded.
The mare I rodo staggered, and
fell to her knees, she had fifteen balls in
her, as was afterwards ascertained; but
the noble animal recovered her' feet by
a touch from the rein. I waited but a
few moments when the remainder of
the troop came up; and -we pushed
forward on the '.Indians, who instantly
retreated. I noticed cnMndian chief
rnong them, who succeeded in rallying
them three 'different times. This I
thought . I would endeavor to prevent,
because it was by this trine known to the
Indians that their allies, the British,
had surrendered I advanced singly up
on himkecping my right arm close by
my side, and covered by - tho swamp, hc
look a tree, and from tlcncc deliberate
ly fired upon mc. Although I previous
ly had four balls in mc, this last wound
was more acutely painful than nil of
them. His ball struck mc on the knuc.
klc of my left hand passed through my
hand and cania out just above the wrist.
The Indian supposed he had morjally
wounded mc; he came out from behind
the tree and' advanced upon mc with
uplifted tomahawk. " When lie had come
within my mare's length cfmc, I drew
my pistol and instantly fired, having a
dead aim upon him. . lie fell; nud the
Indians shortly after cither surrender
ed or had fled.',-My pistol had c:- ball
a;- ihr
a n' t
of the Indian was found to have a bal1.
through iiis body, and three buck shot
in different parts of his brcafct and
head:' -
Oofulcalion of Graves.
The Stale Treasurer places the
amount of the defalcation of R.S. G raves
at about '14,000, subject to a deduction
of. $-1000 for the purchase of furniture
fur the Executive- Mansion. In regis
tering the warrants surrendered to tho
(Governor by Mrs. Graves, after the
elopement cf her husband, no warrants
'were found suiting the description of
those supposed lo have been lent to
Graves by Col. Sheltcn. If the War
ranis furnished by Shclton be in ihc
Treasury, they were entered on the
books and cancelled previous to the ex
amination made by tho Auditor cf Pub"
I ic Accou nts. Mississippian .
Arrival oi'Steiusii'i' Acadia.
15 days Later from Europe.
The stcamfhip Acadia arrived at Dos- j
ton cn Thursday morn'mgthc 1st inst.
An ofiieial intimation has been recc'tv-1
td at Dublin Castle, to prepare for the
rovnl visit during the sumnioiv Th"
time mentioned is the latter end of July - i thlU hc took lIlC notcs but was first in" I C Fl'Jilors cf Na'icral .Gazette
The presents which have been sent to ' tluccJ lo lllinli r t!lC robbery and make j havc bccn engaged in the laudiblo ia
(iuccn Victoria from the Emperor of j attempt by Ilaliiday, who said thatjof collecting old rcvoWionarV pocra,
China, consist cf golden bcd.teads, and J cou1,1 ink of the cancelling vcral vo already appcarej
a quantity of silk of a sort which has ! f,oin tlic olcs, so that they would pass " Journal, winch were composcj
never yet been seen in Europe There! without suspicion on the closest inspect JV .tllC l.iols, during their ttru
were likewise two car-drops worth a!1, "c first took two $500 notes and for m, epcaucncc. A. colccticii offc
thousand pounds each; aird a shawl, I Svc them to Ilaliiday, as an experiment, iyncal pieces woi-l-l make ar. :ntcre3tk?
worked in needle work, with every kind ! On the next day Ilaliiday returned him volume wc ope lhaUcforcall tLe
of beast on it known to tnc Chinese; be. j one of the notes-with the" ink entirely veterans ol that v.ar sH .pass away;
sides 1 1 large cases, cel. Weeing i j existed, keeping the other as his share lhcir niemor.cr; may affoul the reii:
Tii". i ni 7 i .. in the buinss Tbccc two notes wcr-' 1 lt0 materials. 1 he fohov.'.ng aniui-i.dit-hundred
cwt. and a small Ux ol lewclry. i uu..uibb. xuuo iuiiuuwus,i o 0'
The corn laws were debated for four
nights consecutively, when it was finally
broken oil" by an indefinite postpone
ment. An important debate look place in the
House of Cotnmcns.on the 3th, when the
annual budget was laid before it. Sir
11. Peel, who developed the financial
scheme last year, has been sadly out in
his calculations; every branch of the
revenue with the exception of the post
a r t m T .t
ofiicc, having fallen off. In the customs;
there has been a deficiency of ,2o0,000,
in the Excise it is even greater JTJI,.
200,000. The gross revenue would
1 . . , . ,t .
640,000: it has only Yielded Io,(j'jO,-
prcviucc. ;;r it. i eei caicuiaico, j n,
000 a falling off of about two millions
The income Tax has far exceeded the
ministers calculations, and the Chinese
silver has come in vcry opportune
and the corn duties, which were no', cal
culated upon, have realized a very hand
some sum. Dut for these resources,
the actual deficiency would have been
three millions and a half a year.
This year a million and a quarter is
to bo paid to the owners of the opium
'seized in China, and ,t"C00,000 to the
East India. Company, towards the ex.
pensc-s of the war.
LAND. The agitation for the Repeal cf the
Union is making strides in Irchmd very
alarming to the government.
Mr. O1.
" "
Connell ha3 remained at home organi
zing his plans for moving his country
men, and he lias succeeded effectually.
The Catholic clergy have joined the
movement in great" numbers. Tens of
thousands are congregated under the
Repeal Standard, and the country is in
the same fearful slato of agitation as in
1G29. To arrest this tlisorganizatiom
the Duke of Wellington in the upper and
Sir Robert Peel in the lower House, de
clared their intention, the other evening
of putting down the Repeal agitation
by force, if necessary. The movement
is as odious in England as it is popular"
n Ireland. Mcanvvhile, Mr. CConnclL
has hurled defiance at his assailants, and
in terms more energetic than polite
dares them to the conflict. Troops are
pouring daijy into Ireland, and that un
happy land seems destined to continue
whal it has ever been a prey to con
tending factions and angry passions.
Mr. O'Conncll says in effect lhat hc
will obey the law as it stands, but if new
and unconstitutional enactments are to be
enforced against tho Repeat movement,
he will resist thorn by force if. ncccssa.
ry. ; It seems, according to the declara
tion of one of the Catholic bishops, that
tho whole of that body in Ireland, with
out an exception, arc in favor cf the re
peal movement. The repeal movement
has been incidentally discussed again in
the House of Lords. '
- Seventeen magistrates in Ireland have
been dismissed for participating in tho
repeal- agitation. Daniel jO'Connell, M.
P: is amongst the number, as also is his
eldest b?m.
Miir:cc. .he mcir.be r
I r.-...
nl , x", ti l l i
a uc uovernor ucncrai nas ucciarc-.i i
that hence forw
vard the province of
nstitutc 4 portion of the
.;cimui, auaii u(.:jbniii:tj 4 poiliuil i)l nier
Dritish territory, and he has appointed
General Napier as Governor. Slavery
will bo abolished, and the navigation 0f
the river will bo open to all nations.
In Hyderabad more than 1,000,000
pounds have been found. .
All disturbances had ceased except -
in upon the Seinde and in the Hundel
.. LivEnrooL- Cotton Mauet.t, May 19
The middling qualities of American Cot
ton within the last ten days have advan
ccd 1-2 to 1-4 per lb. Higher qualities
remain without chance.
The Treasury Note itobbcry.
John M. IJrcedlovc, one of the per
sons engaged in the roLLcry of the Trea
sury Notes from the Custom House in j
this city, and now in the jail of the cc -
cond municipality, yestcrdav made a
full and unsolicited confession of the
whole affair. He implicates Uallida
directly, but says nothing of any other'
of the individuals charged with bciw
accomplices. .
oAcnungcu wunoui c.iueuiiy. ana it was
then agreed that IJrcedlovc should take
the others. Accordingly lie watched
j fur omedays to sec when the package
j should be made up, and when it .was
made up with other bundles, to be mail-
icd for Washington, ho took occasion,
W11U1 UiL evi.eeTer .en nuhdk .or a j Pronl'.-Davis, wipe your nwc
moment,to pocket the package ,& imrric- j port u.ho0i, lhaf3 slick-now, ca.rv
diatcly sought for Ilaliiday, to w hom he i , , ,
D , . ;
iu .'iii.ata u ii-i'unii v. iii .vi lino
I . ,,. ,
i. 1 , ,
iuni uiiy oi i no uoioswiu. mo e.-
traction made. Ilaliiday said, when he
gave Crccilovcthc second note, that hc
f had spoiled several of them in the pro-1 .
; ' . n
lijifii.vii.n ii'iii- x iijiii nil : iii i hi '
, . , P , 5
during the lapse of several days, sundry
of tlic notes, numbering about ten alto
rethcr, were thus received by Dree llovc,
Ilaliiday always remarking that he had
ruined several ia trying to take out the
iirccdlovc was w hat is known as the
Duty Dond Clerk in the Custom House,
and was the only one of the persons said
to be concerned in this base transaction
who was employed there. N. O. Pic.
devolving Steam PattcrrV
Wc yesterday vicitcd the performance
of a new instrument cf warfare, or ra. '
thcr an old instrument oh n new princi
ple. It was a fort containing onc hun
dred guns, in four rows or tiers, of Co
each. The whole frame, weighing on0
Ion, was moved round in a circle by two
steam engines of one horse power,, and
as fast as each gun came round to bear
upon a certain point it was discharged,
the revolution being regulated so as to
allow sufficient time to load after dis
charging before the jim came round
again to the place for firing. The whole
arrangement was pronounced by seve
ral military gentlemen present, to be
perfect so far as this experiment was
concerned, but as to the success of the
principle on a large scale, some doubt
was expressed.
The steam ower nccsary to-tsovo
the walls of a fort armed and manned,
must bo immense, and it must bo applic'd
so as lo be beyond tho reach of injury
from without, or the whole effect of the
principle would be destroyed atthctimc
most wanted, and by tho smallest acci.
dent. .
Should the plan succeed on an exten
ded scale, it will be one of the most tre
mendous and effective arms of defence
ever invented . -
U.S. Gazelle.
; A Monster.
The following description of. a mon.
sler, caught by Capt. Dorscy, ol the
steamer Patrick Henry, near Lake Mc.
rinqua, Altakapas,is given in the Bayou
Sara Chronicle:' "The head, shoulders
iind arms like lhat of a man, only the
eyes very large, with one in tho fore
head, the other back or4 directly oppo.
site. The body, from arms to waist, that
of fish, being covered with scales of an
prescribable color. From tho waist down
that of beast, with cloven? feet, grisly
long hair, and tail nine feet long when
undisturbed, carries its tail round the
neck, resembling acravat. When stands
ing erect is between four an 1
iVi-rh.' -IU'diti Cfvy. '
fiyf- fee
Dead Letter Office.
J he dead letter office, it
in tho n...
y nepattment at Washington, is a neat
j '-"""y- Tho dead letters arc rcL
i - "TC return
j C(1 10 lhc General Post Office, whh ij,e
j 'luarlcr'y amounts from tho thtrtccn
i thousan'J I-ost offices which now exists
Vivc c,or,;s a employed in the dcj
j ,cll-r officc- T,,c c"vclopo3 arc taken
frorn t!l l''fs by one clerk,
1 tics a slrin2lround the contents aril cas's
muni 111 a sKcithc next
Clerk nr
sorts them an 1 compares them will,
post bills sending lhc letters to a cWk
to be opened on opening, i10 j,,
containing no valuable enclosure: ire
thrown into a basket and destroyed.
Those containing valuable enclosing
are retur nod to the ofTice where tW
were mailed and sent to the owner if
lounu. it not claimed, all lno:
i7 13
placed in a separate fund
and n.-.
1 7, ' , ,ai 11 C3n bc
' ' reno'J "
! ? ' boul hvohunJrcJ aud
fifty uai letters per quartcr-iWc
! ar. ,lC;vicvfnral n i tie office
! UK?cJ r,I wo of opemn
a3:1Crllfl3 1:5 vcr lcJ"3 anJ
- . ;
! Come out ye Conlincntalcrs!
! WVrcoing for to go
j To fight the red coat enemy,
j Who"rc plcggy 'cute,v you kaotr.
j Now fihoulJcr uhoo ; eves right llrcr
Mike Jonc-; turn cut your toes.
Charge bagncts that's your cert niy
"vow, quick time ! march that'd i ig'i
Jl'sI so we'd poke the enemy,
. If they were but insight-.
i . - -m
llali! should whoopl Si0?
! 4 1 f. "
i e.'
Iv platoons, whccl-halt-drcss!
u :ur rauzzlc on Thc kfn
No talking more or Ics-.
Di.ll Sneezer, keep your canteen ;l-.n.
We're going for to travel;
"Captain 1 want's to halt a bit.
My shoe is full of gravel."
IIo strike up, music fu'a.'.l inarch'
Now, point your toes, Dob Recn
Sec yonder are the pc 1 coat men
Let fly upon Vm sogers!
Look out for a Villain!
One Charles W. Applcton, who pass-,
cd himself off rd Charleston S. C. as a
temperance lecturer and professed chris
tian, and under ;lhi3 di?aisc was admit
ted into friendship with honorable men
which hc basely abused by doping wilt,
a respectable widow, although it ftaV
been discovered that ho has three other ;
wives living, one in Indiana, one m
Pennsylvania, end one in New Brunsy
wick, has made his appearance at Smith
land, tvhnrfi hn remained some ft'Uf Cf
five days, was drunk during tl.3 wuo.J
time, and left without paying his 1"",
the landlord after him with a sharp .
stick and a bull dog.' The SmiiWas1;;
. .. - - ', . . . . i r.-. Pa s
ivuveriiscr s..ys inai nc iwi -m
ducal, in a skiff, and. ad vises the goad Cit
izens cf that place, and all others, to fc;.
on their guard against Charles W.'Af.
pleton the accomplished villain U;C
heartless scoundrel. Mills' Toi-'- "r1
aid. I
The ' whole Towa of Tallaliassss
Etroycd by Fire!
Wc learn from the Savannah Gcci
? i..i,. 1 In Tn ahasscc, Horid-
and, notwithstanding the united cr
;ions of the inhabitants,
lOilS l' " ' . .
in.linrr tbo. principal public Luu
-..;mT nffires. store?, warcl.o-acs,
wero destroyca. u' s V, " r-hs
but a few dwellings in the suburb on
sengersfrom down the river rcpoi
yesterday that snow fell for some
ments in the vicinity of the '
about eleven o'clock in the morii:ne r
l'lul. U. S. Uaz.
Csittnn Mnniifnpliircs iuMc,C',.
There aro in the Republic of Wc
oj cotton manutaciorics, rfi
gregalo of 135,000 spind.es.
rlniTv. nn an average, ,
lbs. ofcoltQii, and produce 4 j,
f . I , , ...1 .t.rtlTll III'0 L' .
oi mreau, wmen, wnt-ii . cm
&c.y is wo.th S48.037. Thcttv
we derive from a prinfc;! si113 '
lhc Director Geucal of Mexican h nJ

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